Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Down to the Wire - full transcript

Tension mounts as the end of mining season nears and the Jade City crew grows anxious to find that elusive million-dollar boulder.

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(hammers clank)

(upbeat country rock music)

- [Claudia Voiceover] I'm Claudia Bunce.

I love jade.

- [Josh] (hollering) Tubes of jade.

- [Claudia Voiceover] Up here
near the Yukon in Jade City,

we've got the world's richest
deposits of nephrite jade.

And the Chinese want it.


- This is going to be
the million-dollar rock.

- [Claudia Voiceover] Now,
we just have to find it.

- Woo-hoo, go!

I will dig till my hands bleed.

(upbeat country rock music)

Jade makes people do crazy things.

(rocks cracking)
(Claudia laughs)

(country music)

(machine whirring)

- These belts gotta be tightened up.

We got a good two inches to play on there.

Here, I'll show you.

- [Narrator] At the Wolverine jade mine,

Roger is dealing with a loose belt.

- So as soon as you put weight on it,

the blade starts to slow down.

I'll go get some go some
wrenches and we'll shut it down.

- [Narrator] They've been
cutting boulders open,

day and night, hoping to find pure jade.

- I've found something to do here.

Loosen everything off,
taking them belts off.

Feels I can still smell
the rubber cooking.

- Start smelling, you should
shut her down and look into it.

Alan likes a powercut.

- Well we'll just tighten it
up as much as we can for now.

Gotta keep things going all the time.

- [Narrator] The 100-day jade
mining season is closing fast,

and the Jade City crew badly
needs to find more jade.

- [Roger] That's tight
now, eh, those belts?

- Yep.

- [Roger] Are we in a happy spot now?

- I don't know, fire her up.

- [Roger] Okay.

(machine whirs)

- [Narrator] They've got
a backlog of boulders

to cut through that they
unearthed a week ago.

- It's right under the grass surface.

And you've find a lot of rocks.

- [Man] Alan!

- [Narrator] With the help
of Claudia's dad, Steve,

the Wolverine crew found
a promising new area.



- Here I thought it was a (beeping) line

and there's a dozen rocks.

- It's a new one, 400 kilo.

That's another 50 grand at least.

- [Narrator] It was a small victory.

- [Alan] No fracture, jewelry.

Ooo, (beeping).

- [Narrator] But they need much more.

So they keep cutting.

- It's not really hard to find the jade,

but it's really hard to find good jade.

There's a few things, can impact the jade.

Number one's fracture.

- [Roger] Fractures where it
looks like the map of Texas.

- [Alan] Number two
is, like, a black spot.


Those black.

Those are iron.

Number three is, like, how green they are.

Not green enough.

Copper and iron, any metal, low quality,

you still can use it, but
the jade is different.

This is low quality.

- [Roger] What's this rock worth now?

- Nothing.

- [Roger] Same old, same old.

- [Narrator] The boulders
from the new area

may be showing more jade,

but Grade A continues to elude the crew.

- It's no good.

Too dark inside.

Construction material.

- Construction material.

- [Narrator] And the disappointments

are starting to take their toll.

- [Steve] Two hours ago it was all jade.


- Maybe a few dollar per kilo.

- [Narrator] It's industrial grade.

What they really need to
save the season is Grade A.

The jade that sells for $250 a kilo.

A single boulder can be worth millions.

- I'm not sure what they're thinking,

or what they know, but
they're having trouble

picking the right rock.

- [Narrator] There are so many boulders

that need cutting that Robin's sending up

another saw from Jade City.

They wager they have less than two weeks

before winter sets in and mining stops.

- Okay let's move this one
too and let's move this one.

'Cause you're getting all plugged up here.

- You've gettin' too many right here.

You can't even walk anymore.

(pensive music)

- Yeah, we'll take the cable off

and then we'll take the dish off.

- [Narrator] In Jade City, it's moving day

for Josh and his mobile home.

His trailer sits on government land

and the lease has expired.

So he's relocating down the road.

- Crazy, crazy.

We literally need to
move the trailer, like,

just up off the spot, across
the street, half a kilometer.

- [Narrator] The whole
community is helping out,

including the guy with
the biggest truck in town.

- [Josh] Scrappy Larry showed up to help.

- What's the worst
thing that could happen?

- That's exactly right.

With none of the necessary equipment.

How long's your trailer?

- It's a lot shorter than this one.

(Josh chuckles)

I don't want nobody standing in the back.

- No, No.
- In case it falls off.

- Yeah, no absolutely.

There you go.

Just in case it breaks like the Titanic.

You know the back went down first, right.

(truck rumbles)

Hey dad!

What about the lines now?

- You have to be very careful.

- Joshua has his opinion about everything.

No, don't go farther forward.

- Do you want to get in
this thing and run it now?

- No, here, it's you're past.
- Nope, I'm done.

- Joshua, you're--
- Nope, you run it.

- Run it, run it.

- [Robin] (beeping) six.

- Just run it.

- So how, that's why I don't--
- It's okay.

- Like teaching you anything.
- No, I just.

- 'Cause you don't listen.
- Run it.

- He's 19, sort of covers it all, I think.

- So, he's going to lift up the front end.

We're going to put big beams underneath

and move the cribbing to
the outside of the skids

so that Larry can back underneath.

And if the (beep) gets ripped in half,

Well then, I guess I'm
moving in with Larry.

(Larry cackles)

- [Narrator] There's a limit
to how much stress the trailer

or Josh can endure.

- [Josh] Oh God.

Okay, eyes on everything.

- [Claudia] You're
standing too close Josh.

- It's not coming, it's
not lifting on the back.

It's just bending the trailer in half.

That's what the noise is.


(metal crunching)


- The hitch just bent in half.

Now got to jack it, no
forklift, no excavator.

This just became a really (beeping) job.

(twangy music)

- Row, row, row.

- Is that beam going to hold
the weight of this trailer?

- It is holding it now.

- Okay.

Beam time.

I'm young!

- [Robin] Rail on it, guys.

- [Josh] Let it down.

- [Man] Coming down.

- Two thirds of this
building is on the trailer.

And at least a third of it is hanging off.

Everything from the spare
room back is just hanging.

For real?

This trailer is all twisted
and hanging off the back.

Door doesn't want to open.

Just need a thing to
poke this door open with.

Because all the frame
is, like, wedged on it.



I just need a nail, anything to...


Both my doors are twisted right shut.

If I'm getting in there
I'm getting in the window.

- [Larry] Are you breakin' and entering?

- Yeah.

If that just locked me out,
I'm going to be so pissed.

It did just lock me out.

Oh what a gong show.

I don't have time for this.

Here we go.

Holy (beeping).

- [Narrator] With Scrappy
Larry at the wheel.

- This is sketchy bad.

So bad.

- [Narrator] Josh is
riding through Jade City

to his new homestead.

- Jade city flow.

Dude, let's have a parade.

I have bathroom, laundry
machines, and bedroom that is

literally hanging off
the end of this trailer.

This is where it gets
interesting and tippy.

Oh geez.

(glass crashing)
Oh my God.

- [Narrator] In Jade
City, Josh's trailer home

is inching across the
highway to its new address.

- Oh geez.

Oh my God.

Oh man.

What about my satellite dish.

No, where's my satellite dish?


- Yeah.

- Okay.


- [Woman] Oh my god.

(dishes breaking)

- [Josh] Oh!

(beeping breakin' in there.

- [Robin] Really Ken,
you gotta go super slow.

- Stop!

- What broke?

Knew it!


(groaning) no!


Had to sacrifice the sugar jar

for the satellite dish, I guess.

- Home sweet home.

- [Robin] So what fell?

- Cupboards flew open.

Couple coffee cups and
plates, but it's all good.

You guys got a restaurant
full of dishes over there.

- [Claudia] This is your view,
we're keeping it this high.

- I love it, I love it.

I can see my fire pit.

My house is where it needs to be.

I got my privacy, my quietness.

- Can you see your mom's house?

- I can see it from everywhere,
but inside my house,

which is perfect.
(Claudia laughing)

(peaceful music)

- [Narrator] The next
day, Josh is back to work.

Heading out to Wolverine
with a load of supplies,

including the much-needed
second boulder saw.

- Yeah, I'm tired for sure.

I got lots to do around my
house and around Jade City.

And a lot of responsibilities.

And lots of things to
figure out and work with

before wintertime comes.

Alan and the boys like to
push it as far as they can,

but my dad's pretty convinced
that we're going to be

running into some severe
weather here soon.

- [Narrator] They've only
got about a week left

to mine at Wolverine.

And the poor quality of the boulders

is starting to weigh on the crew.

- You want to keep cutting or that's it?

- I want to keep cutting.

- [Guy] Oh, you mother (beeping).

Alan, I'm taking a (beeping) damn break.

- Camp life is very hard.

It drives you crazy after awhile.

- [Narrator] Guy keeps digging.

But only brings up dirt.

(heavy sighing)

- Nothing good this morning.

- [Man] Not one?

- No.

- Oh, that's going to happen.

- I have a responsibility
to take this company

to the right direction.

I want you go three feet more deeper.

You just try (mumbles) this afternoon.

- Yesterday there's two
other places I went nine feet

'cause there was rocks, but
if I don't feel any rocks.

- I know but I want to try and see.

Try in like seven and eight feet,

see what's going on.

- Okay, so if there's
nothing, you want me to

go down seven or eight feet?

- My pressure is, how
many rocks we can get

by the end of season.

- You mad?
- See what I'm getting at?

- Okay, because I don't
know what you're doing

I don't know how many.
- I'm doing my best.

- I always do my best.

You're not going to find jade every time,

every feet.
- No. I know.

- Okay well, do you have faith in me?

- Of course.

- Okay.

- Do you know, if you're
not successful this season,

the company is closing?

(dark music)

- [Narrator] The pressure
to find good jade

is starting to strain the
normally tight-knit crew.


- How do say it nicely to
somebody that walks into

the kitchen with they're big boots on.

You know it's like,

total lack of respect for all
the people that work here.

I'm just going to say it one
more time and the last time.

Don't walk in the kitchen
with your boots like that.

Somebody has to clean it up.

- Don't tell me what I
suppose to do in my camp.

- Okay Alan, I'll go home.

- Okay, no problem.

- Everybody knows we haven't
pulled in the jade we need to.

Everybody's getting frustrated.

Everyone's tired.

It's getting cold.

We're anxious.

It's just isn't going to always mesh.

- [Narrator] Everyone is
nearing the breaking point.

- [Roger] Totally exhausted.

I am burnt right out.

- I agree.

- I'm not going to start
until I get a little rest.

- Okay.
- My legs are shaking.

I'm pissed off now.

Not going to be a pleasant day for me.

(pensive music)

Totally exhausted.

I am burnt right out.

Not going to be a pleasant day for me.

- [Narrator] After an argument with Alan,

Roger is called over to help Josh

unload the newly arrived rock saw.

- Spin it around.

Motor at this end Roger.

Nope keep going, other way.

There you go.

- [Narrator] Robin wants Roger
and Josh to assemble the saw.

- Got all the truck unloaded

- I need that saw together.

- [Narrator] But Roger is busy
releasing some frustration.

- [Robin] Splitting the wood
and all that don't matter.

- Well say it then.

- I've already told you guys that.

- That's the first time
I've ever heard it.

- I told you guys that saw
has to be off that truck

and we have to have the saws ready.

- The truck is unloaded.

- Pressure tends to
(beeping) hit a high point

near the end of the season.

And we're just coming into that point.

- You want the (beeping) saw put together,

go tell Roger, say Roger,
put the saw together.

- Yeah, I'm also telling you, too.

- Yeah I know.

Tell me.

You just told me for
the first time as well.

- [Robin] Joshua, I said it last--

- You said it splitting wood.

- I did not say splitting wood.

- No you said
- Ding, ding.

- Just now you said, "Oh he's
over there splitting wood."

Well I am not splitting wood right now.

Getting the saw together, our
utmost priority right now,

is to do as much testing as we can.

Try and get it, there we go.

So in order to test it,
we got to cut it open

and see inside the boulder.

- Okay this isn't locking right.

- We can speculate all we
want and send boulders out

but in the end if they're not good quality

and we get to Jade City and cut 'em open

it's a waste of a trip.

So me and Roger put the saw together.

- Take this one right off Josh,

and I need to get a big washer right now,

and put it in there.

- And then my dad showed up.

- Nope, because then
you're going to need all

of the pallets under the rocks.

- Okay, well we'll turn it around then.

And explained how he wanted it done.

- You can put some boards
under it, or even these ones.

Just get her leveled here.

- [Josh] Yeah.

- Well, what we should
is have boards running

this way too, then.

- [Josh] Roger was sharing his opinion.

- These two boards would run this way.

Perfectly level.

- [Robin] No they can be up and down.

- The saw just needs to get level.

- This way has to be level,

that's all.
- I know.

But if you have four, five,
six boards under there

then you're digging in all the dirt.

If you just had two boards.

- Yeah.

- Everybody got an opinion, I know,

but let's just do it the
way the boss says to do it.

- Shush, jeepers, man.

- All right, well, you're
doing the same thing.

You're talking just as much as I am.

Let's just do it the way
the boss wants it done

and quit (beeping) giving our opinions.

Tell me to shush.

And then my dad left and
then Roger proceeded to try

to do it the way he wanted to do it.

- Needs to be right there.

Right underneath there.

- I ain't going to argue with you man.

Doesn't matter, you're not going to listen

to anybody else's opinion.

- Okay, I'll tell you what,

I'll just let you do this then.

- Okay. I'll do it.

He wants to do it his way.

And I would like to do it my dad's way.

He might feel annoyed by me right now,

but I don't care.

I'm just doing my job.

It's really hard for me to the
respect of anybody out here.

- I'm not going to
argue with a 19-year-old

that knows everything.

Can't do it.

Being the boss's son
probably doesn't help much.

He can do it himself now,

and I'll just take frustration
out on a piece of wood.

I raised a son like that.

He's not with me no more.

- They're out there.

It's a different life.

So they start to get uneasy
and blaming everybody else

for things that doesn't even exist.

- Now he won't work with me
because I'm sticking up for

what you want to do.
- Because you're arguing.

- I'm not arguing.

Everybody's arguing.

I'm trying not to argue.

I'm trying to do what you want done.

- These two boards, if you take these out,

it sits on that board and
these two front boards.

- There's nothing on so
I'm putting a second board

on this to get it up the
back because the back

because the back--
- If you take this board

and this board out.

- Okay, okay I'm taking them out, dad.

Taking them out!

- We have to put the rock right there.

- It was level and you
just made me rip out

those two front boards.

- Because--

- I just have to keep
my attitude in check.

And if I can't then it's
going to get me in some

more trouble.

Am I supposed to like know
this (beeping) at 19 years old?

Like just know?

Man he just doesn't (beeping) care,

and I don't know what to
(beeping) do with this.

- He is not willing to change.

If you can't bite your
tongue and let things ride,

you can't be there.

Everybody has to work together.

Unless he's willing to
change, Wolverine is not going

to be the place for him.

- Going to be long days
with him around here.

- [Narrator] Life in camp is
becoming too much for Josh.

- [Josh] It's getting tense

and people are getting frustrated.

Everybody just got hawk
eyes for me right now.

Like doom and gloom, man.

Chopper's coming.

I, uh, I'm out.

- Yeah take care man.

See you soon.

(helicopter blades whipping)

- [Josh] I want to get out of here.

I want to get away from this.

Right now Jade City is
where it's at for me.

(dramatic beat)

(pensive music)

- Okay boy, mush.

Go, go see.

Go 'head, Coop.

Go see!

Who's that?

Go see.

Yeah, go, go.

Come on.

- [Narrator] Back in Jade City,

Josh is done with mining for the season.

- I'm good on Wolverine this year.

Wolverine doesn't need

me, I don't think.

They have Roger out there,
on a higher wage than me,

doing a more important job than me.

And to have me frustrating
him is just, just dumb.

And if I can remove
myself from that situation

and take care of business in Jade City,

then I will.

- You know, Josh was
learning and he's young

and he needs to take a step
back, take a deep breath.

And he needs to learn to have patience.

- That's perfect, I just (whooshing).

Little shim underneath each one.

Money in the banks.

(engine rumbles)

- [Narrator] Meanwhile the
rest of the Wolverine crew

is making up after a rough few days.

- I just got frustrated.

- No problem.

- Sorry.

- And it's my fault first, you know.

Everybody, sometimes mad, even me.


You're my lucky guy, I don't want you go.

- No, I won't go.

- [Narrator] With just a
week left in the season,

the crew is desperate to
dig up some Grade A jade.

- We're still waiting on the one.

- Mining jade you can be like a month

or two weeks then nothing.

Then suddenly boom, show up.

- [Narrator] And today they
get a lucky break, literally.

The excavator chips a boulder
revealing deep green inside.

(speaking in a foreign language)

(laughs loudly)

- Guy!

You got one today!

100 percent guaranteed (beeping) jade.

- 100 percent?

- Yeah.

You knocked the corner.

- [Guy] Nice.

- This is the best one,

so far we have.

- This the best one again.

- That's not serpentine, it's jade.


- There we go.

- And the outside is ugly as (beeping).

- [Narrator] But there's only
one way to really be sure

it's as good as Alan says.

- If this one's no fracture,

it will be 120 to 150 dollar.

This is Grade A.

Yeah, definitely.


Yeah. (laughing)

- [Narrator] The boulder is a
much needed shot in the arm.

But one they could have used months ago.

- We need more bigger than that, for sure.

This one is just the beginning right.

- [Narrator] It's a hopeful sign.

But with winter threatening
to shut down mining any day.

They're going to need a
lot more like this now

if they're going to save the season.

Next time on Jade Fever.


- [Roger] That's what we're after.

- My baby.

- (shuddering) It's cold.

(ice cracking)

- Everything is frozen this morning.


- [Robin] We got caught.

- That way.


- Fire in the hole.

- Sounds like jade.

Ding, ding, ding.

Snow coming today.

Not good sign for us.

- [Claudia] If we don't get
a change in our fortune,

we might now have another mining season.

This might be it.