How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Episode #6.15 - full transcript

Previously on "How to
Get Away With Murder"...

Testify against Birkhead in court.

Everything I've said on the
stand here has been a lie.

- I negotiated a new deal.
- What do you want?

Hannah agrees to be a witness
for Annalise at the trial.

Hannah... she and Sam had a baby.

A boy.

I just got off the phone with Floyd.

Birkhead did it.

Or Frank.

Get down!

Request backup! All units!

What's going on, Celestine?

We don't know yet, Mama.

- Anna Mae's out there with those reporters!
- Everyone on the floor now!

Where's... Where's my baby?!

- Hey! Please tell me!
- No.

Is she hurt?!


- I begged you not to tell Frank.
- _

Or do you just love
kicking me when I'm down?

Annalise, this was the Governor.

She heard Hannah was about
to name her in court...

And now Hannah can't do that, can she?

I'm just trying to reason
our way through this.

We're dealing with animals here.

Reason means nothing to them.

You can still win this.

Not if I can't prove conspiracy.

So we'll work on that.

Or I just jump off this balcony
and join Hannah in Hell.

You gotta find Frank.

Police think suicide.

Listen, I have to get all
her files at the office.

Yeah, okay. Yeah. Love you, too.

Don't move.

I just want to talk.


My mother.

Is Frank here?


Bonnie, Christopher's asleep.


What's going on?

I just screwed up.

You know, I always hoped you
two would end up together.

So you don't hate yourself
so much for abandoning him?


I never wanted to need him.

'Cause I don't know if he can take it.

He says he can... but...

If anyone can make him
happy, it's gonna be you.

You're the one who kept
us together, Bonnie.

We pretended like it was Annalise,

but it was always you who kept us safe.

I just wanted a family.

Me too.

Mr. Castillo, during the times

that you were speaking
with your daughter, Laurel,

how would you categorize
your relationship with her?



Did you ever catch your
daughter lying to you?

Of course.

When she was 14,
she lied about using cocaine...

Behavior while a minor is improper
character evidence, Judge.


Let's, um, move on to Governor Birkhead.

Mr. Castillo, have you ever met

- or spoken with the Governor?
- No.

Have you ever contacted the Governor

or anyone associated with her

to enact ill will against Ms. Keating?

Absolutely not.

And do you believe any of
the allegations that say

the Governor was involved
in your son Xavier's death?

- No.
- Why?

I've made a lot of money in my life...

enemies, too...

so I can think of a long list of people

who would have wanted
to see my son dead.

Mr. Castillo, one of the theories

Ms. Keating has put forth

is that the FBI is part of
this conspiracy against her.

Have you been in contact
with the FBI about this?

No. The FBI's who put me in jail

based on misinformation
from an informant.

- That's her sitting right behind Ms. Keating.
- Objection!

- Mr. Castillo, do not address the gallery.
- Those two women are conspiring against me.

I'm censuring the witness.

Jury, disregard the last
part of his testimony.

Mr. Lennox, meet me in my chambers.


He's a sociopath.

The Governor probably
bribed him with a pardon.

Or your dad didn't want
to be the next one killed.

Well, he is gonna be now.

I just have to figure out how.

Don't you see the irony here?

Laurel's mad at her father
because he lied on the stand,

and we all did the same thing.

Connor, don't do this again.

- Do what?
- Maybe one of us needs to tell the truth.

- The real truth.
- That'll fix nothing.

And my sentence will be even longer.

It's also the right thing to do.

No more lies, no more
guilt about the lies.

I told you, I don't have any guilt.

Then you're a sociopath.

And you've always been one.

Yeah, well, I'm not, and you love me,

so that means not sending
yourself to prison

for even longer than five years.

Or sending Oliver to prison
'cause you voided his immunity.


Say you're kidding.

'Course I am.

Ha ha.

I'm gonna take a nap.

I've got more bad news.

There's a rumor Lennox has
a surprise witness on deck.

I'm thinking Gabriel.

Or Frank.

Bonnie can't find him.

Maybe he's out negotiating his own deal.

No. Frank is ride or
die for you, Annalise.

- Just like Bonnie, just like me.
- Why?


What's the opposite of Midas Touch?

Because that's my gift,

of turning everything
around me into ass.

I'm sorry.

I get it.

This is a very stressful situation.

Yeah, but me having
tantrums doesn't help.

That is also true.

And the main reason
I don't want children.


The witness is Wes.

He wrote a confession,

he hid it in a safe deposit box...

Let's not jump to conclusions.

Okay. I'll see what I can find out.

Get down! Get down!

Is my baby hurt? Please tell me!

- Mama, no!
- Is she hurt?!

- No. Mama.
- Please tell me!


Drive right now!

In case you weren't kidding earlier

and want to tell the real
truth just to get back at me,

you should know Solomon
made my deal iron-clad.

You're not gonna be able to
live with yourself, Michaela.

I know you say you will, but
it's gonna eat away at you.

It's not.

You can't know that.

I already went to prison, Connor.

It's called my childhood.

No one ever taught me how to do my hair,

wash myself, or read.

I ate bait once

because my father forgot to feed me.

My uncle showed his affection

by putting cigarettes out on my skin.

I can tell you a hundred
stories like that,

or worse, but...

I don't want to,

because I worked really hard to...

forget and get out

and become the damn miracle that I am.

So no.

I'm not gonna choose to
suffer, if I don't have to.

I've suffered enough.

I went to Hannah's safe deposit box.

I got a copy of her passport, the will.

What else you got?

That's all there is.

Hey, look,

my attorney's on notice, okay?

If I'm not back in the
office in 20 minutes,

he's gonna call the police,

he's gonna give them your name.

You found out my name?

That means there's more papers

listing me as Hannah's kid.

Which means I have to make
your wife and kids sad

and kill you for lying to me.

No. Please, no. Please.

Thank you for being here, Governor.

You say that like I have a choice.

Well, let's not keep you too long, then.

Did you order the death
of Nathaniel Lahey Sr.?


Do you know if Xavier
Castillo ordered the death?

Yes, because that guard named
him during the Civil Suit.

Did you know Xavier Castillo?

No, nor have I ever
met or spoken to him.

Do you know his father, Jorge?


Governor, did you ever coordinate

with any member of the
Castillo family or the FBI

to exact revenge on Ms. Keating

for defeating you in
a Supreme Court case?


You weren't protecting your re-election?

No, because I plan to win my election

by convincing the public I'm
the best person for the job.

The way not to do that

is to commit a series
of violent murders.

That's more Ms. Keating's fallback.

Objection. Censure the witness.


My apologies.

No further questions.

Swear it wasn't you.

Why would I kill Hannah?

Why do you do anything, Frank?

You know what you never get?

Is that you're it for me.

You got me out of the pound.

And sure, I mess up,

but all I want to do
now is make you happy.

No. That's never been your job.

It was Sam's.

And he's who I'd kill right now.

He knew who I was,
and he used it against me,

made me think I was sick.

That's because you reminded him
of how sick he was.

No more hating yourself.

What's that?

You found out my name?

That means there are more papers
listing me as Hannah's kid.

Which means I have to
make your wife and kids sad

and kill you for lying to me.

No. Please, no. Please. No.

It's not papers. It's a flash drive.

How you're gonna win.

Governor, when I beat
you at the Supreme Court

with my class action, were you upset?

More disappointed.

Because of the damage
to your political career?

To the taxpayer.

Your victory cost the state millions.

Money well spent if it saved

thousands of poor people
from unjust convictions.


This speaks to the
defense's theory of motive.


Do you know Xavier Castillo?

As I stated earlier, no.

What about Hannah Keating?

I don't know who that is.

She's my deceased
husband's sister. Hannah.

- You don't know her?
- I do not.

And yet, Hannah Keating recorded herself

on a phone call to Xavier Castillo

saying this...

I just saw the Governor on TV

saying Nate Lahey Sr. died.

He did die.

Because the Governor killed him?

Objection. We can't
authenticate this recording.

I wish Hannah Keating were here

to speak to its authenticity,

but she just died.

Gunshot to the head.

Your Honor.

Falls under the death exception.

I'll allow it.

I just saw the Governor on TV

- saying Nate Lahey Sr. died.
- He did die.

- Because the Governor killed him?
- Calm down.

I wanted Annalise to
go down for my brother,

not hurt all these other people.

I'm hanging up.

If you didn't know Hannah
Keating or Xavier Castillo,

why are they speaking
so intimately about you?

I have no idea.

What about Nate Lahey Sr.?

Did you do what Hannah
said and kill him?

Absolutely not.

So, if Xavier and Hannah
were alive to testify,

- they would say the same thing?
- Objection.

- Did you have them killed to cover up your lies?
- No! My...

- Enough! Enough!
- Judge, call a recess!

I'm ending this cross!

Good. I'm done with this witness.

- So, why am I here?
- Due to Xavier's death,

we reached out to the Attorney General

and got him to re-offer a settlement

on your father's wrongful death suit.

lt's a, uh...
a better offer than before.

This so I don't do a Laurel Castillo
and flip on the stand?

Or 'cause Annalise
just exposed Birkhead?

It's more us wanting to
do the right thing for you.

You can do the right thing
by prosecuting the Governor.


you might as well just look
at the offer before saying no.

The AG just offered Nate $20 million.

I'm gonna cut out his damn heart.

No. You need to play it cool.

Oh, hell no.

I told you, he's the surprise witness.

Dead witness, as soon
as I get my hands on him.


Go away.

We need to talk about my father.

You played me, amiga.

He killed my mother, okay?

Just imagine what he
could do to hurt us.

You hurt me, Laurel.

So save your own ass this time.

I have property.

My father put it in my name.
It is worth millions.


And what exactly am I supposed
to do for those millions?

Something that will help both of us.

Mr. Lahey, did the Attorney General

offer you $20 million
to testify against me?

Why did you need to
make an immunity deal

to get on the stand today?

Were you violent with
me in my home recently?

Did you confront D.A. Miller

because you thought
he killed your father?

Do you know how D.A. Miller died?

Mr. Lahey, did you have an
affair on your wife, Nia?

How did Nia die?

Did you euthanize her, or
did you beat her in the head

the way you did D.A. Miller?

Because that's the animal you are.

Violence lives inside of you,

and the only way you know
how to stay out of jail

is to make up lies about me!

Someone who loved you!
Who fought for you!

But you don't deserve it, do you?

Because you're just like
Sam and Solomon! Mac! Clyde!

You're no better than any of them!

What are you doing?

It's nothing bad.

Talk to me.

What am I supposed to do
now, knowing what's in me?

This doesn't need to mean anything.

It does to me.

And it's all bad,

so Annalise was right not to tell me...

and you should've known that, too.

I couldn't have another lie between us.

So you put the burden on me?

It's on us.

And you just need to
let me be here for you.

Then you should put a bullet in my head.

'Cause that would have been
nicer than what you did.



I'll forgive you.

I will.

Just not right now.

It's illegal to squat in here.

I paid the rent to the end of the month.

Well, now you can afford a nicer place.

It's 87 grand.


Just don't take the
stand against Annalise.

You're hung up on your dad, right?

That's what all this is about?

Wouldn't you be?

He killed that girl Lila.

Don't forget that.

I don't believe he did that.

He did.

You know how I know?

'Cause he had me do it.

Didn't know she was
pregnant at the time.

Sad, right?

Your dad had me kill your sibling.

Take the money.

Get away from all this,

or Sam's gonna destroy your life,

like he's done everyone else.

Maybe I should go to law school.

- What?
- Good luck.

Look, I just snuck into the law library

to find ways to make the
FBI give you Michaela's deal.

Oli, stop.

You are depressed.

That is very clear.

So it's my job to take the wheel.

I want to go to prison!

Why do I have to keep saying that?

Especially to you, my husband,

who's supposed to understand

and honor what I think's best for me.

What about what's best for me?

- Have you even thought about that?
- Of course.

Look, I need you to fight like hell

to get the same deal that Michaela got!

So that we, the two people

who vowed to love each other 'til death,

can stay in love,
because I still love you,

despite everything that
I've lost for you...

my job, my morals.

So, you owe me this.

If you don't agree,
then I'll just divorce you.

Right now.


I'm sorry.

Your phone, Connor.

Who is it?


We're altering your plea deal.

No. I testified against
Annalise, like you wanted.

We're improving the terms, Connor.


I didn't like that you got a
different deal than Ms. Pratt.

We've cut it down to
no years and probation.

I don't get it. You
don't have to do this.

No. We don't.

Mr. Lahey, were you
involved in any way at all

with the death of Sam Keating?


You were arrested and almost charged
for his murder, though. Why?

I was the boyfriend. That's
always the first suspect.

Any other reason?

I was framed.

I'm on it.

You set me up for a murder you
probably committed yourself.

Who do you believe
framed you, Mr. Lahey?

At the time, I thought Annalise.

Did you ever get confirmation of this?

I hate what I did to you. I hate it.

I hate myself.


'Cause she wasn't the one who framed me.

You mean she had
an associate do it for her?

I mean she didn't do it.

That was Hannah Keating.

She wanted to connect
Annalise to Sam's murder,

and now it's very clear
to me how Hannah did it...

by using the Castillos and the Governor.

Let me stop you, Mr. Lahey.

Did Ms. Keating coerce you to
change your testimony today?


That was you and Special Agent Lanford,

when you offered me $20 million

to say what you want.

I'm just guessing that's
so I don't tell the jury

that an FBI agent
working for the Castillos

murdered Asher Millstone.


And don't say because
I got the Governor.

- I didn't.
- No.

It's got nothing to
do with the Governor.

You gave up $20 million for what?

I didn't give it up. I'mma get it.

- Nate.
- I hated you for a long time,

and even when we were together,

I-I think I thought I
was gonna get you back,

but it wasn't just you.

It was me.

It was me. I made the first
move at the bar that night.

But if I'm gonna move on...
I mean, really move on...

I gotta own my side of the road.

Today was that.

- I...
- Don't.

Don't say anything.

Just try it.

Take responsibility for
how you ended up here.

'Cause you're good at a
lot of things, Annalise.

That's not one of them.


What's this?

Wes's confession.

Found it on Xavier.

Goodbye, Annalise.

Is Michaela here?

No, I sent her out for Buster's.

Here. Two Manhattans.

What are we celebrating?

Uh, I wanted to apologize
for blowing up earlier.

It's not because you knew
I was getting a new deal?

You were never at the library.

You were with Lanford,

agreeing to surprise Annalise
and testify against her

as long as he gave me a new deal.

What the hell?

As if we could stay away?

Hug me now.


We're here to watch you win, sis.

It's alright, baby.

We're here.

What lies did you agree to?

Just to say that Annalise
made me delete...

some dirty photos of her and Wes

from her hard drive.

Well, now you don't
have to tell that lie.

No. I will say whatever it takes...

I want a divorce, Oli.

I refused the deal.

I go to prison as soon
as the trial's over.

And I'm not gonna ruin your
life for that entire time.

This... This is not
your decision to make.

Your testimony could make
Annalise lose her trial,

and that... that means
Laurel goes to prison

and Christopher's alone.

I'm all alone if you
go through with this.

Only until you meet someone

- who's actually good for you.
- No, that's you.

I've turned you into a criminal.

I made myself into that.

And none of that would have happened

if I hadn't showed up to
your door the night of Sam.

That's the only thing
keeping us together.

Death, murder, and trauma.

And that's gonna follow us, always...

- No.
- ... if we stay together.

No. You don't get to do this.

- I made my decision.
- I know you still love me.

- We're done.
- No.

L-Look at me.

Look at me.

And tell me that you don't love me.

Say it.

I want to hear you say it.


You can't.

You can't say it.

You love me.

I don't love you.

You're gonna win this one, right?

You're not gonna bring shame

to the Harkness brand, are you?

What if I shouldn't win, Mama?


It's easy to want to
win when it's right.

But this?


What are you saying, Anna Mae?

I've done a lot of bad things, Mama.

If people only knew.

What if I deserve to lose?

That's not your decision to make.

It's the jury's,
and I have to give a closing

convincing them that
I deserve to be free.

It's God's decision, Anna Mae.

God is the only one who can
look at the whole picture

and decide who deserves what.

Not you,

not that jury,

not your mama.

All you have to do is show up,

and I know you well enough to know

that you know damn well how
to show up when it counts.

You hear me?

Forget everyone else.

The Castillos, the Governor,

the supposed conspiracy.

That is all noise

to distract you from the
person who brought us here...

Annalise Keating.

She wants to play the victim,

and she is good at it, too.

But you know the real victims.

Asher Millstone.

D.A. Ronald Miller.

A.D.A. Emily Sinclair.

Rebecca Sutter.

Sam Keating.

It all started with this man.

I'm sorry.


That is the original sin.

You start there.

Then there's no doubt

that Annalise Keating is not a victim.

She's a murderer.

I'm no victim.

USA Lennox was right about that.

But that's the only true
thing that he said today.

So, here's the truth about me.

I've worn a mask every day of my life.

In high school, it was
a smile that I faked

to get boys to like me.

In law school, I changed my name
to sound more "New England".

At the law firm, I wore
heels, makeup, and a wig.

And when I got married, I...

threw myself into becoming a Keating,

and it was all to create
a version of myself

that the world would accept.

But I'm done.

Instead, I stand before you, mask off,

to tell you the God's honest.

I have done many a bad thing.

I've coerced witnesses,

got clients to lie on the stand,

bullied students to tears,

manipulated jurors like you.

But those are not the
crimes I'm being tried for.

It's murder.

And I am no murderer.

What I am is a survivor.

I survived getting taunted by the N-word

when I was in grade school.

I survived the sexual abuse
by my uncle when I was 11.

I survived losing my first love, Eve,

because I was scared to be gay.

Then the death of my
son in a car accident,

the murder of my husband,

then alcoholism,

depression, grief,

and every death leading
up to this trial.

But today, you decide.

Am I a bad person?

Well, the mask is off,
so I'm gonna say yes.

But am I the mastermind criminal

who pulled off a series
of violent murders?

Hell no.

Who I am is a 53-year-old woman

from Memphis, Tennessee,

named Anna Mae Harkness.

I'm ambitious, black,

bisexual, angry,

sad, strong,

sensitive, scared,

fierce, talented,


And I am at your mercy.

Say it.

You think I was dumb to say all that.


I think I'm in love with you, Annalise.

I've tried to fight it.

But I'm taking my mask off, too.

I cannot not have you in my life.

Because I love you.

What do you really want?


And I can give that to you.

I can make you happy.

I can't promise you the same.

That's what you deserve,

and it's out there for you,

but it's just not me.

There's a verdict.

Ms. Foreperson, I've been
told you've reached a verdict.

Yes, Your Honor.

Please stand.

For the charge of conspiracy
to murder Sam Keating

in count one of the indictment,

the jury finds the defendant
Annalise Keating...

... not guilty.


For murder in the first
degree of Rebecca Sutter,

the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

For murder in the first
degree of Asher Millstone,

the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

For murder in the first
degree of Emily Sinclair,

the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

For murder in the first
degree of Ronald Miller,

the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

For murder in the first
degree of Caleb Hapstall,

the jury finds the defendant not guilty.

For the charges of abuse of a corpse...

How are you feeling, Annalise?

I'm grateful that the
jury did the right thing,

despite some pressure from
some very powerful people.

You mean the Governor?

And others.

Are you concerned about

a backlash from the FBI?

If they're truly behind
Asher Millstone's death,

then I'm very concerned,

and you should be, too.

It's time, sir.



Uh... Uh, no.

I'm... I'm not...

I'm not doing this.

I'm... I'm not gonna sign those papers.

I know better. You're gonna be happy.

I know better, okay?

- Oliver.
- No.

Thank you.

Now I know how to love.


Connor! Connor.

Oh, God.

- I'm so sorry...
- Don't!

That should have been you.


The number you are calling
has been disconnected.

Please check the number and dial again.

We get to go somewhere
new, meet new people.

Mommy promises no more boogey men, okay?

We get to be safe and happy.


What legal action do you think

should be taken against the Governor?

There needs to be an independent
counsel investigation

on the Governor immediately,

or we need to impeach right away.

Would you ever consider
being the prosecutor

- to try the Governor's case?
- Esta bien. Okay, precioso?

May the Lord bless her and keep her,

the Lord shine upon her
and be gracious to her.

We ask you, o Lord,

to lift up our dearly departed Annalise

and give her peace.



And now we invite all
those who would like

to come up and share their
own thoughts, memories,

and prayers for Annalise.

First, we'll begin
with a special speaker

who has known Annalise for a long time.

Are you concerned about
a backlash from the FBI?

Well, if they were truly behind
Asher Millstone's murder,

you better believe I'm concerned,

and you should be, too.

We can't tolerate this
level of corruption

in our law enforcement.

Ms. Keating, there's speculation

you wouldn't have gotten
this not guilty verdict

if you hadn't made the trial

all about the Governor and the FBI.

I would never presume to know why

the jury decided to side with me.

Either way, it's clear
that they saw through

Governor Birkhead's weak attempt
to make me the guilty party here

when it's actually her.

Were you aware the
Governor's here today?

Probably here to watch me win.

Uh, no. She's meeting
with the Attorney General.

Well, I assume that she is concerned...

Get out of the way, please.

... that she will be
charged with conspiracy,

along with FBI Agent Lanford.

- Move, please.
- Would you agree to testify

at the Governor's impeachment trial?


Out of the way, please.

What legal action do you think

should be taken against the Governor?

Frank! No!


Annalise, get down!

Shots fired! Request backup! All units!

Gonna get some help.

Breathe. Stay with me.

Put the gun down!


Drive right now!


I'm here. I'm... I'm here.

You stay here.

Stay here with me.

And now we invite all those
who would like to come up

and share their own thoughts, memories,

and prayers for Annalise.

First, we'll begin
with a special speaker

who has known Annalise for a long time,

someone who loved her,

someone who knew her
personally and professionally.

- Let us all listen and remember the woman
- _

- who touched all the lives in this room.
- _

- Anyone else who would like to come forward
- _

may do so after we've heard
from our first speaker.


Thank you.

Frank. Frank, I'm here.

I'm here. I'm here.

I had to make it right.


Tell Annalise.

No, you... you can tell her.

- You're gonna tell her.
- Bonnie!

No, you tell her.

- Bonnie. Bonnie.
- You tell her.

What... Oh, what did...

Why... Why did he... Why?!

Why did he...


Oh. Oh, no.

Help! Help!

She's been shot!

Help me! Help!

No, Bonnie!

Bonnie! Bonnie, no!

Stay with me!

Stay with me!

Bonnie! No!


Bonnie, no!

What words can make meaning
out of an entire life

or do justice to a lifetime
of struggles and triumphs

and to try and do this for Annalise?

So, I'll start with this.

I never loved anyone
the way I loved Annalise.

I loved her even when
she didn't choose me.

Wake up! Alright, you wake up!


Bonnie, wake up! I need you!

No! You stay with me!


You stay with me!


Bonnie! Gah! Oh, God!

But those moments
when she did choose me?

I would feel seen.

I think we all seek that
person in our lives...

someone who shows us
it's possible to survive

whatever good or bad is thrown at you.

It's one of the thousand
things Annalise taught me.

What feels like hell
right now is a gift later.

That's not to say
Annalise was easy to love.

But then when you thought of
that young girl from Memphis,

you... forgave her for everything.

I think that's why so
many of us are here today.

To remember her, yes.

But also to forgive her.

For better or worse, we
were all chosen by Annalise.

And despite the demands she put on us,

we know she taught us something.



I think that's what she
valued most about her life.

Not the trials she won or
glass ceilings she broke.

But the fights she lost.

She knew these were the
things that made her her...

determined, tough, stubborn.

I know many people find it hard
to be around a person like this.

It's easier to choose nice.

Even if that means settling.

But the rest of us know this.

When the sun shines on you...

... you're a fool to turn away.


Everyone, take your seats.

It's your first day of law school,

which means we're already behind.

I'm Professor Christopher Castillo.

This is Criminal Law 100,

or as my mentor liked to call it...

... how to get away with murder.

We begin.