Idris Elba: King of Speed (2013-…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Idris goes back to basics and learns the skills of trial biking, before finally fulfilling his personal ambition to drive a full spec rally car on a genuine Finnish rally course, with plenty of close calls on along the way.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- When I was six years old,

I used to sit in the
back of my dad's Cortina

with a hanger,

and drive,

pretendin' that hanger
to be a steerin' wheel.

By the time I was 14,

I realized that I had
an obsession with speed.

I bought myself a car.

And that was it.

I haven't looked back.

Now I'm going to race and
rally across the world.

Meet legends.

You always liked speed.

- Couldn't ever
get enough of it.

Professional drivers.

- It is like a drug,

and you want to do more.

- People obsessed with speed.

Like me.

- Now, I don't know what
you're title is over here.

- King of speed, brother.

King of speed.

- Whew!

the ejector button?

- I've wanted to eject
out of these things

every now and then.

So far,
I've seen how the US

has irrecoverably shaped
the cars we drive.

I put my finger on the moment

that cars went from things
that got us from A to B

to machines of speed and beauty.

And, I've seen the
darker side of racing.

- The underground scene.

The drag racing.

The kids love it.

- How those who broke the law

created America's most
popular motor sports.

Now I'm going to discover

how man's addiction to fast cars

evolved on this side
of the Atlantic,

shaping European motor sports.

To do this,

I'm goin' to attempt
a secret ambition.

Learn how to rally drive.


I'm okay.

All right?

Don't worry about this.

I'm back in London,

where the European leg
of my journey begins.

In America,

I experienced NASCAR
and drag racin'.

But how do we Europeans like
race road-worthy motors?

The answer is,

we rally them in
fast and furious

cross-country time trials.

This is the way to Monte

that only a rally driver

would take on in the
depths of winter.

- Rallyin'

is one of the most dangerous
driving disciplines.

Rally drivers set
their best times

in tough all-terrain courses
in modified road cars.

Rallyin' is almost as old
as the motorcar itself.

And today's high-octane
World Rally Championship

draws legions of fans.

It requires dexterity,

lightning-quick reactions,

and bravery that
borders on the insane.

Rallyin' is about the synergy
between man and machine.

It's not enough
to drive the car.

You really need to
know its limits.

If I'm going to master rallyin',

I need to learn the
techniques of off-roading.

At Lanarkshire in the
highlands of Scotland,

I'll be going back to basics.

This is how many rally
drivers start out.

On a bike.

Like driftin',

trial bikin' is a way of
bondin' with your machine,

and learnin' about balance
and throttle control,

except, if I get this wrong,

I'll end up on my
ass in the mud.

In short,

it's an off-road obstacle course

with penalties for errors
like puttin' your foot down.

The four-time British champion,

and future tip for
the world title,

is Yorkshireman James Dabill.

Today, he's showin'
me the ropes.

James, where do trials,
trial-bikin', start?

Where'd it come from?

- The trials has been around
for over a hundred years now.

Hundred years?


How long
have you been doin' it?

- Well, I've been
ridin' motorcycles

since I were three years

I've been competin' in
trials since I was seven...

- Seven, wow.
- Yeah.

So, 20 years.


- Yeah.

- Trial bikin',
what makes it that?

- It's mainly about balance.

Throttle control.

The skill and techniques
of ridin' over obstacles

in an allotted time.

That might be like
ridin' over a log,

or over a rock,

or through a river,
or up a river.

- First, I need to
master the bike.

So, we're going to start

with a straightforward
ride around the field.

You sure about this?

Yeah, definitely.

- I haven't done this before.

It'll be all right.

Beginner's luck.

That's it.

That's it.

Let it roll,

and then gently build
your revs back in.

So, nice and steady
with throttle.

Not as much rev.

I can see why

many rally drivers
start with trials.

It's about goin' steady,

holdin' back from the throttle,

and keepin' your balance.


Nice wide turn.

Stay nice and smooth.


More than anything,

masterin' one of these
teaches you restraint.

- When you're goin' round,

you're just a little bit
aggressive on throttle.

He's doin' really well.

He's listenin'.

He's started to build his
speed up a little bit more.

A little bit more
confident in the corners.

Makin' a better job
of everything, really.

That's it.

Startin' to look like a pro now.


Tell ya, it takes it outta
your hands, doesn't it?


I'm going to
have to navigate my bike

over a short course

of muddy peaks and troughs.

Set off.

Get your balance.

It looks simple

- And come up 'round here.

- Yep.

- You've got it.

Nice and wide.

So, nice and steady into here.

Make sure you don't
clip your foot peg,

because we don't want to
be fishin' ya out of pond.

- You know, I'm just
gonna go for it.

It's the first time tryin' it,

and just see what happens.

- Nice and steady.

Nice throttle control.

Keep it rollin'.

That's it.

Nice and steady.

Let it roll, let it roll.

Go on, you've got
it, you've got it.

Hold it.

Use that one.

A lot trickier than
what you think.

A lot trickier.

- You need less revs than that.

Nice and smooth as you set off.

Let it roll.

- It's hard.

It's very hard.

It's not easy.

I gonna keep tryin'
and see what happens.

That's it.

Little bit better

Try not to get
throttle-happy again.

Remember what we said out flat.

Little bit of throttle.

Nice and smooth with the clutch.

- James is a good teacher,

and he was just tryin'
to explain to me

how to just trust
the bike's weight.

Trust the movement of it.

Lovely there, lovely.

Keep it rollin',
keep it rollin'.

- It is a lot of effort
movin' that bike about.

panic, don't panic.

Let it roll.

- I can't figure when to put
my back wheels onto that.

You don't need to
worry about your back wheel.

- I'm gettin' a
little frustrated

not bein' able to
do that one section.

So, James and I are
gonna have cup of tea.

D'ya remember bein' that bad?

- My first ever trial,

I were in the same boat as you,

gettin' frustrated and that.

I couldn't do it.

And I remember kind of
leanin' my bike on a bank,

and sittin' there
with me hands folded,

tellin' my dad I don't
wanna do it anymore.

And, actually, a girl
rode through the section.

Like, really easy.

And that were it, then.

Straightaway, I back on bike.

I were well aware.

- How old were ya?

- Seven.

- What, seven?

- Seven years old, yeah.

When I were at school,

every minute of the day,

I were thinkin'
about ridin' my bike.

I had it in me-

mind straightaway that I wanted

to be a top rider

in the World Trials

To actually win it

were pretty special, yeah.
- Wow.

And just like James
when he was seven,

I'm not gonna let this beat me.

So, I'm gettin' a
bit ahead of myself,

takin' the champion's bike.

Tried nickin' my bike.

Now, see, you don't
need anymore throttle

than what you've already got on.

Keep it rollin'.

Right, this time.

That's it.

Let it roll, let it roll.

Keep it rollin',
keep it rollin'.

Go on, go on, go on, go on!



Ha ha!

whoa, whoa, whoa!

I did it!

We did it!

I'm sorry
I dropped the bike!

worry 'bout that.

It don't matter.

We've cleaned it!



You couldn't-a done
that any better.

- It's confidence, man.

That's all it was.

- Mate, you were so relaxed

compared to what you were.

- Yeah.

- Before, when you
were comin' in there,

you were comin' in way too wide.

Oh, what am I doin'?

What am I doin'?

Panic, yeah?

But that time,

as soon as I said,
"Let it roll,"

you just let it roll...
- Yeah.

Straight out.


- It's such a sense
of achievement.

I tell ya.

It were for me.

Right now,

I feel like I'm ready
to take on the challenge

of a full-powered rally car.

Built by Colin McRae's
team in the UK,

the Fiesta R2 will be my ride.

I've learned that to drive fast,

it's not all about the speed.

It's about control.

Sounds simple.

I just hope that strategy

will be enough to get me 'round

one of Europe's
deadliest rally courses.

I'm heading to the
spiritual home of rallyin'.


This country has produced

more world rally
champions per head

than any other nation.

It's a land of forests, windin'
roads, and fearless drivers.

It's here that I will
realize my dream.

This is Max Vatanan.

Son of one of the greatest
rally drivers ever.

Ari Vatanan.

- Leave the gas all the way.

- He's offered to give me a lift

in the car I'll be
drivin' in two days' time.

- Gas, gas, gas.

Okay, now we are on the tops.


- No braking here.

Always keep brake
out of the picture.

Oh, you can enjoy the landscape.

- Yeah.

- This is a nice corner here.

Small braking.

- No braking?

- It's easy.

You Just turn the steering wheel

where you want to go and gas.

You thought we gonna hit.

- I thought we
were gonna hit it!

- Did you enjoy?

- Great, man.

Great, great drivin'.


- This morning when I was alone,

I was much faster.

- Is it 'cause I'm heavy?

- Because you are heavy!

- Oh, man.

That was, I think,

exhilaratin' is
probably the best word

I can think about right now.

I think people that look
at rally drivin' and go,

ah, it's just a buncha geezers
drivin' around in the mud.

No, dude.

No, it's not drivin'
around in the mud.

It's very, very difficult.

And this is the
great man himself.

Ari Vatanan.

Still alive!

- Okay, I help you get out.

- Wow.

- Oh.

Some micro machine.

Let's take the helmet.

Let's take your helmet off.

You're sweating.


And you haven't done anything.

No, no don't.

Let me.

Let me get this strap off.

You look beautiful.

- Thank you.

- Handsome, even.

- Handsome, yeah?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Mad vikings, man.

They go for it, man.

Not scared.

No fear.

Despite a
few hairy moments,

Vatanan would go on
to achieve success

in the '81 world championship.

Ari was crowned

World Rally Drivers'
champion in 1981.

His driving style
was all or nothing.

He won this
year by 41 seconds.

- Ari drove around
the crazy time

of the group B cars,

and in the 1985 Rally Argentina,

he almost lost his life.

It took 18 months
battling serious injury

before Ari drove
competitively again.

He went on to win the
Paris Dakar four times.

And Pikes Peak,

the infamous hill
climb in the US,

which is still regarded

as one of the greatest
drives ever seen.

What does it feel like
to Finnish culture

to have a legend like you now?

- What is it being a legend?

I don't know.

Of course, I realize that
life has unfolded for me

in a very, very,
very special way

that I could've never,
ever, ever imagined.

And, of course, you can't deny,

there's this aspect of anxiety,

because something can happen.

I nearly died in Argentina.

I had some major accidents.

And now I realize how tough
life has been for my wife,

and you have to live
a life to the full,

and believe in your dreams,

because life belongs to those

who believe in the
beauty of their dreams.

- How long have
you been drivin'?

When did you start driving?

- I?

- Yeah.

- With a tractor when I was,
I think, six years of age.

My father left somewhere,

and said now, alone,
you can drive.

So, the hay bales, I took
them back to the barn,

and things like that.

At six?

- Six.

But I just had this
one idea in my mind,

to drive and how to go sideways,

and how to handle it,

like somebody would
have how to play piano.

Well, the car was my
piano and has always been.

- Yeah.

I'm lookin' forward to learnin'
how to control that car.

The mechanism of
bein', you know,

a man and machine.

- You need to feel
you are a part of it.

Car is extension
of your.

If you express yourself,

but instead of a painting brush,

you have a car.

- Right.

- And, well, sometimes
some of the paint

will go all over the
frame, all over a place,

but, that's life.

That's life.

- What do you think
it is about Finland

that makes you guys
so competitive and so?

- Finnish character.

We say that we don't
speak, we don't kiss.

We are not good in diplomacy.

It is straight

to the point.
- Straight to the point.

- But that's true with
individual sports.

- Ari is takin'
me to where Finns

start their lives
as off-roaders.

I've heard that kids
are racin' around

these vast Arctic landscapes

from the age of six.

Just like I did in Scotland,

these youngsters are
startin' out on two wheels,

meetin' up to race
week in, week out.

No wonder it's ingrained
in their blood.

What's wrong with
the Finns, Ari?

Why are they puttin'
the kids on the track?

- What's wrong
with their parents?

Fun for them.

They learn discipline.

And they learn to
fix their bikes.

- Do you think that's why
Finland has a high number

of fantastic rally
drivers in motor sports,

because they start so young?

- You have to start young

in order to feel
the good ones out.

You need to mobilize
your troops.

- Yeah.

- And in any case,

if you want to become good,
you have to start young.

And like here, this track is
the middle of the village,

and it's mainly
financed by the parents.

- So this is part
of the culture?

- I think what
the great thing is

the bonding between
parents and the children.

That makes it very good.

I think maybe you should start

motor cross rallying
with your daughter.

she's a speed freak.

She loves roller coasters,

so she might like this.

- Ari, who's the youngest?

Who's the youngest?

He, I think, is eight years old.

Who has the fastest bike?

Your friend or you?


- You.

And you
are faster than him?

- Yes.


You remember of Heikki Mikkola?

- Yes.

- Of course, he was many
times world champion.

And do you remember
of Ari Vatanan,

who was this old

Do you remember him?

- Who is that?

Who is that?

But, of course, you know Idris.

He doesn't know Idris.

- But now you know.

But I want to
see where the kids graduate

to full-size cars.

What are we doing now?

- Well, now we are
going to this field,

because that's how
young Finnish guys,

like I used to start,
at the age of 12,

when I started driving,

you have an old car,

and old nearly written-off car.

And private land.

No rules, just go for it.

Just go for it.

Listen, honestly,

if I put my mind to it,

by the time I'm 43, I'm 40 now,

I could be a professional
rally driver.

- Well, uh, I would say
that's a long shot, my friend.

- What?

- That's a long shot.

That's a long shot.
- You didn't even

see me drive yet.

- I think we should make a...

- Three years, I said.

- Three years.

Three year contract on it.

Shall I take 30 percent

of your income, then?
- What?

Look, 30 percent
is a little high.

- No, no, no.

Come on, come on.

Given where we start
from, it's only fair.

- For all you know,

I have the natural
ability to convert a car

into myself.

young guys out here.

There's old cars.

Piece of field here.

Ah, and my daughter.

This is your daughter.

Hi, nice to meet you.

- This is cheap way to start
to throw your car about.

You don't need any permission.

You just have to
be safe, of course.

- Yeah.

- Well, I think, Idris, I
should start to find out

how good you are as a driver,

and how many years will it take

for you to become a champion.

- Me?

- Yeah, let's go for it now.

- I'm about to find out

that this off-road
rally business

is a whole different ballgame
to drivin' on tarmac.

I was eager to jump in the car.

I couldn't wait.

I'd been thinkin',

right, I wanna drive this motor,

I'm gonna drive it
around that track.

It looked simple enough.

- We're here to enjoy.

Just take few laps.

It's quite rough, you know.

Oh, more throttle.

More throttle.

Look at that.

They're rooting you on.

Good, good.

And when it goes like that,

you need to lift on the throttle

just get the timing right
with the steering wheel.

Okay, good.

Relax, relax.

Just relax, okay?

- If I'm honest with you,

I was a little disappointed
in my performance.

Don't let
it go like that.

It's better that you
actually turn it.


- Yeah, yeah.

Try to be more steady
with your throttle.

You get your action right and
then brake it into a corner.

Obviously, he tries too hard.

And now brake.


And a brake a bit early, okay.

And now steady up on
your, exactly, no.

No problem.

Stalled it.

- No problem.

Idris does the classic
mistakes of the beginner,

so he turns,

he works far too hard
on the steerin' wheel,

turning too much
left, too much right,

and then he got sideways.

Of course, he should lift off,

but he keeps on throttling,

so that goes too much sideways,

and he gives opposite
lock too late,

so it's got to get
the timing right...

- So, basically, I'm rubbish.

Is that
what you're sayin'?

No, no, no.

- I was strugglin'
to get 'round it,

and he just jumped
in the car and poom!

Now this is how
a master does it.

- Okay, no, no no.

I mean, I may disappoint

because this car
start to take off.

Then you brake.

Then you turn it.

Then you turn here,
you turn here.

My driving style has
always been wild.

Very spectacular.

Going for it.

- I thought we was gonna crash

into that little
barn over there.

I thought, this is
us, into the barn.

- I have tried to maximize
each corner in my life.

Living life to the full.

Braking always very late.

In the real corners.


You end up having many mistakes.

Many accidents.

But you live a very intentioned
and meaningful life.


- Idris himself, my co-driver.

- Legend. You're a legend.

- My co-driver.

Now he knows what he's into.

Yes, and he likes it.

- Ari says, "You know what?

"You got some work to do,
but we can work on it."

It's my second day in Finland.

And Ari is givin' me a crash
course in Finnish culture.

Just stayin' 'round
his beautiful house.

And he keeps tellin' me,

"I've got sauna,
you like sauna?"

And I say, "Yeah, sauna."

We had dinner, glass
of wine, chattin'.

And goes, "All right, Idris.

"After, we go sauna."

I was like, "Okay, yeah, cool."

I showed up at the sauna.

I've got me towel,
I've got me stuff.

He's walked out the sauna
stark bullock naked.

Little willie hangin' out.

I'm like, "You all right, Ari?"

He's like, "Oh, yeah,
come in."

I just met the man,

and he's just
walkin' around naked.

The Finns seem more uninhibited.

But that's maybe what makes
them so great behind the wheel.

- It's a gravel
surface, you see here,

and the nose is tenuring.

Sometimes I'm helpin'
with the clutch.

Because I have too
much wheel spin.

But here, little braking.

Just, that looks like
180 kilometers now.

A short braking and
into a left hand corner.

And now, 50 already.

Because acceleration of
that car from 0 to 200

was less than 10 seconds.

Look at, I nearly spin
here, look at how it goes.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- And had I lifted it up,

I would have spun and gone
backwards over the road.

- Had you lifted it off...
- No, no, no.

You mustn't.

- If you did.
- On a forward rev car.

No, no, you must floor it.

You must floor it.

Accept it.

But I don't lift off.

I don't lift off.

- Is that a drop right there?

- But as we're
inside, it's okay.

- Rallyin' is about the synergy
between man and machine.

It's not enough
to drive the car.

You really need to
know its limits.

I'm so eager to do it right.

My personality type,

type of personality.

Is just when I learn something.

I don't wanna do it half good.

I wanna do it good or
don't do it at all.

So, I'm not apprehensive.

I'm sort of eager for it.

But I am a bit nervous about it.

Today's gonna be good, man.

Ari Vatanan and
this drivin' school,

they have world-class
rally drivers

come around and do the track.

You can't buy this
rally course in Argos.

Do you know what I mean?

This is, like, proper.

So, I'm excited.

This is where it gets serious.

First, I'll spend
the day trainin'

with Max in the
practice vehicle.

Drivin' on gravel is deadly.

With hardly any grip,

it doesn't matter
how fast you go.

If you don't have
control, you'll crash.

So I don't wreck the
car on my first attempt,

I'm going to be drilled on
basic cornering techniques.

- This is brake.

Brake as much as you have to

to get the right speed
for the following corner.

You'll turn the
car with the gas.

Steering is less,
acceleration more.

- Okay.

Brake or gas.

- Simple.


- And we'll be sitting with you,

giving you instructions.

- Who gives me
the feedback, Ari?

- We all do.

If something happens,

there are only two
things you need to do.

Turn off the engine.

Turn off the main switch.

If the car is upside down

or in an awkward position,

open the belts and get out.

- Gotcha.

- Just remember, long
power slide, Idris.

That's all.

All right.

- Make more throttle.

Less steering wheel.

And you will do it.

Okay, you will have fun.

- Brake.

Brake, brake, brake.

Put brake on.

Brake, brake, brake,
brake, brake, brake, brake.

You have to brake way earlier.

- Brake way earlier!

- Yes.

- I think Idris underestimates
the task he has in his hands,

because, the thing is,

that he is only in
the beginning now

in the real gravel driving.

- Quit braking.

Nice turn.

Slow down, slow down here, eh.


- I think, Idris,

it's better if you stay
on the small track.



You want
to still do this?



The hardest
thing when you're driving,

is knowing your own limits.

I may have reached mine, but,

I don't want to accept defeat.

Not now.

- Wait a minute.

Let's stop here, stop here.

You have to calm down now, yeah?

Try a calm attitude.

Otherwise, really,
we will go off.

- Okay.

- And if we go off,
everything stops.

So, remember...

- Yeah.

- No, you don't have to
go to prove to anybody.

- Yeah.


And the most...

- Just to myself.

- Exactly.

And if we go out,

we can even hurt
ourselves, hurt the car,

and then, or even, you will
lose all your confidence,

for all your trip here.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- So, here, just
go step by step.

- Okay.

All right, brother.

- So, just, yeah, the place
where I tell you to brake,

brake it always.

- Okay.

I'm not gonna let
anything happen to us.

- Sorry?

- I'm not gonna let
anything happen to us.

I promise.

- Yeah, yeah, no worries.

But, still, the braking, really.

- I've got to be more
aggressive with the brakes.

They're not sharp.

I can't feel 'em.


So with the wise words of
Max ringin' in my ears,

I had a new determination.

And then.

I just hit it.

I think, I was, the
oversteer was on, as well.

Of course, you had
already got the course.

- Boom!

- And we were like half a
second on the two wheels.

- I know, like that.

We were here like this
for like two seconds.

You know, like.

- Yeah, 'cause when you clip
inside, it's unforgiving.

It's unforgiving.

- Went a bit too fast.

Ended up really basic mistake.

He cut the corner
and then we were off.

Simple as that.

- I never wanna do that
again, I'll tell you now.

- You will, you will.

I tell you, you will.

If you want to continue
your driving...

- I do wanna continue driving...

- Of course, you will.

So, this, every now and
then, they are inevitable.

- Nah, I just never wanna do it.

It's just not a nice feeling.
- Is that the first time

you rolled your car?

- Yeah, first time...
- First time ever.

And Max
was cool as a Finn.

He was like, just open the door.

Yes, he has done
it already a few times, so.

One time, you said.


- I talking about
the first time...

- First time...

- I wish it was
only once for Max.

But I remember few more bills.

- It's not easy to be a driver.

There's so many things
you have to learn.

And even if you drive fast,

you have to control your speed.

It's not about going
fast everywhere.

But, I think he learn it now.

- I did four or five
really wicked path slides.


And just to come here and
make a stupid mistake,

and hit the bank
and roll is stupid.


That means,

get your back wheels back
on the road and ,

keep it moving.

I learned some Finnish
while I'm here.

I didn't learn
any rally driving,

but I
learned some Finnish.

Oh, man.

Tomorrow is still very much...

In my sights.

I really wanna achieve what
we came here to achieve.

I'm not put off by this.

Actually, I'm
strengthened by it.

The heir to the Vatanan legacy

was put at risk
today with my crash.

- No, no, no, no.

Not at all.

There was, you know, not 50-50.

There was a 50-60 chance
that you would do it.

- I wasn't goin' fast.

The car just had
a mind of its own.

When it hit that bank,


- Yeah, but, you know
why that happened?

Because at that point of time,

you had the person of Vatanan,

but you had your own arms.


- Yeah, exactly.

And that combination, it's.

Your task was nearly mission
impossible for one day.

You don't become a Nelson
Mandela overnight, do you?

So you can't

become a new British rally
champion overnight, either.

So, come on.

- That's true.
- But now,

the road is out of your system.

You were tryin' too hard today.

I could see it

you knew how much was
expected from you,

and, I mean, let's be realistic.

You have gone a long way today,

and you need to
go with the flow.

- How did you,

I mean, you had a
pretty horrific crash

at the height of your career.

- Yeah.

'85 in Argentina.

That was supposed to be my
second world championship year,

and it turned out to
be a very, very nearly

a fatal year for me,

but our life is like that.

- Can I ask you,

what was it like last moments?

Like, what actually happened?

'Cause, I can tell you what
happened with my crash today.

- Because you did it slowly.

- But, what?

Do you remember?

- No, I don't know.

I don't remember.

- You don't remember?
- No.

I don't remember
anything from accident.

I very nearly lost my
life right on the spot.

And afterwards it was
just a roller coaster.

My life for a few months
and nearly for a year.

And I fell into very
deep mental depression.


- And that lasted
for half a year.

And suddenly I awake like
from like a nightmare,

and you say, "It's not true."

And then by that time,

my legs were just
about working okay,

and I was back in life.

And matters is that you're
passionate about it.

You want to learn.

And you will learn.

So, in exchange,

I mean, you take me
into some acting school?

- No, I would put you in a film.


- I would.


- Yeah.


- The deal is done.

- The deal is done.
- Done, okay.

- All right.

- But now we go to sauna.

- He won't give up, will he?

Today, I get to drive a
200-brake horsepower rally car

on one of the toughest
stages of the Finnish rally.

More than anything,

I wanna make Ari proud.

And not come off the track.

- Max asked me a few years ago,

"Dad, do you think that it's
too late to learn driving?"

I was nearly in tears
when I heard that,

because he had never shown
any interest in rallying,

but I had never
pushed him, either.

And now he's flat
out in rallying.

And in a way,

I'm very proud of him,

but I'm very proud
of that passion.

That he's passionate
about something.

He doesn't want to be a
spectator in his life.

That's the whole thing.

That you don't see the
life going past you,

but you are in the middle of it.

You are middle of the storm.

This needs to be really tight.

Really tight.

Okay, good.

into consideration

that we stay on the four wheels.

- I am.

I'm the sorta guy,

if I walk past a button,

and the button
says, "Do not push."

in big bold letters,

Walk pass it once.

Walk pass it twice.

Have a look about.

Push it!

See what happens.

- Okay, Idris.

Time to go.

Now you can show
what you're made of.

But stay between the ditches.

Okay, off you go.

Good luck.

- I felt he just
was a bit nervous.

'Cause everything is newer.

But then when we went
to the starting line.

When he put his seatbelt start.

He has the helmet.

And I start to calm him down,

he was only focused
on the driving.

There was only him and the car.

So, I like that.

Stand by.







Remember the lines.


I like that.

Cut, cut, cut.

Yeah, perfect.

- Look the couple of training
days have been mixed.

Positive and some negative.

And the whole time,
Max and his dad,

Ari, have just been like,

"No, no, no, you get
back up on that horse.

"And you keep goin'.

"You keep goin'."

- Keep the second
here and you can go.

Good braking, yeah.

Suddenly, it's
all coming together.

I feel focused, relaxed,

and for the first
time on this trip,

I truly understand why this
country is so good at this.

It's clear to me that
Finns don't fear.

I don't think they're thinking,
I'm gonna risk my life.

I think they're sayin',

"I'm gonna push my
life to the limit."

It's about knowin' your limits.

If you can run fast, know
how fast you can run.

You don't say,

"Oh, I can run fast," and
not really push yourself.

- I believe you need to
follow the call of your heart

because if you try to
avoid your destiny,

you can't operate, anyway.

Whatever's keen in life

is waiting for you
around the corner.

Good, no, good braking.

That's what I was talking about.

- Yeah.

- Perfect.

And now, gas, all the way, yeah.

Keep the gas!

Keep, keep, keep!

Yeah, good!

Oh, well done.

Well done, Idris.

- It happened so quickly
and so instinctually.

You can reflect on it.

Like now, I can go, right,
I know what it was like.

But, at the time,
it's really noisy.

You're just aware that
you're inches away

from just tippin' over,

especially after
I've rolled a car.

You're hittin' those corners

and you're just really aware
that you can't make a mistake.

We did it.

- This was like
a victory for us.



- We all know that
he's not going to be be

a new world champion
for Britain.

But, that's irrelevant.

He's passionate about life.

He's passionate
about his real work.

But he's just as
passionate about driving.

About speed.

And he wants to discover it.

He doesn't mind putting
his neck down on the line.

And, well, that's
how one should do it.

Push to limits further
and not avoid that.

He's a nice chap.

- I'm sore.

'Cause it's a physical thing.

You got the seatbelt
sittin' on your shoulders.

You've got a massive helmet.


So I think I'm gonna.

Ari's tryin' to get me to go
to this sauna or something.

And then a hot tub.

Hot tub.

Sounds good.

But I don't know.

So, we'll see.

I tell you what.

After all this drivin' around,

I need a massage.

- Oh, yeah, I...

- No, no, not from you, Ari.

I'm all right, thanks.

- Oh, I'm good at it.

- But thanks for offerin'.


Have a good weekend?

- It's been amazin'.

It's been amazin'.

It's been like, you know,

I learned so many new skills.

I got to come to a
beautiful part of the world.

I got to meet you and
your beautiful family.

Amazin' people.

- You even got to
be upside down.

Which is part of it.

- You said you
wouldn't mention that.

- This is part of it.

Which is part of it.

- But, you're mentionin' it now.

You said you wouldn't.

That's it.

You're a man.

Idris, you know what?

You know, Finnish men, they
are naked, like we are now.

And only the very
best of my friends,

I will take them to a
excellent special sauna.

Let's go there.

- Okay.