Inspector Montalbano (1999–…): Season 12, Episode 1 - La giostra degli scambi - full transcript

After fire set up at the electronics store, owner disappeared without a trace. Montalbano begins the investigation of the disappearance. At the same time, a hijacker appears, who for a few hours takes away young girls .

#Indistinct voices

-What the fuck !
- Hey! Hey !

Hey !

- Shit !
- What are you doing?

Stop ! Carabinieri !

Stop ! Give me that knife.

-Here it is.
-That's better.

- Now you'll come with us to the barracks.
- I'm just keeping them apart.

He kicked me in the ribs...

and almost broke every bone....
- And me in the face.

No, no, no, let's be clear about things.

You're trying to be smart with us?
You're coming to the barracks.

Hands in sight or we handcuff you.

I'm Inspector Montalbano.
I live here!

- You can explain who you are at HQ.
- No.

- Listen to me
.- Don't move, what's happening here?

- Nothing, Lieutenant. A fight.
- A fight.

- Inspector Montalbano!
- Good day.- What happened?

- Now I can tell the tale.
.- Take these two away.

I was taking my coffee.
As usual.

I saw these two on the beach.

Can I offer you a coffee?
Come with me and I'll explain it better.

- Morning, Catarella !
- Good day, Inspector!

Inspector ! Your Housekeeper
wants to talk to you immediately.

Adelina ? Hello?

Inspector, I got a scare.

You can not rest easy, not even here
- What's happened ?

An hour ago while I was in the kitchen
I heard noises.

Holy Madonna !

I saw a man.
A big, tall guy...

standing out on the balcony
and I thought he was a thief.

Do not move, do nothing. Got it?
I'm coming.

- Oh what a morning?
- Thursday.

- What's Thursday?
- This morning is Thursday.

No, I said that...

Never mind. Never mind.

I'm here, I'm here!

Sorry! Take it easy!

I'm Inspector Montalbano !

- Help !
- It's me, Inspector Montalbano !

Help me! Help!

Sit him in the armchair.
Put it here in the middle.

That's it. Here we are!

Can you hear me? I'll free you
but please don't yell.

Alright? Okay.

There you go.


It was a huge misunderstanding.

Let me explain. This morning I went out
leaving the French window open.

Evidently a thief broke in.

As he wandered around
the house you appeared on the porch.

The thief must have hit you
on the head with something heavy.

You fainted and
he tied you up in the closet.

Fortunately, Adelina arrived,
the lady who keeps the house in order.

The thief escaped and
Adelina found you in this closet.

She called me immediately
and I rushed over here. Do you believe me?

- Of course I believe you, but might I introduce myself?
- Please do!

Excuse me, tell me.

- My name is Alfredo Virduzzo.
- Yes.

I went to the police station
because I had to talk to you.

The receptionist, a strange guy,
he started talking, talking...

I couldn't really understand him.

I could only figure out
that you hadn't yet arrived at work.

Since I know where you live,
I came to look for you at home.

Get it? Ahh !
What a headache!

- You feel OK?
- My head it's about to explode !- The phone!

- Don't move.
- My god, I'm dying!

It's Montalbano speaking.

Is Fazio there? No? Then Galluzzo...That's it...

Tell him to drive over
to my house, quick as he can!

Quickly! Well done.

Mimì, Fazio ? Come into my office.

Salvo, I've been waiting for you.

See how many reports I have for you to sign.

I can see from that little smile
on your lips that there's nothing major...

So what's been happening?

As far as I'm concerned
just a car theft.

On the other hand I have
a curious story to tell.

So, go ahead, tell it.

Late last night
a certain Agostino Smerca came here.

He wanted to report an incident
involving his daughter Manuela

a fairly attractive
thirty year old woman

who lives with her widowed father
in an isolated cottage.

She works at the Bank of Sicily.

Each evening she gets on the 1830 bus,
then has a ten minute walk to get home.

Every single day the same.

And the rest?
Tell us the next episode.

I'll tell you now.

Five days ago,
she got off the bus

She noticed a parked car
with its trunk open...

with a man looking
inside. She took no notice and carried on.

After passing the car,
she feels a revolver in her back

and then they put a rag
with some chloroform over her nose and mouth.

She faints!

An hour later she wakes up
alone and free in the countryside.

And Mr Smerca reported this
five days later?

Maybe Manuela didn't want to
in case the locals gossiped about her.

- Did the kidnapper rape her?
- No.

- Beaten up?
- No.

- Did he rob her?
- No.

- What the fuck did he do then?
- That's the thing. He did nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

She woke up with her purse
and nothing was missing.

As soon as she recovered,
she went back to work.

That's all.

- You've spoken with this Manuela?
- Yes.

As soon as I was informed
I went to their home.

- What did she tell you?
- That she couldn't recognise him...

because he was wearing a hat
and sunglasses.

She couldn't tell who it was.

She's not even
sure if it's a man or a boy?

Exactly. But according to her,
he wasn't that young.

Call her, tell her to come
here, I want to talk to her.

- That's not possible.- Why ?
- She left Vigata this morning.

Galluzzo, what are you doing here?
What's the hurry?

I wanted to let you know you
that I went to the emergency room.

They only found
some bad bruising.

They gave him a painkiller
and I took him home.

- He told me that at 4 o'clock he's coming to the police station.
- Alright.

- Thanks, you can go.
- Goodbye, Inspector.

Slow down, you animal!

- Good day!
- Inspector !

- Enzo, How's things?
- Good day, Inspector.

- Did something happen?
- Yes.

Do you want to talk about it?

If you can spare 15 minutes,
I'll explain everything.

- Yes, tell me now. - No.
- Why? - First you have to eat.

- As we say, "You don't think while fucking."
- Then bring me food.

- Was it all alright?
- Yes, now sit down and tell me about it.

The story starts six days ago.
The evening of the last day of August.

My brother, Giovanni, told me
about it only yesterday.

Giovanni has a daughter,
Rosalia. A sensible girl.

She works as a cashier at the bank.
Banco Credito.

She was kidnapped and released
without anything being done to her?

- Yes, how did you know?
- I had a similar case the day after yours.

I want to talk to your niece.

She's here. I'll ask her to come over.
She said she wanted to talk to you.

- Have her come here, but I want to talk to her alone.
- I've no objection.

- Inspector...
- Please, sit down.

It sounds a nasty experience.
Can you tell me about it?

I was coming home.
I'd been to the cinema with a friend.

I was in the car alone.

I woke up two hours
later just outside Montelusa.

I'd suffered no violence.
Not even a bruise or a scratch.

Nothing had been stolen.

Did you see his face?

Yes, but he had a hat,
a scarf and these dark glasses.

I couldn't describe him to you.

How old in your opinion?

He was mature. I'm sure.
He did not move like a young man.

Could you tell
if he was sexually excited?

I couldn't tell. But I think he was afraid.

- Afraid of what?
- Of what he was doing.

- Who wants more?
- Me. It's very good.

- Me too.
- Go for it.

Excuse me, Salvo...

If we were not here,
would you eat all this pasta alone?

- If you think I eat like an animal, you're wrong.
- No, for heaven's sake.

Back to the case...

There is one thing that Rosalia told me
that made me think.

When she says that, the kidnapper
was frightened by what he was doing.

- Explain better.
- It means two things.

The first is that the kidnapper
is a newbie.

The second is that there is
something that drives him to do it.

That is to say that he could be
obliged to act on behalf of a third party.

Exactly. There is something that
obliges him to carry out these abductions.

Then, these kidnappings
could be a red herring.

- Exactly.
- How do we proceed?

I don't know,
but we have a big advantage.

Journalists are unaware,
nor is there any gossip about it.

Why is that to our advantage?

In my opinion, the kidnapper
wanted to get noticed with these kidnappings.

This silence could force
him to do something even bigger.

- Another abduction.
- For example.

Unlike the other two,
this time it will last a few days.

-So, then the family will ask us for help.
- Exactly.

We'll have to hope he trips up.

Gentlemen ... To Adelina's Pasta Incaciata!

It is a true masterpiece.

A little while ago something
similar happened here in Genoa.

I was still in high school.

- Tell me.
-I do not remember much.

He was an impotent maniac.

He too was taking women.

He got excited when they
passed out and he would smell their panties.

-What's up?
- This case does not seem quite the same, you know?

- I don't know ... Because.

-What does that mean?
- Instinctively....Because...Because...Because

Do you investigate "instinctively"?

Facts, tests, verifications ...
Do these things mean anything to you?

What's that got to do with it?
Of course they mean something.

I use instinct too...
You're making me nervous.

I have to go now.
Talk to you tomorrow.

Now I see what's going on...

-Say sorry.

You're becoming touchy in your old age.

- Everyone has their flaws.
-You're getting worse as you get older.

- Should I hang up?
-Goodnight, Salvo.

Goodnight my love.

- Good morning.
-Good Morning Inspector!

-Any news?
- No ... Ah, I almost forgot!

I let Mr. Pitruzzo sit in your office.
Was that ok?

You did well. He's not called
"Pitruzzo", but "Virduzzo".

- Pitruzzo.
- Virduzzo.- Pitruzzo.

Doesn't matter.
Catarì... Virduzzo.

- Pitruzzo.
- Go fuck yourself.

Signor Virduzzo, good morning.

- Good morning, Inspector.
- Don't get up.

- How's your head?
- Better, much better.

Thank you Inspector.
I'm sorry about yesterday.

I chose to stay home to rest a bit.

- I think I did the best thing.
- Very much so.

- So. Tell me all about it.
- I wanted to tell you ...

Excuse me one moment.

- Go ahead?
-I'm in Via dei Fiori in an antique shop.

There was an arson attack.
Maybe you'd better come down here.

Can't you do it yourself?
I'm busy here.

It would be better
if you were here too.

- Are there any complications?
-If you come down, I'll explain.

Alright. I'm coming.

- You must excuse me, an emergency.
- God forbid. I understand.

- Do you want to come back this afternoon?
- Is 6pm okay?

- Perfect.- Thanks.
- Come, let's show you out.

- Inspector.
- Fazio, why did you call me?

I would not have called you
if it wasn't something serious.

Let's go upstairs so I can explain.

Step this way.

- Does he live in this apartment above the shop?
- Yes.

- What's his name?
- Marcello Di Carlo.

- Is the shop also his?
- Yes.

And he's not here?

No, the shop assistant says
he has not been seen for three days.

- How old is he?
- Forty.

- Married?
- No, his parents are both dead.

- He's an only child.
- Did he tell you anything else?

He told me he's a good guy,
a big ladies' man, likes to live it up.

He spent August in Lanzarote
with his latest flame.

A week ago, on August 31st,
he came back here.

- What's his name?
- Who? - The clerk.

- Filippo Caruana.
- Is he still here? - Of course.

- I want to talk to him.
- Okay.

- Mr. Caruana.
- Filippo Caruana.

Hello. I'm Inspector Montalbano.
On what date did you open the shop?

The first of September. Marcello had
returned the day before from his holiday.

Did you notice anything
strange about him?

- He was more cheerful than usual.
- Why? How is he normally?

Before ... he was
always nervous and worried.

Things were not going well here.

Explain what you mean.

In recent months
the store has had a decline in sales.

And then ... He told me that
the mafia had doubled the protection money.

As far as you know,
has Di Carlo paid it?


Before leaving for the Canary Islands
he told me he would not pay up.

He had already
received telephone threats.

I'm sorry told me
he came back contented and happy

That's right inspector. Marcello came
back can I put it?


The reason being...
he told me himself.

He'd fallen deeply in
love with a girl.

He told me that he was
really serious about this girl.

- Did he meet her on holiday?
- No, he told me about it in June.

They met here in Vigata.

She had booked
July and August in Tenerife

while he went
alone in August to Lanzarote.

- So then... They got together.
- I get it. They're still together?

- I don't know for sure, but I think so.
- Why do you think so?

Marcello has changed
his habits. The shop closes at 8pm.

Since he came back,
he leaves at 6:30 pm. I do the closing up.

-Do you think he's spending time with the girl?"
-Inspector...Of course I do.

Do you know
the girl's name or address?

No, I only know what
I told you.

- Do you know any of his friends?
- One only ... Giorgio Bonfiglio.

He is always here asking for Marcello.

To my knowledge, they
are best friends.

Giorgio Bonfiglio.
Di Carlo owns a vehicle?

A Porsche Cayenne.
He keeps it in a garage two blocks from here.

- Have you been to check?
- Yes, but the car is not there.

Three days ago he took it
and disappeared. I have the license plate number.

That's great.
Many thanks, Mr Caruana.

- If you hear anything, let us know.
- Sure, goodbye.

- What do you think?
- He may be gallivanting, out with his new lady.

If that's not the case,
she'll soon be chasing us to find him.

- The firefighters, what do they say?
- That the fire is malicious.

They poured petrol
everywhere and set fire to it.

- They forced the door?
- No, it was already open.

- But there was nobody inside.
- There are two possibilities.

Either, there is no connection between
the fire and the disappearance ...

or the relationship is there and
it is closely linked.

- Whoever set the fire may have kidnapped Di Carlo.
- Yes.

-Couldn't he have done it himself?

Things are going wrong,
so set the room on fire, collect the insurance...

- and blames the mafia.
- It could be.

We don't know anything about this guy.
We need to know as much as possible.

Check out Bonfiglio
and bring him to the police station for 4 o'clock.

- Yes.
- Alright then.

Come in!

-Am I interrupting?
- Mimì, come in.

-Any news?
- Yes.

A car was burned out tonight.

Since one had been
reported stolen, I went to check.

The car was a Mitsubishi
with a big boot.

I'm not interested in your stolen car.
We'll have it on a traffic camera anyway.

In this instance you're wrong.


The burned out car
was the stolen vehicle.

But whoever set it
on fire left the trunk intact...

where I found something curious.

As in...?

A metal hairband covered with fabric.

Something came to mind...

What if the kidnapper of
these young women used that car?

What have you done?

I called the forensics,
I waited for them and I went home.

They're letting me know this afternoon.

Mimi, you know how much it pains me
to tell you what I'm about to say.

Nevertheless, I must tell you ...

well done, you've done good. And...

No, no, Salvo. Please,
stop there and don't strain yourself.

You'll give yourself a hernia.

There you go!

-Inspector, Mr. Bonfiglio.
- Bring him through.

- Good day.
- Thanks for coming.

Take a seat.

Tell me, how did your
friendship with Di Carlo begin?

We met ten years ago
at a dinner with mutual friends.

Despite the age
difference, we became friends.

- Are you married?
- No, Inspector.

I am what they call
"an unrepentant bachelor".

- Di Carlo confides in you.
- Of course.

Maybe due to my age
I have become, as it were, his confessor.

And his advisor.

Did he tell you
that the mafia doubled their demands?

- Obviously, yes.
- What advice did you give him?

Pay without any questions.
Apparently he did not listen to me.

Why did you give that advice?

Without wishing to offend anyone...

In the first place because
it seems to me, that both you and the Carabinieri...

are powerless as regards protection money.

In the second place?

It was not a doubling, but
a slight increase.

Marcello said
it felt like almost a doubling.

In your opinion, are the fire
and the disappearance linked to the mafia?

It seems to me a
completely logical deduction.

After the disappearance of Marcello,
the other traders...

will submit to their demands
in order to secure their livelihoods.

When did you last see him?

Two days before he left for his holidays.

29 July.

He told me
he would be back on August 31st.

Didn't you see him when he came back?

No, I returned
the day before yesterday from Palermo.

- Business?
- No, my sister is very sick.

- I went to assist her.
- Did he phone you at all?

Yes, two or three times, I think.

- Did he tell you he was in love?
- And how!

He called me from
Lanzarote just to tell me.

He told me again
in the last phone call.

"Giorgio, this ones the real thing."

- Did you find it funny?
- Frankly, yes, Inspector.

Since I've known him,
it will be the fourth time he's said it.

Every time he really believes it.
Talks about marriage, children ...

It's as though a fever comes over him.
Then one day it passes and he's cured.

Did he tell you this womans name?

No, he didn't say.

The other times he told me everything.
Name, surname, address, best qualities...

- Nothing this time.
- Doesn't it seem strange to you?

Yes, I asked him why he
was reticent.

He just said
he would tell me when he came back.

It would be a surprise.

Maybe because
you already know the girl.

Yes. It's possible.

Actually in recent years
I've been out with a number of girls.

What's your job?

I'm the exclusive representative
of some world famous jewelry brands.

I got the idea...

that Di Carlo lives beyond his means.

You are not wrong.
He's somewhat in debt.

With the banks?

Not just banks, unfortunately.
Even with some loan sharks.

- Did he ever ask you for money?
- Yes, and I gave it to him.

Considerable amounts?

If it's OK, I prefer not to answer.

- He's paid you back?
- Yes, partly.

I get it. That is all for the moment.

If Di Carlo shows up alive,
let us know.

Of course.

- Many thanks.
- Your welcome, Inspector.

This case is more difficult
than it seems.

- Salvo.
- Mimì.

The forensics team,
in addition to the hairband...

found a ring in the trunk.

The band should be Manuela's.

- This ring should belong to Enzo's niece.
- How do you know?

I'm not a magician. Enzo told me
when I went there to eat.

I'll give you
a task that you should like.

Show these bags to the two girls.

If they recognize the objects, then
it's the kidnapper's car.

- I'll get going.
- Wait, Mimi.

First I have to ask you something.

- In your previous whoring life...
- I've never frequented "whores".

OK. In your past life as a ladies man.
Is that better?

- Yes.
- Have you ever met anyone called Bonfiglio?

- Giorgio Bonfiglio? Yes, sure.

- Is he reliable?
- In the work he does he is impeccable.

He's been a rascal all his life.
He's a great poker player.

He really likes to bluff.

- Can I go?
- Go.

Come on.

Excuse me,
why did you ask him about Bonfiglio?

Caruana said Di Carlo
told him about this girl before June.

Yes, but Bonfiglio told us
that he knew about her...

from a phone call
that Di Carlo made to him in August.

Does it seem normal that
Di Carlo talks about this young woman with his salesman...

but not with his "bosom buddy"?

- It's strange.
- There can be only two explanations.

Di Carlo actually
spoke to Bonfiglio of his new lady...

but Bonfiglio
does not want to let on to us.

The second is that
Di Carlo did not tell him about it.

Yes, but why didn't he tell him?

Was he afraid of Bonfiglio's reaction?
And if so, why?

- Hello, Catarella?
-Inspector, Mr. Pitruzzo called.

He can not come at 6pm.

- He has a headache.
- Ah.

Alright, thanks.

Talk to me, Catarella.

There's someone on the phone
asking for help, but I don't understand them.

Asking for help? All right, put them on.
Someone asking for help.

Help, help me!

This is Inspector Montalbano.

- Is there something I can do?
-I'm confused.

What's your name?

- Maugeri.
- Maugeri.

- Where do you live?
- Ficarra. Contrada Ficarra.

Signor Maugeri ?

Signor Maugeri, we're here.

- Signor Maugeri !

I'm here. Help!

- We'll break open the door.
- Leave it to me.

Signor Maugeri, we're coming!


My daughter Luigia
finishes work at 16:30.

-During the day, a maid named Grazia looks after me.
-Where does your daughter work?

She's employed by the
Co-operative Bank of Vigata

Today she called me at
16:35 to tell me to let Grazia go home.

She said she was coming
home, but I've been left all alone!

You couldn't contact her by phone?

Yes, I tried at 17:30 but got
no response. She's got it on silent.

I called two or three
times, but nothing ... I'm worried.

I sat up on the bed to
get in the wheelchair, but I fell.

I caught hold of the phone.

Does your daughter
use a vehicle to get around?

Yes, she has a white Polo.

A white Polo.

The keys are in the ignition.

Here it is.

Mobile phone... off.

Full purse.

Bunch of keys.

We're looking at the
third kidnapping.

- May I?
- Come, come.

Rosalia recognized the ring
as her own.

So the Mitsubishi has
been used for the kidnappings.

I understand, but
the kidnapper has changed his car.

I heard the news. I checked.

There were no
other reports of stolen cars.

The owner may not
yet have noticed.

I can't reconcile myself
to this third kidnapping.

- You're not to blame.
- No.

But the details in
the first two were identical.

Maybe I should have made a
call and alerted all single women drivers.

In my opinion it was
good that you did not do it.

Panic would spread.

They would lynch anyone
who had stopped with a vehicle break-down.

Anyway, now the night-time
TV news shows will issue an appeal.

I'll make you a proposal.

Since we'll be here
all night taking phone calls...

I'll go home now
and take over from you at 3 AM.

Proposal accepted.

Catarella, come in here a minute.

- See you later, Salvo.
- Okay.

I'm coming in, sir.

What are we doing,
shall I pass or will you pass?

I would never forgive myself.
Pass by me.


-My orders?.
-Catarella I will remain here until 3 am.

- What time do you go home?
- I'm not leaving.

- I'll stay here as long as you stay.
- Okay, Catarella, I understand.

Send someone to get sandwiches and beers.
How do you want the sandwiches?

- I'll have two. One with the salami and the other as well.
- Maybe me too. Take the money.

It is a great pleasure
to eat bread and salami with you.


- Were you sleeping?
- Not now.

- It's already 3 AM?
- Yes.

- Were there any interesting calls?
- No, nothing interesting.

I'm going to get some sleep.

See you tomorrow morning.
Do I answer or do you answer?

You, but use the speakerphone.

- Hello?
-My name's Roscitano.

I want to speak with the detective in charge.
The one called...oh yes....

- You can speak to me.

I'm the Deputy Inspector,
Mimì Augello.

Right, listen. I went down to
my garage to get the car.

There was a naked and bruised
woman groaning in front of my gate.

She couldn't speak, just groaning.
My wife brought her in the house

Signor Roscitano, where do you live?

On the main road to Montereale.
It's a villa with a small tower.

Good evening. I'm Roscitano.
Come, she's upstairs with my wife.

Come in, come in.

It's Luigia Maugeri. Call on your mobile
and tell them to bring a doctor.


Tell me what's
going through your mind?

What Enzo's niece told me.

"The kidnapper is afraid of his own actions."

I don't get it.

It occurs to me, the kidnapper
wanted to strangle this girl.

He lacked the courage
and only managed to beat her.

- Where does this lead us?
- To the most dangerous category of criminal.

Those people who are not
naturally inclined to do harm...

but when they do they
are capable of anything to hide it.


They can't bear
the shame of being discovered.

Let's go.

Hi, I'm Inspector Montalbano.

- How do you feel?
- A little better.

Do you mind if
we talk about the incident?

I'll save your breath.
I'll tell you the first part.

You stop me
only if I say anything wrong.

You can tell me
the second part. Alright?

Coming home, you see
a car standing in the middle of the road.

-The boot is open, someone wants some help.

You get out and when your
back's turned, you find you're being chloroformed.

- Is that so?
- Yes.- Now it's your turn.

I woke up.

I didn't know the time, it was dark.
I was naked and I was sick everywhere.

I did not know where I was
and I started walking.

I walked as long as I could.
Then I collapsed in front of a house.

Did you manage to
see the attacker's face?

So to speak.

He had a hat over his eyes
and glasses with dark lenses.

He never spoke.

- He gave me orders by nodding his head.
- Ah.

Could you tell if it was
a young or mature man?

He was a mature man.

- Did you recognize the kidnapper's car?
- No.

It was totally unknown to me.

Has anyone told you
that this is the third kidnapping?

Have they
kidnapped two other people?

Two other girls.
No violence was used on them.

A coincidence perhaps,
but they too work in a bank.

I do not know what to say.
Excuse me, I'm very tired.

Your right.
I'll not disturb you any longer.

- Goodbye.
- See you later.

- Salvo.
- Mimì, what are you doing here?

- Do you have any coffee for me too?
- Upstairs.

Didn't you sleep last night?

Less than nothing.
Yesterday evening I took a girl to dinner.

- We had a late one.
- I do not want to know about your love stories.

- It was in the line of duty.
- Then talk and do not yawn.

The young lady
is called Anna Bonifacio.

We had a fling,
but it was six months ago.

I can imagine ...
What did she tell you?

She works in the
same bank as Luigia Maugeri.

That's why I went out with her.

- What did she say ?
- Two important things.

The first is that on May 1st
Anna was in Taormina...

and she saw a couple
kissing inside a luxurious car.

The second is that when they were leaving,
she recognized Luigia Maugeri.

She also recognized the man,
because he is a customer of the bank.

- Guess who it is ...
- Marcello Di Carlo.

You already know ? Then I'll shut up!

Don't be a baby!
I did not know. I simply... followed my nose.

So Luigia is the last of Di Carlo's
flings before the girl in Lanzarote.

- May I?
- Please do.- Thanks.

- How are you today?
- Much better, thanks.- Good.

- Can I introduce Inspector Fazio.
- Good day.

Luigia, I have a proposition for you.

Our meeting today is
confidential and must remain so.

- Alright.
- I made myself clear? Good.

Between April and early June,
did you have a relationship with Marcello Di Carlo?

There is nothing to be ashamed of.
Please answer.


Did Di Carlo ask you for a cash loan?

How much?

- Fifty thousand euros.
- You agreed?

He begged me
with tears in his eyes ... Yes.

When did he inform you
of the fact that he wanted to leave you?

June 3rd.
I can not forget that date.

He told me he was in love
with another woman.

- You know the girls name?
- No.

I do not know her and I don't care.

How did you react then?

- I felt bad. I was petty and mean.
-What did you do?

I'm too ashamed.

You asked him to repay the loan?

- And he said?
- He told me he couldn't.

So you had his bank account frozen.

I turned to a judge, a friend of mine.

Days later I received
a transfer of 50,000 euros from Credito Marittimo.

and the account was un-frozen.

Let's move on to the abduction.

When you saw the car
stopped on the day of the abduction...

did you recognize
it as Di Carlo's Porsche?

- Yes.
- So why did you stop?

I wasn't expecting
Marcello to react violently like that.

Time had passed....

I did not believe and
I still honestly do not believe he's capable of such things.

- You said that the attacker was a mature man.
- True.

- Did you know immediately that it could not be Di Carlo?
- Of course.

Another thing.
Did Di Carlo ever loan out his car?

No, he was so possessive of it.

He made an exception
only for Giorgio Bonfiglio.

Did you know Bonfiglio?

- Unfortunately, yes, I do not like him.
- How come?

On the afternoon of June 3
I had an appointment with Marcello.

I went to meet Marcello, but he was not there.
Bonfiglio turned up instead.

Bonfiglio groped me. He
tried it on with me.

Then Marcello arrived
and told me that our affair was over.

- It seemed to me that they'd arranged it.
- Why?

If the plan had worked,
Marcello would have found me with Bonfiglio

and he would have made a scene.

He could have taken advantage
of the situation by delaying the repayment of the loan.

- Had you met Bonfiglio before?
- Always with Marcello.

We often went to dinner together.

Bonfiglio would bring
a pretty girl of my age. Silvana.

- Did you know her surname?
- No.

He introduced her as his girlfriend.

At the last two dinners
Silvana wasn't with him.

I asked what had happened,
but Bonfiglio was evasive.

Can you tell me more about this girl?

She has long dark hair and
works as an accountant.

I see. I have one last question, this
may sound a little strange.

In light of what you told me...

Did you have suspicions
about who this mature person was?

Did you suspect
who the attacker was?

You would like to hear
me say his name, but I won't do it.

- Why?
- I'm not absolutely certain.

What causes this uncertainty?

Inspector, that man, in order
to put the rag over my mouth...

he had to hold me from behind.

He made only the necessary movements.

Bonfiglio would
never have behaved so properly.

I am convinced...

that he would take
advantage of me once unconscious.


Sir, pardon me.
How is Mr Virduzzo?

Oh why did I use the heaviest pan!

Don't worry, when I saw him,
he was fine.

- Really?
- Yes.

- No brain damage?
- What! No brain damage! Don't worry.

- Catarella, speak to me.
Sir, am I interrupting?

- No, I was playing ping pong.
- I'm sorry to disturb the game.

- Calm down, I'm playing alone.
You're amazing!

How do you do it?
- Eh, how do I ...

I run around the table
with the ball in midair. What's up?

I was forgetting, forgive me.

They found a dead man.
Fazio is at the location on the spot.

Call him and
say that I'm on my way.

Inspector, the lawyer Rizzo.

- Good morning.- Pleasure.
- He found the body.

- Do you live here?
- No, in the village. In Corso Matteotti.

Why were you
here so early in the morning?

Here ... There's a simple explanation.

- Yesterday I was in Palermo. Returning ...
- From Palermo you don't pass this way.

I know this is not the way.

Returning from Palermo,
I called a friend of mine.

Just for a chat. She lives in those parts.

Her husband had left
her and she needed comforting.

I went to see her.
What was I to do? Not go?

Then one thing leads to another...

I told my wife I'd be back today.

I get it.

I must ask you a favor.
I'm the lawyer Rizzo and I'm well known.

I'm of good standing in the region.

If you could keep my name...

We will see what we can do.
Why did you go in there?

Right. So then...

It's just that... yesterday... I
realized I had forgotten to put ...

I feel bad ...
I forgot to put on my underwear.

- Underwear?
- I could not go home like that.

Maybe when I get home, I undress.
And what do I tell my wife?

- Sure.
- I keep a pair of them in the car.

I went in there to put them
on and that's where I saw the mummy.

- The mummy?
- Yes, let me show you.

You can go. Come to
the police station tomorrow for a statement.

- Take care.
- Do not worry.

- It seems strange for a murder by the mafia.
- I thought so too.

But if it were a mafia murder,
the body may be that of Di Carlo.

-Seems reasonable.
- Do one thing for me. Call Bonfiglio.

- and move the appointment.
- Yes.

Montalbano !

No! Jacomuzzi! What are you doing here?

- Didn't they send you away?
- Good to see you too.

You do not know how
much we celebrated when you left.

- Spumante, caviar...
- To be clear...

I was selected on merit by Interpol.

- I don't know how to explain it.
- Why not?

How come you're back?
Did you mess up?

Like everyone from the
provinces, you have an inferiority complex...

toward people like me
who's a citizen of the world.

- What are you?
- Citizen of the world!

Jacomu ', give me a break!

Some international experience
would open your mind.

If your mind is not
too open, what about what's in there?

Very well packaged,
the body has a nice hole in his throat.

It is the exit hole of a bullet.

- They shot him in the back of the head.
- Good work!

It can mean just one thing.
It's a classic Mafia execution.

You think? I have never seen
the mafia wrap up the body of those who they kill.

What do you know?
Don't be so stupid!

It could be that these mafiosi felt guilty...

-so wrapped the dead body up.
- To put it under his arm...

and take it to dinner? Jacomu'!

- You're still the same, eh?
- What else can you tell me?

The body has been
here for no more than four days.

- How do you know?
- Under the body there was a newspaper with that date.

- Salvo.
- Mimi, where have you been?

I went for coffee with Anna Bonifacio,
Maugeri's work colleague...

-to thank her for the pleasant news she gave me.
- What pleasant news?

She told me which bank the wire came from...

that settled Di Carlo's debt with Maugeri.

Don't you want to guess this time?

- The girl from Lanzarote ?
- No. - Then tell me.

- Giorgio Bonfiglio.
- Giorgio Bonfiglio?

Come in.

I just spoke to Fazio.
A farmer found a burning car.

- Galluzzo?
- Inspector.- What's up?

The farmer arrived
too late to see anything.

It was a Porsche Cayenne.

It was most likely Di Carlo's car.

Ninety percent. Do
you have any news?

Forensics wanted to unwrap the corpse.

They wanted the cellophane for fingerprints.

The killer will have used gloves.
I wouldn't bother.

I thought that too.
But at least we could see the body close up.

The face is deformed,
because death was not recent.

However, a "Z" shaped scar
is visible on the left shoulder blade.

It may be useful to help identify him.

- Di Carlo has no close relatives.
- Let's ask Bonfiglio.

No, let's keep him out of it for now.

It's a card to play
at the interrogation.

There's only Luigia Maugeri
left to ask.

I see, thanks.

Ms. Maugeri says that Di Carlo
had an identical scar.

- I was sure it was him.
- She asked why you asked?

Yes, I told her the truth.
She started crying.

No one else must know that
we have identified the body.

I want to see how
Bonfiglio reacts.

If Di Carlo was killed just as
he returned from Lanzarote...

he could not have organized
the abduction of Maugeri.

The issue now is to
find out who killed Di Carlo and why.

Have you had an idea...

about why they wrapped him
in cellophane?

I dunno. Maybe they wanted to
keep him at home...

and in cellophane the body wouldn't smell.

Do you think the killer wanted to keep him under the bed?
Surely he wanted to get rid of him!

If I had the answers to everything,
we would have solved the case, right?

Go and have a coffee.

He so on edge! Mamma Mia !

"Dear Commissioner, I am Mario Costantino"

"and I live in Catania."

"I have known Marcello Di Carlo
for a long time due to my work."

"I heard about the fire at the store
and his disappearance."

"I recalled an episode on 31 August."

"I was at the Catania airport"

"and Di Carlo was not far from me at the carousel."

"He was in the company of a younger dark-haired woman,
they were arguing."

"They picked up their baggage and
exchanged a few words."

"Then I saw Di Carlo
in the airport parking lot."

He's here!

- How did he know that we were arriving today?
- I don't know!

You must have said something on the phone and
he's worked it all out!

I swear.
I only called him once.

So how the fuck did he
know we're here?

I don't know!
Somebody must have told him.

What does he want from us?

- Where is he now?
- He's over there.

Come on, keep calm.

Let's go.

- The girl from Lanzarote.
- The missing piece.

We thought she was
Di Carlo's accomplice.

since she never came
forward to report his disappearance.

- Instead she's probably gone the same way he did.
- Yeah.

- Good morning, Jacomu '.
- I hope you don't want to see Pasquano!

- Sure. What happened?
- Do not even try.

They called him a little while ago...

saying his poker club is closed
for a month.

I've never seen him
so pissed off.

The bakers that make his
good cannoli was also closed down.

- How do I sweeten him up now?
- Don't ask me.

- He told me about the corpse.
- Can I ask what you know?

- Sure.
- In his opinion, when did he die?

- About six, eight days ago.
- Six, eight days ago.

- He confirms that they shot him in the head?
- OK.

The shot exited the gullet.
It was from top to bottom.

- They made him kneel.
- Bravo, I immediately thought of that.

Theoretically, it seems
to be a mafia execution.

You reckon?

- It's a small caliber weapon, though.
- Eh!

Pasquano said that they found
hair on the body.

- Female?
- Yes, long and dyed.

- At least he did not spend his last night alone.
- Anything else?

There was a cotton thread between the
toes of his left foot.

- A cotton thread?
- From a sheet.

Mr. Bonfiglio, I have
some bad news.

Your friend Marcello Di Carlo
has been killed...

-with a gunshot to the back of the head.
- Oh my God!

My God!

Don't you want to ask
who did it?

It would be a pointless question.
The Mafia.

I told him to pay up, but
he did not want to listen to me.

We have good reasons to believe
that it was not The Mafia.

Because? Where was he killed?

- At the girlfriend's house. They most likely surprised them in their sleep.
- And Silvana?

- Silvana?
- Silvana, yes.

Luigia Maugeri said that Silvana
was your girlfriend.

Yes ... my girlfriend.

Ah. Did you know that she had a
relationship with Di Carlo?

- Yes.
- When did you find out?

In early July, Silvana left
for Tenerife.

We spoke on the phone
almost every day through July and August.

Sorry for interrupting.
How come you did not go with her?

Due to my sister's illness.
I didn't want to leave her.

Please, continue.

Marcello had told me...

he fell in love with
a girl but didn't tell me her name...

but at first I was not suspicious.

Silvana's feelings for me seemed as before.

After Marcello called from Lanzarote,
I had a sudden thought.

Strange coincidence that both
were in the Canaries.

- In fact I became sure...
- How?

Silvana had not realized...

that I knew which hotel in Tenerife
she'd be in.

I called and they told me
that she had left.

On the last day of July.

Inspector, I confess that I did not
take it well. At all.

I took it very badly.

A double betrayal is difficult to accept
and harder to forgive.

- You didn't forgive, apparently.
- What do you mean, Inspector?

- You've lied to us several times.
- Me? And when?

Continuing to deny it does not suit you.
I'm saying this in your own interest.

You say you didn't meet Di Carlo
on his return from vacation.

- Did I say that?
- Did you, yes or no? - No.

There you are. So what then?

I saw him the day he returned
with Silvana at the airport.

- What happened at the airport?
- I was furious.

She had continued to call me and
send me love messages.

Do you see? All the time she was having
fun with my best friend.

I wonder how much they laughed at me.
I can't think about it!

Calm down and continue.

I was mad with
rage and insulted Marcello.

He knew very well that
Silvana was essential to me, like air.

- You threatened him?
- No.

Indeed, at a certain point,
for fear of losing control...

-I got back in the car and left.
- Why didn't you tell us?

Marcello's shop had been set on fire,
he was gone.

I was afraid you might have thought ...
Do you understand me, Inspector?

I understand, but you can't deny that
you are in a difficult situation.

- What did you do after the meeting?
- I came back to Vigata.

For two days I locked myself away at home,
I didn't want to see anyone.

I just wanted to find a way
to take revenge.

And then?

In the night, on the second day,
I quietly went to Silvana's place.

Marcello's Porsche was out front.

I had filled a can of gasoline.

I wanted to pour it on
the wheels of the car and set it on fire.

When I found myself in
front of the car...

I thought it was a pointless gesture.

I wanted to catch them together.

I had my keys, so went in without
making a noise.

I arrived at the bedroom door.
It was open.

I did not go in because I realized
that nobody was there.

There was total silence.

If there had
been someone sleeping inside...

I would have heard them breathing.
Instead, nothing.

There was like...
a strange smell, sweetish.

It disturbed me. So I left, Inspector.

I know it's hard to believe, but it is
exactly what happened.

- You wanted to burn them alive?
- For heaven's sake, Inspector!

It's one thing to burn a car,
but two human beings ...

- What did you want to do?
- I just wanted to scare them.

I turned up
with a petrol-can and a lighter...

I wanted them to beg me...

to humble themselves before me.

Do you have a weapon?

Yes, I have a 7.65 Beretta that's licensed to me.

I carry it only when
I have some samples to carry.

Di Carlo was possessive about his car
and lent it only to you. True ?

I used to wonder why it had such
an affect on the girls.

- How many current accounts do you have?
- Three.

The personal one at Credito Marittimo...

and the other two in which I deposit the
proceeds of the sale of jewellery...

at Bank of Sicily and the Banco di Credito.

Three girls who work in these banks
have been kidnapped recently.

- One is Luigia Maugeri. Do you know her?
- Yes, as a friend of Marcello...

and not as a bank official.

- Manuela Smerca and Rosalia Racco. Do you know them?
- Yes.

One works at the Bank of Sicily
the other at Banca di Credito.

Sometimes I talked to them.
So what?

We cannot rule
out that you may have abducted two of them.

I'm laying my cards
on the table.

What reason would I
have to kidnap these girls?

Clarify something for me.

When you locked yourself away
after meeting Di Carlo...

-Did you have visitors?
- No, I did not want to see anyone.

- But the neighbors would have noticed.
- I do not think so.

- When you turned on the light.
- I preferred to keep the light off.

- Did you make or receive phone calls?
- No.

Actually, one from my accountant.

- Then I unplugged the phone and turned off my mobile.
- We have a problem.

You have no alibi.

Let's talk about Silvana.
What's the surname?

Romano. Silvana Romano.

- What's her address ?
- In Via Fratelli Rosselli 2.

-Via Fratelli Rosselli 2.
-We should go there.

I'm not going in. I don't feel well.

- Can you stay here with him?
- Sure.

Here is the bullet hole.

And here is
the young woman's lingerie.

There are no holes or blood
on the clothes.

Let's go.

Your situation is very serious.

You're now our main suspect in the murder of
Marcello Di Carlo and Silvana Romano.

Inspector, I have nothing to do with it.
Although the circumstances ...

- I swear, Inspector.
- I have to put you under house arrest.

Get yourself a lawyer.
Mimì, take him away.

Signor Bonfiglio, please...

Call the "circus".
I want to go back in, alone.

-You called Tommaseo and the others?
-Yes, Tommaseo is on vacation.

Iacono's coming.

Do you have something?

Marcello and Silvana spent
a quiet evening together.

They ate here
and then went to bed.

Once asleep...

the killer, who had the house keys,
came in and surprised them.

No ! No !

So do you think he killed Silvana
with his bare hands?

The killer set out to kill her
with his own bare hands.

He wanted to hear her die.

I am convinced that Di Carlo
was not part of the motive.

He had to be taken out to get to Silvana.

Sir, can I ask a question?
What was under the bed?

- Nothing.
- Huh? - Huh?...Huh?...An envelope.

- Addressed to who?
- To Giorgio Bonfiglio.- Shit!

- Why didn't he take it?
- I'm 99% sure it's not relevant. - Why?

Bonfiglio had the house keys,
so he would come and go whenever he wanted.

- He could have lost the envelope at any time.
- Right.

- The 1% that gives value to the letter?
- If the letter had arrived...

early September, it's evidence
that Bonfiglio was in the bedroom...

when Di Carlo and Silvana
had already returned from Lanzarote.

- Did you check the date? - No.
- Why? - We can't do everything.

Forensics are here, so
let them find it and give it to us.

It has the letterhead of a
jewelry store in Milan.

It's an invitation to
a jewelry exhibition dated August 29th.

The absence of the
girl's body limits our investigations.

The only thing to go on
is the letter.

Bonfiglio will claim to
have received it on August 31st...

and to have come here for whatever reason.

- What are you proposing?
- To question him right away. - All right.

I know that Bonfiglio used
his keys. Did you take them from him?

Of course, Sir. Here they are.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

For the first time your
"already done it" didn't annoy me.

- Give the letter to the boys.
- Mario?

This theory about the letter does
not convince me.

Let's accept that Bonfiglio lost it.

It seems very clear and obvious to us...

that he could have come back
to remove it whenever he wanted.

But, let's say he lost it the night he killed them,
then he could not return...

because it would have been
too dangerous.

There's just... something about it....

- Hello, Catarella?
Sir, there is a gentleman on the line...

who says he saved himself.
He wants to tell you in person.

- Saved? From what?
- I do not know. Can I put him on? - Yes.

- Hello?
- Montalbano ?

I'm Salbato. The person in
charge of the landfill at Piano del Leone.

Good day.
So what do you want to tell me?

A little while ago, I was operating
the mechanical shovel in the landfill...

when a bag broke and a
corpse dropped out.

Good day.

- Signor Salbato ?
- Yes.

- Inspector Montalbano, this is Fazio.
-Pleasure.- So ?

- The body's over here.
- How did you find it?

I was using the shovel and
a bag broke open...

from which I saw some dark hair, then
half a body from the waist up.

So I stopped the shovel and
I called you.

- It's a mouse. - What? - A mouse. There are many about.

- Yes?
- You get used to it.

We get used to life, death,
the smell of shit and mice.

- They can ...- Don't worry. I'll keep them off the girl.

- I'll turn on the engine and the noise keeps away the rats.
- Good work.

Call everyone and
wait for them to arrive.

- Then come back to the station.
- Alright.

Thanks. Goodbye.

- Hello?
-It's Iacono.

- Iacono, have you seen the girl?
Yes, it's awful.

Bonfiglio has employed a lawyer,
La Spina.

The interrogation is tomorrow
at 9.30.

-It would be better if you conducted it.
- Alright.

It's best not to mention the
discovery of the body before the interrogation.

-I agree. See you tomorrow.
- Until tomorrow.


- Good day.
- Good day, I'm the lawyer, La Spina.

Montalbano, Doctor Iacono,
Inspector Fazio.

Despite having a fever, my client
did not want to postpone the meeting.

I hope our availability will be
taken into consideration.

- Take a seat.
- Thanks.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I would like you to tell us what
happened at the airport...

between you, Di Carlo and Romano.

- I already told you.
- I'd like you to say it again for the record...

with all the details.

Marcello's car was in the parking lot
so I waited there.

Well, well....What a nice surprise!

-Giorgio, we did not want to hurt you.
- Do not interfere.

- Giorgio, let's behave like civilized people.
- What are you saying?

You are a poor excuse for a man,
you are not even a man.

You did not even have the courage to tell me.
You're a piece of crap.

You are a bastard with no dignity.
How could you be a civil person?

I'm leaving before I smash your face in.
I will not dirty my hands.

- Did you speak with Silvana too?
- No, Inspector.

So as not to assault Marcello,
I left in my car.

You said that you came back to Vigata
and shut yourself away at home.

- Yes. Agreed
-You also said that you received only one phone call.

- Can you clarify?
- There is nothing to clarify. He was my accountant...

who apologized because he had the
wrong number. You can check...

although I do not know what
difference it makes.

- What's the name of the accountant?
- Virduzzo. Alfredo Virduzzo.

So, you met Silvana through Virduzzo.

You are well informed, Inspector.

At the start of the year
my accountant De Luca died...

Subsequently I employed

I went to see him and while
there I met Silvana.

- What duties did Silvana have?
- Officially she was an employee.

- Why "officially"? Was she his lover?
- Hardly. No.

She was a relative of his who had lost
her parents when she was 15.

He had always been a solitary man...

but unexpectedly, he took her
into his home.

He helped her finish her studies and
treated her like a daughter.

Then things reportedly
underwent a sudden change.

- In what way?
- When Silvana began to have her first admirers...

Virduzzo feared that someone
might take her away.

-Silvana had already left his home when you met?

He rented her an apartment after graduating.

Silvana was very proud of it.

Listen, Signor Bonfiglio...

Do you know that
we found Silvana's body?

No ! No ! No!

The killer kicked and punched
her to death...

and then he threw the body
into a landfill.

- I regret it, I regret it.
- What do you regret?

To have done that ...

To have wished them all
the evil possible.

Bonfiglio, do you know when the next
sales meeting is in Milan...

in your company, Ricoeur?

Let's see...It's usually at the end of September.

I haven't received the letter yet.
Why do you ask me?

Inspector Montalbano discovered the letter.

It was under the bed in which
Di Carlo and Romano were murdered.

Really? Show me.

- I can not, forensics has it.
- It's a lie. Why do you want to ruin me?

I've never seen that letter.

Oh God!

The interrogation ends here.

My client can't go on any longer.

Go away!


Have you noticed?
The letter box is broken.

This means that anyone could have
taken the letter from Ricoeur.

Yes, I concur.

Alright, I agree.

- So?
- Forensics says that there are too many fingerprints...

- on the envelope and on the letter.
- More good news.

- What do we do?
- When Bonfiglio recovers, we'll finish the interrogation.

- Alright.
- Goodbye.

Do you think Bonfiglio is playing
games with us?

- No.
- Me either.

But then there is one thing ...

He said: "I regret having done that ..."

I noticed it too.

Then he said,
"I regret having wished them all the harm possible."

- Why did he say that?
- I don't know.

But I keep thinking about it.
Here we go.

-Sir, there's a woman who...
- Then put her on. -Straight away.

- Hello? Montalbano?
- Speaking.

This is Rita Cutaia.

Rosa told me that Silvana was ...

- Madam, be strong.
- I was her colleague and friend.

I've been calling her for days,
but nobody told me anything.

Virduzzo did not tell you that she was
a relative, left an orphan..

-and that he had adopted her?
- No, Silvana told us.

- How's that possible?
- You do not know my boss.

In all these years he's
only spoken to me about work matters.

He's anti-social, cold and with few words.

But he was fond of Silvana.

Yes, in his own way.

He treated her like
his own daughter...

but he was more like a boss
than her father.

Silvana was his "thing".

He was extremely possessive.

At a certain point in time
she began to rebel.

- How?
- She chose to go and live alone.

Then he challenged her defiant behaviour.

She never confessed it...

but I know she got in touch with a client.
A certain Bonfiglio.

Silvana hoped Virduzzo would find out...

to make him suffer.

-Did she mention a Di Carlo ?
- Yes, Bonfiglio introduced them.

They fell in love...

and were able to hide their affair.

Silvana was conflicted.

On one side Virduzzo and
the other Bonfiglio.

So she decided to take a trip, to spend
a month with her lover.

- Silvana arranged to go to Tenerife?
- Yes.

She got the money from Virduzzo...

in order to get away from
her elderly suitor.

Virduzzo was happy to
give it to her.

Did Virduzzo know about
the relationship with Bonfiglio?

I was there when
he received a call from a customer...

who told him that he
had met Silvana with Bonfiglio.

He went as white as a sheet.

-Who's there?
-It's Montalbano.

I'd like to talk to you informally about
your statement.

Please. Come in.

I was wrong.

- About what?
- About you.

- What?
- I thought you were guilty.

- Not anymore?
- No. No more.

Did something new turn up?

No, nothing new.

I remembered a sentence
you said this morning.

- I always told you the truth.
- Yes, that's true.

Even when you said you were sorry for
the harm wished toward Silvana...

-Did you tell the truth?
- Do you think I don't truly regret it?

No, but there is truth and truth.

Your regret for the ill wishes
toward Silvana is useful...

because it hides the real reason you regret
the harm done to Silvana.

You just said you think I'm innocent.

No...I did not say "innocent",
but not guilty of the double murder.

- What's the difference?
- Huge. You know that very well.

I do not follow you, Inspector.

Don't try to "bluff",
this isn't a game of poker.

You have no way out.

You will be prosecuted for aiding
or instigating the murder.

Why? I don't get it.
What are you saying?

You disappoint me.

Collaborate or I will ask Prosecutor Iacono
for your phone records.

With your permission.

Inspector, wait,

Did you call Virduzzo?


The day you found out that
the two lovers were in Lanzarote.

The 20th or the 21st August,
I don't recall exactly.

I called from here. I never
should have done it.

Why did you do it?

I was furious
because I was betrayed.

I wanted to vent my anger to someone.

I wanted Virduzzo to punish
Silvana by firing her.

- How did Virduzzo react?
- He did not say a thing.

In fact, I thought the line had been cut.

Then he said, theatrically:
"Thanks for the information."

Inspector, believe me. I did not
think for a minute that the call could...

For days I could not close my eyes.

This is Inspector Montalbano.
Is that Mr Virduzzo?

Good evening.
I expected you to call.

I've heard my daughter
Silvana's body has been found.

- Did you see the TeleLibera News on TV?
- No.

My maid told me...

that some scoundrel threw her body
into a garbage dump.

I'll tell you everything at the police station,
tomorrow morning. At 10.30.

Wonderful. Then I'll take that opportunity to press
charges of double murder...

against Giorgio Bonfiglio.

- Do you have any evidence?
-No, but we know that Silvana left him...

because she was in love with Di Carlo

which happened during August in Lanzarote.
- So?

Bonfiglio called
me to inform me...

and said he would kill them both
with his own hands.

Why did you not tell me this before?

Have you forgotten that several
times our meetings have been cancelled?

This is what I've wanted to
talk to you about.

If I had succeeded,
Silvana might still be alive.

All right. See you tomorrow morning
at the police station. Goodbye.

Come in.

- Inspector, Mr Virduzzo.
- Please.

Thank you for meeting me, Inspector.

- My deepest condolences.
- Thank you.

I expected to have a phone call before
you spoke to the television.

- Forgive us, but we did not have time. Please.

Good Morning.

Signor Virduzzo,
you wish to accuse Giorgio Bonfiglio...

of the murder of your...

-How should I put it?
- Daughter. She was just like a daughter to me..

Concerning my accusation towards
Bonfiglio, I have not changed my mind...


Did Silvana talk to you
about her relationship with Di Carlo?

Yes, Silvana told me everything.

Even though it did not quite happen like that.

No? Then how did it happen?

I think it was April...

when I learned of the
relationship with Bonfiglio.

A notorious womanizer
and almost my age.

You can understand me, Inspector.

I left her in no doubt that I disapproved...

during some very heated discussions.

Then between the end of
May and early June...

Silvana told me she
had broken off the relationship...

and wanted to
take some time off to rest.

What a relief! I was so relieved Inspector.

I was really happy!

I gave her a nice present.

Two months holiday at my expense.

On 1st of July
Silvana left for Tenerife.

I did not hear from her for a month.

Then on 2nd August she called me
to tell me she was in Lanzarote...

that she had met a handsome boy
from right here in Vigata.

She said he was a good boy
and I would like him.

She told me his name.

It was the first time she'd sounded happy.

- When she came back, did you meet him?
- No.

No, because...She called me that evening...

to tell me that she wanted to extend
the holiday a few days...

before returning to Vigata
with her new boyfriend.

Did your maid tell you that a security
guard at the landfill...

saw the murderer when he went there to
dispose of your daughter's body?

He identified Bonfiglio.

No. He hasn't identified Bonfiglio.

So we are starting again.

We are showing the guard
people who knew Silvana ...

Actually, since we're here ... Fazio.

Mr. Cammarata, excuse us
for this further annoyance.

Virduzzo, stand up.

Now look at Mr. Cammarata.

- No, it wasn't him.
- Sure?

- Yes, very sure.
- Thank you, you can go.

Forgive me, but that was neccessary.

- God forbid, Inspector of course I forgive you.
- Thanks.

- Out of curiosity.
- Ask away.

Did your maid tell you me that on
TV they specified...

how your daughter was killed?
- Yes she did.

With bare hands, kicks and punches.

Now what does that have
to do with it?

It's just my curiosity.

Now can we make
a complaint against Bonfiglio?

We can do it...

but we are sure that
Bonfiglio was not Silvana's killer.


Those who killed Marcello and Silvana
did not act on impulse...

everything was planned around,
firstly, some strange abductions...

secondly, the arson attack on the shop.

Then the shot to the head made it
look like a mafia thing.

It was all part of
a colossal smoke screen...

to cover his tracks...

and then point us to Giorgio Bonfiglio.

The killer wore hat and
glasses like Bonfiglio's.

What are you saying?
This sounds like some fantasy of yours.

If it was not Bonfiglio, who killed them?

I believe it was you... It was you Mr. Virduzzo.

- What?
- You killed them. - Why?

But the guard...The guard said that ...

Forget the guard! He's one of our agents.

You've been trying to confuse us
and I can prove it.

You have nothing on me.

You don't have any proof.
Show me one thing.

You provided proof, saying you knew
how Silvana was killed.

I already told you.

The maid told me that she
heard it on the news.

No, that's impossible.

The journalist couldn't have mentioned it
because he didn't know.

- I must have read it in some newspaper.
- No, you didn't read it...

because we did not divulge the
news to them. We know...

that the killer is you!

Enough, inspector. Enough!

I'll kill you all! You all!

-Give me the gun
-Silvana was mine!

Mine! Understand?


- She deserved ...- Take him away.
- She deserved to be killed.

- Take him away!
- She was a slut.

Silvana was a slut!


Get him out.