How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Are You the Mole? - full transcript

On the eve of graduation, Oliver gifts Connor, Michaela and Asher something unexpected. Elsewhere at the dean's cocktail party, Annalise learns some disturbing news. Michaela receives a ...

Previously on "How to
Get Away With Murder"...

LANFORD: But first, give us
help to close one of ours.

- What case?
- Annalise Keating.

We have a dead informant
on our hands, Michaela.

- I can't stop!

Help! Help!

DR. MICHAELS: It's called
a subperiosteal hematoma.

I love you, Bon. You hear me?

You're my whole damn life.

Who ordered you to kill that man?!


Xavier Castillo.

NATE: What are my options?

We ask for a continuance

to investigate
the Governor's involvement.

NEWS ANCHOR: Deceased D.A. Ronald Miller

tried to stop the
shooting from happening

by moving up Mr.
Lahey's transfer time...

You and Annalise?

Get him out now.

Who can tell me what you all missed?

- Fine. Hint. The Queen did it.
- ASHER: There's no body!

She faked her death
and framed Snow White.


MICHAELA: I can't find my keys.

ASHER: They're in your hands.

CONNOR: Hello? Is the FBI in there?

That joke wasn't funny the first time.


Everyone chug. [SIGHS]

Why do we want this feeling to end?


I just want to feel normal.



Unh-unh. Unknown caller.

Maybe it's Peyton ready for Round 2.


She's lucky I didn't
knock out her fake teeth.

Only 'cause I stopped you.

Can we talk about what
happened right after that?

- No.
- Why don't you just say "yes"?

I'm high, not insane.



Now they're FaceTiming me.


[SIGHS] I'm just gonna answer.

No, don't.

- Michaela.


Who is this?

LAUREL: It's me, Michaela.

- Laurel?
- Oh, my God.

A-A-Are we hallucinating?

Just... Okay, listen.

Are you the mole?

No! It wasn't me, I swear.

I would never turn you guys in, okay?

But, obviously, someone else did.



- _

So, we hitting up that
3L party later, or what?

The party's graduates only.

But if you're nice,
I'll let you take me...

"Let me"? Hmm.

You know that party's not worth
going to unless I'm with you.


I hate all these people.

You're just now realizing that?

We're smarter, prettier.

It's not fair that they took
all the jobs that we deserve.

At least we all have each other.

ANNALISE: Take your seats.

You're all wondering why
I called you here today.

You passed your final exam.
Tomorrow, you graduate.

But I had to say something
before we part ways for good.

I know that you all ask yourselves

why I'm still here, teaching,

considering the hot
mess my life has been

the last three years.

Well, the answer is simple... you.

No one should be falsely accused
of crimes they didn't commit.

But it happens to people
far worse off than me.

And here's where you come in.

I teach so that some
of you will make sure

that the justice system
lives up to its name.

Even though I know that
most of you will sell out

and go corporate,

some of you... the brave ones...
will forge your own path,

a path that doesn't put
money or greed or glory first,

but your clients.

So, think hard about who you want to be,

because, in 24 hours, you graduate,

and you'll be free of me...

I want my lawyer.

... free from Middleton...

- I need help in here!

... free from your families.

BONNIE: Asher...

So, whoever you decide to
be, make yourself proud.



♪ How to Get Away With Murder 6x09 ♪
Are You the Mole?

- That was a drunk speech.
- Yeah.

That was a "get lost
and be nothing like me

because my life's
a huge disaster" speech.

Annalise gave a speech?

Yeah. She basically told
us to go out into the world

and be good people.

So, it was a drunk speech.

Uh, on that note, I have gifts.

Ooh! Tiny puppies?

[CHUCKLES] No. It's better.

Open up.

What is this?

Are we taking a cooking class, Oli?

- They're shrooms.
- They're psilocybin mushrooms

that can heal psychic wounds...

you know, like, from the past 3 years.

ASHER: Or unlock all of the deeds

- that we've worked very hard to bury.
- Okay, which is it?

Asher's wrong. I'm right.

- Come on. It'll be fun... gi.

We're supposed to meet
my mom for dinner soon.

I texted her and told her I
was taking you out for dinner,

and she should just meet us here
tomorrow before the ceremony.

Are we doing this or what?

- Screw it.
- Yeah, what the hell?

Bon voyage.


- Where are you off to?
- The Dean's graduation party.

You taking the new guy?

- What do you want, Frank?
- What do you think?

[SCOFFS] She hasn't returned
my phone calls, either.

And Nate? You two talk yet?

- Nope.
- That doesn't worry you?

He gets to be angry.

He hasn't been to his
apartment in a week.

Well, maybe he's with Laurel.

Which ones?

Promise me this isn't all
about breaking up me and Bonnie.

Oh, shut up.


I deserve love, Annalise,
like everyone else.

Bonnie deserves love.

Whether it's with you
isn't up to you or me.

Where are you going?

I told you... the Dean's
graduation party.

I mean, why the suitcase?


I'm flying to my mother's
after graduation tomorrow.






- ♪♪
- _



NATE: This is Nate Lahey.

Leave a message.



TEGAN: You sign this continuance,

and the judge will delay the civil suit

until after the criminal trial.

Xavier or the Governor's criminal trial?

Right now, the A.G.'s
still focused on Xavier.

Then, why hasn't he been arrested?

I thought maybe that was because of you.

You've been MIA a week.

You didn't make a visit to Xavier?

Put him in a hole in some woods?

That's why I left town...
so I wouldn't do that.



The arrest warrant
should come down soon.

The A.G.'s just finalizing the evidence.


Call Annalise, at least
to hear her side.

She got under your skin good, huh?

What does that mean?

Watch your back.


MAN: ... and kind of round
out the whole experience

of what we did with urban
foraging, by a full dish.

- We're going to take a warm pan here...
- Should we be concerned?

- .... with a little bit of shallots and butter again.
- No. He's just a lightweight.

- Here are my fiddlehead ferns...
- Oliver, are you okay?

I fasted all day in preparation.

Maybe that's why you're
not feeling anything yet.

I don't think I want to
feel what you're feeling.

- Oh, yes, you do.
- ... that's gonna become

our fiddlehead fern bacon vinaigrette.

And then we'll poach some
eggs after the break.

NEWSCASTER #1: Tonight
on Channel 14's news,

a murder conspiracy rocks
Middleton University.

At the center is famed
Supreme Court Attorney

Annalise Keating.

More on that and your
local Philadelphia news

at 11:00 p.m. tonight.




TEGAN: These are the times
I feel really bad for you.

Why? Because of the people
I have to work with?

Because you don't drink.

It's still early.


Please introduce me
to your lovely friend.

She's gay, Rufus.

Oh. Are you two... ?

Married and thinking
about buying a camper?

Very much so.

I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?


This is Tegan Price, my
boss from Caplan & Gold.

So you're the one to blame?

You're gonna have to be more specific.

Annalise here hasn't signed
her new contract with Middleton.

You going full-time at C&G?

Yeah. Are you?

I'm not talking work tonight.

Okay, I get you not wanting
to work with that man, but...

No, listen, I don't know
what I'm gonna do next year.

You mean at Middleton?

- Not C&G?

Annalise, if you're
about to quit on me...

My mother's sick.

And every day I'm not
there, I lose more of her.

So if you want a leave of
absence, I'll sign off on it.

Listen, I don't want to talk
about this tonight, please.


But I got a firm to manage.

- That's why they call me the managing partner...
- Mm-hmm.

... and some other names

[CHUCKLING] I don't care to know about.


Damn stiffs got nothing
better to gossip about

than me being a lesbian?

I doubt they're gossiping about you.

NEWS ANCHOR: Attorney Annalise Keating
is under criminal investigation

once again.

An unknown source has come forward,

causing the FBI to open
several closed murder cases.

The informant has allegedly
provided new details

about an investigation
called "Operation Bonfire".

The name refers to the bonfire

the Middleton University
football team held

on the night of the murder
of Ms. Keating's husband,

Sam Keating.

Sources say the FBI now
believes that Wes Gibbins

did not act alone in
Mr. Keating's murder.

Neither the FBI nor Ms. Keating
have responded to our requests

for a statement.

We'll keep you updated on any
arrests made in this case.

This is the Xavier-Governor tag team.

They leaked some stale-ass
rumors to the news

- to hit back at you.
- Where's my damn car?

And that "anonymous source"? Made up.

Otherwise, the FBI would've
arrested you by now.

And I dare them to try.

I'll be right there, guns-blazing...


What's wrong?

I used to live here.

I never collected the insurance money.

Sam's sister has it locked up in court.

You think she's the informant?


I should've left a long time ago.

What does that mean?
You're leaving right now?

You can't find her?

- She went to the Dean's party.
- Or she took off.

Annalise is the one with her
name spread all over the news.

If anyone gets to panic here, it's her.

How do we know she's not the informant?

Shut the hell up.

She gave a cheesy goodbye
speech this morning.

This could be anyone.
Xavier's making crap up.

- Gabriel?
- One of you?

ASHER: It's obvious who it is.




[LAUGHING] I'm sorry,

I know it's not funny.

What's wrong with him?

He took mushrooms.

We all did.


They're not working on the rest of us.

Not true.


I think the panic sped up my digestion,

and, yeah, it's working.

And I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.

- I hate you, Oliver.



Find out whatever you can on Gabriel.


We're not doing this here.

I was being selfish.

You were strong enough
to know the truth.

But I didn't want to risk losing you.

So I did what was best for me.

I don't want you to forgive me.

But I do want you to know,
no matter what happens,

I'll die loving you.



That's your job right now.





I take it you saw the news.









MAN: VIP Results. Good evening.





Who's there?

NATE: It's me.

Come on. Let me in.

Get out of the closet, Oliver.

And, no, I'm not making
a very obvious gay joke.

Okay, some crazy guy
on the Internet says

that sugar might speed up the high.

Cookies, OJ...

Are we sure we don't want
to savor this experience?

- What are you wearing?
- Laurel's mittens. I always coveted them.

- They're so soft.
- I've made an executive decision.

We are going out and staying
out until the ceremony.

- Yes!
- No.

No, given everyone's state, no.

There are parties
happening all over campus.

I've got my party gloves on!

Guys, guys, we can
have a party right here!

- Mnh-mnh. Not fun.
- Listen, I need to talk to you alone.

I don't care if the FBI's coming.

That's all the more reason
for us to carpe the diem.

So put your cap and gown on,
'cause we are dancing till dawn.

Connor, get up!


No, no, no, no. You, too?

Mm-hmm. Apparently.




You were gone for a
week, so it makes sense

- that you'd be with the FBI the whole time.


I could've given them these.


Denver's files?

You told me you destroyed these already.

I lied in case I ever
needed to make a deal.

Too late now.

Anything good in them?

Nothing worse than what
you've actually done.

Me or you?

Or are we not gonna
talk about Miller yet?

Let's talk about it.

That you covered up your own lie?

That you beat a man to
death with your bare hands.




You got a second to talk?

You think I'm wearing a wire?

Aren't you?

I killed Miller, Annalise.

And, yeah, I can own that.

He was innocent, Nate,

and rather than to know
that and hate yourself,

I tried to help you.

This right here... you telling
me what's good for me...

makes me wish I went to
the Feds a long time ago.

Then go now. Tell them
everything that I've done...

which is absolutely nothing.

You made all this happen...
Sam, Lila... all of it.

How is any of that true?!

We were screwing before Sam met Lila.

I know you like to forget that,

but there is no damn way
this was all his fault.

FRANK: Your dad wasn't a good guy.

No one likes to hear
that about their parents.

But he took advantage of that
young woman, then killed her.

Why are you telling me this?

So you realize you're wrong about him.

I didn't make Sam sleep with Lila.

Or kill her.

That was him.

- You cheated first.
- Get out!

'Cause you're afraid to hear the truth?

The truth is it's me who's
got no blood on her hands!

That's you.

You're the one who acted like an animal,

even when I tried to save your ass!

GABRIEL: The only reason you're here

is 'cause you know the
FBI is about to arrest you.

How do you know that?

It's all over the news.

Or are you the snitch?

You made the deal so
the FBI doesn't go after you

for killing your mom's ex?

I don't have a deal.

I tracked your phone, Gabe.

You were at the FBI tonight.

It's you. Admit it.

Now you're calling me an animal?

You're the one who
killed an innocent man.

- No, you just got my pops killed.
- Nate!

I did everything I could
to help your father.

And you failed.

The Governor played you.

Get away from me.

My pops was murdered because of you.

- Stay the hell back.
- It's time you finally paid for that.

How? What are you gonna do? Beat me?

Hmm? Is that what you need to feel good?

That's what you want, huh?

I want you out of my life.

So you beat me, you punch me...

whatever you need to do to feel
like you got one over on me.


GABRIEL: I don't know enough
to get a deal with the FBI.

But, clearly, there's something to know

if you're scared of me.

I never said I was scared.

But you?

You scared of me?

I just want to know
what happened to him.

Wes killed him. You know that.

But he didn't do it alone, though.

So it was you?

You helped him?

Just Wes.

But accuse me again.
Let's see how I react.



You're weak.

Like every other pathetic man
that's ever been in my life

who belittles women and
blames us for their mistakes.

Who cares if Sam was
or wasn't with Lila?

How does it matter?

He had left me years before that.

That's why I picked you.

Because I knew I could control you

and that you would never hurt me.

There's still time.

Or are you just gonna
end up like your father...

broken, alone, and rotting
away in a box until I come...



I wish that I had killed Sam.

That's how much I hated the guy.

Maybe killing his son
is the next best thing.




When you go down...

I hope I'm there to see it.







Alright. Buddy system.
No man left behind.


- Oh, nice.

Guys, we're just here for sugar.

Alright. Just hang here, then.

Oh, my God.

[MOCKING] "Oh, my God".

Sorry, I just...

well, I thought you all
might be somewhere else.

Like jail.


For what?

- Beating your ass?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, there's no need for that, okay?

We're all friends here.

I'll tell Gabriel you said hi.


Breathe. Deep breaths. Okay?

Listen, I need to ask you something,

and it's gonna sound crazy,
but it's actually smart.

Like me.

Like you.

We should get married.

Oh, the mushrooms are working on you.

No, no, no. I'm sober as all hell.

And I'm serious. Okay?

We could get arrested at any second.

Oli and Connor... they have
spousal immunity, but we don't.

But spousal immunity only protects us

from testifying against each other,

not from whatever the
FBI might have against us.

Yes, but it's better than nothing, okay?

And I have the $64K to buy
you the ring of your dreams.

So, please say "yes".

CONNOR: Say "yes" to what?


Is it you?


Why not?

She framed you for Sam,
now this lie with Ron...

I'd understand.

I can say the same for you.

If I was gonna turn
anyone into the FBI...

[SIGHS] it would be me.

See, this is her... making
you turn on yourself.

She's never killed anyone, Nate.

That's just us.

And Frank?

What... you gonna let
him off the hook, too?

I never said that.

Look at me.

And hear me.

I'm worried you think
this is all you deserve.

- Maybe it is.
- No.

That's just what Annalise and
Frank want you to believe...

- that they're the only people you got.
- ♪ Turn out the lights, my friend ♪

Aren't they?

♪ I know ♪

And who do you have?

♪ My head keeps spinning ♪

You're more alone than any of us.

♪ Round and round, round, round ♪

♪ I must give in ♪

You don't need them, Bonnie.


♪ Ooooo-oooo ♪

♪ Ooooo-oooo ♪


- ♪ I'm about to lose control ♪
- _

- ♪ I'm about to risk it all ♪
- _

♪ I'm about to lose ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm about to lose ♪

♪ Control ♪

MICHAELA: I can't find my keys.

ASHER: They're in your hands.

CONNOR: Hello? Is the FBI in there?

That joke wasn't funny the first time.

♪ I'm about to lose it all ♪

Everyone chug. [SIGHS]

Why don't you just say "yes"?

I'm high, not insane.



Now they're FaceTiming me.


[SIGHS] I'm just gonna answer.

No, don't.

- Michaela.

Hello? Who is this?

LAUREL: It's me, Michaela.

- Laurel?
- Oh, my God.

A-A-Are we hallucinating?

Just... Okay, listen.

Are you the mole?

No! It wasn't me, I swear.

I would never turn you guys in, okay?

But, obviously, someone else did.

How do you know about any of this?

I saw the news.

How? W-Where are you?

Listen, I can't say in case
my brother's listening.

- Laurel, you ruined our lives.
- I'm sorry, okay?

But someone who knows
everything turned on you.

And I swear on Christopher's
life it wasn't me.

How do we even know that
Christopher's still alive?


He's right here.

Oh, my God.

CONNOR: How do we know that the
FBI didn't put you up to this?

They didn't.

But they're who helped
you disappear, right?

- Y-You're in witness protection?
- No.

Christopher didn't crawl
out of this house on his own.

Someone had to help you do all this.

It was Tegan.

- What are you talking about?
- Tegan Price?

I'm not the informant, I swear. Okay?

- Laurel...
- We don't believe you!

I love you all.



murder conspiracy rocks

Middleton University.

NEWS ANCHOR: The informant has
allegedly provided new details

about an investigation
called "Operation Bonfire".

ANNALISE: I never got
the damn insurance money.

Sam's sister has got it
locked up in the court.

TEGAN: This is the
Xavier-Governor tag team.

NATE: You made all this happen...
Sam, Lila... everyone.

ANNALISE: How is any of that true?!


I should've left a long time ago.

NEWS ANCHOR: Sources say the FBI
now believes that Wes Gibbins

did not act alone in
Mr. Keating's murder.

NATE: When you go down...

I hope I'm there to see it.



TEGAN: This is cellphone of
yours truly, Tegan Price.

- Call my office if it's urgent.

[SIGHS] Tegan's not answering.

Maybe she's the mole. Or Laurel.

Or Annalise.

The goodbye speech,

the whole Snow White and
the murderous Dwarfs exam.

It's her. She's the informant.

It makes more sense that it's Tegan...

or Laurel, or Gabriel.

Gabriel doesn't know anything.

- Laurel wouldn't call us just to lie.
- Or would she?

It's Annalise.

She's doing what she should've
done the night with Sam.

Alright. Fine.

Maybe you're right. Maybe it's AK.

Why aren't you high?


I could understand you
proposing to me if you were high,

but you said that you're not.

I told you why... spousal immunity.

Or you didn't take the
mushrooms because...

it's you.


You feel so guilty that
you want to marry me

so I don't go down for whatever
you agreed to testify about

- to the FBI.
- Oh, my God.

It's not me.

You do keep pointing the
finger at everyone else.

This is how these stupid leaks work.

They get us all paranoid,
so we turn on each other.

All right then, all the
hard work that we did

to have each other's backs, to be loyal,

to trust each other...

that goes out the window

the second we all turn on our own, okay?

We're a family. You're my family.

I would never...

I wouldn't...


Tell us the truth.

Is it you?






Look, the good thing is,

I-I haven't given the
FBI anything concrete yet.

That's... That's why they
haven't arrested any of us.

Everything we saw on the news about...

about them thinking
that more than one person

was involved in Sam's murder?

That's all stuff that
they suspected before.

I promise, I never got anyone on record

saying anything ac...


Why did you do that?

I promise, I never got anyone on record

- saying anything ac...


[ECHOING] I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know.

- CONNOR: Someone check if he's dead.
- You check!

I-I think we should call 911.

Then call them!

Uh, my hands are too shaky to dial.

Connor, take the phone!

I think it was the mushrooms.

Wait! Wait, wait.


- Asher?

I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

CONNOR: I'm calling an ambulance.

No, no, no, no. I'm good.

I'm good.


Oh, holy moly.

- Ohh.
- Ugh.

Get a towel.

It's probably a scalp wound.
Those... Those bleed a lot.

I'm fine.


Oh, I'm fine.

I'm fine.


- I kind of deserved that.
- No, you didn't.

Don't worry, Ols, it's
just a little blood.

No, I... I think there's actually a lot.

- The cut doesn't look that big.
- Are you sure?

- Let me see.
- Oh, geez.

Okay, he's gonna need stitches.

Okay, we're gonna take you to the ER.

- No.
- Please, just sit down, okay?

- Just let me explain.
- No, you chose yourself... I understand.

I chose my Mom and Chloe, okay?

I had to.

ASHER: I thought about killing myself.

- So, where's your apology
- _

for turning your back on your only son?

The only way to Heaven

is to beg forgiveness for your sins.



You can pray to God all you want.

You're the one going to Hell, not me.


LANFORD: Nice to see you again, Asher.


What the hell is this?

There's no need to panic.

Just hear them out, Ash.

You were part of this?

They had no choice but to help us.


Help you do what?

They were gonna put my mom in jail.

For what?

My dad stole all this
money when he was a judge,

and she knew about it.

They can't charge your mom for that.

The FBI can do whatever they want.

ASHER: This was all a ploy.

You didn't actually want me back.

- Of course we did.
- He just admitted this was a trap!

They told us what those
people got you involved in,

that you could all
go to jail for murder.

I'm a lawyer now. I can fix this.

Asher, look here...

I want to get better,

and you and Chloe are
the only ones in the world

that make me better.

So, please, I will do whatever I can

to make things right for us.

- It's too late.
- It's not.

Just listen to what they have to say.

They want what's best for us.

Please say "yes", baby brother.



You came to me that night.
You said you hated them.

- I was in shock.
- You also told me you loved me.

I do love you.

They're not my family.

You are.

I'm still in love with you, Michaela.

I always will be.

When are you gonna stop lying?!

We had sex! Was that part of it, too?

No, I... I meant every single
word I said to you that night.

But you were wearing
a wire the whole time?

I never wore a wire. I-I just...

I pressed "record"
on my phone sometimes.

- Now I'm gonna hit you in the head.
- Like that's any better!

Oh, my God. That's
why you brought up Sam

during our restorative justice case.

I think seeing my mom

brought everything back for me,
everything we've done.

- Stop.
- Don't do this.

I just... I still don't even know

what you all did exactly to Sam.

MICHAELA: Okay, that's it. I'm
gonna go upstairs to study.

Agent Lanford was
pressuring me for something.

I... I had to make it
look like I was trying.

You could've told us!

I promise I never recorded
any of you saying anything

they could use against you.

How are we supposed to believe
anything you're saying right now?

I kissed you so that you wouldn't

- give them anything, Michaela.
- What?

Gabriel said mean things to
you, and now you feel bad.

And we did things to him, Asher.

He came here to find out things
about his father...

his... his father, who I...

I mean, it's our fault.

What the hell?

- Listen, you can trust me!
- We don't.

I'm your best chance
of not going to jail.

Oh, great. Then we might
as well kill each other now.

- They don't want us!
- They sent you after us.

They want Annalise! Okay?

They know everything...

Sam, Sinclair, Miller.

The only reason they haven't arrested us

is because [SCOFFS] they
don't want the Dwarfs.

They want the queen. That's AK.

And she preyed on us.

You sound like every other horrible

- straight white man in this country.
- Like father, like son.

We weren't these people
when we got to law school.

You ran over Sinclair, not Annalise.

She was the one that caused that.

Oh, yeah? It was her foot on the pedal?

She's the one who leaked
the corruption stuff

about my dad to the Attorney General!

That's why he killed himself.

The FBI told you that.

They showed me proof.

It was Annalise, okay?

And even if you don't
believe that... the FBI does.

So I didn't have a choice.
And now neither do you.

- How is that even true?
- They didn't come to us.

- What are you talking about?
- We can go to the FBI right now,

and you can ask for the
same deal that I got.

- They won't give us that deal.
- They will.

Or they want you to trick
us into believing that

- so that we confess.
- Think!

It's what Annalise taught us, okay?

It's not about who
is innocent or guilty.

It's about who has the best story.

And this is the best story...

that we were manipulated
by our professor.

Law students brainwashed
by an evil genius.

That... That's the story
a jury wants to believe.

She's brilliant. That's
why she got in our heads.


I'm done with her,
and you should be, too.


Save yourselves.

You know that's what she would do.



OPHELIA: You've reached
the Harkness residence.

Ms. Ophelia's out doing better things.

Leave a message, and I'll be
sure to return your call soon.


Hi, Mama. It's Anna Mae.

I'm sorry to call so late,

but I have to reschedule my trip.


I know I promised...

but it's not that... it's
because I'm a bad daughter,

or that I don't love my mama.

It's just that...


I'll call you soon.






Maybe he's right.


You think so?

What choice do we have?


I'm not making this decision on shrooms.

We have at least two hours
before we have to line up.


Are you kidding me?


I'm graduating.

Because that's who I am...

a brilliant, come-from-nothing
badass boss

who's not gonna let some
stupid boy or the FBI

get in her formidable way. [SNIFFLES]

OLIVER: Asher?!


Where is he?

I went to get a fresh
towel, and he's gone.









VIP Results. Good evening.


Would you like to begin the process?

Yes. I'm ready.




Asher? What are you doing here?







- What's up?
- Where are you?

About to go walk into the kids' house.

Don't go in.

I need you here right now.




FRANK: I wish that I had killed Sam.

That's how much I hated the guy.

Maybe killing his son
is the next best thing.








Done. Now what?

MAN: Collect your money,
key card, and passport.


♪ I am the keeper ♪


- Got 'em.
- Pack them

and keep them close to
your person at all times.

- ♪ I am the secret ♪
- Finished.

Use the back stairwell
and exit the building.


A car will be waiting for you.

♪ I am the answer ♪

Get inside, and your
driver will take you

to a pre-arranged location.


♪ I am the end ♪

Once you arrive, we'll call you

with further instructions.


See? Clean as a whistle,
like it never happened.

It happened.

We're not talking about that today.

Right. Well, you both look great.

We look like ass.

Looking like ass is better
than not graduating at all.


♪ Dragged by the wind ♪

- Stop.
- ♪ Taken by the stars ♪

Stop the car. Turn around.

♪ Carried with the madness and scars ♪



- ♪ Dragged by the wind ♪


- Pam's early.
- ♪ Taken by the stars ♪

20 bucks says her first
question is, "Where's Asher?"

♪ Carried with the madness and scars ♪

- Are you Connor Walsh?


- And Michaela Pratt?
- Yes.

You're both under arrest for murder.

- I'm sorry. Murder?
- Do you have a warrant?

- Please stay calm.
- There must be some mistake. Wait. Wha...

MAN: This is tower control.
You are clear for takeoff.


MAN #2: Ms. Brooks,
please prepare for takeoff.




♪ Tear down hollows ♪

♪ Take back eternity ♪

- Sorry about that, Ms. Brooks.
- ♪ Puppets learn to pull strings ♪

It should be a smooth
ride from here on out.

♪ And cut down the user's lead ♪

MICHAELA: There must be some mistake.

You're both under arrest for murder.

- I'm sorry. Do you have a warrant?
- Murder?

- Please stay calm.
- What?

- Stop.
- Wait. What are you talking about?

Who died?

♪ Move up, don't blink now ♪

♪ On your knees, pray for rain ♪

♪ Don't breathe when you take your aim ♪



- ♪ Climb up ♪
- ♪ Climb up ♪

- ♪ Come clean ♪
- ♪ Come clean ♪

♪ Move back the smoke screen ♪

- ♪ It's all here ♪
- ♪ All here ♪


- ♪ It's all you ♪
- ♪ All you ♪

♪ Get clear on the darker view ♪



LIM: Asher Millstone.



He was just here. He was fine.

No, this is just a big misunderstanding.

It's impossible.

OFFICER: We got two for transport...



♪ Don't stop, don't
think, don't look back ♪

♪ You're a bolt of
lightning in the sky now ♪

♪ Don't stop, don't
think, don't look back ♪

♪ I've pulled you in,
nowhere to hide now ♪

♪ I am dark matter ♪

♪ Your odds are ruined ♪

♪ I am dark matter ♪

FEMALE MINISTER: Even though the
journey in this life has ended,

- we will keep our hearts with our beloved...
- ♪ I'm your undoing ♪

... not with sadness,

but with celebration of eternal life.

For it pleased God to
take our dearly departed.

May the Lord bless her and keep her,

the Lord shine upon her
and be gracious to her.

We ask you, o Lord,

to lift up our dearly departed Annalise

and give her peace.


CROWD: Amen.

And now we invite all those

who would like to come up and share

their own thoughts, memories,
and prayers for Annalise.

First, we'll begin
with a special speaker

who has known Annalise for a long time.