Inspector Montalbano (1999–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Amore - full transcript

The disappearance of the beautiful girl put to the test inspector's ability to break the maze of fatal frauds and romantic feelings.

- Hello?
- Did I wake you up?

Catarella, no.
Was there "a murder"?

No, sir. It's getting late here, and you're missing.

Ah, Where's here?

- Where's here? In Marinella,
on the beach.- On the beach.

- On the beach in front of my house?
- Of course, everyone's here.

- We are only waiting for you, in person.
- Ah.

Attention !

At ease!

Inspector, how could you arrive
late on your wedding day?

- Livia, but...
- No, Salvo. No "buts".

Today is the most beautiful day of my life. Don't ruin it.

Fine. May we proceed?

We are here to unite
in matrimony Montalbano, Salvo

and Burlando, Livia.

If there's anyone here who objects
to this marriage, speak now.

or forever hold you peace.
- I object !

This marriage cannot happen!

- Mimì, have you gone crazy?
- No, Salvo.

I ask you to recall
that I saw Livia before you.

- Alright, but what's that got to do with it?
- It has everything to do with it.

- Anyway, it's all in the past.
- The past? No, there's something more recent.

Like what?...What?

- Beba, can't you say something?
- What do you want me to say? That he's a "playboy".

- I'm used to it
- Salvo, it's your own fault. You're always too busy with work...

and neglect Livia.

You leave her all alone whenever
she comes to Vigata! The flesh is weak.

- The flesh... is weak? But...
- Who cares? You're my love.


Fuck love!...Love is a total fuck!

Pasquale! What's up? Are you mad??

Sorry Inspector. I urgently
needed to speak with you.

- Eh.
- It seemed wrong to ring the bell at this hour.

You think throwing a rock at the window
is more subtle? Come in.

Sir, I was on my way to work this evening.

- Since when has robbing people been called "work"?
- No.

I don't do the robberies anymore.
I got my head straightened out.

- If anything, I do the odd burglary.
- So yet another thing!

How many times do I have to tell you
to become an honest person?

- I'll have you in jail!
- No, Inspector. I've not properly explained.

- I'll explain a little better.
- Bravo.

Tonight I did set out
to do some stealing.

- Oh? Did you change your mind?
- Yes, Inspector.

You know Loreto's workshop?

- It's on the road to Villa Streda.
-That's right.

Over the workshop there's two apartments.

Tanino Braceri lives in one of them, who you know
.-The moneylender.- That's him.

I arrived, opened the door and went in.

The staircase was dark.

I realized that the other apartment
is on the same landing.

A couple of old people live there.
Apparently they are called Di Giovanni.

The door was half-closed.

I thought, "Maybe Di Giovanni forgot to close it?"

Inspector, I saw something in the bedroom.

The woman was dead and the
widower was about to shoot himself.

- What did you do?
- What could I do, Inspector?

I came out of the apartment.

When I closed the door,
I made a lot of noise.

So that, his desire to commit suicide
subsided for a while.

Then I came here.

- Shut up.
- Inspector, I swear on my mother.

- Leave your mother Adelina out of it! I need her to live!
- I'm sure.

The woman was dead and
the man wanted to shoot himself.

A man and a woman in their
home can do whatever they want.

If you weren't there, I wouldn't
know a thing and would be asleep!

- Why are you taking it out on me ?
- You want to know

- Yes
- Because I'm like you.

- If I see a half-open door, I have to enter.
- Inspector!

Michela, where are you?

Michela Prestia!

Come back home Michela!

Michela Prestia !

I'm looking for Michela Prestia!

This is your father!

Please, if anyone knows something tell me.

Michela !

- Mimì!
- Don't worry. - Salvo !

- Let him get down
.- Michela...- It is not easy.

- Michela.
-Please. He wants to get off.

Come with us. Slowly, slowly.

Don't worry.
Who is Michela ?

His name is Giuseppe Prestia.
He's blind, poor thing.

- He can't think straight.
- Gentlemen,
thank you. The show is over.

Thanks everyone. Goodbye.

- Signor Prestia. I'm, Inspector
Montalbano.- Inspector.

It's been a month since I
heard from my daughter.

- Your daughter lives with you?
- No.

It's been a long time
since she lived with me.

My wife doesn't want to
know her anymore.

But I want to know where she is,
I want to talk to her.

Don't worry.
We'll help you find your daughter.

- You promise?
- I promise. Rest assured.

- Inspector, you'll find her for me?
- I'll find her.

find her...find her

- What do we know about Michela Prestia?
- I know her Salvo.

I realise now which
Michela Prestia he was looking for.

is the most beautiful woman in Vigata.

She has dark hair, black eyes.

Men lose their
mind when they see her.

- Too bad that...
- What?

She's a prostitute, Salvo.

She started
when she was very young.

She's the type for clients with
extreme tastes and a heavy wallet.

Good day!

-May I come in?
- Please do.

- Hello. I'm Inspector Montalbano .
- I know who you are.

- What have you done to my husband?
- Please don't worry.

He's been in the countryside
searching for your daughter Michela.

Michela's no daughter of mine.

This is my only daughter now.


Inspector, my husband's thinking
is very muddled nowadays.

That's why he got confused
in the countryside.

You're not worried about your daughter.

Michela is no longer my daughter.

She's a slut.
She can do what she likes.

It's her business alone.

She dishonored her father and me.
Now she has no family.

Inspector, it may be better if I speak.

It's not easy for my mother
to speak about Michela.

Go ahead.

Michela has had a difficult life.

Why difficult? Your sister...

Mamma, please,
I want to talk to the inspector.

Yes. Alright then.

In recent times, my sister was
able to change her life.

She was in a stable relationship with
Saverio Moscato and was happy with him.

A month ago Saverio left for Milan
to work.

When he returned...

he discovered that Michela had vanished.

For a month now
there's been no news about Michela.

Yes, Inspector. A month.

Is it normal for your sister
to be absent for so long?

-It's normal Inspector.
- Mamma. - It's normal.

Men are a bank to her.
She will have found another one.

I'm convinced that this time my
sister is truly in love.

But what love?

She left him nothing. She took
everything from the poor man's house!

Alright then. Everything is clear.

Let's go.
Madam, sincere thanks for the coffee.

- Miss, can you show us out?
- Of course.

- I'll go with you- Madam.
- Goodbye.

Do you think it's easy for a girl
when she's become a prostitute...

to start a new life?
In this area, nobody will help you.

Michela did not like
being with a man just to be supported.

But it was the only way
to avoid going back to prostitution.

- When she could not take it anymore,she went away.
- With Saverio?

But Inspector...With Saverio it was a different story.

With Saverio it was love.

It was the opportunity that
Michela had waited for.

They were happy.

He loved her,
she fell in love with him at first sight.

- How long have they been together?
- Two years.

That's why I do not
understand what happened.

Michela has not been heard of since.

- Did you try to call her on her mobile?
- She did not use a cell phone.

She said she did not need one.

If nobody reports her missing,
there's no more we can do.

- Will you report it?
- Of course.

When you come to the station to report it...

-bring a photo of your sister. Alright?

- See you soon.
- Thanks.

Why did you not report
Michela's disappearance?

For what reason? She is of age.

She can go where she wants
and with whom she wants.

Have you noticed any unusual
behavior in Michela lately?

Inspector, I left on May 7th
for Milan to do some work.

Michela, she did not want to come.

She said she was tired
and did not want to travel.

So I assume it was an excuse for her to be
alone and plan her escape.

The first week I was in Milan
was totally normal.

I phoned her first thing in the
morning and again in the evening.

Did you get a sense from the phone calls
if anything was wrong?

The morning of the eighth day
she seemed quite sad.

More anguished than usual.

She said she could not
stand to be without me.

Then, that evening I called her several times.

But got no response.

I thought she had fallen asleep.

But the next morning, again, nothing
and I then became concerned.

- What did you do?
- I called my friend Pietro Sanfilippo.

I asked him to go to the office
and get the keys to my house...

and go check. Nothing.

Not only was there no trace of Michela...

but her things had also disappeared.
There was nothing left.

- Did you think she'd run off with another man?
- Yes.

It was not immediately clear to me that...

Can I take a look inside?

Excuse me, this morning I went out early
and I didn't give them their birdseed.

We seemed happy, Inspector.

I was.

I always thought
that the other person was too.

- But instead...
-Maybe Michela was too.

If love ends, it was not true love,
but something else.

It's like an equation
that won't balance.

Love...I mean.

I'm sorry to say that Michela,
was not my true love.

Maybe she found it hard
to stay with one man.

Did you ever cheat on
Michela before she moved in with you?

Inspector,I don't want to answer that question

One last thing.
Are you an expert in cement?

No, I'm not an expert,
but simply an engineer.

I work for a company run by Angela Liotta.

I understand,
thanks for talking to me.

- Please, carry on, I know the way.
- Goodbye.


- Can I?
- Fazio, come in.

Have you discovered anything
about the Di Giovanni's?

Nothing of great importance.

-So. They're both alive?
- Yes.

They were not at home because
they volunteer at an elderly center.

- I see, so what's going on?
- Let's see...

His name is Andrea, he is 84 years old.
His wife Zaccaria Emanuela is 82.

They are pensioners with no children.
They live a life of moderation in all things...

but they are not poor because
they live in a building that belongs to him.

He sold an apartment to Braceri and kept one..

in addition,
there's a downstairs workshop.

- They are Sicilians, but they lived in Rome.
-What did they used to do? -They're actors.

Up to a certain point,
they worked with important actors.

Then, 15 years ago, we do not
know why, they returned to Vigata.

- The revolver?
- Officially declared to us.

-This way Inspector.
- Signor Sanfilippo.

- Make yourself at home.
- Thanks.

I'm completely in the dark.

When Saverio came back from Milan,
I took three days annual leave.

I wanted to be there for him
and went to collect him from the station.

He looked like a beaten dog
and did not say a word in the car.

At dinner he ate almost nothing.

- Did you talk about Michela?
- No.

He spoke only of Milan
and about his work.

Do you know if there were any
quarrels or discussions between the two of them?

No arguments, no.

- What then?
- They loved each other and got along well.

Apart from Saverio's jealousy.

He had a particular type of jealousy.

He wasn't jealous of things
in the present, but of things in the past.

Of what Michela did before.

He could not forget it.

My dear Inspector, Michela was ...

Yes I know.
He'd make a scene?

Scenes no, but it was sad to see.
He'd go into a dark mood.

- And Michela, how did she react?
- She was embarrassed.

At one point he made
her give up her cell phone...

to make him feel more comfortable.

I think she's gone away...

because she could not stand
the situation with Saverio.

- Catarella.
- Sir!

-Listen. I need you to look for someone called Angela Liotta. Write it down
- Yes Sir.

She's the namesake of her cement company,
When you've found it...

- What are you looking at?....What is it Catarella?
- I'm a little confused Sir.

- Why?
- I forgot the name of the cement plant.

I just told you.

It's the same name because it has the name
of the owner.

- What is it?
- You wrote it down.

I wrote it down!

ANGEL is his first name
and RICOTTA is the last name.

What? RICOTTA? Angela Liotta.

- Find her and tell her to come here
.- Straight away, Sir.

Follow me.


I'm convinced that Michela Prestia
was killed...

and that the killer was Saverio
Moscato, her boyfriend.

- And it's a case of jealousy.
- Yes, Mimì.

When a man is so obsessed with
the past of his partner...

the story is not going to end well.

Sorry for the noise Sir. Forgive me, the door...

- What is it Catarella?
- Madam RICOTTA is away on business.

Her secretary told me
when I called.

- Alright, thanks.
- My pleasure Sir.

- Ricotta would be Liotta?
- Yes.- You wanted to see her?

I wanted to confirm that
Moscato travelled to Milan.

You think that he returned early
to murder Michela ?

Maybe it's a waste of time,
but we must check.

Moscato's jealousy of her past
is both a terrible and absurd thing.

You're not jealous of my past?



Should I say yes?

I don't know, you tell me.

I said no. What is there to know!

So, you're not interested
in my past history.

If things are in the past...

Don't you think about things from the
past that can come back again?

- Livia, what are you babbling about?
- Salvo, I don't know how to tell you.

A few days ago on Pegaso,
the social network I found...

It doesn't matter, go ahead.

I found an old friend from university
that I have some history with.


Some history!
Was it just a little crush?

Some little crush,
we were together for five years.

A wonderful guy,
called Alessandro.

Now that I know this doesn't interest you,
I'll be a lot happier about it.

Salvo. Hello, are you there?

Yes, I'm here.

Can we discuss it tomorrow?
Right now I'm very busy. Goodnight.

Hold on. Tomorrow I'm coming to see you,
can you pick me up at the bus stop?

Bye, my love.

Montalbano, sir!

- Have you already been down to Di Giovanni's?
- Yes Sir.

I stood outside and waited.

By 10 the Di Giovanni's were still not
home so I went inside.

Doctor, this is their gun.
I found it in the closet.

- Where have they gone?
- How would I know?- You never know anything.

The house was in order.

The bed was made and
there were no dirty dishes.

Alright. Many thanks, now go home.

- See you.


-A little crush.
-No, some crush!

No, five years.

Five years.


- Fazio. - Yes sir.
- Where do the Di Giovannis go to volunteer?

- It's called Sweet Sunset.
- Sweet Sunset.

-Look. It's their gun, check if it's been fired.
- I'll take it to forensics.

- Augello hasn't arrived yet.
- I know

- I need a computer.
- You need a computer?

- Yes.
- Tell me what you want. I'll take care of it.

- Of what?
- Tell me why you need a computer.

Fazio, you'd better be off
to forensics.

- Go on.
- I'll go.- Eh.

Beh ?

What's that mean
"The program is not responding" ?

"System error." What's the error?

"reboot the system."

"Do you want to reboot the system?"

I don't want to reboot the system.
Piece of shit computer!

- Is it OK?
- Come in.

So it's true.

- You've taken my personal computer?- Yes.

I wanted to research an
old case on the Internet.

Couldn't you ask Catarella
like you usually do.

Mimì, I wanted to do it myself.

I'm off to question
Moscato's neighbours.

Let's go!

You've searched for "Livia Burlando Pegaso".

How did you know?

It's saved in the history, Salvo.

Why do you want to see Livia's Pegaso profile?

How do you even know that Livia
has a profile on Pegaso?

I know because she's friended me.

What's going on?
Why do you want to see it?

Mimì, keep your nose out.

Such lack of trust...

Then I'll keep my nose in because
you took my personal computer.

It's a question of private property?

No, a question of friendship.

You're not going to tell me anything?
Then I'll ask Livia.

Alright. There's an old friend of
Livia's she's known since student days...

and she has some history with him.

After all this time he's searched for her
on this fucking social network.

I wanted to see... Eh !

A history.

- What's he called?
- Alessandro.


Good, so...

Livia Burlando.

"Adriano, Albert..."

Here's the bastard.

He's called Alessandro Galbiati.


- What?
- Bad news, Salvo.

- Why?
- The chat is blocked.

- What's that mean?
- Only they can see the things they write.

- Why is it bad news?
- Salvo.

If a man and a woman hide
their conversation, what are they doing...


- Then...
- Then?

Mimì, say something! Then what?

He's a handsome man.

- A handsome man?
- He's not bad.

Salvo, you have to get into
the profile of this Alessandro

to find out what he wrote.

It takes an expert,
but you have to do it.

- Come here
- At your service.

- Catarella, do you know about Pegaso?
- Sure, I'm on there, I have a profile.

Do you know how to
get into a blocked profile?

- It is prohibited by law.
- But not by the Constitution.- No sir.

Could you get into the
profile of this gentleman...

called Alessandro Galbiati ?

- I need your help.
- What a thrill!

- It would make me so happy to help you sir.
- Catarella, look at me.

It's a very secret, secret.

I'm helping the inspector!

How bloody irritating!
How do we split it between us?

- I take the odd and you evens.
- Alright.

- There are two apartments to go.
- I'll check this one.- Yes.

I knew it was a waste of time.

Who's there?

I'm Inspector Montalbano.

-What do you play?
I said I'm....

I said I'm Inspector Montalbano,
I don't play anything.

Why so loud?
Do you think I'm deaf?

- What's the noise? What is it?
- Someone who yells and plays.

I'm her son Cesare Diliberto.
You can talk to me.

I'm Inspector Montalbano,
may I come in?

- Yes. your welcome.
- Thanks.

I don't live here,
I came here to visit mum.

I see, I'd like to
ask a couple of questions.

As you will know Miss Prestia
who lives with Moscato, the engineer

disappeared about a month ago...

while the boyfriend
was in Milan from 7 to 16 May.

- What's he say, Cesare ? I don't understand.
- If he speaks up, can you understand.

My mum does not hear well...

If you pronounce the words clearly
she may be able to read your lips.

I would like to know...

if the lady has seen
or heard anything.

No, mum does not know anything
about the disappearance of Michela.

In fact, yes, I do! I told you and
you insist it's not like that.

What is it you've seen madam?

Inspector. Mum is not only
a little deaf, but also...

I can think just fine!

And you just don't want to make a bad
impression in front of strangers!

Tell the inspector
what it was I saw.

On the 13th May
mum celebrates her birthday

and my wife and I came to see her.

In the evening we stayed for dinner,
but at 11pm we left.

- And then?
- Zitto, I'll tell it.

That night I went
over the top with the food.

I couldn't get to sleep.

and at 3am I remembered that
I had not thrown out the garbage.

I went out and from
the stairwell two floors below...

I saw a man running down
with a very large suitcase.

Did you see his face?

No, because he ran like a ferret, but
the suitcase was very heavy.

Why don't you believe you're mother?

Last week she said...

she saw her brother, my
uncle, Renato out on the street.


- Uncle Renato died ten years ago.
-That's enough!


My sincere thanks. Goodbye.

- Until the next time
-Goodbye! Thanks.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

-I'm Vito De Caro, in charge of the centre.
-Inspector Montalbano.

- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for a couple named Di Giovanni.

- Has something happened?
- No.

It's just an old case about a complaint.

Andrea and Emanuela aren't here,
they're away for a few days

Tomorrow they're doing a reading
at Pirandello's tomb.

- When do they come back?
- By Saturday, for the show premier.

- "Romeo and Juliet."
- Yes, it was their idea.

Andrea plays Romeo
and Emanuela will be Juliet.

Yes, Commissioner.
Love has no age, am I right?

- Definitely. Many thanks.
- No problem, goodbye.

Saverio Moscato has told us...

that on the evening of 13th May he called
Michela from Milan and got no response.

The same evening, the widow Diliberto
saw a man run out of Moscato's apartment...

carrying a heavy suitcase.

We must evaluate what she saw
in terms of her being old and deaf.

Yes, but not blind.

But according to her son she sees
things that do not exist.

If her testimony is credible,
who's to say that the man was Saverio?

-Until proven otherwise Moscato was in Milan.
- Agreed.

Perhaps he was a new lover of Michela's
taking away her things.

Perhaps it was someone taking away
Michela's body in a suitcase.

Come in.

- Inspector.
- Come in.

- Giuseppe.
- Sir.

Inspector. I have some news.

Michela was raped 13 years ago.

- What?
- By a Mafioso called Nicola Magnano.

He's a "little fish",
but dangerous and arrogant.

A thug who wanted Michela.
She rejected him and he raped her.

Michela reluctantly reported
the threats made by Nicola and his friends...

and he was convicted of rape and other crimes.

- Magnano is in prison?
- No.

- What?
- No, he was released a month ago.


- Inspector, hello.
- Hello.

- Anything new about Michela ?
- Sadly, no.

- I need to ask you about a few things.
- Alright, come into the shade.- OK.

When Nicola Magnano fell in love
with my sister

everyone in the area knew
he was a criminal type.

Michela was young,
she was just over 18 and refused his advances...

so Magnano decided to rape her.

He didn't rape her just on a whim.

He wanted to own her...

so he said to my parents
that he wanted to marry her.

He proposed a kind of
shotgun wedding.

- What did your parents do about it?
- The worst was yet to come.

My parents instead of saying
no, they said yes.

- Michela ?
- Michela said no.

They attempted to convince her
because she didn't want to marry him.

Michela, don't go.
Don't leave me

Cinzia, there's nothing you can do.

There is something you can do!

Michela, you just have to withdraw the complaint.
What are you waiting for!

Be quiet, papà. You know I've made up my mind.

Don't you realise that with people like him
there's nothing we can do?

All of us will die!

He's going to prison and
I'm the one who'll put him there.

You're just a girl and you know nothing!

People like him don't end up in jail or
only stay there for a short while.

Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall!

- You have all your things?
- Yes.

Then get out!

Cinzia, where are you going?
Come back instantly.

Cinzia, I'll kill you.
Cinzia, where are you going? Cinzia !


Don't worry darling.

Ill find a job in the country
and look for a nice house...

so we can be together as
long as we want.

I couldn't help her, she was
left to fend for herself.

- What did Michela do?
- Looked for work.

Nobody wanted to know her, all were in fear
of Magnano and his threats.

Inspector, Michela, she started dating bad people...

and fell into prostitution.

How did she meet Saverio Moscato ?

Saverio was the best thing to happen, because...

They met at a party on New Year's Eve.

Michela didn't really want to go, so she
went out on the terrace to be alone...

where she met Saverio who had
been dragged there by his work colleagues.

Michela told me
how she looked at him and laughed..

because they were there for the same reason.

They started talking and
decided they would go on a date.

They fell in love and...

I remember she was so happy!
They were so happy.

Michela "the smiling girl" had returned
and more cheerful than before.

It was like she'd been born again.

Michela! Come in, take a dip.

- Is it cold?
- No.

- Is it safe?
- Sure!

- I'll go in then.
- Sure!

I was certain that Michela was happy
and I don't understand what's happened.

Like I said, I do not know.

Did you know that a month ago Nicola Magnano
was released from jail?

I didn't know that.

Is it possible that he's taken revenge
on your sister by doing something bad to her?

Inspector, I just...don't know.

- Are you thinking of making dinner?
- Yes, make yourself comfortable.

- Reheat the pasta 'ncasciata and we're ready.
- Lovely.

How about tomorrow, we could go
visit Pirandello's house?

-Yes that's a nice idea!
- Really?

- Is it true that it's in a place called Chaos?- Yes.

The district is called Causi
to be exact, however...

- It comes from the word "chaos". What's up?
- What are you looking at?

No, nothing.

Go take care of the pasta!


- Fazio.
- Yes.

- Catarella not here?
- Yes, It does seem a little odd. He didn't come in.

I called his home and mobile.
No answer. Maybe he's sick?

- It's not like him not to warn us.- No.
-Put someone on the switchboard.

- Anything new?
- No.- Good.

I'm taking the morning off.
I have to go Livia is waiting in the car.

- If anything crops up, call me on my mobile.
- Yes, but keep it switched on.

- Do I ever turn it off?
-You always do. -Today I'll keep it on.

" How is this woman feeling?
She looks at us cheerful, inviting."

"He grabs at her, then straight after
she immediately closes her eyes."

"It is the sign of her dedication."

"And when she does not close them anymore?
When she no longer feels the need..."

"to hide herself from the red of shame?"

"And instead she sees the
man with impassive eyes"

"that even without love
she is blinded."

"Because when you are forced
to simplify your life like this"

"throwing away all the human encumbrance"

"from every pure feeling, ideality"

"duties, modesty, shame!"

"Nothing makes more indignation
and sickness than certain remorse."

"Crocodile tears!"

- We too are from Vigata
.-Pleased to see you. My partner...

- Livia Burlando.
- Andrea Di Giovanni. - Emanuela, pleased to meet you.

What a place!
It's called Chaos, but it's so peaceful.

To us it's a magical spot.
We are actors and Sicilians.

To us Pirandello is
a kind of God.

Throughout our career we
have staged sixty shows

-from the master's works.
- Yes, but we had never been here.

It is a kind of pilgrimage.

Let's say it's the realization of one last wish.

Inspector, we have almost reached
the end of the journey.

For us to come to the grave
of the author we love the most...

it was something we wanted to do before ...

- In short, before it was too late.
- Why do you say that?

- You are in great shape.
-Appearances are deceiving, my dear

The Maestro said: "In the evil of life..."

"where half is always a deception,..."

"the important thing is to walk, move on."

- Emanuela, look, we've saddened them.
- Oh, forgive me!

We are not sad,
we've had a beautiful life.

We met as kids and
we never left one another.

We loved everything we did.

The shows, the tours and
our projects together.

Every day we've lived has
given us something magical.

Inspector. Di Giovanni's revolver
has not been fired for a while...

-but it works.
- Good.

- Signora Liotta is here, I asked her to take a seat in your office.
.- Very Good.

- Listen, has Catarella called in yet?
- No, he seems to have vanished.

Come with me.

Signora Liotta, how long has
Saverio Moscato worked for you?

That would be around
seven, eight years.

- What's he like?
- He's a good man.

He's a valued worker. Why
are you asking me about Saverio?

I'm investigating the disappearance
of his partner, Michela Prestia.

-You think Saverio is involved?
-It's not been possible to rule it out.

From 7th to 16th May, Saverio went
to Milan for work. Can you confirm that?

Yes, I can confirm it.
There was an industry convention.

Usually I go myself,
but that time I couldn't and I asked him to go.

- He stayed in Milan for the whole time?
- Definitely.

Saverio participated in all the meetings,
at business dinners.

-I have the receipts for bars, restaurants, hotels.
-Can you let me have them?

Sure, but at the minute
they're with the accountant.

As soon as he returns them,
I'll send them to you.

Inspector, I reckon it's all above board.

There's no doubt in your mind, that
on each day of the trip Saverio was in Milan.

- Absolutely, yes.
- Many, many thanks.

- Have a nice day, Inspector.
- You too.


- What do you think about that?
- We need to change the direction of enquiry.

Yes, but first, we'll check.
We'll wait for the receipts.

Call the plane operator to check
the flights for those days and the hotel...

to see if
he stayed there.

- Speak to whoever organised the convention.
- Yes, OK, straight away.

Magnano works
for a fisherman's co-op.

It seems that the real business
is smuggling for the Sinagra's.

He's the one with the checked shirt.

Signor Magnano, hello.
I'm Inspector Montalbano.

- Could we chat for a minute?
- No, can't you see I'm working?

I don't have time for you cops.

Perhaps we could chat down
at the station then...

but if I take you down there I'll kick your ass!
Or would you prefer to talk here?

Have you seen anything
of Michela Prestia?

I know nothing about Michela. Did you come here
to find out who beat the fuck out of her?

Michela's a whore
and I have no interest in whores.

Unless you want to go for a swim,
just answer the questions and shut up!

We know that you came
out of prison on April 24th.

- From 7th to 16th May what were you doing?
- From the 7th?- Eh.

Working, Inspector!
I was at sea with the fishermen.

- Just ask my teammates.
- Alright, thanks.

- Please stay available.
- Michela should have married me.

She would have done much
better, I can tell you.

Let's get going.

Mr. Di Giovanni, I'm returning this to
you even though I don't want to.

What do you mean?

There was no theft,
I took that gun.

- I was worried and wanted to understand.
- You came in here?

The other night
I was laying in ambush in the square...

for something that
does not concern you.

I saw the half-open door and
that "general rehearsal" sign.

I became intrigued,
I entered and saw you.

Inspector, actors always rehearse
at home. It's normal.

No, Mr. Di Giovanni.
What I saw...

it was not a theater scene,
but some kind of fantasy.

You were rehearsing your death.

Since we got married,
we've always been together.

We have never accepted parts
with two different companies.

Why, sometimes
we even went hungry.

Then when we became too
old to continue working...

-we retired here ...
- And the ailments started.

First we thought they were due to age.
Then we visited a doctor.

The doctor told us that we both
had a bad heart...

and that the end was near
and would be sudden.

So we started to rehearse.
When one of us goes...

the other will not remain
alone for long.

Grace would be to die together,
but it will hardly be granted to us.

I understand, but from two people like you
I expected something different.

Isn't it said that actors
would like to die on stage?

Commissioner, will you come
to see our show?

- Of course. - Also, bring Miss Livia.
- With pleasure.

I'll leave this.
I recommend you guard it carefully.

- Do not worry.
- Goodbye.

Excuse me Sir.
There's a letter for you.

For me?

Catarella ?

I hereby presently present
my resignation from the police.

Catarella... he's
resigned from the police?

-Catare',what's going on?
-Oh, Sir, what a great honour!

- You've come here to my house!
- What's with these potatoes?

Now that I have resigned,
to save money, I only eat potatoes!

Explain this bullshit to me
about resigning from the police ?

It's a private matter. Don't make me tell.

- Are you sure you do not want to talk about it?
- It's something personal!

I can't un-resign!
Don't embarrass me.

Do these private things
have to do with the task I gave you?

Inspector, this thing is making
me deeply embarrassed.

Leave me in peace with my potato.

I order you to tell me!

Inspector, I got into the Pegaso profile
of Alessandro Galbiati.

Only what I saw there...
it was really bad.

- What did you see?
- Things that I would never say. Never!

Do these things have to do with Miss Livia?

Then you know everything. I'm not malicious,
I wouldn't want you to have such great pain.

- So I decided it was better to resign.
- What did you see that was so terrible?

Bad, dirty things!

Catarella, let me see them.

Do you promise not to
commit a crime of honor?

Catarella, let me see.

Here it is, Sir. Control yourself, my heart couldn't take it!

Are these the terrible and dirty things?

Inspector, don't you see
them embracing and kissing?...and embracing. It's horrible!

I can see that it's from
when they were both students!

Livia and I haven't been together
since we were in elementary school!

It means that Mrs. Livia at
the time of that kissing...

-wasn't your fiancee?
- Exactly, it's all above board.

He's a priest!

No, they're just two friends
exchanging photos, memories.

- And everything is fine.
- And Inspector, I'm the one who told you! What a pleasure.

- Well done. Tomorrow come back to work, here's the letter.
- Thank you.

- The one I wrote sir?
- It's your letter of resignation.

- What? Then you've fired me?
- No!

- This is your letter...Catare', welcome back.
- Thanks.

See you tomorrow.

- Hello?
- Inspector.

- Catarella.
- I wanted to wish you a good morning...

and tell you how happy I am
to be back at my switchboard.

- It's like a dream!
- I'm glad.

Did you call me to tell me this?

I'm sorry,
but I'm very emotional.

There was a murdering.

he's been killed.

- What? Someone murdered Nicola Magnano?
- Yes, Sir.

- Where?
- At the port.

I'm going there now.


- They didn't spare the bullets.
- Not really, no.

He had just parked up
when he was shot in the back.

- Have you spoken with the fishermen?
- Yes, nobody saw anything.

At 6am they're already on the fishing boats.
They heard the shots.

They ran over here, but the killer
or killers had already escaped.

Maybe, during his first month of freedom
he'd already made enemies.

- Do you think it's a Mafia killing?
- No.

- Find out if Saverio Moscato owns a pistol.
- Yes, OK.

- Moscato?
- Uh-uh.

You reckon the murderer is connected to
the disappearance of Michela?

To me Moscato
seems such a calm, timid guy.

Have you ever heard of one who
has "killer" written on their forehead?

- No, but in this case he seems calm. Bye, Giuse '.
- Sir.

- Look, about that thing...
- Which one?- Livia and...

No, no it's nothing, Catarella got into
the profile of this Alessandro.

- So?- An old crush.
- A flashback?

- What do you mean a flashback! He's a priest.
- A priest?

- A priest.
- Even priests like females.

- Mimì, go fuck yourself!
- But...

-Hello, Jacomuzzi !
- Salvo, welcome.

- Have a hamburger, it's the best in the world.
- No, thanks.

I'll eat it when I've become an American.
What can you tell me about di Magnano ?

I checked the shells.
They shot him with a sporting pistol.

- A sporting pistol?
- A Glock to be precise.

Isn't it a strange choice?
It is also difficult to carry around.

What should I tell you?
From the traces of gunpowder on his clothes...

it is clear that they fired
from close range.

- The close range shots were from a sporting pistol?
- Yes.

Also, Pasquano told me that
those shots were unnecessary.

Magnano died after the first two.

Inspector, I wanted to ask
you if it's true...

that Nicola Magnano
was shot and killed?

I heard someone talking about
it in the street.

So I came here right away.

Yes it's true.
Nicola Magnano has been murdered.

O Lord,
bless those who killed him...

That scum
caused our downfall.

I'm sorry, signor Prestia.

When Michela refused
to marry Magnano...

you and your wife chased
her away from home.

It was after that she became
a lost cause.

We didn't have to throw her out.

We needed to resolve this thing together,
but my wife...

- When did you reconcile with your daughter?
- After a few years.

I didn't care anymore about what
Michela had become.

I missed her.
I knew that Cinzia saw her regularly.

So I asked her to let
me meet her.

Michela was so good.
She didn't have it in for me.

As soon as she saw me she hugged me.
So I started to visit her.

We went back to talking
like a father and daughter.

Inspector, inside these dead eyes...

to me, Michela is like the
last time I saw her...

before becoming blind.

She was ten years old,
a little girl.

She ran up to me so happily when I came
home from the fields.

To me... to me
she'll always be that little girl.

We've decided,
to start with the regional antipasto...

with warm tuna caponata.
Then we'll see.

-So two antipasti.
- right away.- Regional antipasti.

I must tell you...
We've come to this restaurant...

because the internet says
that the food's great.

But what if they don't
understand our tastes? A toast to us.

The Di Giovannis are doing a new
show at the senior center.

"Romeo and Juliet". It will not be...
But it would be nice if we went.

Oh, sure.

You're in a bad mood?
You look strange.

- No, I'm just a little concerned.
- About what?

- You remember Pegaso? I told you about it.
- Yes.

This morning my friend
Alessandro called me.

He told me that someone
has broken into his profile...

and has looked through our private conversations.
- No?

- How can he be sure?
- The technicians called him.

He's cancelled his account
and reformatted his hard drive.

So there should be
no more problems.

- Only...
- Only?

Alessandro is afraid...

that my computer may
have been infected.

I'm not using it anymore.

I don't know, whether this hacker might have
copied my bank details...

-and password.
- No.

I can't live without a computer.

I have a life and
I live without a computer.

When I go back to Boccadasse...

I'll get Alessandro to
reformat the hard disk.

Yes. But won't Alessandro want to find
out what happened?

- Will he report it to the police?
- Alessandro ?

I imagine not, he's
the kindest person I know.

He must have some negative point.

- Yes.
- Ah.

- He's a priest.
- No! A priest?




See how it melts in the mouth?

I must say that it's
a delicate flavour.

Will the tuna caponata be too much?

Let's see.

The tuna's good too.

They understood!

- Hello?
- Inspector, it's Fazio.

- Fazio, what's up?
- I got a call from Maroncelli district.

- So?
- Braceri is dead.

- He was killed.
- I'm coming now.

- Good morning.
- Hi.


- Did anyone see anything ?
- No, nobody.

Neither of the Di Giovannis?

They say they heard the noise
of the shots, but didn't realise what it was.

They were in bed, sleeping.
It could have been after 1 AM.

Any idea what's happened?

Braceri was the worst loan shark
in Vigata.

- Perhaps it was one of his clients.
- Probably.

Braceri came in, someone
was hidden behind the door...

they shot him from behind.

They must have
really hated him. Eight shots.

Come on.

- Jacomu', have you found the shells ?
- One.

Do you think this is the casing
from a normal pistol...

-or is it possibly from a sports pistol?
- I don't know.

But it does resemble the shell case
of a competition pistol.

Is it possibly the same sports pistol
from the previous time?

- Maybe, maybe! What can I tell you?
-You never know anything!

I'm a man of science,
of physics.

"Joy is in you"

"not in the wicked pact
we're going to conclude tonight."

"Sudden, violent like the lightning that
ceases even before it exists."

"Before you have time to say,
it's flashed by."

"Goodnight, my love."

"You want to leave me so dissatisfied?"

"What satisfaction would
you like tonight?"

"To exchange the promise
of a faithful love."

"I gave you my love before
you asked me."

"Yet I would like to have it to
give to you again."

"Would you like to have it back?"

"Why, my love?"

"Because I am generous and I would
like to love you again."

Alright, enough rehearsal for today.

- Inspector Montalbano!
- Am I disturbing you?- No.

- Welcome.
- You haven't disturbed us.

- I wanted to ask you some questions.
- Please, let's go to the dressing rooms.

Follow us.

- Inspector, do you like the theater?
- Yes, I did it as a young man.

- Oh? Why didn't you keep it up?
-My dear lady, life got in the way.


I wanted to know if you had ever seen
Braceri together with this girl.

Yes, sure.
Emanuela, what's she called?

Yes, but this is... Michela !

- Michela, yes.
- Then she left, we haven't seen her for a while.

- Yes. yes.
-She was Braceri's lover for a while.

She'd been with him for a few years.

The poor thing was very young.
She had a face like a child.

It broke our hearts
to think that she was with a guy like that.

We breathed a sigh of relief
when she left.


- Inspector!- Catarella.
- Thank goodness you're here.

- We're screwed!
- Why? What's happened?

It's Miss Livia,
she's in there with Mr Augello.

- Livia's here? What for?
- To sign my death sentence!

What death sentence? Explain
yourself or I can't understand you.

- Not to worry. Let's make the charges some other time.- What?

- Salvo.
- What a lovely surprise! Why are you here?

- I came looking for you and found Mimi.
- What's up?

Nothing, a clumsy intrusion
into a profile on Pegaso..

of a friend of Livia's.

That's ... so?

I can't find the instructions
for a computer fraud complaint.

- So we can't do it.
- Which instructions?

- The new ones sent to us by the ministry.
- Oh. THOSE instructions!

- Yes. Those.
- So you won't be making a complaint.

Alessandro doesn't want to, I do.

Come on, Livia. Is it really so bad
that you want to make a complaint?

Don't underestimate how serious
this intrusion was.

Someone's taken my personal data....

and I want to press charges.

You want to press charges...

- Catarella !
- What is it?...- Catarella !

He went down, like Julius Caesar.

- He's out.
- Don't worry, let's go outside.

Catarella! Thanks.


- Catarella. There we go.
- Is it raining, Sir?

No, Catarella, not raining. It's me.
Keep calm. I'll take care of you.

- You'll take care of me?
- I'll take care of you.- Thanks, Sir.

Come in.

- Inspector.
- Come, come.

You guessed it.
The same pistol that killed Braceri...

was used to kill Magnano.

- For sure.
- You were right.

The two murders are connected
to Michela Prestia.

- We should ask the Di Giovannis.
- Already done.

They say that Michela lived
there for a while.

- Come in.
- Hello.- Hello.

Today, Deputy Inspector Mimì Augello
deserves all your gratitude.

How come?

Early this morning...

I thought about the gun,
the Glock that killed Magnano.

It also killed Tano Braceri.


- Yes, I'll explain later. Go ahead.
- Salvo, you interrupted me.

Sorry. Go ahead.

However... the gun is not a new model,
it is 50 years old.

So I checked at the
appropriate police station.

It's true

Moscato never possessed
a weapon.

It was his father Vito,
who died three years ago...

who had one officially registered.

As it happens it was an
old Glock that he owned.

Saverio may have used that.


Mimi, even if it is not my
custom to do it...

I have to present you
with my compliments.

That was excellent thinking.

I'm sorry, but what does the disappearance of
Michela have to do with the death of this man?

I would like you to tell
me about the affair...

that Michela had
with Tanino Braceri.

I know it must hurt, but I need to know.

Magnano raped her.

Later she was driven out of the house.

Nobody wanted to help her.

She lived in total fear of that criminal.

The only one not afraid of Magnano
was Braceri. He let her live with him.

And then?

Then Braceri started making advances to her
that I prefer to leave to your imagination.

Michela became his lover.

No, I would say he kept her.

He forced her to have relationships
with his friends, for a fee.

It was Tanino Braceri...

who set Michela on the
road to prostitution.

Another thing. Do you possess a pistol
belonging to your father?

Yes ... yes, I have it. It's here.

- Why do you ask?
- I need to check it. Can you get it?

- Right away.
- Thanks.

My father had a passion for shooting.

He was always at the range.
I know, I should have given it to you.

- It's not there ...
- Are you sure this is the right box?

Certain, inspector.

Who knew about this pistol?

Only Michela and I.

Apart from you and Michela, nobody
knew about the pistol in the box.

- Yes, inspector.
- So,Michela might have taken it.

You have a theory on why
Michela might have taken the pistol?

To make them pay, inspector.

To make them pay for
what they've ruined.

I don't deserve this.
Your stronger than I Inspector.

If I knew, I'd tell you.
What can I possibly say?

I can't sleep at night.
What can I do?

Inspector, you must understand me...

- Catarella !
- Oh Sir, Sir!- Why are you here?

I must talk to you,
personally in person.

- Why?
- I want to free my conscience...

-and confess everything.
- Catare', what have you done?

I can't take it anymore, Inspector.

If you asked me again to
do this to Miss Livia...

I'd answer no, never ever.

I feel like a filthy worm.

I've done something sick and nasty..

-against a person like Miss Livia.
- Catare', calm down.

You are right. We did something really
nasty, but it's my fault.

Only me.
I'm the filthy worm.

No, Sir.
Do not even say it as a joke.

Your the Inspector.
Only I can only be the worm.

It's going to be this way, Catare'.
Now go home and remain calm.

Forgive me for what I did to you.

- Goodnight Inspector.
- Get going. Goodnight.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I want to tell you something.

- What's happened?
- Nothing.

What happened is...

The thing is it was me
that broke into Alessandro's profile.

Nobody hacked my computer.

No, I told Catarella to do it.

But he has nothing to do with it.
I'm completely to blame.

- And why'd you do it?
- Why...

Because I was jealous.

Jealous of Alessandro,
of your relationship...

of the things that you shared.

It's pointless for me to try to justify it.
It's done now...

What's so funny?

You were jealous of the
past after all.

Do you forgive me?


You think that social networks
are evil.

No, not evil.

- I don't know how it works, it seems pointless.
- That's not true.

It's a good way of finding
old friends and making new ones.

If two friends have lost touch for a long time,
it's better it stays like that.

Alessandro and I are really happy
to have found each other again.

- Alessandro...
- Even though he's a priest...

he is very nice.

Very nice...the next time you come to
Boccadasse you can meet him.

- You'll find out.
- No, come on...

You owe me that.

Alright then.

To forgiveness.

- I'm sleepy.
- Go to bed, I'll take care of it here.

I'm going to watch a little television.

This necklace is exceptional.
As you can see.

It has formidable minerals
and crystals.

-They will bring benefits to your liver ...
- Charlatans.

- It is the "call of the angels".
- What's that mean?

That necklace, pregnant
women wear it.

It's a little bell, they think the child can hear it.
It's meant to protect them.

Now we move on to
a terrific article...

She came back for this?

Yes. You see this pendant?
It is not an ordinary pendant.

It's called the "call of the angels".
It's worn by pregnant women.

It rings a tiny bell...

and it seems that the child in
the womb hears it.

- During your relationship, did Michela become pregnant?
- No.

Michela had this pendant
before she met me.

She kept it to remember
that unfortunate pregnancy.

- Tell me about it.
- Five years ago she became pregnant.

The man she was with
didn't want the child.

He convinced her to
have an abortion.

- But the operation went wrong.
- What happened?

Complications, an infection.
I don't know.

When it was over,
Michela wasn't able to have more children.

- Michela would have wanted them?
- Yes, she told me.

Who knows ... maybe, with children,
I would have freed myself from my jealousy.

Then who was the father of the child?

She would never tell me.

- Inspector, hello.
- Hello.

- Sir, last night I slept like an angel.
- What?

- Like a little angel.
- Lucky you. Me. Not so much.

- I'm sorry.
- I know.

Inspector, the cargo port.

Can I call you back in a while?


I have some information about
Michela Prestia's abortion.

It was done at Villa Zirafano,
a private clinic.

I went there and talked to a nurse...

-who clearly recalled the girl.
- What did she tell you?

The doctors warned her that there were risks,
but she wanted the abortion.

- The man she was with pressured her.
- Yes.

The surgery was done, it went wrong and
she could no longer have children.

Anything else?

- Yes, the mother-load.
- Meaning?

- I found out who paid the clinic bill.
- Who was it?

Pietro Sanfilippo.

-Saverio's friend ?
- Exactly.

- The friend of Saverio Moscato ? - Yes Inspector.
- Come with me.


But this is a 450,000 euro deal.

Exactly. We can be more precise.

Make sure...



Put down the pistol.

Cinzia, put down the pistol.

Put it down, Cinzia.

Drop it. Drop it.

That's it.

I'll take it.

Let go.

You convinced yourself...

that your sister was killed
by Magnano, is that it?


He was an animal.

I'm sure that he
took his revenge on Michela...

once he got out of prison.

Michela was afraid?

I'm certain she was, Inspector.

That's why she didn't want
to involve Saverio.

She was afraid for him too.

Saverio left for Milan...

Magnano first kidnapped her and then killed her.

He killed her.

So you wanted revenge.

You went to Saverio's place...

took the pistol that belonged
to his father and you killed Magnano.

You also wanted to punish Braceri.

For forcing your sister
into prostitution.

Then, finally you wanted to kill Sanfilippo.

He'd taken away from your sister
the chance of ever becoming a mother.

Am I right?


Michela wasn't only
a sister to me...

she was my whole family.

Nobody loved me the way she did.
Do you see?

I had to avenge her death.

I had to make them all pay,
Those who ruined her life.

I loved Michela.

But my family were set against her.

My father said...

He threatened me that he would give
the company to my brothers...

unless I left her.

What was the problem?
Her reputation?

I tried, but I
did not have the courage.

I had my back to the wall.

I told her that we could continue
to be together...

but we had to give up the child.

I see, but she left you
immediately after the abortion.

I thought it was the best thing,
both for me and for her.

Yes, what I did was horrible.

It was horrible.

I will never forgive myself.

You do not have to worry,

I'll fix it right away.

I have the tape and superglue.

Have you seen the face
of your killer?

I see it, Inspector.

- What do you want?
- Signora RICOTTA wants a chat.

- Signora RICOTTA ?

Bring her in.

Right away.

Please, make yourself comfortable...

Signora Liotta.

Good evening, Inspector.

- Good evening.
- I have come to bring this.

- What is it?- The receipts
from Saverio's trip to Milan.

The accountant
brought them back.

I checked myself.

It's all in order.

I was sure.
There's no doubt about Saverio.

Good, thank goodness
. Sincere thanks.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Eh.
- Hi.- Hi.

You're bringing work home?

It's the receipts for
Saverio's trip to Milan.

You see? May 15th, arrives from Milan
by plane.

From Punta Raisi to Vigata
takes the bus.

Sanfilippo said he went to collect
him from the bus.

Here's the ticket, but there's only one.

When he left for Milan on the 7th May...

how did he get from Vigata
to Punta Raisi ?

Someone accompanied him
in the car. Michela.

Yes, here it is. 7th May.

It's a receipt for petrol.

You think Saverio may have... ?

I never liked Saverio, he
never convinced me.

What he felt for Michela
was not love...

it was an obsession. At least that's
how it seemed to me.

Signor Moscato, it's Montalbano.

Signor Moscato.

What is this racket?

I'm going to call the police.

I hope they kick you in the ass like
you deserve, asshole!

And you are? Watch your tongue.
I AM the police.

Forgive me.

It doesn't matter.

Yesterday Mr. Moscato left,
with two travel bags.

- Who knows when he'll return?
- With two travel bags?

- Yes, sir.
- I see.

Is it OK?

Signor Moscato,
It's Inspector Montalbano.

May I?


- Hello.- Hello.
- I have something to ask you.

- Please, sit down.
- Thanks.- Would you like a coffee?

- Yes, please.
- Coming right up.

It's here that you buried her, right?


The day before leaving
for Milan...

Michela and I came here to make peace.

The night before we had a fight.

What about?

My usual fixation.

My jealousy. My jealousy of her old life.

Did you have a fight here.

No, hardly.

It was a wonderful day.

We thought we'd spend
the whole day here.

The next morning I planned to
take Michela to Vigata...

and in the afternoon I was taking
the plane to Milan.

We made love.

Then she went away.

She came back after five minutes.

She told me she wanted to
give me something...

that others would never have had.

And that they could
never have again.

I asked her what it was.

But she didn't respond.

Only later did I understand
what she had given me.

She gave me her life.

She was poisoned.

The same night I dug a hole.

I put her in it.

The next morning I took the car, went
to Punta Raisi and left for Milan.

On May 13 you returned to Sicily and then
immediately left for Milan, is that true?


That day we finished work early.

I said nothing to anyone and decided
to leave for Palermo.

Why did you do that?

I wanted to collect all of Michela's things.

I put them in a suitcase and
brought them here.

Excuse me, Mr. Moscato.
If Michela committed suicide...

why were you doing so much
to hide the truth?

I know it's hard to believe.

In my mind ...
Michela was not dead.

Until two days ago she was
beside me, she was alive.

I saw her.

She was mine.

I realise, I didn't say anything
to anyone.

I don't know...

Her death ...

It was a gift.

She wanted to tell me that I was the
only man in her life.


- Mr. Moscato ...
- The other night I woke up suddenly.

I couldn't hear her anymore.

I looked for her.

I started screaming, but she wasn't there,
I couldn't find her.

That gift ...

It wasn't a gift.

It was a sentence.
My sentence, Inspector.

That I will have to pay forever.

I will pay forever.

Inspector, you can't understand
how much I loved her.

Signor Moscato...

I have to arrest you for the
concealment of a corpse.


Livia, aren't you ready?

No, the show is no longer happening.


They called me from the center.

They told me that ...

The rehearsal yesterday went great.

The Di Giovannis returned home.
They were tired, but seemed happy.

They went to sleep and ...

In the morning,
when Andrea woke up

he found that Emanuela had died.

They think he tried to
phone for help.

But he died too.

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