It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Finding The Real Face - full transcript

Moon Young decides she's going to publish the new fairy tale after all. Everyone comes together at the hospital for a reading of the book.


I love you.

Is that not it? Is it something else?

Will you please say something?

If you tell me you love me one more time,
I might just...

You might just what?

Do this?

My gosh, that darn deer.

Shut up, you stupid deer!

I love you.



I, Lee Sang-in, the CEO of SangSangESang,

-will do my best
-will do my best

-to publish
-to publish

-Moon Sang-tae's
-Moon Sang-tae's

-fairy-tale book. Lee Sang-in."
-fairy-tale book.

His handwriting is horrible.



My gosh, I can't believe
you got him to write a memorandum.

You're amazing, Sang-tae.

But were you waiting here
just so you could show me this?

-Then did you miss me?

-Hey, boss.

I want to quit my part-time job.

-I want to quit working for you.

All of a sudden?

People always quit all of a sudden.

So I feel very sorry.


Is it because you want to get paid more?

Okay, fine. I'll raise your hourly wage
by 500 won...

No, I'll give you 1000 won more.

I want to be an illustrator,
not a part-timer.


I want to become a real illustrator.

A real one.


No, you can't.

This is way too sudden.

I won't accept it.

Sang-tae, if you must quit,
find me a replacement.

But that person needs to be
a great worker just like you.

I need to like them,
and they need to draw well,

and they need to have
a unique perspective.

I wanted to be really cool
when I let you go.

It's hard for you

to be cool. Let's be honest.

Sometimes, it's not too bad to lie.

No, I need to be honest.

You're way too honest.

Why did you hang my photo

on your mom's tree?

I thought she might want to see you.

Who did you tell her I was?

That you're Sang-tae's best friend

which is something she always longed for.

And that you're also

the woman I love.

I told her the three of us
are a family now

and that she shouldn't worry.

I feel like

she might really hate me.

Let's be honest.

You're not exactly likable.

Are you kidding me?

Why do you want to be liked by others?

Just be good to me.

I'm sleepy.

I'm sleepy.

I said I'm sleepy.

Okay, let's sleep.

-Let's sleep.

Okay, let's go.

No, I didn't say "Let's go."
I said, "Let's sleep."

You're going to sleep here?

No, let's go. I'll give you a ride.

I already told Gang-tae
that I'm going to sleep here.

-So they can make up.

They need to make up on their own.

If I get involved,
I'll only end up disturbing them.

They won't be able to reconcile.

Jae... Jae-su, you can sleep here, too.

And by the way,
I really hope you don't snore.

Get... Get sinus surgery or something.


When will I ever become
a big brother like you?

You need a sibling.

You'll be a big brother
once your parents have another baby.

Gosh, I just want to be
your little brother.

Careful. I'm holding a knife.

I realized

that I forgot to tell you something.

What's that?

I'm jobless now.

You quit your job?


I want to try new things.

Don't tell me you're really
thinking of going to school.

I'll study for
the national college entrance exam--


If you must, get your degree online.

I don't need your permission.

Why would you study
when you've worked hard all your life?

Don't bother.

Don't bother doing anything.
Just stay right by my side

like a parasite.

I told you I'm holding a knife.

I take that back.

I didn't mean to say "parasite."

What's your plan? You told me
you're not going to write anymore.

There's nothing I want to write about.

Then what about that story

where those three people
go on a trip in a camping car?

I've been looking forward to that.

Do you want to read it?

I want to show it off.

You and Sang-tae worked on it.

So I want to show it off to people.

Follow me.

Take a look.

Sang-tae drew it.

It's Moon Gang-tae
wearing a really happy smile on his face.

While you were sleeping,

you apparently smiled like that
saying you like someone.

You must really like her

seeing that you confessed
your feelings for her

even in your dream.


This doesn't

look like me.

After I saw this drawing,

I made some changes to the story.

But I can't tell you the ending.


going to publish the book?

Well, I'm going to publish this one.

But I don't know about the future.

Do you like it?

Yes, I like it.

Who do you like better? Me or Sang-tae?

The person I like the most

is myself.

I'm home!

-Sang-tae, did you eat?

Darn, that sly fox.

Do you like me more?


My gosh, I can't believe
I didn't see that coming.

I lost again.

What do you want this time?

Sausage? Corn? Chocolate?

It's hard to keep
losing on purpose, isn't it?

You make it way too obvious.

You just seemed really down these days.

You pretended to lose all the time

and bought me food
so you could cheer me up?

My goodness.

Take this.

What is it?

It's my last prescription for you
as your doctor.

Put them on and walk out of here.

Don’t shut your eyes

and pretend like you can't find the exit.

Leave with those shoes on,
and don't return until you find the door.

My goodness, what in the world...

Do they fit?

They fit perfectly.


I feel so bad for him.

-Byeol, I changed this.
-Dad, it hurts!

-So can you...
-Dad, it hurts! It hurts!

-Didn't he say "It hurts"?

I think he said both.

Dad, it hurts! It really hurts, Dad!

Fire him right now.

I was going to quit anyway.

-My gosh.
-He just called him "Dad," right?

Then is he Director O's son?
The one he had a bit late?

That explains why
he was always so arrogant.

Gosh, that hurts.

I thought he'd grow up

if I made him work for me,
but he's hopeless.

I'm going to take him with me
when I retire.

So keep that in mind, and have a good day.

You come here.

Gosh, you're hurting me!


He doesn't look like his dad at all.

Not all children look like their parents.

You quit your part-time job?


That means we're all jobless.

We really are alike.

By the way, did you guys make up?

It's better to kiss than to fight.

Don't worry, Sang-tae.

We not only kissed,
but we also French kissed.

French... French kissed?

Yes, but that wasn't enough, so we even...

Gosh, why do you keep kicking me?

-Did I?
-Yes, you kicked me twice.

Damn it,
my ankle bone hurts like hell now.


Mun-yeong decided to publish the book
that you guys have been working on.

Really... Really?

You did such an excellent job
on your homework,

so I decided to give you a reward
by publishing the book.

I'm getting a reward.

But I can't give you a camping car.

Why... Why not?
You... You signed the contract.

"The employer will buy the employee

a walk through van camping car
instead of paying him."

That was in the contract.

Yes, I know.

But the problem is the sentence
that comes after that.

The sentence that comes after that?

"The employee has a little brother
who doesn't like to move."


But that little brother
no longer needs to move.

So you don't need a camping car anymore.

Hey, stop trying to be funny.

I'll just pay you instead. You like money.

Yes... Yes, I like money.

-I... I need money when I'm old.

Money... Money isn't everything in life.

But I also need to give pocket money.

Then I'll pay you. Do we have a deal?

Yes, we have a deal.

Darn it.

When... When are we
going to get back to work?

-Right away.
-"Right away"?

You guys really are best friends.

Mun... Mun-yeong, use your spoon
when you eat quail eggs.

Don't be stubborn when things don't work.

You need to learn to try other methods.

You need to stop nagging.

How are you going to take responsibility
for this issue?

When have I ever taken responsibility?


You lied and announced
that our company is going to publish

the last book
of The Murder of the Witch of the West.

And now, people in this business
think I'm a fraud.

My reputation has hit rock bottom.
What are you going to do now?

Pick it back up.

If you wanted to use
the manuscript as bait,

you could've just messed
with Suicide Bomber.

Why did you also have to get me involved?


What's this?


Oh, my gosh.

The Murder of the Witch of the West.

You really had this?

That's the one and only copy.

You can throw it away or publish it.
It's up to you.

If you publish it,

you'll make enough money

to make up for all the money you spent
bribing people because of me.

-Now, choose.

Choose what?

This is the revised manuscript
of my last book.

This is great.

You can't have both.

You can either publish my mother's book

or mine. The choice is yours.

I'm not going to publish a book
that was written by someone

who gave you so much pain

just so I can make a fortune.

Are you sure you won't regret it?

You'd benefit a lot more
from Do Hui-jae's last book

than Ko Mun-yeong's last book.

Mun-yeong, I like your books a lot better
than your mother's.

Do you want to eat something fancy?
How about some beef?

Beef sounds nice.

You're going to pay, right?

Gosh, I'm sick of always
being so constipated.

What? Where did they go?

Should I clean this up for you?

Yes. Thank you.

My gosh.

That cheap jerk.

My goodness, that's great.

I can't believe Sang-tae is really
going to make his debut as an illustrator.

Yes, of course.

We're going to sign a contract with him

and have him work
with other writers as well.

Mun-yeong told me
she won't be writing for a while.

You have a point.

He should work with different writers
to become a better illustrator.


My goodness.

Sang-in, I'm going to miss you so much
when you move to Seoul.

I got some good rest.

So I should find a new office
and start anew.

When is that going to be?

Once I find a new office.

So you should enjoy my company
while I'm still around.

-Mr. Lee.
-Hey, you're here.

You ignored all my texts and calls,

but you're here dehulling bean sprouts?

Hey, why are you empty-handed?
Where's the manuscript?

What manuscript?

The Murder of the Witch of the West.
I told you to bring it with you.

"The Murder of the Witch of the West"?

Are you sure it wasn't a dream?

What are you talking about?
I even sent you a text.

I didn't get a text.
I didn't get anything.

Look. I'll show you...

Seung-jae, we hit the jackpot.

I have the copy
for The Murder of the Witch of the West.

This is our last hope
and source of income.

So make sure you bring
the manuscript on the table.

Don't forget to bring it, okay?
Don't forget!

Lee Sang-in, that darn peddler.


You really came.

This will be the last time you see me.

How long do you think
they will stay with you?

-We're a family.
-How are they your family?

My baby.

I love you so much.

You're so precious to me.

I wanted you to live like me.

I didn't want you to be swayed by others.

I wanted you to devour your surroundings
and live as a strong woman.

That's not too hard.

You just need to follow your instincts.

But why...

Why would you hang around
with those jerks--

I'm relieved.


I almost turned into a demon like you,

and I'm so relieved that I didn't.

-Ko Mun-yeong!

really feel sorry for you, Mom.

The fact that you don't even know
that you're pitiful

makes me pity you even more.

You only have an appetite.

But you know nothing about warmth.

You won't ever know.

And you're not even interested.

That's why

we're different.

Unlike you, I've learned

how warm

and nice it feels.


But even so,

don't skip your meals.

I'll try my best

to erase you from my memory.

You'll never be able to erase me.


You will never be able to erase me
from your memory!



You erased the butterfly.

No... No, I didn't erase it.

I just... I just painted over it.

You can't tell, right?

Now, I just need to draw a new butterfly.

Never! You will never

be able to erase me
from your memory! Never!


You can't erase me.

You and I are the same.


You told me that the word "psycho"
comes from the word psyche.

But to us,

it's a symbol of cure.

A cure that heals our soul.

You should remember that.

You're right.

If you can't erase it,

you just need to cover it
with something better.


Butterfly is psyche,
and it symbolizes cure.

A butterfly that cures.
It's a kind butterfly.

Do... Do you want me to paint one?

Do you want to see?
Do you want to see me draw it?

Yes. Draw one that looks nice and pretty.

Okay. A nice and pretty butterfly.

It cures.


Cut the crap.


I heard you quit.

Yes, I'm going to study now.


Should I close the shop

and study with you as well?

We can both get a better education.

Should I give it a shot?


Do you really want to study for the exam
and go to college?

-No, not at all.

Don't try to follow what I do.

Do what you really want to do,

and go where you want to go.

What does that mean?

Are you telling me to get lost

because you don't need me anymore?

Are you saying I'm worthless and nuggety?

It's "nugatory."

You just pronounced it
like chicken nuggets.

Exactly. I'm so angry and upset at you

that I feel like a useless piece
of chicken nugget.

Hey, big brother.

My big brother, Jae-su.

What's the matter with you?

I'll treat you like an older brother now.

You're a year older than me.

I thought you didn't want a big brother.

What's with the sudden change?

Now that I think about it,

it's better to have a lot of big brothers.

I was able to hang in there

because you were always there

by my side.

You made me laugh,

helped me breathe,

and made me feel less lonely.

Thank you, Jae-su.

You punk.

Then you'd better be good to me, okay?

Okay, I'll be good.

Call me "big brother."

My big brother.

-One more time.
-My big brother, Jae-su.

One more time.

That's enough.

-The box.
-The box...

He's sleeping right now.

Here, they're having fun on a picnic.

They're... They're in the forest.

This... This is psyche.

She's having fun with a butterfly.

-Okay, next.

This... This is the Box Man.

But... But I need to draw it again. Pass.

And here, she has a frog on her head.

Come on.

The eyes of the Emotionless Princess
are too small. Make them bigger.

You... You want them to be bigger?

How... How much?
One centimeter or two centimeters?

Make them half the size of her face.

That... That'll be unrealistic.

She's not the big-eyed frog
from The Boy Frog.

-Have some fruit.
-My gosh.

No. You can't see it.

Outsiders are not allowed to be here.

Why am I an outsider?

Yes, you're an outsider.
That's why you should stay outside.

Let me stay and watch. I'm so bored.

No, that's out of the question. Get out.



You're just going to leave me here?

What else would I do?

Didn't you push me out on purpose?

Why would I do that?

-Are you done?

-Let me see.

-What is this?
-I drew the eyes bigger.

It's horrible!

My goodness.

The Murder of the Witch of the West.
Will you please show up?


Stop doing such a lousy job
and really look for it, will you?

Seung-jae, aren't you going to answer me?

Mr. Lee.

I thought you promised not to publish
The Murder of the Witch of the West.

Of course I'm not going to publish it.

But I just want to be prepared
for the future.

I'm just going to think of it
like an installment savings account.

That's all there is to it.

If this is just for you,
then why must I help you look for it?


Don't you know whose fault this is?

Had you not left the manuscript
at the coffee shop,

I wouldn't have had to

go through the trash
like a feral cat, you fool.

What? You jerk!


What did you say? Hey.

Hey, do you not even give a damn anymore?

Right, I quit!

I hope you find The Murder of the Witch
of the West and have a good life!

-Hey, Seung-jae!
-What? You jerk!

Gosh, what is this smell?

doesn't something smell funky in here?


It's not me.
I took a shower as soon as I got home.

I see.

Gosh, it really stinks in here.

Jeez. I'll keep the door open.


I thought it'd be too boring
to drink solo.

I guess the stench from you
followed Seung-jae all the way to my room.

Oh, no. Do I still stink?

I washed up so I thought it'd be okay.

I'm sure I'll get used to the smell
in a few minutes.

All right.

Seung-jae is still really mad at me,
isn't she?

Did you pick on her again?

Don't be so mean to that kid.

What? "Kid"?

Seung-jae is at least
six years older than you.


But she always uses honorifics
when she's talking to me.

Oh, that?

She likes to act young and slow-witted

because she believes

that it's a surefire way
to an easy, cushy life.

When I think about that,
I do feel bad for her, but... Gosh.

How sly.

So she's actually older than me?

Are you sure?

Yes, she is older than you. My goodness.

You work at a psychiatric hospital.

I can't believe
you're such a bad judge of character.

I should teach you a thing or two.

When I see someone, I can tell
what kind of person he or she is.

God, I'm about to puke.

Lee Sang-in, this is your punishment
for picking on me.

I'll let him stress out for a month
and then return it to him.



Mun-yeong! Your new book is finally out!

Mr. Moon Sang-tae!
The book has been published.

Finding the Real Face.

I've got the first edition here,
still hot off the press.

You've waited so long for this, Mr. Moon.

My gosh, thank you.

Finding the Real Face.

"Illustrations by Moon Sang-tae."
Moon Sang-tae!

That's my name, Moon Sang-tae.

-Are you excited?
-Yes, of course.

I'm super excited and happy right now.

Look, there's a photo of me right here.
My gosh!

Congratulations on your debut, Mr. Moon!

-My gosh. I worked on this book,
-Oh, my.

Finding the Real Face.

Sang-tae, where are you going? Sang-tae!

Hey, I'm coming too. Wait up!

Jeez, I keep getting a bad feeling.

I don't think this book will do well.

-Why do you say that?
-This isn't her usual writing style.

Mun-yeong has changed,
and so has her writing style.

If only I'd managed to get my hands
on The Murder of the Witch of the West,

I wouldn't be this worried
and anxious now.

Don't worry too much, Mr. Lee.

You know that your gut feelings
have always been wrong.

Jeez, you little...

Mom. Mom!


Do you see this, Mom? This right here.

It's my name, Mom. "Moon Sang-tae."

My name... My name is Moon Sang-tae, Mom.

I'm an illustrator now.
A professional illustrator.

Do you want to see my illustrations, Mom?

Look, I drew all of these. This one too.

And I can even draw
facial expressions now.


Mom is probably very curious
as to what the book is about.

-Why don't you read it to her?

I'm very good at narrating stories.

I can use different voices for Ddochi,
Douner, and Dooly. You know that, right?

Of course, I know.

Mom, I'll read the book out loud to you!

"Finding the Real Face.

Story by Ko Mun-yeong.

Illustrations by Moon Sang-tae."

I'll read you the story, Mom.
It'll be fun.

"Finding the Real Face.

Once upon a time
in a castle in the deep forest,

there lived three people
who had their real faces stolen

by the Shadow Witch.

The boy wore a mask with an awkward smile.

Then there was the princess
who was loud but all empty inside,

and there was also a man
who was trapped inside a box.

They couldn't make any facial expressions
because their faces were stolen from them.

They had no way of understanding
each other's feelings,

so they always misunderstood one another
and fought."

My eyes are welling up with tears
even though I'm so happy,

my brother and sister.

Mom, don't the illustrations look so good?

"Illustrations by Moon Sang-tae."

I'm a professional illustrator now.

-You did an excellent job.
-I know. "Moon Sang-tae," Mom.

I did a great job, Mom!



Seung-jae, I think we need more chairs.

Oh, the hospital staff said
they'll just stand.

No, I mean...
There are no seats for the press.

Oh, I sent out the press release,

but because of the lie we told
about The Murder of the Witch of the West,

they all think we're lying again.

Only one reporter will be attending.

Which reporter?

Reporter Yoo.


Reporter Yoo Seung-jae.

I'm going to record the entire event
and upload it to my channel.

I thought you were a total quack,

but you are a competent doctor after all.

You helped Sang-tae

spread his wings and fly
like those butterflies.

Gosh, I didn't do anything.
He did it all on his own.

By the way, you look nice today.

What's with that cheesy comment?

Can I stop by your place for some food
from time to time?

I used to do that often, you know.

I'd peek over the wall and go,

"Sun-deok! Let's hang out!"

What's with you? Have you lost your mind?

Are you really going senile or what?

Gosh, seriously...

Director O.

My gosh, look who's here.

That scarf is beautiful.

I thought my neck would look too bare
without it.

I splurged and bought it on sale
at the department store

because I heard today is an important day.

Great purchase. It looks amazing on you.

Oh, right. Please visit my restaurant
when you have some time.

I'll make delicious braised fish for you.


All right, the book launch party
will begin shortly.

Let's all head over to the therapy room.

Let's go.

-Shall we?
-Let's head back inside.




-How have you been?
-What about you?

I've been well.

I missed you.

By the way, I don't see
that handsome caregiver anywhere.

Oh, he'll be here.

I guess his son
still hasn't learned his lesson.

Gosh, he's handsome.

Why am I so nervous?



Excuse me.


Ju-ri, it's been so long!
How have you been?

Oh, my. He's totally my type.

You look like a different person now.

Are you preparing
for the civil service exam?

Yes. As you know, my dad is no longer
an assemblyman because of me.

It's okay. You can laugh.

So I'm trying to follow suit
and work for the government.

Gosh, that's why I'm racking my brain
to study hard.

I'm proud of you.

But where's my handsome Gang-tae
and that fiery writer?

I should narrate the story
because I wrote it.

Why would you butt in?

Ko Mun-yeong,
I drew all the illustrations,

which means half of the book is mine.
And I'm also good at narrating stories.

-Are you an attention seeker?
-What? What's that?

A seeker? Do they look for things?
What is that?

Jeez. Enough, both of you.

We'll be late. Let's go.

Anyhow, I can't let you
read from the book. Stay out of it.

No. We worked on it together,
so it's only fair that I do it with you.

-Just stay out of it.
-I don't want to.

-Just stay out of it!

If you keep fighting,
neither of you can do it.

I'll narrate the entire book.

-Stay out of it.
-No way.

-Just do as I say.
-I don't want to.



All right.

I'd like to thank you all
for attending this meaningful event

that signals the children's book publisher
SangSangESang's new beginning.

And I'd also like to extend
my sincere gratitude to Director O Ji-wang

and OK Psychiatric Hospital's staff
for preparing this venue.

Let's get started right away.

The children's book author,
Ms. Ko Mun-yeong,

and the illustrator, Mr. Moon Sang-tae,
will read their hot new release,

Finding The Real Face,

which was born
out of their fantastic collaboration.


"Once upon a time
in a castle in the deep forest,

there lived three people
who had their real faces stolen

by the Shadow Witch."

"The Box Man spoke.

'If we want to stop fighting
and find happiness,

we must retrieve our stolen faces.'"

"So they hopped in their camping car

and began their journey
to find their faces.

Then one day, they ran into a mother fox

who was bawling, curled up on the snow."

"The Masked Boy asked the mother fox.

'Ma'am, why do you keep crying?'"

"'Oh, I came out here to find some food

but dropped my baby
whom I was carrying on my back

somewhere in the snow.'"

"The mother fox's tears had run dry.

She wailed while beating her chest.

When the Masked Boy saw that,
warm tears started gushing from his eyes."

"Then the snow began to melt quickly,

and the baby fox, who was frozen
under the snow, soon appeared."

"The three of them resumed their journey.

Soon, they ran into a clown

who was dancing naked
in a field of thorny flowers.

The Emotionless Princess asked,

'Why are you dancing with all your might,

knowing you'll be pricked by the thorns?'

'I feel that this is the only way
to make people look at me.

But it hurts,

and no one's looking at me.' He answered.

Then the Emotionless Princess
walked into the field of thorny flowers

and started dancing with the clown.

'I'm an empty can, so I won't be hurt
even if I get pricked by the thorns.'

When she began hopping and dancing,

loud clanking noises echoed

from her empty torso.

And upon hearing those sounds,
people began to flock to where they were.

The crowd watched their dance

and applauded them.

-That moment--"
-"That moment..."

-"That moment--"
-"That moment--"

-"That moment--"
-"That moment--"

"That moment..."

-"That moment..."

-Damn it. It's my turn.
-No, it's my turn. Look, this part.

-It's my turn.
-Look! "Mun-yeong" is written right here.

-No, I see my name. Why steal my part?

-This is my part.
-Can one of you just continue?

Just stop.
If you want to read, do it properly.

Why do you keep stopping between words?

This is better than being boring.

That man yawned when you were reading it.

-Your part was boring.
-Damn it.

Just do as I say and don't butt in!

"Damn" is a bad word. It's a swear word.

Are you swearing at me?
At your big brother?

Are you going to swear at me?

-This is all your fault.
-Are you yelling at me?

You said, "Damn it" while I was reading.

Forget it. I'm out.
You can do it by yourself.

Are you yelling at me right now?

-Why are you angry?
-They're really something.

-Hey! Look who's talking.

-Why are you all riled up?
-What about you?

-Why are you angry?

-Quiet down, both of you!
-I quit. I'm out.

-Why are you yelling at me?
-This is all your fault.

-I told you!
-You ruined everything!

-You ruined everything.
-It's your fault!

-You ruined it all.
-Look who's talking!

-I'm out.
-What's your problem?

-I don't want to do this.
-I told you I wanted to do this alone!

Oh, dear. They won't grow up anytime soon.

I thought you were off today.

Yes, I just wanted to take
a quick look around before I head home.

Don't be too harsh on them.

They argue like that because
they still have a lot of growing up to do.



put one aside for you,
saying that you, of all people,

shouldn't have to buy the book.

My gosh, how sweet.

Then I guess I don't have to buy
100 copies of the book.


Open it.

Dear my fake, real mom.

Thank you for all the delicious meals.

I want to eat the food
that you make every day.

I really like you, Ms. Kang.

Here's a heart for you.

Six hearts.

"My fake, real mom"?
What on earth does that mean?


You're not our real mom,
but he likes you as much as her?

Something like that, I guess.

Oh, my. All the cooking I did for you guys
has paid off, I suppose.


May I hug you?

Goodness, you don't have to ask.

Thank you.

I wish you all the best.

It's okay.

No one else will know except for
the people who were there today.

-I'm done. I'm out.
-Go! Leave!

My gosh, Ko Mun-yeong
is obviously no match for him.

This is funnier than Comedy Big League.

The Emotionless Princess
versus the Box Man. Who will win?

This might actually work to your advantage
in terms of marketing.

Do you really think so?

Yes, of course.

Gosh. You're such a bad liar, Ju-ri.

Mr. Lee.

You may fall,

but I know that you'll never give up

because you're a very strong person.

I guess I won't get to see you often

now that you're moving back to Seoul
to start afresh.

I am starting afresh,

but I'm not moving back to Seoul.

I got an office space in Seongjin City.


Rent is very expensive in Seoul.
Why would I move back there?

And you're here too.

How beautiful.

I mean, the sea.


-No. I'm sorry, Mun-yeong.

-All right.
-I'm sorry. I apologize.

-So we're good now, right?

Gang-tae, we're sorry.

-Let go.

The troublemaker trio!

I have something for you guys.

Sang-tae, I'm paying you for your mural.

-Do you like it?
-Yes. My gosh!

Sir, this is too much.

Director O Ji-wang, you're...

You're like the wizard of Oji-gun.
How did you think of this?

My, I want this.

Don't even. It's mine.

It's mine, Mun-yeong. It's all mine.

I want a ride too!

Sir, I know you got this in return
for the mural, but it's too much.

Just the gesture is enough.

But I want to give you this.

All three of you went through a lot
because of what happened.

I hired someone I should've never hired.

I owe you an apology for that as well,
so just accept it and let's call it even.

That will make me feel better.

But accepting this doesn’t feel right.

Then just keep your word and hang out
with me when you have some free time.

Will do.

You should

go on a long trip in that camping car.

There are many things you can learn
on the road.

But I must say, it'll be exhausting
to look after those two.

Right, but I think

it'll be fun.

I want to move
to the scariest neighborhood.

Come on. Let's go.

You always wanted the three of us
to go on a trip together

in a camping car.

Isn't that why you drew this?

But we no longer need to run away
from the butterfly,

so why should we go somewhere far away
in that camping car?

I don't want to go.

No, we're not running away.

We're going on a trip.

What's the difference?

I don't want to go.

Well, when you run away,

you go to a faraway place to never return.

But a trip

is going somewhere far with
the intention of returning eventually.

Why leave
if you're going to return eventually?

I don't want to go.

Then why eat
if you're going to poop it all out anyway?

You said you've run out stories
that you want to write about.

We should go on a trip
so that you can find some inspiration.

I heard writers often get ideas

for their next books while traveling.

We'll eat, sleep, and drive. On repeat.

Do you really think doing that
over and over in that small camping car

will help me find inspiration
out of thin air?

You don't know that

until we actually begin our trip.

You can try to find some inspiration

while I nurture my mind and study.

And Sang-tae will work on his drawings.

Great plan, right?

I'm not sure.


You said you wanted
to go on a long trip with me.

Maybe not a long trip.

If you really want to go,
let's do a day trip.

"A day trip"? Are you kidding me?

I just want to hit the road
with no destination in mind

and keep on driving freely
without worrying about the future.

Whether it takes a month or half a year,

we'll keep on driving
until we want to stop--

Calm down.

Don't get so worked up.

Try counting to three
when you can't control yourself.

It'll help you calm down.

I mean...

How could they do this to me?

I've been suppressing myself
all these years

and just enduring it all.

They obviously know that,

so how could they do this to me?

Unbelievable. Right, Jae-su?

Yes, you're right.

My goodness.

I wondered why you offered
to buy us drinks.

You obviously needed someone to vent to.

Gosh, look at you sulking
over something so little.

Hey, Gang-tae. How have you been
putting up with everything all along?

They're publishing a fairy tale together

so I have been ostracized.

I've become an outcast.


I didn't complain at all

and looked after them
throughout the entire process.

That's right. If it weren't
for all your help, Gang-tae...

Gosh, that book wouldn't even exist today.


-Yes, sure thing.

I mean, is that too much to ask?

Is it?

It's not like
I want to go to the Serengeti.

I can't go there
because I don't have a passport.

You know? It's not like
I want to go to outer space...


I just wanted the three of us
to go on a trip in that camping car.

Just driving through
the mountains and fields, you know?

I said, "Let's just go with the flow
and see where it takes us."

And they can't even do that for me?

You're absolutely right! Gang-tae,
you've been putting up with so much.

Sang-tae and Ko Mun-yeong can't do that
to you. They owe you an apology!

My gosh, I'm really sorry.

Gang-tae, I sincerely apologize
on their behalf.


Yes, of course.

Do you really think so?

No doubt.

You too?

Yes, of course.

This is all fake. It's all a lie.

It's all fake.


-He's dead-drunk.

Jeez, where have you been?

Hey, do you know what time it is now?

What's going on? Did you drink?

He reeks of alcohol.
He's obviously been drinking.


What's with the suitcases?
Are you guys going somewhere?

What do you think?
You said we should go on a long trip.

We put on an act yesterday
to surprise you when you got home.

You got all mad at us and stormed out.

And you even drank?

Put this on. It's our family T-shirt.

It's so cute. Look at this.
It's super cute.

Why fool me
when you were going to come anyway?

You two, seriously...

I'll go put this on.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

By the way, why did you drink so much?

-I don't know.
-Did you drink alone?

What the heck. Poor me.

You pestered us about this trip,

and look at you all hungover now.
What a great way to start a trip.

Are you okay, Gang-tae?
Do you have a headache?

Do you feel like throwing up?

-No. I'm okay, Sang-tae.
-You're okay?

Whatever. You always say that you're okay.

You're obviously not okay now.

Ko Mun-yeong, it's not nice to get angry
at someone who's not feeling well.

Why are you getting irritated?

What? Are you lecturing me right now?

He's the one who's in the wrong.
Why give me this bullshit?


This is my first time hearing that word.

That's a swear word, right?

Did you swear at me just now?

Did you? Then I should teach you a lesson.
Get a taste of this.

-Let go!
-Get a taste of this!

-Stop swearing, will you?

He started it.
Why are you giving me this bullshit?

-Hey, you said that again!

-Stop it!

-What? "Shit"?
-It hurts!


The noodles will get soggy.
Hurry up and eat.

No, thanks.

Have some.

If you waste food, you get punished.

-Let's just share this.
-Okay, I'll split this in half.

"Gosh, this wasn't the camping road trip
I had dreamed of."

Are you getting a reality check?

"A reality check"? What's that?

Realizing your reality.

It's like waking up from a vain dream.

Oh, I see.

Gosh, I need a nap.

Wake me up around dinnertime.

You need to learn some slang words.

I am trying.
You need to learn more manners.

Do you know what "IA" means?

Yes, an iced Americano coffee.

Then what's "HA"?

A hot iced Americano coffee.

-"IA" is an iced Americano coffee and...

You're not going to bed?

I can't fall asleep.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For hurting you twice


I really hope

you'll never be hurt again.



For bringing me

on this trip.

What's gotten into you?
This is so unlike you.

I love you,

Moon Gang-tae.

I'm not


I love you for real.

I really mean it.


Let's go to Namhae today.

Gang-tae, Moon Gang-tae.


Are you having a good time?

Yes, I'm having a blast.

Do you want to keep on driving
in the camping car?


Until... Until when?

Well... Until we get tired of it, I guess?

I see.

Then... Then go with Mun-yeong.

I want... I want to go somewhere else.

Why? Are you not enjoying the trip?

I am. I'm having so much fun.
I'm having a great time too,

but I...

I want to work.

I want to draw illustrations

and make children's books.
That's more fun for me.

I see.

All right, then. Let's head back home.

No, you can keep playing.

I want to work.

They said someone will be here soon
to pick me up.

All right, let's get going.

Ko Mun-yeong!


Another children's book author is in love
with my illustrations

and wants to work with me.

They said their story
needs my illustrations.


needs me.

I'm needed.

Sang-tae, I also need your illustrations.


Will you be okay

without me?

Won't you

need me?

Moon Gang-tae

belongs to Moon Gang-tae.

I don't belong to Sang-tae!

I belong to myself!

Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae!

Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae.

You belong to yourself,
and I belong to myself.

You belong to yourself,
and I belong to myself.


I belong to myself.

I don't belong to you.

Moon Gang-tae

belongs to Moon Gang-tae.

Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae.

Hold on.


Don't cry, Gang-tae.


Thank... Thank you.



Thank you, Sang-tae.

I'm grateful

that you're my big brother.


Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae.

Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae.



-I can take your bag.
-Thank you.

All right.

Thank you.



Bye, guys!

Ko Mun-yeong, Moon Gang-tae!


Don't fight, guys!

A kiss is better than a fight, okay?

"They began a new journey

to find their stolen faces,

and the evil Shadow Witch
appeared in front of them once again.

She kidnapped the Masked Boy,

who shed tears
on behalf of the mother fox,

as well as the Emotionless Princess
who danced with the clown."

"'The two of you will never be able
to find your happy faces.'

After putting such a curse on them,
she locked them

in a deep, dark mole tunnel.

The Box Man found the mole tunnel
a few days later,

but the entrance was so narrow

that he couldn't go in."

"'What do I do?
I need to take this box off my head

in order to go into the tunnel.'"

"That moment, the Masked Boy's voice
reached him from inside the tunnel."

"'Mister, don't worry about us.
Just run far away.

The Shadow Witch will return soon.'"

"However, the Box Man
mustered up the courage

to take the box off his head.
Then he went inside the tunnel

and saved the Masked Boy
and the Emotionless Princess.

Upon getting out of the dark tunnel,
the two of them

saw the man's face covered
with dirt and grime instead of the box

and burst out laughing.

They laughed and giggled.

While laughing uncontrollably,

the Masked Boy's mask suddenly fell off."

"The can surrounding
the Emotionless Princess' torso

also fell off and made a clanking noise."

I like her.

"The Box Man, now out of his box,
said this when he saw

the two of them finding their true faces
while laughing."


He's happy.

I'm happy.

"What the Shadow Witch had stolen
from them

was not their true faces

but their courage to find happiness."


-I got it.

Oh, he said we're going to have
some coffee first.


We have coffee, right?

Didn't you guys have coffee earlier?

Where's the coffee?

I'll get it for you.

Let's try that again.

Shut up, you stupid deer!

Let's try again.

Hold on.


It's a tacit rule.

-Do you?

I'm sorry.

...for breach of contract,

a verbal agreement based on trust
is enough. It's a tacit rule.

My goodness. How? Is he okay?

He's lying.

He's lying.

Mr. Lee's father is a liar.

He's lying.

Mr. Lee's father is a liar.

He's just like his father

I can't pinpoint it,
but I think there's some resemblance.

You're wrong.

I'm very pretty.

-We don't look alike at all.
-Don't lie, Ko Mun-yeong.

Don't lie, Ko Mun-yeong.

I'm very pretty!

Do you want to fight?

You little...


Hold on. I'm sorry.

Where is she?

Where's Ko Mun-yeong?

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