How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - He's Dead - full transcript

As the police investigate Simon's accidental shooting, Keating 4 deal with a new set of obstacles. Meanwhile, Annalise finds herself in an unimaginable situation as Laurel and her baby struggle to cling to life.

Previously on "How To Get Away
With Murder"...

I could really use
one of our AA meetings.

I can't be your therapist, Annalise.

Please... I need help.

I really like you, Oliver.



No male partner would ever give
a speech holding their purse.

Tegan's speech is a little over
five minutes.

Be back before then,
or she’ll notice her card is missing.

Antares' files are split up
over multiple servers.

- We have to download them all.
- Got it. Finished. Let's go.

You brought a gun into
a workplace?! Are you insane?!

Just put it down, okay?
Please, just... just...

Okay, well, just stop coming at...

- Aah!
- Simon's dead.

Go to Laurel's before the police come.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

They're arresting Asher.

I told all of you that
this was going to happen.

We can't keep expecting to
get away with these things!


No change.

I got him.

The EMTs are
less than five minutes away.

You're gonna perform CPR.

So, you haven't had
problems with the elevator before?

Not like this.

And the woman who found her
lives in this room?

Yes, Annalise Keating.

- Really?
- Why?

Dispatch, I'm gonna need detectives

and forensics at the Easton.

Could be a possible crime scene.

We need to secure the perimeter

and stop access into
and out of the hotel.

Also need to canvass the...

Patient's lost about
two liters of blood.

BP's 60 over 30,
probable placental abruption.

Tachy to the 130s.
Baby's cyanotic on delivery.

D-stick performed in the field.
Blood glucose, 32.

Okay, take her to L&D
and the baby to the NICU. Go!

- What can I do?
- Stay right here.

The nurse will update you.

Simon's dead. Laurel's probably dead.

Like, she probably drove off
a bridge with the drive.

All of this was for nothing.

I'm the one who saw
Simon's head explode.

If anyone gets to lose it here, it's me.

So just calm the hell down.

We're gonna find Laurel,
get Asher out of jail,

and everything is gonna be fine.

You're delusional.

Annalise is calling.

Take it. Tell her to get
Asher out of jail.

Oh, now you're okay with me
asking her for help?

Connor, please.

Hey, um, you might want
to sit down for this...

What the hell happened
to Laurel, Connor?

I don't know. She isn't home.

I know. I'm at the hospital with her.

- The hospital?
- She had the baby, Connor!

- No.
- Yes, I found her in my elevator.

She almost bled to death.

Bled to death? From... From what?

I don't know. You were all with her.

I wasn't when it all went down.

When what went down?


There was a shooting.


Who got shot?

Connor, who got shot?!

Annalise needs your help.

She would've called,

but she thought
you might get in trouble.

What the hell does that mean?

Asher's in jail.

We don't know what they're
charging him with.

Well, we sort of do, but we need
you to find out more.

Asher's in jail?

I want my phone call.

I’ll see what I can do.

I have a legal right
to talk to my attorney.

You're violating my civil rights!

Is she okay?!

- They won't tell me.
- What about the baby?

- They won't tell me that, either.
- Where the hell's the doctor?

- They have to tell us!
- Frank!

What happened?

I have no idea.

She almost bled out in my elevator.

The baby was dead. You let that happen.

I know. I'm sorry.

I don't know what happened,
Annalise. I don't!

Doctor. How are they?

Ms. Castillo's been moved
to Labor and Delivery,

and the baby's in the NICU.

Are they gonna be okay?

- I can't tell you anything more.
- I'm the one who found them.

You're not family. I'm sorry.


I'm the baby's father.

There's a tube down his throat
helping him breathe.

When his lungs mature,
we’ll take the tube out

and see if he can maintain
respiratory status.

What does that mean? He's okay?

He's stable, but very small.

Once he's stronger, we’ll try
to wean him off everything.

- And Laurel?
- Stable, in recovery.

I’ll have the O.B. come
and tell you more.

They're both very lucky.

Mr. Delfino? Ms. Keating?

We're from the Department
of Human Services.

Could we speak to you both outside?

Have you noticed any changes in
Ms. Castillo's behavior lately?

A-Any shifts in her mood
or emotional state?

Not at all.

What reason do you have to believe

you're the father of the baby?

Laurel's my girlfriend.

Name's not listed on any
of the parental paperwork.

'Cause we've been in a fight.
But it's my kid.

She’ll tell you as soon as she wakes up.

So no behavior that
seemed out of character?

This was an accident.

Women go into premature
labor all the time.

What are you implying?

Have you ever witnessed Ms. Castillo

use any illegal substances
in your presence?

No. Why would you ask that?

We're just trying to piece
together what happened.

I told you what happened.
The gate got stuck.

She was clinging to the
baby when I found her.

Were you aware of any past drug use?

Of course not. She wasn't doing drugs.

Laurel would never do harm
to herself or her baby.

Just try to focus on answering
the questions I'm asking.

But the questions that
you're implying are saying

that Laurel is not well,
and that's a lie.

Where's Laurel? I want to see her.

That's not possible at this time.

Well, why the hell not?!

- Lower your voice.
- You're making up a story here.

Hey, we have reason
to believe otherwise.

Who's telling you all of this? Who?

I'm not at liberty to say more.

Just tell me what the hell's going on.

These questions are all part
of hospital protocol...

Laurel Castillo
went into pre-term labor.

The elevator was poorly maintained.

That's what prevented her from getting

the medical attention
when she desperately needed it.

All I can tell you is that
the mother and the baby

are getting the best
medical care in the city.

That I promise you.

But it is important to everyone here

that we get as much information

as possible,
and unfortunately that means

asking some uncomfortable questions.

Until then, you need to stay calm,

trust the medical care
that we're providing,

and know Ms. Castillo's in good hands.

Mr. Castillo.

Dr. Clark.

I'm the neonatal surgeon
taking care of your grandson.

Are you the head of the department?

No, but I'm an attending...

Get me the head of the department.

I'm sorry, sir.
She's not on call tonight.

I don't care.

Mr. Castillo, I assure you,
your grandson's in good hands.

I’ll believe that when I hear it

from the head of the department.

Jorge Castillo
is the child's grandfather.

He's playing you, don't you see that?

I mean, Laurel's
been nothing but careful

during this pregnancy.

Any suggestion
that she's unfit is a lie.

Unfortunately, there's evidence
to the contrary.

What evidence? Let us see it.

All I'm allowed to tell you
is that a judge granted

Mr. Castillo the emergency
custody order...

- What judge?
- Again, I'm not at liberty...

Give me a name.
I’ll call them right now.

- That's not how this works.
- I'm the father, you idiot.

I’ll sue you personally
if you don't let me see my son.

Mr. Delfino, with all due
respect, that is not your son.

Says who?

Ms. Castillo submitted a paternity test

to her O.B. recently.

Open up.

As you can see, the results show

that Mr. Delfino is not the father.

Has Laurel been
alerted to this custody order?

Look, my hands are tied.

Where is she? Is she on a psych hold?

- What? Is that true?
- Listen...

I want to see her right now!

- Neither of you are family.
- I'm her boyfriend.

She wouldn't make me take the stupid

paternity test if we weren't together.

There are rules we have to follow...

I'm the acting attorney
for Ms. Castillo.

Now, you've unlawfully
separated her from her newborn,

you've deprived her of her right
to decide on his care,

and then you add an
illegal psych hold to the

growing list of offenses
by this hospital,

you're looking at a
$100 million malpractice suit.

Now you hand over all court documents

supporting this custody order,

and you allow Mr. Delfino
to visit his girlfriend.

You understand?


We need you to wake up.

Please, Laurel.

J-J-Just wake the hell up.

First good decision
you've made all night.


I'm at St. Edith's,
and I need you to come.

Why? Are you okay?

It's not me, it's my student.

She just had a baby and
they're holding her on a 302

and I need you to get her out.

This is Michaela Pratt.

A text or e-mail is
preferred to voicemail.

I tried calling you and Oli 40 times

so I wouldn't have
to leave this on a voicemail,

but here it is... Laurel had the
baby in Annalise's elevator.

They took her to St. Edith's.

I just got here, but nobody
knows what happened to her.

Call me back.

- What the hell did Asher say?
- I don't know.

We have to know before we tell the
detectives a different story...

You think I don't understand that?

You're the law student.

You're supposed to know what to do here.

Just let me think!

Oh, God.


He told them the truth.


Nate! Hey. You here to help me?


What the hell did you tell
the detective?

My boss Tegan was giving
a speech when I went upstairs.

I'd forgotten
if I had locked her office,

so I just came to check...

With your boyfriend and Mr. Hampton?

Just my boyfriend, but we ran
into Oliver in the bullpen.

What the hell is taking so long?

So it was just the three of you?

Yes, until we saw Simon.

He was all jittery and panicked.

I-I knew he was stressed
about his immigration status,

but this was different.

It's like he snapped.

Hey, somebody better start talking
right now before I go tell Tegan.

Simon was supposed to be our fall guy,

but he caught us.

Just name your price, Simon.

Tell me what's in that bag first.

We caught him coming
from the server room.

- No.
- Okay. Well, then, let me look.

But he totally freaked out.

We tried to calm him down,
but then he pulled out the gun.

No one even knew Laurel had a gun.

He just kept waving it at us...

You brought a gun into
a workplace?! Are you insane?!

...trying to keep us back.

So he was threatening you?

Just hear me out...

- Hey, back the hell away from me!
- Hey!

I don't think he wanted to hurt anybody.

I'm not gonna shoot anybody.

But he was so paranoid
that we caught him stealing

whatever he was stealing.

He clearly had been planning it
for a long time.

Michaela tried to get him
to put it down.

Please just put it down, okay?

- He pointed the gun at his head.
- Just, please, just...

He said he'd rather die than go to jail.

Just... Just...

He stepped backwards on one
of those wheelie chairs.


And then he pulled the trigger.


He just shot himself.

The gun went off out of nowhere.

I-I promise, I'm telling you
the real story.

Then why'd they put you in here?

Is there anything else?

You're the law student.

You're supposed to know what to do here.

Oh, God.


He told them the truth.

Why would he do that?

- No, maybe it was smart.
- How?

He touched the gun after it went off.

He knew that meant they'd
find his DNA on it

even if we wiped it clean.

So... So what do we do?

Asher picked up the gun.

Asher picked up the gun.

I told them I picked up the gun.


Because I've worked
for Annalise long enough

to know that they always
get you on the DNA.

Why did he do that?

We were all in shock.

He was in shock.

And I didn't want to be caught
in another lie.

Was that so dumb?

D.A.'s office.

Maxwell here. I've got another update

on the crime scene at the Easton Hotel.

Why are we treating this
like a crime scene?

You didn't hear?

- What?
- Annalise Keating lives here.

We'd be idiots to trust
she's telling the whole truth.

Were you all doing coke tonight?

- No.
- It wouldn't be crazy.

- You were at a party.
- It wasn't like that.

- Then what the hell happened to her?
- I don't know, okay?

I was downstairs
when Michaela just came out

of the elevator covered in blood.

I'm just as clueless as you.


Call Frank and tell him that Dr. Roa

is on his way to help.

Michaela, y-your student?
Why was she covered in blood?

I’ll explain later. Here.

These files show
a history of mental illness,

but it was all made up by her father.

Why would he do that?

Because they're estranged
and he wants custody.

Listen, I could challenge
all the claims.

I just need for you to do
a second psych evaluation.

I don't really have credentials

at this particular hospital, Annalise.

- We’ll figure that out later.
- How?

That's my job.

I just need for you to go to her room

and do an evaluation
as soon as she wakes up.

Okay, stop.

I understand how upsetting
this is for you,

but you have to trust
the medical staff here

to do what's in the
patient's best interest.

I don't trust them. I trust you.


I can't do this, Annalise. I'm sorry.

You're doing it.


Otherwise I report you and Jacqueline

to the medical board
for gross misconduct.

I've tried calling you and Oli 40 times

so I wouldn't have to leave
this on a voicemail,

but here it is... Laurel had the baby

in Annalise's elevator.

They took her to St. Edith's.

I just got here, but nobody
knows what happened to her.

Call me back.


They arrested Asher
and I have to go help...

Because they think he shot Simon.

- Did he?
- No, of course not!

Cops don't arrest
rich white guys for no reason.

That's why I have to go help him.

- Not until you fess up.
- What?!

How did Simon get my key card

when you were the person
holding my clutch?

I don't know. I-I must've
put it down for a second.

This was my party, my IPO,
so it's my ass on the line here.

I'm the one who has
to explain to Antares

why their servers were broken into.

I'm the one who will take the fall.

So tell me the truth.

Simon stole it.

I don't know how.

You're not as good a liar as you think.

Down here.

- How is she?
- Still unconscious.

A nurse said they found
drugs in her system.

What drugs?

Page Dr. Lee! Tell him she's waking up.




What is it?


What happened, Frank?

Where's the baby?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What happened?

E-Everything's gonna be all right.

- Where's the baby?
- Laurel.

- Tell me where the baby is.
- Shh, shh.

- Tell me where the baby is.
- It's gonna be okay.

Where's my baby?! Where's my baby?!

Calm down. Laurel.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Where's my baby?!

- Listen to me!
- Where's my baby?!

The baby's here in the
hospital, and he's fine.

But your dad's here, too.

- No!
- Annalise is taking care of everything.

No, no, no, no, no!

- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- No! No! No!

- It's gonna be okay. Just calm down.
- No.

You've reached the
voicemail of Annalise Keating.

Please leave a message.

Where the hell are you?

She's awake.

Answer the damn phone!

I have a psychologist
on hand ready to do

another psych eval on Ms. Castillo
the moment she wakes up.

The hospital can't allow that.

My ass, they can't.

Listen, you're gonna run another
drug test on that child, too.

We've already run a test on the child.

- When no one was looking.
- Listen...

This time, I want to
be there to make sure

that Mr. Castillo
doesn't pay off any nurse.

You're too late, Ms. Keating.

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

What does that mean?

The baby's being
transferred as we speak.

Transferred? He's premature.

Mr. Castillo has secured

a top neonatal specialist
in another facility.

The doctors have signed off on it.

What facility?

I'm not at liberty
to disclose that information.

Look, I know that you want
what's best for Ms. Castillo,

but this is happening.

I'm so sorry.


No, please!

- Stop! Stop!
- Ms. Keating!


- Where's Laurel?
- Psych ward.

They're only letting Frank in.

Hey, why isn't Oliver with you?

The detectives were still
questioning him when I left.

So you left him?

He's fine. Asher's the one in jail.

Asher has Nate helping him.

Meanwhile, you j...
you just abandoned Oliver?!

- Wait, wait!
- I'm going to get Oliver!

At least tell me how the baby is!

He's probably dead, Michaela!

And that's on you.

None of this would've happened

if you had just told Laurel "no."



Ms. Keating, this is not a good idea.

You love her. I know you do.

- Of course I do.
- Then don't take him away, please.

She’ll never recover.

Take me to my baby. Right now!

I want to see my baby!

Annalise is taking care of him.

No, I need to take care of him!

Miss, I need you to lie down.

Please, I just want to see him!
I want to see him!

She’ll never forgive you.

Ms. Keating, we're calling security.

I know you want to be in her life.

This will ruin any chance of that.

You don't know anything
about me or my daughter.

Of course I do.

This has been an emotional night
for you, I understand.

And I can't thank you enough
for what you've done

for my grandson tonight in that hotel.

But he's not well.

He needs better care
than this hospital can provide,

so please just let us go.

Where are you taking him? Huh?

You tell me. Where are you taking him?!

- He's not safe!
- Hey, easy. You're hurting her.

I just want to see my baby.

- Is this necessary?
- She's going to hurt herself.

You're the ones hurting her.

I want to see my baby!

- W-What are you giving her?
- Hydralazine.

Let me see my son!

He's my son!

Let me see him!

This is my grandson! He is my blood.

He's gonna hurt this baby!

All right, let's get out of here.

He doesn't care about this baby!
He doesn't, believe me!

Believe me, he's gonna hurt this baby,

and you're gonna have blood
on your hands!

He's a premie. You can't move him.

The head of
neonatal has approve the transfer.

This is a scam, you get that?
That man is playing all of you.


Are you all part of this?
He pay you off?

The child is with medical professionals

getting the best care possible.

And what about Ms. Castillo's care?

She is still in a state of shock.

Any evaluation that you've made

about her mental state is unfounded.

Our specialist had a different opinion.

Ms. Castillo's postpartum state

is not indicative of her mental health.

You don't have credentials
at this hospital.

I'm a licensed doctor. I've been working

with Ms. Keating for some time.

How do I know that
when Ms. Keating isn't here?

Am I supposed to just
take you at your word?

As a doctor, you know that is
not how these protocols work.


Somebody, please! Aaah!

My responsibility
is for the child, the safety.

Laurel, I called the police.
They're on their way.

He's not breathing!




Don't take him away.

This is my grandson!

He's gonna hurt this baby,

and you're gonna have blood
on your hands!

Simon's dead. Laurel's probably dead.

Tell me how the baby is!

He's probably dead, Michaela!

All this was for nothing.



Oh, I'm sorry. I thought
you were Annalise.

I was downstairs when Michaela

just came out of the elevator
covered in blood.

I'm just as clueless as you.


Is he dead?

He's dead, isn't he?

Everyone around us...


That's what we do.

Everyone dies! Everyone dies!

This is the cellphone of Isaac Roa.

If this is an emergency,
please call 911.

Where's the witness?

Over there.

Where's the hard drive?

What hard drive?

Connor told me and Nate everything,

and that drive
is the one piece of evidence

that can incriminate all of you.

So talk fast before someone comes in.


Laurel has it. She's waiting
for us at Wes's apartment.



What is it?

What... Did something else happen?

She's the mother. This isn't legal.

Annalise needs to file
an injunction right now.

- Is she doing that?
- Yes. Here, drink this.

I'm fine.

Wait. How do you actually know
that Annalise is doing that?

You thought I was her.

You don't know where she is, do you?

Michaela, listen to me.

We are doing everything
we can for Laurel.

- I want to see her.
- And you will,

but you're in a state of shock,

So I want you to wait here
while I find a doctor

to prescribe something to help
ease some of the stress...

Oh, my God.

What? What is it?

Laurel went off her antidepressants.

My O.B. got me off my antidepressants.

Her O.B. told her to,

and now her dad's
using that against her.

She wasn't acting crazy
or doing coke, I swear.

Those test results are fake.

What antidepressants was she on?

Her father's probably paying people off.

Michaela, when did she stop taking them?

I have to go find my friends.


This is false imprisonment.

Sir, this is an active crime scene.

No one allowed inside.

I am a lawyer, and you're violating

my client's 5th
and 6th Amendment rights.

- That's good to know.
- Okay, you know what?

I've memorized your name
and badge number, Gary.

So don't be surprised when
you're the first one listed

on the complaint that I file
with Internal Affairs.

- Connor!
- Okay, no.

You stay inside.

Mr. Hampton can leave.

- Says who?
- I'm the with D.A.'s office.

We have a statement and his info
if we need anything else.

We’ll be in touch with your client.

- Get off me.
- I'm your lawyer.

You need to drink this, Laurel.

Please, just a sip, that's all.

Take those off her.

I'm sorry.
Only a doctor can permit that.

Tell the doctor to give you permission

or I’ll remove them myself.

We’ll get him back.

I don't deserve him.

Laurel, your father won today,
that's all.

Dominick warned me not to do this.

He called me last night.



It's Dominick.

Don't do this.

What are you talking about?

You know your father.

You know he doesn't leave things alone.

He knows you're pregnant, Laurel.


Think what else he could know.

I should've called it off,
I know, but I didn't.

And now look.

I don't deserve to be anyone's mother.

There was a breach of the server room

by one of our employees, yes,

but the good news is
that no files were removed.

How do you know that?

Well, we've done a full audit of
the logs and intrusion systems

and there was no detection
of any malware...

I'm gonna need verification
of that from your I.T. guy.

Lazlo's already gone home tonight,

but, uh, I can schedule
a meeting tomorrow.

Not him.
The guy who was at the shooting.

He was just a witness.

His name,

or I can get Mr. Castillo on the phone.

Oliver Hampton.

Well, that wasn't so hard.

Asher Millstone.

He was brought in hours ago,
so check every cell

in your stupid little jail,
'cause I'm not hanging up

till you get him on the phone!

- Hello?
- Michaela!

Oh, thank God.

How's Laurel? They won't
let us see her yet.

What about her bag?
Do we know where it is?

Uh, the nurse said there was
nothing left in the ambulance.

Maybe Annalise took it?

Annalise had her hands full
with a dying baby.

What if the police have it?

They're probably going through
the hard drive right now.

- It doesn't even matter.
- Of course it matters.

Tegan might know everything anyways.

- What?!
- She's smart.

She was never gonna
fall for any of this.

Oh, God.


Is that my bag?

Police had it in evidence.
I was able to sign it out.

The drive wasn't in there.

It wasn't logged in, either,
so someone must've taken it

before it got to the station.

Was that someone you?

You've been through hell
tonight, God knows,

but you do not have the luxury
to make me the enemy here.

We don't know who the enemy is.

We do. That's not Bonnie.

Don't defend me. You two need
to make the hell up already.

You need to make up with me
now that I know

that you've been lying to me
this whole time.

Blame me for that,
for all of this. It was all...

This was your father, not you.

He paid off the hospital,

just like he probably paid
the cops for the drive.

- He doesn't have the drive.
- You don't know that.

He took the baby because
he thinks we have it.

He knows we won't come after
him if he has custody.

She's right.


I'm gonna go check on Asher.

Can we talk?

Do you know she stopped
taking her antidepressants?


So maybe the psych hold is warranted.

You're wrong.

Her files indicate
that she has a history

of psychiatric problems, time in rehab.

I know her. She's not doing cocaine.

People thought they knew me
when I was on heroin.

This is her father. I don't know
how many times I have to say that.

Maybe that's just
what you want to believe.

Please, please, I-I can't imagine

how scary this night has been,

but, Annalise, you are
my patient, okay, not Laurel.

And we need to be careful about how the

situation could be triggering you.

Every situation is a trigger for me.

Not like this.

It's because of what
you had to do tonight.

Saving that boy's life?

I'd be a terrible doctor
if I wasn't concerned

about all of the pain that this
is bringing up in you.

You are a terrible doctor.

Annalise, please...

This isn't about me, it's about Laurel.

So don't go dismissing her as
a mother first chance you get.

I am not dismissing her.

I'm saying neither of us have
enough information about her.

Because you're not listening!

Look, your health is my priority here.

This is why your daughter
killed herself,

because you just drove her crazy,

just like you're doing to me right now.

We found a computer
in Simon Drake's apartment.

It corroborates the witness'
statements regarding Antares.

And that's my problem.
Their story's too perfect.

If it was in a perfect story,

you don't admit you picked up the gun.

Yeah, well, that part's
too perfect as well.

- You could be right.
- I know I am.

I say we charge Millstone,
see if he cracks.

You can't do that.

Why the hell not?

He's my ex-boyfriend.

Well, then, you can't be
anywhere near this case.

I know.

But if I'm his attorney and I
hear his ex-girlfriend's office

is going to charge him
on circumstantial evidence,

I'd have this case thrown out
in five minutes.

I'd wait until you have more proof.

Hey, guys.

How the hell are you here?

Bon-Bon and Nate got me out. For now.

What does that mean?

They could still charge me.

You mean all of us.

True, but at least now
it won't be for murder.

What are you talking about?

Simon's alive.

Oh, thank God.

This is not good news, Oliver.


Our story only works if he can't
tell the police the truth.

I'm pretty sure I saw his brains.

I-I don't think he's gonna be able

to say much if he does wake up.

We can always send Frank into his room

with a pillow to take care of it.

Oh, my God. Do you hear yourselves?

Be quiet!

There's no world
where it's okay for you to hope

an innocent person dies.

Okay, we don't actually hope that.

Yes, you do, because all you guys
do is worry about yourselves.

Actually, I was the one who was
so worried about this plan

that I told you not to do it.

Okay, great.

You told me so.

Does that make you feel so much
better knowing you're right

when an innocent man took a
bullet to his head because of us?

We all deserve hell.

Where's Frank?

He wasn't here when I woke up.


He's so small.

It's okay.

He's strong.


Because of you.

I know what we can do to get him back.

Hi, it's Dominick.

I need you to track a phone
for me in Philly.

Name's Oliver Hampton.

Give me his current location.

You need to take a breath.

No, we don't have time.

Laurel, I know how
desperate you feel, I do,

but this is not the way
to get your boy back.

It's the only way.

What's going on?

I want to call Dominick.

Tell me where the hard drive is.

I don't know.

Where is it?

I didn't even know there was a
hard drive until you told me...

We grew up together. I know him.
He’ll help us.

You knew him. That was a long time ago.

He killed Wes, Laurel.

For my father.

That is what Dominick's
whole life has been about...

doing what my father tells him to do.

But the fact that he
called me last night,

warning me not to do this,

it just proves that he finally
wants to do the right thing.

You're still in love with her?

Even though that baby's not yours,

you're still trying
to make her love you back.

I don't blame you, brother.

I fell for her, too.

And look where it got me.

- I'm calling him.
- You can't.

- I know what I'm doing.
- Dominick's not the answer.

He is.

I promise you, he's not gonna help us.

Yeah, well, let him tell me that.

You're not hearing him, Laurel.

I don't care.

Frank, is that...

- You don't really know her.
- Enough!

No one really knows her.

Not me, not her dad,

definitely not Wes...

Last chance to shut up.

And here you are
getting pulled into her mess

even worse than any of us.


Tell me you wouldn't do that.

Tell me you wouldn't be that stupid.

He's dead.

Where the hell did you go?

To see Simon.


Security wouldn't let me in,

which is a relief because that
means none of you can touch him.

Oli, we weren't being serious...

No, you were.

It's my fault for forgetting
who you people really are.

"You people"?

That includes you at this point.

Just promise me you won't touch him.

I mean it.

No one hurts him.

I said promise me.

You just...

...never learn.


I went through Dominick's
phone... contacts, e-mails.

There's nothing really
on it, except this.

It was on his voicemail.

It's Christophe.

It's Christophe.

I'm in trouble. We all could be.

Call me as soon as you get this.