How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Episode #6.13 - full transcript

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

My son died, and you're responsible.

You take this to your grave.

- We have to grieve him, have a funeral.
- No!

Vivian. Please.

- I'll do anything to meet him.
- _

- Hey.
- I know what you're doing.

Lying about being at your sister's.

- Delete this e-mail.
- _

No other kid is gonna
replace the one you lost.

You're a better guy than you think.

What if I know something
else that'll help your case?

We only signed because Agent Lanford

used Asher's murder to coerce us.

Annalise has a recording
of you two claiming

I coerced you into
testifying against her.

Do we need to cuff you?

I know who started the war against you.

Hannah hating me isn't news, Vivian.

- So you don't know.
- Know what?

What happened with her and Sam.

We found Xavier.

He confessed. Said
it was all the Governor.

I took care of it.

You killed him?

The guy that was the key
to Annalise's whole case?!

- Calm down.
- We needed Xavier on the stand

- to connect the governor...
- He was never gonna confess to that on the stand.

That wasn't your call to make.

They're all my calls from now on.

- You hear me?
- Is that right?

Well, we at least got to go back

- and deal with his body.
- No, we'll leave him there.

- What?
- I got a plan,

and that means you do
nothing until I tell you.

That plan involve framing
me or Annalise for this?

- Stop.
- You played us before.

And I'll do it again if you
don't follow my lead here.

'Cause right now I'm focused on the FBI.

You're the informants. Admit it.

Admit that you agreed
to testify against me.

- Fine, it's us.
- We only signed because Agent Lanford

used Asher's murder to coerce us.

And it worked. We fell for it.


She already knew we were the informants.


She's not an idiot.

That's why she called
Connor and me over.

So we decided to tell
her that you coerced us

to get her trust back.

You said yourself to stay
in her good graces.

And she can't use
that recording at her trial.

Pennsylvania has two-party consent.

So you want to stay
with your current deal?

Yes, of course.



You violated the terms

the second you outed
yourself as an informant.

But I'm still agreeing

to testify against Annalise,

to say everything you wanted.

How do I know you didn't
tell her other things

that weren't on the recording?

We didn't tell her anything else.

How can I be sure?

Because I'm telling you right now

that I'm sticking to our deal.

Michaela will, too.

We'll testify to what happened
with Rebecca, ADA Sinclair...

The Hapstalls, Simon Drake.

Even that she coerced
us into Sam's murder.


But first we have to
renegotiate new terms.

That means providing
additional testimony.

We've already told you
everything we know.

And you don't have a case without us.

This isn't your decision, Michaela.

Agree to new terms,

or we'll charge you with everything,

including Asher's murder.

We didn't kill Asher.

Says you.

So, are you ready to hear our new ask?

There whiskey in there?

I'm sober.

And so are you, at least
the last time I checked.

Now talk.

What'd Hannah tell you?

This isn't something she told me.

But you've been talking to her.

Hannah called me after Sam died.

She said you...

she thought you were involved,

but I wasn't having it.

We haven't spoken since.


Because she doesn't know about Gabriel.

And the last thing I wanted

was my son getting pulled into her mess.

What mess?

Dear Vivian...

I know I'm the last person

- you want to hear from right now.
- _

I couldn't live with myself

if I didn't at least try
to be in our son's life...

and your life.

So this is me trying.

But please know this.

I've never stopped loving you.

All my love, Sam.


Can I play on the computer
a little before bed?

You know why you need to go to sleep?

Because tomorrow we're playing hooky.

Grandma wouldn't like that.

I'm your mother...

even if I was gone for a little bit,

and I'm back now,

and I'm offering you some fun.

Unless you'd rather go to school?

No way.

Just don't tell Grandma.

Now go to bed.




I got to do some work downstairs.

For what?

Hannah just e-mailed
me a draft of a speech

for a conference and...


How about a date night this weekend?

Go dancing.


I've still got moves. You'll see.


Just don't stay up too late.

He called me that night
and agreed to come visit.

You told me that you and Sam

- only talked on the phone back then.
- I lied.

So, how do I know you're not lying

about everything else right now?

Because you helped my son,
we... we've built trust...

I don't trust you.

I'm telling you the truth now, Annalise.

You want it or not?


Where's Gabriel?

Not here.

My mom took him away for the weekend.

You invited me here to meet him.

It's not fair to introduce
a boy to his father

and then take him away a day later.

I'll stay here as
long as you'll have me.

'Cause we're... we're
about to be the Brady Bunch

all of a sudden? No.

How is it possible you still love me?

You don't even know me anymore.

That's some memory you're in love with.

Or it's just a line
to get close to my son.

Our son.

DNA does not make you a father.

Okay, look.

I'll do anything to know you again, Viv.

Annalise cheat on you with
her new therapist or something?

This has nothing to do with her.

It's you, Viv.

I didn't know what we
had until it was too late.

Even now, I...

I still... feel it.

Let me give you what you want.

Just tell me to stop.


We even yet?

This isn't me bragging, Annalise.

Sam slept with Lila, too.
God knows who else.

There's no surprise there...
"you lose 'em how you got 'em".

Think about how Sam always used
sex to get what he wanted...

- Enough.
- I'm guessing he did the same thing with you.

Generous sometimes, freaky others...

I don't want to do this. You're...

That's how he played us.

And what woman do you
think he learned that from?

- No.
- Yes.

- Sam told you that?
- He didn't need to.

Get out.

Who was Sam closest to his whole life?

And when their parents ignored
them their whole childhood?

Left them to fend for themselves?

Hannah and Sam were desperate for love.

So they found it in each other.

Nate's probably at the FBI right now.

Telling Lanford I killed Xavier.

He won't do that.

Why would he want me
to leave the body there?

I'll talk to him.

Come here.

We should've never let him see Xavier.

And what was your plan?

Beat him until he agreed to testify?

When this is all over,

I don't gotta be this guy anymore.

I just want you to be you.

You're going to help me with this.

Even if Vivian responds,
forget her, the kid.

Hey, it's me.

What's wrong?

I just thought that, since
you're with your sister,

I could talk to her.

- Why?
- Uh, to thank her.

She's the one that got
you to come see me in jail,

so she's kind of responsible
for getting me out.

Hannah doesn't want
to talk to you, Frank.

Don't call here again.

Who's Frank?

He's a guy who works for me.

He thinks you're at Hannah's?


So that's how this is gonna go?

Now I'm the mistress.

I'm gonna leave Annalise
no matter what happens here.

Then why haven't you?

You just want to make sure
you have me locked down first?


We lost a baby.

He was 8 months along.

It was a car accident,
and, uh, Annie's...

she's still in grief.

When was this?

Did this just happen?

- We were broken before that, Viv.
- No, stay there!

All this stuff about
loving me, Gabriel...

it's 'cause your replacement kid died?

No. I messed up when I left you, okay?

I'm messed up.

You damn straight.

I-I mean, I just... I can't...

I-I can't get out of it.


Maybe it's...

it's still living in that house.

Is that why you want
to be a father so bad?

So you can correct what
happened to you as a boy?

Is that so wrong?

Your parents neglected you, Sam, yeah,

but at least they gave you money.

Money is not love.

It's better than getting your ass beat.

It wasn't a childhood, Viv.

What happened to me and Hannah...

We weren't okay.

And now I-I feel like I've done
the same thing to Gabriel.

I neglected him.

So, please...

let me be in both your lives.

I told him no.

That whatever sickness he felt inside,

he was not gonna put on my son.

But the incest? You just
made that story up?

I did my research.

Incest comes out of
neglect a lot of the time.

Then when you think
about both him and Hannah

becoming psychologists,

that's so they could
try to understand it.

And I'm guessing she was
all up in your marriage

like she was in mine.

Wanting to talk about Sam all the time,

asking questions
she shouldn't be asking...

I never let her anywhere
near my marriage.

Why? Because you sensed

something extra between them, right?


Is that still how you
see yourself, Annalise?

Better than the sister
obsessing her entire life

over her brother.

How's the saying go?

"Incest is best... put
your brother to the test"?

Go home.

- Are you serious?
- And take your son with you.

I mean it. I have nothing
left to give either of you.

Oh, boy.

Get out!



How was Hannah?


She's gonna bring the house down

with her talk on Reactive
Attachment Disorder.


You two talk about me?

I'd be offended if you didn't.

I know you two speak
the same quack language.

How many drinks have you had?

I'm telling you I want to listen,

and that's your response?

You're a lot more open
after a few drinks.

Who isn't?

I'm sorry, okay?

You don't have to say what
you think I want to hear.

How about we go upstairs
and I'll run a bath,

rub your feet, okay?

- Mm.
- Hmm?

And then we'll talk.

You're home!

Just now.

Hungry? We... We got Lao's.

Ooh. Someone clean the table.

Frank and I got it.

Bonnie, can you, uh, grab a
couple wine glasses for us?


You checking up on me?

I just wanted to thank Hannah.

In what world do I introduce my sister

to the man who killed my son?

I'm sorry.

Everything okay?

- Yeah.
- Yep.

Let's eat.

Just no one touch my pork dumplings,

or I'll cut your hand off.

Tell me you don't believe this.

Anything's possible at this point.

If Vivian's right, it
could help your case.


Hannah started this whole
conspiracy against me...

getting the FBI or whoever else
to believe that I'm a killer...

because I stole her man.

No one's gonna buy that.

It's a jury trial. They just need doubt.

No, they need proof to have doubt.

That's why you're here.

Go to Xavier and get him to admit

that he's been talking to Hannah.


Nate kind of screwed
things up with Xavier.

Nate, Special Agent Pollock...

she runs point in our
search for Xavier Castillo.

She knows you'd like an update.

As would I, if I were in your shoes.

Glad to finally meet.

And the FBI Agent? Pollock?

She's Birkhead's, too.

Birkhead called every shot.

What do you have for me?

Let's sit.

Here you can see our phone
taps and PEN registers

on all of Xavier's
relatives and associates,

none of whom he's contacted.

That's all you got?

For now.

Nate, your Keating testimony

is likely to be our
best card at the trial,

so know that the FBI is
doing everything we can

to get you justice here.


Where the hell have you been?

I went to the gym for once.

Good morning to you, too.

Put your best investigator
on Hannah Keating.

Find out if she's been talking to

Xavier, the FBI, governor...

Since when do you think
Hannah has that much power?

I don't.

Vivian does.

Vivian-the-junkie is
someone we trust now?

It makes sense.

Okay, I know Hannah thinks
you killed her brother.

No, she thinks I killed her lover.

Uh, okay.

Is this... Are you drunk right now?

Tegan, if I were my attorney,
I would hang up this phone

and call my investigator

because I know how good
this would be for the trial.

- You're right.
- Yeah.

You didn't eat your breakfast.

I want to speak with Connor.


But I'm here if you want
to talk about the deal.

Are you dirty?

Because this deal is full of lies.

- Lies?
- You know exactly what I'm talking about.

And, yes, I agreed to tell one lie.

No one has ever asked you to lie.

You're asking me to
commit perjury times ten.

Take more time to think.

Can I have my phone?

I haven't called my lawyer yet

because I thought we
could fix this in good faith.

I'll call her myself.

Just give me one good
reason why you can't leave.

You think the FBI can't
find me in Chicago?

Of course they can. I just...
I would be there to protect you.

From the Feds?

You came here to find out
what happened to Sam.

But guess what.

We might never know, baby.

And if there's any wisdom
I've gained in my messy life,

especially from your father,

it's that you have
to let go of the past.

Is this more about me?

Because I was such a bad mother?

You weren't a bad mother.

I was an addict, baby.

My sickness hurt you.

But I'm here now.

And I will dive in front of
any bullet headed your way.

I just need you to give me that chance.

You ever think about what
would've happened if...

if Sam would've stayed with you?

Where the three of us would be?

Honestly, I think we're
both lucky he left.

There's just some people you can't save.

But you're not him, baby.

- Hello?
- This Vivian?

Who's this?

Were you with Sam this weekend?

If you ever talk to him again,

I'm coming for you

and your kid.

Is this Frank?

Who was that?

Some bookie.

My dad's underwater,

so I had to put the fear of God in him.

So that has nothing to
do with that conversation

between you and Sam last night?

Me and Sam got our own relationship,

just like the two of you.

So that was therapy?

Our version.

Speaking of my messed-up family,
you want to meet 'em Wednesday?

It's ziti night. They're
dying to meet you.

What happened?

You knew about this?!

I was suspicious, but
now you got confirmation.

And you're not disturbed?

They're two twenty-somethings
locked in this house all day.

Bonnie is not your typical 20-something.

She's lonely, Sam, and
Frank is good-looking.

He's an ex-con.

Who you encouraged
me to get out of jail.

Who knows, Bonnie may be good for him.

No, he's not good for her,
is more my concern.

- How do you know?
- Are you kidding?

She's an abuse survivor,
yeah, but that doesn't mean

that she can't mess around
with a guy every now and then.

She knows herself that
Frank is not right for her.

Well, who's right for her beside you?

Excuse me?

This isn't you being jealous?

We're talking about Bonnie.

One bad experience
could set her back decades.

Is that what your books say?

Which means that you
know more than someone

who's actually experienced
what Bonnie has gone through?

I have personal experience
with this, too, Annie.

Your parents left you and
Hannah alone in a big house

because they didn't like having kids.

That's not rape.


All I'm saying is that
Bonnie deserves love, too.

Of course.

But love and abuse often
feel like the same thing.

And these two together...

it's not okay.

Can you sit your ass down?

Know what would help me not spin out?

If you let me get rid of Xavier's body.

Do nothing.

And stop leaving your blood everywhere.

So, maybe Vivian's not crazy.

Lou dug up Hannah's phone records.

They place her in Philly
on four occasions in the past year,

some near the FBI building.

This isn't enough.

It proves she's probably hounding
the FBI to come after you.

We need proof of her and Sam.

And how the hell do we get that?

What about my Aunt Bev?

Your Aunt Bev knows my sister
Hannah from high school.

I could go talk to her.

And ask her if Hannah
confessed to incest?


I'll go back to Lou, see
what else he can dig up.

At least let me go talk to Nate.




I can't stop! Oh, my God!

Oh, please. Oh!



It's Lahey.

Yeah, I need to get some
traffic-cam footage from you.

Corner of 21st and Spring.

I'll call you back.

Frank said you had a plan.

We can put a deadline on this, Connor.

Would that help you make a decision?

Me not talking isn't a strategy.

I just don't care anymore.

Well, here's what I
can do to make you care.

Since you're unhappy
with your current deal,

we can add your husband
as a co-defendant.

Computer trespass and hacking,
cyber fraud, breach of privacy,

forgery, criminal mischief,
destruction of evidence.

I might go to prison,

but the whole time I'm in there,

I'm gonna work to expose you

as the corrupt agent
who disgraced the FBI.

This isn't who you are.

I can see it in your eyes.

And what can you see?

I think you hate the idea
of letting Annalise win.

This ain't got nothing to
do with beating Annalise.

It's about beating the governor.

Taking out Xavier... just the start.

You want to be Frank.

You're not.

You're just destroying yourself.

Nate, it's starting to feel
like I'm working for you.

What's this?

Traffic-cam photo from the night

of Bonnie Winterbottom's car accident.

That photo puts Pollock two
blocks away, exact same time.

Winterbottom's part
of our investigation.

It's Pollock's job
to tail her sometimes.

- The brakes went out...
- According to Winterbottom,

somebody we both know has a
history of suicide ideation.

Or you got a corrupt agent
working for the Castillos.

You in on it, too?

Not everybody here
wanted me to offer you

an immunity deal, Nate.

You want to change your mind?

Do you?

Because you were at the
same wedding as D.A. Miller

the night he was murdered.

Circumstantial evidence.

I've convicted people with less.

Not people you need to testify
against Annalise Keating.

Now, if you're as clean as you claim,

look into Pollock.

Or who knows what I'll say on the stand.

Nate come to his senses?

He thinks he knows better.

Like all the idiot men in our lives.

Why are we down here?

You and Bonnie are over.

Well, that's not for you to decide.

Her father raped her, Frank.

Started when she was 5...
he'd record it, sell it.

Her mom knew.

They took money from people, sold her.

Well, you like her, sure,

but do you really have what it takes

to be there for her?

Now, not for a few months,
a year, but for a life.

Because you know yourself,

what kind of guy you
are, the real you...

and you'll destroy her.

You leaving already?

I'm not feeling so hot.

Do you have a fever?


Them finding out, it...

it makes things too complicated.

If that's what this is about,

I don't have to keep interning here.

I'm not a serious guy,
Bon. You know that.

And I'd probably eventually cheat, so...

You'll find someone better. I know it.



Come in.

What happened?


I'm so stupid.


It's why I didn't tell you,

'cause I knew this would happen.


You're not stupid. You're brave.

The girl I first met would've
never even let herself

think about a relationship or love.

'Cause that's the hardest part,

believing you deserve it.

But you deserve more
than anyone, Bonnie.

And leave Frank's dumbass to me.

I'll teach him.

Tegan, tell Lou that I
said to do whatever he can

to get his hands on the yearbooks,

doctor records, whatever.

They found nothing.

Did Sam say anything
to you in your sessions?


You sure?

Look, I know how much you
want to believe Vivian,

but there's a really good
chance none of this is true.

I know.

Problem is I believe her.

He was so good with us.

That's because he was us.

You okay?

Was it you?

You tell Frank to break up with Bonnie?


But I'm not gonna pretend to be upset.


Bonnie will be okay.

She's strong.

I'll get us a refill.

What's this?

They're his ashes.

I thought we could spread
them at my parents' gravesite.

Just the two of us.


a minister if you want.

I don't want any part of it.


Because every time you bring him up,

I can feel you blaming me.

You didn't do this!

- How many times can I tell you that?
- You don't mean it!

I can feel you avoiding me.

You can't even stand
to be alone with me.

You blame me for asking you to
have a baby in the first place.

- Yeah, I do.
- Okay, so it's my fault

that we're buried
under this grief, okay?

That way, you don't
have to feel anything.

I'm in constant pain. That's all I feel.

You're not the only one
in pain, though, Annie!

Our son died, I am his father,

and I failed to protect him.


And I...

You what?

You want a hug?

You want Mammy to hold you,

tell you everything's gonna be okay?

I want my wife to do that!

Well, I'm too tired holding myself!

I'm alone here trying to
inch my way back to life,

and... and you keep running
off to cry to your sister.

- So I'm the villain now.
- No, I... that's not what I mean.

- Because you're perfect, as always.
- No, I'm a mess.

And, apparently, that's why
you fell in love with me,

- and now you can't handle it.
- Because I'm not perfect either!

Well, I don't want you to be perfect.

I want you to be honest.

And what if there are things
that you don't want to know?

What then?

I want to know.

You say that now, but what if...

what if there are things
that you can't accept, Annie?

Like what? Huh? You hate me?

- Stop.
- What else could there be, huh?

You're not attracted to me anymore?

- I'm ruined for you, I'm...
- I'm the one who's ruined, okay?

- I'm broken.
- We're all broken, Sam.

I'm broken in ways you can't fix.

- I am, too.
- And now it...

It feels too late for
me, Annie, I mean it.

Well, if it's too late for you,

then it's too late for me, too.

Because all I want to do is give up.


I'm fighting to get back
the life we had, Sam.


I can't do it alone.

Or do you not love me anymore?

All I want to do is love you.

Why did we love him?

Because he understood us.

It was his gift...

getting us to see that
we were just children,

that we weren't to blame.

But it was his trauma, too.

Hannah was older, he
might've been a boy.

But there was no one to tell him that.

He could heal others, but
he couldn't heal himself.

None of this makes what he did okay.

I know.

I know.

But it makes me see him.

And I don't know what to do with that.

What's going on in that head?

I'm leaving here knowing
less than when I came.

Not true.

You know yourself better.

Do I?

What I know about you...

is that you are loyal

and good and strong,

to the point that you stuck with me

even when I didn't deserve it.

So thank you.

No, thank you.

Do you think I would be
this loyal or strong or good

if it wasn't for all the hardship
that we went through?

You made me me.

Not him.

You find something?

Sure. Just not what you want.

Hannah's school records and yearbooks.

Lou even talked to some of
her friends from field hockey.

All any of it proves is that she was

an ambitious, normal,
seemingly boring young woman.

- What's this?
- Her report card...

I mean, why did she miss 83 days
of school in her senior year?

Mono. Doctor's records verify it.

Unless they were lying.

Lying about what?

Another reason to miss that
much school is if you're...

if you're pregnant.

You don't know how hard it was
for me to not call your father.

- I would've killed you.
- No, I know.

I just thought the only
reason you'd be held so long

is if you were being
interrogated or tortured...

We were being tortured.
Just not physically.

Mm, true.

But you both got to
keep your original deals.

That just shows how tough you both are.

Then why do I feel like ass?


I'm going to bed.


I'm proud of us.

So am I.


I lied.


I signed a new deal.

Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Lou.

Nothing ties Hannah to
any local maternity wards

or hospitals at the time.

- Birth certificates?
- Nothing.

Unless we're looking at the wrong month.

She was back in school March 5th.

So she must've had the baby in February.

Or March, and then she went right back.

Who was born in March, Annalise?


Talk to me.

What if Sam wasn't the
bad guy this whole time?

Of course he was.

If any of this is true, with Hannah...

... he was abused.

No. He abused us.

He made me break up with you.

So think about how much
time he stole from us.

I'll never forgive him for that.

This is my client's
written authorization...

it states she wants this sample tested

against her husband,
Sam Keating, deceased.

Mr. Keating's DNA is on file

from the Lila Stangard
murder investigation.

I'll need this on a rush.

Okay, but we are beyond backed up.

Would two grand help?

Appreciate that.


I have to apologize.


You were right.

Pollock's been in direct contact

with the Castillos for nearly a year.

Which means you clearly have
insight into things I don't.

So, you want to come
down here and tell me

what else I don't know?

I've told you everything I know.

You gotta do the rest
of the work yourself.

What's wrong?

I have proof that Hannah
and Sam slept together.

What is it?

A child.

I ran a DNA test against Sam,
and the sample was a match.

A match for who?

Who was born in March, Annalise?

Tell me who!

Who is it?