Investigation Partners (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

What seemed to be a simple fraud case turns into a homicide and lands the young prosecutor into hot water, with more and more people warning her to be wary of Baek Beom.

So three years have passed
since our little brother left this world.

{\an8}And this girl showed up out of nowhere
with his newborn baby.

{\an8}He had his sperm frozen before he died.

{\an8}I had my baby with Deuk-nam's sperm.

{\an8}I bet she's after the inheritance
Dad left for his grandchild!

{\an8}We should get the DNA sample and pack up.

{\an8}Depressed fracture.

{\an8}We need an autopsy.

{\an8}-What's this? Where's Deuk-nam?
-Where is he?

-I need an autopsy warrant.

-I… I stole a corpse.


Eun Sol. So…

what do you do on weekends?

Well… I'm terribly sorry,
but something urgent has come up.

-Could you please excuse me?
-Excuse me?

I'm Hyun-min's mother.

Yes, right. Hello.

-How long have you been sitting there?

Stay out of it.

I'll be straightforward with you.

-I really like you.

You're a prosecutor, so you must be smart.

You look quite pretty too.

Marry my son, quit your job,

focus on raising children
and supporting him.

-You're a prosecutor

and everyone looks up to you now,

but doctors, counselors, and prosecutors
aren't really in high demand

in the Gangnam area these days.

You've probably heard that rich old men
are a good catch.

-Right now, I'm--
-How can I put it?

It's three billion won.

Since we want brainy children for him,

we're being awfully generous.

Consider yourself lucky.


With all due respect, can I say something?

This is my 99th blind date,

so I've developed an eye for men.

Your son's self-esteem
has hit rock bottom.

That rich old man must have not known
the importance of self-directed learning.

I think you two should talk about
how he should live his life

before considering getting married.


Besides, a mother's genes
aren't the only factor

that determine a child's intelligence.

If you'll excuse me.

We're here.

-Hurry up.

Excuse me.

What? They're here? His sisters are here.

Open it!

Stop right there!

Stop them.

{\an8}3. CASPER'S LAW


-Hurry up!
-Please try again.

Hurry up, for god's sake!

-Please try again.
-What's going on?

They locked it from the inside.

Give us back our brother.
Do you want to die?

-Please stop.
-How can a state institute do this?

You won't get away with this.
Open it! Quick!

I'm going to sue you all.

I'll have all of you fired.

Go get the master key card.

-Hey! Hurry up!
-Yes, sir.



Open it.

Go ahead.

Open it. Quickly!

What are you waiting for?

Hang on a sec.

Oh, my! Who…

-Ms. Eun?

-How are you?
-Ms. Eun, I'm glad you're here.

This is crazy.

They stole my brother's body
to do an autopsy.

That's why I'm here.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, but my purse is so tiny.

-What is it?
-It's all crumpled up. Here.

It's an autopsy warrant.

-A warrant?
-What for?

-What are you talking about?
-Please calm down.

You need to do this
for your deceased brother.

Who gave you the right to do that?
He's my brother.

Excuse me. Pardon me.


As a state institution,

we're obligated to determine the cause
of death for the safety of the people.

We'll reveal the exact cause of death
through an autopsy.

Ms. Eun.

Oh, my! Hello, gentlemen.

You know what?

It's been over three years
since he passed away.

How can you find out the cause of death?

The statute of limitations
is still in effect.

I thought you guys would want this
more than anyone.

You can be punished
for obstruction of justice

under the Criminal Procedure Act,
Article 136.

She's right.

You can go to jail for up to five years
or be fined up to ten million won. Okay?

I'm sorry. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Prosecutor Eun Sol from the Seoul
Eastern District Prosecutors' Office.

I heard it was urgent,
so I came here in person.

I'm Park Jung-ho, the director of the NFS.
Thank you.

Can I come in and brief him?


Get out!

Hello, Mr. Grumpy Beom.

-Do we have the warrant?
-Yes, we do.

-Get ready.
-Yes, sir.

You can see the warrant, but not me? Huh?

I have 28 missed calls from you.

Am I your lover who's gone into hiding?

Jeez. Why bother?

-Let's get started.
-Yes, sir.

Ms. Eun, can you please wait
in the observation room?

Sure. I guess I should.

-Are you okay?

Decomposition is a way for humans
to return to nature.

You don't think you'll decompose?

Everyone stinks when they die.

Christ! World peace
should've been achieved.

Are you wearing perfume?

Yes, I had an important appointment today.

Get out!

Potassium cyanide has a unique odor.

With pesticides and hydrogen sulfide,
the smell is rather important.

But because of your perfume…

But this body's over three years old.

Don't be disrespectful.

How would you feel
if I treated your body with disrespect?

Get out of my autopsy room.

Ms. Eun, how can you do this to us?

This is a slap in the face.

Why are you so against it?

I feel bad cutting him open again
after what he's been through.

It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Poor thing.

It was that bitch, Hwa-ja, wasn't it?

As a prosecutor,
you should be on our side.

You can't be fooled by that lying bitch.

They're being awfully emotional,
but they seem fake.

Do you smell anything?

-What smell?

I was only in the autopsy room briefly,
but I reek of a stench.

Go ahead and smell it.

-That's revolting.
-What's with you?

You're so worried about your brother,
but you can't stand this smell?

The forensic examiner, a total stranger,
was sniffing him

to find out the cause of death.

Well… that's…

Hear me out.

This isn't a simple fraud case anymore.
Do you understand?

We'll bring you in one by one

for further questioning, okay?

Most of the internal organs
have deteriorated.

Most of the internal organs
have deteriorated.

-Femur, 46,19
-46,19 centimeters.

Depressed skull fracture, 15.

Fifteen centimeters.

Didn't he die at a hospital?

That's strange. It's huge.

-Go get a 3D scanner.
-Yes, sir.

It's ready.


How could Grumpy Beom fool us like this?

Dong-sik, if something goes wrong,
I can get suspended.

Ms. Eun.

Don't worry. The warrant got here first.

Can't a prosecutor like me dress up?

Of course you can. You look lovely.

Stop drooling.
Pull yourself together and get to work.

Mr. Baek, I told you to
hand over the body.

-You're putting me--

You saw the depressed skull fracture.
Don't rule out the possibility of murder.

I'm suspicious as to why his sisters
were against the autopsy.

Exactly. There's this inheritance issue.

Again, you're writing fiction.

If they killed him,
they would've cremated him.

On what grounds
do you find his sisters suspicious?

They've been fighting over money.
They have a motive.

But they voluntarily gave us the body?

A funeral service
came to pick up the body.

-Why not?

You finished the autopsy.

If the body is decomposed,
it's hard to extract DNA.

Please understand.

Ms. Eun, can you issue another warrant?

To make it legal.

Until the case is closed,

I'll make sure
all the evidence is protected.


I shall go back to heaven.

-Hand in hand, together with the dew...
-What's that?

fading at the soft touch of dawn.

It's a memorial service.

-Go check it out.

I shall go back to heaven.

At sunset, together, just we two

playing at the shore
when the clouds beckon.

I shall go back to heaven.

And on the day this beautiful outing ends,

I will go,

-and I shall say it was beautiful.
-What's going on?

We're holding a memorial service.

We did an autopsy
on 8,762 people nationwide

at the NFS last year.

We comfort their souls every year.

Right. I've seen it before,
but I didn't know what it was.

Director Park Jung-ho cited
"Back To Heaven" by Cheon Sang-byeong

to commemorate the deceased.

Next, with a song in the background,

we'll pay a silent tribute.


Bow your heads.


-I didn't think you'd come.
-You'd all have gotten pissy if I hadn't.

It was the perfect chance to fire you.

Suit yourself. I could do autopsies
at a local university.

It's not the first time we've seen
a family against an autopsy.

There was a time that gangsters
barged into the autopsy room.

We risked our lives.

You've never stolen a body.

No one could outdo you.

I was right about you, wasn't I?

Aren't you tired of hiding from me?

Your father's worried about you.

I heard your hand is okay.
Aren't you coming back?

I can't perform surgery anymore.

What about dead people?

I can't pay as much...

but I hate to see you waste your talent.

I can't save anyone with this hand.

Saving lives isn't
the only job for doctors.

I've got to go.

By the way,

I'm lending you that book.

Return it in person.


How's your hand?

I get by.

How many bodies did you examine last year?

You came first, didn't you?

I think it was 700 something.

Don't just look at dead bodies,
but hang out with people who are alive.

You're alive after all.

Do you even go home after work?

I go home, come to work,
eat, poop, et cetera.

And meet people?

Look who's talking. You're pathetic.

It's finished, right?

Next time, talk to me first
before stealing a corpse.

I thought a memorial service
would be quite solemn,

but it's not.

People are flowers, so treat them gently.

The people we've done autopsies on

lived full lives, like a flower.

Doctors who deal with death
should keep that in mind.

What happened?

You heard it too? Outrageous, isn't it?

Yes. It's so outrageous
I was lost for words.

Tell me about it.

I should've been more forceful
so there won't be more victims.

Victims? Like who?

-Like me.
-I went through a lot to set that up.

Why don't you give it a rest?
It's not good for your mental health.

What was wrong with him?

He offered me three billion won
to marry him.

How absurd! I was outraged.
What do they take me for? Right?

Come have a seat.

-What is it?
-Just have a seat.

You have to grab him.

-Grab who?
-You can't do better than him.

He comes from a good family.
I talked him into this.



Did you know about this?

Three billion won is a lot of money.


I don't care whether it's three billion
or 30 billion won.

-Who do you think you are?

We've provided you with everything so far.
You have to grow up.

Stop being so selfish.

Mom, it's only been a month
since I became a prosecutor.

-There are things that I want--
-So what?

Are you going to buy me and your father
a nice gift with your salary?

Forget it.

If you want to repay us,
get married and get out of here, okay?

Mom, what are you talking about?

You've lived a comfortable life.
That's the least you could do.

If you marry a poor guy,
it'll be a burden to your brother.

Or are you going to compete with him?

Your father won't split his company
to give you a piece.

Do I have to spell it out for you?

I've never wanted dad's company.

Then what is it? What's the problem?

You're the problem.

I'm trying to live my life.

Your life? Who do you owe it to?

Mom, why are you doing this to me?

You know what?
This one has already fallen through.

When I set up another one,
behave yourself. Okay?

I'm Eun Sol, a prosecutor.

I'm Prosecutor Eun Sol.

Prosecutor Eun Sol, that's me.

I passed the bar exam with distinction,

was the top student at the JRTI,

and applied to handle violent crimes.
I'm prosecutor Eun Sol.

I'm prosecutor Eun Sol, for god's sake.

Let's focus.

Let's focus.

The defendant Ms. Choi Hwa-ja claims

that she got pregnant
with the frozen sperm

of the late Jang Deuk-nam,
who passed away three years ago.

If her child is the late Jang's
as Ms. Choi claims,

he's entitled to inherit 20 billion won.

To find out the truth,
under the consent of the bereaved,

we extracted a DNA sample
from the late Jang Deuk-nam,

and asked the NFS for a paternity test.

Do we have the results?

The body's been severely damaged,
so it'll take time.

However, there was an anomaly
while extracting the DNA sample

{\an8}-from the deceased.
-What is it?

{\an8}The late Mr. Jang supposedly died of shock
while in hospital

after open-heart surgery,

but they found
a large depressed skull fracture.

Moreover, the first report
from the forensic examiner suggested

that he was hit by a blunt weapon

or a blunt force was applied to his head.

Which means there's a possibility of
head injury caused by an external force.

-By external force?
-It's possible that he was murdered.

This is an important case,
with a lot of money involved.

It's a top priority to find out

the cause of death
of the late Mr. Jang Deuk-nam,

a very important person for reference.

You have a point, Ms. Eun.

Counsel, do you agree?

Yes, Your Honor.

-The court will--
-Your Honor.

There's one more thing
I need to tell you.

Sure. Go ahead.

Ms. Choi's three sisters-in-law

who sued the defendant
are present in this court.

I'm going to book the three plaintiffs...

and the defendant, Ms. Choi Hwa-ja,

as suspects in the murder of
Jang Deuk-nam.

Ms. Eun, what are you talking about?

Murder? Are you freaking kidding me?

-Your Honor!

This is outrageous!

He's my brother.

I'm not here to listen to you
bitch and moan.

If you're innocent,
cooperate with the investigation.

I can't believe this.

-How could Ms. Eun--
-Ms. Eun!

What do you think you're doing?
This is unfair!


What's gotten into you?

What do you think you're doing?
You're in court.

Il-nam, are you crazy?

Are you out of your mind?

-Il-nam, what's with you? Calm down!
-Did you kill him?


You're all crazy!

-Let go.
-You let go.

-Dong-sik, do something.
-Do what?

One, two, three!

Let go!

-My neck!
-Please stop.

Let go!



She hated Deuk-nam the most.

You're an evil woman, you know that?

"If it hadn't been for Deuk-nam,
dad's money would be ours."

Who said that?

It was you, wasn't it?

Look who's talking.
You lost everything in the stock market

and borrowed money from loan sharks.

How dare you!

I gather…

all three of you
had a motive for the murder.

All three of you were at the hospital
at the time of your brother's death.

Since he died in his hospital room,

all three of you are prime suspects.

In his hospital room?
Who said such nonsense?

I know who said such nonsense.

You said this VIP room
is the same as three years ago.


Scan the entire VIP room.

Will I find a perfect match?

How should I know? You should find out.

I'm on my way,

-I'll meet the team at Se-on Hospital.

-Who's the doctor?

It says Dr. Lee Hye-seong.

-Let's go.
-You're coming with me?

What's with him?


Wow! I feel like I'm watching CSI.

You can find out how the depressed skull
fracture was made using this technology?

We identified the weapon that
the serial killer Yoo Yeong-cheol used

with this technology.

We should move the camera to the right.

I agree.

-We can't see this side at all.

The bed, the table, and the couch armrest.

We need to scan them all.



Look at this.

We'll talk later. I have a visitor.

-What are you doing here?
-What do you think?

-I have a murder case.
-To investigate that murder case?

In the cardiothoracic ward?

How can you be so brazen?

-How dare you show up here?
-Save it.

Mr. Jang Deuk-nam--

I went over it after the police
asked for the medical records.

It's not that unusual for a patient
to go into shock after surgery.

There was no problem with his surgery.

I found a depressed skull fracture
when I did an autopsy on him,

but there was no problem?

There was neither hemorrhage
nor indication of external damage.

What about an autopsy?

His family wanted to bury him ASAP.

I guess you forgot
because you no longer treat patients,

but my job is saving lives.

I have no interest in dead bodies.

You need to take responsibility
until the end.

Are you suggesting

that it was malpractice on my part?

That's funny coming from you.

You look good.

I guess being with dead bodies suits you.




I gave you a fraud case to warm up...

but you turned it into a homicide.

-The NFS wanted an autopsy warrant--

you delivered them the warrant
after getting a phone call?

It sounded valid.

Mr. Kang, what's your take on this?

Even if the NFS raised a question,
we should've been discreet.

But we have a murder case now.

We should investigate it.

Ms. Eun, we're prosecutors.

We don't work for the NFS.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

It's Baek Beom again, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

It's not a serial murder.

It's a dispute over money
among family members.

Forget the forensic investigation.

Question the witnesses one by one.

I'll do both.

We need both a forensic investigation
and to question the witnesses.

We'll summon all the witnesses.

I'm worried that I might lose
our rookie to the NFS.

Mr. Kang.

You have more experience. Teach her.

Yes, sir. Will do.

You're dismissed.

Why you of all people?

-Baek Beom.

We have a history, so…

Do you think he'll stick up for you
if things go wrong?

It's all on you.

Of course it is. I issued the warrant.

Baek Beom is not a decent man.

I know. He's crazy and grumpy.

You have good judgment of people.

Sol, don't let him use you.

Take control over the investigation.

You're a prosecutor.

Hyun, did something happen
between you and Mr. Baek?

You're very cynical.

Don't trust him.

He's way out of your league.

Be careful.

-Testing corner of the bed.
-Yes, sir.



It's different. It's diagonal.

-Testing couch armrest.
-Yes, sir.


You seem quite comfortable using violence.

Very similar. Make a note.

Did you find the weapon?

It's just a simulation. Don't get excited.

We don't get a perfect match like CSI.

More than ten people were in and out
of the room that day.

There will be more than ten lies.

It looks like
he got the depressed skull fracture

when he hit the couch armrest
in the room.

Someone must've pushed him hard.

We need to find out who pushed him.

Exactly. Look.

His wife, Choi Hwa-ja was there 24/7.

Three sisters came to visit.

They hired a caregiver as well.

The doctor on duty that day, his doctor,

nurses, residents, and interns.

But the prime suspects are three sisters.

The oldest, Jang Il-nam,

is waiting for her green card
at the moment.

The second sister, Jang E-nam,
acquired Malaysian citizenship.

The third sister, Jang Hu-nam,
put her real estate on Jejudo up for sale.

-All three of them are ready to run.

They might be working together.

-20 billion won is enough for everyone.
-That's right.

We could never save up that much,

even if we'd started saving
since Gwangaeto the Great.

Let's meet everyone who visited
the hospital room on that day.

We need to determine
what happened exactly on that day.

Did you work as a caregiver

at the Se-on General Hospital
three years ago?

Yes, I worked there back then.

On June 13th three years ago,

you were taking care of a guy
who'd had heart surgery.

Do you remember him?

He had three sisters
who were like witches.

They were quite demanding.
Doesn't ring a bell?

Right. Those crazy bitches?

They should all go to hell.

He died after surgery.

Do you remember anything?

Everybody talked behind each other's backs

that he would die because of his sisters,

not because of his heart condition.

Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?

Is he still delirious?

Il-nam, did the doctor open his brain?

-He must be insane.

Please listen to me.

How could you marry that cunning bitch?

You don't even know her.
You crazy bastard!

Why do you think she likes
a guy who's about to die?

She wants your money.

She's not that kind of girl.

A few days after the fight,

his brother's wife showed up.

-Please accept me as a family--

Family? What did you just say?

You wench with no roots.

How ridiculous!

I love Deuk-nam with all my heart.

Let me be with him
so I can help him to get better.

You're unbelievable.

The three sisters
made her life quite difficult.

I didn't mind them treating me like dirt,

but Deuk-nam also received
inhumane treatment.

They put him in the hospital
and never came to visit

until he was about to die.

As if they had been waiting
for him to die.


I could never forgive them.

What about the day he died?

On that day,

I had to go out for a while.

When I came back…

Deuk-nam, wake up. Deuk-nam!

Doctors and nurses were...

standing around him
and tried to resuscitate him.

I should've never left him alone.

On the day when Mr. Jang Deuk-nam
passed away, did you argue with him?

Why would I argue with that poor fellow
after he'd just gotten out of surgery?

You didn't?

You know what?

Hu-nam was always jealous of Deuk-nam.

He was right under her.

It was brutal.

E-nam had prayed
for Deuk-nam to drop dead.

Deuk-nam was already
overly protective of that bitch, Hwa-ja,

and that rubbed Il-nam the wrong way.

Deuk-nam wasn't our blood brother,

but it never bothered me.

Not even once.

{\an8}I saw Code Blue and ran there,

{\an8}but he was already in cardiac arrest.

I didn't think about checking his head.

{\an8}I had to perform CPR on him in a hurry.

{\an8}But I didn't see any blood.

If his head had been bleeding,
it would've stained the pillow.

In that case, we wouldn't have missed it.

Is it possible that something went wrong
during the surgery?

Dr. Lee Hye-seong herself did the surgery,

and it went well.

Why don't you ask me directly?

Hello. I'm Prosecutor Eun Sol
from the Seoul Eastern DPO.

-You must be Dr. Lee Hye-seong.
-Yes. Please continue.

You did surgery on Mr. Jang Deuk-nam
and you were his doctor, right?

We fully cooperated
with the police investigation.

What more do you need?

The NFS is checking the medical records.

We just want to know the circumstances.

I did CPR on him myself.

That shock had nothing to do
with the surgery.


Deuk-nam, please wake up.


Deuk-nam. Please wake up.



Get her out of here!


How was Mr. Jang Deuk-nam
before and after surgery?

How many patients do you think
I have performed heart surgery on?

I don't have time to check the patients
before and after surgery.

Is that right?

Is there anyone who might know?

You could talk to the VIP Room nurse,

but she doesn't work here anymore.

The VIP Room nurse? Who's that?

Ms. Byeon Soo-gyeong?

-Ms. Byeon Soo-gyeong.
-I'll summon her right away.

Thank you.

Ma'am, what should we do?

We need to know what they're up to.
Follow them.


-You have groupies.
-Do you want to join them?

I admit that you've become cooler,

but I overrule you
due to inefficient cause.

Eat first. Is there a problem?

The statements of the witnesses
contradict one another.

Are there really ten lies?

There could be ten truths.

I had a case...

where over 50 people were involved,

but they all contradicted one another,
and it was a big headache.

But it turned out everyone
was telling the truth from their view.

They simply had different perspectives.

They weren't lying.

There will be more than ten lies.

Someone said the complete opposite.

Hello, Mr. Kang.

Ms. Eun, the NFS has the toxicology report
on Mr. Jang Deuk-nam.

Stella is such a unique individual.

She's a pharmacist.

She majored in pharmacy
at Johns Hopkins in the States,

and worked
at the Miami Medical Examiners' Office.

She's unrivaled in the field
of toxicology in Korea.

I guess her hobby is making stuff
in her lab.

She made me coffee last time.

That's her hobby.

She keeps the right dosage
and uses good ingredients.

You can trust her.

Are you sure?

Bottoms up.

What the heck is this?


A bit dry, isn't it?
I might make it sweeter next time.

Okay then. It's showtime.

The sample is too old,
so it was hard to detect,

but I found a toxic amount of propofol.


A toxic amount?

You need to use the right amount
when you use a drug,

but if you use more than the right amount,
it could be toxic.

The same goes for propofol.

Are you suggesting that someone
put it in on purpose?

With this amount,
it would've caused apnea.

To hide the cerebral hemorrhage
caused by the skull fracture,

someone purposely injected him
with a high dosage of propofol,

and he died of apnea.



The killer was well-versed
in medical knowledge.

Then someone from the hospital?

Doctor? Nurse? Who could that be?

Wrong question.


Where did they get
a lethal dose of propofol?


I'm busy. I've got to go.


Let's go!

Let's go. Hurry up.


We're with the Seoul Eastern DPO.

This is a search and seizure warrant.

Provide us with the psychotropic drugs
management register

for June from three years ago.

Including propofol.

And all the records of the drugs
you used for the patients

who had surgery around that time.

Some are here and some are there.

-Thank you. Move!
-Yes, sir!

Hurry up.

Take them all out.

-What are you doing here?

Prosecutor Kang asked me to help you guys.

How thoughtful of him. Get to work.

-What's going on?
-We're with the Eastern DPO.

We found an unprescribed drug
in the late Jang Deuk-nam's system.

-It was a lethal dosage of propofol.

We can't rule out the possibility
that it was someone in the hospital, so--

Is that what Mr. Baek Beom told you?


To ambush Se-on Hospital without warning?

-I don't understand.
-He used to work here.

A cardiothoracic surgeon.

I hope this isn't his petty revenge
for being kicked out.

The decision to search this hospital
was made entirely by the prosecution.

Do you know Mr. Baek Beom well?

No. Not yet.


You're better off staying that way.

You'll have our full cooperation
with this search.

This is it.

This is… oh, my!

We found it.

Some of the propofol's missing.

They only used 250mg,
and that doesn't match the stock.

They didn't bring it in from outside.
They stole it from the hospital.

Do you see the signature
of the nurse on duty?

She's the one who had the key
to the medicine cabinet.

You haven't found
Ms. Byeon Soo-gyeong yet?

Pardon? We did everything,
but couldn't find her.

She cut ties with her family
a long time ago,

and hasn't used her credit card recently.

She doesn't want to be found.

Where the heck are you?

What the heck is this?

Haven't you been eating properly?

You look like a chick dozing off
under the spring sun.

You poor thing. You can't even come home
because of your mother.


I brought some food for you.

Wow! Home-made food. Let's eat.

Goodness gracious!

Who's this lady?

She's hiding so well
that we can't find her anywhere.

Wait a minute.
She's a thyroid cancer survivor.

What survivor?

Look at this surgical scar.

It's a scar from a thyroidectomy.

To try to cover up the scar,

I always wear a scarf like this.


-That's why you take pills all the time.
-Right. Hormone drugs.

I have to take them
for the rest of my life.


-I guess--

-Oh, my!
-Goodness gracious!

-Thank you so much.
-What's with you?

-I think I can find her.
-Oh, my!

Aren't you going to eat before you go?

Sorry. I have to go now.

Why don't you eat first?

Mr. Kang.

It's about Ms. Byeon Soo-gyeong.
Can you call the NHIS

and get the list of thyroid cancer
medicine that was prescribed to her?

She can survive without a credit card,
but not without medicine.

My entire body aches.

This is bad for my knees.

She's hiding really well.

Watch what happens when I find her.

I'll make her pay.

There's a lot of information
we need to get from her.

Still, a ways to go yet.

What are you doing here?

Hello, Ms. Eun.
We're here to examine a crime scene.

A crime scene?

Did someone die?

A female from Room 203. Jane Doe.

-This is a case of unnatural death.
-What are you doing?

Room 203.

She didn't sign a contract.
She's unidentified--

What are you doing here?

This way.

There are multiple needle marks.

Was she an addict?

-She's the one we've been looking for.

{\an8}We're still running the AFIS.


Byeon Soo-gyeong.
She was a nurse from Se-on Hospital.

I don't think this is a coincidence.

But, look, there are lots of drugs.

With propofol and everything,

she died of an overdose. She was a junkie.

-I don't find anything suspicious.
-I find everything suspicious.

Who said she was a junkie?

Look at the needle marks.

-There are so many of them.
-Define "junkie."

-Go ahead.

A person with a compulsive habit
of using drugs

-that has developed a tolerance--
-Those marks are fresh.

-But there's no sign of a struggle.
-This is a sign of a struggle.

{\an8}Prepare for an autopsy
and call Toxicology.


She had the answers to many questions.

That's probably why she ended up here.

She had to keep her mouth shut forever.

Ms. Eun.

We found Byeon Soo-gyeong's bank
transactions from three years ago,

and Jang Il-nam sent her money regularly.


The sisters were involved in this.

It's possible that Byeon Soo-gyeong
and Jang Deuk-nam

were murdered by the same person.

Do you think the real killer came back
after three years?

Propofol isn't the only drug.


After putting her to sleep with propofol,
they injected her with insulin.

They wanted it to look like
a propofol overdose.

In a nutshell, it's my style.

It's a challenge to
a toxicologist like me.

I almost missed it.

It provoked a fighting instinct in me.

Get whoever did this.

-What did you find on the needle?

We found some traces of leather.

The killer was wearing gloves.

This way.

Look at the needle marks.

There are so many of them.

Ms. Byeon Soo-gyeong's buttons.

The buttons were undone.

Darn it!



I need to take off my gloves
to undo the buttons.

-There must be fingerprints--
-I get it.

Next time, just say it.

Where are you going?

It's an urgent test.

I should've left 10 minutes ago.


{\an8}The UV flash is…


Use this.

There it is.

This is a partial fingerprint.
It could take a while.

When you have the results,
let me know ASAP.


What's in your fanny pack?

Wrong question.

No one knows what's in it,
but there's everything in it.

Ms. Eun, this is Choi Hwa-ja.

Hello. What can I do for you?

I heard from Mr. Kang that
you were looking for Byeon Soo-gyeong.

Yes, I was.

I have some information on her.

Is that so? Like what?

It's hard to say over the phone.

Over here.


We have a match. We found the killer.

What the heck is this?


3-101, CHEONHO-DAERO 190

Don't get up.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.

Not at all.


The number you have dialed is unreachable.

Why isn't she answering?

Where is Ms. Eun?

-Ms. Eun!
-Ms. Eun!


{\an8}I don't remember anything.

{\an8}Why would I hurt you?

{\an8}I don't know. Why did you do that?

{\an8}-What's your motive?
-There is none.

{\an8}I have evidence. I almost solved it.

{\an8}You've been hurt!

{\an8}Keep your hands off of this case.

{\an8}Will you be responsible
for the consequences?

You'll run away,
just like you did 10 years ago.

This case isn't over yet.

Who are you to decide that?
I'm in charge of this case!

-What are you up to?
-I'm letting you know

so that the dumb prosecutor
won't make another mistake!

Subtitle translation by:
Kim Mi-hui

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