In the Dark (2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - #DUPE# - full transcript


Police! Stop!

Can I Taser her?

Let me Taser her!

Stop! Stop!

Oh, thank God for that!

One move and you're down!
No, no, please don't!

How many times, Davina?

How many times do I have to
tell you I hate giving chase?

Bloody hell, look at the state of me!

I'm knackered, I'm sweat-dripping!

I'm going to be uncomfortable
for the whole bloody day now!

Please! Look, I'm asking you, right,

woman to woman, yeah?

Just one more chance, please? Please?

You know, Davina,
the drug dealing, I can handle.

The lies.

God, even using your own
children to deliver the gear,

it's all just what I've come to expect.

You know the thing that
really pisses me off

is that despite all
these ill-earned gains,

you are still, still claiming benefits.

Which means mugs like me
are paying for the privilege

of chasing you around
the bleeding streets.


Leave her! Leave her! Leave her!

Leave her! Just come back!

No, no, no! Get the car!
Get the car now!

Oh, shit!

God, is this the fastest you can go?

Oh, God!

It's only a punch. Why is it...?
I'm pregnant, OK?

And you, you tell no-one, Mickey.

I haven't even told Paul yet.

Is it OK?

Is it all right?

Heartbeat. He's fine.

Or she.

Let me check around a bit,

but I think everything
looks perfectly normal.


I didn't know who else to call.

Is everything OK?

Yeah, it's fine.

It's fine.

But I reckon my days on the
street are over for a while.


'Police in Polesford are
continuing their search...

Oh, God, have you seen this?

.. for schoolgirls Poppy
Johnston and Abigail Toms.

Abigail went missing three weeks ago

and Poppy was last seen
getting into a car yesterday.

Dave Guest is there for us this evening.

So weird to see Polesford
all over the news.

It's awful.

I spoke to Dad.
He said the place is crawling with press.


The police have mounted an intensive
search of open ground in this area,

although their efforts are being
hampered by extensive flooding.

It's been raining intensively
here for over three weeks.

So tonight,
with two girls still missing,

the tension here is palpable.

This is a community in shock.

In the bathroom.

I need to talk to you.

Well, I won't be a sec.

I'm pregnant.

Are you serious?

Oh, Helen!

Hey! Have you washed your hands?


Can I have another kiss?

'Police are continuing their search...

So, I know we're not out the woods yet,

but can I... can I tell my mum?

She'll be, like... Well, it'll make
her year. It'll make her decade.

.. last seen getting
into a car yesterday.

God, this is what we've
got to look forward to.

20 years of fear.

Come on,
you know how rare this stuff is.

I've dealt with child killers,
it's always someone known to 'em.

Mm. Better keep an eye on your Ian,

Shall I open this?

Erm... wine? Really?

One glass. Everyone knows that's OK.

'.. Even more difficult
because of torrential rain

and extensive flooding in the area.

Oh, God! What have I done?

I'm a copper!

I can't see myself sitting in
cafes with my tits out all day.

Helen, it'll be great!

Look, I'll take some time off.

We'll just hang out, the three of us.

Come on. I mean, you can't say
things have been easy lately, yeah?

We've hardly seen each other.

That's why coppers get together,
isn't it?

So they don't have to.

'Is there any more news on

the man they've brought
in for questioning?

Sources close to the
enquiry have told us

that that man is Stephen Bates,
a resident of Polesford.

37-year-old Bates...


The suspect's wife, I know her.

Linda Jackson,
that's what she used to be called.

She was my best friend.

.. The man currently in custody.

However, he stated the investigation
has taken a stride forward,

and has...

there's an investigation team in place.

They won't want you barging in there.

But I've got specialist
knowledge of the area,

and the suspect's wife
is a childhood friend.

I'm sorry, I can't allow it.


Well, um, there is another issue.



I haven't been feeling
very well recently,

so I'd like to request a week's leave,
starting today.

Well, congratulations.

I'm... I'm going to have to
go to Polesford, obviously,

tell my father the good news.

All right, I'll get them to
endorse access to Linda Bates,

but no stepping on anyone's toes.



Yeah, I understand.

What are you doing?

I'm coming with you.

Helen, you're pregnant, you've got
hormones raging around your body.

which makes that a very brave sentence.

Seriously, Paul, I don't...
I don't need you there.

The whole time I've known you,
it's been, "I hate the place.

"Reminds me of my mum dying."

And then, all of a sudden,
you want to go back.

Yeah, well, she was my best friend.

When's the last time you saw her?

I've never even heard you mention her.

I need to help her.

Then you can see it as a mini-break.

What, at my dad's, during a manhunt?

You've got a funny idea of a holiday.

You OK?

Shall we go straight to your dad's?

No, let's... Let's go see where
they moved Linda to first.

Detectives Weeks and Hopkins.
I've got authorisation.

I'm Helen Weeks,
an old friend of Linda Jackson.

I mean, Bates.
DC Sophie Carson.

And this is Detective Hopkins.
Just you.

Oh, fine. I'll...
I'll go for a walk, take in the sights.

I'll let her know you're here.

Linda, you've got a visitor.

Helen Weeks.



He didn't take them girls, you know.

They get it wrong... don't they?

Sometimes, they make mistakes.

You stopped returning Christmas cards.


My career,
it sort of becomes all-consuming.

We had a school reunion last year.

Yeah, it was a laugh,
what, with the old faces.

You all right?

That's Charli.

How's your sister?
Oh, she's... she's fine.

She's married and she's
got a couple of kids.

I just found out I'm pregnant.

You left it late.

Yeah. Yeah, I suppose I did.

You'll love it.

Will I?

I don't know.

How about you, you and Stephen?
How long have you been married?

Five years.

He's not from round here.

Danny and Charli aren't his.

My youngest.

He's upstairs. He refuses to come down.

And, yeah, Steve's great with them.

Like they're his own,

seeing as it's so bloody
obvious what you're thinking.

Everyone else is.

Paul Hopkins, the one and only!

Long time since Hendon!
Yeah. Good to see you, man.

And you. I didn't realise you'd
ended up round these parts.

Yeah. It's temporary.
Still, big fish in a small pond, eh?

You in Manchester?
Yeah, yeah, for my sins.

Oh, cool. Good.

So, um... what can I do for you?

Nothing, really. My girlfriend's
down visiting her father,

I thought I'd come and see
how the search was going.

Your girlfriend being Helen Weeks?

I was the one that gave her
the nod to talk to Linda.

Truth? It's been a bloody nightmare.

Flooding means we can't search
as thoroughly in a lot of places.

River's moving so fast,
it's too hard for the divers.

That where you think they are,
the river?

It'd be the most obvious thing.

It's flowing so fast,
they'd be gone like that.


When it comes to getting rid of bodies,

this weather is pretty useful.

Bodies? They could still be alive.

Two girls? One missing over three weeks?

What do you think?

So, well, what's Bates saying?
He's saying he picked up Poppy

when she was on her way to
a night out in Tilworth.

So, I mean,
he's not denying picking her up.

He can't, cos we've got witnesses.
He's denying killing her.

What about the first girl?

He claims he never picked her up.
We're checking his car now.

Maybe we'll find something.

Mate, listen, if you can get
me a strand of hair right now,

I'll go straight and
charge that smug prick.


Yeah, he's got one of them faces.

Right, well, listen,
I'll get out your way.

All right, mate, take care.
Make the most of your time, man.

Go to the model village,
if it's not under a foot of water.

I'll go and add a load of very
little policemen, make it realistic.

See you, mate.

Yeah, see you later.


Hey! Come in! You're soaking.

Hey, Robert, how are you doing?
Good to see you!

Hey, beauty!
What's your name? Aw! Lovely!

Syd, this is Paul.
You met briefly at that golfing thing.

Hey, mate, good to see you again.
And you, and you. Welcome.

Hi, Syd.
Long time.

I thought you'd be earlier.

No, I... I had to go and see Linda.

This is what it takes to get
her to come home, you know?

A crime scene.

It's terrible, isn't it?

She was her best friend,
has she told you?

Yeah. Yeah, she did.

I'm not saying he's guilty, but, erm,

he once knocked a parcel clean
out of my hand in the post office.

Never apologised.
Oh, well, send him down.

No, actually, there's...
Well, there's another reason.

We've... we've got some news for you.

Oh, my God! You're not...?


We're going to be grandads! Come here!


And you. Well done, mate!

Thanks, Robert.

Hey, come on, come through.
Tea for four?

Come on! Good boy!

Oh, well! No en suite,
furniture's seen better days,

and do you call that a king-size?

I'll have to bad-mouth
them on TripAdvisor.

You OK?

It's just weird being back.

You know, seeing Linda.

This room.

You know,
you tell people that you're pregnant

and they're all, like, "Oh, wow!

"Oh, my God,
you're going to be amazing!" Huh!

What if I'm not?

I can't see myself in elasticated jeans,
wiping arses.


Wait here.

imagine we have one who looks like her.

Oh, now, she's cute. You wouldn't
mind that face looking up at you.

I'm going to remind you of that

when she needs feeding at
four o'clock in the morning.

You were a cute kid.

I'm excited, Helen.

This is a new start for us.

I love you.

I love you.

Hey! Turn the TV on.


'Police won't yet confirm if
the body is that of either

of the missing schoolgirls,
Poppy Johnston or Abigail Toms.

What they will say is that a body,

believed to be that of
a young white female,

has been discovered
in nearby woodland...

Think of them poor parents.
It's awful.

Formal identification has
not yet been completed...

.. but Poppy was last seen on 6th April.

Helen, it's me.
They're taking me in for questioning.

Would you come with me, please?

Yeah, of course I will.
I'll be there as soon as I can.

It's Linda. They're taking her in
for questioning. I've got to go.

.. The discovery of the body
is a gruesome development

in a case which has so shocked...

Linda, as you're probably aware,

a body was discovered early this morning

in woodlands to the west of the town.

Which is it, Abby or Poppy?

there's no formal identification as yet,

but I can say, with certainty,
it is the body of Abigail Toms.

Did you know her?

I knew who she was, erm,
but I didn't know her.

What about Steve?


She ever been in his car?

Not that I know of.

Right. Well, that's what he told us.

Your husband said that Abigail
had never been in his car.

I'm afraid to say that he
wasn't telling the truth.

Forensic tests prove
beyond a doubt that she has.

there must be some kind of mistake.

Your husband smokes Marlboro Lights,
doesn't he?

Yeah. So...?
We found a cigarette end with the body,

caught in plastic.

What plastic?

Abigail's body was wrapped
up in plastic. In bin bags.

It was a Marlboro Light.

DNA results are in today.

By this afternoon.

I know your husband's
DNA will be all over it.

No, that's not possible.

You don't have to do this.
Do what?

Say what you think you should...
to protect him.

I'm not! Helen, can you say something?

Look, I'm running this investigation,
not her.

Please direct all your answers to me,

All they mean is that if you can
think of anything that might help...

.. right now's the time to speak up.

Do you know that we took your
husband's computer from your house?

And we found some stuff on the hard drive

that we deem to be quite significant.

Like what?


Let's just say it was age specific.


All right, so he was looking at porn.

Don't you, Detective?

This doesn't...

This is fantasy!
Right, who hasn't watched porn? Who?

I know I have. What, does...
does that make me a murderer,

does it, Detective?

Poppy Johnston.

The night she went missing,
Stephen was watching porn.

He says he was at a pub in Atherstone,

but computer records
show that he was at home,

watching some of this stuff here.

Can you explain that?

Whatever happens, Linda,

you still have Danny and Charli.

Now, you need to think
about your lives together.

Your life without Stephen.

Get back!

Go on, get back!

See them bastards out there?

20, 30 journalists,
all wanting a piece of us.

This is how innocent people get treated.

Have you seen the photo
they're using of him?

They're painting him like a murderer!

It's been a tiring day.

Do you think you should have a rest?

You know, I'll...
I'll run a bath, or something.

I'll make you...
Offer me tea and I'll take your head off!

You were no use in there.

Letting him say whatever he wanted.

This isn't my case.

I told you, Linda,

I'm here as a friend.

You think I'm kidding myself
about Steve, don't you?

Ignoring what's staring me in the face.

I've no idea.
Yeah, well, I do, because I know him.

I've lived with him. I've held him.
I've had him inside me,

and that is not a man
that hurts young girls.

I want to help you.

Hey. You all right?

Could they not have put us in an hotel?

This place stinks of dogs, man.

You, erm, you and your sister want
anything? I could get you some food.



Chips and rice.

Chips and rice and... veg?

Tomato sauce.

Right, coming up.

How is she?
She's doing cartwheels.

Yeah, well...

What, she deserves to feel like shit?

She tell you anything?

Yeah, she did, actually.

She knows where the
other girl's body is.

They were in on it together.
Some weird sexual thing, you know?

After they killed them,
they shagged each other's brains out.

Fucking hell!

Look, professionally speaking,
this is none of your business.

One call,
I can have you thrown out of here.

Fine, but you just remember this...

whatever that twat she's married to
has done, and it might be nothing,

she has done nothing wrong.

You sure about that?

Cos you're old school friends?
No, because I'm good at my job.

Oh, God!

Bloody TVs in pubs.

Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me.
Have you got a table for two?

Oh... Ten minutes?

If you want to wait,
you can get a drink at the bar.

Yeah, fine.

I was wondering about heading back home.

I mean,
there's nothing else we can do here.

No. No, not yet.

I mean, you can go back if you want,
but I've got to stay. For Linda.

Helen? Helen Weeks?

It's me!
Oh, my God!

Don't tell me you don't remember?

No, of course I do.
Paula Days, your Jenny's mate!

I know, I know.


Fancy seeing you here.
Days and Weeks back together.

I looked for you a few times
on Facebook. Are you not on it?

Oh, you should. It's a laugh.

Your Jenny's looking well,
under all the tiredness.

Is this your fella?
Oh, yeah, sorry. This is Paul.

Pleased to meet you.
Mm! Copper, is he?

Well, it's the face, apparently.

Yeah, the place is swarming with them.

Yeah, we both are, actually.

No way! You, filth?

No offence.

So, what do you do?
I'm a nurse.

What a right load of do-gooders we are!

Hey! Gav!

Still waiting for a bloody table.

This is Helen, a mate from school.

This is her fella, Paul.

You all right, mate?

This is Gavin, local sex god.

At your service!
How's it been?

Bloody mental.
I ain't stopped since lunch.

He's a cabbie.
Oh, right.

It's crazy, mate, I'm telling you.

It's like the circus has come to town.

Mind you, I'm not complaining.
It all helps pay for my sweetheart.

It's not me. He means his four-by-four.

I swear to God, he'd shag that
thing if it wasn't illegal.

Oh, well, I'm not sure it is illegal.

Might be, in public.

Better check my road tax is up to date,


Pint of lager, and a snakebite and
black, when you're ready, mate.

You OK?
What can I get you?

Oh, erm, half a lager.
Pint of Guinness. Thanks.

Pint of Guinness and half a
lager as well, please, mate.

So, are you, erm,
are you here for the murders?

Keep your voice down!

He knows Stephen Bates, don't you?

And do you think he did it?

Not a clue.

I mean, either way,
it wouldn't surprise me.

You know,
who knows what goes on up there?

I mean, no-one really knows anyone,
do they?

Table's ready.
Oh. Can you make it for four?

Oh, no, no, no. No, we couldn't.
I insist!

I want to hear all the
gossip about Jenny.

Um... are you... are you sure?

OK, fine, yeah.

You go, I'll get these in.
Ah, fantastic.

Copper with his hand in his pocket.
Someone take a photograph!

Oh, God!

Helen? Come on.


After you.
Oh, thank you!

You're welcome.

He's all right!

11 weeks?

So, that's, what...?

Oh, it's October.

Wow! Autumn baby! Are you excited?

Oh, definitely. Can't wait.

Colic, nappy rash,
six hours to leave the house,

every possession we've got
covered in snot and baby food.

I can't wait!

You'll need a bigger motor.

Oh, here he goes! Are you going
to recommend a four-by-four?

Right, she takes the piss,
but they are the best car you can buy.

I've been doing runs down
to the lower villages

and they are perfect in the flooding.
Sails like a yacht.

Amount of water down there,
you'd need a yacht!

So, what are yous doing tomorrow?

Oh, I don't know. Lazy day, maybe.

Yeah. Spot of surfing.

Why don't you come over?

We'll do brunch,
I'll dig out all the old photos,

we'll give these two a
laugh at our hairstyles.

Oh, that is lovely, Paula,
but we might just chill out

and go and see Linda again.

Oh, right. Yeah. OK.

Maybe another day.
Yeah, yeah.

I mean, I'm being pushy, anyway,
because we weren't even friends.

I mean, you weren't even that nice to me.
What? I'm sorry?

You and Linda.

I don't know, I think it was because
we were two years younger than you,

me and Jenny,
but you didn't really want us around.

Paula, that... that's not true.

Come on! Always trying to get rid of us.

You used to bully us quite a bit.

Bully you?


Don't pretend you don't remember.

Look, if I did, Paula, I... I'm sorry.

Hm. Long time ago now.

No, I think it's lovely,

you know, that you've come back
for Linda at a time like this.

Hey! Hey. You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I never had you down as a school bully.

I wasn't.

I'd better watch my step.
No, she's full of shit!

We might not have wanted
her and Jenny around,

but, God, we never hurt them!

Who's that?
It's no-one. It's just work.

Helen, I need to speak to you.

Call me as soon as you can.

I'm helping DI Cornish.

OK, you can go in.

Anything interesting?

DI Helen Weeks.

Been seconded.

Interesting stuff's already gone
to the lab. We're just tidying up.

What stuff?

Fag end they got very excited about,
in with the body.

Who found it, the body?

An old man walking his dog.
Same old story.

The dog did most of the digging for us.
It's not very deep.

What state was it in?

The dog? Traumatised.
It was his first dead human.

She's been in there a while.

Burst open, so it's all a bit insect-y.
There's photos.

Yeah, not pretty.

No, I'm... Hm!

I'm pregnant. It's, um...
It's morning sickness.

Whatever you say.

The body's burned.

By the looks. It's pretty stinky.

Well, there goes the killer's DNA.

That's probably why he did it.

Thanks very much.

Fucking hell! Come on!

Piss off! Sod off!

Sod off! Piss off! Sod off!

Morning... kind of!

Big dog-walking area, this, is it?
These woods?

Yeah, everyone comes here.
Or they used to, before, erm...

Yeah. Yeah.

The dogs love it.

OK. Well, have a good walk.

Thanks. And, erm, don't worry,
I didn't see anything.

Is she all right... Helen?

She's fine. I think the
pregnancy took her by surprise.

It wasn't like we were trying.

But you're both happy about it?
I am, definitely.

And Helen?

Well, you know Helen, she's so...

I think she's worried about spending
too much time away from it all.

Hm! Or maybe she's scared
about how much she'll love it.

Why does she never come back?

I mean, I know she says it's
to do with her mum, but...

I don't know.
She had tough teen years. Moody.

Helen always had... big ambitions.

I think this place represents

everything she didn't want for her life.

Her biggest fear was
becoming someone like Linda.

Either that or she's ashamed
her old dad's found love again.

Oh, hardly!
It's time I was getting back. You coming?

No, no,
I think I'm going to head into town,

get a cup of tea, or something.
Something? Is it that time already?

Yeah. See you.
See you in a bit.

Come on, boy.
Come on, lad, let's go home.





Do you mind if I breathe
in some real smoke?

You packed it in?
Yeah, sort of.

That one kills you, apparently.

You've got to die of something.

I'm Paul.

Just Shelley?

It's what they call me.

Love to read it. Write a bit, too.

Oh! Poetry-writing chef.

I'm a copper, before you ask.

Whatever floats your boat.

I'll... I'll leave you to it.
Yeah, that's a good idea, yeah.

Hello, you.


What are you having?
Just an orange.

And an orange juice, please.

How's it going?

Oh, Helen, this is Trevor.

It's my name over the door.

So, let me guess, coppers?

Have I got a sign on my face,
or something?

They say the gays have a radar for
each other. I think coppers do.

I'm ex-force.

30 years' service.

Oh, well, we're...
we're just on holiday.

I heard he drank in here, Bates.

I thought you were on holiday?

He's a normal bloke, is Stephen.

He's got some funny politics.

A bit towards the left for my liking.

That's not a crime, is it?

So the girl was in his car.
It doesn't prove much.

Small town like this,
people give each other lifts.

My boy goes to St Mary's.
I've had both those girls in my car.

So have I. Many a time.

Lovely girl, that Abigail.
Not like some of them.

I mean, she liked a drink

and she had one of them
stupid tattoos they all have.

A huge rose. But that's like
goody-two-shoes around here.

All right, Bob?

Oh, here we go,
the entertainment's arrived!

Pint of best.
Afternoon, Bob!

Bob was in here the other week,
shouting about how someone

had been on his farm in the middle
of the night and, what was it,

nicked some piglet?

Accusing all and bloody sundry,
weren't you, Bob?

Aye, well, some bastard took 'em.

Giving me the third degree.

Seeing if I had spareribs on the menu.

Aye, and I'm still bloody watching you.
And you!

And you wonder why I never come back.

'Breaking news tonight.

Polesford resident Stephen
Bates has been charged

with the murder of
teenager Abigail Toms.

Abigail's burned remains were
discovered in woodland yesterday.

Poppy Johnston is still missing.

37-year-old Bates will appear

in East Midlands Magistrates'
Court tomorrow.

I don't think he killed those girls.

Something doesn't feel right.

Look, do you not think you're
getting too close to this?

I mean,
I know she's an old friend, but...

Up until a few weeks ago,
he was a normal family man.

Hardworking. No-one ever had a bad word.

And then, suddenly, he decides to
pick up young girls and murder them?

It happens. You know it happens.

It could've been in his mind for years.

Like that dick Gavin Sweeney said,
everybody's got secrets.

You OK?

We need to speak to your
mate Cornish first thing.

Ah, the famous Helen Weeks.

Nice suit.
I'm in court later.

It's only a first hearing.

You should see what I got for the trial.

So, erm, you guys here to
congratulate me on nailing my man?

It's a bit early for that, isn't it?

No, we've, erm,
we've got a stupid question for you.

What, you have or she has?

We were wondering when the last
time the woods were searched.

Where the body was found.

You mean the last time
the woods were searched

before the body was found?

I'd need to check to be absolutely sure.

The search was a bit of a
nightmare because of the floods.

Oh, the woods weren't flooded.
They never get flooded.

I'm talking about the
organisational side of it.


I'd need to check. Why?

I was down there yesterday.

Out having a stroll, were you?

That place is a dog-walkers'
heaven morning, noon and night,

so why did it take till yesterday
for one of them to find her?

I'm not being funny,

but you might have to put
this one down to chance, OK?

It happens.

How can she have been down
there that long, though?

The only thing we can be certain of

is that she was buried
before we nicked Bates.

Other than that, we can't be certain
how long she was there, can we?

You guys trying to ruin my party?

Look, I gather she was in quite a state,

Not completely.

Enough to get rid of DNA.

Obviously, Bates knew what he was doing.
Did he?

Why did he leave behind a fag end?

It's always the little things.

I appreciate that you have
a vested interest, Helen.

I understand that, you know,

you have a really close
relationship with...

Oh, no, we're not close.

But in case you've forgotten,
you're supposed to be on our side.

What side? I thought we were
about finding the right person.

And we have.
Have you?

I heard you're pregnant.


Now, if you're anything like my missus,

right now, you'll probably be
getting a little overemotional.

What the fuck?

I beg your pardon?

I said, apologise.
Oh, no, it's fine.

No. No, it's not.

We're all coppers and we don't talk
to each other like that. Apologise.

Paul, I invited her onto this case,
I extended my hand of friendship...

Tim, apologise!

I'm sorry.

Now, if you'll excuse me...

What about time of death?

SOCO said that the body was
full of insects, burst open.

So she would've been dead for weeks.

Looks like it.

Look, I'm not an idiot, all right?

I do understand that she was
dead before she went in the bag

and before the bag went in the hole.

Blowflies don't burrow
down into the soil two feet

to infest a body, do they?

No. So, what did he do with
the body after he killed her?

He likes teen porn!

He picked up Poppy in his car.
We have a DNA match.

It's not going to take a jury long,
is it?

See ya.

Yeah, you said it.

Look, I do not need you
standing up for me like that.


All rise.

Bring Stephen Bates to the dock.

Please confirm your name,
address and date of birth.

Stephen Alan Bates.

31 Thornhill Road, Polesford.

Sorry, could you speak up, please?

Stephen Alan Bates.

31 Thornhill R-Road,
Polesford, Derbyshire.

30th November 1978.

You're charged with
the offence of murder,

and that on a day between
the 16th day of March

and the 7th day of April 2016,

you murdered Abigail Toms,
which is contrary to common law.

You're also charged with
two counts of kidnapping...

of Abigail Toms and Poppy Johnston.

Do you want to indicate a plea today?

Not guilty.

There will be no application for bail

out of concern for my client's safety.

These charges are so serious,

I'm sending the case
to Derby Crown Court.

Your case will be listed
in two days from today

for a bail hearing
before the Crown Court,

when a date will be fixed
for the preliminary hearing.

Take him down.

Phil, it's me.

Paul. How's the holiday in murder town?

Oh, it's fine for me.
I think Helen's finding it hard, though.

Yes, well, going home does
strange things to people.

Yeah. Listen, that info I sent you,
did you get a chance to take a look?

Certainly did.

Look, dogs aren't always the
most reliable creatures, Paul.

No, but they're pretty
good at finding bodies.

The smell, whatever.
Not all of them.

My golden Lab sits there all day,
barking at clouds.

He eats cat shit like it's tapas.

Look, Paul, they have DNA,
they have witnesses.

It doesn't feel right, though.

SOCO said the body was barely
in the ground, not very deep,

and yet no-one found it that whole time?

Well, do you know what I think?

You're a killer.
You set fire to the body.

And out with the old Swan
Vestas and up it goes. Whoosh!

But then you rush back over

and put out the fire before
the body's completely burned.

Look, maybe I'm going nowhere with this

and maybe he just couldn't bear to
see her all burned up like that,

but maybe...
maybe it was something different.

Perhaps he loved her.

But, as I say,
I could be talking out of my arse.

No. No, thanks, Phil, that's...
that's really helpful.

Just stay back!

Tensions have been rising on this estate

ever since these two girls disappeared.

Now Linda Bates has returned home,

having seen her husband
Stephen in court,

charged with the murder of Abigail Toms.


I'm sorry, I need to take this.

Yeah, sure.
Are you OK?


Hello, sir.
Helen, what the hell are you playing at?

Oh, it's nice to hear from you, too, sir.
Don't mess me around.

You're on my screen, on my news feed,

side by side with a killer's wife.

Yeah, well, I can explain, sir.
I don't care.

This is high profile.
This isn't coming just from me.

Helen, I'm saying this as a friend.

Move yourself away from it.

You all right?

Do you ever think about what
happened all them years ago?

Every fucking day.

Adam, wh...

You should know better than
to tell Mickey anything.


Is it mine?

Stephen Bates has persistently refused

to tell police where our daughter is.

She has been missing for five days now

and we are desperate to hear from her.

Still think he didn't do it?

I admit,
it doesn't exactly scream innocence.

What is this place?
Hell on earth.

You've been weird ever
since we came down here.

There's something.
I know there's something.

I feel so guilty, Linda.

We were 13 years old.

We were little girls.

I'm hoping you'll help me
prove he didn't kill anyone.

So, what are you saying,
you think Poppy's still alive?

I think she might be, yeah.
I think it's possible.

You don't believe her, do you?
No. I don't.

Know your enemy.

We learned that a long time ago,
didn't we?

I know who killed Abigail Toms.