I, Sniper (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Solitary - full transcript

An alert citizen notices a car.

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-8 dead now, 2 injured.

The suspect still on the loose.

There is growing anxiety
about when he'll strike again.

-You have someone
who I worshipped,

who I was sexually
involved with,

who I loved, who I needed,

and who knew how to pull
all my strings.

I trusted him completely.

- 911?
- My wife has been shot!

-She's shot in the head.

-They have the most definite,
promising, concrete leads

that they have had
at any point in this

two-week-old investigation.

An eyewitness who last night
caught a glimpse of the killer,

his van,
and the gun he may be using.

-That was love.

-After Linda Franklin's
shooting, there's a five-day gap

with no shooting.

Sitting, just waiting,

and high anxiety
for something to come in.

Hoping there's not
another shooting.

Its a terrible feeling,

there's nothing we could do
to move the ball forward,

and we didn't want them
to do another shooting

to make
the whole thing start again.

- Hello, this is a call from...
- Lee Malvo.

- an inmate at the Virginia
Department of Corrections,

Red Onion State Prison.

-41-year-old man, John Muhammad,

and a Jamaican-born teenager...

Sniper team that terrorized the
Washington metropolitan area.

-19-11... I have one down,
there's blood all over.

I'm at the Mobil gas station"

-...the most intense manhunts
in American history.

-The serial killer hunting
down random citizens.

-We have fear levels here
that I think are higher

than they were
after September 11th.

-Please let me go!
Let me go past!"

-President Bush is talking
about fighting Iraq,

and we have a warzone right here
in this own country.

-Ohh, oh, man, oh, man.

-Sources tell NBC news that
at least one witness spotted

the sniper inside
the parking garage,

only 50 feet from the Franklins.

-The witness saw a cream-colored
van, taillight out.

-If you know anybody that drives
one of the vehicles

that might...
You might suspect...

-Middle-Eastern male,
dropped to one knee.

-Described as having olive
or darker-colored skin.

-And he was able
to accurately describe

the type of weapon used.

-The weapon was an AK-74
military assault rifle.

-I've been in law enforcement
long enough to know

that that degree of detail
is so rare,

and generally, when there is
that much detail,

it's not true.

-Investigators probing
the Falls Church shooting

are looking at surveillance
tapes from Home Depot.

-And then there was really,
really bad news.

You hear this scream.

"Oh, shit."

-We looked at the video tape
from inside the store.

At the time of the shooting,

this witness
had not even left the store.

So he was not out

in the parking lot
when the shooting occurred.

-So, our ace, our crack,
had just gone kaboom.

We went back to him and ended up
charging him with lying.

-So, the folks who were leading
the task force said

"Hey, why don't you come over
and share this with the media?"

It's like they didn't want
to share that news,

they wanted me to do it.

It's been determined through
further investigation

that the information provided
by one of the witnesses

at the scene of the shooting
in the Home Depot

describing a cream-colored van
with a malfunctioning taillight

is not credible.

-Their best witness
from Monday night's shooting

was a phony witness

-Monday night's frantic search
for a cream-colored van

with a burned-out taillight
was a wild-goose chase,

and the AK-74
semi-automatic rifle,

that was a lie too.

-That little bit of hope we had
with the witness information

just was so heartbreaking.

We really thought we were sent
back to the... back to zero.

We don't have any more
than we had before

except a little white van.

-The Capitol Area sniper
has killed nine people.

A law-enforcement army is
after the shooter, or shooters,

but so far none of the leads
have paid off

in what seems
to have been false information.

-We're traveling back.
We had just spent

a really good vacation
with my brothers and my dad.

And we were hungry,
and a Ponderosa, you know,

big dinner sounded good.

-We were walking hand-in-hand,

talking, and had the very
familiar conversation

of, "I love you."
"No I love you more."

"I love you more."
"I love you infinity plus one."

It was just being kids in love.

-I drove down from the entrance
to the Ponderosa,

and I saw a woman
sitting on the sidewalk

cradling a man's head
in her lap.

I said, "What happened?"

She said, "I think
my husband was shot."

I said, "Where did the shot
come from?"

And she pointed straight down
and said,

"it came from down there."

He's conscious. It's obvious
that he's in some pain.

She had a cloth on her
husband's stomach, and I said,

"I need to see the wound."

And she lifts up the cloth,
and underneath the cloth,

there's this nickel-sized hole
right in the top of his stomach.

And it started oozing blood,
and I said,

"Okay, you... you can cover
that back up.

You're doing the best thing
that you can do for this.

It's pretty simple,
it's not rocket science."

At that point, both the man

and the woman
laughed a little bit.

And the man actually told me,
that... he says,

"Well, that's funny because
my wife's a rocket scientist."

And I looked at her,
and she says,

"Yeah, I'm a rocket scientist."

-Jeff was starting to go
into shock, and I told Jeff,

you know,
"You're going into shock,

you need to stay with me,
you need to stay awake.

You're going to want to go to
sleep, you need to stay awake."

-I was pretty much convinced
I was gonna die.

Stephanie was there with me,
and I asked her to pray with me,

you know,
just have peace with God,

and then... and then get on
with whatever happened.

-He lost 75% of his stomach,

so they kind of sewed
the pieces back together.

-I could've, you know,
bled to death.

There's shrapnel that kind of
went through and hit the liver

and a little bit
in the intestine,

but I survived.

-The effect on our relationship
is I'm...

I'm far more intentional about

making sure that she knows...

That she hears that I love her.

-I love you too.

-We continue to cover the story

of a shooting
in Ashland, Virginia.

A 37-year-old man gunned down
as he was leaving a restaurant.

Officers suspecting it
could be the work

of the DC Area serial sniper.

-You think they're doing
a good job here?

-They're doing a fantastic job
from what we hear, and...

And obviously, as I said
a moment ago,

there's a lot more
that we're not hearing about.

-You don't have to be
a rocket scientist

to figure out
we don't have squat.

-I think the general
feeling was,

"Man, something's gotta break,
because we don't have anything."

Well, homicide cases are made

when there's just
the tiniest little crack.

They just need a crack,
and they fly through it.

The problem was having
the patience

to wait for the crack to open,

knowing people
were getting killed.

-Witnesses also said
that they heard

a shot coming from the woods.

Is that right behind
the restaurant?

-We're still trying to determine
where the shot came from.

We have several witnesses
who have indicated that they...

-We looked at where
the victim was

and possible areas where
the shot could have came from.

The trail I was following
was probably 25,

30 yards into the woods.

I finally came upon a tree.

I looked up, there was
a note pinned on the tree

in a clear sandwich bag.

It didn't appear to be there
very long,

so I was quite certain

that it came
from whoever did take that shot.

-The investigators notified us
that they had found

a very significant
piece of information.

It was a note left behind
by the shooter.

It's printed.

It's not sophisticated
looking or anything.

It has little stars around it
and it says,

"For you, Mr. Police,
call me God.

Do not release to the press."

-I thought, "Okay.

Now we are going to get them,

and we're going to get them
sooner than later."

"If stopping the killing is more
important than catching us now,

you will place $10 million

in Bank of America account."

-Part of me remembers thinking,

"Did you just make that up?
Did you just decide now,

that since this is going so well

and I've got
everybody's attention,

now I'm going to ask for money?
Or was this all along for money,

and if it was, why not ask
after the first shooting?"

-"We will have
unlimited withdrawal

at any ATM worldwide."

-At the time, you could only
draw like $200 from an ATM.

Like, what are you thinking?

It's going to take... how are
you going to get $10 million

out of an ATM machine?

And by the way, every time
you go to the ATM machine,

your picture is taken,

so are they real,
you know, about this?

-We have tried to contact you
to start negotiation

in Montgomery County,
"Officer Derick."

-We're taking thousands
of phone calls.

But that afternoon,
October 18th at about 4:30

one of those phone calls
really raised my suspicions.

When I picked up the phone,
they said "Shut up and listen,

I've got some information
about who your snipers are."

Good morning. Officer Baliles.

We weren't lucky to get
a recording,

so I passed that information on
to sniper investigation.

I wasn't aware of what they were
doing as far

as any type of follow-up,

until two FBI agents
showed up at my desk and told me

we want you to come with us."

That was a scary feeling.
I'd never had the FBI

telling me
that type of thing before.

-They asked me to listen
to a recording of the 911 call

that had come into a dispatch
center three days previously.

They put headphones on me

and asked me to concentrate
very carefully on it.

And they asked me, "Does that
voice sound familiar?"

And I said "Yes, that's
the same voice that I spoke to."

The investigators asked me,
"What did they exactly say?"

And I told them,
"The caller wanted me

to verify some information

about a crime
that had occurred in Alabama."

-Attempted murder investigation

of black female
Claudine Lee Parker,

along with white female
Kellie Adams.

-I just remember seeing
a really bright light

and then having, like, this,
like, a ringing in my ears.

There was a flap of skin,
a whole area here,

was laying down on my chest.

It was still connected,
but barely,

and it was laying down
on my chest.

And I could tell that there was
something wrong with my jaw

because there was movement
where they shouldn't be,

I couldn't talk.

-Claudine was closing up and
getting ready to go to the game.

She was just excited
about football.

She loved football.

They just said that
she had been shot

and killed during a robbery.

I really didn't believe it.

I thought that Claudine
was supposed to live forever.

She just enjoyed life.

-I would have been coming
from this direction,

and the young man is going
right behind the Krystal's.

I pulled into an alleyway

that was on the other side
of the Krystal

to where I would
encounter the suspect.

He then, of course,
looked at me.

He turned, reversed direction,
and then he started running,

I mean, basically
until he... he hit a fence.

I started running after him,
but unfortunately,

I lost sight of him.

Witnesses saw a blue Caprice
that was waiting.

They saw the suspect
jump into the blue Caprice

that subsequently took off.

-From where I am standing here,

this is the edge
of the building.

The grass field
that we are looking at.

He dropped a piece
of evidence...

that turned out to be
the owners' manual

for the Bushmaster rifle.

It had 36 fingerprints
of identifiable quality

in that magazine.

The fingerprints were ran
through the entire country.

It did not strike anyone.

It was very frustrating.

I just could not do
anything more with what I had.

Now some weeks have gone by.

I received a call
from a Sniper task force

in Washington, D.C.

They wanted all the elements
of our case file

up at the task force.

And we delivered
the gun catalog up

with the 36 fingerprints in it.

-Okay, now we got something.

This is what
we've been waiting for,

something like this to happen.

I thought to myself at the time,

"That's the crack.
Right there.

They made a mistake."

-In the letter left
at the Ponderosa...

there's a second page with
a postscript at the bottom.

It says, "Your children are not
safe, anywhere, at any time."

-Well, you know, fear,
it is just

the most awesome emotion ever.

And so that note, it just...
It just drives fear.

-It was a very
chilling statement,

a heartless statement,
because you already knew

that he had shot a child.

And it was basically to say
your kids aren't safe... period.

-We will contact you
at Ponderosa,

Ashland, Virginia buffet,
telephone number.

-So far, we had shown
zero capacity

to provide any protection
to anyone.

There was a lot of concern

That there would be open anger

to not following
their direction.

-I had gotten the Ponderosa line

redirected into
the joint operations center.

My job was to trace the call.

It went from weeks of not having
anything to go on,

and now the person
that had been doing

this could be on the phone
at any second.

-The hostage negotiator said,
"He's on the phone."

And they showed me exactly
which line he had called from.

It had come back
from a pay phone at a gas

in Richmond, Virginia.

-The, uh,
law enforcement down there,

the people first to arrive

how you would.
They're going to respond

by trying to detain
whoever was on the pay phone.

And it turns out
that there was a white van.

-We see live on the television,

there's a take-down
at a phone booth.

-Very deliberately
looking at the van,

closing down the area here
at Parham and Broad.

-And we're like, "Okay,

did they just arrest
the shooter?

Why don't we know
what's going on?"

-This Plymouth Voyager mini-van
with temporary Virginia tags,

driven by a man who sources say
made a call from a pay phone

believed to have been used
by the sniper.

-It would seem, based on
the police presence

that's still here, they have
a very strong lead in this case.

-We just decided we are going
to go out,

make our statement
and our brief to the media.

So that if it's not them,

we're still establishing a
rapport and open communication.

-I would like to start
with a message.

The person you called could not
hear everything that you said.

The audio was unclear.

And we want to get it right.

Call us back so that
we can clearly understand.

-It would be
inappropriate for me

to say anything
about the investigation to you.

-Moose saw our role
as doing as we're told.

You help get out the information
that I give you

to help catch these people,

and I'll decide when it's given
and how it's given.

Can you give us an update
on what the status

is with regarding
the investigation?

-Again, it would be
inappropriate for me to...

-And I got news for you,
that ain't the way it works.

-Chief Moose, you communicate
with somebody,

I mean, something is going on.
- It's like, "Come on, bro,

you have no new material here?"

We're listening to sources

saying there's more to this
thing, you know,

don't play me for no fool.
- Thank you very much.

-Chief, Chief, you've chosen
to release very little.

-Ma'am, again, it would be
inappropriate for me to...

-It's encouraging,
I think, in some regards

that they're having
a conversation with the guy,

and they think it's the guy, and
they don't think there's two g...

I think that... don't you think
that eliminates the two guys?

-It would be inappropriate
for me

to comment at this time...
- Comment at this juncture!

-There's almost a desperation
on the part of law enforcement

to take this opportunity,
if the shooter is serious.

If he's not,
that puts us back to square one.

-Today, I think
I finally realized

that the cops may not have
that much.

- They don't.
- I mean, if they've got to rely

on the media and the press
and the TV,

God help them, you know?

That's the bottom line.
That's it, man.

-There is someone out there
killing people,

and we'd like your help.

-Investigators say as far
as they can tell,

those two men seized
by a SWAT team

at a pay-phone booth
near Richmond, Virginia,

are not tied to the sniper.

-It has been a day of dramatic
developments in the sniper case,

but by nightfall, it was
the same unsettling story.

The sniper remains at large.

-I had gotten up in the morning,
Conrad left out to go to work.

You know, we said our goodbyes,
our love yous, um,

and he went on his day.

And I went back to sleep.

He picked a job
that would provide,

more so, for his family,

and he was very well liked
amongst his passengers.

I remember on one
of my birthdays,

Conrad had
the whole entire bus sing

"Happy Birthday" to me.

I was like, "Babe, really?"

But that was the cutest
thing ever so, yeah,

I will always remember that.

-This is the WTOP radio network,
WTOP Washington.

WTOP FM Warrington.

WXDR Frederick...

-Slow ride out of Silver Spring
into Bethesda

begins just after
Georgia Avenue.

-...construction ahead
on the Outer Loop

right at the exit for 270
in the right lane.

If you stay with the Beltway
past this point,

they're working again to...

-Another shooting in our area
on a ride-on bus

in the Aspen Hill section
of Montgomery County.

-The serial sniper
may have struck again,

terrorizing the same
Maryland community

that already buried
five of its own.

-Back here in Montgomery County,
right in the face of police.

-Aw, come on, man.

You know, we're...
We're getting somewhere,

and they hit again
and they're back

in Montgomery County.

It was kind of a real gut punch
to everybody involved

and, you know, in many ways,

we're thinking,
we're back to square one.

-The victim was shot as he stood

on the top step
of a ride-on bus,

at Grand Pre Road
and Georgia Avenue,

no word on his condition.

-When I turned the television
on, um, the news was on.

- Again, back now looking live...
- And it was a ride-on bus,

and it had
police tape around it.

At that time...

At that time,
I kept calling his phone,

and there was no answer.
I called several times.

And, um, something was
telling me it was him.

And then I received a call

basically telling me that,
you know,

Conrad was at the hospital,
he had been shot,

and I need to get
to the hospital immediately.

-I get notified...
We had another shooting.

It's ours.
It's back in the county.

And when I arrived, of course
the media already knew

that the shooting
had taken place.

- Can you tell us what hospital?
- On the sniper,

and why the chief didn't talk
to us last night.

-They were amassed, and they had
a million questions.

-Can you tell us if there were
any witnesses that saw this?

-Was he getting on
or getting off at that point?

-Do you have a description
of the shooter or any vehicle?

-It was just extremely hectic.

-Investigators can be seen
searching for clues

in the community park across
from where the bus was parked.

-As we were coming up
the Beltway,

as we got closer to the exit,
it was gridlocked,

and I literally jumped
out of my car,

ran down the, um...
Down the ramp,

and there were
police and machine guns.

I said, "I am Mrs. Johnson.
I need to get to the hospital.

That was my husband that
got shot."

And I went upstairs.

At the time,
they kept telling us

he was still in surgery.

By this time, the word
had traveled...

All of my family, his family,

close family friends,
we were all in this one room.

The doctor came in
and just told me

he did everything he could do.

He didn't make it.

-It's amazing to me

that somebody could
actually shoot 13 people

without leaving any evidence
behind, other than these notes.

-Where are we
dropping the ball here?

Something's gotta give.

-We have something here. We've
gotta really dig into this.

-A federal arrest warrant
has been issued

for John Allen Muhammad.

He should be considered
armed and dangerous,

and he may be
in the company of a juvenile.
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