Inspector Lewis (2006–2015): Season 8, Episode 2 - Entry Wounds: Part 2 - full transcript

After falling ill during interrogation, Marston is taken to hospital but escapes and is hiding somewhere on his 400 acre hunting ground. When he is found dead however ballistics insists that the murder weapon was the same as that used to shoot Stokes - only that rifle has been in police custody for the last 48 hours. Hathaway realizes that the recent break in at a public swimming pool may have been part of the plot to put someone else in the frame. When one of suspects commits suicide, the body is moved an attempt to make it look like a murder, which leads the police to the killer.

~ Ladies. ~ Professor.

MAN: Of course, hubris was
classified by the Greeks as a legal

It was viewed as the protagonist's
fatal flaw which leads inexorably to
his ruin.

However, in Greek tragedy hubris
should be treated as a law.

Once broken... well, there's no
escape from its consequences.

Oi, you idiot!

"Hubris full blown climbs the
precipitous height and grasps the

then topples o'er and lies in ruins

"Who when such deeds are done, can
hope heaven's bolts to shun?"


You see, Hubris was... an insult,
outrage, to the gods.

So, for example, when Oedipus
encounters King Laius on the road to

and he becomes embroiled in a fight
over who has right of way,

unaware the King is his biological

Oedipus is so enraged, his pride so
wounded when he's ordered to make

he kills King Laius, and his driver.

(Tyres squeal)

(Cries out)

Thus hubris unwittingly ensures the

(Tyres screech)

.. Oedipus would kill his own father,
is fulfilled.

Aristotle was writing at a time when
men were expected to defend their

So, a Greek audience wouldn't have
really blamed him for killing Laius.

Oh, no, they'd they'd hold fate

~ It was predetermined. ~ Cut! It's

~ MAN: Cut! ~ What?

~ Karen? ~ Sorry, Wesley. "Oedipus
Rex". It's Sophocles.

~ Yes? ~ Well, you said Aristotle.

~ Did I? ~ Yes.


Er... Shall we go again?

I'm... I'm sorry, can we just hold it
for a second, please?

Um... I don't wish to seem vulgar,

but would it be possible to bring it
round to Alcmeon In Corinth at some

My translation's being reissued, you

All right, thanks.

(Door opening)

Oh, sorry, Mum.

That's OK. Everything all right,

Yeah, I was just wondering where you

Oh, well... I'll be down in a sec,

Yeah, I'm going to give him a call

Right, come here.


Take another one then.

I hate him! I actually hate him!

~ Who? ~ That smug, two-faced, lying
little piece of...

~ Oh, him. ~ Do you ever think about
cleaning up?

Sorry. Sorry!

And what the hell is he still doing

That girl needs to chill out.

We have a problem.

(Chatter and laughter)

I'm just going for a run.



Right, OK.

LEWIS: Beautiful morning.

HATHAWAY: "The clouds were pure and
white as flocks new shorn."

~ Wordsworth? ~ Keats.

Oh, hey, I heard about your big
drugs bust.

Eliot Ness.

At a garden centre of all places.

Who'd have thought it, cocaine
hidden in seed packets?

Good luck with getting that to grow.

~ Presumably you heard that we
didn't get it all? ~ That takes the
shine off it somewhat.

One of my very first cases was just
along here. On the end there.

Woman, hung in her kitchen. Nasty.

~ Solved? ~ Of course. Always did.

~ Hanged. ~ Eh?

Pictures are hung. People are always

Nobody likes a smart-arse, James.

Rose Anderson, 23. Postgrad student
at St Sebastian's college.

Out for a run?

~ So it would seem. ~ Do we know

Going by the body temperature -
macerations on the fingers and palms

I'd say she'd been in the water
roughly 12, 13 hours.

Yeah, her flat-mate said that she
went out for a run at 6pm last

and the boatman found her at 7:30
this morning.

~ That would be about 12 or 13 hours
then. ~ You should do this for a

I couldn't stand the company.

Two stab wounds. The first one to
the abdomen...

LEWIS: To stop her in her tracks.

Then they finished the job. Stabbed
her in the neck.

~ Quick... ~ And clinical.

Carotid artery's been severed.

~ How quick? ~ A minute of
consciousness. Maybe two.

~ LEWIS: Poor lass. ~ HATHAWAY: Sexual

Not that I can tell, but I'll know
more when I get her back to the lab.

Which I'd love to do just as soon as
you two gentlemen are on your way.

~ Any sign of a weapon? ~ Not yet,
but they are still looking.

~ You handle that, then, will you,
Maddox? ~ Yeah, no problem.

Brought your wetsuit with you, did

~ How you finding your boss? ~ Which

Chloe Ilson?

Were you not concerned when she
didn't come home last night?

I assumed she was at college.

She's always there late, overnight


She was seeing someone there. An
older guy.

They had some massive row the other
day, though.

He broke it off apparently.
Or... tried to.

What's his name?

No idea.

Saw him when he picked her up a
couple of times but Rose liked him
kept private.

Whose car is that?

~ Rose's. ~ Do you know what
happened to it?

dfShe said she was going to try and
meet him the other day.

I don't know what happened.

All right, we're going to need to
see Rose's room.

Classics scholar.

It was her whole world. All she ever
talked about was her doctorate.

She tried explaining it to me,

but I never really understood what
she was on about, to be honest.

And what are you studying, Chloe?

I'm not at college.

I work behind the bar at Freud's.

I can't say I'm a regular.

It's only temporary. I'm saving up
to go travelling.

Have a look at this.

"The brightest star in the sky".

Sirius. (Door closes)

~ MAN: Chloe? ~ Er... here.

It's all sorted. He wants to take
the lot.

This is my boyfriend, Harrison.

These are the police. It's Rose.

Who is "F", do you know?

~ No. ~ Not him?

~ Simon Flaxmore? ~ No.

"Thank you for living".

~ Nice swim? ~ Ha, ha.

No sign of the knife yet. But I have
got something on the car.

It was involved in an RTC at midday.
Hit a male cyclist.

Anonymous caller identified Rose
Anderson as the driver.

Did we speak to the cyclist?

Er... no, they left the scene, but
we're trying to trace him.

The caller said that Rose
deliberately tried to hit the bloke
on the bike.

Sent him flying apparently.

~ Well, keep us informed. ~ OK, sir.

~ Ma'am. ~ Ma'am.


~ I'm glad you changed your mind.
~ Oh?

~ About the transfer. ~ Oh.

~ You're good for those two. ~ What,
the Chuckle Brothers?

~ Sorry. ~ Trust me, I've heard them
called worse.

Usually by me.

(Bells tolling)

Well, I... I knew of her, obviously.

She was a postgrad student.

But I didn't have anything to do
with the girl directly.

No, it's Philippa Garwood you need
to speak to.

She's her um... or rather was, her

She was having a relationship with
someone here in the college.


An older man, with the initial F?

Ah. (Chuckles)

Well, it's not me.

No, my days for that sort of thing
are long gone, I'm afraid.

Besides, I never met the girl.


Well, I say I never met her. What I
mean is, I didn't know her.

I mean, let me have a look.

That's from a book signing, clearly.

I mean, I sign a lot of books for
people, it doesn't mean I don't know
them all personally.

Ah, poor girl.

There's only one love in my life.


"Question everything. Learn
something. Answer nothing."

Wise advice for any policeman

Where would we be likely to find
this Philippa Garwood?

Oh, um... the rota. It's somewhere.

One second. Erm... erm...

Oh, here we are. (Clears throat)

Yes, er...

Sorry. Philippa.

Yes, she's in a lecture at the

I hope you find who did this.

We may need to speak to you again.

Of course. Anything I can do to

He seemed very pleased with himself.

Well, it says here he discovered a
dusty manuscript in a library six
years ago.

It turned out to be the Victorian
translation of a lost Greek play.

Al-c-meon In Corinth. Any good?

Alcmeon In Corinth, Robert.

Anyway, Flaxmore authenticated it
and made his name.

No doubt he's been dining out on it
ever since, eh?


Philippa Garwood?

It's just the most tragic news. I
can't take it in.

Do you know if anything was
bothering her recently?

Only her thesis. "Euripides and
Children in Greek Tragedy".

Rose worked so hard on it.

~ What was bothering her about that?
~ I don't know.

She never got round to telling me.
We hadn't sat down face to face for
a while.

Could it have been connected with
Professor Flaxmore?

Well, only in the way that the whole
thing would have involved Simon.

He wrote the book on Euripides.

But a good student?

Rose could take a piece of ancient
text and look at it in a whole new

Such a waste.

You two were close then?

She was... tutoring my sister's
ten-year-old, Tabby.

~ God, how am I going to tell her?
~ We'll need to contact her too.

We think she was seeing someone here
in college. Do you know anything
about that?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

Older man, initial F - mean anything
to you?

~ No. ~ (Approaching footsteps)

Friend of yours?

My husband. Felix.

~ LEWIS: Do you know Rose Anderson? -
~ Yes, we've been seeing each other.

Since when?

Before Christmas. Rose came to me to
ask for advice with her thesis.

And you were happy to help.

~ These things happen, don't they?
~ She was a classics student, not

Yeah, excuse me? Could... could you

It's extremely valuable.
It was Newton's.

Did you write this?

~ Yes. ~ What does it refer to?

Oh, God, this is embarrassing. Um...

It was just a silly little note.

It was nothing. She was... she was
learning Spanish.

~ You wrote her a lot of silly
notes. ~ I didn't know she'd keep

It was just a bit of harmless fun.

Harmless? Why didn't you report the

I'd just tried to break it off with
Rose. That was her response.

~ Reporting her would have just made
it worse. ~ And made it public.

So you didn't tell your wife?

What was I supposed to say?

"Hello, darling, I've just been run
over by your student that I'm
sleeping with."

So, she didn't know about you two?

~ I wouldn't say that. ~ So you did
tell her?

Not explicitly. No names. But she

We have a kind of, "Don't ask, don't
tell" arrangement.

~ SIMON: It's awful news about the
American girl. ~ PHILIPPA: I know.

SIMON: Yeah. How was she getting

~ Fine, I thought. ~ Yeah?

I hadn't seen her for a while. She
emailed me asking for a deferral.

Last-minute research issue or

Oh, really? Well, what was it, did
she say?

No. Anyway, I think you saw her more
recently than I did.

Did I?

She mentioned she'd spoken to you
about Alcmeon In Corinth.

Oh, yes, that's right. Yes, it was a
small, translation thing.

That's right, yes. Did you mention
that to the police?

Simon, what's going on?

Well, nothing. I'm just worried
about the reputation of the college,
that's all.

It's me you're talking to, remember.

There's only one reputation you're
interested in, and it isn't the

(Bells tolling)

It was found in the canal bed.

It looks like an ordinary steak

Except it's commercial use rather
than domestic, so hotels,

~ By the hundreds, I imagine.
~ Other than that, there's nothing

So, indulge me, what do we know so

Rose Anderson, fatally stabbed on
her evening run, between six and
eight o'clock.

Earlier in the day, she'd erm...
tried to run her lover Felix Garwood

off the road after he'd rejected
her. (Mobile ringing)

~ So he kills her in revenge?
~ Excuse me.

He was giving a presentation between
six and eight. Lots of witnesses.

~ And before then? ~ With his wife,

She says she drove him to this

Mm. It's always the wives, isn't it?

Oh, there's something about her.

She was certainly aware that her
husband was carrying on with the

But if a woman finds out her
husband's been unfaithful, she's more
likely to kill him than her.

~ What about Professor Flaxmore?
~ Slippery.

(Door opening)

Sir, that was Chloe Ilson, the
victim's flatmate.

Apparently she's got something of
the victim's for you.

Excuse me.

I love it, Auntie Philippa!

You don't need to keep buying her
things, you know.

It's fine. It was Felix's idea

Anyway, she deserves spoiling, what
with everything she's going through.

Slow down, Tabs!

~ Another thing to worry about.
~ Oh, Jen!

It might help take her mind off
what's happened.

So what did the police say?

Just that she'd been attacked whilst
out jogging.

~ It's so shocking. ~ When's Paul

Oh, he's due back soon. Why?

I gave the police your details, they
wanted to speak to you both.

But I thought it was this mugger or

Who knows? It's not a problem, is

No. No, of course not.

Slow down, Tabs!


(Electronic fanfare) There you
go. Perfect, well done. High five.

Tabs, will you go and check on your
dad with the tea?

You know, she's been nagging for one
of those forever, but they're so

Yeah. One of the perks of the job, I

So, how long had Rose Anderson been
working as a tutor to Tabitha?

Er, since last September. It's exam
year and my sister recommended it.

Here we are.

I suppose it can get quite
competitive, can it, between the

Well, yes, but that's not the reason

Tabby's not been very well, so she's
missed a lot of school.

Right. Nothing serious, I hope?

Er, well...

Tabitha was born with a genetic
blood disorder: fanconi anaemia.

Her chances aren't very good.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, that's the thing, though. She
looks fine, though, doesn't she?

We've been looking for a stem cell
donor but...

She's been an absolute star, though.
The blood transfusions, hormone

She never complains.

She's been in hospital more than
school which is why we needed Rose's

Look, I'm sorry to have to ask you
this, but...

Where were you specifically between
6 and 8pm yesterday?

That's OK.

I was in Cheltenham, at a

I'm an optometrist.

~ I have the details if you'd...
~ Er, yeah. Please.

And you, Mrs Brightway?

Er... me? Well, I was here. I was at

I've got something, Lizzie.

This bracelet's for you.

Oh, thank you!

Do you have children?

Er... no.

(Music playing from inside building)

(Music continues)

Can you turn down the um... for me?

(Music lowered)

Rose was working in my room a couple
of nights ago.

I didn't think you'd want it. It's
just her doctoral research.

It's probably best we have it. Thank

~ She was in a bit of state about
it. ~ Why?

I dunno. She just said that
something she'd found out had made
her rethink the whole thing.

There isn't anything else that you
forgot to tell us, is there?


Well, if you remember anything, give
me a call.

Do you know who might have done it?

~ That was clever. ~ I'm sorry, OK?

Two more days and then we're out of


~ LEWIS: It's ready! ~ LAURA: Coming.

~ What is that? ~ Cannelloni.

~ That's what it was meant to be.
What is it now? ~ Yeah, very funny.

So... how was it today?

Hmm, well...

We found a knife at least.

Not that it gives us much.

No sexual motive. Nothing was taken

Random attacker?

~ Yeah, frightening thought. ~ Hm.

Come on!


It's taken.

Oh, congratulations!

Oh, thank you, Phil.

~ I'm going to have a baby sister?
~ Yeah, or brother.

~ Isn't that amazing? ~ I want a

~ And she's only ten years old?
~ Well, yeah.

She was only seven when she was
diagnosed, apparently.

What's the prognosis?

Well, with fanconi anaemia...
assuming they could find the right

a bone marrow or stem cell
transplant could cure it altogether.

~ But without it... ~ Not good?


Even with all the transfusions and
hormone therapy... late teens?

Well, obviously it's very early days,
but I cannot tell you the sense of

~ Well done, Dad! ~ Thank you.

What am I thinking? I've got some
fizz in the fridge.

~ Oh, no, no, please. ~ Oh, bring on
the bubbles!

Don't be silly, of course. Come.
Oh, go and help her, Tabs.

~ How exciting! ~ Bring the good

(Bottles clinking)

Don't! Don't you touch her.

~ Here we go! ~ Oh, here they are!

~ Fantastic. ~ Thank you, guys.

~ Thanks, Tabs. ~ There we are.

~ Well... ~ Thank you.

~ Thank you. ~ I think we should
propose a toast...

.. to the person who made this
possible, but er... sadly...

To Rose!

OTHERS: To Rose!

Goodbye. Thank you so much for
having us.

Drive safely. Bye.

~ (Inhales sharply) ~ Have you been

(Exhales) Briefly.

(Knocking at door)

Something odd's come up. I've been
going through the victim's bank

Last November, Rose Anderson
transferred ?10,000

into Jennie and Paul Brightway's

She was tutoring their Tabitha.

Why on earth should she be handing
over that sort of money to them?

Why indeed?

I'd better go and ask, eh? I could
use an eye test.

Nice one.

PAUL: It's the best way of finding a
cure for her.

We spent three years searching for a
stem cell donor for Tabby.

All in vain.

Which is why we decided to go down
the IVF route.

~ A saviour sibling? ~ Yes. Take a
seat over there for me.

The IVF route means they can screen
the embryo and make sure the antigens

If you just look straight ahead for


We started the latest round on
Valentine's Day, ironically.

Yeah, not the most romantic way to
spend it.

It's been a very stressful time for
Jennie. We've had a few failures.

That must be hard, I'm sorry.

It is, and it cost us a fortune.

If you'd like to take a seat over
there for me, put your chin on the

And I know that we shouldn't put a
price on it, but...

I can't even think about the amount
of debt we're in.

So, you asked Rose for the money?

No. She insisted on helping us.

We didn't like having to accept,
but... Just look straight ahead for

It seems like a lot of money to take
from a postgrad student.

She borrowed it from her father. It
was a loan.

We are going to pay it back.

Tabby's life is at stake. It's not a

Besides, when it's your children,
you do anything you can, don't you?

Just keep your head as still as you
can, please. Look straight ahead.


So, do you think you'll carry on
with the IVF?

Er... I shouldn't really say anything

It's... it's very early stages, but

Well, it looks like it's been

~ Jennie's pregnant. ~ Oh,

I can't tell you how happy we are.

And we couldn't have done it without

There, all done. Perfectly healthy.

Oh, good.

~ I bet they've seen some sights.
~ More than I'd care to remember.

How's the investigation going?

Well, I know I shouldn't ask.

It's just that we were so fond of
Rose, you know, and...

the last time we saw her, she was
very upset.

Oh? Why?

She'd had some flaming row with her
flatmate. Clare, is it?

Chloe. Did she say what it was

Er... Nothing.

~ Just stupid housework stuff.
~ We were told it was a blazing row.

There must have been more to it than
whose turn it was to do the

But that's what she was like. Her
temper was mental.

~ She used to flip out over the
smallest thing. ~ And what was it
this time?


She um... (Door squeaks)

Er... She didn't like Harrison being
round here all the time.

Things were pretty tense.

Hang on a minute.

Seed packets.

Stolen from the garden centre.

And I know what's in it.

~ It's not mine! ~ No.

This is the missing stuff from
Hathaway's drugs raid.

Rose knew about the drugs, didn't

She walked in on Harrison chopping
it out in the kitchen.

~ Went ballistic. ~ Yeah, I'm not

Betrayed by her best friend.

It was nothing to do with me.

~ I tried telling her it was all
Harrison's idea. ~ Oh, really?

You told me that you were saving up
to go travelling.

You had 25,000 quid's worth of
holiday funds hidden in a cupboard.

No! It was nothing to do with me.

Well, it was. You allowed Harrison
to stash it there.

He's not an easy bloke to say no to.

So, Rose threatens to call the
police and then she's murdered.

Very convenient.

I didn't kill her! I was working at
the bar. You can check.

What about your boyfriend? Where was

I'm not sure.

So it must be the case that one
astronomical unit cubed,

is equal to G times the mass of the

times one year squared, times four
Pi squared.

And it is with that that I'll leave

Those of you with crit responses to
collect, I'll be in my office from
10am sharp.

The rest of you... see you Thursday.

STUDENTS: Thank you.

Is everything OK? Is it Tabby?

You should have phoned. We can go
for lunch.

Please... don't.

Have you seen this man before?

Yeah. He was Rose's bloke.

I saw him at Harrison's place a
couple of times as well.

What, he's a customer?

A regular. Prof.

~ Sorry? ~ Prof he calls him.

I don't know his real name. Sorry.

~ Hello again. ~ Hi.

~ Who are you here to see? ~ You,


Something I wanted to pick your
brain about, if you've got a moment?

Yes. It's always nice to be wanted.

~ If that's convenient? ~ Course, I
was just on my way to the library.

Um... do you have a first name?

~ James. ~ Follow me, James.

So Felix Garwood was buying drugs
from this Harrison Sax.

Rose Anderson found out they were
using her place to stash the drugs.

Yeah, so the chances are she was
also aware that Felix was a regular

~ He wouldn't want that coming out.
~ Exactly.

Maybe Felix was more involved than
that, though.

What, you mean involved in actually
drug dealing, you mean?

Yeah. Stronger motive for keeping
Rose quiet.

Yeah, maybe. His alibi for the
murder was pretty solid, right

He might not have done it himself.

What, with Harrison?

Conspiracy. I mean, he's got form.
GBH, Section 18.

~ What, with a knife? ~ Mm-hm, got
two years for it.

Right. I think I'll go and ask our
handsome astronomer

what he thought he was getting into.

~ You see if you can find Harrison.
~ Sir.

And where the hell is Hathaway?

This seems to form the cornerstone
of Rose's work.

She was increasingly focused upon
it, true.

Being newly discovered, it was less
studied than the more known plays.

She'd found a niche and that's

What about this passage she's so
interested in?

"What stars are these, steering
their course yonder?

The twin lions of Nemea, still
running high at this hour."

What's your thinking?

Well, it doesn't matter what my
thinking is, it's what she was
thinking that matters.

The two lions - Leo Major, Leo Minor
- why does she make such constant
reference to them?

We academics tend to find the
highest drama in the smallest of

Whatever it was, it had rattled
Flaxmore's cage, but she didn't come
to me with it.

Understandable, perhaps.

Don't be coy, Officer.

You're thinking: Why does she put up
with it? Why doesn't she just leave

Do you understand everything you do?

"I can't go on. I'll go on."




~ You go that way. ~ Sarge.

Harrison Sax. I need you to come
with me for questioning.

Oh! Aargh!


~ Sarge, are you OK? ~ Yeah. Go!

I need backup going to Harrison
Sax's flat. Blackbird Leys.

Yes, I knew about Rose. I knew about
all of them.

Unconventional lives can't be
understood by everyone.

Look at what she did for Tabitha.

Felix has always convinced me that I
was "The One".

The others are just an itch he needs
to scratch.

So if he didn't bring it home, it
was all right, was it?

More like it didn't exist.

If I lose Felix, I... lose part of

You must really love him.

I love him and hate him.

Did you hate Rose Anderson?


I didn't kill her.

You see, the thing is - the tricky
thing for me - is that your husband
has a very strong alibi.

And you don't.

Do innocent people go around
worrying about alibis for future

which may or may not be committed?


If I was going to kill anyone... I'd
kill Felix.

(Message alert)

Bugger. I have to meet a student.

I'll be half an hour. Is that OK?

Of course.

(Siren wails)

Police! Open up, Mr Sax.

Police! Stay where you are!

~ Clear. That's clear! ~ All clear!

~ All clear! ~ Clear!

Hallway! Clear!

~ All bedrooms clear! ~ Oh, damn

For you.

Thank you.

This... is a hoax.

~ A hoax? ~ Rose Anderson found out.

What do you mean?

She was about to reveal to the world
that Professor Flaxmore's precious
"lost play"

was actually a fake.

(Door opens and closes)

Professor Garwood?

Cause of death, blunt force trauma
to the left side of the head.

From the spatter it looked as though
the first one put him down.

They kept on hitting him long after
he was dead.

Made a right meal of it.

~ Different from Rose Anderson. That
was clinical, this was - ~ Frenzied.

Something like that.

Or a different person.

Constant flow of colleagues and
students - we're going to be
knee-deep in fingerprints.

Might get some nice ones off this
casing, though.

Well, it's not my department,
but it looks like... it's been wiped

~ Handy.
~ Hm.



Well, I'm betting it's not baking

Can we get this tested? Time of

No sign of rigor mortis. Eyelids are
flaccid. I'd say about an hour?

So around about five.

I'll know more about the bruising
after the post-mortem.


So robbery gone wrong?

Or a murder dressed up to look like

He can't have just disappeared.
He's a bouncer, not Houdini.

OK, let us know, eh?

Maddox. We've managed to lose a

Will I see you at home later?

I think I preferred it
when you were building canoes.

No, you didn't. I was a bad-tempered
old grouch who smelt of wood glue.

Yeah, but you were my bad-tempered
old grouch who smelt of wood glue.


I know what Rose Anderson found out.

I'll see you in the morning. Mm!

God bless.

Oh, God!

~ Is she all right?
~ Yeah... she's fine.

Everything's going to be fine now.

Alcmeon In Corinth. Euripides's
"lost play", famously found by Simon

On the back of which he makes his
name and he becomes the go-to guy

for solving literary mysteries.

And we're here because?

The constellation of Leo...

lying right smack in-between Cancer
in the east and Virgo in the west.

It represented to the Greeks the
Nemean Lion, slain by Heracles as
the first of his 12 tasks.

It shone brightly above them in the
night sky.

Now, shining less brightly:

Leo Minor. Little Leo.

What's this got to do with Rose

In Alcmeon in Corinth,

when he unknowingly purchases

his own daughter Tisiphone as a
slave - don't ask -

.. he stood outside of his tent at
daybreak and said to his servant:

"What stars are those,
steering their course yonder?"

To which the old retainer replied,
"The twin lions of Nemea, still
running high at this hour."

So? Big Leo and Little Leo.

Yeah, but Leo Minor wasn't known as
that until the late 17th-century.

To Euripides they would have
been a faint collection of stars

not part of any constellation at

~ 17th century?
~ 1687, to be exact.

So why would Euripides
be referring to the twin lions?

He wouldn't.

Flaxmore's status seems to be
largely based on his authentication
of this play.

So if Rose Anderson could show
that his authentication's wrong -

It would end up making him look
really stupid, which I'm guessing he
wouldn't like.

But then why kill Felix?

Rose Anderson didn't get there by

You knew what Rose Anderson
had discovered?

~ What's this got to do with Felix
being? ~ Answer the question, please.

Rose? Yes, well... she hadn't really
discovered anything.

~ It's more like she'd noticed an
anomaly. ~ An anomaly?

Yes. I said I'd look into it.
I thought maybe I'd... mistranslated.

Ancient Greek can be a bit slippery

But you hadn't, had you?

You don't make mistakes like that.

"Leontes dio, didimo" - "Two lions,

It's right there in the text. So
it's not that slippery.

I really don't think you can...

Where were you three nights ago
when she was killed?

I was at a college dinner at eight.
Fund-raising. Had a speech to make.

Unlike some of the flashier
colleges, we're constantly trying to
raise funds.

~ My standing... ~ You have
people who can corroborate this?

~ About 150.
~ What about before that?

I was here going over my speech with
Karen, my PA.

And yesterday, between four and

I was here.
And then I went home.

~ Anyone corroborate that?
~ No.


I was with Felix yesterday

I wanted to talk to him about
using the planetarium as a venue.

But he was alive when I left him.

We'll need to take your fingerprints

If you don't mind. Today, please.

Even if Rose had found a way of
showing that the play was not by

.. why would I hide that?

I'm a scholar, gentlemen.

When we get his prints, let's run
them against the database. Just in

~ Back to the station? ~ No. I want to
know where Philippa Garwood was
yesterday afternoon.

~ She was with you, wasn't she?
~ Yeah, not all of the time.

I really don't think it's hit her

I... I don't think it's hit us yet,
to be honest.

Where were you two yesterday

~ Us?
~ You knew both victims.

~ Well, I know, but I don't see what
- ~ I was working.
And, Jennie, you were...

~ I... I was with Tabitha.
~ Tabitha.

Working until when?

Well, about seven. I try to get home
before Tabby goes to bed.


How long had Felix and Philippa been

Um... 12 years.

She gave him 12 years. I'm not
really sure what he gave her.

~ Jennie.
~ Well, I'm just saying.

She loved him and he treated her

~ Hey, hey, hey.
~ No, no, no! No, no.

He could be the most attractive,
charming man, but he...

.. he was also poison.

We're well shot of him.


He lied to my sister.
Which means he lied to all of us.

There's miles of the stuff. I think
it's bindweed.

Was it quick, do you think?

One minute he's awake, and then...

~ I mean, that would be OK, wouldn't
it, if...? ~ I hope so.

Yesterday you left me for
40 minutes. Where did you go?

~ I have to ask.
~ Do you?

You know I do.

I told you: I had a meeting with a

An essay they were having trouble

I was with them and then I came
straight back.

I'm going to need a name.

I didn't kill my husband,
DI Hathaway.

It's Japanese knotweed.


It's not bindweed. It's Japanese

What a lot you know.

Not about the important stuff.

Don't worry. Routine elimination.

Consider me eliminated.

If you want me to say anything,
anything at all...

It won't come to that.

Felix Garwood's tox report. Positive
for cocaine.

And analysis of what was found
on the telescope.

"Isopropyl alcohol, hexyl cinnamal,

~ Wipes, in other words.
~ Mm.

Does the Astrophysics Department
have CCTV?

Yeah. Except it was smashed in two
weeks ago. Students protesting
against Big Brother.

And where are we on Harrison Sax?

He used his credit card to buy a
one-way ticket to Liverpool.


I've sent his picture and details
to Merseyside Police.

And to every force between here
and there.

I've seen tanks smaller than
Harrison Sax. We're just glad to have
you back in once piece.


Ran Flaxmore's prints,
we have a match.

Simon Flaxmore is... Linus Cage?

Who the hell is Linus Cage?

~ Anything from East Sussex Police?
~ Yeah, they finally dug out the file.

So Linus Cage had some sort of scam
involving antique books in Brighton.

He did five years in Wandsworth
prison for fraud.

And then he got out in 1985.

~ And then what? - ~ And then he
disappeared, apparently.

There's no record of him anywhere.

Until 1992, when Simon Flaxmore
pops up in a puff of blue smoke

and takes up a position as Reader of
Classics at St Sebastian's.

Con to don in seven years.
Now that is impressive.

Well, I checked the references
that Flaxmore gave on his CV

from Bristol University
and the University of Melbourne.

I also tried to track down the PhD
in "Rhetoric in Tragedy".

~ And?
~ And the references are all false.

The PhD doesn't exist. It's just all

Well, maybe Rose Anderson found
that out.

Or Flaxmore
thought she was about to.

Professor Flaxmore is in college.
And I'm sure he's told you

Have you ever heard of Linus Cage?

~ Who?
~ May we come in, Miss Newman?


No, no, that's not possible.

How long have you worked for him?

Since 1994.

That's a long time.
You must be very loyal.

It's not hard to be loyal to someone
you admire.

After he was released from prison,

Linus Cage completely re-invented

New identity, new everything.

And then in 1992, he re-emerged as a
classics scholar at St Sebastian's.

Nice new life. Safe.

~ So long as no-one found out.
~ Like Rose Anderson did.

You're wrong. He's a brilliant man.
He would never do something like

How long have you been in love with
him, Miss Newman?

No. You listen... You listen to me!

Do you really want to take that


If it has to be tomorrow then...

Fine. Whatever.

Professor Flaxmore says
he was with you going over his

~ That's right.
~ All evening?

Two murders. If you're protecting

He lies. That's what he does.
He lies like other people breathe.

You don't have to be loyal to him
any more. He doesn't deserve it.

He wasn't with me.
He went out about six

and I didn't see him until he came
back here later.

Where is he now?

He said he was on his way
to see Philippa Garwood.

Alcmeon In Corinth.

We put it on that first summer.

You persuaded me to join in the

Just for one night.

You had to be a part of it.

Hearing those words...

Seeing it come alive...

.. it was magical.

And I thought it was just because
you liked to wear a mask.

You were my best student.

Oh, yes. You were my favourite.

That's why I want...

I need you to understand.

Understand what?

The things I've done...

Don't answer that.


"You have reached the voicemail
of Dr Philippa Garwood.

I'm sorry I'm not here to take your

Please leave a message. I'll get
back to you as soon as possible."

Philippa, it's James Hathaway.

One mistake. Just the one.

That's all it was.

I'm a good man. I am.

You have to believe me.

You must!

In there.

Hello, Linus.

I didn't kill anybody.

We don't have any physical evidence.
We've got no eye-witnesses.

Nothing to place him
at either of the scenes.



Two stab wounds. First to the
abdomen which incapacitated her...

Don't tell me. And the other severed
her carotid artery.


~ Just like Rose Anderson.
~ Same killer?

Looks likely.

No forced entry, no sign of a

And she was going somewhere in a
hurry. Why?

Home late again tonight?



Return bus ticket to Woodstock

Harrison Sax's foster parents live
at Woodstock.

Uniform interviewed them. They said
they hadn't seen him in months.

Why don't we go and ask them for

~ Mr Vanbrooke?
~ That's right.

DI Lewis, DI Hathaway.

We'd like to talk to you about
Harrison Sax.

I've already told you lot. We
haven't seen him.

Yeah, I'm afraid his girlfriend,
Chloe Ilson, was found murdered this

I saw her yesterday afternoon.


She was so excited.

About what?

She said that she had a plan.
How to get us both out of here.

~ Start over, anywhere we liked.
~ What sort of plan?

Just that she was going to get me
my money back.

And that I mustn't worry.
She said everything was going to be

Do you think that... that's why she's

What was she thinking?

~ What colour would you like the
fence? - ~ Green.

Ah-ha. OK.

~ All right?
~ I'm fine.

~ Here, let me.
~ I'm fine. No, look, I've got it!

I've got it, OK?

I said I'm fine.

Just... go and play with Tabby. OK?


I can take care of everything,
you know?

Felix Garwood called you

on the afternoon that Rose Anderson
was murdered.

~ So? - ~ Well, he knew you had form,
didn't he?

GBH, with and without intent.

ABH, assault, battery...

What? You think he got me to do
something to Rose?

Did he?

She was carrying his kid.

Do you really think he would have
hurt her?

~ Rose Anderson wasn't pregnant.
~ Wasn't she?

Why did you think she was?

Valentine's Day,
Felix came to see me at the club.

Wanted to buy a couple of grams.

Said it was time for some changes.

Celebrating the fact
that he had a kid on the way.

Sir? Chloe Ilson's prints match the
ones found on the bag of cocaine in
Felix Garwood's rooms.

What, she was selling him the drugs?

If she was at Felix's, maybe she
witnessed something? Seen the killer.

I prefer to be here. It's... easier,

There's only so much gardening I can

Felix said he was going to be a

Rose was pregnant?


But someone was. Just not me.

Unless I'm lying, of course.

Which makes me just another suspect,
someone to observe.

Trip up. Is that what I am?

Maybe she is lying.

What, so if she thought Rose
Anderson was pregnant with Felix's
child, this is all about revenge?

Mm, she kills the husband,
his lover and the unborn child.

Now, that sounds like a Greek

Or she didn't. She's totally
innocent and we're barking up the
wrong tree.

Or Harrison Sax is wrong.
Or misheard. Or misunderstood.

Or Felix knocked someone else up.

~ Valentine's Day. That's it.
~ What is?

Well, Valentine's Day was when
Felix started talking about being a


It was also the day the Brightways
started their IVF treatment.

Mr Brightway?

~ Oh, hello again.
~ Is your wife at home?

She's taken Tabitha to the hospital.
Blood transfusion.

It's routine. Can I help?

We'd like to talk to you about your
IVF treatment.

What about it?

Felix Garwood?

You'd better come in.

Jennie and I were going through a...

It was hard for her.

I'd just qualified. I was working
all hours.

I... just wasn't paying attention.

She was lonely and... there was

I never knew. It didn't last long.
Just... long enough.

You didn't know that Tabitha was

Why would I?

And then we found out about
this fanconi anaemia.

I tried everything I could.

I checked out every crack-pot cure,
every herbal remedy, anything, if I
thought it might...

When it's your baby, you do

And then you found out
about the saviour sibling.

It was like a gift from the gods.

A way to save her and a chance for
us to have another child, which we'd
wanted for so long.

The clinic was right here in Oxford.
It was like it was meant to be.

All we needed was a genetic match
and we were home free.

And that's when you found out
you weren't Tabitha's dad.

Jennie had to tell me.

Here was Tabby's best hope of a
cure. What choice did she have?

So Jennie and Felix went through
with the IVF?

~ Yes.
~ And does her sister know?

I mean, does Philippa know
that her husband slept with her

What good would that do?
She doesn't have to know, does she?

~ What about you?
~ Me?

How do you feel about it?

The affair was a long time ago.

Even so. To be lied to like that...

My daughter has a chance of a life.

What I feel doesn't really come into
it, does it?

Visual aids, Robbie.

Your graphic design skills
are really coming along.

OK. So, Felix Garwood and Jennie

start their latest IVF treatment

Previous attempts had failed, so
there's a lot riding on it with
Tabitha's life at stake.

But they won't know whether it's
been successful for a little while.

Felix breaks up with Rose Anderson.

She doesn't like it
and tries to run him off his bike.

And then she ends up dead.

And a short time later, Jennie
discovers that she's pregnant.

Between starting treatment
and Jennie being pregnant,

Felix Garwood is a valuable

Yeah, sure.

Jennie and Paul certainly couldn't

for him to be hurt or
hospitalised... or worse.

And suddenly here's Rose Anderson
threatening to do all three.

Do you think those two ever wished
she wasn't around?


The witness who reported the
hit-and-run, can you get me that
tape, please?


"I think I've just seen an attempted

Someone in a car deliberately
tried to knock a man off his bike."

Jennie Brightway.

"I didn't get the number plate
but I recognised the driver.

Her name is Rose Anderson."

~ Yes, I made the call.
~ Whose idea was it?

Mine. Felix had recognised Rose
behind the wheel.

And he was scared.

He said she'd been sending him
texts, messages - really horrible.

He was convinced she'd tried to kill
him and that she'd do it again.

Why didn't he report her himself?

Felix had been warned before
about sleeping with the students.

So I guess he was afraid he'd lose
his job.

So you decided to deal with it

I thought I could get her arrested.

I just wanted her to leave Felix

You thought that you would scare her
off, that's what you thought.

This... this treatment, it's...

it's ruined us financially.

We only had enough money
for one more round of IVF

and if that failed...

.. if anything happened to Felix...

Yeah, but it didn't work, did it?
Rose wasn't arrested.

~ She was still going to be a problem.
~ Did you kill her?

What? No, that... that's ridiculous!

You don't have an alibi.

No, but I was with Tabitha.
I told you.

What about the night Felix Garwood
was killed?

You think I killed Fel...

Felix is my brother-in-law. He

he may have been a crap husband but
he was Tabby's father.

And he is my baby's father.

Look, um... Tabby'll be finished soon
so I...

Look, all I've ever wanted

is to give Tabby a family that she
can grow up in.

What would be the point if, by
saving a life, I then destroyed it?

Back to square one?

No. We're close, I can feel it.

Well, think about it from a
different perspective.

Rose Anderson's murder was
definitely planned.

Not a shred of physical evidence,
nothing on the weapon, nothing

So the killer definitely knew
what they were doing.

The same goes for Chloe Ilson.

Yeah, but Felix Garwood
was a spur of the moment thing.

I want to go back
where Felix Garwood was killed.

Maddox is right.
His murder was the odd one out.

If the killer made a mistake, it's

So, they row.
The murderer picks up the telescope.


And now he has to clear up.

He's looking around and what?

He uses the wipes to clear off any
traces from the murder weapon.

It's a bit of luck, wasn't it,
finding them when he needs them?

It's the Astrophysics Department.
A lot of high-end glass.

But you've just killed someone,

You're panicking,
you're not making assumptions.

You're desperate.
You're looking round for something

That drawer was shut. They were all


So how did the murderer know
that the wipes were there?

~ Looks for them? ~ Yeah,
but when you're that desperate,

you don't open the drawer
and neatly close it again, do you?

You scrabble. It's a whirlwind.
You fling the drawers open.

You grab what you're looking for.
You don't leave everything nice and

What were the chemical traces
found on that telescope again?


Isopropyl alcohol, hexyl cinnamal,

~ These are different. ~ So what sort of
wipes did the killer use?

Lens wipes. For glasses.

Do you suppose we're looking for an

She hasn't got eyes yet.

Yeah, I think you'd better do the

Right, let's have a look at this.

"Work your way down to the bottom..."


~ Lizzie! - ~ Hello, Tabitha.
Shall we go outside and play?

However hard you try,
something always goes wrong.

Such as Felix Garwood?

You went to see him, didn't you?
You argued.

You grabbed the first thing at hand,
and you clubbed him to
death with it.


And you cleaned up the telescope with
wipes you'd brought from work.

I want you to leave.

~ Did you kill Rose Anderson too?
~ You know he didn't!

~ I have an alibi.
~ Conference, Cheltenham.

~ That's right. ~ You were seen going
to an event at four.

And you were seen at dinner at 8:30.


Which gave you just enough time to
take the 4:32 from Cheltenham

and find Rose Anderson, kill her,
and be back in time for dinner.

Do you know how ridiculous that

CCTV photographs
from Cheltenham Spa Station...

.. on the afternoon of Rose
Anderson's murder.

This is you buying a ticket...

at exactly the time that you say
you were at this conference.

But you can't see the face.
You can't see who it is.

No, but you can see
the friendship bracelet on the wrist.

That's the one that Tabitha made for
you, isn't it?


Tabby's life was at stake.

Rose wasn't going to stop until

We couldn't afford that.

I worked out how
to get here and back

to Cheltenham without anyone

I took a knife from the hotel.

I knew where Rose went running
so I waited for her.

You didn't plan to kill Felix
Garwood, though, did you?

He said
he was going to take you all away.

That you were going to leave me...

And he was going to take his
children, Tabitha and the baby

and there was nothing that I could

And Chloe Ilson?

She was coming out of Felix's
as I was going in.

When she found out that Felix
had been killed she wanted money.


I told her that we didn't have it,
but she wouldn't listen.

After the others, what choice did I

She was going to spoil everything.

Paul... those girls.

~ Their families. You...
~ I did this for our family.

But... Felix...

He said... he said that you still
loved him.

I was so scared. I was so scared.

Oh, you fool!

He kept...he kept on at me but I
told him...

I told him that you are Tabby's
father and nothing will change that.

I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it, he
was laughing at me.

I just wanted to make him stop,
I had to make him stop.

Oh, God...


What have you done?

~ I'm so sorry.
~ Come on.


~ Daddy, Daddy!
~ Tabs! Tabby!


I need to go away for a while,

So I need you to look after Mum.

Come on.

~ Daddy loves you so much.
~ Come on.

Come on.

I'll take that. Thank you.

He's leaving. Effective immediately,
pending further action by the College.

No, they'll just bury it. Hiring
someone without checking their

They may not have a choice.

He has a book deal. They say Karen
secured it.

"My Story: How I blagged my way onto
the High Table with just an O level
in woodwork."

Probably a fake as well.

He's resilient. I'll give him that.

The gods must love him.

Come on.

Why are you here, Officer?

To return this.
And thank you for it.

I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you.

So, what are we having?

I've no idea. He won't let me
anywhere near the kitchen.

Just have a little faith. I'm in
complete control.

Pride comes before a fall.

Not this time.

~ More?
~ Er, yes, please.

It's not going to be one of those
voyage of discovery meals?

~ I'm hoping not.
~ Why? What do you discover?

Usually that you're not very hungry.

I give you the authentic taste of
Italy. Albeit via the Cowley Road.

~ Pizza?
~ You can't go wrong.

~ Er... do you want your wine?
~ Yes, please.

What's up?

"Nothing has more strength than dire

Don't tell me. Euripides.

It doesn't work like that, man.

Have you two finished yakking?

Not for a long time.