Informer (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Ruby Tuesday - full transcript

he CTSU team report to Headquarters on Raza's intelligence regarding Igli Gramos as their possible 'Big Shot'. They mount a surveillance operation, with Raza at its heart, to follow the ...

Jin. Jin!





- Whoa!

- Bastard!
- Piss off!


At 6:07am on the morning
of November 29, Jin Weijun

started his shift at the
Eldon Street branch of Cafe 66.

- Er, boss, it's after ten, boss.
- It's morning rush, Jin. OK?

Give me 15 more minutes and then
you can break.






Come on. Hurry up.

- Are the loos back here?
- For customers only.

Yeah, I'll buy something after.

I'm Emily. Sorry, I didn't get your



MAN: Get out!

Boss! Boss! Fire escape.

OK, come, come, come.
Fire escape, go, now.



Go, go, go.

Fire escape.

It's OK.
Come on, fire escape there.


Hey. Hey.



At approximately 10:33am,
Jin Weijun was shot.

He was pronounced dead at 11:47am
by doctors at London City Hospital.

I should like to state,
for the record, that Mr Jin's

selfless action that day
saved multiple lives.

- Yeah, I see Nige now and again.
- Mm-hm?

- Zipping past in that little lorry of his.
- Yeah?

Skittle says he'd rather spend
another ten years inside

than get in a car with him.

Is Skittles still right, yeah?

Yeah, when he remembers.

I wish I could get
down there and see him.

He's always asking after you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

He reckons all that sunshine must
have baked your head by now.

I told him Charlie's still Charlie.

Still likes to check in
on everybody.

What else could I tell you?

Oh, you know Dom went
and got gay married.

I'm not surprised. He was always

a bit of a snappy dresser, wasn't

The Queen shits in the woods,

and you're still an half decent
shag, in't you?

Shut up.

What time's your flight?

It's early.

I get straight off the plane
and straight to work.

- I'll be back in a couple of months.
- Mm...

- I think I'd do all right in Florida.
- Yeah.

I wish, babe.

Hey, Nige.

Oh, don't cack yourself.

I ain't stalking you.

Sharon told me you was here.
Couldn't resist.

- Little gossip, in't she?
- People don't change, do they?

No, they don't, no.
What can I do for?

I don't know.

Bumping into you the other day,

it was like kicking
over an old stone.

A lot of bad memories that hadn't
seen daylight in donkeys.

Everything that went down
back then, you know?

Me and you. I just never got
the chance to put it right.

It's no bother, you know?
The show has got to go on.

Yeah. It bothers me.

We shared a lot of spit.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

All right.

I hope that's enough for you.

Many thanks, mate.

What a shithole.

Hey, I managed to sneak this
past the old guard down there.

Are you still a scotch man?

Mardy Charlie, always
a bad influence, hey?

I told you, I've not touched
a drop for seven year now.

Oh, I thought you just
meant the skag, like.

Well, you know. One to the other.
That's what we say on the programme.

They've got you on
the good book instead.

- Comes with the room.
- Oh, yeah?

- You marked out all your favourite bits?
- Piss off.

Need something to put
me asleep, you know?

Lord be praised, for I see
before me a new man.

Well, you know. Five years inside
do that to you, you know?

It was smart enough to get
out when you did.

Hey, I was just lucky.

Yeah, well some men
got luck born in them.

What was it they used to call
you down in Keighley?

Oh, yeah, Nigel Theresa, yeah.

- Not for a long time now, though.
- No. The Saint of Skag Heads.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.

Ah, they all knew, hey?

You see Nige, he'll sort you out

with a dose no matter how skint
you was.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I remember Skittles going
mental when he found out

you was over there, sharing needles
with them brown boys.

I stood up for you.

I told him. I said, "This is a
junkie thing.

"It's nothing to do with race."

You want to fix Nigel,
you got to get him cleaned up.

- Yeah, yeah, man...
- Wouldn't let it go, would he?

Well, weren't in his nature
and all, so...


Whose idea was it to cut
them doses with battery acid?

Come on.

You don't think Skittles was
bragging about it the minute

them bodies started popping up?

That were all him, it weren't me.

Never proved owt, anyway, did they?

Yeah, well, someone had to go
down there and give it to 'em.

No Paki was buying off Skittles,
not with this reputation.

You want a hot dose,
you got to see the Saint.

Nigel Theresa.

Rolling round Keighley
with a smile on his face,

doling out the 10p pistols.

Nothing in the good book's going to
save you from that.

Get out.

It's just a trip down memory lane.

Get out!

There he is.

I'll see you round.

- OVER HEADPHONES: Come on, man!

Yo, wait for me to re-spawn.

Kash, stop. No, no, no...

- I'll shoot at what I want, bro!
- Great, now I'm down half a life.

- Shoot, team! Shoot, team!
- Seen my hoodie?

Have you seen me shooting?

Get up.

Are you blind? Can you not see I'm
playing a game?

- Don't sit on my clothes, then.
- Dickhead.

Checkpoint B!

What's going on in the world?

Where are you off to?

Late shift.

They work you too hard there.

Remember, it's a job, not a career.

Anyway, Dadir said Gram
was to text him in the morning,

then he's going to tell me
where to meet.

- Any ideas what they want you to do?
- Bring a passport.

- That's all I was told.
- Just a passport? Not a change of clothes?

Nope. Bruv, what do I do if they

want to put me on a plane to

- You get on it.
- For real? Like, are you serious?

OK, so, say if they hand me
a suicide vest,

- you want me to put it on?
- That's not going to happen.

- You don't know that.
- You just focus on the task at hand.

Focus on tomorrow.

Focus on whether or not your mum
stays in this country.

You're, like, a deeply
unpleasant person.

- Anybody ever told you that?
- Plenty.

Most of them are behind bars.

Wearing a wedding ring?

Yeah, I am married.

I thought you only wore it at home.

Well, that's that theory busted.

You think the DAC will respect

you more if you project
a stable home life?

It's not complicated.

There's the me that's on the job,
and there's the me that's at home.

Except today you're both.

DS Waters, DC Morton.

Thank you.

Hey, the DAC, he's old school, so
when you first speak,

stand and introduce yourself.


Meet the Albanians.

The Gramos family.

Except none of them are Gramos.

And we can presume
none of them are family.

All aliases.

Their names trace back
to a cemetery in Pristina.

We don't know when they set up
shop in London,

but they arrived on
FC's radar last year,

when they muscled the Turks
out the East End.

Were they active during Kosovo?

I'm DC Holly Morton, Sir,
from CTSU.

I prepared the background
sweep on the subjects.

Good for you. Sit down
and answer the question.

We matched the tattoo on one
of their subjects to an insignia

popular with the Kosovo
Liberation Army.

Half of that force was mujahideen.

El Adoua preyed on the young
and hopeless.

Your man here don't match
the profile.

Thus far we've been operating
under the belief that El Adoua came

to London to establish a cell,

but the alias we have to go on
is Big Shot.

It is possible his contact here
runs up the ladder, not down.

And Mr Igli Gramos is certainly
a rung above.

Based on SC's intel,
the Gramos family have

cornered the market on prostitution,

trafficking and narcotics in
East London.

Where's the penthouse?
Where's the Ferrari and the models?

The business is dirty,
but they're living clean.

That money's going elsewhere.

DC Morton has gathered some
solid intel on this, sir.

We tracked an account linked
to their shell company,

DDLM Consulting.

It has a standing balance of £300,

but every week there's a cash
deposit of 50,000.

Sits in the account for 24 hours
before it disappears.

- Money men.
- Yes, sir. 2.5 million a year.

Judging by the Turin
and Rotterdam attack cells,

that's enough to fund five El

If they stay true to form, their
next outgoing will be tomorrow.

We'll need to make an application

for financials and directed

You get it on my desk,
I'll authorise.

Thank you, sir.

Follow the money.

"Stand up and introduce yourself?"

Well, at least now
he knows who you are.

I'll be honest, I think your case is
dog shit.

- OK.
- Suppositions on suppositions.

The Gramos family traced back
to the KLA -

maybe they're mujahid.

They're sending money overseas -

maybe they're funding
terror networks.

All you actually have to connect

them to is El Adoua is a shoddy

Big Shot?

I call my hubby that
after a good shag.

Doesn't make him cosy
with terrorists.

Well, maybe we should put a warrant
out on your husband.


Six. I thought you couldn't run
domestic ops?

They let me in the room,
if I promise to behave.

Takes a hefty pair of bollocks

to have the DAC sign off on the word
of one source.

- We didn't mention a source.
- Oh, come on.

CTSU can't tell the time of day
without asking an asset first.

Where did you find him? A pop-up
mosque above a kebab shop?

What does it matter?
Our source is reliable.

Let's hope so.

If you want, I can have my analyst

run him or her or whoever
through our grid.

That's very charitable of you.
What do you think, Holly?

Yeah, sure, whatever you want.
Name, NI number.

As a matter of fact, we're meeting

the source later if you want to tag

Admit it.

Almost had you.

Find your own assets.

Why are we starting so early for?

He said be here at this time.
We're here at this time.

Did he say to look out for anything?

Don't know, just said look
for a black cab.

A black cab.


And what have we got these passports
for, anyway? We're in carwash.

Rizla, you begged me to bring you

I brought you here. Calm yourself.

Thank you.


Right, here we go.
Don't talk or anything, yeah?

- Bring your passport?
- Where we going? France or some shit?

Not you. Him.

What, he's going to France
and I'm not?

No-one's going to France.
Raza, get in the car.

He in't going nowhere with you.
You're rude, man.

What's the passports for?

You want to play with your friend
or you want to make money?

It's both of us
or it's neither of us.

Yo! Oi!

- Rizla! Bruv, what are you doing?
- Sorry, bruv, I need the work.

Rizla! Rizla!

Whoa, whoa!

What's wrong with you?!

Whoa, easy, bruv.
Hey, what's he doing?

I don't have nothing.
There's nothing in there.

Bruv, what is he doing?

That's my phone, that's my phone.

Hey, hey, look, there's nothing on
there, yeah? What you doing?

Bruv, that's my fucking phone!

No-one's calling you today.

We buy you a better one.


So, what are we doing anyway?

Do you know what is hawala?

What, like, them dodgy banks?

Yeah, my mum uses them to send
eidi back to Pakistan.

Today you're going
to send a lot of eidis.

We go to the hawala, I give you
the money and number,

you go inside, make a deposit.

Can you do it, Chessmaster?


Looking for a phone? I've got
Samsung, iPhone refurbs.

Better than brand-new.

I need to send some money.

Let me put on my hawala hat.

Domestic or international?




Right, I'm going to need
to see your passport.

How much we sending?

Um, I actually forgot.

Anything over 1,000 has to go
through compliance.

Well, look at that, £999.

Echo one. Stay with the subject.
We'll wait with the UC.

- OVER RADIO: Roger that.
See you in a few.

Echo one to kilo one, you're clear.

Find out what denomination
the source's deposit was in.

My dear, this isn't HSBC.
Hawalas are very secretive.

They don't give up
information easily.

Kilo one - just buy something.

What do you think that will achieve?

It gets you a look in
the cash register.

It'll be the notes on top.

Subject leaving the premises.

I'm eyes on.

Subject making the transfer now.

Let's get a background
on Almaz Electronics.

Hotel one, we have the money
ready for pick-up.

Echo one, heading east
on Hackney Road.

- Subject pulling over.
- Yeah, roger that.

So, what, they got hawala in here?

No, they have good kebabs.

GABE: Hey, is your waitress
on her shift today?

Two chicken doners
and one mixed grill.

Oh, I'm so sorry!

Follow me.

- It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
- Really need to...

Yeah, you need fizzy water,
for your shirt.

- Come, I will do it for you.
- Hey...!

Where are you going?

I really need to clean his shirt.

What, you want me smelling
like kebab all day?


- Come in here.
- Don't I know you?

You were Yousef's girl, right?
At the funeral?

- Yo, Raza, Assalaamu Alaikum, bruv.
- Wa-alaikum salaam.

How you doing?

Yeah, good.

What you doing in here?

I'm just grabbing a bite
to eat, man.

Look, don't worry
about them, darling.

Just keep your eyes on the girl.

Your handler sent me.

So they got you running
around hawalas all day, have they?

How many more drops?

- Are you a cop?
- I don't know.

Are you a snitch?

How many more deposits?

- I don't know. A bunch.
- Hazard a guess. What, say, 50?

- Yeah, about that.
- OK.


You put one of those into each
deposit, you swap like-for-like.

The amount doesn't change -
999 every time.

- Raza, let's go.
- Easy, bruv. It was good to see you, yeah?

Take care.
Next time get it in your mouth.

- One sec, it's nearly out.
- I buy you a new shirt.

- No, bruv, I like this one.
- No, you like her touching you.

But she's spoken for.

You're going to have beautiful


- It's a boy.
- Oh.

You already know.

Amazing what these doctors
can do now.

Let's go, Raza.

Right, just one sec.


- Is that...Yousef's?
- Don't forget your money.

How's he getting on?

Well, how to put this, um...

The boy is shitting himself.

I suppose touching cloth's the name
of the game.

Echo one.
They're on the move.

Echo one. You stay with him.

- We're taking kilo one back to the station.
- Foxtrot one. We're eyes on.


Have some shame, sisters.
No-one wants to be seeing all that.

- Weirdo!
- Whatever!

You'll know about it.

- What's up, bro?
- What you saying, bruv?

This lady called me, yeah?
They've put one out by QuickFit.

We have got to replace
the crank shaft, innit? Let's go.

- Nasy!
- What you doing here?

I finished work early.

I was talking to your form teacher.

- What you doing that for?
- Checking up on my son.

Actually, she said
you're not doing so bad,

so I thought I'd treat you
to see a film.

Can't, got to fix this crank shaft.

Hey, your mum's asked
you to the cinema,

that's where you've got to go.

You better introduce me to your



Me and Kash got some
work to do.

- Well, why don't you join us?
- I can't be going to the cinema.

All the dancing girls,
it's haram, innit?

Right, this crankshaft
ain't going to find itself.

In a bit.

Akash seems quite a character.

How old is he?

What's that matter?
He's my mate.

Tell your mate it isn't the dancing
girls that'll kill him,

it'll be the bloody cigarettes.

- I hope you're not smoking.
- Akash is old enough to smoke.

I'm not trying to stop him.

Well, you should invite him
over for dinner, maybe.

- Dinner? With you?
- Oh, you're embarrassed of me? Ha!

I'm way cooler than you, sunshine.

Last one, Chessmaster.


Let's go.

Be quick.

I want a deposit.


Raza Shar.


You play backgammon?

Or only chess?

I don't really even
play chess, Mr Gramos.

This game, you roll high,
it's easy to win.

You roll low, it's easy to lose.

But luck only lasts so long.

In the end, you need strategy.

Your friend, Dadir,
I know what he wants.

But he has no strategy.
He's going to lose.

But you, you have strategy.

But I don't know what you want.

Why are you playing the game, Raza?

It's not really a choice, is it?

Just trying to make it
through the days.

It's been a long day.

Go home.

What about the last deposit?

It is for you.


This is Redwood Virtual office, Orlando.

- We have a message for...
- Charlie Goodman.

Charlie, I'm so sorry.

It's Nigel. They...
They found him.

And, well...
Well, there was nothing I could do.

- I'm so sorry, sweetheart.


- Do you want a cup of tea?
- Lovely, thank you.

Lori, look who's here.

- Oh, good morning, Auntie Rose.
- Don't mind me, precious one.

- The house is coming along.
- Slow and steady.

Gabe's still asleep.

Didn't get in till late.
Thought he could use a lie-in.

Thanks for letting me borrow him.

More like the other
way around, isn't it?

- Do I let him know you're here?
- No, don't bother.

I'll take it up.


You know where he is.


Hey, hello.

What was the name
of that dog you had?


Remember how upset you were when
I told you you had to give her up?

Yeah, well, you were right.

I could hardly go undercover
plastered in dog hair.

The less they know...

Anyway, it worked out in the end.

I found him a good home.

No, Gabriel, you didn't.

I saw you walking her once.

About two years after
you told me you gave her up.

Four in the morning, I remember.

I was driving home
from an all-nighter.

I thought about mowing you
and bloody Ruby down.

Then it struck me - for two years,
you must have

walked her every morning before
sun up,

picked every tuft of hair
off your uniform.

I'd been in that little flat
you had.

Not a stray bone,
tennis ball, nothing.

I still can't wrap my head
around where you hid the bitch.

So, instead of hitting you
with my Volvo,

I went home and wrote a
recommendation for you to level one.

If you could hide that dog from me,

you could hide anything
from anybody.

I built her a kennel
on the fire escape.

Nigel Briggs passed away.

Nige? How did that happen?

Overdose. I thought it better you
hear it from me.

That's so weird.

I ran into him the other day.
He looked clean.

You didn't mention that
in your duty state.

I didn't want to worry you.

I'm paid to worry.

You're paid to lie.

But not to me.

Yes, guv.

They're not your friends.


See you tomorrow!

- The fuck you doing, man?
- Shut up, Rizla! Where you going?

- To the shop.
- Shit, not now, you're not.

You're taking me to Gramos.
Thanks to you, they've shut me out.

I thought it was better one
of us take the work.

We can split the money,
no worries.

I don't want that prick's money,
Rizla. That man killed Yousef.

Igli killed Yousef?

Why else you think I'm trying to get
close to them Albanians?

Except you keep kamikaze-ing
my moves, don't you?

Bruv, I thought...
I just thought you were a dealer.

Do I look like some roadman to you?!

Rizla! Oh, my days!

Like, when we met you got
busted for dealing.

Wasn't dealing, I was on a night
out, sharking, like you.

Shit! Sorry, Bruv.

I don't want your fucking sorry.
Take me to Gramos.

What are you going to do?

What you think I'm going to do?

Bruv, that's a bad idea, right

Rizla, I'm not here
for your dead input, a'ight?

You need to start walking, now.

Bruv, he's legit.

He'll be ready for you.

You're either helping him, or you're
helping me, Rizla, which one is it?

I think I know where we can go.

- OK.
- But you need to trust,

definitely not be waving that

Come on.

What are we doing?

Igli Gramos is not going to be
coming into here.


Can I take your order?

Why are you bringing me to her?
What's wrong with you?

Champagne, please.
Three glasses.

You have one more joining you?

- Yeah, you.
- Come, sit down, join us.

- I can't.
- Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

Why can't you drink with us?

Because I'm at work.

Tell him why you can't drink.

And I'm pregnant.

La de da!

Name in the hat for the dad, is it?



Yeah. You're going to
be an uncle.



I'm going to be an uncle!



Are you serious? I've just waved
Laurie off.

I know, I'm sorry.

This is a tired routine, isn't it?

When the bat signal goes off,
there's nothing I can say about it.

You could say, "Sorry, mister

"my wife cleared her whole weekend,
she even bought a new top.

"Now she's going to look fucking
fantastic all by herself."

Well, that's not
going to work, is it? Eh?

You always look fantastic.

Oh, God!


I'll be back as quick as I can.

Oh, take your time.

Mum won't want to give her back.

I'm going to get drunk.


Gabe? No, Gabe's out. You just
missed him, I'm afraid.

Have you tried him on his mobile?

Me? Just this and that.

To yours?

Yeah, why don't we do that.


Have you just got these developed?

Don't bother with those.
Probably shit.

No, they're pretty skilled
when they're not blurry.

The lens has got no autofocus.
Have to eyeball it.

No way.

- What is it?
- I know this one.

Did she come visit you, too?

Yeah, she was on about Raza
getting molested.

What you talking about, bro?
No-one got molested. She's a cop.

Yo. Food's ready.

Raza, remember that ex-girlfriend
you was on about?

The one that scared the shit
out of Ummi.

Was she a cop?

What? Give me that.

No, she's not a cop.

She didn't even work at the school.

Well, she came to my house
with another cop,

trying to recruit me.
I told her,

"No way. I don't snitch."

Oh, that right, Kash?

Are they the same cops that watch
you jerk off through your TV?

- Forget about her.
- Don't worry about that.

- He's like a dick all the time now.
- Dinner's ready! Come on!

- Are you hungry?
- I can't be eating at your table.

- What do you mean?
- I don't break bread with kuffars.


Your dad is always drinking.

Raza is like a straight up roadman.
Everyone knows it in Bridgetown.

And that woman, pretending
to be your mum,

living with three unmarried men.
That's a whore, bro.

Don't take it personal.

She's not even your family.

Later, yeah?

Goodnight, Mrs Shar.

I thought you were staying to eat
with us.

I was going to interrogate you.

My nan needs me back.
Thanks, anyway.



Nas shouldn't be
hanging out with him.

He's got funny ideas.

- Nasir, your food's getting cold.
- I'm not hungry.

I didn't ask if you were
bloody hungry.

What's going on with you, huh?

When are we going to meet this
girl you're seeing?

Never. She dumped me.

I can't see why. You're so charming.


I was surprised you weren't
on call with Gabe today.

Some assets he runs alone.
He likes to keep me in the dark.

You're sure you don't mind?

No, at least you open the window.

My sister smokes in bed sometimes.

The sad thing is, when I get home,
I will sneak in the back,

throw my clothes in the laundry,
shower, mouthwash,

then I will douse my hands
in vinegar.

The lengths we go to lie
to the ones we love.

But he still knows you smoke.

Are you asking me
why do I fucking bother?

I don't know.

Sometimes I think, "Why does he get
to hoard all the truth?"

Don't you mind how much
he keeps from you?

I would, but for my sins,
I married him.

Am I the only one that's drinking?

Hey, Holls, do we have
anything to eat?

I need sustenance.

Hey, Holl's friend.

Emily, this is my sister, Megan.

What are you guys up to?

Your sister's interrogating me.

- I can imagine. What about?
- My husband.

Be careful.

I used to call her the bloodhound.

One sniff, and she'd bark you
out of the tree.

- She's exaggerating.
- Definitely not.

What was it? The miles on dad's car?

If you're hungry, there are some
leftover noodles in the...

Wait. What's this about miles on the

Our dad...
I'm telling it now!

Our dad had an affair on Mum for,
literally, most of our childhood.

He went all in - two phones,
two bank accounts, PO box.

Sophisticated, but he wasn't
counting on the bloodhound.

11 years old,
Holly sniffed him out.


It wasn't complicated.

The miles on his car
didn't make sense.

His office was only down the street.


How did you tell your mum?

We didn't.

Megan didn't think
it was a good idea.

To be fair, I was only 15.

I thought she was better off
not knowing.

- What, she still doesn't know?
- She found out.

When he left her, six years later.

Six years didn't change the truth,
what did it matter?

You said noodles.

All right.

I'm out again.

Stay in the tree, Holly's friend.

- Sorry about her.
- No.

At least I know now
why you invited me over.

You don't think my
husband's at work, do you?


Do you?

Do you think he's having an affair?

Is that what you're afraid of?


What I'm afraid of is
I don't think I know who he is.

Who else would he be?

I think today he's...


How do you know that name?

I overheard it.

Some woman on the phone,
calling him her Charlie.


The other day.


- I don't know what I can say.
- Don't do that!

I'm not like you.

I can't see the miles on the car,

and maybe I don't want to fucking
see them, I don't know.

But whoever Charlie is, I do not
want my daughter finding out first.



Nigel was dear to many of us.

But none among you knew him
like this young man.

Next up on stage, he's steps across
the pond, into our hearts,

the master of disaster himself,

I give you Mr Charlie Goodman.


Cheers, Pat.

I know that Nige is up there,
watching us.

- And he'd want us to have a fucking riot!

- So lets give him one!

Go on, Pat.



Post office, leave a message.

Bruv, where are you?

I've been calling you all night.
I'm at the car wash.

Gramos is literally
about to pick me up.

- Your phone.
- You just gave me this one.

You want him to search you again?

Yo. It's late.
You making more deposits?

Just one.

- What the fuck is this?
- Get in.

What are we doing?

No, man, I'm not getting involved
in this, man.

I'm not getting involved.


Where are we? Where the hell are we?

What are you doing to him?


We found your friend
under a rock.

Gramos, this is mental.
What are we doing out here?

Your friend is a rat.

Snitch? Nah, Dadir's no snitch.

Believe me, it's not possible.

Someone has been talking to police.

If it's not him, tell me who?


His brother is killed, he's angry,
he wants to hurt me.

Then he starts talking.

Now he stops.

What is this, bruv?

No way! No, no fucking way!

You are on the board.
You play the game.


Behind ear, he feels nothing.

Oh, come on. Come on.
This is fucked!

No, I'm not doing this.

Then kill them both.

Wait, wait, wait.


Don't do that.
Put your hand down.

Put your hand down.

Are you going to shoot me?

I don't want to shoot anybody.

This is not wise strategy.

Look, we can all just go home.

All we want to do is just go home.


Only killers can go home.





Next time I see you,
the gun will have bullets.

We didn't kill your brother. Huh?

Luck will only last you for so long.

Hey! Your phone.
Goodbye, Chessmaster.




I thought you were going
to bury me, brother!

I thought you were
going to shoot me.

Are you laughing? Are you serious?

I can't be carrying you, bruv.
I've got my own shit.

I should have clapped you.

What you saying?
You all right, yeah?

- Rizla?
- No, not really.

MUSIC PLAYS: December Day
by Willie Nelson

What you sniffing at?
My deodorant run out?

No. Well, yeah, but I like it.

I know it. Never changes.

You could put a blindfold on me,
I could sniff you out under water.

You'd have to learn to swim first.

Shut up! Let me enjoy the moment
while I've got you.

I never know when I'll
get you back again.

I thought we ordered pizzas,
not bloody curries!

- Oh, Jesus.

I've got a plain,
and an Hawaiian for Charlie.

Yeah, over here, mate.

Here, check that gupta for TNT
before he gets too close.


How much is it, mate?

Eight, nine quid.

Well, what is it, eight or fucking

Er... Eight.

Do you want me to put it
in your pocket for you?

- Put your pizza down.

Take your money.

There you go, step by step,
we'll get there, won't we?

I thought this lot were supposed
to be good at maths.


Oi, you forgot your tip.

- Don't worry about it.
- Come on, you've been a good sport.

I don't need your
fucking money, bruv.

- MAN: Ooooh!
- What did he just say?

What did you call me?

Shit. The nuts on him.

You going to let him
walk away like that?

Fucking sort him out.

Lock that fucking door!

Fucking hell.

to love's eager beginning

the thoughts of the ending

♪ And this looks like
a December day. ♪

- It's clean?
- What's clean?

We don't know where it's headed,
but now know where it's from.

- Are you asking me to guess?
- Royal Mint.

This serial numbers from the hawala
deposits came back.

No history, never even
been in circulation.

That doesn't make sense.

- It's money-laundering.
- The miles don't add up.

The money's getting dirty,
not clean.

Who would do that?


Igli Gramos is her asset.

MI6 sending money
to Syria to finance...

What faction's in favour
at the moment?

Don't gloat. It's gauche.

Why are you getting in our way?

Who do you think I'm
fighting over there?

Say what you will about Igli Gramos,
but he's not Daesh.

He doesn't go anywhere
near my source again, understood?

You don't have to worry about Raza.

From what I understand,
he can handle himself.

You know what the problem
with counterterror is?

We're big and robust,
so we look for equal and opposite.

And then you have Daesh

ordering followers to stab
any passer-by on the street.


doesn't always mean big.

- Are we not going to stop her?
- Stop what?

El Adoua's got nothing to do
with that money.

All I heard was that Igli Gramos
isn't our big shot.

- One, two. One, two.

One, two, three.
One, two, three.

Add some rolls.

There you go.

Let's go. Some hooks.

- One more of those.

There you go! There you go!

- Well done.

Woo! Getting it all out
this morning!

You've got to shorten that hook,

Come in closer, create that talk.
All right?

Your footwork is getting sloppy in
the end, there.

- Right, three minutes, every second counts.

Wake up! Let's go. You thought you
were done?

Ready when you are...Big Shot.

- Ain't been called that in a while.
- When did you hang up your gloves?

I know what you're doing here.

You're stalling.

Come on. Let's go.

There you go.

And again.

There you go.

Good man.

And again, one more.