Intergalactic (2021): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Drifting through space without coordinates, the gang encounters a new setback as the Hemlock is running out of power. The solution is robbing a fuel reserve.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Emma Grieves is
an enemy of the state.

She was trying to kill me.

I know where she is.
I left her near the ship.

Well, then you need to
go back, find her.

These are the terrorists

responsible for
your father's death.

I'll do it.
I'll apprehend her.

You torture, rape, enslave

all under the guise of
ecological salvation.

We are saving Mother Earth.

By destroying the universe!

I'll kill anyone who stands
in the way of my escape.

You'll not touch her or me
cos I am Dr Emma Grieves

founder member of the ARC

and I know the way to Arcadia.

What do you know
about Emma Grieves?

What crime
was she convicted for?

I don't know.

I didn't even know
that we had a Grieves onboard.

It weren't on the manifest.

So she's not even
meant to be here.

All I know is she hasn't eaten,
drunk or said a word

since we left Pau Rosa.

She's just done... that.

Why are you so interested
in her anyway?

Are there any Commonworld
trackers left on the ship?

No. Verona stripped
all the PulseNav.

Why are you asking?

Are you still
trying to call home?

Why aren't you?

Instead of guarding me
and working for criminals.

These people are
enemies of the state.

Self-proclaimed ARC terrorists.

Her people killed my dad.

There's still
no sign of the Hemlock, sir

but I've mobilised
two more scout squads

search and retrieve protocols.

And Wendell?

Three days, four interviews,
not given anything up

ARC's plan, associates...

Sir, are you OK?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

This is Arch-Marshall Harper,
all ports warning.

A breakout in
Detention Centre C.

Prisoner Wendell has escaped.

♪ Ready or not, here I come ♪

♪ You can't hide ♪

♪ Gonna find you
and keep you happy ♪

♪ Ready or not, here I come ♪

♪ You can't hide ♪

♪ Gonna love you
and make you love me ♪

What's up with that?


Need those coordinates, witch.

Sick of waiting.

There's a problem with
the ship's power supplies.


Do you see that?
Ventilation's struggling.


- I'm not falling for that.
- It's not bullshit.

It's basic power management.

First thing to go is always
the heat exchangers, lighting...

There's. Nothing. Wrong.

With. The. Hemlock.

- Alert.
- You were saying?

- Power level warning.
- Verona?

I'm gonna kill you!

I would seriously recommend...

...that you untie me now.

- Look...
- Switch it over.

- Verona!
- Switch it over now.

- I'm gonna kill you!
- The fuck is going on?

she's trying to stop the ship!

My ship. I give the orders.

What orders?

We're drifting.

We've got no idea
where we are going.

Surely, Tula, even you
and your tiny dinosaur brain

can understand
this is not much of a plan

not when
we're running out of power.

How long we got?

Uh, if we switch to
life support mode

ten, maybe twelve hours.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I burnt a shit-ton
getting you lot off Pau Rosa.

Are you still here?

Yeah, next time we land,
you can sling your pirate hook.

She's crazy.

What'd you just say?

Whoa, whoa, let's not be hasty.

Hey, hey. Just think about it
for a second.

Just... This witch bird.

If she really knows
the way to Arcadia

then this is the golden ticket.

You give me a ride,
I can help ya.

Relief pilot,
fuel heist management, yeah?

Maps, now.

Must be a depot
or a storage facility

for New Aurum fuel rods.

There's nothing.

Pig, you must know.

Where do your fascist mates
refuel up here?

I don't know.
I don't remember.


Maybe your impending death
will sharpen your mind.

Thirty-seven, 59, 67, 101 IP...

All Commonworld
refineries, installations

are named after
irregular primes.

NAR-59 is
the only one within range

but it'll be locked.

Only way in
is by Jupiter Cruiser.

- Well, I can take the pod.
- I'll be your backup.

This is my bag, mate.

I can hide us in the orbit,
under a bit of space junk

- then dive in...
- No, no, no.

He won't be able to do it.

- Course I will.
- No.

These are Commonworld shields.

You'll get picked up,
blown out the sky.

Hmm, well...

I know their defence systems,
flight paths

- I can get you in.
- No. No chance.

- You're the last person I need.
- I'm the only person.

I think we should
take Emma with us.

The witch? The hell
do you wanna bring her for?

What's the deal with you two
anyway? What's your game?

Now, has everyone
been for a wee?

Right, fascist in the front,
gobshite in the back

I'll take the middle.

I'm sorry, Mumma.

- I'm sorry.
- No.

Not "sorry."

Not good enough.

You know
that Verona's a tricky bitch.

- Mumma.
- You need to be on it.

- Miss nothing.
- Mumma!

I've worked out the coordinates.

Where's the rest?

You'll receive it in stages

otherwise you have no reason
not to kill Ash.

Where is she?

Where is Ash Harper?

They've just...
popped to NAR-59.

Pick up a couple of fuel rods.


You sent her back to
the Commonworld?

You trust her.

I warn you,
if she doesn't come back...

Why do you care?

Said yourself
you don't trust her.

Sling the pig out.

She's coming with us to Arcadia.

All the way.

Mumma, do you want me
to kill her?

Believe me...

if we didn't need
the old witch...


You listening?

Go round this ship.

Anything non-essential,
shut it down.

- I can't, I don't know...
- And if he fucks up...

kill him, in any way
that doesn't use up any power.

We're here.

Oi, nice one.

Seriously, I'd have probably
rolled it earlier, but still...

- Sick bit of flying, that.
- Cheers.

Bit rough under that junk.

When you two have finished
with your mutual masturbation

- let's go.
- Touchy, your mate.

Not my mate.

Oh, shit.

It's not getting deeper yet.
You OK?

Yeah, of course I'm OK.

Look, I'm serious.
I've no clue how to...

How am I supposed to know
how to turn off the lights?

Just do what most men do...

push the button
and hope for the best.

Please, I'm not a techie.

I'm just a guard.

A guard who's gonna get
his head shot off

if I'm not quick.

Aw, sweets! Are you
an ickle bit scared of Tula?

Course I'm bloody scared!

The only thing
that she ever says to me

is all the ways
that she'd like to kill me.

Get on with it
or I'll skin you alive!

Just open that
and turn off that system.

This one?

Yep, I think so.



Don't get out.
We need to keep cold.

- Why?
- Automated defence.

Triggered by thermal signatures,
body heat, breath.

Shoot to kill.

- Not me. I'm from Nantu.
- So?

Lower body temperature.

Gives me more time.
I could leg it over there

- start a fire, diversion.
- It won't work.

Where the hell
did that come from?

Perimeter scout.

So we can't move
and we can't breathe.

You got any blankets,
cover ourselves?

Uh, signal jammer.

Funnily enough,
we've got nothing.

We got this.

One... two... three.

OK, go, go, go, go, go, go.

You good?

The heat from this'll
camouflage us.

- Yeah, not for long.
- How long?

Forty seconds
till the next drone.

Well, can you do it?

- Echo, see that? Read it out.
- What?

The drone, there's a serial
number written on its belly.

If I have that, I can trick
this fucker into letting us in.



- Go! Go, go, go.
- We got ten seconds.

OK. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

It's creepy.
Where the hell is everyone?

Skeleton staff.

What the hell are you doing?

You know what I think?
We should wear these.

Easier to move round the base.

No. No way.

- I'm not wearing that.
- Why not?

- It's a great idea.
- I'm not wearing it.

What do you reckon?

Bit tight on the 'nads.

That's a CW-47.

Ooh, I've always wanted
a gun like that.

Shall we just go?

- Suits you, that.
- Yeah, course it does.

That's her look.

Clearly, Wendell's
breakout was orchestrated.

Arrest, question
all relevant prison officers.

- This was an inside job.
- Ma'am.

Sir, I really think
we need to get you checked out.

Wendell's been sighted.

Monorail Five, Central Line,
heading north.

- Apprehend him now.
- No.

Pull up Sector 27,
Memorial Forest.


Keep eyes on Wendell.
I know where he's going.

And I'm going to
let him get there.

♪ It's the first time ♪

♪ The last time we ever met ♪

♪ But I know the reason why
you keep this silence up ♪

♪ No, you don't fool me ♪

Ah, shit.

OK, big smiles, showtime.

Ah! Please!
Please don't shoot me!

It's OK, mate.
No one's gonna shoot anyone.

Just gonna
take that off you, treacle.

- What do you want?
- What the fuck?

He spotted ya. I told ya,
wear the fucking uniform.

Give me the access code to
the New Aurum chamber now.

Alright, let's just...

- Let's just keep things chill.
- You heard me.

- The codes. Now.
- I can't.

I can't give you that.

Then we have a problem.


The protocol to enter
the fuel chamber's set by HQ.

It's all automated.

What about IT Utilities, hmm?

It's down there on the left.

But you can't override
the system.

Commonworld Cyber Security?

It's an amateurish
piece of piss.

- Do you want a hand with that?
- Don't move.

Please don't hurt me.


you won't be able to do it.

No one's ever breached
the network perimeter.

Yeah, no one except me.

Why else do you think
your fucking masters

wanted to ship me off, huh?

Right, you two, guard him.

And if you do
anything other than guard him

I will shoot the pair of you.

Fucking bitch.

Stop the bus, bitches.

- Three queens.
- Wow.

Bugger, you've beaten my flush.

Suck it up, losers.

Kneel at my feet.

Got a kid. Daughter. Tia.

Seven. And she's so cute.

- I'm not with her mum anymore...
- Please stop talking.

Sorry, I just...
I want you to know

that I only took this job
to keep up with the maintenance.

Ash, I'm just gonna pop back
and get that CW-47.

It's a shame for a piece
like that to go to waste.

Action of that gun,
it's like shit off a stick.

Listen to me.

If you do
exactly what I tell you to

I promise you
you'll be alright, OK?

- OK.
- Alright. In a second

she's gonna come back in
with the encryption codes

- that'll open the vaults.
- She won't be able to get 'em.

Trust me, she will.

As soon as we get down there,
contact HQ.

No, it needs to look as though
you're still tied up.

Get a message through
to Arch-Marshall Harper.

Tell her that her daughter Ash
is on NAR-59

and they'll sort the rest.

I don't understand.

All you need to know
is I'm undercover

with a group of
escaped convicts.

I'm tasked with delivering
the most dangerous

back to the authorities.

- Are you a spy?
- Something like that.

If you help me, then you're a
true servant of the Commonworld.

Got it. Let's go.

Aw, sweet kid.

I assume you wanna see
her freckly face again.


♪ Oh, think twice ♪

♪ Cos it's another day
for you and me in paradise ♪

Where's Echo?

I don't know.
He went to pick something up.


- That guard...
- What about him?

He's not asked for any of this.
He's just trying to do his job.

That's how it works. That's what
the Commonworld relies on.

Good people
just doing their job.

The fuck?

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Is there nothing more
anybody can do? ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ There must be
something you can say ♪


♪ You can tell from
the lines on her face ♪

♪ You can see
that she's been there ♪

You did this.
You untied him.

No, I didn't. I swear.

Course you did.
You were on your own.

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

Why did you leave her
on her own? Hmm?

Wasn't the time to do a treasure
hunt, you fucking pirate.

Nah, you don't get to
pin this on me.

If you remember,
I did offer to help.

Knots, me being a pirate
and everything

- but oh, no.
- Fuck off.

Do you know what?
I think I will, actually

cos I ain't up for this shit.

I am a pirate.

I nick stuff, I blag,
sometimes I even bluster

but this shit?

Nah, it's too risky, mate. Ash?


She's a sociopath.

I swear, she doesn't give a shit
about anything, anyone.

We need to
get out of this place.

Get away from
that fucking lunatic.

Ash, you listening? Come on.

I don't know
if you can hear me

but this is Drew,
on the Hemlock.

Please, you need to hurry.

I've... I've screwed up.

- Really screwed up this time.
- Oh, my...

I... I thought that
I'd switched everything off

but I turned on
the ionic air filter

and drained
what little we had left.

A-And I can't even tell 'em
that it's my fault.

How long
they've even got left, but...

it's not long.

oxygen is nearly out and...

the electric's critical.

And they don't even know.

Hello? Hello?

Hello, can you hear me?

Oh, no, no!

Oh, no, no.
No, look, please...

Please, don't...
Don't tell your mum.

Please don't kill me.

I did say that I didn't know
what I was doing.

Are you trying to escape?

I'm trying to see
if we can all escape


It's gonna be alright.

How do you know?

Cos Mumma said.

Look, I'm sorry...

and I really don't mean
to be rude...

but your mum doesn't know shit.

They won't be able to steal
any New Aurum.

They probably didn't even
make it there and they're...

Probably already dead.

Between them and me,
we're fucked.

There's only one thing to do
when things are really fucked.

Get fucked up.

They've got no power,
no comms.

Do you know how to tell
a good pirate?

Always know when to leave
a sinking ship.

You stay here, Ash,
you're gonna die.

If we don't get the fuel,
they all die.

So what?
They don't care about ya.

- They kidnapped ya.
- Yeah, I know

but I can't.
I can't just...

Look, you might be able to
walk away and let everyone die

but I can't.

Right, his systems are off.

We gonna do this?


Shit. We need a pass.

- Can you hack this?
- There's not enough time.

Alright, we'll do it manually.

I can't. I can't do this.

Look, I didn't get
the pony rides and the...

the swimming lessons, alright.
I don't do water.

- Yeah, it's OK.
- It's not.

It's a phobia.

It's OK. I got this.

There's nowhere to run.

How did you know?

I'm Commonworld Head of
Galactic Security.

I know everything.

But most of all, I know that men
are more sentimental than women.

Your wife chose roses.

Unsurprising choice.

They bloom bright
then fade away.

You must miss her very much.

I can't do this.

- I can't run.
- What's the hurry, Wendell?

Aren't you supposed to be
meeting someone here?

Bring him in.

No. Please.


Please don't hurt my son.

You know
he had nothing to do with this.

He is to be charged

with conspiracy
to commit a terrorist act.


Punishable by
off-planet detention.

Please. Max is innocent.

So was my daughter.

Walk with me.

Help me.

Tell me, who is your operative,
the head of your cell.

Who gave you your orders
to frame my daughter?


One task.

All I had to do was find a way
to get Ash onto the Hemlock.

A cog in a much bigger wheel?

Operation Angel.

We each had a task.

None of us knew of the others.


How did you communicate
with them, your operative?

Tell me... and you can have
your boy again.

You can start again.

Hold him in your arms,
stroke his hair...

tell him you're the one person
that loves him above all else.

I know that's what you want,
because I want it too.

You have my word.

My handler.

Thank you.

Go on, now. Run.
Run to your son.

The prisoner has escaped.
Shoot on sight.

You're pretty when you smile.

Warning, power level critical.

Gonna kill him.

Gonna rip that screw
limb from limb.

But he told you.

He told you he didn't know
what he was doing.

How can it be his fault
that you didn't listen?

He. Fucked. Up.

He acted within
his own limitations, as do you.

You shout
because you are frightened

blame others because you cannot
admit your own failings.

Because you are failing, Tula.

As a leader...

a mother...

How can they be laughing
when we're about to die?


- Genevieve!
- No.

No, no, no.

It won't work.

You can call her,
pull the leash ever tighter

but she'll always break free.

Let her laugh
and then maybe...

she won't die
as you have lived.

Angry, lonely...

and afraid.



It's gonna take
more than a bit of mud

to get us out of this one.

I would say
it's been fun, but...

It really hasn't.

Still saved your life, though.
That's becoming a habit.

Get down, get down.

Get on the pod!


You alright?

It's just a graze.

Yes, you beauty!

Yeah! Woo!

How can you be so calm?

We're gonna die up here.


No oxygen.

Will you die?

I don't know.

But I will be calm.

When you have been
in the darkness

for as long as I have,
you cling to the light.

How is she doing that
without wearing gloves?

Right, let's get
the fuck out of here

the feds are on our arse.

Surprised you came back.

I wasn't sure you would.

Must have been tempting,
back in the bosom.

Is that
a Commonworld bullet?

What were they gonna do?

We were stealing
New Aurum.

You need to treat it,
otherwise it will scar.

Cos that's what they do,
your Commonworld.

Torture, maim...


Wendell then tried to escape.

And so you shot him?
Our only lead?

Sir, we had no option.

And even with
that unfortunate end

you still didn't manage to gain
any new information?

No, sir. Nothing new.

Fuck yes!

Set the next coordinates, witch.

- Arcadia, here we come!
- Woo!

It will take us weeks,
if not months

to get to Arcadia.

- The Commonworld will not stop...
- I know that!

Then maybe you know that
this journey will ask of you

the one thing
you do not have...


Here she is!


Oi, seriously, me and Ash?

Two best pilots in Aurea,
just saying.

Well, certainly
one of the most arrogant.

Come on, I slayed it.

Whipped our girls out
right under their noses.

Commonworld to con.

Guess there's
no way back for you now.

I guess not.

Can I ask you something?

Do you mind putting
something else on?

What is your problem?

It's just a uniform.


It's the same uniform
that marched down my road

when I was six.

Same uniform that put
a bullet in my dad's head...

raped my mum...

and left her for dead...

while I hid in the wet
and the dark.

So, no...

it's not just a uniform.

Not to me.

I've been waiting for...

- Not Wendell.
- I want to speak to him.

I want to speak to
your leader, now.

It's OK. I'll take this.

Hello, Rebecca.

Still so impatient.

I hoped it wouldn't be true.

I prayed you were dead.

But I knew. I knew.

You tell me.

You tell me what
you're planning to do with her

- you fucking bastard!
- No.

No, you don 't get to
shout at me.

You don't get to tell me
what to do, not anymore.

You had our daughter,
now it's my turn.

Why do you want her now?

Seventeen years,
she's had nothing from you.

Then I've got
a lot to make up for.

Look, don't worry,
I'll take care of her.

With her?
I'm warning you, Yann

you keep that bitch
away from Ash.

- And by "bitch," you mean...
- You know who I mean!

I will hunt you down,
you, Emma Grieves.

Rebecca, always so shrill.

I will kill you, all of you

before I let you
take my daughter.

Our daughter.

My daughter.

My angel.

And when I get my arms
around her

you will never see her again.