How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Family Sucks - full transcript

Annalise intervenes in Michaela's relationship with her father and asks for his help in return. Because Nate still doesn't trust Tegan, he attempts to get in good with someone who was once ...

Previously on "How to Get Away
with Murder"...

What can I do
to get you to trust me?

Tegan, I don't miss you.

Need some help?

I'm scared she's gonna
hang herself, like Dad.

We're gonna fix this, okay?

FBI has an informant.

Someone in your group.

Annalise knows
where Laurel is, Frank.

What's the account balance?

Your current balance is $2.17.

Solomon? Yeah.

It's time to pay up.

I want a father.

You were right.

I represent a suspect
in this case.

Is the body still there?

Oh, come on. We're gonna be
late for class!

So what?

I have to put class before ass
if I'm gonna graduate.


Get out. Get out.


Mm. Thank you.

What are you doing?

Annalise texted you.

What does she want?

Hell if I know.

She uses information as power.

Like that woman needs
any more power.


Why, hello.

So, what's this about?


Who told you?

Your boyfriend.
And before you get mad...

I'm mad at the both of you.

But mostly me.

So, who is this boyfriend?

What is this?

You two are so close,
you're having sleepovers?

He just got here.

He popped out of your bedroom!

The kitchen.

And I only asked
for Annalise's help

because you wouldn't
call me back.

You mean because
you didn't have the balls

to come and talk to me alone.

I told you she would think that.

I just want to do
whatever I can to fix us.

Why? Because you're my daughter.

I mean, why do you want
to fix us right now?

Versus 30 years ago?

What, you're scared I'm gonna
out you as a deadbeat dad?

Ruin your brand?

I'm scared that I will die

without ever getting
to know you, Michaela.

That's why I'm here,
why I involved Annalise.

I want to be in your life.

He write you a blank check, too?


Oh, he didn't tell you
about that?

Tell me you didn't do that.

You asked for that money,

She was testing you.

Just tell me what you want...

Even if that means
that I should go away forever.

But I will do
whatever you tell me to do.

What I want is for you
to have been there for me

every time Trishelle reminded me

that I was nothing more
than a welfare check.

Or to beat the hell
out of the parents

whose kids called me the N-word
on the playground.

Or to stop my teachers
from putting me in special ed

because I was so scared living
in racist-ass Monroe County

that I never spoke in class!

I-I hate myself for even
letting that happen to you.

Well, I hate you, too.

And you.

But mostly you.

Wait, he was in Annalise's
that early in the morning?

Maybe they were smashing.

Stop before I vomit.

You know we have class
in an hour.

So, I'll be drunk in class.

Well, at least you know
Solomon really cares about you.

Mnh. He only cares
about his reputation.

Alright, so, then,
let's cash the check

and move to South America.

He's the one that needs
to disappear, not me.

Then take the money
and hire a P.I.

and figure out
why Annalise picked me.

Man, you really are
a dog with a bone.

Yeah, a big bone.

You know how infuriating it is

that Annalise knows something
about me that I don't?

Welcome to the club.



Who is it?

Alright, you can take
two more at noon.

Call me if you need anything.

I can leave work anytime.


I was thinking
a sponge bath later.

You know, I actually hired
someone else for that.


Hello? Bonnie?

We're in here!

Oh, my God. You look...

Handsome as hell?


Leave his side at any point,
and I'll know.

Just call me
Florence Nightin-glue.



Frank really wants
a sponge bath.

First, let's see how you do
fluffing my pillow.

Yas, queen!

Go, queen!

Now do the treble step.

Mom, look. Remember this part?

Of course.

That's not all the wee
leprechaun has left in him.

Oh, God!

My back! Oh.

Oh, I think I might have
outgrown that move.

I'm gonna be smiling
for days off that.

Right, Mom?

Now I get it.


You two planned this
so I'd snap out of it.

Like depression is a switch
I can just flip on and off?

That's not what this is.

I'm gonna lie down upstairs.

Uh, I-I brought us biscuits
from Busters, Mom.

I th... I thought we could, uh,
eat before I go to class.

I'm tired.

The meds aren't working.

The doctor said
it's gonna take a few weeks.

She could kill herself by then.

Would you please
stop making that joke?

Where's the joke?

Okay, well, then,
take her to the doctor

and ask them to inject her
with lithium or something.

I don't have a car.

I'll leave mine here.

I don't have a license, either.

Remember? The thing with
Mrs. Anderson's station wagon...

I'm not the only adult here.

Alright, you're right.

I'm sorry. Give me the keys.

I'll drive like an old lady.

Ohh, my L2.

That the best you got?

I'm just getting started.

Go hard.

Get mad at the bag.

Picture an ex. Come on.


Stop. I can't talk about
an ex on the first date.

It's as bad as politics.

Just so you know,

I don't hook up
with Republicans.

Hey, registered
Independent here.

You got proof?

Back at my place.


Let's go.

Let's see if you can get lucky.

I got Michaela over here.

Now it's my turn to cash in.

How much money do you need?

As much as
you're willing to give.

Why, though? What's it for?

To disappear.

Ever since Sam died,
the FBI's been gunning for me.

'Cause you're guilty? No.

Well, then,
what you need is not money,

but a great lawyer.

I'm the great lawyer.

And I know you know people
who do this.

Even if I do, Annalise,

it's gonna cost you
a lot more than you think.

That's not my problem.

It's also my money.

Money that you wouldn't have
if I hadn't kept

your dirty Michaela secret
all this time.

I'll talk to Michaela again.

Just see what my options are.

Yeah, I'll make a few calls.

Old habits die hard, huh?


You still like to quit things.

I haven't quit a damn thing
my whole life.

Not true.

You quit us.

You this creepy
when Connor's asleep?

I feel like
I could've prevented this.

Let me guess.

Connor told you
this was your fault?



Well, he's wrong.

You sure there's not
anything I can do?

Like ice? Or a foot massage?

Tell me a story. Distract me.

Well, uh...

I had my first threesome.


Oliver, out.

Bonnie said I couldn't...

Who you gonna listen to,
me or Bonnie?

You think I had something to do
with Laurel's disappearance?

I was just repeating
what I was told.

You and I came up with
our own lie that night.

Or did you forget?

Miller begged for the transfer
to happen at night

before Xavier wanted,
so the shooting wouldn't happen.

He was innocent.

They can't know.

Maybe we should just tell them.

Bonnie almost killed herself.

Is that what you want?

For her to complete it
this time?

What are you doing?

There's no way
I'm letting your high ass

bare your soul.

Xavier says
he has Wes' confession.

What do we do?

Don't worry about it.

I got it.

You feel like
bitch-slapping the Castillos?

Isn't that
what they usually do to us?

Well, that's because
we usually play defense.

But no more.

We're gonna file
a restraining order

against the whole family.

Because a piece of paper
is supposed to scare them?

It'll make the court aware

that they'll do anything
to take us down.

Or kill us.

What's your strategy, then?

Roll over? Quit?

Is that what you all
have learned from me

for the last three years?

What do we do?

Draft a petition
for a restraining order.

List every horrible thing
they've ever done...

Frank's beating,
Laurel's disappearance.

Sandrine's head in a box. Quiet!

Alright, everybody,
take your seat.

We have a lot of bar prep
to do today.

Hey. What was that about?

Like I'm ever telling you
anything ever again.


You told Annalise
I found Solomon.

Yeah. We're fighting again.


If this is some new
fake apology, there's no need.

I have no intention
of apologizing.

You lied to my face.

For Solomon.

Last I knew, he didn't want
to have anything to do with you.

This was about
protecting me? Bull!


Alright, you hate me
all you want. I can take it.

But why go through
all this trouble finding him

just to push him away?

I was taking a second to think.

And maybe I would've
given him a chance,

but then he used you
to lie and ambush me.

So, he's not the fantasy
you dreamed of?


that's the problem.

He is.

He's not some guy in jail

or someone who had no choice
but to give me up.

He is the actual
fairy-tale version

of what a father should be,

and still,
he chose himself over me.

So, now I don't know
how to feel.


I know what it's like
to hate your father.

Just thinking about mine
right now makes my heart hurt.

But hating him
is just gonna hurt you.

Make sure you're pushing him
away for the right reasons.

Lindsey. Solomon Vick here.

Listen, I might have
a new client for you.

You ever take a break from work?

Not unless I have a good reason.

I'm not a good reason?

I haven't decided yet.

What was the long game
here, Nate?

To get me all hot and bothered,

then what?

I'd spill secrets about my ex?

Tegan had nothing to do
with your father's death.

Says her ex-wife.

Why would she have
anything to do with that?

'Cause she works
for the Castillos.

Worked for them.

Why does she have
half a mil in stock

from a company
Laurel Castillo owns?

Jorge gave her that stock
over 10 years ago.


Well, that is
a question for Tegan.

Now, do you want
to ask her yourself,

or should I send her
this recording that I just made?


Well, that is
a question for Tegan.

Now, do you want
to ask her yourself

or should I send her this
recording that I just made?

I've been telling him
he's wrong.

Was that before or after
you came here as his spy?

You know how bad
things have been.

It's made us all paranoid.

It's made you all stupid.

Does Annalise know about this?



Then I only need to fire
one employee today.

This is between you and Nate.

Get your shady ass
the hell out of my firm.

I really don't get it.

Which part?

Quitting a job
that lets you work

at a campus this beautiful.

My life is only beautiful
on the outside.

My private jet on the way?

Reached out to my contacts,
and things are in motion.

Tell him to hurry. Her.

And it's not as simple

as sending you on a jet
to some beach.

I know that.

So, you know
what you're about to lose?

Everything that makes your life
worth living?

Your mother, friends, work...
It's all gone.

I'm not the only quitter here.


You ditched
your legal aid dreams

as soon as big law came calling.

You and your $500 million
regret that decision now?

What, 'cause money
buys happiness?

Money could make life easier.

Not always.

Well, I'll take my chances.

Is Michaela involved in whatever
it is you're running from?

I told you
what I'm running from.

You also said
you weren't guilty.

I'm not.

Innocent people

don't ditch their lives
this easily, Annalise.

All this coming from a man
who abandoned his daughter

like it was no big deal.

And you see
how much I regret that.

If you want to be
a part of Michaela's life,

chase her.

She deserves nothing less,
with how much you hurt her.

She wants to feel wanted.

Like all of us.

Get me my damn jet.

AK is gonna be so proud of us!

That's literally never happened.

Yeah, but this petition
is so pretty.

I'd definitely restrain
someone off of this.

You forgot
to put Emmett's murder.

That was ruled a heart attack.

Just put it down.

And, oh, don't forget that, uh,

Connor is actually Emmett's
secret love child with Tegan.


Oh, you know, that's why
Annalise picked him for the K5.

You know, at this point,
I would buy that.

Asher, it's Chloe! You there?

Why is she here?

She probably wrecked my car.


Why aren't you answering
your phone?

Busy. What's wrong?

Our mother.

She told me I was the biggest
disappointment of her life.

Yeah, that's true.

Well, I cannot take
any more emotional abuse.

I need a night off
to feel normal.

And that has to happen here?

We have exams coming up.

You mean you hate me.

No! We don't.

Not... really.

I like your hair.


I just don't have
any friends in town.

I blew them all off
when I moved to Vegas.

Can I drink this?

Ohh! Wow, this is bad.

You guys
really are poor, aren't you?

What conspiracy theories
about me

can I disabuse you of, Nate?

That I killed Emmett,
your father?

Did you?

Let me in
so we can talk about this.

Thank you.


On the graves of my siblings,
parents, and grandparents,

I swear to God,
I had nothing to do

with the tragedy
that was your father's death.

Your whole family's dead?

You didn't find that out
with all your stalking?

It's hard to find
anything about you.

I know the pain
of losing the people you love.

I know how it can make you...

angry in ways
you never felt angry before.

Get to the point.

It wasn't me.

The sooner you accept that,

the sooner you can
get over this grief.

Jorge teach you
how to lie this good?



Come at me again,

you'll be seeing your father
sooner than you think.


Now, okay. Don't let go, okay?

Good! Now dip me,
but hold me tight,

like someone you want to do
butt stuff with.



Why is this happening?

It's the hot mess express, Ols.


She couldn't
keep it together a week

to take care
of our depressed mother.

Family sucks. Not all family.

Asher's mom only invited him
back in because she needs him.

That's not actual love.


I only say that because
I want what's best for you.

They have a lot more
apologizing to do

before you forgive them.

Same goes
for richy rich Solomon.

Damn straight.

No, what I meant was
our family...

Us, in this house.

We don't suck.

Uh, Oliver?

Just so you know,
I'm stealing your husband.

Well, then you better
grow a penis.

How do you know
I don't already have one?

And, boy, is it pretty.

Please make it stop.

How was work?


But I asked for
the rest of the week off.

You don't have to do that.

Too late.


What'd you and Annalise
talk about?

Oliver told me she stopped by.

She talk about Laurel?

Just to promise
she didn't know where she is.

You're sweating.

I'm fine.

Where are your painkillers?

I told Oli to flush them.

Annalise took them?


And I'm fine.

You know I got
a high pain threshold.

I'm gonna call the doctor
for a new prescription.

The petition for the restraining
order is ready to go.

But not until you tell me
why you chose me for the K5.

What do you mean?
He's a bit obsessed.

You blame him,
considering why you picked me?

Honestly? I don't remember.

Come on. I'm serious.

I have no memory.

That's how boring
the reason must be.

Okay, before you file that,
can we talk about

if we really want to poke
the Castillo bear again?

We're playing offense.

I'm gay, so sports metaphors
mean nothing to me.

Frank almost died.

Laurel and Christopher
might be dead.

The only one walking the streets
is Xavier.

But instead of
the FBI focusing on him,

they're coming after us.

This might finally get them
to protect us.

What if it backfires?

Then we'll know
that we went down with a fight.

Oh, my God.

What is he doing here?

I have no clue.

Is that Daddy?

What the hell
are you doing here?

I wanted to see you
in your element.

Yes, my element,
to which you are not invited.

Mr. Vick? Asher Millstone.

I'm a huge admirer of your daughter.
The biggest, in fact.

You must be the boyfriend.

No, he's not. Although I was.

Actually, that would be me.
Gabriel Maddox.

No. This is not happening.

Everyone, move!

You, follow me.

Looks like she didn't want you
to meet the dad.


You two have a lot to discuss,

so I'll just leave you to it.

I'm here to see you, Michaela.

I'm busy. With a case?

Is, uh... is this it?

Hey! Have you ever heard
of attorney/client privilege?

Come on! Test
my criminal law knowledge.

You know what? I do have
a question for you, actually.

It might make you
want to leave here,

which is definitely my point.

Bring it.

Well, it's for the both of you.

Were the two of you
ever together?

You know... romantically?

Oh, my God.

Tell me you're not my mother.

Hey, anything's possible
at this point.

I'm not your damn mother.

Okay, enough of this.
We're all adults.

No. Adults don't show up places
uninvited and unwanted.

Now, if you two
will please excuse me,

I'm gonna go to the restroom
to throw up!

You said, "Chase her."

You have 10 seconds to say

whatever the hell
you came to say.

He approached me, Tegan.

Then you come to me
and tell me that.

I wanted proof
that he was being shady.

No. You wanted
to pour salt on the wound.

Why? Telling me you never
loved me wasn't cruel enough?

I never said I didn't love you.


We don't need to go there again.

Just tell me this...

Were you planning on
sleeping with him?


Do you know
how humiliating this is?


He's Annalise's ex, Cora.

He could've found out things
you don't want him to know.

The flirting was
to distract him.


Why does it matter
if he's Annalise's ex?

You like her?

Stay the hell out of my life.

I think your dad likes me.

I don't care who he likes.
Well, I care.

And maybe if the Castillos
don't murder us all,

we can go out to dinner tonight.

More whispering?

Was it about me
not being good enough

to meet your father?


Because that's
what Asher told me.

Guilty as charged.

The reason you don't get to meet

that man who is not my father

is because
we're still in a fight.

Yeah. So, take your little
hurt feelings and skedaddle.


You are gonna forgive me.

Don't put words in my mouth.

What she said.

You wanna know why?

Because I am a good man.

We're rare.

And any father that does
get the chance to meet me

will be proud
that his daughter picked me.

Because I'm gonna
change the world.

I'm gonna make
our justice system better.

Now, I would prefer it
if it were you by my side.

You mean, you by my side.

You know what?
I would love that.

You just have to forgive me.

I'll be over here
whenever you're ready.

You're not actually
falling for that, are you?

Oliver's not here.

I came to talk to you.

Why was I picked for the K5?


Annalise claims
that she doesn't remember.

But you know where
all the skeletons are buried...


So... tell me.

Why do you care so much?

How could I not care?

Annalise didn't pick you.

I did.

You're lying.


She always let us
pick one student.

Frank chose Laurel.

I chose you.


Your application essay.

You wrote about getting
a gay conversion camp shut down

when you were an undergrad.

You honestly expect me
to believe that?

I'm an abuse survivor, Connor.

When I was a kid.

So, to know
that you stood up for those kids

when no one else would?

I... wanted to know you.

I'm... I'm sorry
that happened to you.

It was a long time ago.

So was me being a guy
who helped people.

It's like he died with Sam.

I think I was hoping
whatever reason I got picked

would explain why I'm this way.

You're not a bad guy, Connor.

I'm just tired.

We all are.

Nothing good comes
from hating yourself.

You deserve a lot more good
than what you've had.

So do you.

Girl, put your phone down.

I got a story for you.

Well, you better make it fast.

Nate and Cora.

He approached her to find out

if I was still in bed
with the Castillos.


He admitted it to my face

and sent Bonnie here as his spy.

I fired her ass.

She didn't tell you?


I-I don't have time
for this right now.

What the hell else
is more important?

I filed a restraining order
against the Castillos.

Have you lost your mind?


The last time
you took on this family,

Emmett died
and you went on a bender.

So, what is this?

You got a thing for a clapback?

Or a death wish?


That's why I'm doing it.

So I don't have to look over my
shoulder every second of the day.

Only smart to be scared.

Well, that's where
me and you are different.

Nate, too.

Wait, you're defending him?

If you'd been through
what we've been through,

you'd have learned
to fight, too.

Otherwise, you're dead
before you've even died.

What the hell is this?

Why are you here?
I got subpoenaed.

By who? The people

you're trying to bring
a restraining order against.

They want me
to testify against you.

What the hell have you
gotten me into here, Annalise?

This is quite
a list of allegations

against the Castillos,
Ms. Keating.

That's why I'm here, Judge.

So I don't end up nearly dead
in a hospital,

like Mr. Delfino.

In order for the Castillo family
to defend themselves,

we'd like to call Solomon Vick
to the stand, Your Honor.

Mr. Vick doesn't know anything
about the Castillo family

or my complaints against them.

Mr. Vick is aware

of Ms. Keating's
own criminal activity, though.

You want to talk
about criminal activity?

Subpoena Xavier Castillo.

Xavier Castillo
is out of the country.

That's why we're calling
Mr. Vick to the stand.

I'm gonna tell you exactly what
Mr. Vick is gonna say, Judge.

I asked him to investigate ways
to flee the country.

That's how terrified I am
of this family.

Ms. Keating has
conveniently left out

the illegal elements
of this plan.

Since when is moving
out of the country a crime?

Mr. Vick will make that clear,
Your Honor.


Your Honor,
this is another example

of the Castillos' harassment.

Let me decide that for myself,
Ms. Keating.

Mr. Vick, please take the stand.

Hey, nurse.

You're pretty good at this.

The meds are working, huh?

Like a charm.

Can I tell you something?


What are we waiting for?

How about Oregon?

They have these beach towns

with giant sand dunes and trees.

You chose to come back here.

I was scared then.

But I'm not anymore.

You're the only person
in my life that matters, Bon.

Say yes.

You're high.

Go to sleep.

Mr. Vick, what is VIP Results?

My understanding is
it's a high-end travel agency.

Were you aware
of the illegal aspects

of this "high-end travel agency"

when you hired them
to relocate Ms. Keating?

Testifying for the witness.

Overruled. Answer, Mr. Vick.

I hired VIP Results

with very little knowledge
of their process.

Did you know that they create
fake passports?

Objection. Prejudicial.

Allow Mr. Vick to speak.

I don't know
any of the specifics.

So, there's no, uh,
phone recordings

or paper trail
to contradict you?

I'm only asking in case
you may have forgotten.

I invoke my 5th Amendment right
against self-incrimination.

Because you're involved

in Ms. Keating's conspiracy
to murder?

Objection. Pleading the 5th cannot
be used against the witness.

Sustained. Are you just protecting
your daughter, Michaela Pratt?

Counsel is in contempt, Judge.

That's enough, Mr. Ballast.

Are you aware that
your daughter, Michaela Pratt,

is a murder suspect
along with Ms. Keating?

Every word out of Mr. Ballast's
mouth is a lie, Your Honor.

Check with the FBI.

They will corroborate
that Ms. Keating

is a person of interest
in this case.

And how would you know that?

Do you have an in with the FBI?

You're bugging their phones,
just like you're doing Mr. Vick?

I have no statements
on anyone's phones.

Then how would you know
who Mr. Vick had spoken to?

Or that I'd asked him to research
a move out of the country?

Why don't we ask Mr. Vick
the question?

Your client owns
a major telecom company.

Who else are you
illegally recording?

Judge Gage here?

I'm calling for a recess.

This is why
I want to run, Judge.

Even if it means
considering illegal activities.

So, you admit
to illegal behavior?

I'm a partner
in a major law firm.

I won a damn Supreme Court case.

I'm the most powerful
I've ever been.

And here I am,
considering disappearing

because I'm afraid for my life.

That's the reason
why we're here.

Not to make up stories
about me being a killer,

but to protect me
from Xavier Castillo.

Or are you okay
with me dying, Judge?

Either you protect me
or they kill me.

It's your choice.


We won the restraining order.

Tell everyone
to destroy their phones.


Just do it.

I could've gotten arrested.

They don't care about you.
They just want me.

And my daughter, apparently.

Now she's your daughter?

I asked you to look out for her,
but this is what you've done?

You don't know the first thing
of what I've done for Michaela.

What you've done is
destroyed any chance she had

at an honest life.

You're talking to me
about an honest life?

I'm not perfect, but I also
ain't no damn murderer.

You screwed your client's wife and
then went deadbeat on that poor girl.

Oh, don't try to pretend that you care
about her. All to make bank and sell out.

Well, you didn't seem to mind when
you came begging for that cash.

Oh, you wanted to give it to me.

That's how bad
the guilt eats at you.

I saw you at your worst.

Making Iris fall for you
so you can get between her legs.

I cared for her.

You used her,
just like you used me,

just like you're using Michaela.

You know you're nothing without
a strong woman by your side.

Oh, you think knowing how to
yell at people makes you strong?

Mm, that suit, that smile,

that feminist crap
doesn't fool anyone.

Soon as any woman meets you,
she sees you

for the sad, lonely,
greedy bastard you are.

Whenever this ends for you,

whether you are in jail
or asylum or a coffin,

I hope that you can
finally let go

of all that hate inside of you.

Dear God, we thank you

for bringing us together
as a family again.

We also thank you

for keeping
our dearly departed William,

husband and father,

by your side,
while he watches over us.

And for returning Asher
to our family.

May he one day
be forgiven for his sins.

Amen. Asher,
would you pass the rice?

What sins?

U-Um, we were...
We're having a good night.

Let her answer.

She's sitting at the table.

Tell me you don't
still blame me for Dad dying.

It doesn't matter,

because I'm not mad
anymore, Asher.

I forgive you.


You forgive me?

I should be the one
forgiving you.

You kicked me out of the family.

You broke my heart.

Dad died, and I was all alone.

You want to talk
about depressed?

I thought about...

I thought about killing myself.

So, where's your apology

for turning your back
on your only son?

The only way to Heaven

is to beg forgiveness
for your sins.

You can pray to God
all you want.

You're the one
going to Hell, not me.

Annalise told me to forgive you.

Every bone in my body is telling
me that I should just go home

and continue
hating you from afar.

But I'm better than that.

So are you.

So I'm gonna help you
get what you want...

At least so you'll stop
barking up the wrong tree.

We'll file
a wrongful death lawsuit.

Sue the prison, guards,
D.A.'s office.

We'll get you some big money.

I don't want money.

You want justice
for your father,

for his killers
to be found out and suffer.

A civil suit is how we do that.

Maybe it's a sign
we go to Oregon.

I was high, but I meant it.

Every word.

I can't.

Why not?


You think I'm ready to move on?

I'm not saying no.

I just need more time.

Wait, did anyone tell Asher?

Well, it's too late
to call him now.


I am taking you out of here.

That would be kidnapping.

You are in over your head,

I think that's actually you

pretending you know
how to be a father.

I know what Annalise
has got you involved in.

I know.


You want a father.

I see that, Michaela.

Well, fathers protect
the people they love.

I can protect myself.

I'm saying
you don't need to this time.

And I am saying
I can save myself,

just like I always have.

The damn FBI's involved,

And I grew up with every odd
stacked against me,

but look at what I've done.

Yale, Middleton.

God only knows what brilliance
I'll achieve after I graduate.

I am literally
my ancestors' wildest dreams.

So, can you imagine if
I actually had you growing up,

with all your money
and contacts and privilege?

I'd already be President.

And you still can be, if you
would just let me help you.

I'm good.


I'm gonna be President

or... a Supreme Court Justice

or CEO of some planet.

And when I do, I'll know
that I got there on my own,

and you'll be really sorry
you're not by my side.

So, thank you for abandoning me.

It made me even greater
than I already am.


don't ever show up
in my life again.

Come in?

You were right.

Family sucks.

What happened?

Just me being stupid enough
to think that they changed.

They're not my family.

You are.

You've been there for me
when no one else was.

Even when you disappointed me,

you still always had my back.

Do you know
how much that means to me?

How much you mean to me?

You mean a lot to me, too.

You don't have to say that.

No, I-I should
tell you that more.

Because you've always
had my back, too.

Even when I don't deserve it.

You're the only man in my life

who hasn't lied to me
or left me.

I'll never leave you, Michaela.

Even if we don't
end up together,

I want to be there for you
for the rest of your life.

I'm still in love with you,

I always will be.

Is this okay?

You're worried about Gabriel.


He's not the one, Michaela.

It's me.


What are you doing here?