I'm a Virgo (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - Brillo, If Possible - full transcript

Bear wakes up after a night of drag racing and is surprised to find himself shrunken, along with all of his neighbors. The media coverage of Cootie and the demonstration has started.

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Hey, fuck you mean though,
turn me out!

Turn me out though!

Turn me the fuck out!

I'm from Lower Bottoms, bitch!

What the fuck!


Hey this, hey, bro this,
this ain't funny no more.

Hey! Hey, hey somebody, some-
I know somebody out there.

Man come on, stop playing bro.
Bruh stop, bruh stop playing bruh!

What the fuck is this bruh...?

If you can hear this,
something happened to me this morning.

But don't worry 'cause
I ain't letting that stop shit.

Lower Bottom barbecue is still
going on like every year.

And whoever is chipping in,
I need that today.

I already sprung on the bottles,
a jumpy house, and the meat.

Oh shit. God damn.

Did I order too much food and drank?

It's the whole damn neighborhood.

The unavoidable death devolved
when The Oakland Giant,

known as the Twamp Monster
attacked a police car

by stepping on it and
vandalized property.

These kids, they go around
like Thug One and Thug Two,

they destroy property...

The man was dragged through
the streets in chains,

and why not put him in handcuffs?

What The Hero did was
absolutely necessary.

But does that justify him being dragged
through the streets in chains?

He also lost his endorsement
deal with Asphalt Royalty.

Look, The Hero actually even customized
what I would consider a very fashionable

- Thwamp Monster sized ankle bracelet-
- Twamp, Dick. Dick, it's "Twamp".

I said "Twamp"!
What do you think I said?

Go to the streets of Oakland
and ask them him how they say "twenty",

'cause I'm in the streets and I used to...

And this bracelet
is used for house arrest.

Yeah, but he couldn't go to jail
because there's no jail cell large enough

for a man that size,
so this is what we have!

The last thing we want is
some giant thug that the kids

are literally looking up to.

- I said I wouldn't say it anymore.
- Please don't Mom, please...

It's only a matter of time
before they made you into the villain.

Mom, don't worry about me, it's just TV.

The people love me.
I have T-shirts, billboards.

- They're not gonna just come to...
- This came for you.

How can you still read that?

This, is the ideal of
what the hero should be.

Look, I, I know the difference
between this, and this.

This is what really matters.

Let me see your head.

- I knew it.
- What?

The hero's ankle bracelet
is cutting off circulation to your brain.

You know how we do.

Just... Oh, I just wanna take care
of you a little bit more.

World out there... it's cold.
Your friend just died.

House arrest is hard.

I know what it's like to have a of
freedom, and have it taken away.

It's crazy how Scat's death makes
me realize that life is happening.

Someone dying doesn't
stop everyone else from...

Going to work.
You know, paying bills, falling in love.

Like it's been happening long before us
and it's gonna happen long after us.

I guess...

I can see the infinite of a life
that'll happen after we die,

as opposed to the infinite of death.
It's beautiful.

Yeah, well I'm glad Scat's death
could bring you some understanding.

Yeah. Silver lining, huh?

Shit is dying man, it's all fucked up
and twisted on the inside.

Bleeding out all over the place,
it's not breathing right.

Now it's just gon' bleed
out here in front of me.

You showed up for Scat.

- Nothing else you could've-
- I could've had my shit running right!

Got there faster.

- Yeah, but you...
- Could've not been baby sitting yo ass!

You did the crime, do the time.

Step yo butt back in that house pronto.
Three seconds, two seconds, one second...

So much compassion,
in all that you do great Polypheme.

- Huh?
- We await your celestial decree as to,

as to what we should do
in these inconsequential forms

to continue our existence.

♪ Girl I have plans on crushin' ♪

- ♪ Hmm-hm-hm
- I'm talking definite destruction ♪

- ♪ Ooh-oh-oh
- Girl I'm talking the destruction ♪

I'm going to work anyway.

- He's in a funk.
- He should be.

He can't take just one punch
and go out for the count.

We told him the second
he hit the streets...

Just-just-just-just telling him,
"I told you so", ain't gonna do shit.

- Tried to talk to him and then he l...
- Th-th-th-th-this,

this time is pivotal for him.
He could be the one to spark it all off

and lead the whole
world out of this mess.

It's not about us being right.

You gotta stop letting your ego get
in the way of your principles.

It's discipline.
Are we revolutionaries, or not?

You gotta help him take hold
of the situation right now,

or he's not gonna be
ready for what is coming.

You right baby.

- You right.
- Come here.

Come on, keep up.

Child let me see that pink slip.
So, you got fired like everybody else.

Come on. Get yourself a plate.
I got some doll clothes over here.

Hey yo bruh,
you done had my car for three weeks.

- Dre would've had my shit fixed in a day.
- You talking about Dre.

- Yeah nigga.
- Shit!

You drive your car out of his garage
it won't make it back home.

Man, whatever.

Bear, we gotta take some decisive action
and you claim to be a leader so...

Somebody did this to us.

Well, we figure out who did it and get
some getback, it's just problem solving.

Hm, like when you got us all to sell
açaí products? I lost hella money.

Well, people only lost money on that
if they did not follow my advice.

Bear, ain't that yours over there?

Listen. All them years
with me yelling Bottoms,

newspapers calling us a gang.

I was yelling about us sticking together
through all the bullshit they throw at us.

People knew not to fuck with us.


You know, you the one
that taught me how to box

by knocking the wind
outta me Mother Battle?

So it's time for us to get our wind back.

And then square up.

Lower Bottoms, baby!

I want my gifts.

For being the first evil.

I've been good. Sly. A wolf to the
sheep and a snake to the charmer.

I want my throne.

We are born in war, in this
hateful hell that we live in.

Man has raped every mind,
every grain of sand.

Every pound of flesh has been pounded.

Pounced on.

All that is real
is the war we carry in our bodies.

War that eats away at our flesh
until we are bones,

bones, bones.

The last skeletons
in our proverbial closets.

Closets made of bones.

And I want my credit
for it. For starting it all.

- Um, this baby is the devil.
- Shut your negative trap, Tori.



Something about his face,
reminds me of a block of cheese.


What are you gonna do today?

Hey... I'm here, you don't have
to worry about that.

Oh, I have to work later tonight,
but I...I...

If you're on house arrest...

I'm on house arrest.

Uh, I appreciate that.

Damn... Damn um.

You, could you...

Can you please give me warning

next time so I can, I can, uh,
I could get out before it comes, um.

I swear your,
your farts leave sulfur in my lungs,

it's, I think, I think that, that, that,
that actually might be your superpower.

Excuse me Flora.

How about I give you fart warnings

when you stop that smacking
sound that you've been doing?

- No I don't.
- Yes you do.

- Well you, no...
- Yes, yes, you do.

- No I, you've never said-
- Yes!

- I'm just keeping it a buck with you.
- Okay, how about, how about...

I stop smacking...

and you take a shower
more than once a week?

Yeah, you're a man.

A, a, a big, a big giant man and I think...

I'm not going anywhere
so why would I shower?

I like your balls...

I think they're fun to play with.

I don't like smelling them from here.

I'll take one in a minute.

Rent strike is the
beginning of a general strike

that will spread and
get their demands met.

♪ Bing bang, bing bang, bing bang, ♪

♪ Bing bang, bing bang,
Bing bang, bing bang ♪♪

And experts have been astonished
to find a record number report nightmares

about the Twamp Monster.

It was horrible.
The things he did in my dream.

He could rip my body straight in half,
leaving my spine waving in the wind.

That'd be a bit gruesome.
How could he live with himself?

These once hypothetical situations
are now within the realm of possibility.

It's frightening.

And so the way the letters
grow from left to right is "SCAT",

as in get away from me or else.

We can only guess
what the, "or else" means.

And in case of that
"or else", Jay Whittle has graciously

donated the funds and technical expertise
of his company, MCI,

to create a special extra strength prison
cell that can house a 13-foot person.

Fuck this!
I'm... I'm gonna take a shower.


Make sure there's soap, washcloth...

Brillo, if possible.

Mars, your moon is ascending.

Virgos all readings signal
that you are the catalyst

in the circumstances that await you.

Repeat after me Virgos,
"I am the reason and the solution".

I am the reason,
and the solution.

I'm the reason,
and the solution.

The reason.
The solution.

Deep in your mouth

for premium satisfaction. Get over
here now and swallow one. Mmmm.

- Bing-Bang, Bing-Bang...
- So come on down...


All readings signal that you are
the catalyst in the circumstances

that await you.
Repeat after me Pisces.

I am the reason and the solution.


All readings signal that you are
the catalyst in the circumstance...


All readings signal that
you are the catalyst...


and get their demands met.

Business owners are claiming
that members of the network

got jobs with a specific goal
of organizing actions against them

across different industries,
that you're trying to strong arm them,

hold their profits hostage
and force their hand on healthcare,

- housing, wages.
- Is there a question?

If we don't come together around all this,

they'll do us all like
they did the Lower Bottoms.

Look at the power company.

They have a regulator on the output
to have us in darkness

instead of paying to upgrade their system.

These motherfuckers don't give
a fuck about us or public shaming.

They want profit.
Fuck them!

Shut it down! Shut it down!

So you're having trouble in some
locations replacement workers

have got through with some help,
from police.

We're countin' on people
to back us up and help stop that.

The general strike started when

Krown hospital workers went
on strike to change the policies

that killed a young man named Scat."

There you have it.

The 15-foot giant's an anomaly

we've tracked for the past 18 months,
but it's a shame his parents

neglected him, making
him not go the college route,

forcing him into welfare
scams and carjackings.

Yeah, like I said in the last episode,
the crowd he hung out with

turned him into the
violent predator he is.

Come off it Tanya, we know the giant
is your pimp and is abusing you.

My baby wouldn't hit me.

I... I fell.

You're at home with
your family when a giant thug attacks!

But you won't be caught off guard

you've got BIP Security.

B-I-P makes giant thugs flee

What the hell?

It's only a matter of time
before they made you the villain.

Soon, people are gonna try
to figure out how to use you.

The last thing we need
is some giant thug...

How can he live with himself?

Basically, some giant
thug who these kids literally look up to...

It's only a matter of time
before they made you the villain.

I'll be the motherfucking villain then.

- What?
- I said I'm...

- I'm gonna be the fucking villain.
- You're cussing at me?

I'm cussing with you.

They want a villain...

So I'll play that role.

I'll make villains the new heroes.

- You know what you're risking?
- Y'all were right to protect me.

Fine, okay, I get that...

But there's no turning back now.
You want me to make a move?

This is my move.

- We've been preparing for this moment.
- The training and the reading, I know.

No. We've been preparing
everything for this moment.

What do you, what do you mean?

Every day for the last 28 years...

I've been working down at that
damn Lawrence Livermore lab.

And every day,
it's taken a piece of me.

So, every day for the last 19 years,

I've been taking a little piece of it.

Things they were gonna destroy...
So little by little,

piece by piece...

We fortified the house.

And assembled weapons customized, for you.

And we knew that they'd be
coming for you at some point.

People with guns.

We just wanted to give
you a fighting chance.

We love you Cootie.

We knew you could inspire people
and set things in motion.

We just didn't want it to
happen before you were ready.

We wanted you to find
your purpose on your own.

So since they coming for you..

You might as well do
what you already gonna do.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking us half-wits
finally got our minds right.