How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - I Want to Be Free - full transcript

After taking the stand during Nate Senior's murder trial, Bonnie's world is turned upside down when a mysterious accident leads her to a hard realization. Meanwhile, the students compete ...

Previously on "How to Get Away
with Murder"...

I cheated on you with Asher.

You made a mistake.
Mistakes happen.

Your feelings for her
are absolutely not real.

Asher... Oh, my God!

- Aah!
- Just stop!

What about letting someone
get close?

You are not ready for this.

Try me.

You can tell me anything.

Do you know if Ron was
in contact with the Governor?

No, I don't remember him
talking much about the Governor.

Who gave you the order?
D.A. Miller.

We're filing a wrongful death
suit against the state.

You're naming the Governor?

You're going to
scare Tegan from filing.

The Castillos got to me.

God forbid I'm gonna
let them do to Cora

what they did to your father.

I'll file it. I'm your lawyer.

Get me everything
we have on Ms. Winterbottom

by morning. You got it.

I never told you
about that night.

No, you haven't.

I was the one
who chopped up the body.

I did it! Arrest me!

I'm the murderer!

Welcome to your final
final criminal law exam...

Your last chance to convince me
that you deserve to graduate.

Now, in your packets
is your client's file.

You have 10 minutes
to review the case,

come up with a defense,

and argue against me.

Whoever comes up with
the best defense wins this.

The 64-K C&G bonus
that no one won last semester.

If either of us wins,
we split the money.

When I win,

I'm keeping that money for me.

Now, I will pick names
to determine the order.

Once someone tries a strategy,

it's off the table for good.

So the person who goes last
has more time to know the case?

It's as unfair
as the American justice system.

Now, today's case?

Is a conspiracy to murder.

The client? Is a famous,
powerful, legendary woman.

Her name...?

Snow White.

The prosecution alleges
that Ms. White

manipulated the Seven Dwarfs

to push her stepmother,
the Queen,

over a cliff.

Ms. White claims
that the Dwarfs acted alone.

Now, the rest of the details
are in your packets.

Your 10 minutes start...


Governor, what's your
response to Nate Lahey's claim

that you conspired
to kill his father?

The only conspiracy here
is against me.

Mr. Lahey's suit states
there's proof

you were involved in the murder.

Fake news.
Aren't you at all concerned

that this wrongful death suit
could lead to criminal charges?

My concern here
is for Mr. Lahey.

He's pointing his grief
in the wrong direction.

It was Emmett Crawford
who conspired

to kill Nathaniel Lahey Senior,
not me...

Then why doesn't the suit name
Mr. Crawford?

Because Mr. Lahey's attorney
is leading him astray.

Do you think Ms. Winterbottom
has a conflict of interest?

That's up for the Judge
to decide...

As my client, you have
the power to waive

any conflict of interest.

I'm filing the waiver
with the judge this morning.


You're good.

You're just realizing that?

Do you believe Emmett Crawford

bribed D.A. Miller
to take part in the murder?

I have no idea.

I imagine the FBI will be able

to shed more light on that

once they release the results
of their investigation.

I don't think this suit
was about money for Mr. Lahey.

That said,
grief is a powerful emotion

that can cloud
anyone's judgment...

Is it bad that I agree with her?

Tell Bonnie. She's the idiot
that took the case.

Which is none of our business.

So, let's study.

Okay, any chance she'd do O.J.?

Too obvious.

Uh... Al Capone?

He was AK's exam in '05.

Lizzie Borden? Leopold and Loeb?

Green smoothies
with omega-3 shots!

- Perfect brain food.
- That and Adderall.

Throw some ganja in there...

That's my type of study bud.

If we fail, we don't graduate.

You do both realize that, right?

There is no way that Annalise

is gonna fail you all
at this point.

Of course she would.
Hell, yeah, she'd fail us.

What's it matter? We're at
the bottom of our class, anyway.

Not true.

You're 98th out of 123.

At a top law school.

That doesn't mean
you're gonna work at a top firm.

I have a solution. We should
just form our own law firm...

Millstone, Millstone, and Walsh.

Where am I?
You're the second Millstone

after we get betrothed.

I'm gonna graduate,
pass the bar,

and have
an incredible legal career.

Oh, Casey Anthony?

Ew. Why?

No, not the case...
The smoothie.

Really gross, Ols.


The Governor
knows your name now.

Nate was gonna file this
with or without me.

At least this way,
we're the ones managing him.

And who's managing you?

That's not why you're here
right now?

They killed Emmett,

they almost beat Frank to death.

You don't think they're gonna do
the same thing to you?

What happened to you in rehab?

You came home afraid,

hiding behind
restraining orders.

Any time we've hit back
at those people,

they've come at us even harder.

This is what you've always
wanted for me...

To stand up and fight.

Be proud of me.


This isn't your fight.

Isn't this the penthouse?

Send me a copy of
the Winterbottom file tonight.

No problem.

Maybe we sit this one out?

Let Bonnie do her thing
in court,

pray Miller stays guilty.


God works in mysterious ways.

God wants us
to keep Bonnie alive.

Or did you already go back
to loving Laurel?

Don't act like I'm the only one
with skin in this game.

I never said you were.

I mean Nate.

No way you're done
with that guy.

Oh, shut your damn mouth.

You're talking
about tanking a case

that could get the guy some
damn peace about his father...


She was screwing a man
that she's accusing of murder.

The conflict of interest
is insane.

Bonnie already filed the waiver.

Well, we have to make it
sound worse...

You got something?

Get Bonnie's phone records.

Before we bring in the jury,

I understand the
Attorney General has a request.

Your Honor, the State
wants a hearing

on Ms. Winterbottom's conflict
of interest in this case.

My relationship
with Ronald Miller

pre-dates my knowledge
of any information

linking him to the conspiracy.

It's not Ms. Winterbottom's

with D.A. Miller
that's the conflict,

it's her relationship
with his mother.

Here we have phone records

proving that Ms. Winterbottom
and Mrs. Miller

spoke frequently
after his death.

In addition, Your Honor,
we'd like to call Sheila Miller

to testify here today.

Mrs. Miller, Bonnie Winterbottom
has accused your son

of being involved in a murder,

yet you spoke on the phone
with her many times. Why?

Well, at first, Bonnie
didn't accuse Ron of anything.

In fact, she told me
she thought he was innocent.

And she was going
to help me prove it.

Objection to relevancy.

It speaks
to Ms. Winterbottom's motives

in bringing this case.

I'll allow it.

Mrs. Miller, do you think
Ms. Winterbottom

ever actually cared about you
or your son?

When Ron died,
there was so much pain,

and I needed someone
t-to share it with me.

And that person was Bonnie.

But it was all lies. All of it.

You're sick. You're really sick.

Mrs. Miller, please.

Why are you doing this?
Is it for money?

Your Honor, I have nothing
further for Mrs. Miller.

Ms. Winterbottom, you have
any questions for the witness?

No, Your Honor.
Because this testimony

doesn't change the fact
that Mr. Lahey

expressly waived any conflicts.

And yet now I find that conflict
too severe.

I'm siding with
the Attorney General on this.

Mr. Lahey, I suggest you
find another lawyer

and refile the suit.

No need, Your Honor.

Tegan Price, Managing Partner
at Caplan & Gold.

I'll step in and take the case.

Your Honor, Ms. Price's
conflict of interest

is equally glaring.

Conjecture by the defense
has no bearing

on a conflict determination.

Bonnie got kicked off the case.

Good job.

Except now Tegan's the lawyer.


Judge just okayed
change of counsel.

Trial's on.

Time's up.

Our first victim is...

Mr. Maddox.

You have three minutes.

A conspiracy is an agreement
between two or more people

to commit a crime.

But the nature of this
agreement, to kill the Queen,

is a matter of Snow White's word
versus an informant's.

Now, if I want the jury
to acquit my client,

they need to hear her side...

which is why my strategy is
to put Snow White on the stand.

Rookie mistake.

Most defense lawyers
advise their clients

to avoid testifying.

Snow White's likable.
She's smart, friendly.

It'll be really hard
for a jury to believe

she'd ever conspire
to murder anyone.

But once she's up there, you
can't control what she'll say.

It's a necessary risk.

Hells no are we putting
the Governor on the stand first!

- That's always been the plan.
- Your plan.

My plan is to start
with the grunts at the bottom,

the guards who killed Senior.

The mean-looking one first.

We can't put Gladden
on the stand.

Why? I only got her to admit

that Ron ordered the hit
by offering her immunity.

I got fired
before I could do that.

So why does that mean we skip
right to the Governor?

Show her.

What happened to being scared
for Cora's life?

She's on assignment
for the government

somewhere in the Middle East
with a security detail.

But you raise
a compelling point.

I don't have to do this.

I can go home,
run a bubble bath...

Ooh, I love bubble baths...
And drink gin.


It's the Governor's car.


It's outside Ron's apartment.

Just days
before Senior's murder.

They're boning, huh?

Do you know that?
No, but how upset you just got

breaks my heart a little.

Tegan took over
Nate's civil suit.

Why? Bonnie got kicked off.

Do you think, if he wins,
he'll share his millions?

Good news!

I hacked into Middleton

and found all
of your admissions essays.

Why? You've all been so
down about your futures,

I thought you need
a little reminder

about why you came to law school
in the first place.

God, you're such a nerd.

"After completing a clerkship
for Ruth Bader Ginsburg,"

I plan to join

the Legal Assistance Corp
of California

"in hopes of running
for Attorney General."


Then governor,
then eventually the White House.

Fat chance
of that happening now.

They've let worse
into the White House.

Okay, next...

"Ever since I became openly gay,

I've wanted to be a role model
for the LGBTQ youth..."

- Awww, so cute.
- That's inspiring!

You brought a tear to my eye.

Just get on with Asher's. Okay.

"My plan is to become a
prosecutor in the D.A.'s office"

before running for a judgeship

"and ultimately becoming
a federal circuit judge..."

So basically your dad.

Except I became morally corrupt
in a worse way.

Lower your voice.

Whatever. Oli's right.

I feel better now,
murders be damned.

Shh! Come on.

You're gonna lose.
I hope you know that.

Thank you for the encouragement,

What about Cora?

Last I heard,
you were afraid for her life.

I got over that.

Alright, so what's going on?
Your ego?

'Cause wearing that crown
comes with a heavy price.

I've been wearing
that heavy-ass crown

for a long time, Annalise.

Well, you haven't been running
this place for very long.

I'm talking about before.

Before when?

I'm not talking about this here.

You brought it up.
You know all my crap, so go.

I want to understand.

You know I lost my whole family.

Plane crash.

And, uh, how I coped
with that...

Well, it was Jorge
who helped me.

How? It doesn't matter.

I-I'm your friend, Tegan.

All you need to know is
that asking for Jorge's help

put me under his thumb.

And I'm tired of being
under any man's thumb.

So screw him,
screw the Governor...

I want to be free.

You of all people
understand that.

You want my help?


You're putting the Governor
on the stand.

Oh, I get it now,
you're jealous.


Then I don't have to cancel
my date tonight.

Robert again?

Now who's jealous?

You know, I half-expected

you to cancel on me tonight.

I already bought
all the ingredients.

How flattering. Yeah.

What I meant was...

I'm surprised

that you're not helping
Tegan out with the civil suit.

It's her case, not mine.

Yeah, but you're the one
that took the Governor on

at the Supreme Court.

How can you not want
to face her in open court?

I don't think the case
is winnable.

I'm sorry?
Am I hearing this correctly?

The great slayer of all dragons,

Ms. Annalise Keating,

who I am not an expert on yet.


But I do know this...

You do not anticipate defeat
in the courtroom.

Unless you distancing yourself
from the case

has something to do
with the fact

that the client is your ex.

There's plenty of photos
of the guy online.

By the way,
he's, like, 90% muscle.

Do you expect me to look
like that under this shirt?

The state killed Nate Senior
because of me.

Revenge for my SCOTUS win...

The one you keep bringing up.

I'm staying away this time.

Don't tell me I'm wrong.

I'm not.

I'm just learning
when to stop fighting, is all.

You seem to like fighting
with me.


We haven't even gotten
close to a fight.

You'll know, believe me.

Need a hand?

Tegan's sending a messenger.

I'm going to bed.

His mother doesn't know
a damn thing about you.

It was just the grief talking.

Good night.

Governor, have you ever
met or spoken to

former District Attorney
Ronald Miller?

Not that I recall.

But I... I meet a lot of people.

So you never discussed
Nathaniel Lahey's

Supreme Court case with him?


Or getting back
at Annalise Keating

for embarrassing you?

Objection, asked and answered.

That's okay. No.

And I would remember
if someone had embarrassed me.

Governor, how many cars
does the State give you

for official business?

One, but I have access to others
if necessary.

Is anyone else authorized
to use the official one?

Not to my knowledge.

Is this your car
for official business?

I believe so.

This image was taken
by a street camera

outside of Ronald Miller's
residence on October 25th,

just days before
Nathaniel Lahey was killed.

You said you never met Miller.

How do you explain it
being there?

I can't.

No further questions.

Governor, why did you fire
your aide Paige Dodson?

Objection, relevance.

Laying foundation, Judge.

I'll allow it.

Go ahead.

Paige showed a pattern of
unprofessional decision making.

Booking your official car
for her own personal use?

Several times.

And each time, she had
to fill out a requisition form

like this, correct?


Can you tell us the date
written there?

October 25th.

The same night the car was
parked near Mr. Miller's home.

Are you accusing my aide
of conspiring with D.A. Miller?

No. But Paige was seeing
a gentleman friend

who lives
near Mr. Miller's building.

This is hearsay unless
Ms. Dodson testifies herself.

She's out of the country.

But we have the gentleman,
Joseph Lee, here

to testify to the relationship,
Your Honor.

Permission to call him
to the stand?

I think the jury would
appreciate hearing from him.

Governor, you may step down.

I told you
the Governor would sell out

all the people below her...

She doesn't care who she has
to throw under the bus or bribe.

Okay, if you're just here to rub
salt in our wounds, leave.

What if I know how to win?


Stop going after the Governor

and take out the one person

who you know ordered
Senior's murder.


Gladden won't say that
on the stand without immunity.

But you have another witness
right here.

You figured out Miller
was guilty before anyone else.

Tell the jury why.

That's not a terrible idea.

Nah. Why?

Miller's mom already made Bonnie
a liability, that's why.

The jury didn't see that.

And as his one-time girlfriend,

the jury will believe
Miller told her things

he told no one else.

Unless you disagree?

Mr. Millstone.

I've decided to have Ms. White
plead guilty.

You want Snow White
to go to prison?

I'll negotiate an immunity deal
for no jail time.

One of the Dwarfs already made
a deal,

that's how the police
got enough evidence

to arrest Snow White.

Probably Doc,
total evil mastermind name.

But whatever Dwarf it was,

we know this to be true...
He's a man.

And this is olden times,
where women are even more

subjugated by men
than they presently are,

so I'll argue that Ms. White
was a victim of male toxicity.

She felt afraid and bullied,

and she had no choice
but to act in a conspiracy

to murder another woman.

It was kill or be killed.

And she chose life.

How can we blame her for that?

Bonnie is about
to take the stand,

which means she's about
to become the star witness

in the case
she got kicked off of,

which means the case is tanked

and there's no way that Nate
is getting any money...

You're such a loser.

I know.

Hey. Oh!


All good.

Uh, thank you for still
sending me your tax law outline.

Yeah, of course. We had a deal.

Yeah, I know,
but that was before, you know...

You and Asher
back together again?

No. Really?

Because I can feel his eyes

burning a hole in the back
of my head all week.


And I meant what I said
about wanting to be single.

Yeah, I mean, you...

You say a lot of things, though.

Excuse me?

I'm just saying you claim
to be this independent woman,

but from what I hear?

You've been with a guy
almost your entire time

here in law school.

Did Peyton tell you that?

So it's true?
You are a hypocrite.

I don't need a man in my life
to make me feel good.

You sure, considering
the whole dad stuff?

Are you...

I don't have daddy issues.

You make one bad choice of a guy
after the next, Michaela.

Hey, study buddy.

Ready to grind?

Yeah, you bet.

Thank you.

Peyton's really smart.

What'd he say to you?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Ms. Winterbottom, would you say

you and Ronald Miller
were in love?

So how did you come to believe

that Ronald was involved
in Nathaniel Lahey's murder?

I received first-hand
information from someone

that the murder
was orchestrated by Ron.

Does this someone have a name?

I can't give you their name
without putting them,

and their family,
in serious danger.

Or you're making it all up

to win a huge settlement
for your friend?

I loved Ron.

But now I am here telling
all of you that I was fooled.

With anonymous hearsay.

I tried to give
this person immunity

when I worked at the D.A.
Before you were fired by the FBI

for fabricating
a criminal record?

Objection! Goes to credibility.


I was fired
for going after the truth.

Which is what
you should be after, too.

All any of us here want
is the truth.

No, you want to protect
the Governor.

Because I won't let you make up
fake witnesses

the way you made up
a fake criminal record?

This person is real...
They know what happened.

So if you actually want
to hear it,

all you have to do
is give them immunity.

Agree to that,

then I'll give you their name.

Whew, is it hot in here?

Winterbottom turned the heat
all the way up!

Now the State has
to grant Gladden immunity

or the jury will think
they're shady.

Girl, yes!

If Gladden testifies,
we don't know what she'll say.

I'll break her.
If you don't, our case is dead.

We lost our only chance
to take out the Governor.

Let's see if Gladden
gets her immunity,

and then we can plan next steps.

Bad news.

The A.G. gave Gladden immunity.

She's testifying tomorrow.

Don't worry.

She hasn't forgotten me.

This is
ADA Winterbottom's number.

Tell her Miller ordered the hit.

Do whatever you have to do.

Not a problem.

Just like you taught us Day 1

of our first year of law school,

I found a better suspect
than Snow White for this murder.

Kinda basic going
to your 1L days,

isn't it, Ms. Pratt?

Basic or obvious?

I'm just surprised that none
of you other 18 people

came up
with this other suspect...

Snow White's father, the King.

He framed his own daughter?

Yes. What evidence can
you present the jury?

The statistic that
30,000 women worldwide

are killed by intimate partners
every year.

The King also had power
and money

to command his henchmen
to do his bidding

and keep their mouths shut

Power is how you form
a viable conspiracy.

This is all
circumstantial inference.

Doesn't matter.
We're convincing a jury.

And regular folks
love to believe

that the most successful people,

"elites," if you will,
are hypocrites.

Whether it's true or not,
the jury will believe

that the rich husband did it

just so that their lives don't
seem so small by comparison.

You're the rebound, idiot.

Did somebody call Gustav?

Our book-upuncture special

is good for maximum relaxation.


What'd he say to you?

He called me a hypocrite.

I'll destroy him.

What if he's right?

I claim to be
this badass feminist,

but maybe I'm really just afraid
of being alone.

That just makes you a person.

A normal person.

I want to be better.

I got to be honest...
All this makes it really hard

not to want to punch
his face in again.

It's not about him.

He said mean things to you,
and now you feel bad.

And we did things to him, Asher.

I mean, think about that.

He came here to find out things
about his father...

His... his father, who I...

I mean, it's our fault.

What the hell?!

I'm sorry.

I should've asked.

Go home.

I'm sorry.

Just let me study.

I'm too tired to come over.

And I already ate.

Let me make you something real.

I just want to see you.

I'm okay.


Just ignore
whatever Frank told you.

I'm not calling about Frank.

He did tell me what's going on,


He told me
he wants to be with you.

And you?

Are you asking so that
you can get involved again?

You know that wasn't me.

I don't, actually.

See, the fact that you say that

tells me that you're upset
with me.

I'm upset with Frank,

but maybe that was
your whole point

of bringing any of this up.

Listen. I want
whatever you want, Bonnie.

I don't know what I want yet.



Forget I even brought it up.


Oh, my God,
my brakes aren't working.


I can't stop!

Oh, my God!

Help! Bonnie?




The state gave me
immunity so that I'll testify.

That's the point...

They can't arrest me
for anything I say in court.


Of course I'm scared,
but you're not getting it...

I don't have a choice.

If I don't show up,
then they will arrest me.

No, I don't know
what I'm gonna say.


Maybe we turn ourselves in.

If you lose it,
I'm gonna lose it worse.

No. They're gonna kill us all
if we keep this up.

I'll go to jail, fine,

but only after I kill
whoever did this.

Shh, quiet.

I'm Dr. Michaels.
I was in the ER

when the paramedics
brought her in.

Just tell us if she's dead.

My strategy is to put
the conspiracy charge itself

on trial.
You want to fight a hypothetical

on your final exam?

Even if my client said
bad things

about the Queen,
it's free speech.

It doesn't mean she joined
a conspiracy.

The state's witness says
it was Snow White's idea

for them to kill the Queen.

So what?
Every kindergartner is taught

not to jump off the bridge
just 'cause someone says to.

And the Dwarfs aren't children,
they're adults.

They have free will.

They chose to do this,
not my client.

Charles Manson was convicted
of conspiracy to murder

even though the state
couldn't prove

that he ordered the slayings.

Manson already had a record.

Ms. White's record
is unblemished.

She shouldn't take the fall
for the Dwarfs' crime.

They have blood on their hands.

They should pay the price.

Where the hell have you been?

I went for a run. No, I mean,

why didn't you tell me
where you were going?

What's going on?

Look, I love you,
and things are insane again,

so you can't just disappear
without telling me.


You know, if we're being honest,

I didn't tell you
where I was going

because I'm kind of
annoyed... at you.

I mean, this whole
"look how amazing and great

you all were three years ago"

You're overcompensating.

For what?

Me telling you about the night
with Sam.

And I get it. You don't want
to see me like that.

I don't think that's right.

It's a lot to take in, Oli.

I'd be doing the same thing.

Our first night together,
you seduced me to hack someone.

I've never thought
you were a Pollyanna.

But to know that that's in me?

I mean, maybe my dad was right.

No, your dad doesn't know you.

I do.

And we all have darkness in us.

But you have good parts
in you, too.

Just to hide the bad parts.

Well, so?
It's better than not hiding it.

And, yeah, I brought out
that essay

because I'm proud to be married
to the guy that wrote that.

And, yeah, maybe I'm naive,

but I still think

that you can be the gay hero
that we never had.

I don't.

Well, then, I guess
we'll agree to disagree.

No, I mean, I don't want
to be anyone's hero.

I just want to be safe
and boring and happy.

You're not happy?

Are you?

It's called
a subperiosteal hematoma,

basically a bone bruise
on your skull.

Luckily, the airbag
helped diminish the injury,

but we need to keep you here
for observation overnight.

Watch for hemorrhaging,

But she's gonna be okay?

That's why we want her here.

To make sure she doesn't
lose consciousness again.

Do you understand?

She needs rest.

We'll be right here.

I love you, Bon.

You hear me?

You're my whole damn life.

I love you.


How is she?

She's gonna be okay.

We don't know that.

You feel good about this?


She might die 'cause of you.

You said Bonnie's okay?

You got your justice already.

I didn't get nothing.
Miller's dead.

How is that nothing? He's dead,

and Bonnie's the one
suffering for it.

Enough, Frank!

You don't get to hurt her

Frank, stop.

Let's go.


Did you get to Gladden?

No. You called before I could.

Good. Because there's
another way to fix this.

I beat Xavier to death
or the Governor?

Shut up. Listen.

You were right, Frank.

You were right.

I can't do it.

You don't have a choice.

Xavier will kill me.

I'll kill you first.

And your son, husband...

whoever you love.

Officer Gladden, at the inquest

for Nathaniel Lahey Senior's

you testified that

Mr. Lahey stabbed you
with a pencil

and attempted to grab your gun.



And that's why your partner,
C.O. Wagner, shot Mr. Lahey.

You called it
an act of self-defense?


Were you ordered to lie
at that inquest?

I'll rephrase.

Did any person
or superior of yours

order you and Officer Wagner

to shoot Mr. Lahey that night?

I... was just doing my job.

Okay. Let's be absolutely clear.

Was your job that night
to murder an innocent man?

Objection, leading the witness.


Officer Gladden, were you
or were you not

ordered to make sure
Nathaniel Lahey died that night?

Paula, look at this man.

His father was about to get
the mental health care

he'd been denied his whole life

when he was shot and killed.

Counsel is testifying,
Your Honor!

So who told you
to murder Nathaniel Senior?!

D.A. Miller?! Objection!
No bona fide basis!

Unburden yourself of this guilt

and tell us
who made you do this.

I'm so sorry. Judge, stop this!

- Ms. Price, you are in contempt.
- Who ordered the hit?!

Tell us finally who ordered you
to kill that man!



Xavier Castillo.

You were right, Frank.

We need to tell them the truth.

What's more important to you?

To put Xavier away
or to protect a lie?

Bonnie will hurt herself again.

She's stronger now, Frank.

We need to tell them the truth.

That's loving Bonnie.

Did Xavier Castillo
use anyone else

to communicate with you?


But isn't it true
D.A. Ronald Miller

arranged for Mr. Lahey's
transfer that night?

D.A. Miller tried to move
the transfer earlier to stop us.

Xavier found out
and changed the plan.

Xavier will kill me.

I'll kill you first.

And your son, husband...

whoever you love.

Or you can tell the truth.

We were pressured to do this...

But it was my choice.

I helped kill an innocent man.

There are no words to say
how sorry I am.

What I did, it...

it's evil.

I deserve whatever punishment
you want to give me.

Okay, you can come down,
but keep your eyes closed!

- Oliver.
- We're wasting time.

This better be good.

It's gonna be worth the wait,
I promise.

Okay, now open your eyes!


Why? Well,
you needed a study break.

What's a better study break
than a puppy party?

See, you can't think of one.

Come on, play!

He knows exactly
how to cheer me up.

Since Officer Gladden
is a state employee

who has admitted her involvement
in your father's death...


I've been authorized to award
compensation for damages.

How much?

$10 million is the most
we've ever awarded a plaintiff

in a wrongful death suit,
Mr. Lahey.


Boiler plate.

But the headline is you waive
all future claims

to sue anyone involved
in this case.

Of course.
We need time to discuss.

The FBI is probably arresting
Xavier right now.

What about the Governor?

Xavier will turn on her.

'Cause he'll make a deal,
get less time?

Hell no.

What are my options?

We ask for a continuance
to pause the trial

and take the time to investigate
the Governor's involvement.

Do that.
That will also give the Governor

more time to doctor evidence,
make it go missing.

And even if you win then,
there will be endless appeals.

You might not see a cent
until you're an old man.

I don't care about the money.

Do you care about going to jail?


if you were involved
in any criminal activity

to your father's murder...

or D.A. Miller's...

that, too, could come out
if we continue the suit.

This doesn't end
until we bury Birkhead.

Channel 6 has breaking news

on the wrongful death suit
of Nathaniel Lahey Senior.

Prison guard Paula Gladden
took the stand

and confessed
that she and her partner

were ordered to murder Mr. Lahey

by Xavier Castillo.

Gladden alleged that
deceased D.A. Ronald Miller

tried to stop the shooting
from happening

by moving up
Mr. Lahey's transfer time...

You and Annalise?

Get out.

I didn't want you
to hurt yourself.

Get him out.

Bonnie. Get him out now.

Sir, please.

There's been
no word yet whether authorities

are seeking to arrest
Mr. Castillo,

whose father, Jorge,
is in federal prison.

Sources tell us investigators
have no evidence

of a connection
between the Castillo family

and Governor Birkhead.

I'm as surprised as anyone

that Xavier Castillo
is involved in this case.

But as I've said all along,

it's my belief
that Emmett Crawford

was at the heart
of this conspiracy

to kill Nathaniel Lahey Senior.

Today's events
have not changed my mind.

As a partner at Caplan & Gold,

Mr. Crawford had both
legal and personal ties

to the Castillo family...

You've reached the
voicemail of Annalise Keating.

Please leave a message.


I know you said
they wouldn't win,

but I got a feeling you had
something to do with this.

So, congratulations.

My sympathy for the junior
Mr. Lahey notwithstanding,

his insistence on my involvement

is and always has been
complete fiction.

I thereby accept
today's turn of events

as a total exoneration.

I expect the FBI will be
releasing a statement

saying as much very soon.

I still think she's guilty.

Even after every single one
of your defenses.

So if I was on the jury,

I would have no choice
but to convict Ms. White.

There are at least 20 convincing
defenses on that board.

Not according to me.
So you're gonna fail all of us?

I didn't say that,
but I definitely don't think

that anyone earned this.

Maybe I should just keep
this check for myself.

Well, that was never mentioned
as an option.

Well, I didn't think
I would be the only one

to figure out this twist
in this case.

After all these years,
you think that I wouldn't

have a trick up my sleeve
for your final exam?


Who can tell me
what you all missed?

Fine. Hint. The Queen did it.

The Queen killed herself?
T-There's no evidence of that.

I didn't say she killed herself.

But she's the victim.


Is she?


There's no body! Explain.

The case study, uh,
it says the Dwarfs

pushed the Queen off the cliff.

But not that anyone
ever found a body.


She faked her death
and framed Snow White.

And that's the best defense
I've heard all day.

Mr. Millstone,
come and get your check.


VIP Results. Good evening.


Would you like to begin
the process?

Yes. I'm ready.

Okay, let's start
with deleting your hard drive.

Done. Now what?

Collect your money, key card,
and passport.

Got 'em. Pack them and keep them
close to your person at all times.


Use the back stairwell
and exit the building.

A car will be waiting for you.

Get inside, and your driver
will take you

to a pre-arranged location.

Once you arrive, we'll call you

with further instructions.