I Hear You (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript




Is this still me?

Isn't this makeup a little too thick?

Not at all.

Your boyfriend is very handsome.

Did you quarrel?


Ms. Bei, why don't you help
your boyfriend put this on?

Thank you.




Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the live Internet broadcast
of the reality show,

Love in Progress.

Thank you for not tuning into
Medicine Victory and Gossip Master.

Let's enjoy this atmosphere
of love with us!

The entire season of love is now
in Love in Progress.

Our goal is for the entire universe
not to lack of love,

just like the Milky Way
does not lack of calcium.

But first, let's watch a video

to get a better understanding
of our different-height couple,

Ye Shuwei and Bei Erduo.

Please watch the big screen.

{\an8}Ye Shuwei, 27 years old, 1.87 meters tall.

Tall and handsome.

A violin maker who just returned
from studying in Italy.

He single-handedly started
a violin workshop.

It is one of the few highly regarded
workshops in the country.

{\an8}Bei Erduo, 23 years old, 1.52 meters tall.

Petite and sweet.

{\an8}She often speaks like a cartoon character.

She is trained in mimicking
various sound effects.

Her dream is to become
an excellent voice actress

in the animation dubbing industry.

All right. Now, let's invite
the different-height couple,

Ye Shuwei and Bei Erduo.

A round of applause for them!



I would like to ask Ms. Bei Erduo first.

Could you please tell us

how did you guys first meet?



Erduo, hurry up.

Memorize this as soon as you can.

These are the details of the male guest.

You need to be familiar with each other

to avoid being seen through
during the broadcast.

Memorizing a script? That's my specialty.

Ye Shuwei, 27 years old.

Born in a family of musicians.

The qualities of your male guest
aren't too bad.

The Great Ye is here.

Familiarize yourselves
with each other quickly.

You're Ye Shuwei?

We met each other in the library.

It seems that Ms. Bei Erduo

is still a little nervous.

{\an8}Then, when you met for the first time,

{\an8}what was your impression of Ye Shuwei?


There has to be
some misunderstanding here.

I refuse to work with him.

Erduo, no! Think of the money.

Do you think I'm someone who would
give up my dignity for money?


It was quite good.

It was quite good.

Quite good? Just "quite good"?

How about this?
Let me rephrase my question.

When did both of you
first meet each other?

Two days ago.

Oh no! Why did I blurt out the truth?

What should I do now?

Do you mean two days ago?

I think it's time to think
about changing jobs.

I agree.

It's about time for me to get married too.

My Erduo is a bit nervous today.

Actually, two days ago

was our sixth month anniversary
from when we started dating.

So that makes it six months and two days.

Oh, I see. I got a scare.

The Great Ye!

From the video...

-Look at the statistics!
-He's good with words of love.

I thought there will be a big revelation.

I didn't expect it to be
a public display of affection.

-That quick reflexes.
-What a torture!

-I need to learn!
-He's the Great Ye indeed!

Ye Shuwei, is there anything
you would like to say

to your lover beside you?



Apologize to me.

What are they doing now?

Apologize for what?

You silly girl.

You made me wait for so long
before meeting you.

Shouldn't you apologize?

Ye Shuwei looks cold on the outside.

But when he speaks words of love,
it melts people's hearts.

I believe that our audience

has now developed
a deep interest in this couple.

Okay, thank you. Please take a break.

Thank you.

Okay. Next, we'll have another video

showcasing our different-physique couple.

Let's get to know them better.

Please watch the big screen.

The quick-acting heart reliever pill.

Should I give you some?


Is there a problem?

Ye Shuwei, how dare you--

How dare you ask me to apologize?


Hey, Le Tian!

Bei Erduo was nowhere to be found.

She ended up on a dating show
with her boyfriend.

Didn't you watch it?

Let's go.

Hold on!

I'm sorry. It's a winning hand.

Pay to me!

-You draw it.

Is this your daughter, Bei Erduo?

My daughter is on television?

-Is it?
-Let me take a look.

Isn't this Erduo?

-Isn't she a kindergarten teacher?
-This doesn't look like a rich man.

started a violin workshop...

What's a violin maker?

A carpenter!

Both of you.

You're crazy! Both of you!

Do you know you're so popular now?

The viewership for this show
is reaching the sky!

Hurry and sign this contract.

Once you sign it,
you'll become superstars!

Is she willing
to continue playing the role

of my fake lover?

Great Ye, I'll tell you the truth.

Erduo is going to Japan to study.
She's in dire need of money.

If both of you work for this show,

it will be a win-win situation
for all of us. Okay?

Here, Erduo.

I'm not signing it.

Great Ye, didn't you lose the bet?

Yes, we did say

that it'll be over
after one episode, but...

Isn't this a form of recognition
for both of you?

Someone needs to apologize to me.


Why should I apologize to you?

I didn't do anything wrong.

I don't like to waste my time by talking.

Erduo, don't get agitated.
We'll think about it.

We'll think about it.

If you let me down
in front of the audience,

you should apologize to me
in front of the audience.


This is an audition for voice actors.

Hence, we're conducting
the interview this way.


Introduce yourself.

Hello, sir. I am number 34, Bei Erduo.

I'm a big fan of anime.

Currently, I'm preparing
for my Seiyuu examination.

All right. You may begin.

Once upon a time, in a huge forest,

there was a village of blue Smurfs.

In a mushroom house in the village,

there lived many happy blue Smurfs.

They were courageous, helpful
and cooperated with each other.

They lived freely and were very smart.

Hello, everyone!

I'm Papa Smurf!

I'm 543 years old this year.

This whole village is under my care.

Hello, everyone.

I'm Smurfette.

Don't you think I'm pretty?

I'm Gargamel.

My powers are limitless!

I created Smurfette!

Don't believe what Gargamel says!
I've changed for the better!

All right, we have to work hard now.

Hard work is the most important thing.

I'm done.

Very good.

Thank you, sir.

That's right!

Even if I didn't do well as a voice actor,

I'm still an insider.

Let me tell you this.

Those interviewees are so silly.

What do they have to be happy about?

They'll never get a chance.

Thank you for helping us
with our interview today.

My pleasure.

My personal opinion is...

that number 34, Bei Erduo is not too bad.


The last candidate is our boss' niece.

We can't humiliate him.

Since that's the case,

why did you ask me to join then?

Shuwei, your reputation gives the company

a good image.

It's over.

You may leave now.

Thank you. This way, please.

What a waste of my time.

-What a scam.
-This way, please.

I am number 34, Bei Erduo.

Shouldn't you at least
announce the results of the audition?

Give us all a fair chance.

I'm very sorry, miss.

The interview is over now.

-There's still a position that's vacant.
-Thank you for taking part.

-I'll recommend your sister.
-You may leave now.

That won't be a problem at all!


What's Ruirui?

The name of the character is Ruirui.

Don't you provoke me.
I'm not an ordinary person.

You can't even speak normally.
Of course, you're not an ordinary person.

I'll get the company to blacklist you!

Blacklist me then.
I won't work for such a company anyway!

Miss, what are you talking about?

She's envious that I am chosen.

What a slander.
Empty vessels make the most noise.

"Empty vessels make the most noise"?

If you continue making a fuss,
we'll call the security.

-Please make way.

Aren't you one of the interviewers?

I remember your voice.

Are you Number 34?

I remember your voice too.


your voice sounds nice.

And you look like a nice person too.

Why would you do something so shameless?

What did I do?

People like us...

We train really hard every day
to become voice actors,

just for a chance at the job.

If you want to hire an insider,

there's nothing we can do.

But if you have no intention
of giving us any chance,

why do you put on the whole act
of an interview then?

Hey, pip-squeak!
Stop making much ado about nothing!

Just because you have connections,
does it make you this fearless?

What's your name?

What's the problem with you?

I want to remember you.

Wherever you are in future,
I won't go for that interview.

You're courageous.

What's your name?

Bei Erduo.

Blacklist me then.

-Go back to the recording room,

and apologize to me
in front of all the witnesses.

Give me back my reputation.

Don't even think about it.

The main point is--

Ye, why are you here?

Someone would like
to say something to you.

I'm here to apologize
to Mr. Ye Shuwei publicly.

Mr. Ye Shuwei,

I'd always thought that you were

an extremely unfair
and extremely unjust interviewer.

You took advantage of your illicit
connections with certain individuals

for your own personal gain.

You allowed all the other candidates

who really treasured the chance,

who thoroughly prepared
for this interview,

to be treated in an unfair way.

You wasted their time

by making them be on this huge act

for someone who practices nepotism.

Therefore, I think you are a person

who is selfish, lack principles,

can't distinguish right from wrong,
hypocritical and overbearing.

I'm done with my apology.

Sorry, I was wrong.

I accept your apology.

I still have a few more requests.

-Why do you have so many requests?


Lizi, write it down.


Number one.

Other than recording for the show,

we won't get involved
in each other's personal affairs.

We'll minimize
the unnecessary interaction.

Number two.

During the period of the filming,

take note of your image
and the way you carry yourself.

Don't do anything without thinking.

It doesn't matter if your image is bad,

but I don't want others
to think that I have a bad taste.

Mr. Ye, you're the one who should
take note of your own image.

Fine, since we're talking about requests,

I have a few requirements
that I hope both of you can fulfill.

Firstly, both of you will have to sign
a confidentiality agreement.

Secondly, I hope that
when both of you interact,

please at least try to look like a couple.

Lastly, throughout the show's filming,
you're not allowed to date other people.

Just get her to look after herself well.

I will watch myself well.

-Because I would never--
-Never what?

Both of you are a public couple.

It'll be terrible if gossips or rumors
about cheating arise.

If someone were to cheat,

that person will have to apologize
to the other party.

Apologize in front of the public,

to prove the innocence of the other party.


Don't move.

-Mr. Ye.
-Stop fidgeting.

Okay. Both of you are lovers as of now.

The results of the previous episode
were really good.

I hope the next one can be equally good.

I can't guarantee the results of the show.

The agreement didn't specify this.

How about this then? Both of you
subscribe to each other's Weibo account.

Post your daily updates.

After all, netizens are
like detectives nowadays.

-If you're not careful--
-That's not necessary.

I don't have a Weibo account.

Erduo, I'll leave this to you then.

You'll work on the Weibo posts, okay?


Add each other on WeChat.

I don't have a WeChat account either.

Erduo, I'll send you his WeChat ID later.

Since both of you
have signed the contract,

I hope you can be more professional.

We can rehearse once a week.

If we do it this way,
it won't take your private time.

During the live broadcast,
you'll be more comfortable too.

What do you think?

One hour. Not more than that.

I only provide my time.

-I'm not responsible for anything else.
-Okay. It's set then.

Thank you so much, Great Ye,
for offering us your precious time.

-I'll treat everyone to dinner.
-That's not necessary.

Is there anything else?

Where are you going?
Why don't you give Erduo a lift?

It's out of my way.

I have a small yellow car!

Bei Erduo...

Where did you find such a cocky person?
Tell me.

What's going on?

Look at how he bullied Erduo.
I'm so angry.

How could you blame me?
How did I know this would happen?


You know Mr. Ye's temper.

He never explains much,
has a cold demeanor and bears grudges.

But you want him to participate
in your reality show?

Are you mistaken?

Well, he helped with the auditions.

That's because a friend of his dad
made a personal request.

It definitely won't work out for this.

It's impossible.

-Great Ye.
-Stop calling me that.

He Yang.

Instead of flattering me,

why don't you just work properly?

Have you delivered the violins?

I'll go right away.

Save the environment. Walk there.

Sir, it's five kilometers away.

-Is there a problem?

Not at all.
I'll take this chance to exercise.

Uncle Shuwei.


What are you doing?

Erduo, let me tell you this.

Pulling it like this will make it grow.

I don't think that's how it works.

I can't even move now.


Erduo, do you think that I treat you well?

Yes, you do.

But that doesn't mean you can
cross the line.

Do you want to earn enough money
to go to Japan?

I want to rely on
my own strength to do it.

Erduo, please save me.

What is it? Tell me.

Uncle Shuwei, I've signed the contract.
If you don't agree, I'll be breaking it.

The penalty fee is a few million.

Apply for bankruptcy then.


How can I do that?

I need to answer to my business partner.

I have to be responsible to my employees.

Besides, for this show,
it has to be you and no others.

Where else can I find someone like you?

Someone who is tall, handsome
and capable. Am I right?

If you don't agree with it,
I'll just stay here in your workshop.

You may stay as long as you like.


How can I date a stranger

in front of so many people?

Erduo, this is urgent.

If you don't help me,

my show will disappear.

All the effort I put in for this year
will go down the drain!

I'm sure you don't want that
to happen to me!

But you're selling me to become
someone's girlfriend.

How is this considered selling?

Isn't a voice actor an actor too?

Just treat yourself as an actor,

who is playing a role in a show
with another male actor.

Erduo, think about it.

If you were to work part-time jobs
to earn money to Japan,

it would take you at least two years.

But if you participate in this show,

one episode's pay

might make up for six months.

Your dream to study in Japan

can be brought forward by half a year.

But I've never been in a relationship.
If my mom were to find out--


Why are you on top of me again?

Erduo, hear me out.

You won't lose anything.

The other party is a really handsome man.

You just have to act naturally.

Perhaps, when the show is over,

you might really fall in love.

That would be like
killing two birds with one stone.

Let me think about it.

What is there to think about?

If you don't agree with it,
I won't get off.

Okay, fine. Get off.

You should have said so earlier!

Isn't it?

Uncle Shuwei, my mom passed away early.


How about this?

There's a CD on the cabinet.

If you can tell the differences
between the two pieces of music,

I'll agree with it.

Well, this--

You can just forget it.

I'll do it. Of course, I'll do it.

-But you have to give me a day.
-12 hours.

Is that Great Ye of yours mentally sick?

Erduo finally agreed to it.
Don't you dare ruin everything!

He won't go back on his word.

But the problem now
is the challenge he gave to me.

No one could identify it.
I've asked everyone I could think of.

Where's the CD?

Erduo, come out for a moment.

How is it? Can you hear the difference?

The melodies are quite different.

How is it different? Tell me in detail.

Hold on. Let me record it down.

When there's a will, there's a way.
I've identified it.

The first note of the second part

in the first quartet,

the violin went higher
by half a note, right?

How did you know?

There should be some excitement
at this moment.


You couldn't have identified it
on your own.

Why not?

For the sake of this,
I've listened to it all night long.

Look at my eye bags. Seriously.

I pulled the waveforms of the music out
and compared them frame by frame.

I even searched on Baidu and Google.

Anyway, I got the answer, right?

Uncle Shuwei, have I won?

I'll accept the defeat.


Subtitle translation by Danielle