How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Episode #6.12 - full transcript

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

- Who's Robert?
- No one.

You'll be fitted with a
location-monitoring device

and stay confined to your residence.

If we can't trust each
other, what do we have?

They turned.

You can't be surprised

that they finally chose themselves.

Nate must've already handed over
copies of the files to the FBI.

Why would he do that?

To cut his own deal.

Nate told me he was done with all of us.

He's not gonna have much
left in him once I get done.

Don't go near him.

He can't know that we know.

Hey, Ma. I need you.

Mr. Maddox, this is
Special Agent Pollock.

I know who killed Asher.


It was the FBI.

Just got back from the FBI.

Why were you at the FBI?

Because I saw who killed Asher...

You're just telling us this now?

I thought it was Laurel!

Why would you think it was Laurel?

Because it was a woman,
and she had brown hair,

and then you told me that
Laurel used to live in Asher's.

Is this just you pointing
the finger at someone else?

No, i-i-it's an FBI agent
that I met tonight!

Alright? Her name's Denise Pollock.

And she was Asher's handler,
and she killed him.

- Why wouldn't you stop her?
- He was already dead.

Is this just some sort of set-up?

You're trying to catch us saying
something dumb on a wire?

Was what happened to Fred Hampton dumb?

- What are you talking about?
- Oh, my God.

The FBI had him shot and killed

while he was sleeping next
to his pregnant fiancée.

Did you just compare
Asher to a Black Panther?

The FBI wants to take down Annalise.

So they killed the guy
informing against her.

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- You guys could be next.

I just came here to warn you.

No, you're here to make us all paranoid.

Now, get the hell out.

I'm telling the truth.

Get out!

He seemed like he was telling the truth.

Don't say that.

Don't say anything.


I say we go in quick and dirty.

We ask for the one additional location,

- and you don't seem greedy.
- But I am greedy.

Well, I'm calling this shot.

We're early in this battle,

and you don't bust out your dragon

until you get to King's Landing

and are prepared to sack the Red Keep.

English, please.

"Game of Thrones", I'm your Khaleesi!


What the hell are you doing here?

I love this new look.

You haven't returned my calls.

- For a reason.
- Right, I know... you've been preoccupied.

And please don't accuse
me of working with the FBI.

Are you?

I want to help, Annalise.

Can you get my charges dropped?

I'm a damn good lawyer,
I'll join the team pro bono.

Listen, Robert, we've
had some nice dates.

We danced.

But I'm being accused of murder.

And any sane person
would run for the hills.

Annalise, come on...

What is this about?

Other than you clearly
wanting to seem crazy?

I'm not crazy, I just...

Okay, fine, maybe she did
make me a little crazy, but...

Honestly, I like it.


Well, take your crazy to
the bar across the street.

You can probably find some
lonely, successful ladies

to meet there.

You speaking from experience?


I'm not going to suspend

your client's house arrest, Ms. Price.

Our motion isn't to
suspend the house arrest,

but to increase the
range to my office at C&G.

Ms. Keating is a flight risk,

she was just extradited from Mexico.

Then it's a good thing my office
is in Center City, not Mexico.

Ms. Keating lives in a penthouse,

there is plenty of room to
conduct her defense there.

This is a federal trial that will entail

weeks of preparation.

As such, my client and I

will need as much time
and flexibility as possible

to mount an adequate defense.

Adequate defenses are mounted

under house arrest all of the time.

And Ms. Keating's meetings
with witnesses and experts?

Is she meant to host them in her home?

You've made your point, Ms. Price.

The court agrees to expand
Ms. Keating's house arrest

to include Caplan & Gold,
effective immediately.

You proud of me or what?

You should've asked for more.

Your Honor, my office
would also like to file

a notice of intent today.

- For?
- To make this a capital murder case

and pursue the death
penalty against Ms. Keating.

- Your Honor, this is prosecutorial misconduct!
- On what grounds?

The defendant is being
charged with the murders

of assistant district
attorney Emily Sinclair

and federal informant Asher Millstone.

This is a retaliatory move meant
only to intimidate me, Judge!

If you want to challenge the
Government's notice of intent...

- Today, please!
- I do!

... take it up with the
Department of Justice.

For now, the AUSA's intention
to pursue the death penalty

is noted and so carried.

Court dismissed.

Yes... Uh-huh...



What now?

That was my lawyer,
she says the government

is seeking the death
penalty for Annalise.

I thought the death penalty
was suspended in Pennsylvania.

Annalise's case is Federal, not State.

So, yeah, they can execute her.

I was tailed on my run last night.

- What?
- Stop.

It was a black SUV, probably the FBI.

No, this is just how paranoia works,

you... your mind is making things up.

Or the FBI heard everything
that Gabriel told us,

which means it's all true...

they killed Asher

and now they want to
do the same to Annalise.

We signed a deal with
the devil, Michaela.

- The law is on our side.
- The law doesn't matter

when there are corrupt people
in power who want me dead.

You think this is the Governor?

She doesn't have control
over a federal case.

- Don't be a fool.
- I'll get this thrown out, Annalise.

Even better, I'll use it to prove
that your conspiracy case

is actually a conspiracy against you

by a corrupt, overzealous government.

It's that same government
who made this call, Tegan!

Not a judge, not a jury.

A jury will never go
for this in the end.

A white jury who the Feds will guarantee

are all pro-death penalty might.

How is that helpful?

We don't have time for denial.

No one is in denial.

I have a meeting with the AUSA

in two hours to get this thrown out.

I am really good at my job!

Ms. Keating, you have a visitor.

Please tell me his name is not Robert.

It's a woman. Her name is Vivian.

Oh, hell no.

Here to drop off more
of Sam's therapy tapes?

Or did the FBI send you again?

They're who I came to talk to you about.

Great, tell them that I'm suing
them and you for harassment.

They killed Asher, Annalise.

The FBI, they're who killed that boy.

Gabe... he didn't tell anyone
because he didn't see her face.

But now that he knows who she is,

this Agent Pollock, he's scared.

As am I. Not that he needs to know that.

Does Gabriel know that you're here?

You're still lying to
him after everything?

I can't.

You think I'd come to you
if I had another option?

I'm not falling for
another set-up, Vivian.

I'm here as a mother, that's all.

My son is the only eyewitness

in a murder committed by an FBI agent.

God knows he's probably
next on their hit list.

I've got my own life to
worry about right now.

If Gabriel goes on record
about what he saw,

that blows up the FBI's
whole case against you.

What do you want?

- Make Gabriel's statement anonymous.
- That can't happen.

You can make anything happen.

That's why Gabriel
stayed to learn from you.

Go home.

What if I know something
else that'll help your case?


Say you'll help Gabriel first.

Fool me once, girl.

Annalise, please!

She's lying. Gabe and her
cooked up that story to trap you.

We can still use it.

Dig into Agent Pollock.

See if there's any chance
that she did this to Asher.

On it.

Wait. We should tell Nate.


So he knows who he signed a deal with.

That means outing we know he turned.

It'll scare him back to our side.


His testimony is the thing
that can convict you...

and now get you the death penalty.

I said no.

Find Pollock, we'll plan our next move.

What'd Vivian say?

Oh, she's in more drug trouble.

Okay, no. Unh-unh.

No more secret inner circle crap.

Fess up.

Alright. An FBI agent
might've killed Asher.

Annalise is the last person

you should be telling my business to.

You chose to stay here because
she's such a great lawyer.

And that's what you need right now.

- Not her.
- Is this about the therapy tapes?

Because I am willing to forgive
her for wrecking my marriage

if it means getting you safe.

She threatened to kill me.


Not her. But her guy...


I wish that I had killed Sam.

That's how much I hated the guy.

Maybe killing his son
is the next best thing.

I guess she thought I
was informing against her.

That guy...

That's Frank?

You know him?

Your aunt knew him.

My aunt?

Sam has an older sister. Hannah.

She grew up knowing Frank's family.

You're just telling me this now?

She's not a good person
for you to know, baby.

That's not a decision for you to make.

I ran away from that family
for a reason, Gabriel.

No, you ran because
Sam screwed Annalise.

That's what pushed me out the door, yes.

But Hannah is part of it, too.

Making this a capital murder case

is a more-than-material fact.

My lack of knowledge
about that is grounds

for invalidating my contract
with the AUSA's office.

So I... I was thinking
we negotiate new terms

for my deal... which would
also apply to Connor's.

Is everything okay, Michaela?

No. I find it very upsetting

that my testimony could
result in someone's execution.

What happened?

- Did Annalise contact you?
- No.

Then why are you trying
to sabotage this deal?


say the FBI was involved in
a death, Asher's for example.

Wouldn't the charges against me
and Connor have to be dropped?

We'd go free, no time
served at all, right?


Why would the FBI murder
its own informant?

Connor, what about going to your lawyer?

- He sucks.
- And he'll call your dad.

Asher was killed by the very people

we are now working with, Oliver.

Get over your petty father-in-law feud

if you don't want to see
your husband go to jail.

My crappy Hartford lawyer
isn't gonna keep us out of jail.

Exactly, but you know who can?

- Don't say Annalise.
- Or Bonnie.


The two smartest almost-lawyers I know!

So, come on,

all you need to do is
read some more books

and find some precedents.

And I'll help!

I'm gonna take a nap.

Hey, you.

- Did you find her?
- Yeah.

Somebody better, too...

- Who?
- Xavier.

Where is he?

Here, with me.

Good timing, too...

Pollock dropped him a
plane ticket and passport.

This time tomorrow, he
would've been in Brazil.

Frank. We need to be smart.

He can help us in court.

I know.

So tell me where you are.

Just trust me.

Trust me and tell me where you are.

Bon, this is not something
you need to see.


I'll give you whatever you want.

Are you ready to talk?



What do you want?

Agent Pollock. She work for you?

You know how easy it is
to buy people off, Frank.

She the only FBI agent you bought?

Not Lanford, anyone else?

Just her.

And if you want, you.


I know you like the money.

Laurel tell you that?

The Mahoney money.

What's better than sex?

She'll never know it was you.

I'm so sorry.

You sold out Annalise once,

I know you got it in you to do it again.

You know nothing,

otherwise you'd understand

that's the biggest regret of my life.

But I guess I'll just have
to take that out on you.

Timothy McVeigh, a
Boston Marathon Bomber,

and now Annalise Keating?

You think her crimes match
those federal death row inmates?

- Definitely.
- Oh, come on.

She's as bad as a mob boss, Tegan,

that's who you're representing.

And you're taking orders
from the Governor, right?

Meeting's over.

Birkhead climbed the political ladder

at the same time as your boss.

- Out.
- Or is it a family-run business

- with deep pockets? The Castillos?
- Come on.

You're too sane to buy
into a conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy here is you
trying to execute my client.

No, that'll be up to a jury.

No pressure.

Montes is digging in,
to the point that even

I'm starting to believe
Gabriel's whack-ass story.

Good thing we can still challenge this

with the Capital Review Committee.

You mean with the five other lawyers

who work for the same Attorney General

who approved this charge?

Negativity is not productive.

It's going to take weeks

to get in front of
that committee, Tegan.

And when we do, we hit
them with the truth...

that you are a social justice activist

who's consistently been a thorn
in the side of law enforcement,

including last year when
you humiliated the FBI

during Gabriel's terrorism case.


Let the dragon out.

I need your help.

My life depends on it.

Otherwise I could very
well end up on death row.

I'm no conspiracy theorist.

I don't believe in shadow
governments or deep states...

What is she doing?

Ain't that always the question with her?

I don't need farfetched stories

to know that our country's a mess.

How else do you explain a government

that is funding a system

that has sent over 1,500
people to their "legal deaths"?

And then, when you think that
almost half of those murdered

are black?

Even though we represent
only 13% of the population?

The Fed's case against me

is based solely on the
testimony of informants.

Witnesses who are willing

to let me die to
protect their own asses.

And they're victims, too.

Coerced and tricked
into lying against me.

Because me, as an educated
black woman, is too dangerous.

But I have the truth on my side.

And the truth here is that the
only conspiracy that's happening

is that they don't like me.

But I have proof, and I
can't wait to show all of you.

If this bitch says your name...

And I'll save that for trial...

Right now, I need you to

phone, e-mail, and text...

and let the Department of Justice know

that we see them.

We see their lies.

We see their racism.

And if they continue
to kill innocent people

in the name of the law,

then we will have no choice
but to come for them first.

Oh, boy.

Thank you for your time.

My client's not taking any questions,

but I will stay back
for a few questions.

One each, no follow-ups.

Yes, I'm talking to you, Paul.

So, what's this I hear about
you wanting out of your deal?

Don't yell at me.

Frank found Xavier.

Where are they?

He won't tell me.

Why not?

Why do you think?

It's Frank. Leave a message.

I'm tracking your phone
if you don't call me back.

- You want me to?
- No.

If he kills that man, that's on him.

- He's not going to.
- Oh, he might...

and guess who's getting charged
with another thing I didn't do?

He just wants answers on Laurel.

Then he'll call.

He doesn't love Laurel.

That's the last thing
on my mind right now.


When we're about to
go to jail, or worse?

You're not worried about
whether the man you love

loves you back?

It's Frank. Leave a message.

You want Laurel back?
I know where she is.

You think I'm as dumb as I look?

The reason this all started?

My family coming after all of you?

Is because Laurel begged
my father to find you.

This is a social visit,

or are you just here
to find your boyfriend?

We'll talk in my office.

Decide if this Frank
guy is worth your time.

Laurel loved you, Frank.

She loved you in a
way that terrified him.

You know what Laurel said about you?

That you're a leech...

always mooching off Daddy's power.

But he always loved Laurel more.

Which is also why she loved me.

I'm more like your dad than you.

Dark. Disturbed.

A monster.

But Laurel's got a good heart.

And as much as I tried to
be the guy for her, I'm not.

And I'm okay with that.

'Cause I found someone that knows me,

the monster, too, and
she loves me for it.

And her name's not Laurel.

I say that so you stop
wasting your breath.


Is there a reason you
didn't want me inside?

The FBI's probably bugged the house.

And since I already have my lawyer

spilling all my secrets to you...

I pay Kendra a lot of money,

so damn straight she's gonna call me.

Yeah, and who cares about
attorney-client privilege?

Is there a reason you didn't call me?

Is it you who gave
Annalise up to the FBI?

Is that what she told you?

Is it true?


To protect you. And why does it matter?

Unless she's in your head again?

It's not like I'm some
impressionable baby.

It's that they want to
give her the death penalty.

That doesn't bother you?


I know that you're not impressionable.

I didn't think I was either
when I met Anna Mae Harkness.

Even then, me being her boss...

I understand the power that she wields.

And it took me a long time
to get out from under it.

That is why I slept with your mother...

to forget Annalise.

And it turns out, 30 years later,

that is the best decision I ever made.

Solomon's good, I'll give him that.

He's out there convincing
Michaela to stay in your deal.

Or he's working for the FBI, too.

Thanks for adding to my paranoia.

He's a Venture Capital billionaire.

You don't get that rich without
knowing how to cheat and lie.

And let's just go with
the worst-case scenario.

The you-know-who did what Gabriel said,

the death penalty thing sticks.

And then Annalise dies

because Michaela and
I lied on the stand.

You think I can live a
normal life after that?

Working a 9:00-to-5:00?

Debating whether or not we adopt

or get a surrogate?

Vacationing up north with Pam?

Or the Amalfi Coast, does
that make it more palatable... ?

Do it for me.

Okay? Then the blood's on my hands.

You're okay with that?

I just can't lose you.

E-mail and text and let the
Department of Justice know

- that we see them.
- Someone's here to see you.

- Vivian?
- We see their lies.

- No.
- We see their racism.

And if they continue
to kill innocent people

- in the name of the law...
- Stalker.

... then we will have
no choice but to c...

Do I need to learn how to
say "no means no" in Klingon?

Cute. Look, I saw the press conference.

You're gonna need a team
of lawyers to win this.

Why should that include you?

Someone who's made
his romantic interests,

and thus his impartiality, very clear.

You don't seem too bothered
with your romantic interests.

- What?
- You expect me to believe

you're not into Annalise?

We are preparing for a murder trial,

no one's thinking about who likes who!

So you do like her.

Which is an unhealthy
distraction for a lawyer

about to take on the most
complicated trial of her career.

But it's okay for you
to work on her case?

You're not gonna hire me.
Which, honestly, is quite smart.

I only offered 'cause I wanted
to get closer to Annalise.

Which is why it's so clear to me

you're doing exactly the same thing.

Look here, boo boo.

Whatever girl-on-girl fantasy

you brewed up in that hetero-head,

it's not gonna happen.

I'm a professional whose sole focus

is winning this case for my client.

Who you have a thing for.

Annalise needs to know that.


Get security to escort
Robert out of the building.




Everything's fine.

What does that mean?

- Is he dead?
- No.

I'm not an animal.

But all he's fessed up to
is that he hired Pollock.

Says no one else in the FBI's dirty.

What about the Governor?

- I'm about to dig in on that.
- Don't.

This is my courtroom,
I know what I'm doing.

There's another way to use him, Frank.

So this is why you expanded
your house arrest, huh?

Have somewhere else to be shady?

We found Xavier.

You don't have to take my word for it.

You could see him yourself.


Testify for me, not against me.

- Who told you?
- Doesn't matter.

- Then I'll go.
- Maybe it was the FBI themselves,

you ever wonder if they played you?

My immunity deal is set, Annalise.

Oh, you mean the deal that
you made with the people

who've been hiding
Xavier this whole time?

And who killed Asher?

Did Lanford not tell you?

Gabriel saw Agent Pollock
bludgeon the boy to death.

- You calling Lanford?
- Yeah, to tell him to add

Xavier's kidnapping to your indictment.

Why did it take Frank
only hours to find Xavier?

How does that make sense

if Lanford sent his
best agents out there

searching for the man?

I don't know, but I'm
gonna ask Xavier that.

They were all in on it, Nate!

The FBI, Birkhead...

But now we have one ready to talk.

And it's the coward who
put a hit on your father.

Now God knows you have
every reason to go out there

and do whatever you want with that man.

But you'll only get a
chance if you help me.

So pick...

who do you hate more?

Me or the man who killed your father?

Remember me?

If you're gonna kill me, do it.

Why would I kill you?

Tell me. Why would you deserve that?


Say it for the record.

Xavier Castillo,

did you order the hit on
Nathaniel Lahey Senior?

You got me under duress here.

None of this will be
admissible in court.

So that's it?

You're not gonna confess
to killing my pops?

Or confess to working with the Governor?

If that's what you think, I'm
not gonna change your mind.

No news yet.

You're not in there?

No, I had my time with the guy.

Did he tell you where Laurel is?


I'm in this with you.

Not Laurel.

To the bitter end.

I love you, you just got
to believe me for once.

I love you too, Frank.

What's today's little secret?

You solve JFK? Hoffa?

Let's make a trade.

You tell me about what happened to Sam

and I won't tell Annalise
that you're snitching on her.

What are you talking about?

You got a deal with the FBI, that's how

you got Asher's murder
charges dropped against you.

Okay, Asher's not here,

but I will gladly
fight you in his place.

Yeah, that goes for me, too.

We don't have to fight him.

We just have to go to the FBI

and tell them what he told us.

Did you hear that, FBI?!

Gabriel thinks that Agent
Pollock killed Asher!

Asher told me Wes didn't act alone.

Before he died, he told me that.

Hannah thinks so, too.


My aunt.

You know her.

What's going on here?

Hi. I'm Hannah.

Sam's sister.

Who are all of you?

Hannah's a crazy psycho
who knows nothing.

Why did she and Asher both say
that Wes had help killing Sam?

- Asher never said that!
- Yes, he did.

It hurts, doesn't it?

Someone you thought
loved you told me that.

Even a lying, cheating, spiteful Asher

is a better person
than you will ever be.

Now, get out.

We are so screwed.

I know what to do.

Oliver takes a poker to his head?


But our fathers aren't gonna like it.

I've finally got some good news.

Clearly a sign to let the dragon
out sooner from now on.

- What is it?
- Your press conference worked.

The DOJ Committee wants
to meet us at 3:00.

- Today?
- I've already written up my argument.

And, yes, you can read it.

I'm a good partner that way.

Partner in a professional
way, of course.

Right. I'll call you back.

Good news?

I get to challenge the
death penalty today.

Good, because we know how you can win.

No, no, i-it's an agent
that I met tonight!

Alright? Her name is Denise Pollock.

And she was Asher's handler,
and she killed him, I swear.

Why wouldn't you stop her?

He was already dead.

The FBI killed Asher.

This... This whole
thing's been a set-up.

I already know that.

Well, then why haven't you used it?

Forced Gabriel to testify.

And put Gabriel's life at risk?

This proves that the FBI
is conspiring against you!

Is this what I taught you to be?

Cowards who throw innocent
people under the bus?

You threw Nate under the bus after Sam!

For you! And God knows
I'm still paying for it.

Look, this recording can
get your whole case dropped.

You should be thanking us!

No. It gets Asher's
murder charge dropped.

Because apparently I have informants

who will testify to
all of my other charges.

Come clean.

You're the informants. Admit it.

Admit that you agreed
to testify against me!

Fine, it's us.

We only signed because Agent Lanford

used Asher's murder to coerce us.

And it worked. We fell for it.

And now we hate ourselves because,
yeah, you taught us better.

How do I know this isn't a trap?

That you're not recording me now?

- We're not.
- Oh, says the snitch.

This recording can get your
death penalty charges revoked.

And it can help get us out of our deal.

We won't have to testify against you.

Everyone wins.

They want to kill you... and they might.

But that's why we're here...

because we wouldn't be
able to live with ourselves

if that happened.

We're sorry.

Really, we're sorry.

This is a special session

of the Capital Review Committee,
convened in the matter of

United States vs. Annalise Keating.

It is our sole objective here

to assess the AUSA's decision
to seek the death penalty

should Ms. Keating be
found guilty by a jury.

Ms. Price?

Esteemed members of this committee,

the Department of Justice has one job...

to ensure public safety

against threats both
foreign and domestic.

I don't think you're
ever gonna tell me the truth.

So maybe I do kill you.

Come on, Nate.

You and I both know
I'm worth more to you

alive and in a courtroom...

So that's what I'm going
to ask of you today...

to protect my client
from the domestic threat

being waged against
her by the AUSA and FBI.

But why, you might ask yourselves?

Why would our own government

go out of their way to try
and execute Ms. Keating?

Why would they do that?


That's the question I've
asked myself this whole time.

Why take such a risk to
kill one defenseless old man?

Don't tell me it was to
take down Annalise Keating.

It was Birkhead's plan.

What plan?

To destroy Keating, discredit
her win at the Supreme Court.

There's gotta be more.

The truth.

Our system reserves the
death penalty for people

who destroy lives for their own gain.

But my client's the one
whose life has been destroyed.

She's lost her husband,
home, reputation.

Now they want to take her life, too.

I'll tell you whatever you want.

The Governor, she contacted you first?

Yeah. Yeah, she did. She did.

She knew my father was in
jail because of Keating,

she knew we wanted to hit back.

And the FBI Agent?


She's Birkhead's, too. I swear.

Birkhead called every shot.

This is a malicious prosecution...

Rooted in hatred for how Ms.
Keating has built a career

on challenging our currently
unjust justice system.

So rather than risk the chance

of Ms. Keating messing
with the status quo,

the FBI and USA are working together

to pull off a
government-sanctioned execution.

Your father was just a pawn, Nate.

He didn't deserve it.

But it was Birkhead's call. Not mine.

He didn't deserve any of it, I swear.

It was Birkhead's call.

She wanted to prove that Annalise's win

would put dangerous
felons back on the street.

That cannot be the only reason.

I swear to God, it is.
That's the only reason.

You're telling me that
all this was politics?!

I'm so sorry, Nate.

I wish he died for a
better reason, I do.

I'll tell the police, the FBI,
whoever you want.

Just please let me live.



Whatever you want, just
please let me live, man.

Just let me live.


Just let me live.

I'll let Frank decide that.

If Ms. Keating isn't being targeted,

then this is an
"arbitrary and capricious"

application of the death penalty.

An informant was murdered,
not to mention A.D.A. Sinclair.

The AUSA hasn't provided
a shred of evidence

tying my client to
either of those deaths!

The Federal Rules don't require her

to disclose evidence at this phase.

The burden is on the government

to supply evidence proving
that this isn't the case.

The fact remains that Asher Millstone

was allegedly murdered by your client...

The FBI, they're who killed that boy.

Forced Gabriel to testify.

And put Gabriel's life at risk?

This recording can get your
death penalty charges revoked.

And it can help us get out of our deal.

We won't have to testify against you.

Everyone wins.

What evidence do you
have to support your claim

that Mr. Millstone's
murder was committed

in order to frame your client?

I have evidence, Madam Chair.

It's a recording. I can
play it for you right now.

Come clean. You're the
informants, admit it.

I'll call you back.

Admit that you agreed
to testify against me!

Fine, it's us.

We only signed because Agent Lanford

used Asher's murder to coerce us.

And it worked. We fell for it.

And now we hate ourselves because,
yeah, you taught us better.

How do I know this isn't a trap?

That you're not recording me now?

- We're not.
- Oh, says the snitch.

This recording can get your
death penalty charges revoked.

And it can help get us out of our deal.

We won't have to testify against you.

Everyone wins.

These voices belong to Connor
Walsh and Michaela Pratt.

They claim that the FBI
murdered Asher Millstone

in order to coerce them
into testifying against me.

We don't know if this recording is real.

You were part of the coercion

of these two witnesses, Ms. Montes.

How can the committee
believe anything that you say?

Counselors, this is
not a judiciary hearing.

Do you need more proof?

Talk to Agent Lanford.
He was their handler.

He can get these two
witnesses in front of you.

Or I can give you their numbers myself.

- Good, you're home.
- What's going on?

Annalise has a recording
of you two claiming

I coerced you into
testifying against her.

A recording of us?

We'll talk more at my office.

Do we need to cuff you?

They're almost ready with a decision.

Let's go.

- I don't deserve this.
- Of course you don't.

No, but I need you to know that.

That I didn't kill anyone.

I don't deserve to die.

I never believed any of it.

But what if they do?

Look here.

Nobody's dying on my watch,
I can promise you that.

- No, you can't.
- Know how I can?

Because there are very few
people in this horrible world

that make me feel the way you do.

Like it's all worth it.

Even the pain.

And I'm not saying that because
of how the world sees us.

I'm saying it because
of how you see yourself.

It makes me see myself.

You give a voice to every
victim of the justice system.

It's your legacy.

And the only thing that
has given me real purpose...

in years.

And that's what makes me know in
my gut that nobody can stop us.

We have no authority to judge

the government's allegations
or Ms. Keating's...

Although the recording we heard

suggests a serious failure

within the Department of Justice.

Ms. Montes, we therefore
recommend an internal review

of how any immunity deal is reached.

What this committee can
decide is whether or not

the U.S. government
may subject Ms. Keating

to capital punishment.

And it is the determination of
this Committee that it may not.

The death penalty is
officially off the table.

I'm trying to be patient, but
you're scaring me a little.

He confessed. Said it
was all the Governor.

That's good.

He say he'd testify to that in court?


'Cause you didn't ask?

'Cause I took care of it.

Please, just let me live, man.

Just let me live.

I'll let Frank decide that.

You want my father? Huh?

Take my father, man.

He told me to do
everything Birkhead said.

The hit on your dad, too.

I just went along with it, man.

It's my father you really want.

And I can help you get to him.

We can get to him.

He'll never even see it coming.

So you're ready to lose your own father?

He deserves it.

I agree.

So let's hurt him.

What did you do?

Nate, what the hell did you do?

What did you do?


Okay. I'm not feeling too bad
about the house arrest anymore.

You said that you knew
something that could help me.

Only if you're willing
to protect Gabriel.

- I already protected him.
- How?

I have a recording of Gabriel admitting

that he saw the FBI kill Asher.

I could've played it at my hearing
at the Department of Justice.

I didn't.

Instead, I protected him... for you.

For now.

Listen, Vivian,

there's a lot of people I
want to hurt in this world.

Right now, you're not one of 'em.

I know who started the war against you.

And it wasn't the
FBI, or the Governor...

- Hannah?
- You know?

Hannah hating me isn't news, Vivian.

But do you know why she hates you?

Because she's a sad, lonely bitch

who thinks I killed her brother.

So you don't know.

Know what?

What happened with her and Sam.