Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 8, Episode 6 - Beyond Good and Evil: Part 2 - full transcript

DS Lizzie Maddox is in hospital recovering from her wounds and Lewis is blaming himself for what's happened. There are several possible suspects: journalist Hugo Blayne, who was writing a biography on Lawrie and provided him with a cellphone on a prison visit; Pamela Carson, who is obviously attracted to Lawrie; Brandon Ward, a philosophy lecturer; Luke Burgess, one of Ward's students who has an interest in the case; Douglas Wilkins, an attendant at the psychiatric prison; and Lawrie's solicitor, Katherine Warwick, who is involved with Blayne. Lawrie's psychiatrist is upset that Lawrie has been set free confirming to Lewis that he is a dangerous man. Several of the suspects are caught in lies but an unexpected death and the revelation that one of the suspects knew Lawrie long before the 2001 murders leads them to the solution.

My name's Mark, I'm a police


~ Any thoughts on the weapon?
~ A roof slater's hammer.

Back in 2001, I worked on the Graham
Lawrie murders.

Thing is, I found exactly the same
marks from last night.

He's clearly involved.

And who does your work for you now,

I covered the original trial.

So, you're going to do well out of
this, then.

Anabolic steroids.

Graham is very vulnerable in there.
He wanted something to help.

And what exactly are you doing here,
Mr Burgess?

He didn't do that, did he?

What, uh, no.

It could be, that the wrong man has
been put away for the past 13 years.

That's not failing to dot an i and
cross a t, that's an alibi.

You're playing right into Lawrie's

I didn't put away the wrong man.

Despite the best efforts of the
Oxfordshire police,

true justice has happened here


(Sharp inhalation)

WAGNER: Lohengrin - Prelude to Act 3


She fought them off.
Her arms are pretty bruised.

If the head injury had been any

we'd be having a different

She's a lucky girl.

What constitutes luck?

(Monitor beeping)

LEWIS: Tony.

Do you know who did this?

We'll find them.

I hope so.

Or I will.

MAN: Dr Sally Rook, you treated him.
What's your view?

ROOK: He has been my patient
ever since I gave evidence at his

and my view now is the same as it
was then.

Graham Lawrie is a dangerous

He's spent the past 13 years in

a Severe Personality Disorder Unit
for good reason.

I felt so sorry for Tony.

~ I didn't know what to say to him.
~ There's not a lot you can say.

~ Did you not think to go with her?
~ Yeah, I offered.

She said no.
Do you not think I wish I had gone?

~ Anyway, where were you?
~ Working on the investigation.

~ How is that going?
~ Hey! I want a word with you.

All right, Mr Lawrie.

I just want to look you in the eye.

~ You're the man who ruined my life.
~ This is not the time or the place.

All right, all right.

It's not just Lawrie we need to
think about.

~ He didn't attack Lizzie himself, did
he? ~ How could I let that happen?

~ Nobody let that happen.
~ No, I should have gone with her.

Robbie, you saved Lizzie's life.

Five minutes later and she would
have bled out.

I'm fire-fighting all over the place
at the moment since the appeal

~ Oh, well, that was a farce.
~ Yes, it was.

But you need to focus on the
present, not wallow in the past.

I've got one officer dead,
another in intensive care.

I need my best team on this,
and that includes you.

~ I want you on this case.
~ Is Hathaway OK with that?

Just checking, it is still me who's
Chief Super, yes?

~ Yeah, ma'am.
~ Right, then.

Well, you two need to stop
squabbling, pull your socks up and
work together.

First thing you need to do
is go and see Sally Rook.

She's been doing the rounds with the
press, making a lot of noise.

~ I heard her on the radio.
~ Then you'll have heard what she was

That Lawrie is as guilty as you
think he is.

I want him investigated.

There should be a public inquiry.
I lost everything. My marriage, my
whole life.

Lewis is responsible for that.

He should answer for what he's done.

If you want to lodge a complaint,
I'll point you in the right

But I'm running a murder inquiry
and my sergeant was attacked last

No, no. Don't try and drag me into

~ Yesterday, three judges said I was
~ No, they didn't.

They said the evidence was
compromised. It's not the same.

What, mysteriously lost witness
statements, forensic cock-ups?

(Laughs) My God. Even now, when
you've a murderer out there,

knocking off the Oxfordshire Police
Force, you're accusing me,

the one person you know
couldn't possibly have done it.

I'm not accusing you of anything.

You people just won't give it up,
will you?

Well, neither will I.

I lost 13 years of my life.

Lewis put away the wrong man,
and I'm not ever gonna let him forget
about it.

Don't make the same mistake Lewis

~ He's just making his presence felt.
~ Isn't he just.

Are you OK?

I will be, once this is over.

The number that texted Lizzie
was another unregistered mobile.

Hugo Blayne. Hugo Blayne.

I remember Lizzie said
he'd been hassling her.

Look, he's phoned her almost a dozen
times in the one day.

Are you OK to go and see him?

I'm due at Ripley College to talk to
Dr Rook.

Is that all right?


Right, then.

(Shouted questions)

Thank you. For everything.

(Shouted questions)

~ DI Hathaway.
~ Very good. You've done your

That's part of my job.

We're not that dissimilar.
Both investigators.

~ Why have you called DS Maddox,
~ It's a massive story.

~ Police hating serial killer.
~ She was attacked and left for dead
last night.

Is she gonna be OK?

No, no, no.
Off the record, I mean.

So who did it? Do you know?

Well, uh... it's linked with the
Travis murder, yes?

Yeah, of course it must be.

Is Lewis on the investigation?

Hm, so he is. Right.

Where have they taken her?
To the Radcliffe?

I'm not here to be interviewed by

Where were you between the hours
of five and six last night?

I had nothing to do with it. I was

With Katherine Warwick, Lawrie's

I saw you together.

Ah. Um... Well, look... it's no big

So we've been seeing each other.

She passes information my way,
I help her out in return.

~ Making the police look bad?
~ Well, you don't need my help for

You two deserve one another.

You're absolutely right.
That appeal should never have made
it to court.

I don't know whether to be relieved,
given that he's walking around a free

Well, he shouldn't be.

I was there 13 years ago. So were

He's a dangerous man.

Yeah, you seem to be the only one
that agrees with me about that.

And he has an equally dangerous

Which is why I want to help you.

The murder of PC Travis,
and now the attempted murder of DS

only provides evidence
that my research is sound.

~ What's this about Alphas and Betas?
~ Mm.

All psychopaths need a trigger
to engage in criminal acts, of

But Betas are only triggered
by an encounter with an Alpha.

And the longer the exposure,
the greater the risk.

You spend all your time with


So what would be the profile of
Lawrie's Beta?

Er, someone unhampered by conscience
or remorse.

An obsession with status,
and a willingness to do anything to
achieve it.

A hedge fund manager, then.
Or any politician.

Someone literate. Devoted.
But clever and ruthless.

To the emotionally shallow,
oh, Lawrie offers everything.

What, his status is attractive?

Dangerously so.

He is guilty, you know.

I've never said that before.
Was never quite sure.

~ Oh! I'm sorry.
~ It's OK. I've got it.

I'm studying philosophy here.

~ One of Brendan Ward's students?
~ Yes.

Luke Burgess.

~ Why the clippings, Luke?
~ I'm interested in the case.

How interested?

I'm doing a module in experimental

I'm studying the criminal mind.

You do realise that this profile
could also be describing Rook
herself, don't you?

Or Katherine Warwick?

What, a serial-killing solicitor?

Proudly cutthroat.

She's spent more time with him
recently than anyone else.

It could be anyone, couldn't it,

It could be Pamela. Devoted,

You know what they say
about the quiet ones.

Another officer was attacked

So it wasn't Graham, was it?
He was being vindicated in court.

Where were you between five and six?

~ Me? I was here.
~ Not in court?

I wanted to be waiting for him
when he came back.

~ Check with the register here. I
signed in.
~ We will.

Shouldn't you be celebrating with
him now?

I've waited ten years
to toast that man's freedom.

Another day or two won't matter.

Besides, Graham's been busy,
what with all the press and whatnot.

I'm sure we'll have a chance to
celebrate soon.

What do you reckon?

She's devoted all right.
To the fact that he's innocent at

So she'd kill to prove it?

It doesn't add up.

Hello again, Luke.

Come on.

As Graham Lawrie enjoys his first
full day of freedom in 13 years,

the repercussions of yesterday's
verdict are being keenly felt.

The three appeal court judges ruled
that Graham Lawrie was wrongly

of murdering police constables Neal
Chadwick, Jimmy Alderman and Martin
Wong, in 2001.

I'd just like to say how grateful I

that despite the best efforts
of the Oxfordshire Police,

justice has been reached here today.

Lawrie also claimed that Thamesmarsh
Hospital had questions to answer,

saying he "suffered terrible neglect
and emotional abuse"

while incarcerated
in the secure psychiatric facility.

(He shouts)

Do you often have a problem
controlling your anger, Mr Wilkins?

No. Look, I just lost it for a

And when you lose it, you really do
lose it.

Roid rage?

~ I'm guessing these aren't
~ Steroids?

Did Lawrie supply them to you?

And what did you have to do for him
in return?

I didn't kill that copper, OK?
It was payment for bringing in the

And a couple of other things.

~ What other things?
~ Lawrie's been very good to me.

He's taught me a lot.
He treated me with respect.

Yeah, but what do you do for him?

I don't want to lose my job.

There's a bit more than your job at
stake now.

We've got one police officer dead
and another in intensive care.

I had to go and see that Ward guy.

Brendan Ward? Philosophy lecturer?

He visited again.

Look, Ward obviously said something
to piss Lawrie off.

~ And what was that?
~ I really don't know.

You had to go and see him?

Just to pass on the message
that he wasn't to come back any

I bet he got that message loud and

Handy with his fists, if not with his

Ward never reported it, did he?

Yeah, worth asking him why.

~ And we should fetch Lawrie in.
~ You reckon?

~ Well, don't you?
~ He might not be involved at all.

He ordered Wilkins to batter a
philosopher? What else did he ask him
to do?

Sure, but maybe someone
did find the weapon?

Yeah, and maybe it was Lord Lucan on

I should at least be questioning him.

Fine. But I'd rather not give him
the satisfaction of seeing you.

All right, well, you do it, then,
if that's what it takes.

We shouldn't be tip-toeing round him.

You told DS Maddox
that you got this at the gym.

~ Why did you lie?
~ I didn't want any more trouble.

~ From Wilkins?
~ From Graham Lawrie.

I don't fancy making an enemy of

Crying to the police
about a slap around the face

wouldn't have put me in his good

No, I learnt my lesson.

And what lesson
was Lawrie trying to teach you?

When Rook asked me to go there,
I thought it was to educate him
about Nietzsche.

When really I should have just
nodded and told him how brilliant
and insightful he was.

I challenged him, and his ego felt

One bruise for another.

Anyway, after two visits,
I made my excuses and called it

And you didn't go again?

I couldn't stand the man.

I didn't want to go back.

I don't know what Nurse Ratched's
been telling you,

but I didn't instruct him
to go around beating up college

I'm not a violent man.
It's just not in my nature.

But you did have a problem with Dr

I'm a psychopath, remember.
I have a problem with everyone.


No, we did have a disagreement,

a philosophical disagreement.

Ward doesn't understand power.
Real power.

He thinks that because he's got
letters after his name, he's smarter
than me.

Like I'm some chimp in a cage
he can poke to see if he gets a

~ Maybe he didn't like what he saw.
~ Well, that's his problem, not mine.

Sometimes the teachers are afraid of
the pupils.

Gripping chat, Officer, but if
there's nothing else, then er...

Very good. I'm off to the Star
for my first chicken tikka in 13

~ I have a couple more questions.
~ Well, Mr Lawrie has to leave so...

They're not for Mr Lawrie. They're
for you.

Oh, Katherine.
What have you been up to?

Why weren't you at the appeal

I was delayed... on another case.

You were with Hugo Blayne.

Keeping a close eye on me? I'm

We're keeping a close eye on
everyone involved with Mr Lawrie.

OK, Hugo and I went for a drink at
the Perch.

I didn't know I had to tell you in
advance. You can check with the bar

Very kind of you. We will.

So, who's the prime suspect?

Maybe I could give them my number.

Brendan Ward reckons he only visited
Lawrie a couple of times

before he realised his services
were no longer required.

He's not much of an accomplice.

Maddox checked the visitor records
at Thamesmarsh

and they list Ward visiting 17 times
in the last two months.

Does everybody just lie for fun?

Terrible this waiting around, isn't

Is that your girlfriend?

That's my wife.

Was she in an accident?


She's a police officer.
She was attacked.

Ah, that thing on the news.

Graham Lawrie.

The justice system really hasn't
covered itself in any glory there,
has it?

And DI Lewis, so keen
to blame the press for everything.

He should have a look in his own

I'm sorry. Do you mind?

If you need to talk about any of
this, I'm on your side.

Any time, yeah?

Yeah, so Brendan Ward's listed
as visiting on the 22nd.

Checking in at 11:30.


Is that him?

No, that's not Brendan Ward.

That's his student, Luke Burgess.

This way, gentlemen.


Excuse me. Is anyone waiting for me?

I am so glad we're doing this.

Yeah, I don't think this is
such a good idea any more.

Please. I've waited for this.

God, you just don't get it, do you?

I spent every day in that place

so if you wanted to visit
and ask me a few questions, that was

I humoured you
because I enjoyed the distraction.

And now... I don't.

What about Maddox? And Travis?

You've got the wrong man.
It had nothing to do with me.

(He laughs)

God, look at you. Look at you.

You're no superman. You're a
self-obsessed, privately-educated

Why are you doing this?
I want to learn from you.

~ You want to learn from me?
~ Yes.

~ Do you?
~ Yes, I do.

Then you're in luck.

First lesson... how it feels to be the

They're monitoring her intracranial

We're gonna just have to be patient
and let her come back to us

She will be OK, Robbie.

~ I wish I could be as optimistic.
~ They treated her quickly. She's a

In fact, they said they may take her
off the sedatives tomorrow.

How are you doing?

Oh, you know, we're getting closer, I
think, but...

I meant, all of this, the appeal.

We've barely had a chance to speak.

Ah, I'm not sure what...

I've been pig-headed about Lawrie,

and I don't even know
if he's got anything to do with it.

And Hathaway has his doubts still.

This is not your fault.
You do know that, don't you?

You stole Brendan Ward's wallet for
his ID card so you could gain access
to Thamesmarsh.

~ How come nobody noticed?
~ Oh, Wilkins knew.

He was happy to turn a blind eye for
his master.

He'd say black was white for Lawrie.

That's the kind of power he has over

And you visited a total of...

15 times. Why?

I've told you lot before.

I'm writing about him.

I knew Rook would never grant me

Did you, at any point,
discuss the murder of PC Mark Travis

and the attempted murder of DS Lizzie

~ It wasn't him. ~ I will repeat the

Did you, at any point,
discuss the murder of PC Mark Travis

or the attempted murder of DS Lizzie

We didn't have to, really.

He had nothing to do with it.

You sound disappointed.

They say you should never meet your

Well, seeing as you're the genius,
who do you think's responsible?

I wish I knew.

I'd like to meet them.

We can charge him with theft,
and that's about it.

Yeah, he was with friends when Travis
was killed, and when Maddox was

Fondness for psychopaths.

Nothing weird there, eh?

How are things at the hospital?

No change.

You should go along, though.

~ They reckon she knows who's there.
~ Yeah, I will. When this is all over.

What's this?

Brendan Ward's wallet.
He still had it in his jacket.

Neal Chadwick.

Lawrie's first victim.

We'd been seeing each other for over
a year.

But Neal was married...

.. and the police force wasn't an
easy place to be gay back then.

When he was killed, the first I
heard about it was on the news.

I couldn't go to the funeral.

I couldn't go to the trial.

My whole world had collapsed,
but I couldn't tell anyone.

So you took the job at college
to get closer to Lawrie?

Actually, I didn't.

I was offered the post
before I knew Sally Rook was here.

I couldn't tell if it was an ironic
good fortune or a sick joke that she
wanted me to visit him.

A chance to sit, face to face,

with the monster who killed the one
person you loved most in the world.

Wouldn't you want the chance
to at least ask them why?

I've spent 13 years thinking of
every question that I'd ask should I
have the chance.

And here was that chance.

I could barely speak.

I was scared.

I felt pathetic...

.. like I'd betrayed Neal.

But you went back?

I tried a second time, yes.

Told him who I am.
He just laughed.

Then he sent his goon with a

~ Did you tell Dr Rook?
~ No.

To be honest, I thought she'd react
in exactly the same way as him.

She's hardly the most empathetic of

Too long gazing into the abyss,

You're not a fan, then?

All that "Alpha-Beta" nonsense.

She's a laughing stock.

In your humble opinion.

Do you really think Rook could be our

~ Lawrie's Beta?
~ I don't buy into all that Alpha-Beta

She was just telling you
what you wanted to hear.

~ Which was?
~ That Lawrie was guilty.

~ But she doesn't have a motive.
~ Doesn't she?

~ What about his conviction being
~ How is that a motive?

She spends 13 years bandying around
a theory based on his homicidal

and the minute it's called into
question, the murders resume.

Convenient, isn't it?

Everyone's looking forward
to seeing you back soon.

I spoke to your mum.

She's flying down tomorrow.

She sends her love.

I'm meant to keep talking to you.

It's supposed to help.

Look, would you mind keeping it
down? I can't get a word in here.

I love you, Lizzie.

Come back, sweetheart.


WAGNER: Lohengrin - Prelude to Act 3




~ You said you wanted to help.
~ It's true.

It's awful all of this is happening

~ Who were you really helping?
~ I don't understand.

How does Lawrie's conviction being
overturned affect your research?

I've spent a long time studying him.

The decision by the Court of Appeal
doesn't change who he is.

You could argue
that you've profited from his guilt,

and his innocence
now debunks your entire theory.

His apparent "innocence" doesn't
make my years of research any less

(Phone rings)


What else would you be prepared to do
to promote your theories, Professor?

~ What are you suggesting?
~ Can you wait till we get there?

~ What's happened?
~ Lawrie.

~ Lawrie? Not again.
~ No, he's just dialled 999.


DI Lewis.

I've got a whole armed response team
here with me!

Armed police!

~ (Shouting)
~ Lawrie! DI Lewis!

Single blow to the back of the head.

It's caught him on the occipital

Blunt instrument, I'd say.

~ Blunt edge of a slater's hammer, I'd
say. ~ Maybe.

But he still managed to make his 999

It's possible, before he lost
consciousness and bled out.

No sign of a break-in.

He let them in himself.

He knew his killer.


Are you OK?


Just not sure what to feel.

We don't see anyone approaching the

No, they knew what they were doing,
dodged the camera.

Now this...

The camera picks up the car
approaching Lawrie's place at

Well, he certainly takes a good look.

It's out of view for just over ten

.. before it's seen driving away

~ So we've done a PNC check?
~ Yeah.


James? What are you not telling me?

It's Maddox's car.

I just went there to talk to him.

You have no idea what it's been

.. how it feels to just... sit around,

I had...

I had to do something.

I... I wanted to confront Lawrie,
see what he had to say for himself.

I recognised his place
from the photos in the paper.

Was he alive when you got there?

Was he alive?

I didn't see him.

I got there, parked outside...

But I didn't get out of the car.

I was angry.

I wanted him to confess.

But I was...

I was too afraid.

I hate this.

Lizzie's hanging on for dear life,
and I'm...

I'm too scared to ring on his

Why haven't...

Why haven't you found him yet? Why?

I just want this to be over.

~ What do you think?
~ Well, he's clean forensically.

Not a spot of blood on him, or inside
his car.

Is it possible?

What, you reckon he drove out of

removed every trace of blood
from his clothes, his skin, his car -

all within minutes of leaving Lawrie?


No, he's got motive... God knows
I wouldn't blame him, but he's not a

We should never have dragged him in
here, poor guy.

We've got every right to question

It's not personal. He understands

It seems pretty personal at the

It's your job to doubt everybody
and question everything.

Lawrie's accomplice turned against

Slave turning against the master?

What if I was wrong about Lawrie?

~ You don't really believe that.
~ You've been doubting me.

You were right to.
I should have been doubting myself.

I want to go right back to the start.
See what I missed 13 years ago.

Let's try Lawrie's place again.


Forensics have been all over this

If you tell me what we're looking
for, maybe I can help.

If I knew, I would.

There's something.
There has to be.

Something I didn't find 13 years ago.

Ringstead. From Pamela.

"Wherever you go, I go.

Whatever you do, I do, too."

Dated August 2000.

She's known him a whole lot longer
than we thought.

Call for some backup!

~ (Whispers) Firearms are on their
way. ~ They'd better be.

Miss Carson?


DI Lewis. Well done.

It's only taken you 13 years
to work out that Graham had some

Armed police!

Put that down, please.

You come with me and we'll get you
cleaned up, all right?

He was the most handsome man I'd
ever met.

I was surprised he took such a
liking to me. No-one else had.

Little by little we fell in love.

Of course we had to keep this secret
with him being married.

We'd be starting a new life, he

A life of murder?

I made the calls. He did the rest.

I could have left him, gone to the

But the thing is...

we were meant to be together,
for better or for worse.

Why kill Travis now?

On the Monday before he was
released, I went in to visit him, as
I always did.

Graham said he didn't want to see me

I thought he meant before the
appeal, but...

He was rejecting you.

I thought if I could just prove
myself, show him that everything
could be as it was,

he would change his mind
and want me back.

So you killed to attract his

It worked beautifully.

Just like when Graham showed me.

I couldn't believe how easy it was.

Just one blow, and down he went.

Constable Travis had a six-month-old
baby girl.

Graham never wanted kids.

That's why he liked me.
I was never the maternal type.

~ And what about Maddox? Why her?
~ Why not?

The 999 calls were getting too

She'd been in to question me,
so I knew she was working on the

I signed in at work and made sure I
was seen.

And she survived.
And Lawrie is dead.


He said we couldn't be seen together
straightaway once he was released.

I reckoned you lot were so dim
you were never going to work it out.

You didn't even know
about me and him back then.

But it wasn't that.

He told me it was over.

He said he didn't want me.

I found that very disappointing.

We could have started again
from where we were interrupted.

After all I'd done for him, how long
I'd waited...

.. and the money I'd spent
getting him free so we could be

Then he just rejected me.

I picked up his hammer,
the gift he'd given to me,

and I just...

.. stopped him from leaving me.

Graham hated you.

He wanted everyone to know you'd

You failed to catch us both.
You failed your dead colleagues.

You failed your lovely sergeant.

You know, I had no idea she even

Well, you can't blame yourself.
You were right about Lawrie.

Well, that's something, I suppose.

~ There's some good news.
~ We could use some.

Lizzie's doing well.

The pressure on her brain has
dropped, they're taking her off the

and they think she should be awake

Thank you, God.

Whoa. Look who's back with us.

~ Hi, sir.
~ Am I glad to hear you say that.

Hi, Tony. So, how's the head?

~ Booming.
~ You gave us quite a scare.

~ I gave myself a scare, to be honest.
~ Attention seeker.

~ Exactly.
~ I expect you back at work on...

~ Monday?
~ I'm touched.

Oh, I forgot.
I got you a little something.

Pork scratchings.


Oh, I've missed them.

Well, we've missed you, too,
and we want you back.

Yeah, I bet. Um...

Black tea, one sugar.

See, it's not done anything to my

I got you something too.

Kiwi fruit.

Well, I didn't know she was allergic
to the things, did I?

~ You should have asked me.
~ Well, how did you know and I didn't?

Because she is my sergeant.

~ Anyway, I'm sorry for doubting you.
~ Ah, not at all.

You're not my sergeant any more.

You're an inspector,
free to make your own choices.

~ Yeah, but you were right all along.
~ Maybe.

But you were right to question it.
You're a good detective.

Good mentor, I suppose.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not
to yield.

Ooh, Tennyson! Look at you!

Just something I learned from my old

That's what I like about this job -
you never stop learning.

I think it is time that you bought
me a pint, don't you?

Long overdue, canny lad. Long