It's Beautiful Now (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 44 - Episode #1.44 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hold on a second.

Mom made it especially for Hae Jun.

She made it because Hae Jun likes it.

It's not for her to eat alone.

I never said that I was going to.

I have long arms.

I'll get some for myself.


There you go.


why is that all the way over there?

My gosh!

Oh, no!

- What was that?
- What's going on?

- It's nothing.
- What?

What happened?

It's really nothing.

What happened?

What happened? Who did this to you?

Why do you think it's someone's fault?

You kids had us alarmed.

- Kyung Chul, let's go.
- Sure.

- Unbelievable.
- Dig in.

- Sure.
- Good.



Are you all right?



(It's Beautiful Now)

(Episode 44)

Hey, Yoon Jae's brother-in-law.

What were you up to, Mi Rae's brother-in-law?

I'm working.

What about you?

I'm playing games at home.

What do you have planned for this evening?

I'll be heading home.

Why don't we get a drink?

Don't you have anyone else to drink with?

It's not like that.

So what? You don't want to drink?

I'll see you later.

- See you.
- Bye.

- We will get going then.
- Okay.

I'm glad that you come to visit us often even after you got married.

I believe that's because Hae Jun is a supportive wife.

I guess you're right about that.

If we have someone bad in our family,

it would rip our family apart.

Thank you for saying that.

We will get going then.

- Okay.
- Goodbye.

- Bye.
- See you.

- I'll see you later.
- Take care.

- Drive safe.
- Okay.

Oh, dear.

We should get going too.

Yoon Jae was about to leave, so I couldn't tell you.

You guys should stay a little longer. You just got here.

She's right. Stay a little more.

Yoon Jae visits us all the time, but you're not like that.

It's been a long time since I saw you last.

You should listen to them and stay.

And I want to spend more time with you and Mi Rae.

We should stay a little more.

I wish I could.

But we just got married without enough time to prepare,

so Mi Rae's stuff is still at her parents' place.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Do you have to go bring her stuff today?

We both have to go to work tomorrow.

You should get going then.

Why would he change his words like that?

That just makes me look bad.

All right. You should go then.

I bet Jung Eun is feeling sad...

after marrying you off.

She's right.

You should go visit your parents then.

- Thank you, Grandpa.
- Gosh.

I will stay as long as you want next time I come here.

- Sure.
- All right.

Honey. What are you doing?

Mi Rae would be disappointed if her room was messy when she came.

I see. We will have dinner with them. Is everything ready?

They should be here by now.

It's all ready.

We're here.

They're here.

- You guys are here.
- Hello, Grandmother.

I'm glad you're here.

- Grandma.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Mi Rae?


We're here, Father.

- All right. Have you been well?
- Yes.

Are you coming from your in-laws' place?

Yes. My mother-in-law made lunch for us, so we enjoyed it.

Then we should eat later.

I'll go upstairs and pack my stuff first.

Okay. Go get some rest.

- I'll call you for dinner later.
- Okay.

- Hyun Jae, let's go.
- Okay. We'll be upstairs.

- Okay.
- Gosh.

Now that Mi Rae is here with her husband,

it feels like the house is full.

I know.

So I'm going out tonight.

Where are you going?

I'm meeting with Mi Rae's brother-in-law. We're the same age.

Did you two become close enough to keep in touch with each other?

Yes. We met before.

You two aren't just in-laws.

You guys are cousins too.

You're right, Mom. They are cousins.

I mean, he's your maternal cousin.

Which one of you is older?

I'll tell you after we establish a pecking order.

I bet I'm older.

What if you're not?

Gosh. You should buy him a drink.

I'm sure I'm older than him.

This is my room.

I haven't been here for a long time.

Gosh, I'm so tired.

Why did you want to stay at my parents' when you were so tired?

Because they didn't want us to go.

When Yoon Jae spat water at your face earlier,

I was really shocked.

Gosh, thinking of it really makes me want to...

I felt bad about it.

It reminded me of what you did to me on our honeymoon.

Getting water on your face can be really upsetting.

You did?

Did you feel bad for me?


I didn't say anything back then,

but I was surprised.

She was mad at me for not making things clear.

You mean, in her office?

I know.

You have been doing her a favour.

You should stop doing it now. Why would you do that?

I just can't say that I'll stop it.

She would think I changed after we got married.

How can things be the same after we got married?

Honey, it's only natural for things to change.

My gosh.

Hyun Jae always tries to outsmart me like that.

What happened earlier today?

Well... I kicked his leg first.

I mean, gently.

But even if I kicked him,

he should've put up with it.

He just couldn't let it slide, so he stepped on my foot.

That startled me, and I ended up spitting water at his face.

You seem thrilled.

Are you happy that you messed with Hyun Jae?

I'm happy too.

I mean, he can't walk all over you just because you're nice.

Just think of what happened today.

He was supposed to apologize for the other day...

as soon as he saw me.

If he couldn't apologize to me, he could've apologized to you.

Hyun Jae never respects you as his older brother.

Why does Hyun Jae have to respect me? I don't need it.

Why not?

If I want respect from him,

I will have to do things for him as his older brother.

That's not what I want.

You have a point.

You are quite practical.

Now I wonder why you made such an investment in stocks.

You should put up with the contradictions in human nature.

You're one smooth talker.

Anyway, now that you've spat water on Hyun Jae's face,

I feel a lot better.

So we are feeling better now,

but Hyun Jae might still be a little upset.

Mi Rae could be upset as well.

I guess when you're married,

you are most affected by your spouse.

That's the right marriage.

- Is that right?
- Sure.


- Have you been waiting long?
- No, you're here right on time.

Your brother is at my place with my sister now.

Then how did you get free?

Aren't you supposed to be with your family?

I found out after I said I'd meet with you.

Well... I think we should decide on seniority.


My grandma says we're actually cousins.

You're right.

Then let's see who's older here.

When is your birthday?

August 29.

April 5. So I'm older than you.

Forget about the seniority.

We can't just pretend it didn't happen.

Order whatever you want. It'll be on me, your senior.

- You're claiming seniority?
- Whatever you want.

I'd like to order.


I'm so happy to have a drink...

with my son-in-law.

- What about you, honey?
- Me too.

By the way, you can't let them stay here too late.

Am I keeping you here?

No, Father.

Actually, it's pretty late.

I totally lost track of time.

If it's too late, you can sleep over here.

Hyun Jae. Stay the night, okay?

Yes, Father.

Yes! I'd love to spend the night here.

Are you sure? You have to go to work tomorrow.

I'll leave early in the morning.

Mom, Hyun Jae is really diligent.

He wakes up early and goes jogging.

Then he even makes breakfast.

- Then what do you do?
- What?

Mi Rae is just sleeping.

My gosh.

No, I don't sleep the whole time. That's not true.

What? You guys are still up.

- Mom, come here and have a seat.
- Mother, you're still up.

I just woke up. I should go back to sleep.

Do you want some water?

No. I just heard you guys, so I came out to see you.

I guess you guys are having fun until late at night.

By the way, where's Jung Hoo?

He's not home yet. I bet he will come home soon.

Is he still with Soo Jae?


- Mother, would you like a drink?
- No, I don't want to.

- Come one. Just one drink.
- Grandma.

- Come here.
- Mother.

Hey, let's go home.

Let's just have another drink.

Gosh, I've had enough.

Jung Hoo, you are drunk. You should listen to your senior.

Hey, you're just a few months older. That doesn't make you my senior.

- Gosh.
- Hey, you started it.

You wanted to decide on seniority.


You're drunk. When are you coming home?

I'm with Jung Hoo now.

Who's Jung Hoo?

You know, my cousin who is also my brother-in-law.

- You mean Mi Rae's brother?
- Yes.

What are you doing with your in-law?

Come home before you make a fool of yourself.


Why would you say I'd make a fool of myself?


Hey, it's time to go.


Let's have just one more drink.

My mom wants me home.

Do you want to come with me?

I can't go to your place.

Why not? It's your grandpa's now.

Let's go.

Welcome, Jung Hoo! Come on in.

Stop it.

No. My room is this way.

Will you be quiet?

Who cares? It's where I live.

Oh, goodness. Soo Jae, you're home.


My gosh...

Hello. I apologize.

He insisted on bringing me with him.

Oh, dear...

Mom, we checked our birth dates,

and he is four months younger than me!

You shouldn't care about that.

He's staying over.

Jung Hoo. Follow me.

Sorry. Goodnight.

Hang on.

What does that make us?

Am I his aunt now?

Oh, my goodness.

Is Soo Jae home? What was all that noise?

He brought your nephew with him.

Jung Eun's son.


Why are you getting up?

To tell him to make himself feel at home on his first visit.

Leave it. They're both dead drunk.


How did all this happen?

I know, right?

Father will be pleased by the sight in the morning.

He's his grandson.

Yes. He would be pleased.


I'm asleep.

That's odd.

How can you talk if you're asleep?

Are you dreaming?

Are you? Is it a dream?

Sleep well.

Oh? You're up early.

Let's go and exercise.


Last night, Soo Jae brought Jung Hoo home.

They had a few drinks together.

Jung Hoo?

Yes. I was afraid he'd just leave if he got up early.

I didn't get to say hi last night,

so I got up early to wait so I could see him this morning.

I see.

Then I'll sit and join you.

Look at this. It's such a problem.

Let's see.

What am I doing here?

Hey. Wake up.



- I have to go.
- Go.

See if anyone else is up.

I'll sneak out if not.

Come on.

Darn it.

Take a look.


- Sorry.
- Shoot.

Soo Jae. I saw you come out.

Is Jung Hoo up?

Darn it. It's your fault.

It's fine.

Hi, how are you?

Oh, hello.

Hi, Jung Hoo.

Did you drop by to see me?


Sorry for coming by so late.

It's fine.

Lots of Soo Jae's friends slept over after drinks.

This is your grandpa's place now.

You can come by at any time.

Yes. Come by at any time.

I will. But I must go now.

Why? Stay for breakfast.

Oh, no. I have to go to work.

I didn't even tell my parents.

So I think my mom would worry if she heard that I slept here.

I see.

You better get home if they don't know where you are.

Yes. I'll visit one day when I'm sober.

I'm really sorry.

It's fine.

It's normal to drink and get drunk at your age.

Why would you apologize?

Honey. Jung Hoo's leaving.


Why leave now? I'm cooking breakfast.

I'll visit another time.

Okay, then. Come by again.

I will. Bye. Goodbye.

- Bye.
- I'll see him out.

- Okay.
- Go on.

- Take care.
- Bye.

- Come by often.
- I will. Bye.

Goodness. He's so tall.

Don't you think the two got pretty close?

Yes, and it's a nice sight.

Soo Jae is so sociable.

Yes, he is.


Why are you up already?

Do you need any help?


Walk around the block if you're bored.

It's what you like to do.

Not really.

I'd rather help you prepare breakfast.

Do you need me to wash any vegetables or make a dressing?

I was going to make mushroom japchae.

Were you? I'll do that, then.

Can I go through the fridge?

You can.


Let's see...

Did you see Hyun Jae?

I just left my room. Is he not with you?

I haven't seen him either.

I'm over here.


It needs a bit of this.

Hyun Jae!

That is my spot.

Sorry, Father.


Hyun Jae looks better with Soo Jung than you do.

Mom, you can't say that.

- Why can't I?
- I think she's right, Dad.

- What? You...
- I'm home.


Did he just come home?

Jung Hoo, come over here!


Hey, you're here too, Hyun Jae?

I just got back from Grandpa's.

- What?
- My parents' place?

Yes. Soo Jae and I got dead drunk, and I slept over there.

You can't visit others when you're drunk.

- That's being a nuisance.
- What are you talking about?

It's his grandfather's.

So, Jung Hoo. Who is older?

Did you figure out the pecking order?

I shouldn't have.

- Why?
- I was born a little later.


Oh, dear. Poor you.

I'm younger, darn it.

Goodness. Oh, well.

- What rotten luck.
- He's your senior.

It is nice that you live in Seoul.

You're mingling with higher-class people.

I'm impressed. How do you know a lawyer?

You must tell him everything during the consultation.

If he's to figure out a solution.


Hyun Jae, you have a meeting with Lee Jin Myung at 11am.


Before I get to work, I'm meeting with a personal client.

When Ms. Na Yu Na gets here, escort her to the conference room.

Sure thing.

The meeting for this morning has been pushed to this afternoon.

Please inform Mr. Lee for me.

But you were right next to her.

"The meeting for this morning has been pushed to this afternoon."

Ms. Sim wanted me to inform you.

Tell her that I heard her.

What's going on?

(CEO Sim Hae Jun)

Come in.

Ms. Sim, Hyun Jae wanted me to tell you that he heard you.

- Sure.
- Right.

He still won't apologize!

No matter how childish I get, he should know better.

What's going on with those two?

They're killing me!

Goodness, hello.

Yes, hello.

It's been a while.

You must be the one consulting Hyun Jae today.

Yes, that's me.

Right. Come this way, then.

(Law Firm Haejun)


You met your girlfriend on a messaging app.

I didn't know she was married.

I thought she was younger than me.

That's how young she seemed.

You didn't know she was married?

I didn't. Had I known, I wouldn't have met with her.

So she didn't disclose her marital status.

Did she imply that she was married in any way?

She said no one was home and that she was lonely.

It's why she hated going home.

Do you want to see our messages?

Sure, I'd like to see them.

Did you only communicate through this app?

That's right.

Let me see.

Does your phone provide recordings of calls?

Yes, it does.

Good. Then that can be evidence.


This is more than enough to prove your side of the story.

You couldn't have known judging by this conversation.

Does the fact that he didn't know matter in this case?

Yes, it does.

Here you go.

With the evidence you have,

you can file for damages against the lady in question.

She hid the fact that she was married.


So you're saying that my son isn't entirely to blame?

Right. This happens a lot these days.

It's easy to lie about yourself on messaging apps.

First of all, let's send a formal letter...

stating where you stand and the information you received.

I'm sure it'll get them to drop the suit.


Gosh, thank you so much. We really appreciate it.

On top of that, you can also ask to be compensated...

for the damage to your diner. How would you like to proceed?

I don't care about any of that.

Besides, it's true that he caused their marriage trouble.

I just want to wrap this up quietly.

Please have a seat.

Gosh. I've been wanting to meet you.

I'm embarrassed that we met under such circumstances.

Still, I needed the help...

which is why I didn't decline.

There's no need to be embarrassed.

Your brother's young,

and kids his age make mistakes like that.

I'll somehow return the kindness you showed me.

I'll receive it from Soo Jae since he promised.

I only asked to see you separately...

because I was curious about the woman he likes.

I wanted to meet the woman who changed his life for the better.

Are you heading to the office?

Yes. Luckily, I was able to work from home this morning.

Anyway, when will you see Grandpa again?

Your dad and I were invited over for lunch this weekend.

That's good to hear.

You guys should visit each other often.

Why's that?

He was thrilled to see me...

which touched me a little.

The same goes for Soo Jae's dad.

I guess he's my uncle, right?

I guess.

I don't have a brother,

but there are things that only men can relate to.

Because you put your grandpa's family out today,

I was going to call him later.

If only I could give this to her sooner.

She'll look pretty wearing it.

(Jung Eun)

Hey, Jung Eun.

Dad, what were you up to?

I was looking at the scarf I bought for you.

If you're free today, I'd like for us to get together.

We could go someplace,

but I'd love for you to come by.

I'll drop by, then. But I can't stay for long.

Just seeing you is good enough for me.

Sure. Got it.

Kyung Ae!


Kyung Ae.

Yes, Father.

Jung Eun will drop by.

I asked her here to give her the scarf.

I'm glad you invited her.

What should I get her when she comes by?

She will only stay for tea,

so don't feel pressured.

How can I not feel pressured?

New found in-laws are a burden in so many ways.

Gosh. Should I be going through this at this age?

Saet Byul.

Sorry, I'm late.

I had to see my mom off at the bus terminal.

It's all right.

Soo Jae was a huge help this time around.

Has the matter been solved?

His brother will take care of the lawsuit...

and settle with the other party.

Gosh, that's great news.

You should call Soo Jae to express your gratitude.

That I should.

- I find myself hesitating.
- Why?

Because when I think of him, I think of his mom.

- Hello.
- Come in, Jung Eun.

- Hey, Dad.
- Come on in.

I'm sorry Jung Hoo put you out last night.


How could he have put anyone out when it was his grandpa's house?

I brought you the sikhye I made for you to enjoy.

Gosh. Do you make sikhye at home?

Yes, for my mother-in-law.

Father, Jung Eun, please sit. I'll pour you a glass.

- Sure.
- Right.

- We should sit.
- Sure.

- Goodness.
- Kyung Chul.

- Gosh, Jung Eun's here too.
- Hello.

I came after hearing you were coming over.

- Hello.
- Right.


I think this every time I see you,

- but you always seem graceful.
- Doesn't she?

Gosh, thank you.

- Please have a seat.
- Sure.

- Kyung Ae.
- Hey.

Gosh, what's with the sikhye?

Jung Eun made it herself.

She brought some over for Father.

She shouldn't have since it only makes you look bad.

Why didn't she just buy some instead?

Why would this make me look bad?

In what way?

She must be a great cook as well.

That's enough. Take these to them, will you?

Sure thing.



Why don't you try it on?

It's from your father.

Maybe later.

- Gosh.
- Don't you like it?

Of course, I like it.

Anyway, call me impressed.

Not everyone can make this at home.

Then you're nothing like your mother.

Kyung Chul, her mother wasn't a good cook.

Because there was nothing to cook back in the day.

Her cooking wasn't so bad,

considering the limited resources she had.

No one cooks as well as Kyung Ae though.

It's not like her to publicly compliment me.

Then Hyun Jae must get his talent from you.

He's an exceptional cook.

Gosh, how did you know that?

He once made me a packed meal.

And he stayed the night yesterday and had breakfast with us today.

He got up early in the morning to help me cook.

He's that good to her?

Hyun Jae must've been head over heels for Mi Rae.

- Exactly.
- That's why...

he even cooked a meal for his mother-in-law.

Gosh, it wasn't like that.

Mi Rae's the one who liked Hyun Jae more.

What could be better than them both liking each other?

It's really nice to see both our families...

get along so well.

But Kyung Chul,

I must say that Kyung Ae raised her sons well...

only for them to be good to other people.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

- Mom!
- Are you busy?

Do you have time for coffee?

I'd love some.

All right.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

I stopped by your in-laws' just now.

What brought you to Grandpa's house?

I felt bad that Jung Hoo spent the night there.

Anyway, your grandpa bought a gift for me.

I've been noticing this every time I go there.

Your mother-in-law must have it hard.

Aunt Kyung Soon is nice enough,

but her daughter-in-law must get on Kyung Ae's nerves.

- Did you just call her by her name?
- Gosh.

That's right.

Your mother-in-law's trying her best to treat me as her sister-in-law.

I should try my best too.

Living with your husband's parent isn't easy.

I see.

It seems as though you understand what she's going through.

I live with my husband's mother,

and she lives with her husband's father.

Care for her whenever you can.

Sure. I'll do that.

(Lawyer Lee Hyun Jae)

Hey, Mom.

Did you stay the night at Mi Rae's parents' house?

Oh, that. I had drinks with her father.

They told me to stay the night, and I couldn't say no.

You were quick to dismiss me when I told you to stay,

but not him.

Come on, Mom.

It's not like my father-in-law is someone I'm easy to be around.

So you put me on the back burner because I'm easy to be around?

You come to me in sorrow...

but go to your mother-in-law to spread joy.

Even though I didn't say anything,

Hae Jun came by with money to thank me for the side dishes.

I'm not saying I need the money.

It's the thought that counts.

Shouldn't you and Mi Rae be good to me...

since you're good to her mother?

Come in.

Mr. Lee,

Ms. Sim moved this afternoon's meeting...

to tomorrow.

Sure. Tell her I got it.

Darn it!

Can't you two communicate directly?

Must I be the messenger?

You did wrong in this case.

What do you mean?

I don't know what this is about, but you're the one to blame.

She's your superior, so treat her as one!

This is just wrong.

What can I do to fix this when I did nothing wrong?

I just treated her the way I always treat her.

Then your usual attitude is to blame.

Get out, Sung Soo.

I mean...

Come in.

Ms. Sim.

Yes, Mr. Lee.

Hae Jun, I'm sorry.

I should be punished for upsetting you.

Must you treat me that way in front of Mi Rae?

She's a dear friend of mine whom I cherish.

Did you forget that I introduced her to you?

I know that.

I'm sorry I treated you that way in front of her.

But I will say this since she isn't here.

I don't care if Mi Rae agrees to it.

Could you not ask her to bring you your clothes?

Why can't she when I'm busy?

Who are you to disrupt the agreement we have?

Okay, fine. I'll leave that to you.

Anyway, let's bury the hatchet.

Now, moving on.

I heard you gave my mom money. How much was it?

Why do you ask?

We'd like to give her some as well.

Knowing how much you give her will set a baseline for us.

You shouldn't consider what we give her as a baseline.

She gives us a lot of her side dishes,

so we give her a lot.

It sounds like my mom has been upset...

ever since Yoon Jae and I got married.

Isn't it just you?

Yoon Jae and I haven't done anything to upset her.

It's not us. It's just you and Mi Rae.

Okay, fine.

I'm sick of it.

I cook breakfast and clean up.

Then I cook lunch and clean up.

Then I cook dinner and clean up.

That's my day.

Cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards.

That's what I'll do until I die.

What are you mumbling about?

Aren't we having dinner? Gosh, I'm hungry.

Something smells nice.

I'm in the middle of making it.

You must be thrilled these days.

I'm not exactly thrilled, but things aren't bad either.

Did something happen?

It's about Hyun Jae.

It's like Jung Eun stole her away from us.

What are you talking about?

He stayed the night at her place yesterday.

And in the morning, he helped her cook breakfast.

He even made her a packed meal while he was dating Mi Rae.

He was that good to her.


He's been good to you too.

You've enjoyed a lot of his cooking.

I know that, but it still upsets me.

Because I know how attentive he is.

Hyun Jae had to jump through many hoops to marry Mi Rae,

so the love between them must be that strong.

I understand.

Of course, I'm less of a priority to him.

You're unbelievable.


You're home late today.

Ta-Da. I bought something for Mother.

Mother as in my mom?

Yes. My mom went by Grandpa's place earlier.

When she got back, she told me to be good to her.

They're both housewives...

who live with a parent of a spouse. I guess she can relate.

Come here.

- What?
- Come here.


Thank you for caring for my mom.

You also care for my mom as well.

All right.

Is that what you're reading?

Yes, I'm just going over it.

Then I'll know which one...

I should read to our baby dolt first.

If only others could see this too.

Anyway, don't buy anything more for the baby.

What? I have something else being delivered tomorrow.

I bought clothes for Dolt Junior.

When we don't even know the gender?

What does gender have to do with it?

All that matters is that it's cute.

Aren't you the one who said parenthood was optional?

I did.

Seeing you this way makes me think of your mom.

She raised you with love only to give you to me.

That's right. I'm your possession now.

Your mom must be upset with Hyun Jae and Mi Rae.

Earlier today, Hyun Jae asked...

about the amount of money I sometimes gave her.


I didn't tell him.

Maybe I should visit your mom and give her some money tomorrow.

I should teach my co-sister-in-law...

how a daughter-in-law should be.

Hae Jun, you're the best.

That doesn't make your legs any longer.

This is what models do.

Ha Neul, I'm sure you will make a good model.

And you will make a good lawyer.

You don't have to make anything big.

I just want you to be nice and healthy.

Are you checking the viewer ratings of Writer Kim Yu Jin's drama?

You've been doing this all day.

My acting career lies in her hands.

Doing this won't make the ratings go up.

It went up! The ratings just went up by one percent!

- What?
- Let me see.

- Is that true?
- What if it makes a big hit?

Are you going to be an actor now?

Not yet.

If the drama about a divorce lawyer makes a hit,

I'll get a chance to audition.

He still has a long way to go.

The drama should succeed first.

Then the writer will give your dad a chance to audition.

If he passes the audition, he will become an actor.

So the drama has to be successful first.

That's right.

Please let the drama make a big hit.

- Please help us.
- Please help us.

Please let it make a big hit.

- Make a big hit!
- Choi Sung Soo!

- Choi Sung Soo!
- A big hit!

- Choi Sung Soo!
- Choi Sung Soo!

(Hyun Jung Hoo)


I'm just calling you before I get off work.

You're working late.

I came in late.

I drank with Soo Jae yesterday, and I slept over at his place.

Did you get close enough to him to sleep over at his place?

I guess we will get even closer.

What about your mom and brother? Did they leave?

Yes. They left.

Do you want to meet up for a late-night meal then?

Not tonight. I will have plans.

You don't have plans, but you will make one now?

Why are you being like this to me?

Do you hate me that much?

No, it's just that there's someone I need to thank.

Let's meet up at the usual place.

Thank you.

I thought I needed to thank you, so I called you out.

I heard from Hyun Jae.

That the consultation went well, and you won't have a problem.

Mr. Lee saved my brother.

My mom is finally relieved.

I'm glad to hear that.

But I feel heavy-hearted.


I think I owe you big time.

I didn't want to make you uncomfortable.

I got help from you because I was desperate,

but now it makes me feel uncomfortable.

But I think that's what I have to deal with.

If I hadn't gotten your help, I would've been in big trouble.

Let me buy you a meal. That's the least I can do for you.

Go ahead and buy it then.

She said she was almost here. Why isn't she coming yet?

- Mother.
- Hey.

You said you were almost here. What took you so long?

It took me some time to park.

What brings you here? You must be busy now.

I just need to do my job even if I'm busy.

When is Mi Rae coming?

Go ahead and eat the fruit. She's coming soon.

You both said you'd come, so I figured you planned it together.

I guess Mi Rae read my mind.

Mother, this is for you.

I want you to buy new clothes.

Don't do this. You gave me some money the other day.

No, Mother.

You must've had a hard time marrying off your two sons.

Go refresh yourself with this.

Hae Jun, please.

- Kyung Ae.
- Hey. What brings you here?

Hey. I didn't know you were here.

- Hello, Aunt.
- Hi.

She just gave me some money to buy new clothes.

Mother, you can say it louder.

You must be so happy.

- Mother.
- Hey, come on in.

- Hae Jun, you're here too.
- Hey.

- Hello, Aunt.
- Hi.

Wait. What's that?

This is for Mother.

I hope you will like it.

My goodness. You don't have to do this.

You told me to stay longer the other day,

so I felt bad to leave like that.

Mother, I hope it didn't upset you.

Kyung Ae, go ahead and open it.

I wonder what it is.

Shall I? Gosh, I'm so flattered.

Gosh, this is...

My goodness.

This is so beautiful.


So you're a personal shopper. You do have an eye for fashion.

Thank you. Do you like it, Mother?

Sure. I love it.

It's really hard to pick out clothes for others.

She must've spent a lot of time and money to get this.

Kyung Ae, you are so lucky.

This isn't just about money.

It's so nice that she got you something you like, right?

She speaks in an annoying way.

Mother, you should try it on.

Maybe later.

You have to try it on to see if you like it.

She's right, Kyung Ae. Go ahead and try it on.

All right then. My gosh.

- What do you think?
- My goodness.

- It's so lovely.
- You look stunning.

What do you think, Hae Jun?

You should wear it when you meet your friends. You look great.

I bet it looks great because you picked it.

Kyung Ae, I'm so jealous.

Your daughter-in-law bought you a dress.

What a thoughtful gift.

- Seriously, you are so beautiful.
- You look amazing.

I love it.

Mother, you're not going to your yoga class these days.

I should go,

but after skipping a few classes, I don't feel like going.

And Mr. Lee is my in-law now.

I feel uncomfortable around him.

You don't have to feel that way. You can still stay friends.


What is she doing here?

She said she'd stop by for lunch after visiting her in-laws.

- Grandma.
- Hey.

- I want to eat too.
- Okay.

Oh, right. How did your mother-in-law like your gift?

She loved it.

And the aunt from upstairs said it was a thoughtful gift.

What did you buy her?


Hae Jun was there too. She came to give her some money.

She sounds like a considerate daughter-in-law.

- Cash is the best gift.
- Here.

Anyway, when you visit your in-laws the day after tomorrow,

you won't be embarrassed because Mi Rae was good to them.

Dig in.

(What's good for an unborn baby in the early stages of pregnancy)

(Director Lee Yoon Jae)


Hey, what are you doing here?

I thought you were visiting my mom today.

I'm just coming from her place.

It's your lunch break, so I'm stopping by to have lunch with you.

But you don't seem to be in a good mood.

All I care about now is...

you and Dolt Junior, so I can tell right away.

Mi Rae was there too.

She bought some clothes.

And the aunt from upstairs...

kept saying it was a thoughtful gift.

Before Mi Rae showed up, Mother really liked my cash gift.

You're so cute.

Do you want to win at being loved?

Do you want to defeat Mi Rae?

Yes. I want to win.

I want to be loved by your parents.

I envy those with healthy parents.

If you have parents,

you can act like a baby even when you're old.

But I'm often compared to Mi Rae...

You know we have our secret weapon, Dolt Junior.

You're right. We have Dolt Junior.

Sure. Can you imagine how happy they will be?

If they find out that we're pregnant.

Do you want me to call her and tell her right now?

No. We have to wait until the fourth week.

I'll try to be patient until then.

I look forward to it.

All right.

What will you buy me for lunch?

What do you want to eat? What does Dolt Junior want?

- Hey.
- What are you doing, Mom?

Mi Rae was here. It feels like I forced her to come.

Did you tell Mi Rae that I complained?

She bought me some clothes.

You didn't force anyone.

She bought it for you voluntarily.

I haven't talked to her since we talked.

You haven't?

No. I'm touched as well.

I'll be even nicer to her.

Yes, you do that.

The two of you living happily is the best you can do for me.


Since Mi Rae was so nice to think of me,

this weekend, when her parents come over, I'll cook them a feast.

Oh, thank you, Mother.

Yes, bye.

This is what it's like to be married.

Oh, dear.


Did you hear from Kim Soo In?

Yes, we're meeting tomorrow.

Where are you coming from?

I was just busy.

I visited my in-laws,

then had lunch with Yoon Jae.

Did you see Mi Rae too, then?


I just talked to my mom.

Like you said, marriage really is different from dating.

Minor stuff gets blown out of proportion.


You get really offended over nothing at all.

Why is that?

Did something offend you today?

You're quick to notice.

What is it?

Mi Rae and I were close.

Now that we're sisters-in-law, we should be even closer.

Yes. So what's wrong? You aren't closer?

It's not that we aren't closer.

Unlike before,

simple comments seem to have more meaning now.

That's exactly it.

It's the same sentence,

so why does it feel different now that we're married?

That's how it was with you a few days ago.

I'm beginning to think you and I don't communicate as well now.

Hae Jun.

You're always on Mi Rae's side...

Of course, you must... That's natural.

I have Yoon Jae who's always on my side.

But it still is upsetting.

I'm leaving.

It's hard being a family.

Do you know we clean Sooin Building on different days now?


Do I clean Ijin Building's offices on my own this weekend?

Yes. I hope you don't mind too much.

I don't.

(Jung Hoo)

Can I take this?



Why haven't you called?

Should I call?

I'm always the one calling you. You can call once in a while.

Hang up. I'll call you back.

There's no need.

If you're free, let's drink this weekend.

Not this weekend. Yu Na's taking me out to eat.

Yu Na?

Are you two back together?

Not really. We're just eating out together.

Then I'll ask her out to eat as well.

Do you mind?

Why would you even ask?

Do whatever you want.


It has been a while.

I came over, determined to eat a late-night snack.

Let's go.

I know a good place nearby.

Did something happen recently?

It's over now.

When that something came up,

did Soo Jae help you out?


I thought so.

I'd have helped too if I'd known.

Just because of Soo Jae,

I don't want us to grow distant.

I want to get along with you both.


I'm putting in some effort.

You're really trying to dress up.

I am not.

Did I not put in this much effort until now?

I'm a little stressed out.

They're your family and my in-laws.

My gosh. Since when did you care about that?

You looked so relaxed when you were there last time.

Me? My gosh...

Let's go.

It must be a lot of work for you.

Not at all. This is nothing to me.

Honey, do you need any help?

Help set the table later.


Father, do you feel nervous?

They say a son-in-law will forever be a guest.

It's a pity Jung Eun's mom isn't here to see this.

Whenever I think of Jung Eun,

everything feels lacking and regretful.

How cute.

These are so pretty.

You got something else?

Isn't this adorable?

You're helpless.

Look at these.

Which do you prefer?

This one.

So do I.

Aren't you hungry?

I am. Shall we eat something?

We're low on side dishes.

Are we? I should visit Mom again.

You should come over today.

I cooked a lot of nice things because Jung Eun's visiting.

Then I'll come over tomorrow.


Oh, that must be them.

Shall I set the table, then?


My gosh.

Why did you prepare so much?

I did my best. I hope you like the food.

Kyung Ae is such a good cook...

that you won't notice if someone leaves the table.

Oh, Father.

Let's eat now.

- Okay.
- Yes, let's eat.

Jung Eun, eat your fill.

I will.

I love braised short ribs too.

I'm a pretty good cook myself.

Why do you think I'm in the food business?

It's because I love to eat.

- I hope you like the food.
- Thanks.

Father, let's start.

- Please, eat.
- Let's eat.

Have the ribs, your favourite.

Yes, I will, thank you.

- Eat.
- Let's see...

Here we go.

Honey, this looks delicious.

You can have this piece.


Oh, he's so sweet.

It's tasty.

It's good.

Eat all you want.

- Try this too.
- Yes, I will.

- Shall I help you?
- No, I don't like that.

- Oh, I see.
- I like this.

(Business Partner)


What time do you get off?

I can't say for sure, but at this rate...

I'll be done around five.

Where should we meet?

Never mind.

Don't rush your uncertain schedule just to be on time.

I'll come to you.

You don't have to.

It's fine. See you later.

I'm exhausted.

You don't have to help.

Okay, but Kyung Ae...

Where's the toilet?

- The toilet? Come with me.
- Okay.

The braised ribs I had today were really good.

I'm an expert.

Give me your recipe.

I'll make it at home.

I'll give it to you.

Why is Jung Eun taking so long in the toilet?

There she is.

Honey, come and sit down.

Hang on.

Wait. You...

You don't look well.

You're right. Do you feel sick?

Wait. Is it an allergic reaction?

Why did you have a sudden allergic reaction?

Did you eat something wrong?

I didn't add anything strange.

Didn't you say before that you were allergic to something?

She's slightly allergic to walnuts.

We don't use walnuts in our food.

I ground some into the braised ribs.

You added walnuts to the ribs?

I did this time because I heard it tasted better.

Why did you add what you never usually do?

I'm fine. It's not serious.

What should we do?

You ate at your dad's and something dreadful happened.

Kyung Ae, it's fine. I should've told you in advance.

I think I should head home early today.

Of course. Hurry along.

You probably should take your medicine.

We should. That way, your father will be more at ease.

Right. You should head home and take your medicine.

Did they leave?

Yes, I just saw them off.

Why didn't anyone tell me she had food allergies?

It didn't look serious, so forget about it.

How can I?

You said earlier something about me adding stuff...

I had never used before.

Things happened so fast, and I was just as alarmed.

It came out involuntarily.

As if.

I can't believe you.

It's the same with your dad.

When it comes to Jung Eun, you two can't see straight.

There's no need to put it like that.

She had an allergic reaction to the food she ate at our house,

so we felt bad.

And who would've felt the guiltiest? Me, of course.

You could've buffered the situation so that I'd be less embarrassed.

I'm sorry.

Did you have to react that way when I worked hard...

since yesterday to cook this meal for them?

I was inconsiderate.

But aren't you the one who gets hypersensitive...

when Jung Eun is involved?

My whole life, I went out of my way for this family.

So seeing the way you and your father treat her...

makes me bitter.

Kyung Ae, my goodness.

That's right, Father. I'm upset and bitter.

I know you're happy to have found your daughter.

But here you are being nice to her...

in a way that is foreign to me. That I'm bitter about.

Min Ho, what are we going to do about this?

I don't know.

The feelings have been mounting...

ever since the kids' engagement and marriage.

It's not just you she's upset with.

What have I not done right after marrying into this family?

I raised three sons I gave birth to,

and two of them became a doctor and a lawyer.

I'm so sick of this family.

Gosh, this is nice.

Mom, we're home.

You're back...

Gosh, is something wrong with her?

What? She had an allergic reaction.

Her sister-in-law added ground walnuts...

in the braised short ribs.


What started off as a happy event ended on a sour note.


Yes, boss.

I just wrapped things up.

Right now?

Sure thing.

I'm afraid I have to head back to the office.

Really? What can you do, right?

When do you think you'll be done?

I'll be right out.

Yu Na!

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

Gosh. Let me take you to the hospital.

Right. Are you okay?


Kyung Chul, will you be staying for dinner?

We should head home.

Kyung Ae will be in a better mood by now.


Kyung Chul, I know you cherish Jung Eun,

but you should also be good to Kyung Ae.

Dad, Kyung Ae isn't in our room.

She's not in the kitchen either.

Where could she have gone?


What time is it?

Still only that?

I won't go back home.

But I can't possibly stay out here either. Darn it.

Gosh. This one is just as cute.

I'd rather listen to trot music than classical music.

No, I believe in classical music.

- Dolt Junior like trot music.
- No, it enjoys classical music.

Wait. Who could it be at this hour?

Is it Hyun Jae?

- Put these away.
- Got it.

I'll get the door.

- It's your mother.
- My mom?

- What do we do? Hurry!
- My mom?

- Hurry! Clean this up!
- Why didn't she call in advance?

- Hurry!
- I said I'd drop by tomorrow.

- What's this about?
- Hurry. Just put them away.

- I'll let her in now.
- Right. No, not yet!

- I'll let her in, okay?
- Sure thing.

Gosh, Mother.

I'm sorry.

I surprised you, didn't I?

Gosh, nonsense.

Mom, are you here to drop off side dishes?

I should've brought them with me.

I left in such a hurry that I forgot.

Aren't you happy to see me though?

- Of course, it's good to see you.
- We're happy you're here.

Right. That's all that I want.

- Mother, please have a seat.
- Have a seat, Mom.

Gosh, Mom. I said I'd drop by tomorrow.

What's this?

- Mom, no!
- My gosh.

- Mother!
- What...

(It's Beautiful Now)

Would you like to see your grandchild?

I'll help you be at ease in every way possible.

She asked about our family planning.

If we want children, that is.

- Yu Na got injured because of me.
- Because of you?

I wanted to bring her some food.

- Mother?
- It's been a while.

Why were you worried?

You know how it is.

Her road to marriage was a rocky one.

And things stay rocky if you're off to a bumpy start.

Yoon Jae!

I'm sure her life will be as it has been.

She'll have a long and healthy life.

Your test results revealed that you have cancer.

You should be good to Hae Jun.

Of course.