I'm a Virgo (2023): Season 1, Episode 6 - It Requires Trust on My Part - full transcript

The Hero faces a mysterious assassin, runs Cannon Comics, busts his rich parents and visits a death penalty execution; Cootie implores his friends and neighbors to help in his plan to steal power from the power company.

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Jay, it's time to get up!

Jay, do you need a minute?

How about I take five
and I check in on you then?

That did the trick last time.

Yes, please.


♪ I am a lineman for the county ♪

♪ And I drive the main road ♪

♪ Searchin' in the sun
for another overload ♪

♪ I hear your singin in the wires ♪

♪ I can hear you through the whine ♪

♪ And the Wichita lineman ♪

♪ Is still on the line ♪

♪ I know I need a small vacation ♪

♪ But it don't look like rain ♪

Pencil roll!


Easy as pumpkin pie!

Ventilation activated,
but the assassin has skedaddled.

Today's gonna be a great day.

Bring it to me, Cannon Comics.

Moving the building to
bring Cannon Comics to you.

...Very clear this
is the Twamp monster.

Not too long ago, they've even referred
to our work as propaganda.

It is.

What is what?

It is propaganda.

All art is propaganda.

Some asshole decides
that nature equates with love,

makes a painting of flowers,
that becomes part of our cultural mindset,

then all of a sudden, it is a given
that nature equates with love,

but nature is scary.

Things will kill you in nature.

A great white shark
or a pack of fuckin' wolves.

What about the love of humanity
that goes into metal gears?

The mechanics of industry,
an intentional love built upon

the feeding and clothing of humanity.

Nobody makes a painting
equating love with that.

Instead, we just go around thinking
that this asshole's flower painting

merely reflects reality
when in fact, it creates reality

because it creates our perception of it.

It determines the actions
that we take based on what?

That perception.
It is propaganda.

My whole life is propaganda.

A righteous propaganda
predicated on the rule of law,

and this asshole is bound to become
a symbol for the opposite.

Is anybody hit?

It's bullet proof, we're okay.

Evil loiters through the night,
but The Hero wakes at dawn.

New catchphrase.

So once evil sleeps,
The Hero wakes back up?


Bring it to me, office.

So you're a villain now?

That's already how
the media's portraying me!

So I'm gonna lean into that villain shit,
show them that we can fight back!

With a heist?

Yes, with a heist.

A heist that'll change
people's material conditions.

- Material conditions.
- Lives will get better instantly!

Isn't that what you say
you're always trying to do?


No, we're trying to get
the people to work together.

No, look.
This shit is growing!

We're showing the people
where their power is,

we're gonna shut this shit down with
a general strike and dictate our demands!

- That's a long ass road, Jones.
- Yeah, well, your road ain't shorter.

Cootie, watch out, The Hero!

Man, you scary as fuck.

The Hero knocked you the fuck out.
Had that ass snorin'!

- See what I mean, Jones?
- He's just fuckin' with you.

I'm either a villain or a clown.

I want to inspire people.

Inspire people to do what?
Grow 13 feet tall?

You have a narrow idea of what'll work,
and the rest you just cross off the list.

Yeah, it's called scientific process.


I have a huge and
tremendously annoying problem.


I'm sorry, it took me a second
to retrieve the packages...


What I do is about affecting
public psyche in a precise manner.

Form is just as important
as function in my case.

My zeal seal fizzled out a few days ago.

When I take my helmet off,
I need for my shit to pop.

- Yeah.
- Look.

- Mm-hmm.
- You see what's happening?

I do.

- I need the people to believe in me.
- Okay.

- It's right up there.
- Are you fuckin' kidding me?

May I?

That is a hardware issue.

It can only be replaced by the
manufacturer in China, it'll take weeks.

Edwin, have acquisitions purchase
the zeal seal patent by end of day.

- Will do, Mr. Will.
- Oh, Marvin.

Have you noticed my AI
sounding a lot like Bill Cosby recently?

Bill Cosby?
Sounds nothing like him to me, sir.

Hmm, okay.

Edwin, it's so good
to see your face every day.

- I mean it.
- You too, sir.

I mean it. You believe me, right?
Do you believe me?

- Say you believe me.
- I believe you, sir.

I've never had an assistant
even close to being on your level.

- You ready?
- Of course.

- Remember.
- I won't avert my gaze, sir.


A good game of slap hand
really brings out our best.

You're getting stronger, I can feel it.

Thank you, sir.

And what's the special occasion
that has Tom Ford crawling all over you?

Tonight, I'm seeing that woman
that I told you about again.

- Remind me.
- Her name's Sasha.

- Sasha?
- Sasha.

Sasha, Sasha.

She skipped several grades as a youngster,
graduated from Sarah Lawrence.

- Mm! Mm!
- Became a dancer.

Did some consulting work
for the Saudis and Obama.


And two hours of yoga
every morning and teaches.


This could be the one.

Hey, are you up
for a challenge this morning?

Anything for you, sir.

Neutralize this.
It's a bomb.

It's set to go off in the hour.
This assassin just won't quit.

I could do it myself, but I think that
my time is better spent other places,

and this just really
feels like your job to me.

We good?


I got you.

I'm reminding you,
Damien Wallace, 5:00 pm.

Get your butt goin'!

Welcome to the first
meeting of our heist planning.

When the media covers this,
they will call us villains,

but... but people will cheer.

People will cheer because what's right
isn't always what's legal,


Come on, keep going,
this is a good speech,

good super villain speech,
just keep going.

Okay, basically, fuck The Hero.

We all been sleepin' under an empty
container of family sized Twizzlers

under a High School Musical baby blanket
hidden under an overpass for two months.

There's 10 different
motherfuckas who've benefited

from shrinkin' us and we want
to get back at all 10 of 'em.

We have to put our
talents to use, right?

Me being big, the Lower Bottom
folks, y'all being small,

Flora, you being bored, and Felix,
you being the homie with the car.

Contrary to what most people think,
you ain't stupid.

You want to make a band
that's gonna help us

get some get back after
we do this, sign us up.

A band?

A band is a group of people,
we're a group of people.

A band is a group of people
with instruments.

Wikipedia that shit.

Bear is right.

Thank you, beautiful.

Hey, hey!

What are you, what are you hey-ing about?
At least somebody's calling me beautiful.

I would call you beautiful, I just
don't know if I'm objectifying you...

Okay but you don't call me beautiful,
and why are you-are you jealous?

- He's so small.
- Six inches is still enough.

Just gotta put my whole body into it.
Requires trust on my part.

As we talked about,

our first target
is the power station, okay?

But listen, listen, this is the key part:
the power station's regulator.

The regulator allows them to keep

the rolling blackouts going
because without the regulator,

electricity's still free...

I wrote this,
that means less profit for them

and electricity still flows
freely for everyone.

Flora, you will break
into the security vault,

and me, well, Felix, behind you.

Those are electrobrapapaps.

I'm gonna use these
to smash the regulator.

What about security?

This is the parking ticket episode
that Scat had on him when he died,

and I feel like he would love it
if we used it this way.

No. I think he'd just rather
would not be dead.

It was banned for causing
existential meltdowns

within 93.5% of the viewers who watched
it, causing them to be entranced

and to lose all of their motor skills
during the entire episode.

So um, you little folks...
You go ahead, and you wiggle in there,

and you leave this for the
security, you show it to them-

The fuck kind of plan is that?

You're gonna do this right,
you need these.

I want you to wear these and
be the heroes the world needs.

Villains, mama.
Super villains, super villains.

- Okay, all right, now we need names.
- I'm 2 Fast, 2 Furious.

- No, that's copyrighted.
- It's my favorite movie.

You want people to see Vin Diesel
every time they Google you?

I'm thinkin' everybody
from the Lower Bottom

should have a collective group name,
seein' as we are-

Our name is Death by a Thousand Cuts.


- I'm V8.
- That's respectable.

What's your name, Cootie?

- I'm Thug One.
- Okay!


You've been in my head
every day since the verdict,

like an imaginary friend.

Well, I'd hope that seeing me in person
might bring you some closure.

You think my last moments
on this Earth are about you?

Kill me now.

Something that you
would like to say to me?

I'm not an innocent man.

Someone was comin' to kill me
and I got him first,

but in the same way,
I had no right to take his life.

Nevermind, you don't
even remember me, do you?

You're Damian Wallace,
you are a drug dealer...

- Way before that.
- ...And you are convicted...

1992, Comic Con.

You signed my copy of the very first
Hero comic you ever published.

What you did was genius, man.

You used the comics to create a phantom.

An empty space made up of ideas and...

And you materialized
a phantom right before our eyes.

Cheap magic trick.

This is where I turn into an idea.



Governor has deemed it proper
to use the more humane Stavlisi method

for executing the prisoner.

I'm here for you.

Look, I'm down with this plan, you know?

And you know I'm too fast
to be caught anyways,

so, I'm not worried about me,
but I'm worried about you.

- Don't have to worry about me.
- I know, I don't have to do shit.

Do you expect me not to
worry about you when you...

I'm just trying to utilize
the circumstances...

Who isn't? I'm just trying
to figure out what's inside you

that's pushing you to do it,

and I don't want the speech
that you give everybody else,

I just... I'm worried you came
to this plan too quickly,

and when people flip so quickly,
and I told you how my mother...

I don't want to tell you
everything that's in my head.

Then what kind of connection
do you want to have?

I mean, we can just sit
in a room and like eat

and fuck and watch TV, but...

I like those things,
but months for you is years for me,

- and if you can't talk to me now, then...
- I don't want you to think I'm crazy.


I welcome crazy.

I need some damn crazy in my life.

It takes me hours
to hear a motherfucka's thoughts,

and it's just something just as boring

as the way it was, like... Check out
this meme or some shit like that.

I'm not bored
because my life moves slowly,

I'm bored because
people are so fuckin' predictable.

I already knew you were crazy.
Might be the main thing I love about you.

This place was a good choice.

I love that it's
right next to laser tag.

Wait, I see you derailing.

You said you majored in fucking puppetry.
From that to dance.

- Anything to avoid a real job, huh?
- No, I just, um, I just, teach kids.

- Teaching kids is never "just"...
- Well, I didn't mean...

Well, do you want to have any?
Kids, I mean.

Edwin, are you offering to raw dog me?

Ha, I was just trying
to get to know you.

Well, that would definitely
be a way to get to know me.

- You want to play a game?
- Only if you're wearing a condom.

Look into my eyes, don't look away.

- Put your hand...
- Slap hands?

You want to play slap hands?

No matter what happens,
one of us gets hit,

we don't take our eyes off each other.

- Okay.
- Agreed?

Ow, bitch, that fucking hurt!

Why'd you turn away?

What do you mean?
You just like Frank Sinatra'd my hand.

That's what you agreed on,
that's the game you agreed on.

You didn't have to agree to it.

You were supposed to look
into my eyes,

and, you, no matter what, you were
supposed to not turn away, you...

You failed the pre-date.

I'm sorry, the pre-date?

For my employer, Jay Whittle.

Uh, yeah, a little confused.

The Hero is very busy
and very selective.

He has to be, so I pre-date women for him.
You failed the loyalty test.

Wow, that is... I mean,
that is fucking creepy and sadistic.

- Shit people do for a paycheck.
- I do this 'cause it's right.

The Hero's about the law, not bullshit.

The law applied fairly is
freedom for black people,

for all people, so I do
what's needed to help him help us.

- You can judge me...
- See, I just hear slime sounds.

What were you looking for?

Oh bloody Billy.
Bloody Billy...

I needed to see you, buddy.
Oh, I'm going to read you all day.

- Hello, Jay.
- Mom, you drank my Junko Pop.

- You were supposed to stay on your floor.
- Well, that's a lovely greeting.

I needed a mixer.

Mom, we had an agreement
that you don't go into my old bedroom!

You do know that this is not
your old bedroom, don't you?

Why do I have to stay on my own floor?
Are you embarrassed by me?

To make sure that you
don't hurt yourself again.

Oh, I want to throw a party.

I can't have any unauthorized people in
the building, Mother, you know that.

I can take care of myself.
I mean, I took care of you.


- You want to go there?
- Jay, why are you so angry?

Look at your life, you are
the person you want to be.

I mean, you're doing your
whole superhero thing,

- I know that's very exciting for you.
- Exciting?

You think that this is exciting?

It's necessary, Mother.

Do you not understand that?

Do you not understand what I do?

Come here. Come on.

Mm, my baby.

I don't want to get out of bed, Mom,

I just want the world
to pass me by but I can't, Mom.

- I want to.
- I know, I know, I know.

- People need The Hero.
- They do, Mom, they do.

To know that the law
and morality are the same.


Playing this role is the only reason
you get up in the morning.

- That's all it is.
- Oh, Jay, it's boring, it's boring.

It's so boring.

Mom, please.

Jay, why are you
so obsessed with the law?

You were born into a
family that has more power

than any damned superhero could ever have.
The laws are made for us.

Okay, okay.

Oh, you can hate me all you want,
but I will always...

- I don't hate anyone, Mother.
- I will always be your mother.

Stop the building.

Hello, sir.

What is this?

Showing you that you're appreciated.

I wanted to say thank you
on behalf of the world.


Astronaut Al.

You have a rainbow of water pistols.

A Meathead Frank with
super-choke action?

This is amazing!

- This is amazing!
- We need you to be happy, sir.

It's vital to the operations
of the company...

Wait, wait a minute.
All of these things are random.

There's nothing random
with you, Edwin, ever.

How did... the date go with Sasha?

Not a match unfortunately.

This is your fuck up.

Yes, and I'm already on the hunt
for a new slate of candidates.

If it's just sex you want,
I've lined up some options...

Have you listened
to one word that I've said?

This is not about a wet hole
that's missing, Edwin, it's about...

All you're doing is proving the point.

Nothing matters.

Sometimes, you can be
a fucking useless,

shitty, inconsiderate person.

See you tomorrow, champ.

Play my music.

Wire the balance of funds to Exine
Toulouse immediately.

How do you know my real name?

- Because I hired you.
- You hired me to kill you?

You came closer than the others.

I have to stay on my toes
until my actual super villain comes.

An antagonist that my audience
will deem worthy of my journey.

Yeah, well, uh...
I would have caught you more off guard

if I wasn't thrown off by your
annoyingly anal assistant.

Well, anal is what I pay him for.

Maybe you hoped I'd succeed.

I was just about to
open up a bottle of wine.


To a segue from
my work to my civilian life.

Would you care to join me?

I'm turning on the backup generators.

It's a regular power outage,
no nefarious cause is detected.

Don't fuck this up, Cootie.

You guys ready?

Let's go.