How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - We're Not Getting Away with It - full transcript

Annalise's disappearance is uncovered, and the fallout affects everyone. Following Asher's death, Michaela and Connor are booked on murder charges and forced to make the most difficult ...

Previously on "How to
Get Away With Murder"...

She faked her death
and framed Snow White.

Mr. Millstone, come and get your check.

An unknown source has come forward,

causing the FBI to open
several closed murder cases.

I take it you saw the news.


- Y-You're in witness protection?
- No.

Someone had to help you do all this.

It was Tegan.

Asher, is it you?

- Yeah. Let me explain.
- No, you chose yourself.

They want Annalise! Okay?
They know everything.

When you go down, I
hope I'm there to see it.

- VIP Results.
- I'm ready.

You're clear for takeoff.

Connor Walsh and Michaela Pratt?

- You're both under arrest for murder.
- What?

- Stop.
- What are you talking about? Who died?

We ask you, o Lord,

to lift up Annalise and give her peace.

Turn to the left.

Now what?

Body inspection.

Remove all jewelry, your wedding ring.

Open your mouth.

We have security cameras
in every room at our house.

The footage will prove
we didn't do this.

This is the Castillos.

They must have hacked into the app

and deleted the footage.

- Okay.
- They own a telecom company.

They do things like this.

I think you need some sleep.

No, you have my innocent
husband locked up.

I'm not sleeping until you release him.

- Calm down.
- No, please.

Just believe me.

We have a dead informant
on our hands, Michaela.

Your fingerprints match
those on the murder weapon.

No more running.

It's all over.

I want my lawyer.


Safe's empty.

Celestine just texted

that she never showed up in Memphis.

She left.

Or Xavier's guys staged it to
make it look like she ran...

just like Laurel.

Or she left.




Where's Annalise?

Her phone keeps going
straight to voicemail.

She's probably at graduation.

Why aren't you?

You haven't heard?

Heard what?

Asher's dead.

The FBI says it's murder.

- Where are you?
- At the police station.

They arrested Connor and Michaela.


Please tell me they just
teepeed the Dean's house.

Who is that?

Uh, Pam, you need to sit.

W-What did Connor do?

Get a medic now!

I need help in here!

Help! Help!!

I'm his mother.

I have the right to see him.

Will you help, please?

Hey, Pam, let's... let's sit.

- D-Do you have any children?
- Eight.

Then you understand that
I need to see my child.

- Pam, we need to wait, okay?
- Wait?

Whose side are you on here?

- Making the police mad won't help us...
- I am mad, Oliver!

And you should be, too.

- That is your job right now...
- No.

- To get angry because you love your husband...
- I know.

Well, then be a man and fix it, damn it!


I'm gonna call Jefferson.

BP's normal. Heart rate, too.

Probably a panic attack.

I know what a panic attack is.

This wasn't that.

You need to take me to
the hospital right now

or I-I might die in here.

We'll take the risk.

I'm not...

I wasn't faking it.

I didn't say you did.

Then take me to the hospital.


I'm begging. Please.

I think you're okay here.



Come on, guy. Let's get you out of here.

Sweet-O, look at me.

Connor's smart. He's gonna be fine.

- I did it!
- Oliver!

It was me! I'm the murderer!

Arrest me!


- Oliver just confessed.
- What?

As soon as I got here, he went crazy.

They're booking him now.

I'll be there in 20.

You couldn't sleep last night either?

- Listen.
- I think Annalise should file

a defamation suit against the FBI

for letting that leak out on the news.

Tegan, we have a bigger
problem right now.

Annalise is about to get
charged with a murder conspiracy.

How could there be anything bigger?

Asher was killed last night.

Was anyone else with you last night?

No. I came home right after our meeting.

And you heard nothing all night long?

No voices, a struggle?


I swear.

I'm telling the truth.

Gabriel, last night, you came to me

and asked if Annalise
Keating was responsible

for your father's murder.

Then, later that night, your neighbor,

a member of Annalise's inner circle,

turns up dead outside your door.

You're a smart guy.

How does that sound to you?

I didn't do this.

Michaela and Connor were arrested.

- Did they do it?
- No.

But they need lawyers.

Where's Annalise?


- I'm sorry?
- She's gone.

That's also why I'm here...

to see if you helped her
disappear like you did Laurel.

Don't. I know it was you.

- So if you did the same thing for Annalise...
- I didn't.

How can I believe that?!

Laurel blackmailed me.
That's why I helped her...

because she threatened to tell Jorge

I was the Jane Doe who got him put away.

Who the hell told you any of this?


- What are you doing here?
- _


Listen, i-it's not what you think.

You're covered in blood.

Yeah, it's my blood. Oliver hit
me with the fireplace poker.

- Oliver?
- It was the shrooms.

They made everyone paranoid.
When Laurel called, they...

they all just... they turned on me.

You're not making sense.

Laurel called, and she said
that she's not the mole,

which means that she obviously is, or...

maybe it's Tegan.

- Why Tegan?
- She's the one that disappeared Laurel.

Or that's what Laurel said.

But it means one of them
has to be the informant

that we've been hearing
about on the news, right?

I'm... I mean, I'm
leaning towards Laurel

'cause she knows
everything we've done...

Sam, Sinclair, Miller, and...

remember how mad she
was when she found out

that you killed Miller
in front of Christopher?

She probably went to the FBI then.

I think losing all that
blood has you... confused.


I'll make you some tea.

I can just go home.

Sit down so we can
figure out what to do.

What's up?

Where are you?

About to walk into the kids' house.

Don't go in.

I need you here right now.

What's wrong?

Asher's here.


I think it's him.

He turned.

Don't let him leave.


Who were you on the phone with?


He's coming here and
will drive you home.

There's nothing we can do tonight,

and you have graduation tomorrow.

Obviously, I'm not... I'm not going.

It's gonna look suspicious to
the FBI if you don't show up.

Just don't tell Frank
about Tegan helping Laurel.


You saw what happened last time
Frank went looking for Laurel.

Let's protect him from himself, okay?


Morons for doing shrooms.

Yeah, I know.

Eh, let's just go.

We'll figure it all out tomorrow.


- I'm sorry?
- Frank Delfino.

We met last Christmas
at the kids' house.

Oh. Right.

Why are you here?

Oliver called me

right after Connor and
Michaela were arrested.

Clearly, I got here too late

to stop him from playing the martyr.

Oh. I think that's my fault.
I yelled at him pretty bad.

Hey, this is traumatic.

No blaming yourself.

The good news is that I
have the managing partner

from Caplan & Gold
coming to help everyone.

No, Connor's father's
already called a lawyer.

Well, who? This is Philly.

You need someone who knows the city.

No, we need someone

who isn't beholden to that insane woman.



This is all her doing.

No, that's not what's happening.

Connor told me the Governor has
been coming after all of them

since the Supreme Court win.

That is Annalise's fault.

Trust me, we're not gonna let
him go down for any of this.


I just wanna help Connor...


Or I will scream to this whole station

that you're harassing me.

You're shook, I get it,
but I'm here to help.

- Who told you?
- Bonnie.

I stopped at the crime
scene on my way here.

Which was where?

The landing outside Asher's apartment.

I overheard a tech say

he was hit multiple times
with a fireplace poker,

also found at the crime scene.

Someone put that there to frame us.

Xavier's people. I know.

I am so sorry, Michaela.

There aren't a lot of
good ones out there,

but Asher was one of them.

You barely knew him.

I know you cared for him.

I cared for Laurel, too.

I did what Laurel asked,

protecting her from the same
people who did this to Asher.

- I don't believe you.
- You don't have a choice

to not believe me, Michaela.

I'm all you have here, and
I'm damn good at what I do,

just like I was damn good
at helping Laurel go MIA

so that she and that baby could be safe.

And it wasn't my secret to tell.

So, if you're gonna be
pissed, be pissed at Laurel,

but we have work to do if
we're gonna get you out of here.

This is a game.

They're trying to get in your head.

The security cameras will prove
that you never left the house.

There are people who want to frame us.

Oh, thank God.

- It's going to be okay.
- No, it's not. How's Connor?

I'll try to see him after this.

No, you have to go see him now!

Just sign this

so I can represent you
at the bail hearing.

It's in two hours.


Uh, I was wearing Laurel's gloves.

That's why my prints weren't
on the poker, but I did it.

I hit Asher.

That's not what killed him.

I hit him hard. It might've
been a slow bleed.

- Listen to me...
- He could have fainted

and fallen down the stairs.

I saw him after he left your
house last night, Oliver.

Uh... what did he tell you?

That you all accused him
of being the informant.

- No, he admitted that he was.
- I know.

The only reason he came over

was to record me saying
something incriminating.

It wasn't me.

Killing an FBI informant

is the dumbest move
any of us could make.

Unless you and Frank
framed someone else.

Oliver, look at me.

This is what Xavier wants...

for all of us to point
the finger at each other.

Don't fall for it.

Sign, and I'll get you out of here.

- How'd it go?
- Oliver signed.

- Michaela?
- No go.


She already hired a lawyer.

I'm so sorry.

Hey. It's okay.

It's okay. You're not alone anymore.

I just didn't know who else to call.


I'm exactly the right
person to have called, okay?

This is Kendra Strauss.

- She is a partner at, uh, Baldwin...
- Strauss and Morris.

You got that hedge fund
guy out on self-defense.


She is the best.

We're gonna fix this, Michaela.

But first, I need to know if
you've made any statements.

God no.

Told you she was smart.


Hey, it's alright. It's alright.

I swear, I...

I didn't do this.


Never once did I think you did this.

I'm not leaving until
we get you out of here.

Oli's got quite an arm on him, huh?


D-Did you or Bonnie, uh, talk to him,

or to Connor or Michaela?


Should we?

I'm just, uh, hurt, to be honest.

That they'd think I could...

lie to all your faces this whole time.

We're all pretty good
liars at this point, no?

What if it's Annalise?


If she's the mole, I mean.

She knows everything we've done...

you too... shooting Wallace Mahoney,

framing Nate for Sam...

Those shrooms making you hallucinate?


I guess I need sleep.

- I'll walk you up.
- Oh, you don't have to.

You're high.

You probably have a
concussion from the blow.

We don't want you
falling down the stairs.



What about him?

You really didn't hear?

Hear what?


Apparently, he told the
kids he was the mole.

A few hours later,
his head was bashed in

with a fireplace poker at his apartment.

FBI's got Connor,
Michaela, Oliver in jail.

You and Annalise do it?

Nah, don't be stupid. This was Xavier.

What better way to hit back at us

than to kill the guy
informing against us?

Good luck proving that.

You need to be worried about this, too.


Asher knew you killed Miller,
which means so does the FBI.

Good. Tell Annalise I said that.

She's gone.


No clue.

Unless you know.

Don't come back here again.

This is bail hearing 34-CR-4271,

the United States vs.
co-defendants Walsh and Pratt.

The top charge

is the first-degree
murder of Asher Millstone.

AUSA Montes, it's my understanding

that you've added an
additional defendant?

Yes, Your Honor.

In addition to Ms. Pratt and Mr. Walsh,

we're charging Oliver Hampton
with first-degree murder.

We ask that the court deny
bail for all three defendants

due to the extremely violent
nature of the killing.


We've identified Mr. Walsh
and Ms. Pratt's fingerprints

on the murder weapon,

and all of the defendants
had a clear motive

to silence a federal informant

who was providing criminal
evidence against them.

Defense counsel for Ms.
Pratt, your response?

The government's
evidence against Ms. Pratt

won't survive a probable
cause hearing, Your Honor.

The only thing tying her to this crime?

Her fingerprints on a fireplace poker

my client used as a household item

many times before Mr.
Millstone's murder.

The FBI denied Mr.
Walsh medical assistance

after he had a severe
panic attack in custody.

I therefore demand Mr. Walsh's

immediate transfer to a hospital.

Mr. Hampton's only been
charged because of confession

made under the influence
of psychedelic drugs,

a confession that is the
government's only evidence

against my client.

Actually, we have more evidence
against Mr. Hampton, Your Honor.

A voicemail Mr. Millstone
left a federal agent

just hours before he was killed.

It shows Mr. Hampton and all
of the defendants had motive.

It's Asher Millstone.

The others saw the news
and figured out it's me.

I just ran out of the house.
Please call me back.

There is no proof these
"others" include my client.

When Mr. Millstone called the FBI,

his phone pinged a cell tower

nearest to the house where
all three co-defendants live.

Cell towers don't
pinpoint exact locations.

This is all circumstantial, Your Honor.


Any additional arguments for bail,

or can I give my ruling?


I'm denying bail to
defendants Walsh and Pratt,

who shall be held in
custody pending trial.

However, I agree there's
not enough evidence

to charge Mr. Hampton at this time.

I'm therefore dismissing
the charges against him

and ordering his release.

No! No! No, they're all murderers!

- Order! Order in the court!
- Okay, all three...

they need to go to jail!

- Officer, escort her outside.
- No, Asher tried to do the right thing,

- and they killed him! They killed my brother!
- Take the defendants into custody.

- Order!
- He's dead,

- Order in the court!
- so they need to die now, too!

They're all murderers!

They need to die now, too!

Okay. Home safe and sound. All good.

I gotta take a leak.

Expecting a call?

No, just, uh...

checking the news to see
if anything else came out.

Like what?

Come on.

We're not getting away with it, are we?

We're just kidding ourselves.

You're just tired, that's all.

No, I-I just...

I don't know how we got here.

Remember when we were buds? We...

We watched the Eagles together.
You gave me dating tips.

I-I helped you study for the LSAT.

What's going on in your head?

I-I think I just need a hug.

I never thought you
were a bad guy, Frank.

Everything you ever did,

I-I know you just did
it to protect us...


The only thing I ever did
for you was be your friend.

Don't go to sleep.

It's bad for concussions.

Your call has been forwarded

to an automated voice-messaging system.

At the tone, please record...

Nate claims he had no
idea Annalise was gone.

You think he helped her?

Hell, maybe he helped
Laurel disappear, too.

What is it?

Nate wasn't who helped Laurel disappear.



Bonnie told you?

Where are they?

I don't know.

How the hell is that possible?

I know a guy in Mexico who does this.

So, they're in Mexico?

I don't know.

I gave her his number.

She arranged the details without me.

And even if I did know where she was,

telling you would risk
having Laurel and Christopher

end up like Asher.

Is that what you want?

All this time,

we thought she could
be chained up in a well.

Annalise almost drank
herself to death 'cause of it.

And I hated myself the whole time.

But you know what?

Annalise just took off
without a thought about me.

So I'm hating myself a
little less right now.

I'm sorry Laurel hurt you,

but that's between you two.

Now, can I get in my car,

or are you gonna make me use my mace?

We appreciate you sitting
down with us today.

Like we have a choice.

- Pam.
- Just... Don't you dare shush me again.

Drop the charges,

otherwise we sue you
and this whole state

for wrongful prosecution, and I will...

Mrs. Walsh, I'm sorry
this is so upsetting,

but today's charges against
your son were just the start.

In addition to the Millstone murder,

we have evidence linking Ms. Pratt

to several more crimes.

You'll need time to review them all,

but the highlights are conspiracy,

aiding and abetting, perjury,

obstruction of justice...

Evidence tampering?

For when you helped hide
the murder of D.A. Miller.

A wedding was a convenient alibi

for D.A. Miller's killing.

We're ending this meeting

if you continue to drum
up ludicrous accusations.

You don't want to know
the other evidence first?

Victim intimidation of Simon Drake.

Assault by the unauthorized intoxication

of Catherine Hapstall.

Retaliation against District
Attorney Todd Denver.

The murder of A.D.A. Emily Sinclair.

Caleb Hapstall. Rebecca Sutter.

All deaths stemming
from the first murder

and dismemberment of Sam Keating.

Which is why you had to
kill Asher Millstone...

to keep him from
informing on Sam's murder

and everything that came after.

- Then charge me.
- Connor.

If you have the evidence,
then charge me for all of it.

You can't, though, right?

That's why the AUSA isn't here?

The AUSA isn't here
because you're being shady.

This is all some weak-ass scare tactic

to bully us into giving
a false confession.

Call our bluff. We'll see you at trial.


Admit that you did all of
it, not because you wanted to,

but because you were under
the influence of one person...

Annalise Keating.

Annalise Keating.

If you want Keating so bad,

why haven't you arrested her?

Ms. Keating's missing.

- What?
- What?

We believe she fled the country.

We'll find her and
we'll take her to trial,

but in order to make
our case, we need help.

We're offering you an
immunity deal, Ms. Pratt.

We're offering you an
immunity deal, Mr. Walsh.

Plead guilty to all
the crimes listed here

and agree to testify against
Ms. Keating at trial...

And agree to testify
against Ms. Keating at trial,

including the fact that she ordered you

to murder Sam Keating.

Including the fact

that she ordered you
to kill Sam Keating.

Agree and you'll get five years.

For everything.

For everything.

You just need to sign today

and we'll immediately release you.

Don't sign...

and you'll stay in
jail until your trial,

where the AUSA will
try for a life sentence.

You have until 5:00 p.m. to decide.

... Sam, Sinclair, Miller, and...

remember how mad she
was when she found out

that you killed Miller
in front of Christopher?

I think losing all that blood

has you... confused.

I never thought
you were a bad guy, Frank.

Everything you ever did,

- I know you just did it to protect us.
- Hey.

The only thing I ever did
for you was be your friend.

D-Damn it!

Stupid, stupid, stupid, Asher.

Stupid, dumb rage monster.

You alone?


Did Frank do it?


My contact at PD says they
know Asher came over here

and that Frank drove him home after.

Just look me in the eye
and tell me it wasn't Frank.

It wasn't.

The police clearly know that, too,

since we're not the ones in jail.

Why do you even care?

You said you were done with all of us.

Done with Annalise, yeah,

like she's clearly done with all of you.

But I'm not done doing what's right.

"What's right"?


Do you have any idea how many times

I've played that night over in my head?

I chose you over Ron.

I didn't ask you to do that.

He was innocent.

He could have stopped the whole thing.

Reported Xavier to the feds.

That coward son of a bitch

let an old man get shot
point-blank in the head.

You wanna actually
move on from all of this

and be the hero you think you are?

Just turn yourself in.

I am sorry about Asher.

What do you think I should do?

It's not my call.

What if it were, though?


I really want to know.

I'm with Kendra.

You take the deal.

It's not that simple.

They want us to lie

and say that Annalise
told us to kill Sam.

Is that such a bad thing?

You could get a life sentence.

- Maybe I deserve that.
- You're my husband.

You're who I care about
here, not Annalise.

Annalise isn't to blame for all of this.

But she is to blame
for most of it, right?

And don't forget, Michaela,

I have known her for a long time,

and what you're doing,
worrying about her,

is not something she
would do for you right now.

She ran away, saved her own ass.

Now you gotta do the same thing.

What if this was Annalise?

For all we know, she killed
Asher and she framed you.

- You're reaching.
- Am I?

Maybe Asher was right all along.

She got you into this.

She should go down.

And, look, I know five years
sounds like a long time,

but I'll be here the whole time.

I just want this to be over

so that we can go have

a boring, normative life together.

What about Michaela?

What if Connor doesn't take the deal?

They'll still charge him.

My deal could sentence him to life.

Did you not hear me?

First Annalise, now
that spoiled white boy?

The only person you need
to think about here...

is you.

He's always had my back.

And who's got his back?

His husband, two parents, history.

You know a jury's not gonna
treat the two of you the same.

Michaela got Simon deported,

and she pushed Sam over
the railing, not you.

- I mean, what have you done? Really?
- I told you.

No, everything you did
with Sam was after the fact.

You didn't instigate anything bad.

- That's not true.
- Then what have you done?

I got you involved.

I got myself involved.

You always begged me to stop.

Please, if you want to make it up to me,

then just... sign...

and come home with me tonight.

Okay? Just... Please. I'll do anything.

Just sign.

What am I gonna do after I get out?

- There's no way I'll get to be a lawyer.
- You don't know that.

They want me to plead
guilty to a dozen felonies.

How do you think I got
to where I am, Michaela?

I know people everywhere...
at the bar, too.

And we will make you a lawyer.

I promise to use every resource I have

to get your sentence
reduced, your record sealed.

Then you can come to California with me,

change your name to Vick if you want.

But me?

Michaela, it's time...
that I be your father,

and that means telling you the truth.

You should take the deal.

So? Do we have our deal?

We do.

Nice work.

Now we just need our number one.

♪ Todo el sabor que tiene la vida ♪

♪ Y es que la cumbia tiene en su canto ♪

♪ Todo lo lindo, todo el encanto ♪

♪ Y es que la cumbia tiene en su canto ♪

♪ Todo lo lindo, todo el encanto ♪


♪ Todo el sabor que tiene la vida ♪

♪ Y es que la cumbia tiene en su canto ♪

♪ Todo lo lindo... ♪



Where we going?

You'll see soon.

Please. No more surprises.

I don't know either, is the point.

That's the fun part.

Let's go.

Damn it!

I wish that I had killed Sam.

Maybe killing his son's
the next best thing.


What the hell?

I'm fine. Just... I-I need your phone.

- For what?
- It's an emergency.

- Give me your phone.
- No.


I'll pay you $64,000 for it.


Don't let yourself feel any guilt here.

You made a smart decision.

So lower my sentence to no years.

It's not my call, sadly.

But what I can tell you is

you're gonna make a
great lawyer someday.

Don't patronize me.

I'm serious.

You convinced us to
give you a better deal.

You think that happens often?

I'm ready to sign.

That's great news.

But I have a stipulation.
Otherwise, we go to trial.

I got you a room at the hotel.

Entire room service menu

should be waiting when we get there.


But I have a stipulation.

The terms of the deal are only valid

if they apply to both Connor and myself.

Protect us equally...

or we don't have a deal.

You're welcome.


Well, I-I made sure
we got the same deal.


I made sure we got the same deal.

I'm only signing if you
agree to one more term.

Which is?

Michaela gets the same
protections I do...

even if she doesn't sign.

Great minds.

Brilliant minds.


Thank God.

I love you so much.


¿Esta cerrada la autopista?

¿Que tal el puente?

Pues tenemos que buscar
otro camino y hacer lo mejor.

Confia en mi.

Something wrong?

- We have to hurry.
- Hurry where?

We've been walking for over an hour.

They might know you're here.

- Who?
- I don't know.

Come. Quick.

I just got off the phone
with my "in" at the PD.

They dropped the charges
against Connor and Michaela.

Think they took a deal?

What do you think?


We'll make it through this.



Was it you?

No way I'm that stupid.

You think she and Laurel

are sitting on a beach somewhere?


There. That's our driver.

Justine, hurry.

You wanna get caught?

This is how that happens.

Move your ass now or we leave you.

Justine, be smart.

Justine, stop!


Annalise Keating?

Ahora estas bajo la custodia
de la Policía Federal Mexicana.

Seras extraditado de
regreso a los Estados Unidos

en nombre del FBI...


Thank God. I love you so much.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Agent Lanford.

You find Annalise Keating yet?

Tiene el derecho mantenerse en silencio.