How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - I'm Not Her - full transcript

While Annalise reconnects with an important client, she continues struggling to move forward. Meanwhile, the "Keating 4" try to move past their tarnished reputations; in flash-forward, details to a tragic crime start unfolding.

Previously on "How To Get
Away With Murder"...

LAUREL: You left him there to die!

Come on, Wes! Breathe!
I tried to save him.

You need to go and kill yourself.

That's the one good thing
you're gonna do in your life.

You're gonna go, and you're
gonna kill yourself, Connor!

JASMINE: And I'm thinking,

"Why can't this queen defend me?"

I'm having the baby.

I'm due in 5 months.

That's my news.

You didn't let me finish.

I'm letting you go.

We're halfway through law school.

No stupid recommendation letter

is gonna make up for my embarrassing GPA

or the fact that we're
pariahs on that campus!



Ms. Winterbottom?
I'm ready for you.


For me to report favorably,

do not show up late, do not cancel,

do not drink.

A nurse said they found
drugs in her system.

- What drugs?
- Where's the baby?

Tell me where my baby is!

No, it's not the time to discuss this.

You know what you're doing.
You know it's wrong.

You keep going and I'll
stop picking up your calls.

She's here.

I'll call you after.



Let's go.


ISAAC: How does it feel to be back?


You don't have to say
that for my benefit.

I'm not.

I'm... just tired.

Are you not sleeping?



I'd imagine hotel living is not
as glamorous as it sounds.

Hotel is fine.

It's cheap.

There's a maid.

You could just wake up and
run away without any guilt.

Is there a mini bar?

Most hotels, they have one.

I haven't had a drink.


You can Breathalyze me if you want.

I'm tired because I went back to work.

I took on my first case last week.


Yeah, I mean, I know it's
soon, but this client...

she needed me.




Hi. The Queen is back!

- Oh, stop.

They told me it was a lawyer in here.

I thought it was my
broke-down public defender.

- The outside look good on you, roomie.

No more ashy skin or
that c-cutout weave.

You know, you should go
show the other girls,

- make 'em jealous.
- I still owe Claudia an ass whuppin'.

Yes, you do.


But this time, you'd probably win.

I can see it in your eyes...
You got your groove back.

Well, there's a reason for that.

Ooh, you get yourself a man?

No, I got my license back.

And I know who I want
for my first client.

Don't be messing with me.

I'm gonna get you out of here.


Okay, they're charging you

with illegal possession of a firearm.

The officer said that he pulled you over

for solicitation and found the gun.

- Do you deny that?
- I'm a hooker.

A girl needs her protection.

Okay, don't say that
in front of the judge.

With your past felony convictions,

a guilty sentence carries
an automatic 8 to 10 years.

Public defender said plead
it out, that go down to six.

Public defenders always say that.

Here, sign this.

What is it?

It's a change-of-counsel
form to make it official.

What, you don't want the
Queen defending you now?

I can't afford you, Annalise.

You can't afford free?


You one crazy-ass bitch,
I will give you that.






Damn it.

OLIVER: What was your
most pivotal experience

as a law student?

10 words or less... Go.

Meeting the love of my life

while trying to seduce him for a case.

That was more than 10
words, but good answer.

Uh, what is your greatest asset?

You know what my greatest asset is.

Connor, take this seriously.


Is someone nervous about
my job prospects?

One of us has to actually
pay for this apartment,

and my hourly wage at I.T. For Me

isn't exactly gonna cover it.

Do they purposely want you
to emulate an eggplant emoji

in that uniform, or am I just a perv?

All the other colors were taken.

And for future reference,
your greatest asset is this.

Your heart.

Oh, I-I got it.

I just don't want to barf
on my only clean shirt.




CONNOR: You have cream
cheese on your face.

- You wanna lick it off?
- Is that a dare?

Will you two knock it off?

They've been sizing us up
since we walked in here...

Judging our posture, how we interact.

Trying to psych us out.

Of course.

This is "Lord of the Flies," baby.

Not every little Piggy's gonna
make it off the beach alive.

- Are you gonna eat the rest of that?
- Button your blazer.

No one's gonna hire you
with your belly poking out.

I'm barely showing.

Your boobs are.

Just kidding.

Like I've ever even looked at your...

boobs or thought about them.

CONNOR: Well, I say free the bump,

and if they discriminate, you can sue,

and you can use the money to sit
on your ass for a few years.

Because clearly a pregnant
woman wouldn't want to work?

No, I just... T-That's not what I meant.

I don't care what you meant.

I did my research.
I know what firm I want.

Caplan & Gold... they have
offices all around the world,

the best clients, and they
have a class-action suit

that's probably gonna go
to the Supreme Court.

I'm meeting them at noon.

How did I not know about that case?

Do your own research, Micky.

Wow. Looks like, uh, someone
else is the Piggy now.

Your flop sweat is starting.

(IRISH ACCENT) Oh, I don't think
so, sweetheart, not today.

I've got my secret weapons in place.

Adult diapers. I'm as dry as the Sahara.

Like your vagina.

SIMON: It's adorable the
four of you showed up...

The lowest-ranked people in the class.

I can't say I'd be as brave
if I was in your shoes.

(NORMAL VOICE) Yeah, it's 'cause
your shoes are small like yo...

Like my package, yeah.

Why don't you get on your
knees and I'll show you?

You know, just so we're clear,

the only reason the four of
you guys even got interviews

is because people want to
gossip about Annalise.

He's wrong.

They wouldn't be tacky
enough to ask about her.

It's gonna be their first question.


ANNALISE: The prosecution's
case is based solely on

an illegal stop-and-frisk.

There was no probable cause
to search my client,

thereby making the gun evidence
fruit of the poisonous tree.

Your Honor, the defendant's
a convicted prostitute

who was stopped on a street

where she's known to ply her trade.

That's when the officer

- discovered the gun.
- My client lives there.

She was walking home.

Being black is not adequate
ground for suspicion.

That's good. Judge,
these are all arguments

beyond the scope of this hearing...

This goes to the heart of my motion.

We can argue the facts of the
case at trial, Ms. Keating.

Motion to suppress denied.

Your Honor, I'd like
to file a continuance.

I've only now just come on board
as Ms. Bromelle's counsel.

Did you file the 106 motion?

I didn't have time. No
paperwork, no extension.

Trial starts tomorrow.

(GAVEL BANGS) Next case.

That was expected.

Tell that to your face.

Move it along, Ms. Keating.
I have a full docket today.

No, this is not the time nor the place.

I know.

Where's the A.D.A. on this next case?

Right here, Your Honor.

Oh, you file the 106
motion on the third floor.

Talk to Pearl.

Finally. Is the Commonwealth
ready for the hearing?

No, Your Honor.

We've had some trouble
contacting one of the witnesses.

Despite multiple phone calls
and a visit to his home...

She's been in and out of
prison her whole life.

Prostitution, drugs,
assaulting her pimp.

I counted 10 public defenders
who've represented her.

Most have wanted her.
To plead out, do the minimum.

You rack up enough felonies,

then the minimum becomes
a life sentence.

Am I boring you?

I forgot to have you fill this
out during our first session.

It's a list of traumatic life events

that are often risk factors for
substance-abuse disorders.

You just check all the boxes that apply.

If you've ever experienced
a natural disaster,

- if you've been in a serious accident.
- And then?

So, you've wasted 17 minutes
now telling me about your case.

- I want to know about you.
- It's my job. It is about me.

I think you're telling me about her

to avoid telling me about you.

Well, this is our second session,

and clinical guidelines
specify that the therapist

is supposed to listen
in the early sessions,

let the patient guide the narrative.

Is that what your last therapist did?


You can take all the time you need.


ANNALISE: Of course she had a gun.

She's servicing men behind Dumpsters.

That doesn't make her a bad person.

She has two assault
convictions on her record.

Her pimp filed the charges!

Please, I'm just asking
for a little sympathy.

I showed sympathy when
I didn't charge her

for the other violations, Annalise.

What are you talking about?


Watch the body-cam footage,

then you'll see what a nice guy I am.



So, I got assigned to
that trespassing case,

and we go to trial next week.


I work here now.

For like three days.

Okay, but I do, and Julie
or Judy or someone

said that you might be able to
help me find the eyewitness.

Can't help you. Sorry.


Do you and Annalise think

you're really fooling
anybody with this?

I don't work here for Annalise.

You expect me to believe that?

I'll find the witness on my own.

WOMAN: Why are you interested
in interning at Caplan & Gold?

One, your stellar reputation,

two, your global presence,

three, the diversity of your casework,

specifically your spyware
class-action suit.

Hmm. You seem to have
all the right answers.

- Thank you.
- But, to be honest,

we're concerned about your
academic performance.

How do you explain it?


My grades suffered because I
spent most of my first year

working on real cases,

but this practical, hands-on experience

was pivotal to my education.

Did you write that answer up beforehand?

It sounds scripted.

No, I just... I knew you'd
be curious about my GPA...

Are you calling our questions basic?

No, no, no. That's not what I meant.



Social justice has always been my focus.

Sometimes that meant prioritizing

clinic work over grades.

My concern is our clients
need the most focused lawyers

on their side... there can
be no distractions...

So my question is

can you promise to dedicate
100% of yourself to this work?

Most definitely.

Think about, uh, FDR, for example.

I mean, he failed the bar his first time

and look where he ended up.

You're as smart as one of
our greatest presidents.

- Is that what you're saying?
- No. No, no, no, no.

Uh, ego is not a problem with me.

In fact, I'm, uh, humble to a fault.

Not a big fault, just a...
just a little one.

You'll note that I raised my GPA
by 0.7 points last semester,

which is a higher improvement rate

than anyone else in my class.

I believe this proves that I
thrive in adverse situations,

and I look forward to any
opportunity to improve myself.

MAN: Why'd you even come to law
school in the first place?

My father's a lawyer.
I always admired him.

I didn't ask about your father.

I asked why
you want to be a lawyer.

To protect the vulnerable...
Plain and simple.


I want to be an agent of change

using the laws dictated
by our Constitution.


I was pretty much raised
in the courtroom.

It's... in my blood.

Okay, um...

we all know you're not
gonna get this job,

so why don't you just tell us
what we really want to know?

What was it like working
for Annalise Keating?

Is she as complicated as people say?

You know, honestly, I don't think that

we'd be having this
conversation if she were a man.

The, uh... patriarchy is alive
and kicking, as we all know.

I was one of many interns.

I didn't really get to
know her that well.

She was, uh, you know... intense.

The luckiest thing that
ever happened to me

was not getting chosen to
be a part of her cult.

Each of her interns nearly
flunked out due to her drama,

and those are the ones still alive.

I learned so much from
Professor Keating,

but the most important
thing she taught me

is exactly the kind of
lawyer I don't want to be.

Come on, baby.

Let Mama turn you out.

You can make the whole thing go away.

OFFICER: Oh, what's this?

You didn't tell me you
were packing tonight.

Come on.

(WHINING) Let me get you off.

You're under arrest.

- Let go of me.
- Turn around!

Let go of me!

You probably can't even get
that tiny, fat fold of skin up.


You see how rough he was with me?

You're lucky you got possession.

They could've given you
battery, soliciting an officer.

It usually work.

It's 10 minutes in the
back of a squad car,

you're free to go.

What? You mad at me?

You need to tell me
these things, Jasmine,

before I'm blindsided in court.

So now it's my fault
if we lose this thing?

Not you for screwing up in court?

No one's pointing a finger at you.

I should've known you can't
get nothing good for free.

Jas, I'm trying to help you here.

You trying to help yourself.

I knew it the minute
you rode up in here,

feeling all proud that you got
to help your poor black sister.

And what's wrong with that?

It make you stupid!

You want to save me?

Go back to when I was 13

and my daddy sold my ass to a crew

for a couple of bags of smack.

You know what they do to the new girl?

Strip you naked and take turns.

They call it "wolfpackin',"

because then you are so broken,

they can work you full-time.

In vans and basements,

and the only way to get through it

is shoot up and get numb!

And who do you think takes the heat?

So you plead out, and you do your time,

only to get back out,

sell your body again for more drugs,

get arrested again,

plead out again

until you have spent your
whole life in a cell.

And here you come,
thinking you can save me?



Get me the hell out of here.


ISAAC: You were in captivity?


Which is also where I met my client

that you won't let me talk about.


Why this client?

Why make her your first case back?

You told me she needed
you, but you went to her.

You persuaded her to leave
her public defender.

She helped me while I was in jail,

kept me from getting my ass beat.

So that's the only reason?


What, you don't believe me?

- No.
- Excuse me?

Annalise, you're an alcoholic,

which makes you an expert
at self-deception.

But in here, I'm the expert.

So quit deflecting,

and do the work to get better

as you stated you wanted
to in our first session.

Or I can alert the Board to
your refusal to participate.

I'm participating.

You're hiding, for two sessions now.

Maybe your last therapist
put up with that,

but you're stuck with me.

So talk.

Or get out.

You've only given me. My
client's felony arrests.

I need her entire arrest record...

- Misdemeanors, too.
- Like I said,

for misdemeanors, you need
to go to the third floor.

- See Louis...
- Louis sent me here.

Regina giving you a hard time?

I only give people a hard
time who give me a hard time.

I guarantee Ms. Keating
here has had a harder time

than you over the past few months.

Give her a break.

You owe me some Entenmann's.


Thank you.


I'm sure your mole,
Bonnie, already told you,

but I want nothing to do
with whatever this is.

- You're wrong...
- Denver promoted me

to lead investigator, Annalise.

I know. I got you the deal.

Yeah, to help yourself, not just me.

My life is finally coming together,

so please...

stay out of my way for once.

I fired Bonnie.

I didn't know she worked
for the D.A.'s office

until this morning.

Why'd you fire her?

Everybody's better off
without me, like you said.

I'll find out if you're lying.

Good thing I'm not.

You two still a thing?

Say you want to be a lawyer
because, "I'm great at debate"

or "I believe in our Constitution"

or "I want power"...

- Or money.
- To help people?

Look, maybe the reason that I
couldn't come up with an answer

is 'cause I don't want
to be a lawyer anymore.

My God, you could not sound
more white right now.


Look at everything that
you've gotten away with.

People are dead and
you didn't go to jail

and you have the nerve to
have an existential crisis?

Oli makes a pretty good point.

I haven't made my point yet.

Make it already.

Well, you got a second chance.

We all did, so maybe it's time
that we do something meaningful.

Like teach grandmas how to tweet?

Actually, I have some
news for all of you.

I'm starting my own I.T. company.

- Oli!
- (LAUGHS) And I'm expecting all of you

to put in a good word for
me at those fancy law firms

that I know you're gonna work at.

You're calling it "Control Oli Delete"?

- Yeah, that's funny, right?

- Maybe?
- Callbacks are in.

Schwartz & Abrahams,

Lindstrom, Caplan & Gold! Whoo!

- I got five callbacks, bitches!
- Good for you.

- I got three callbacks.

- Caplan & Gold, too!

- Whee!

- Connor?
- Zero.

Tell me I'm not the only loser.

You're not the only loser.

Great, we can, uh, start a club.

I'm not that desperate.

- Here.

- Oh, I'll take that.
- No, no, no.

Girls against boys. Come.

I'll explain everything else I know.


That... That's reverse sexism.

I told you she still hates me.

Just give her some more time.


♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

JASMINE: You know what
they do to the new girl?

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

Strip you naked and take turns.

They call it "wolfpackin',"

because then you are so broken,

they can work you full-time.

And the only way to get through it

- is shoot up and get numb!
- ♪ I wanna destroy ♪

- ♪ I wanna destroy ♪
- You want to save me?

- ♪ I wanna destroy ♪
- Go back to when I was 13...

- ♪ I wanna destroy ♪
- and my daddy sold my ass to a crew...

- ♪ I wanna destroy ♪
- ...for a couple of bags of smack.

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

♪ I wanna destroy ♪

- When was the first time you were arrested?
- I don't know.

Well, you said you were
raped when you were 13,

but the earliest charge I
found was when you were 18,

so you never went to court before that?

Yeah, of course I did.

- When?
- (SIGHS) First time?

Uh, well, I-I was way younger than 18.

Uh, cops busted me with a john.

Judge gave me freebie, let me go.


What you smiling at?

You were a minor.
They sealed your file.

What's good about that?

'Cause that's how I'm gonna
get your ass out of here.

♪ Destroy ♪

I didn't check all the
boxes that I should've.

But you already knew that...
because you Googled me.


Well, you should've, because
I'm quite interesting.

What I know from you is from the
file that the Board sent over.

Oh, yeah? What did the Board say?

My reputation is garbage
and my career's over?

Look, I understand why my
having knowledge about you

- might make you uncomfortable.
- No, what makes me uncomfortable

is you telling me that what I
want to discuss in here is wrong.

I mean, I'm here, I showed up on time,

and all you've done is make
me feel more screwed up

than I already am.

I don't know you, you don't know me,

no matter what you read about me,

so why not give me the damn
time to feel comfortable

before telling you all the
horrible details of my life?


She was 13. It was her first arrest.

Yeah, that record was
sealed for her own benefit.

- Well, you can unseal it.
- Yeah, so can a judge.

Look, I'm not gonna
do your job for you.

You can help this woman, Bonnie.

Please leave.

She's a sex-trafficking victim.

She was forced into it at 13.






(SIGHING) Oh. It even
smells like money.


You sure that's a good idea?

They want to know.
If you can hold your liquor.

Well, I've got an album of
photos that says that you can't.

I'm sure they'd love to see you
passed out on a cheesesteak.

Oh, of course he's here.

Okay, tell me what's in
the secret Laurel file

so we can both destroy him.

Mm... not gonna happen.

Oh, your fly is open.

Hi. Michaela Pratt.

I represented a domestic-abuse
victim in my legal clinic.

We got her out on parole.

It was amazing,

and it made me realize that
I should pursue more ways

to help the less fortunate,

try and not be so white, you know?

Did all of the corporate
firms reject you?


Well, I mean... some did.

The very definition of white privilege

is you thinking you can slide
into a callback interview

I already have eight
qualified candidates for.


Right. Um... I'll go away now.

Laurel Castillo?


Ms. Castillo?

Going once...



♪ Ahhhhhhhhhh ♪


♪ Ahhhhhhhhhh ♪


I thought you were cooking
me dinner tonight.

I got to study.

LSAT's coming up.

How's Week One going?


until I ran into Annalise.

She talk to you?

Only to ask me to unseal
the juvenile record

for one of the ladies
she was in jail with.

You do it?

What, be a pathetic, little...
weenie man?


I slammed the door in her face.

It felt great.

Are you tanked?

Of course.

One of the best parts
of being free of her

is having booze in the house again,

so I'm going to drink myself stupid

until I don't even remember
what her dumb face looks like.

I'm impressed how you navigated
the transborder surveillance

and privacy shield agreement.

I bet that required some
serious lobbying of the DNI.

You've clearly done your homework.

Hm, telecom litigation is
actually a passion of mine.

- Quit stuffing your face.
- Want me to stuff yours?

Ooh, there's that frat boy.

Would you excuse me?

Why don't you check
your aggression, bro,

before this firm starts digging
into your family tree?

- What the hell does that mean?
- Well, what do you think it means?

What's going on?

I was just telling your boyfriend here

that these law firms
do background checks

on all their prospective interns.

They dig into us, our parents,
any mental health issues...

- Shut your mouth...
- so I wouldn't hang my hopes on Daddy's name

- if I were you, Millst.



Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

Hey, go to the bathroom,

hit the trash can if you have to,

but do not let them see you lose it.

Beast mode.

Thank you.



I don't know what happened
to you as a child

to make you behave like a sociopath.

(WHISPERING) but if you
ever go near him again,

I'll cut off your balls
and feed them to you.

Trust me, I've done worse.




I can see you.


I have the sealed file
for Jasmine's case.


Let me in.



I'm always gonna be here.

When you want me, when
you don't want me.

I'm always gonna. Take
care of you, Annalise.






CONNOR: Let me in, Laurel.


I went to your place...

uh, old... old place, I guess.



I thought maybe you were...

shacking up with Frank,

but Wes's apartment makes more sense.

It smells better...

Why are you here, Connor?

You had a callback at Legal
Aid, but you didn't show up.


So why lie?

I don't know.
Maybe I just don't care anymore?

About poor people or
about being a lawyer?


So it's not about anything else?

If you have something to say, say it.

Look, I get it.

If you're... still trying to figure out

- what happened to Wes...
- Don't say his name to me.

You're having his baby, Laurel.

- Not everything is about the stupid baby.
- No, of course not. I know.

I just want you to know that...

That I'm here for you if...
if... if you need me.


Can you leave now?

- No. You know...
- I'm not asking.

Not until I say this, okay?


(VOICE BREAKING) I was there, Laurel.

I saw him dead.

And you could've died, too.

And then I lied to your
face all that time.


I hate myself more than
you could ever hate me...

...if that makes you feel any better.

It doesn't.




What can I do... to make it better?

You can't.

None of us can.

He's gone.

And it's not your fault,
so stop hating yourself.


Fine, but you owe me,

and you have to do what
I say, so at least try.


ANNALISE: I'm not hiding from you.

I'm not bringing up the case

just to avoid talking about myself.

- I'm just...
- You think she's you.

Jasmine... she's you.

Mr. Hedstrom, how many years
did you work as a prosecutor

with the Commonwealth of Philadelphia?


Hm. That's a long time.

You deserve a vacation...

Somewhere on a beach
with a piña colada.

I'm retired.
No need to worry about me.

You recognize this, Mr. Hedstrom?

It's Ms. Bromelle's prostitution
charge from 1968...

- A charge that you prosecuted...
- Objection.

These are the defendant's
sealed juvenile records.

I cite Davis v. Alaska as precedent.

It allows for the witness to testify

to the sealed contents of cases.

Objection overruled.

So now I'm projecting myself
onto a 60-year-old hooker?

Why else would you make this
woman your first client back?

I told you.

She helped me in jail,

and after everything that
she's been through...

You mean the sexual abuse that
she experienced as a child?

How old was the defendant at
the time of these charges?


Why were you prosecuting
her for prostitution

instead of treating her as a
victim of sex trafficking?

The whole concept of sex
trafficking is relatively new.

In my day, you booked for solicitation

and let them do the time...
Catch and release.

And in your day, did
you actually believe

that a 13-year-old child
was making the choice

to have sex with grown men for money?

You're sick.

- Excuse me?
- Is that why you took this job

To project your sick
fantasies onto people?

- Annalise...
- Don't call people out

for being sexually abused.

You don't trigger them for no reason.

I released her from juvenile detention

and got the file sealed.

There really wasn't much
else I could do at the time.


Sheri Watson, Patricia Adams,
Carol Anne Peterson...

Any of these names ring a bell?

No. I'll refresh your memory.

All of these are underage girls

who were picked up for
solicitation in 1968.

All these cases were assigned to you.

But, instead of charging them,

you petitioned that each of
them be sent to rehabilitation.

Every case is different, Ms. Keating...

Well, as a matter of fact,

each of these cases are
virtually identical

to my client's in every
way except for one...

My client is black, and all
of these girls were white.

It's not for no reason.

Many of the women that
I see with addiction issues

have been abused... often
physically, sexually.

If Jasmine were treated
like a white girl,

she would've been sent to a
safe place to eat, sleep,

maybe even given the
opportunity to go to school.

- Objection. Argumentative.
- But instead,

she's treated like a criminal
by the officers and prosecutor

whose duty it was to protect her

and save her from the hell
that was her childhood.

I apologize if I'm wrong.

I don't know
everything about you,

but it's my job to
point out connections

that you might not be
able to see yourself.

But you turn her back
out onto the streets

until she had a criminal
record that prevented her

from getting a job, government
housing, assistance...

Your Honor,
please censure Ms. Keating.

...each violation leading to the next,

all stemming from the first arrest...

- Ms. Keating, please sit.
- ...when the system that

should've been protecting this
vulnerable 13-year-old girl

blamed her and doomed her to
a life in and out of prison.

I'm nothing like her.

You know, horrible things
happened to me as a child,


I had a mother who loved me,

teachers who told me I was smart

and I could go to college and...
I believed them.

Because that's what we do
to black people, women,

and gay people in this world.

We turn a blind eye, and we tell them

that their lives don't matter.

But they do matter.
Jasmine Bromelle matters.

I'm not her.

I'm not.

And as much as I wish we
could go back to 1968

and somehow assist this young
girl instead of punishing her,

we can't.

I can't.

But it's not right.

That's why I'm demanding that the court

not just vacate her current charges,

but all of her prior convictions.

It's the only way that Ms. Bromelle

will be shown the basic human decency

that she's been deprived
of her entire life.



It's okay.

If I got to go back and
do time, I'll be okay.

At least I can say I was defended

by the female Johnnie Cochran.


BAILIFF: All rise.

Ms. Keating, today you
ignored the case at hand

and tried a case of your own invention,

ignoring the fact that, in this country,

we ask every man and woman
to take accountability

for their own actions.

But how could we expect them to do so

when we have hobbled them before
their life has even begun?

Ms. Bromelle...

this courtroom owes you an apology.

The law was in the wrong when
it treated you like a criminal

instead of a victim,

and as much as I would like to vacate

all of your criminal history,

the best that I can do is to
seal your prior convictions.

So as long as you never
appear in my courtroom,

you will be eligible for
assistance and jobs

without disclosing
your criminal history.

It's as much of a fresh start
as the law will allow,

the one you should've
been given in 1968.



I mean, it was my first
case back, and I won it.

That's why I wanted
to tell you about it,

because it felt good.

It was something good.

That's all.


- Congratulations.

I-I wasn't asking you to say that.

Why not? You did a great thing here.

You got this woman a fresh start.


Here's your government-issued ID.

You'll need it to apply for a job.

She's a career prostitute
and drug addict.

There's no such thing
as a fresh start.

And here.

Uh, I can't.

No, take it. Take it.




I bet you that I'll turn on
my phone after this session,

and there's gonna be
a voicemail from her

saying that she's back on drugs

and begging me to come
rescue her from a jail.

If you really believe that,

you wouldn't have fought
so hard to win this.

I said I bet you 100 bucks
that in couple of months,

she'll be back in jail.

You know, you are allowed to
feel hope in these situations.


You work with drug addicts every day.

You know they don't change.

I changed.

I was a heroin addict.

Now I'm here, I'm clean.

I've changed. That's all I'm saying.

I wish you hadn't told me that.




Phone number for the eyewitness.


Annalise fired you.

Which means your only option
was to come down here

and blackmail Denver for this job.

I didn't blackmail him.

In what world does he hire
anyone who worked for Annalise?

So I blackmailed him... a little.

We should start our own support group...

Annalise Anonymous.

For therapy, we could get drunk.

Not soon enough.


I was just out of law school,

and I thought it was what really
smart people did, you know?

They go to therapy, they
share their feelings, right?

Of course, only thing I could
talk about was the law firm

that I started working at.

Say hello to Caplan &
Gold's new interns, suckas.

GIRL: Oh, my God!

Simon got the Caplan & Gold job?

Yeah, we're trying not to
dwell on that right now.

What about Michaela? Did
she hear from them?

Yeah, she got three offers,
'cause that's who she is...

An awesome badass
dating a pathetic loser

who let some nut-sniffer

- get under his skin.
- Relax.

You and me and Laurel will
just go work for Oli.

OLIVER: Hello, ladies and gents.

Hampton I.T. Services...

For all of your computer
and technology needs.

- Michaela!
- Oh, my God. Did you hear?

I got three offers, which is amazing!

I am amazing!

You have to take
the Caplan & Gold job.

I already did.
They pay the most.

Oh, thank God.

- Why do you care so much?

Caplan & Gold is the firm
that represents my father.

Oh, then just have him
make a call for you.

No, I don't want him to.

Why not?

Because he killed Wes.

What did you just say?

My father killed Wes,

and you're gonna
help me take him down.


I wouldn't open up, and my
therapist could see that.

So then he opened up to me...

Started sharing things about his life.

He taught me how to share,

and it worked.

I started talking...

I mean really talking...

And it felt so nice.


And then he became my husband.

Nurse said they found drugs
in her system. What drugs?

Tell me where the baby is.

(SOBBING) Where's my baby?

Where's my baby?!

Where's my baby?!




ANNALISE: You've reached the
voicemail of Annalise Keating.

Please leave a message.

Where the hell are you?

She's awake.

Answer the damn phone!


D.A.'s office.

OFFICER: Maxwell here.
I've got another update

on the crime scene at the Easton Hotel.

The manager confirmed
the room is registered

to Annalise Keating.

We're still trying to locate Ms.

but a search is currently
going on in the room.

One item of interest found is a gun...