Intergalactic (2021): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

In the outskirts of outer space, a fearless young cop and galactic pilot finds her life changed forever when she is accused of treason.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This is Officer ST-104.

I'm in pursuit of
a female suspect

in possession of New Aurum

heading north,
Greek Street, Old London.

I've got eyes on her.

Got her!


It's a loss, loss, loss.

Request urgent assistance.

This is AH-107.
Show me responding.

This is AH-107.

Got her.

Stealing New Aurum?

Fuck you.

Not if you paid me.

Right, you take this... suspect

and I'll bring the evidence.

All secure on Level 4.

Good collar.

She's been
on the run for months.

Cyber-crimes, data theft.

- Illegal possession of New Aurum.
- Exactly.

And just to let you know

I've written you up
for a commendation.

Thanks, sir.
I really appreciate that.

Code 596. Code 596.

It's OK. Clock off early.

Relax, celebrate.
That's an order.

Come on!


You get checked
by the medic?

I'm fine.
She barely caught me.

She really caught you.
You barely caught her.

And that's why I'm the one
getting the shiny new medal.

- Hey, gaffer.
- Hey.

- You made it.
- Yeah.

- You've started. Good.
- Well...

Right, more drinks.

More drinks! Come on.


One for the road?

Yeah, go on.

Why not?
No hurry to get home.

Well, tell that to Harper.
Can't wait to get away from us.

I've not decided
anything yet, Sarge.

Just a posting's come up,
Eastern District.

- And you're tempted?
- Yeah.

Well, I'll be sorry to lose you
from the team.

I don't know, sir.

It's not so far away.

I know, it's just...

I don't know
if I want to leave my mum.

Harper, this has to be
your decision.

- It's about living your life...
- Stay where you are.


- What's this? Is this a joke?
- What's going on?

Ash Harper, you're under arrest.

Category One offence,
theft of New Aurum.


No, I didn't. What the hell
are you talking about?

- Don't move!
- Sir, tell them!


No! Stop!

Get her up.


Ma'am, there's something
you need to see.


I know.

- I know, but that's not me.
- But it is you.

No, no,
someone has done this to me.

- Hacked into the system.
- That's impossible.

The security cameras
are fully encrypted.

There have been
no successful security breaches.

I don't know how they've
done it, Mum, but they have.

I've been set up.

Why would someone
want to set you up?

I don't know.

You have to help me.

I didn't do it.

Tell me.

Tell me exactly
what they have told you.


Do they have any witnesses,
any other evidence besides...

They don't need anything else,
Mum. You know that.

That's enough to charge me.


Fuck, Mum.

- They'll ship me off.
- No.

You know what
those prison colonies are like.

- No one ever comes back...
- Ash.

I can't bear it...
You on your own.

First Dad, now me.

I can't, I can't,
I can't leave you.

Nothing's going to
happen to you.

It won't come to that.
I will not allow it.

This is a mistake

and I will do
everything I can to fix it.

I request my daughter's
immediate release

pending an investigation.
Clearly, she has been framed.

The evidence suggests otherwise.

As you're aware

the theft of New Aurum
is a Category One.

The procedures are quite clear.

Owing to
the severity of her crime

your daughter is permitted
to be transferred

held in pre-trial detention.

You don't need to tell me that.
I wrote the legislation.

It's for terrorists

enemies of the state,
hardened criminals.

For justice to function

the rule of law must be
applied equally.

No. No, this is not
justice. You need to understand.

Her record's impeccable.

She's one of
the highest-scoring recruits

ever seen in the Academy.

For anyone to believe that
she would commit such a crime

with her whole life
ahead of her...

Sir, we both know
what this means.

She's a police officer.

She won't even survive
long enough to make a trial.

I'm so sorry.

No. I know my daughter.

I know she didn't do this.

Ash Harper, Prisoner 99723

you've been remanded
on pre-trial custody...

indeterminate length.

Off planet.


No. No!
I didn't fucking do this!

This is Dr Lee,
Commonworld Director.

You have been deemed traitors

to the collective values
of the Commonworld.

Your violations and crimes
run contrary

to the peace and well-being
of our global community

our environmental integrity

and our societal cohesion.

As such, you are
no longer permitted

to enjoy the privileges of
Commonworld citizens.

You are now being exiled

to a detention facility
on Valdavian

under the auspices of the
Commonworld Security Council

Executive Order 725-A.

This pod will now transport you
to your prison ship

where transfer will begin.

Ten, nine

eight, seven

six, five

four, three

two, one


Let's move!

Go. Move it.

Stop here.
Eyes forward.

- In a line, move.
- Move along, move along.

- Come on, shift yourself.
- Rozzer. Fed.

Filth. Pig.

Still, don't matter
what they call you, does it

when they shank you up.

I don't want any trouble.

There will be trouble.



Oi, Tula.


I've heard
there's a cop in here.

Clever. Smoke and mirrors.

- Not literally, obviously.
- I don't understand.

They've used a beam combiner
with a time reversal

matched the wavelengths.

It's incredible.
I've never seen this before.

- Do you want this today, ma'am?
- I want it now.

Absolute proof that
this image has been faked.

More than faked.
It's a pro job.

Almost perfect, but there, look.

They haven't quite
equalised the input, see?

Guess this is
what you're after, then.

That bastard.

Screw, you have to
let me go toilet.

I'm desperate.

Screw, I know you can hear me.

I'm gonna wet myself
and nobody wants that.

- I can't, alright?
- Why?

It's against the regs.
Not during meal service.

What you looking at, bitch?

What, you wanna give me
a hand with this? Hmm?

Screw, listen.

I have got a urinary
tract infection, alright?

Do you know
what that feels like?

It feels like
a thousand tiny hot needles

- going straight up...
- No!

Alright, whatever, OK.

Excuse me.
Can I have a word?

Excuse me,
can I have a word?

What? What is it?

I think there's been
a security breach.

What's she saying?

Lockdown. Lockdown.

What we doing?

Everybody down on the ground

with your hands
behind your head.

- She was exchanging contraband.
- How was I supposed to do that?

He had a hold of me
the whole time.

She's high risk.
She should have two guards.

Honestly, Officer, I don't know
what her problem is.

She's a fucking cop
who nicked me.

Yeah, and I saw
what you were doing.

Right, listen. Thing is, luv...

you're not a cop,
you're a con

same as rest of 'em.

A con I've got
30 minutes to feed, w...

I ain't got time for this.

You need to report this
higher up.

She could have a weapon!

The only thing that's worse than
a pig in prison?

That's a grass.

No one likes a grass.

Pig! Pig! Pig!

Pig! Pig! Pig!

Pig! Pig! Pig!


Pig? Piggie?


- Piggie.
- Piggie!

Hey, piggie.

I'm gonna fuck you up, fed.

The queen is
the mother of the hive...

but she's only
as strong as her colony.

If they do not clean,
feed, forage for her...

she may be weakened.

I understand this must be
a very difficult day for you...

Sir, I have new information.

Evidence that
my daughter is innocent.

This is Arch-Marshall Harper

authorising a Commonworld
priority arrest warrant

for Sergeant Wendell.

He's to be located and detained.

All force necessary.

You know this is my 220th trip

there and back?

How many hours
do you think I've spent

standing right here?

Minute with this scum's

a minute too frigging...

- Officer Buchanan...
- Sorry, Vic. Area One, please.

They're gonna need me
over on the bridge.

You alright
to take over here, yeah?

Is it in?

Push it in.

- Right beneath the muscle.
- It hurts, Mumma.

Don't you cry.
Don't you dare cry.

Mumma's brave girl.

Back in business.

All be worth it
when we get to Arcadia.

Temporary reprieve
pending a new investigation.

Reeks of nepotism
if you ask me.

Mother's brass,
father's a dead war hero.

Surprised she's here
in the first place.


Bring her up, we'll make
a start on the paperwork.


Looking good.

You lose weight
over the summer?

- Ash Harper.
- Yeah?

The Harper?

I learned about
your old man at school.

It's nice to meet ya.

Anyway, sorry, yeah

you're gonna have to
come with me.

Am I getting out of here?

After you.

Somebody help her!

Somebody help my baby girl!

Genny? Genny?

- What are you waiting for?
- Genny?

- Is she armed?
- There's nothing in her hands.

- You see the blood?
- Genny?

Genny? Help her!

Jesus Christ, I could
do without this today.

Death in custody, you should see
the fucking paperwork.

What's going on?

Genevieve, can you hear me?

What's hurting?

She's unconscious.

Contact the bridge,
tell 'em we've got

a medical emergency...

Put her down or I'll shoot!

Try not to worry.
It's good news.

- Mum?
- Ash?

There's new evidence
Wendell framed you.

Why the hell would he do that?

I don't know why,
but you'll be exonerated.

Can you hear me, sweetheart?

It's over.

Nobody move.

Any shit and I'll kill
every single one of ya.

You're not taking my ship

you crazy fucking...

You shot the pilot, Mumma.

You told us
not to shoot the pilot.

- Mumma?
- Yep.




you can fly, right?

Look, I can't.

Right, I told you.
I won't be able to do it.

And I'm not just saying that.

I'm not one of them guys

that pretends
that they can't do something

when, when really they can.

You know, and they're just
saying it, just to show off.

So everyone goes,
"Oh, you're so amazing" and...

Shut up and fly.

I can't!

Right, I'm not a pilot.
I'm just a guard.

I just learned emergency stuff...

What the fuck
do you think this is, bitch?

Just fly.

Where do you want to go?

Maybe you guys
should sit down, yeah?

Maybe put some safety straps on.

Maybe not.

Right, you ready?



three... two...

Oh no,
please don't make me do this.


Warning, impact.

Warning, impact.

Golly, it's true.

You really are
a shockingly poor pilot.

Where are we?

This isn't Pau Rosa.

You are a fuck-up!

You know, you're not
the first person to say that.

Kill the fed!

Hey, have you got any idea who's
actually flying this thing?

It's not my problem.

You know,
if you wanna use that

you've gotta put in
a reboot code

rig your comms device
to the central hub.

Could do better, could you?

Yeah, you know I could.
You've seen my criminal record.

I don't read 'em.
We've got a saying in the police

"Nick 'em,
cuff 'em, forget 'em."

How's that working out for you?

Yeah, alright,
give me the fucking code.



Thanks very much.

You know,
we've also got a saying.

There's nothing dumber
than a dumb cop.

Oh, I'm not that dumb.

Put the real code in
and get this connected.

I'm calling home.

No contact.

Gotta go down.

Comms are up.

This is an all-points
SOS broadcast

from Grand Commonworld
Carrier Hemlock

currently drifting
near Ceres in the Belt

having lost control
of the bridge.

Hemlock's back online, ma'am.

Are you receiving me?

The ringleader's called Tula,
I think.

Tittle-tattle from above,

Someone's telling tales.

She's a psycho,
her and her daughter.

And then there's Verona Flores.

You check my arrest records,
she'll be on there.

This was all planned,
some sort of mutiny.

They've killed
all of the flight crew

and they've taken
a guard hostage

and they're forcing him
to fly the ship.

Are you receiving me?

Are you receiving me?

Running a face rec.

Who's that?

Not picking her up on
facial rec, Captain.

Check the manifest.

How is that possible?


It's her.

Call Dr Lee, now.

Get that offline.

I don't want
those fuckers watching me.

Access denied.

And you...

kill that cop...

and anyone else still breathing.

Oh, that's how it's done.

What the hell?

Ah yes, there was
a bit of a scene, see.

Words were said.

- Uh...
- Words like "challenged"

"unstable," "emotional."

He called me crazy.

So you killed him?
Oh, that's alright then.

That's a perfectly
proportional response.

- Don't start blaming me.
- Why not? Huh?

I did my bit.

Get the tech in,
that's all I had to do.

Maybe I could try and put in
the coordinates again

and we can make another jump.

You need Harper.
Believe me, that bitch can fly.

I mean, really. Why the fuck
did you ask this idiot?

Well, I did say.

What's that?

Oh, that's Genevieve
doing her thing.

Her thing? What...

Killing the snitch.


Seriously, Tula.
Fucking great.

Are we absolutely certain

it's Dr Emma Grieves?

She's not on the prisoner
manifest, but that is her.

How did she get on there?

A prison swap.

A different prisoner
was due to be transferred

from the psychiatric hospital
to the Hemlock.

It appears Emma Grieves
managed to take her place.


No, this cannot happen. Not now.

Get her back.

Please, please.

Please, please, please don't.

Please, stop, stop.

Stop, stop.

Genevieve, stop!

- Tula, call her off.
- Please...

Tula, call her fucking off!

Thank you.

Don't fucking thank me.

That was not a mercy save.

It's time for you
to fly the ship, snitch.

Sir, we have
the Hemlock surrounded.

Two Jupiter cruisers in position

ready to board on command.

Retrieve Emma Grieves...

and Ash Harper only.



Coordinates are in, pig.

Get us out of here.

Alert, proximity warning.

- They've got us.
- Alert, proximity warning.

Do it now.

I can't.

I don't believe you.

Genevieve, come here.

There's a safety lock.

We can't engage
the Alcubierre Drive

with the cruisers this close.

Look, they're gonna
board the ship, alright?

- It's over.
- Nah.

They're not taking my ship away.

This thing got guns?

Well, it has,
but nothing compared to

- what they've got.
- You keep 'em busy.

I'll deactivate the lock.

Access denied.

- Warning, manual override.
- It's done.

- Activate the drive.
- No.

Alcubierre lock released.

I told you
there would be trouble.

Look, please...

Please don't make me do this.

There are people on those ships!

- No, please.
- Arch-Marshall

they have activated
the Alcubierre Drive

- and we cannot let them escape.
- But my daughter...

is all I have.
She is everything.


We cannot let Emma Grieves
fall into enemy hands.

Issue the order.


Issue Order 11-31.

Destroy the Hemlock.

Alert, missile warning.

- Alert, missile warning.
- No. No, we're gonna die!

Warning, warning, warning!

Do it!

Do it now!

Alcubierre engaged.

Yeah, baby!

Intergalactic, motherfuckers.

I'm here.

Emma Grieves
is an enemy of the state.

These are the terrorists

responsible for
your father's death.

I'll do it.
I'll apprehend her.

Mumma wants you.
We're going into town.

You torture, rape, enslave

all under the guise of
ecological salvation.

We are saving Mother Earth.

By destroying the universe!

You did this!

You called the Commonworld!