Interrogator (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - I'll Owe You A Favor - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[tense dramatic music]

The problem with letting someone live

is that there’s no guarantee
they’ll return the favour.


[suspenseful music]

[distant screaming]

Still, a shot to the head
might be preferable

to what Baldur does
when he finds out exactly where we are.

I’m not dying
because of your bullshit, Jurgen.

Deal with this.

Try anything
and you’ll be taking a shower

in the contents of your friend’s head.

[grunts] Who said he was a friend?

Really? After all we’ve been through...

I said, don’t move!


Throne’s sake.




A shower in the contents of my head, huh?

You need better lines.



Aedo? Really?

That’s who you went
and got yourself into debt with?

[ominous music]

Come now, Jurgen. Are we not friends?


Would it kill you to be this civil?

It might kill you.

I can't blame Baldur for being pissed.

Aedo is a grade-A sack of shit.

A Primus-medicae turned narco-lord.

The perfect ‘friend’
for a deadhead like me.

You look as though
you are suffering from an ailment, Jurgen.

An excess of bile
in the sanguinary humours, perhaps.

It has been a while
since you took your medication, yes?

What do you want, Aedo?

I’m busy.


This is excellent news! Most reassuring.

Then you are no doubt in a position
to pay back what you owe me

for the medication
you’ve already consumed.

Of course I wasn’t.

Not even close.

Soon, Aedo.

Just as soon as this job’s done.

Yes, yes. I understand.

And besides, it always seems so vulgar

to talk about credits, don’t you think?

Now, you must forgive me
the poor welcome.

I don’t believe I’ve shown you
around my establishment, no?

You or your friend, here...


How... verbose of you.

Please, this way.

Allow me to give you a personal tour.


[woman screaming]

[distant screaming]

We haven’t got time for this.

You have the time I give you.

Now please, let us continue.

[Jurgen]I know what's coming.

I'm not so naïve as to think
that high-end anti-psyk drugs

are made out of Warp dust and happiness.

Emperor’s tears...

[distant screaming]

But no addict wants to have to face
the price of their escapism,

to see the real cost of their relief.


And yet I’d found a way
to live with it a long time ago.

I knew what Aedo was doing here
and I didn’t even flinch.

What sort of man does that make me?

Please! No!

No! No! Please!



[tense dramatic music]

[multiple screaming]

What is this?

[Aedo] Your ire is misplaced.

Gheisthaven has always had
a higher incidence

of psychic potential in its citizens, yes?

A naturally occurring mutation?


But the numbers
have increased exponentially

since the Great Rift peeled open the sky

and the Black Ships stopped coming.

They have become a plague.

What you see here is merely
my small attempt to treat that malady.

You vapourise them?

-Baldur, just...
-Of course.

A population is like a body,

if one humour becomes unbalanced,
the whole becomes sickly.

The number of psykers in Gheisthaven
is dangerously high.

My remedies soothe the minds
of those that can afford treatment.

Those that cannot pay...

become the treatment for those that can.

It is a perfect cycle.

The pills...

they’re made
from the ashes of those people?

Along with several other compounds
of my own devising.

[distant screaming]

You knew about this?

You knew.

And you still took
those damned pills anyway?

-Eat shit, Baldur.

You don’t know what it’s like.

You don’t have to live
with a Throne-damned vice

in your head every second of the day.

So yeah, I knew what I was taking.

I had no choice.

[Baldur grunts]


There’s always a choice.


-[distant screaming]

If you’re quite finished, gentlemen?

We have much to discuss.



You see, you’ve put me
in a very difficult position, Jurgen.

I’d like nothing more than to help you.

I really would.

To help you heal.

No more headaches.

No more pain.

But a man has to pay his debts,

one way or another.

For most psykers, there are two ways
to pay off such a debt.

By credit or by ash.

But for an interrogator
of the Holy Ordos...

How did you know...


You bastard.

What the hells are you doing here?

[Baldur] You’re working for him?

Am I the only one not involved
with this sump wretch?

It’s always a pleasure
to reunite old friends...

[suspenseful music]

[Malen] The arbitrators have completed
the execution of the primary targets

and have progressed
through fifty-one percent

of the purgation of the hab-caravans.

The familial worker groups
are providing a higher level

of resistance than anticipated.

Population depletion
will be 70 to 75 percent.

If you wish to see it to its conclusion,
we can depart in seven days.


The excising of heresy
is all that is required.

Ready the ship.

Whatever you require.

There are reptiles
with higher blood temperatures than him.

Why do you still keep him around?

Everyone has a use, Jurgen.

Even if it’s far from what they imagined.

In time, you’ll come to understand that.

[sombre pensive music]

Now, let us dispose of all of this talk
of debts and interest.


Look. Whatever you want, Aedo.

I told you, I don’t have time for this.


I want absolutely nothing.

For now.

More that I would hate to see your...

talents atrophy.

I think it would be good for you, Jurgen,

to remind yourself of your true purpose.

To remember who you are.

The sinew that is not
exercised wastes, yes?

All right, Aedo.

I’ll owe you a favour.

Jurgen... This is a bad idea.

We’ll be on our way then.

You’ve kept us long enough.

And an interrogator’s time is valuable...

[laughs] You’re right.

How impolite of me.

Allow me to reimburse you
for the inconvenience.

[tense dramatic music]

You’re a real gent.

[distant screaming]


[screaming continues]

Until later, then.

This has been a most profitable day.

[metallic clank]

[whirring, clattering]

[Baldur] Throne, Malen.

What are you doing?

The last I heard you were sorting
data files for the local Administratum.

Now this?

I’m more surprised
no one’s killed you yet.

He pays well.

I offer...

logistical support.

And sell out your friends.

A simple enough transaction.

Your life is not forfeit.

And now I’m indebted to Aedo.

I’m sure he’d be happy
to charge up the vapouriser again...

I suppose you think I owe you my thanks.

No. You owe me a favour, too.

That’s how this works.


You should come with us.

We have a lead.

On Heroth. He’s here, on Gheisthaven.

What of it?

What of it?

That null-scum murdered Bellona.

In cold blood.

Screwed us all.

[sighs] Before you concern yourselves
too much with avenging her death,

you might want to take a look...


-[Baldur] A warehouse?
-[Malen] A processing plant.

[Jurgen] For what?



Something Bellona was working on.

A compound. A drug.

Aedo was supplying her
with one of the raw ingredients.

In great quantities.

It may offer you
a different perspective...

Bellona and Aedo?

How did you know about this and we didn’t?

I paid attention.

Your relationship with Bellona
was not what you think it was.

Look for yourselves.

Follow the Sanctus.

[clanks, whirring]

See you around, Malen.

I will ensure it.

You now owe me two favours.


[rain pattering]

[tense dramatic music]