Intergalactic (2021): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

In search of medical attention for Ash, the Hemlock makes a stop on Candy's home planet of Skov. However, their new destination is in some trouble.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I will kill you before
I let you take my daughter!

Our daughter.
My daughter.

Happy family.

We know you're in
communication with ARC.

OK, wait.

Please, there's been a mistake.

What happened to
your scalp, sweet?

Oh, what, this?

While you were getting
off your head, Candy

I was getting mine bashed in.

These women, criminals

- are becoming your friends.
- But not you.

You're a terrorist.

You are changing.

I can see you're not ready.

Ladies and gents,
welcome to Skov.

Let's get that patient
some help.

And make sure you wrap her up.

The weather outside's
minus ten. Bloody hell.

Why does the pirate
feel the need

to give us a running commentary?

Hospital. Now.

Never parked in
a back garden before.

Your fam must be loaded.

Oh, this is the lower orchard,

No one'll find us here.

Better not.

Um, put something
behind her head.

Put this behind her neck.

What the hell's happened to her?

You sure you can't just give her
some of your blood

or the kiss of life
or something?

She needs a hospital.

Got the directions.

You know, there is
a darling little patisserie

if you just turn right.

You can't miss it.

Jesus, she's looking better.

She hasn't opened her eyes
for two days

and she's barely got a pulse.
She's not exactly on the mend.

She'll be alright
with the right treatment.

Yeah, you know that
for sure, do you?

Just be quick.

- And keep your eye on the witch.
- Yeah.

You don't need to be concerned.

Don't tell me what I need.

I'm the captain. I'm the one
taking us to freedom.

You're just my compass.

Fields of poppies in Arcadia.

That's what they say.

Far as the eye can see.

"Thou hast
the keys of Paradise."

Looks like
you've already got 'em.

Orchards, eh?

Always knew you were a princess,
Candy, but...

It shouldn't be this cold.

Not this time of year.

Hope everything's alright
with my...

with my parents.

I thought you weren't interested
in a family reunion.

I'm not.

Then be a good girl,
have another line...

and forget about it.


It's beautiful.

Never seen the snow before.

Yeah, me neither.

I, um...

I made you this.

Sorry it's a bit shit.

Look, if you move that,
it moves the beak.

Look, Gen,
I just want to say that...

all the rest of 'em here,
you know, they...

they treat me like shit
on the bottom of their shoe.

Just a stupid screw.

But you...

You're the only good thing to
come out of this shower of shit

and I just want...

What? What is it?

- No, no...
- What the hell?

Mumma's gonna kill me!

♪ Well, I lived
by the good book ♪

♪ With God in my ears ♪

♪ And I followed His will ♪

♪ For all of my years ♪

♪ Then you ♪

♪ Then you ♪

This shouldn't have happened.

Earth first, everyone else last.

Who's helping these people?

Where are the ARC?

Their base?

Emma Grieves has arrived.

♪ How did I find myself here? ♪

♪ How did I find myself here? ♪


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Can I help you?

I'm Phoebe, Candy's mother.


Candy's... friend.

- Mum, what happened?
- Pass me the jar.


There's plenty of time
to talk later.

Let's have some tea.

Warm the blood...

soothe the heart,
medicine for the soul.

Commonworld bastards.

Use this.

Can we take that?
Are you using that?

Shh, keep your voice down.

Can you at least try
not to draw attention to us?

Find a doctor.
I'll wait here.

- Hey, no, I'll go.
- No, both of you go.

I'll stay here with Ash.

From the Eastern Quadrant.
Our van's outside.

I was helping
with the maintenance.

Caught my hair.

I don't know
how it happened, Mumma.

- I'm so sorry.
- Ah!

Don't you "Mumma" me.

You're no use to me like that.

You hear me?

Get it fixed.

Don't want to see you
till you do.

There's a bio-mechanic
in the West Market.

No idea
if he's still there, but...


Take this.

Sell it.

Buy some vegetables.

You look like
you could do with a good dinner.

You feeling OK?

Where's Dad, Mum?

Where's Quint and Jasper?

What happened to our family?


Don't hurt me!

Get off me!

Get off me!

The fuck?


I've got the antidote
to wake her up.

About to call it a day.
Didn't think you were coming.

Let's go.

Oh, shit. Shit!

Watch it. Watch it!

Come on!

You OK?

- I've got you.
- Who the fuck are these lot?

- Bounty hunters?
- Come on.

The fuck you doing?
Let's go!

Come on!

They were caught
stealing medical equipment

for an ARC field hospital.

Captured by the Commonworld.

Tortured, killed.

♪ When they marched
into our shelter ♪

♪ I was cautioned to surrender ♪

♪ This I could not do ♪

♪ I took my gun and vanished ♪

♪ An old woman gave us shelter ♪

♪ Kept us hidden in a cellar ♪

♪ Then the soldiers came ♪

♪ She died
without a whisper, oh ♪

♪ I have changed my name
so often ♪

♪ I have lost
my man and children ♪

♪ But I have many friends ♪

♪ And some of them
are with me now ♪

Yeah, I can fix the hair.

Little bit of soldering.

But it'll happen again,
every time you get... excited.

Your aggression node's
triggered by your Chastity-Circ.

Looks like
it's been there for years.


It's a nasty bit of kit.
I don't see 'em that often.

Old-school bio-tech.

Somebody wants to keep you
on a short leash.

I'll whip it out if you want.

- No.
- You sure?

Fuck me, Harper.
I thought you were a goner.

First a coma
and then a kidnap.

- What happened?
- You tell me.

Bounty hunters or...

She needs rest.

Hang tight, Harper.
That was a lucky escape.


It's one of Mum's recipes.
It's herbal, it's...

probably a placebo, but...

You have family, Harper?

It's just me and my mum.

Me too.

What is wrong with you?
You're like a fucking magpie.

That... If it's shiny
and not nailed down

you can't keep
your hands off it.

Didn't hear Ash complaining
the other night.



Your hands...

remind me of your dad's.

Same shape, same skill.


After uni, I...

Your husband.

Was he part of the Resistance?

He was a doctor.

Surgeon. Helped my boys
run a field hospital.

- You have sons?
- Medical students.

All they ever wanted
was to help.

Civilian casualties, children.

The Commonworld hung them
from our barn.

Made me watch.

Their sacrifice
will not be in vain.

Where are the ARC based
on Skov now?

They had a bunker in the east,
near the university.

Get away from me!

How are you feeling, Ash?

We were so worried about you.

I'm fine, thank you.


Be back to check on you later.

It's alright.
Accidents happen.


This was my little girl's cup.



Why do you want to
give us money?

It's the right thing to do.

It doesn't make sense.

- You're the head of security.
- I feel...

Have always felt that it's wrong

that the traitors' families
should be punished too.

That they should suffer
from the sins of the father

punished by association.

It's unfair...

that you or your daughter
should lose your home.

That you should suffer
on top of your grief.

I want to find a way to...

rebalance things.

It's... gotten out of control.

You were involved,
what happened with Donnie.

- He was a traitor.
- No.

I've known my husband
since I was 18 years old.

The good and the bad.

He was weak.

Easily led.

But he was never a traitor.

So whatever reasons
you give me...

this is guilt money.

You have blood on your hands,

I hope they kill you too.

Hey, come on.

This is Ash Harper.

Urgent message for
Commonworld Security.

This is Arch-Marshall Harper
for Dr Lee.

He's not available.
Can I help?

No, I need to speak to him

I repeat, urgent message for
Commonworld Security.

I've got Dr Emma Grieves.

- We're on Skov.
- Ash?

- Can you come...
- Ash!

What are you doing?

Come on, come inside.

- Sir, I need to speak with you.
- Yes, I got your message.

There's something I should have
told you a long time ago.

But we can't discuss it here.

- Let's go to my office.
- Sir.

She's made contact.


Is she still with Emma Grieves?

- Affirmative.
- Where? Where are they?


Closing in on
the exact location now, ma'am.

You must be relieved.

What was it
you wanted to discuss?

Are you alright, Rebecca?

Yes. Yes, I am now.

They're back.

Why did it take so long?

Did you get it fixed?

Yes, Mumma.

Right, enough of this.

Everyone back on the Hemlock.

No one's going anywhere
until they've eaten something.

We're getting on
the Hemlock and we're...

I haven't shared a meal with
my daughter for eight years.

No one is going to stop me now,
especially not you.

Thank you.

You OK, sweets?

All fixed?

Let me have a look at ya.

Hey, what's going on
with you two?

I've seen
the way you look at her.

It's a ballsy move, mate,
given the mother.

Nothing's going on.

I'm kidding myself

if I think anything can happen
between me and her.

Well, it's never plain sailing.

Just... keep your head
in the game, you'll be alright.

I'm sorry that
I never got in touch, Mum.

You couldn't wait
to get away from us.

You left, didn't look back.

- It wasn't you.
- Then who?

What? What was so terrible?


- I can't...
- Just one message

- to let us know you were alright.
- But I wasn't.

I'm not alright.

Haven't been alright
for a long time.

After university, I...

never took up
my residency at King's.

- Candy.
- I never practised as a doctor.

I got mixed up with this crowd

and we'd party,
we'd go out, we'd get high

and you know what?
It was fun.

It was fun for them, at least.

And you?

I just wanted to forget.

I wanted not to feel anything.

Just to fill this...

this... hole.

- My sweet girl.
- No, Mum, I am not sweet.

I'm not, I'm...

I'm dirty and damaged.

I lie.

I steal.

I owed money, Mum.

To a dealer.

And I started smuggling
to pay off my debt to her.

And now I'm here.

And I'm still in debt
and I'm on the run

and I'll spend
the rest of my life

always looking over my shoulder.

And all of...

All of Dad's hard work,
all of your sacrifices...

What went before, it's gone.

No one can change that.

You are here, now.

That's all that matters.

You have
a remarkable brain, Candy.

And if you can heal
other people...

I know that
you can heal yourself.

The day they were martyred.

My love...

my boys.

You see...

we all have scars.

You're lucky I'm even
allowing you in my home

after what you did
to my daughter.

After what I've done?

Your mother's blaming me
for your fuck-ups, Candy.

- Not very fair, is it?
- Tula.

See, Phoebe...

you underestimate your daughter.

She's clever.

Got more education than
the rest of us put together.

That's your crime.

All her potential, wasted.

She is a doctor,
reduced to this because of you.

Nah, nah, nah.
She made her own choices.

And you capitalised
on it. You're toxic.

I smelt it from you the moment
you stepped into my house.

You are the real poison here.

I pity your daughter.

Fuck it.

Hate deer, anyway.

Come on, we're out of here.

Oh, come on, Tula, can we
at least finish our dinner?

Yeah, I agree.
This is banging.

You know what, Tula?
You're right.

I do make my own choices,
and I'm making one now.

I'm staying with my mother.

And I too.
I'm not leaving Skov.

Fuck's sake.

I cannot go back
onto the Hemlock

not when I'm this close
to being free.

Those men in the van...

they were ARC comrades
sent to rescue me.

What are you
talking about, witch?

It was in my grasp.

My freedom, my only hope.

They will not stop until
they get what they want from me.

What do they want from you?

How did you know?

Because it is part of me.
I can find it anywhere.

This room, the universe.

I must find my comrades.

If the ARC have me,
my power...

The galaxy can be free.

I will help you, do anything.

My own family is decimated

- but if I can help you...
- Mum.

- You don't need to do this.
- Oh, my sweet girl.

I know. I know.

All I want is for us
to be happy.

But this?

This will help all families.

This will be the most important
thing that we ever do.

This way...

they did not die in vain.

Nah, nah, nah.

You just don't get to swan off
to Arcadia with your ARC mates.

- Tula, leave her.
- No, I won't fucking leave her.

- She doesn't get to leave us.
- Ash...

I want you to stay with me.
I know I can't make you, but...

I need you to trust me.

Commonworld, black ops.

Shitloads of 'em.

We're surrounded.

We have intelligence
you're harbouring a fugitive.

If you do not give her up
immediately, you will be shot.

I'm sorry, you must be
mistaken. I'm here alone.

I'd like to help.


On your own, are you?
Come on!

You have five seconds to tell me
where Dr Emma Grieves is.

I... I don't even know
who she is.

Give her up
or I will shoot you.





- one.
- Stop!

- She's here. She's in there.
- Stay where you are!

Oh, Candy, no!

Suspect identified.


Suspect in transit to Kelp.

At last.

What about Ash?

Have they found my daughter?

Let's get backup
in here. Sweep the house.

- Now, don't move.
- I'm so sorry.

It's OK.

It's OK.



Shoot me! Do it!

I told you not to move.


Shit, I'm out.

Come on, girl.

You can't stay here!

Shoot to kill.

Look, I don't give a fuck
where your loyalties lie, yeah?

But if you don't shoot them,
they will kill us all.


Light it!

They're all dead.

It's a ballsy move, mate.

Gotta go now, Candy.

Can't stay here.

Just let me die here.

No. Not gonna do that.

It's not what your mum
would've wanted.

Come on.

Come on.

Hands up. Turn around.

Don't shoot me.

I'm Ash Harper,
daughter of Arch-Marshall.


No, you're dead.

You're dead.

That's what
your mother told you.

She lied to you.


Ash, it's so wonderful
to see you.

I love you.

I never stopped.

That's why I sent for you.

You and Emma.

So we could be together.



Where is Emma?

She's supposed to be
looking after you.

No. No, no, no.

My men are outside.

- Your men?
- Just...

come with me.

You'll be safe
and I'll explain everything.

No, you get away from me.

- Just get away from me!
- Ash!

- What are they saying?
- I'm sorry, ma'am, it's very...

We got confirmation
Skov forces are under attack.

- They have sustained casualties.
- But what does that mean?

Is the Hemlock still there?

Don't have that information.

I'm sure they're doing
everything they can...

I don't care about that.

Where is Ash?
Do they have her?

Alert, proximity warning.

Alert, proximity warning.

It's like
fucking Christmas out there.

Jupiter cruisers, ARC gunships

all shooting
the shit out of each other.

Can you do it?
Can you get us out?

- Yeah.
- Then go! Go now!

- We sure?
- I am sure.

Look, I'm sorry.

I never meant Phoebe...

Aboard GCC Hemlock.

Securing ship.

Scanning for
any remaining convicts.