How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Nobody Else is Dying - full transcript

Annalise's inner circle must deal with a suspicious death that results in a shocking arrest. A new development involving one of the team changes everything.

Previously on "How to Get Away With Murder"...
[VOICE BREAKING] I just made a mistake.
This wasn't a mistake, Michaela!
This was you stabbing me in the heart!
We have to convince Simon not to give a statement.
You really think a jury's going to believe
the account of one brain-trauma victim
- over four healthy minds? - You're fired.
[CRYING] You killed the one person that I loved the most.
Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now!
You know, I probably would have
just let that case sit on my desk,
but then you came in here smiling at me.
BONNIE: I know who has the drive.
It's Denver. He's playing both sides.
She's at it again.
Well, if you don't handle it, I will.
There's been a car accident.
Case number X-28-06542.
Initial police report states
decedent lost control of vehicle,
overturning it at high speed.
Several contusions on face...
abrasion on forehead just below hairline...
severe fracture to the mandible...
bruising along the neck and collarbone.
Dried blood suggests teeth fractured as result of crash.
Bruising along abdomen suggests
severe internal injuries and bleeding.
Do they know anything?
They're thinking foul play.
Multiple rib fractures also detected
by crepitus in the chest.
Where the hell you been?
I've been calling you nonstop.
My phone died. What's wrong?
Three fractures to the fingers on the right hand,
most likely due to impact.
High probability that fractured rib punctured the lungs.
Why does this keep happening to us?
Decedent has multiple displaced fractures and dislocations,
including those on the right humerus, left femur...
Trust me. I'm gonna find the drive.
How? The FBI's gonna be all over this.
I'll be careful.
Specimens will be collected during internal examination
for further evaluation.
Just don't do anything stupid, or you're next.
BONNIE: It was Jorge, right?
He's been tracking all of our calls,
and he heard me leave you that voicemail?
God knows.
Beginning internal examination with incision.
BONNIE: Annalise, I know who has the drive.
It's Denver.
He's playing both sides.
NEWSCASTER: Initial reports state
the District Attorney's car was speeding
at upwards of 80 miles per hour in a 35 zone
before overturning.
However, no brake marks were found on the road,
which authorities say is an indication...
- [DOOR OPENS] - the car may have been tampered with.
- Where have you been? - I slept at Coliver's.
Can we please just talk?
- I'm not forgiving you. - I'm not asking you to.
I just want you to at least hear why I did what I did.
You did it because you're an evil person.
You get to feel that way, yes,
but we can't afford to turn on each other,
especially with all this Denver stuff happening.
I'm not ratting you out to the police. I'm just moving out.
Just stop packing and look me in the eye, please.
We are over, Michaela.
Get over it.
I'm not evil.
I just did an evil thing, one that I completely regret.
You're just saying that because you think you're supposed to say that.
I am deeply, deeply sorry.
That's what I'm saying!
Again, you're saying that because you think
you're supposed to say that, but you don't mean it.
- You don't regret it. - Of course I do.
You don't know yourself, Michaela.
That's the big "aha" for me here,
is I get you more than you get you.
And, yes, I fell in love with you,
every part of you, especially your ambition.
But I made the mistake of thinking that
that ambition stopped in the bedroom.
So, just own who you are...
a backstabbing, power-hungry, social-climbing...
Don't you dare call me a bitch.
You said it for me.
Annalise wants us all at the hotel!
ASHER: You go. I'll take a cab.
RONALD: As you all know, Denver was my mentor,
so I'm feeling the same devastation
you all are feeling.
This tragedy happened on our turf,
to one of our own, and that's...
Look, as hard as this is,
we have to give our full cooperation to the FBI
if we're all gonna find out who did this.
In the meantime,
let's take a moment to honor the man
who we were all so lucky to work with.
He will be dearly missed.
CONNOR: So, this was Laurel's father.
He hacked Denver's car.
Or was it your mother?
OLIVER: I'm sorry. If this is all true,
shouldn't we all be in hiding?
- We're all safe here. - Says who?
The FBI is investigating the death of a D.A.
- who had files on all of us. - What are you worried about?
That they'll find out that you cheated on me?
OLIVER: And what about Simon?
He keeps texting me about his whistle-blower deal.
Nate's looking for the hard drive.
It probably got destroyed in the crash.
Just tell Simon we'll have an update soon.
I think he needs to hear that from Annalise.
- Is she okay? - I'm fine. We all are.
Until Laurel's parents blow up this hotel.
They're not terrorists.
They blew up Annalise's house with Wes inside.
No one else is dying.
Now, as screwed up as it sounds,
all we have is each other,
and so we have to work to protect each other.
And that's what we're gonna do.
- It's my father. - [SIGHS] Oh, God.
He probably heard us talking about him.
Quiet. [QUIETLY] Take it.
- JORGE: Where is she? - What?
Your mother's missing, Laurel.
The last person she was seen with at the hotel is you.
- You're lying. - None of my people can find her.
You're probably with her right now.
I'm with your son.
Why are you there?
- To remind you what's at stake here. - [CRYING]
LAUREL: I am coming there.
I'm not letting my grandson get sucked into some cult.
You are the person I am trying to protect him from.
Just tell me where your mother is,
and everyone will stay safe.
I don't know where she is.
Did you do something to her?
No! Of course not!
Tell me the truth, Laurel.
Did you hurt your mother?
Tell me, or I'll take this boy away for good.
I didn't do anything.
Tell me the truth, Laurel.
Tell me.
Tell me!
When's the last time you saw her?
- In her hotel room when I left. - And she was breathing?
She's probably on a plane to Paris
passed out on Xanax and wine.
Or she took a nosedive into the Hudson.
Then, great. One of our problems is solved.
Saying things like that makes me think you did something to her.
I said terrible things to her, yes, but I'm not an animal.
I would never hurt my own mother.
- She's lied to us before. - Not about killing anyone.
She did bring a loaded gun to a work party.
And to a bar.
ANNALISE: What did you say to her?
- Things that she deserved to hear. - Like?
I told her to kill herself.
They're just words.
Said to a woman with mental-health issues.
This is what my father does.
He wanted you to start doubting me, and, look...
it's working.
Her dad's not wrong. We are kinda culty.
Maybe the baby would be better off with some nanny.
Don't... [SIGHS] Laurel's his mother,
and although I agree she has some impulse-control issues...
- She's not the only one. - Okay, now is not the time to do this.
Oh, so, you want to talk about impulse-control issues?
You means yours? Because it seems like you can't seem to help yourself
from jumping on every meat stick that winks at you.
What about you and your stupid gorilla rage,
like when you ran over Sinclair?
My father does not care about anyone but himself,
not my mother or Christopher.
All he wants is his stupid hard drive,
and he's gonna say anything to get it.
Or do anything, like kill people, so let's just find it
- and give it back to him. - Give it to Simon.
You heard the guy. He's gonna hurt the baby.
Simon gives the hard drive to the FBI, Jorge goes to jail,
Laurel gets the baby back... that's the plan.
Unknown caller.
Maybe it's your mom on a beach somewhere.
Answer it.
Where are you going?
The FBI wants to talk to Laurel.
- What? - The actual FBI?
- About your mother? - About Denver.
I was the last person to see him at the office.
It's gonna be fine.
OLIVER: Uh, what are we doing about Simon?
Oliver and I will deal with Simon. You go.
Thank you.
BONNIE: Do we believe her?
FRANK: I think so.
That's reassuring.
I'm going to New York now.
If the mom's there, I'll find her.
- Frank. - I'm gonna be careful.
Sorry to barge in.
Uh, did you hear that the FBI's meeting
with your intern?
Yeah. Seems pretty ridiculous.
I know, but she was the last to see him, so...
Out of all the convicts that Denver's sent to prison,
you believe an intern did this?
Well, an intern who just had a baby.
I mean, maybe her hormones were all outta whack.
I don't know.
That was very frat boy of me.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I mean...
this is a freaking mess.
Look, I'm sorry we've had our beef in the past.
But I can't fill Denver's shoes
without some help from people like you.
So can we just bury the hatchet,
be friends?
Of course.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - SIMON: Where's Annalise?
She's talking to the Feds right now,
finalizing the terms of your deal.
That's good news.
It means she's gonna get you
whistle-blower protections and your visa.
I want him out.
I know this is a lot, but I'm on your side.
Simon's been through enough, Oliver.
Let's just give him what he needs.
So, after Annalise hammers out the terms of your deal,
then she'll come visit.
Until then, I'm here as collateral,
which is lucky for you
'cause I'm really good at yelling at nurses.
So, whatever you need,
just ask.
♪ All of the moments take over our age ♪
♪ As the years multiply ♪
♪ I feel the same ♪
♪ All of the ways that we turn and change form ♪
♪ Tethered and torn ♪
EVIDENCE ROOM ATTENDANT: The Gallivan case has been closed for a decade.
I know. I worked it back when I was a detective.
The Feds just want us to look into Denver's old cases,
find anyone with a grudge.
♪ Alternate truth and a failure of mine ♪
- You need my help? - I got it.
♪ Passive in nature is where we now hide ♪
♪ Tethered and torn ♪
♪ Are you mine? I am yours ♪
TELESCO: As a law student, I'm sure you understand
that the death of a D.A. in a major U.S. city
is cause for some suspicion.
Of course she does.
What neither my client nor I understand
is why she's one of the first people
you're bringing in for questioning
rather than the thousands of ex-cons
D.A. Denver's thrown in jail.
Records show Ms. Castillo was one of the D.A.'s interns.
Oh, so you're bringing in all the interns in the office?
Just the one who had an unscheduled meeting
with the victim hours before he died.
So, what was last night's meeting about?
- What do you want? - Tell me who killed Wes.
Well, I thought it was gonna be about
me going back to intern after my maternity leave,
but he really just wanted to talk about my father.
Your father?
I was just as surprised as you.
I didn't even know they knew each other.
How did they?
I don't know, but Denver asked me
if I'd spoken to him recently.
I haven't, obviously, due to the...
custody stuff.
C-Custody of who?
CONNOR: You told them everything?
Just the things that'll make them investigate my father.
How does sticking the FBI on him make any sense?
Seriously. He just threatened his own grandchild.
Imagine the "Goodfellas" massacre he'll do to us.
Think for a second instead of panicking.
This lays the groundwork for Simon
to blow the whistle on Antares.
That's only true if we have the hard drive.
Speaking of, you really need to go talk to Simon.
- Michaela knows what she's doing. - ASHER: Does she?
Because I'm sure she'd be willing to bang Simon into silence,
but he's not into girls so we're screwed.
- Hey. - Nate.
We need some good news.
Denver's been using an evidence locker
for an old case to hide stuff.
That's where I found this.
- What is that? - [SIGHS]
That's Dominick's phone.
I gave it to Denver in our last meeting.
No hard drive.
Probably 'cause the FBI already has it.
You looking for this, too?
Why aren't we handing the drive off to Simon
and letting the FBI go through it?
We need to make sure there's actually
illegal files on it.
- Wait. We don't know that? - It's there.
We just need to divvy up all the files.
No, only my computer's airgapped and encrypted
to keep your father's spyware
from monitoring everything we do.
We don't know what that means.
It means shut up so I can do my job.
CONNOR: We shouldn't be doing this in your room.
Great. I need some alone time.
Not my point.
The whole reason for the class-action
was for us to start doing good for people.
I got that case all the way to the Supreme Court.
And if you actually win?
Every single one of our clients...
Nate's dad, Claudia...
they're gonna need us to retry their cases,
and we aren't gonna be able to do that if the FBI locks us up.
You're not worried about the plaintiffs.
- You're worried about you. - No.
I gave you a shout-out on the steps of the Supreme Court.
And I'm grateful for that.
I didn't do it to validate you.
I did it so you can get your ass back into law school.
What are you implying?
I'm not implying anything.
I just know what really happened.
'Cause I know everything.
So trust that I know what I'm doing here, too.
SIMON: What's wrong?
You're doing the fakesmile thing again.
Asher broke up with me.
That lie would only work
if you said that you dumped him.
- It's not a lie. - You're stalling.
You don't have the Antares files, do you?
Tell Annalise I want to see my deal
and proof that there's any illegal files
or I will tell the police
what really happened that night.
That would be a very big mistake.
OLIVER: Michaela just texted.
Simon's asking for proof of the files.
Tell her to suffocate him, and then maybe
I'll consider forgiving her.
What are you even looking for?
All of the off-shore investments
my father used to put my name on.
O-Off-shore like the Caymans?
CONNOR: We should move there and become surf instructors.
We could have your wedding there, too.
Found one.
She's down for no strings attached.
You're looking for a date right now?
I gotta get some strange before I get locked up.
What are the chances that we find anything on there?
When the FBI went through Enron's files,
they had to create a task force,
and it still took them years.
Change of plans.
No. Just give me a few more minutes.
This is the time that we ask for help, Laurel.
No wonder Michaela behaves like such a fool.
- She had you as a teacher. - We have the Antares files.
I haven't found any illegal activity yet.
Because there is none.
Because you haven't told me where to look for it.
Even if your ludicrous claims were true,
I am one of Jorge Castillo's lawyers.
Attorney-client privilege only applies to past crimes,
but since your client's crimes are ongoing...
- Enough. - could be arrested with him
and charged as his co-conspirator.
So, why not jump ship,
be the whistle-blower?
I'm calling security.
He killed the District Attorney.
Denver was on Jorge's payroll.
this is not worth dying for.
Get the hell out of my office.
I didn't want to worry Annalise about this.
Denver was keeping files on all of you.
I know.
I found them.
Where are they?
I destroyed them already.
Was there one on you?
Too boring apparently.
Did she say yes?
- What are you doing here?? - Laurel told me the plan.
- Who's with Simon? - He's asleep on painkillers.
- Tegan said no, right? - Go back to the hospital.
Simon's gonna rat us out unless we do something.
He told me that.
But I know how to shut him up.
We call ICE, get him deported.
He brought an illegally obtained gun into a workplace.
That's grounds for deportation.
We are not deporting a gay man back to Pakistan.
- That's not who we are. - Of course it is.
Do you want to destroy an innocent life?
Do you know what that means...
not just for Simon, but for you?
I more than understand guilt at this point.
Talk to me if you start drinking a bottle of vodka a night
and fantasizing about ways to off yourself.
I'm trying to save us.
Save yourself, is what I'm telling you,
'cause the path you're on nearly killed me,
and you're not me.
Get back to the hospital.
Wait for my call.
- [DOOR OPENS] - LAUREL: Where have you been?
I went to your mom's hotel.
- Frank! - I was careful.
- [SIGHS] - I just...
I talked to some maids, valets.
None of them saw anything suspicious.
She just disappeared, no trace.
So, you found nothing?
You know I love you no matter what, right?
What are you asking me?
Am I looking for something I'm not gonna find?
[SCOFFS] You say you love me.
- I just need to ask. - I told you no.
I'm not the sociopath here, that's you.
- [SIGHS] Anything? - No.
And still no "vagine" for this guy.
Someone needs to invent a Humpr for straights.
That can be you if we don't get killed.
Yeah, the whole point's doing it before we get killed
so I can rub all the sex I'm having in Michaela's face.
- You need to get over this already. - It just happened.
The way you're acting, though, it's very Doucheface.
OLIVER: Not to mention it's obvious you want to forgive her.
- I do not. - You do.
You just have this idea
that you're supposed to be manly and mad.
In other words, the guy was just a one-off.
- Get over it. - I'm not mad about the sex.
- I'm angry she lied. - We all lie.
Yeah, but this was a stupid one
to protect her image of herself.
Well, I have been lying to all of you
for exactly the same reason.
I didn't cheat. I...
But I didn't drop out, either.
I failed out.
And I know it's stupid that I didn't tell you.
I just... I was ashamed,
and now I'm ashamed that I was ashamed.
Do you wanna call off the wedding?
[SIGHS] Shut up.
Let me have your phone.
- Why? - Just give it to me.
There was a time when I looked forward to seeing your name on my phone.
It's Annalise Keating.
No. I am not doing this with you.
You don't have a choice.
We have the hard drive.
Where's my daughter?
I'm not here to negotiate a family reunion.
How do I know you haven't made copies?
Check our computers.
You're doing it anyway.
Sign this.
It recants your testimony against Laurel.
The judge will be swayed and give her sole custody.
Then we can all move on.
Move on?
- My wife is missing. - Ex-wife.
Stop accusing Laurel of something we both know
she's not capable of.
Then you don't know my daughter.
I can't. I...
Little C's gonna need his mom strong when he comes home.
I'm sorry I called you a sociopath.
I know.
JORGE: Or was it Frank?
He has Sandrine chained up in some basement, hmm?
You know, if you don't want to do this, I can leave.
Or Bonnie?
You bring out the worst in people, don't you?
ANNALISE: You want to call this off?
Because you know I'm happy to let the FBI
- find whatever's on this. - You wouldn't have come here
if that was the resolution you wanted.
True, but I didn't come here to talk.
- No, you came for blood. - No, I came here to call a truce.
So, sign the contract
or go to prison for the rest of your life.
This isn't some business deal, Annalise.
This is my family!
You stole my daughter from me.
Maybe you don't understand the kind of pain
- that brings a parent... - I understand. Believe me.
No, your child was born dead. You understand nothing.
What are the odds we find a dead mom stuffed under the bed?
Someone else look. I can't see that.
Can we just get what we need so we can get out of here?
Try raising a shy, sweet little girl
who could barely look people in the eye
when they asked her her name,
a girl you that had to protect from her mother
because she was never well.
She needed protection from you.
I loved Laurel more than myself.
I built her a future
where she could have anything,
be anything.
Try doing that
and then having some monster steal her from you.
- I know exactly how that feels. - You don't.
You took Wes from me!
And for what? Was it for the money?
Huh? Please tell me it wasn't just for the money.
You know, you can't be a good father
and kill the love of your daughter's life...
and lock her in a psych ward,
hold your grandchild for ransom.
'Cause that's all I see you doing.
And this story... that you're doing it out of love?
You love you,
not even your ex-wife, your daughter,
or that little boy alone in the hospital.
You have no idea what I'm willing to do for my family.
I don't care about you!
And neither does your daughter.
It's too late. You've lost her. She's gone.
And by taking her son away from her,
you're putting her through the same pain
that you say you feel right now.
So, be a good father for once and sign the damn paper...
...and let her go.
[SIGHS] It's taking too long.
He probably just threw up on himself or something.
Call Annalise. Make sure the judge
hasn't changed her mind.
I just want to say goodbye to him.
It's done.
[SNIFFLES] It's your mommy.
Guess who's coming home today, hmm?
[VOICE BREAKING] Yeah, I love you.
I love you.
HENDERSON: So, he's showing no signs of infection,
and he's off the antibiotics.
He will need to stay on the enhanced formula, though,
for another month or so.
Oh, Frank, write that down.
Oh, we've put all the instructions in this packet.
And all our contact information.
And we'll be making a home visit within the month,
just to make sure Christopher is settling in okay.
I just moved into a nicer place.
I think he's gonna love it.
Should we go?
Where is your mother?
I don't know...
and I don't care.
It's your mother, Laurel.
She's dead to me...
♪♪ are you.
Call her.
We got him.
- How is he? - Damn cute.
Do we know when it's happening?
Any minute.
Get out of there.
♪ Take me right back to the start line ♪
♪ Do it all over again ♪
Jorge Castillo, I have a warrant for your arrest.
- No, this is... - [HANDCUFFS CLICK]
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
[VOICE FADING] one will be provided for you.
Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?
Got it. Thank you.
He's in custody.
this is not worth dying for.
Get the hell out of my office.
You're making a big mistake.
You are the one making the mistake here.
Trust is the foundation
of the attorney-client relationship,
and Professional Conduct Rule 1.6
prohibits me from disclosing
information relating to representation
without my client's informed consent.
My immunity deal?
It's been filed under seal with the court.
My agents have already started corroborating your statements.
And Caplan & Gold?
You're listed as Jane Doe in all the paperwork,
so go to work, keep your nose down.
No one will know.
DESK ANCHOR: Today in New York City,
the FBI arrested billionaire Jorge Castillo
on a litany of charges,
including wiretapping, bribery,
securities fraud, tax evasion,
and first-degree murder.
The victim is Philadelphia District Attorney Todd Denver.
The suspicious nature of his death led the FBI
to uncover campaign donations linking the two men.
Frank just texted. They'll be here soon.
Hey, Baby C's coming home.
Yeah, I know we're all relieved, but this is on the news.
- Simon's gonna see this. - Bonnie took care of Simon.
What does that mean... "took care of"?
The D.A.'s office is dropping all the charges against him
as long as he signs an affidavit
that he was the one who brought the gun to C&G.
Actually, I took care of Simon.
Simon Drake.
We're with Immigration and Customs.
You're being transferred to a medical facility
run by the Department of Homeland Security.
It's come to our attention you've been involved
in some recent criminal activity.
[SCOFFS] MICHAELA: A felony gun charge equals deportation,
so I made an anonymous tip to ICE.
What is wrong with you?
He would have held this over our heads for the rest of our lives,
and it's not like I killed him,
so you're welcome.
- ANNALISE: Why? - Because it needed to be done.
Or you did it to spite me?
The old you would have done this.
I wanted better for you, Michaela.
And someone needed to step up
and do the thing that you didn't have the balls to do
to keep us safe.
You've been trying to become me this whole time.
And now that you've done it, you must be proud.
I've become me.
That's what I'm proud of.
You should be, too.
- Hi. NATE: I'm surprised you picked up.
Only because it's you.
I mean...
I thought the rest of the world would be blowing up your phone.
About Jorge's arrest?
You haven't heard?
DESK ANCHOR: Backed by former President Fitzgerald Grant
and D.C. power player Olivia Pope,
the plaintiffs in Lahey v. Commonwealth
argued for better funding for public defenders.
Today the Supreme Court returned a decision.
The justices sided with the plaintiffs,
led by attorney Annalise Keating.
Many had questioned whether Ms. Keating,
a controversial criminal defense attorney,
was the right person to argue such an important case.
Today, with this momentous win,
Ms. Keating has proved her detractors wrong
and ensured a far-reaching step forward
for defendants across the entire country.
With this victory, it's clear Ms. Keating
has become a legal powerhouse on a national level.
LAUREL: [CRYING] You killed the one person that I loved the most.
Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now!
JORGE: I'm with your son.
Just tell me where your mother is.
LAUREL: She's dead to me...
as are you.
BONNIE: [SOFTLY] Almost done. Snap you up.
- Is he okay? - He's great.
- [EXHALES HEAVILY] - He just needed a little change.
[SIGHS] I'm so sorry about all of this.
I'm gonna find my new place soon.
You stay as long as you like.
Hey. I'm heading out.
I got the list... diapers, wipes. Anything else?
You put on a button-down to go the store?
All my other shirts have baby puke on them.
Um, I'll be back in a bit.
Buenos... Buenos días.
RILEY: If you're just joining us, my guest today is Annalise Keating,
a local defense attorney who argued and won
a class-action lawsuit
at the United States Supreme Court.
Annalise, tell us... what's the one thing
you'd like our listeners to take away from this case?
As kids, we're taught that there's good and evil.
And the good guys are the heroes that save the day,
and the bad guys are the criminals behind bars.
But that's just not reality.
Being a convict doesn't mean that you're bad.
When you visit a prison,
you learn that the so-called criminals
are just people who've been put through hell.
And until now, our justice system has dealt
with these people by putting them through even more hell.
But due to this court's ruling,
they can now appeal their cases.
Is this the meet-up for the tour?
- Your name? - Delfino, Frank.
I don't see your name.
Are you a prospective student or a parent?
I'm just kidding. [CHUCKLES]
Just fill this out.
And for many of them, it is the only second chance
they've ever been given.
What's your response to critics who say
these criminals don't deserve a second chance?
What successful person in life
has not been given a second chance?
Months ago, my license was almost stripped away from me,
but the State Bar took mercy on me in my time of need.
- This class-action was my second chance. - [KEYS CLACKING]
CONNOR: My time off from Middleton allowed me
to rediscover my passion for the law.
Specifically, my work on
Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
reminded me why I chose to become a lawyer
- in the first place. - [KNOCK ON DOOR]
You didn't pick up your phone.
I'm working on my application.
You think I'm evil, too?
We're all evil sometimes.
Come in.
Help me make my application less cheeseball.
Oliver won't be mad?
He's not home.
Where is he?
ANNALISE: Even the most vilified people in our society
can turn their lives around.
They just need help.
ASHER: How about we make you my interior decorator?
I want this place to make a statement.
All right, well, first order of business,
cover up those weird sex scratches.
And you got to lose the beer-pong trophy,
or you'll never find a quality lady.
See? This is why I need you, Ol.
And I will pay you back. I promise.
Can I cash in now?
I'm kind of broke, Ols.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be moving into this dump.
I didn't mean money.
- I'm not forgiving Michaela... - Okay, just listen.
So, Connor doesn't think we should have them,
but I feel like if we're gonna do a wedding,
then we should do it right.
will you be my best man?
- Just say yes. - Hell yes, bestie!
- Thank you! - Eee! Thank you!
And when you don't give people a chance to get better,
then you rob them of their families,
their futures, and any ounce of hope.
And once you lose hope, you lose your will to live.
And this case isn't just about prisoners.
It's about families.
Wives, husbands, and children suffer immensely
when a loved one is locked away.
You think about all the young girls and boys
who've never done a bad thing in their lives
and lose a parent to an unjust justice system.
And not only are they likely to fall below the poverty line,
but the trauma that they suffer wreaks havoc on them
for the rest of their lives.
So, reuniting families is the first step
to building a better society.
JUDY: Your name?
MAN: Well, I can't tell you that unless you give me yours first.
Very funny.
Just give me your number.
E-mail? [CHUCKLES]
Your name, please.
Gabriel Maddox.
- It's a pleasure. - Mm. [CHUCKLES]
The problem is that most people
don't believe that these criminals deserve help.
Instead, it's, "Go to jail, pay your debt,
and get a fresh start."
But there's no such thing as a fresh start
when you've been inside the system.
It's like quicksand.
It sucks you in.
- He awake? - Yeah.
[SOFTLY] Hi, Christopher.
- Hi. - [COOING]
I'm your godmother.
You just don't know it yet
because Laurel hasn't gotten off her ass to ask me.
I don't know how to do this.
No one does.
Wes would've.
You're not your parents.
Go shower.
It'll give me some alone time with this guy.
ANNALISE: And that's my dream for this case...
that we all work harder
to see the good in people instead of the bad.
And that's for all of us, no matter what mistakes we make,
to just have the ability to get and to be better.
RILEY: So, you've argued in front
of the highest court in the land and won.
What's next?
Will you return to teaching?
Or take on another class-action?
Well, honestly...
...I don't know.
ANNALISE: ♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪
♪ Little girl, little boy Yes, ma'am ♪
♪ Did you go to the barn? Yes, ma'am ♪
♪ Did you take my turkey? Yes, ma'am ♪
♪ Which way did it go? So, so ♪
♪ Where did it go? So, so ♪
♪ Shoo, shoo, shoo, turkey... ♪
JUDY: Middleton Law graduates make up a Who's Who
of our nation's most prominent legal minds.
We've graduated 10 Attorney Generals,
a dozen Congressmen,
and even a Supreme Court Justice.
Looks like the good times didn't last too long.
ANNALISE: ♪ Did you get them eggs? Yes, ma'am ♪
♪ Did you take my turkey? Yes, ma'am ♪
Her kid's here.
♪ Shoo, shoo, shoo, turkey ♪
♪ Throw them feathers way yonder ♪
♪ Shoo, shoo, shoo, turkey ♪
♪ Throw them feathers way yonder ♪
♪ Shoo, shoo, shoo, turkey ♪
[LAUGHING] ♪ Throw them feathers way yonder ♪
♪ Shoo, shoo, shoo, turkey ♪
♪ Throw them feathers way yonder ♪
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