How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - The Day Before He Died - full transcript

The Keating 4 gets help from Analise to devise a new plan when detectives get a break in the investigation of Simon's shooting. Laurel learns new details about the night Wes dies leading to a shocking confrontation.

Previously on "How to Get Away
With Murder"...
-Tell me you didn't.
-Didn't what?
Bang the press secretary.
Isaac overdosed,
So if you think you
need to drink, drink.
Annalise: The Sixth Amendment
was ratified in 1791.
Let's finally guarantee its
rights to all of our citizens.
It's Simon.
He's awake.
Plug this into
your car's data port.
It'll ding me if anyone
messes with the brakes.
Frank: She had Dominick
set up a meeting
between her and the puppy
so she could pay him 100K.
Laurel. Your mom's
been lying to you.
Sandrine: You're having
legal trouble.
Wes: Okay, I'm telling
Laurel about this.
[ Shower running ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Ringing continues ]
[ Handle squeaks, shower stops ]
Mrs. Castillo?
Hi. Um...
Look, I'm not sure
what this is about.
Sit. I'll explain.
I just came to say
I'm not okay meeting
behind Laurel's back --
Sit, Christophe.
Would you like
something to eat?
Uh, perhaps a beer?
I just want to know
what I'm doing here.
You're having
legal troubles.
Wallace Mahoney
was killed.
Not sure what that
has to do with me.
But you've had other troubles
with the police, no?
Okay, I'm telling Laurel
about this --
I'll pay you,
Pay me for what?
To stop seeing Laurel.
Wes: Okay, I'm telling
Laurel about this.
I'll pay you, Christophe.
Pay me for what?
To stop seeing Laurel.
When was this?
[ Clicks ]
The day before he died.
And Wes never told you?
Do you blame him?
She got in his head.
Why would she want him
to stop seeing you?
Because she's insane,
or maybe I was wrong.
This was all her.
Don't jump
to conclusions.
You need
to go to Denver
and ask him
exactly what he knows.
She can't go to Denver.
He's been involved in this
since day one.
If he's been working
with your dad or mom,
then it's too dangerous
to go near him.
Fine, then I'll go
to my mother.
We're telling Annalise,
No, she just
got back from DC.
The last thing she needs
is for me to dump this on her.
Do you want
your son back?
Of course.
Then we need Annalise's help.
I'll talk to her.
No, wait!
I should be the one
who tells her.
I know. It's just...
there's something else that
she's dealing with right now.
[ Door opens ]
Where's Laurel?
She didn't pick up her phone
when I called.
Well, try again
because I don't want
to have to go
through this twice.
Why? Because
it's about Laurel? I --
I said that we should wait
until she's here.
Connor: I bet it's about
the class action.
The justices were so
impressed they already
decided that you won.
What is it about the word "wait"
that no one understands?
Why aren't you
calling her?
Actually, uh,
while we're waiting,
Connor and I
have some news
we want to share.
Not now, Oli.
-We're getting married!
-We already know that.
Yeah, but we're getting married
with a wedding!
Is it true?
We spent the entire day
in the courtroom
where people fought
tooth and nail
for us to be
gay and equal.
It gave us some feels.
Yeah, but just no --
no "Macarena"
or flash mobs.
Asher: And I say we have
a big, gay bachelor party
with big, gay
stripper packages.
[ Imitates electronic beat ]
Simon's awake.
Did he talk?
Can he talk?
I don't know.
Bonnie only said that
he woke up from the coma.
Okay, so, there's
still a chance
that the bullet turned
his brain into mush?
[ Knock on door ]
[ Door opens ]
Can we go outside?
[ Door closes ]
Did you talk
to Nate?
Yeah, he has an in with
the detective on Simon's case.
He'll call you
when there's an update.
You mean he'll call me
when there's a disaster.
[ Siren wailing
in distance ]
[ Breathes deeply ]
Can't I just feel good
for once?
Just once...
Okay, tell me
what you came to say.
I can take it.
Isaac is still
in the hospital.
A nurse told me
he's on dialysis.
I just thought
you'd want to know.
Like I don't have
enough to worry about?
The hospital
just called.
Simon wants
to see me.
So much for Nate
warning us about that.
The good news is that
he regained
some of
his ability to speak,
but, obviously,
he's still very weak.
Does he remember
what happened?
All I'm authorized
to tell you is that
his neurological status
has improved.
For example,
it's a good sign
that he asked for you
by name.
What if it's a trap?
Like Simon already
told them that we were
trying to frame him,
and now they're just trying
to catch Oliver in a lie?
Nate would've
told us that.
But what if
seeing Oliver
is what triggers
Simon's memory?
Then at least
we'll know what's coming.
It's gonna be fine.
[ Sighs ]
Mr. Hampton.
Detective Nicholls.
I remember.
So, he was
threatening you?
I don't think
he wanted to hurt anybody.
This is still
an active investigation --
so do not say anything
that could bias Mr. Drake
or distort his memory.
I understand.
Do you?
Because if I sense you
feeding him any information
that could prompt him
to your version
of what happened
that night --
You mean the truth?
I'll arrest you
for obstruction of justice
is my point.
[ Sighs ]
The detectives only know
what you told them.
So just stick
to that story --
that you saw Simon stealing
the files and he shot himself.
I wasn't there
when he shot himself.
Simon's gonna
remember that.
Oliver, look at me.
You're a great liar,
more than you realize.
So just go in there and say
as little as possible.
Look at you.
[ Door closes ]
You're awake.
D-- Did I --
Did I, uh...
Did I do it?
Did you do what?
Come out to you?
Oliver: He doesn't remember
anything about the shooting.
Are you sure?
For all he knows,
our story's true.
For now.
I looked up brain injuries,
and they say it's like
a computer booting back up.
You might not remember
anything at first,
but eventually,
your memory can come back.
Can come back,
and that hasn't happened yet,
so Oliver's right.
You all need to go home,
because right now
we're okay.
[ Sighs ]
I don't feel good
about this.
Then you shouldn't
have come.
I just think
we should've told Annalise.
That was Bonnie's job,
and she told us we should wait.
Then we at least should've told
Bonnie we were coming --
[ Alert beeps ]
Salut, Maman.
If you want more,
call Dominick.
He'll find me.
Just don't use your name
in case anyone's listening.
I'm not doing this.
She's going to break
your heart, Christophe.
She spent her life
trying to fix me.
Now she does the same
with men.
When she realizes she
can't fix them, she moves on.
She did it
with Dominick,
then Frank,
now you...
[ Indistinct conversations ]
She did it with Dominick,
then Frank,
now you...
Why'd you want him
to stop seeing me?
He was a murder suspect.
I wanted to protect you.
Or you wanted
to protect Antares.
Was the FBI
after Dad again?
Your father didn't know
I saw Christophe.
And you admit it then?
You had Dominick kill him?
Of course not.
Then why didn't
you help him?
He left that voicemail
for you.
What voicemail?
Wes left a message on Dominick's
phone the night he died.
I didn't know.
Stop lying.
I'm not lying!
[ Scoffs ]
ma petite.
I was only
trying to protect you.
You're the last person
in the world
who could
ever protect me.
Maybe that's true.
But I would never
hurt anyone you loved.
Please believe me.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Car door closes ]
How'd Oliver do?
Not bad.
The detective bought
the whole gay thing.
Well, the gay thing
is true.
Everything else
is not.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I should be prepping in case
your father gets a new trial
and not dragging you
into this mess.
After everything
you did,
he'd knock my ass out
if I didn't help you.
Keep your phone close.
[ Car door closes ]
Connor: This isn't
the version of a facial
I was hoping
you were talking about.
You heard AK --
best thing we can do right now
is self-care.
I don't think she meant
have a spa day.
Okay, well,
don't get jelly
if you end up looking like
Oli's daddy
in the wedding photos.
[ Sighs ]
Come with me.
Right now.
[ Whispering ] You better not be
texting your "D" from DC.
I only wrote "Hi."
I'm not gonna send it.
Look, I was okay keeping
my mouth shut when this
was a one-and-done,
but you clearly
have feelings for him.
I don't.
[ Sighs ]
The truth is --
I don't know
if I have feelings,
but don't worry.
I'm not gonna act on them.
You already did.
Because you want
to stay with Asher,
or because Marcus
doesn't live here?
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
I know it was wrong.
And mean.
But everything's always
so horrible here.
And when I was there,
when we were doing
something good for people,
I guess it was just nice to have
someone only see me as me.
you did a bad thing,
and you can't take
that part back.
So right now
you need
to make a decision.
Do you want
to be a cheater
or a lying cheater?
Because the truth's
gonna come out.
Just like it probably will
about Simon.
So just...
um, pick the type of person
you want to be.
The rest
is up to Asher.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
This is Michaela Pratt.
How would you describe your
feelings toward Simon Drake?
Can I be blunt?
I was never a fan,
but we were fine.
Well, witnesses say
you were openly hostile
toward one another.
Two hyper-competitive
law students
who had
the occasional squabble --
that's quite
the social anomaly.
Did you happen to have
one of these squabbles
the night of
the Caplan & Gold party?
What are you
so worried about?
You're doing that
fake-ass smile you plaster on
when you're nervous.
Or when I want to cut a bitch
but can't
'cause I'm at
a work function.
Who told you that?
Either you shared words
or you didn't, Ms. Pratt.
I'm going to ignore
the fact
that you're
trying to manufacture
some kind of haphazard
confession from me,
and instead point out
that you are overstepping
interrogation guidelines,
which strongly discourage
law enforcement
from correlating innocuous
interactions from the past
to an act
of extreme violence.
So, can we describe
this conversation as "over,"
or do I need to call
my lawyer?
remembering more.
Okay, but how do you know
that it was Simon that told
them about the fight?
I mean, that party was packed.
Anybody could've heard.
Or the more likely
scenario --
the computer's
booting back up.
Oliver, you have
to marry Simon.
We give him his dream husband
and a green card
in exchange
for his silence.
I'm not doing that.
Oh, you'd rather us
all go to prison?
Look, I'd rather take the fall
than let you go to jail.
The world needs Michaela Pratt
more than it needs
another average white guy
like me.
Or we just have Frank go in
and smother him.
Never say that again!
Michaela's right.
I am not letting
Oliver marry Simon.
She's right
in that the only way
to solve this
is to control Simon.
He needs to hire me
as his lawyer.
He hates you.
He doesn't hate Oliver.
I can't go back in there.
You have to.
S-Send Nate in!
Simon doesn't know Nate,
let alone trust him.
And wasn't it your idea to frame
Simon in the first place?
Least you can do now
is to help us turn him.
You're back.
[ Chuckles softly ]
Of course.
What's wrong?
Uh, nothing.
I've been thinking a lot
about what you said,
and...I'm sorry
that it took almost losing you
to make me realize
how I feel, but...
[ Breathes shakily ]
...I have to be
honest here.
I really like you,
too, Simon.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles ]
You do?
So much.
Which is why I also
have to be honest
and tell you that...
I really think
you need to hire a lawyer.
Can I help you?
Someone I know has been
a patient here.
I just don't know
if they're still admitted.
Isaac Roa.
And are you
a family member?
Then I'll need
your name, as well.
Hospital policy.
Annalise Keating.
Let me check.
[ Monitor beeping in distance ]
Did it work?
Then you need
to go back in there
while the detectives
are gone.
He already
has a lawyer.
[ Footsteps ]
Tegan: Annalise.
[ Woman speaking indistinctly
over P.A. ]
You got this.
You're representing
Mr. Drake?
That would explain
why I'm here.
What I can't figure out
is why you are.
You're okay with a conflict
of interest of this magnitude?
Excuse me?
Simon Drake broke
into your firm's files
in an attempt to destroy
one of your richest clients.
According to Ms. Pratt.
And Mr. Drake?
Has he denied
any of this?
I admire you, Annalise,
ever since I wrote a brief
on your Death Row Appeal
when I was a 2-L
at Stanford.
Your point?
You're not gonna win
this one.
Because your real client
is Jorge Castillo
and not that poor boy
in there.
Anything to make sure
that the files he stole
don't get to the FBI.
We're done.
Does Simon know
who you're working for,
or do we need Oliver
to tell him?
I've hired a security guard
to make sure
no unauthorized guests visit
Mr. Drake without my approval.
Oliver is not
on that list.
Go home, girl.
Get some rest.
You look like
you need it.
[ Paper rustling ]
I'll pay you, Christophe.
Pay me for what?
To stop seeing Laurel.
[ Paper rustling ]
[ Mouse clicks,
computer beeping ]
[ Clacks lightly ]
Call Dominick.
He'll find me.
Just don't use
your name.
[ Beeps ]
[ Knock on door ]
Laurel: It's me.
You missed study group.
I fell asleep.
Well, luckily,
you have a great girlfriend
who not only brought you
a copy of the outline...
but Buster's.
Italian or turkey?
You okay?
[ Sighs ]
I'm okay to talk more
about it if you want.
[ Papers rustling ]
Talk more about what?
Tell me
nothing happened.
Of course
nothing happened!
We talked about it.
So unless there's something else
you need to tell me...
There isn't.
Then we're good.
And I'm sorry if I seem
out of it.
[ Breathes deeply ]
I'm probably just hungry.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles ]
We're not gonna study
if we keep that up.
Which one?
You hungry?
Fridge is empty.
I can pick up Buster's.
Why didn't he tell me?
We were together right after
he met with her.
He could have told me.
Now, to be fair,
you never told him
about us.
You can go.
Come on, I'm just
trying to help.
I meant go tell
Annalise everything.
I don't care that she's
freaked out about Simon.
Maybe at least
she can tell me
who I'm supposed
to believe here.
Maybe your mom's
telling the truth.
That's really helpful.
It makes sense.
She never got the message
because Dominick told your dad
about it and not her.
Or she told Dominick
to kill Wes,
and now my child is alone
in some hospital room
because he's been born
into the worst family ever.
You're gonna get him back.
You don't know that.
I do.
You hear me?
No matter
what I have to do,
I'm bringing that kid
home to you.
No more dead people.
I know.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
You need to go to Denver and
ask him exactly what he knows.
She can't go to Denver.
[ Mouse clicking ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
What now?
I don't understand.
Why would it go off?
It said "mechanical error,"
so it could be anything.
Engine looks fine.
This a new scratch?
Someone backing into you
would have set it off.
Or someone cut my brakes.
Your brakes are fine.
What about the gas tank?
I checked
the whole car, Bon.
[ Trunk shuts ]
Everything looks fine.
Fine enough
that you'd drive it?
You're gonna be pissed.
Tell me right now.
Laurel and I saw Mommy.
She denies having anything
to do with killing Wes.
Of course she did.
But the minute you left her,
she called Jorge, and now
he's messing with my car.
There's nothing wrong
with your car.
According to you!
[ Sighs ]
Should we flip a coin?
To decide
who tells Annalise.
You're telling her.
[ Sighs ]
[ Car door opens ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Isaac: Annalise?
Once she realizes she
can't fix them, she moves on.
She did it with Frank,
now you.
[ Key clacks,
recording turns off ]
Why are you trying
to pick a fight right now?
'Cause I have
a bad feeling.
That you're only with me
'cause you want to fix me.
That's not true!
It makes sense.
You've spent your whole life
trying to fix your mom.
And now what?
It's my turn?
My mom?
[ Knock on door ]
Are you alone?
Thank God.
What's wrong?
[ Sighs ]
Connor says I have to tell
Asher about Marcus
before we all
go to jail, but...
I don't even know
what I want, so...
can you please tell me
what I want?
I am the last person you want
to be asking about this.
You're the only person
I trust on this topic.
Why? Because I cheated on Wes
with Frank?
No. But...
why didn't you tell Wes?
Was it because you didn't have
actual feelings for Frank?
Like you knew it
was just hormones
and you got caught
in the moment
and you knew
if you told Wes,
it would only make
everything worse?
Worse than the two of us
having a huge fight
on the day he died?
Are we the most horrible people
you've ever met?
We just have
horrible parents.
[ Sighs ]
We're too old
to be blaming our parents
for everything wrong
in our lives.
Neither of us learned
how to be
in a normal relationship
is all I'm saying.
It doesn't excuse cheating,
I know,
but maybe
it does explain why
we'd both sabotage
anything good in our lives.
I would have lost it a long time
ago if I didn't have Asher.
Then tell him that.
Maybe Michaela's right.
I should just marry Simon
so he can get his green card
and we're all safe.
Where am I left
in this scenario?
We could be
a throuple.
But, actually,
it's not a bad idea.
Okay, I'm totally down
for a throuple situation,
just not with Simon.
No, no, no. I mean
you two getting married.
I mean,
spousal privilege means
you can't testify
against each other in court.
Maybe we should all
get married -- me and Michaela,
Frank and Laurel...
Bonnie and Annalise.
whatever it takes.
You guys just
have to make sure that, uh,
Michaela doesn't pull
a runaway bride on me.
[ Chuckles ]
Not that she would.
I mean, she loves me, obvie,
but, um,
you know, we're still
working through some...
intimacy issues.
[ Chuckles ] So...
[ Monitor beeping ]
I read the articles
about your case --
making it sound
like you could win.
Oh, I won't believe it until
I get an actual decision.
But still...
I'm proud of you.
You in pain?
Oh, that's
a good sign, right?
You didn't do this
to me, Annalise.
You know you're not
my doctor anymore,
so you don't need to say things
to make me feel better.
That's not
why I'm saying it.
Do you think
you would've relapsed
if I'd never
walked into your office?
You actually think that?
I wanted to die,
That's why I'm here.
[ Beeping continues ]
I give up.
We're different.
You get things
thrown at you,
you -- you get back up,
and you choose life.
I'm a drunk.
You're sober now.
I almost took a drink
in DC.
Right before
I walked into court,
I panicked, and...
But you didn't.
There you go.
Let me take responsibility
for something for once.
Did you hurt me?
[ Sighs ]
That's on me.
Because I let myself feel things
for you that I shouldn't have.
I felt them, too.
I pushed us there.
I failed you.
[ Inhales sharply ]
I don't need
your apologies.
I just need you
to get better.
Eat, sleep,
get a new kidney --
whatever you need.
Finally get yourself
out of here.
This is the last time we can
see each other, Annalise.
[ Breathing sharply ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Sniffling ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Sighs ]
You with Laurel?
No. What's wrong?
Simon remembered she was
at the party that night.
He's giving his statement
to the detectives tomorrow.
[ Sighs ]
[ Breathes sharply ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Door closes ]
Asher, we need to go home
and talk.
I'll explain why
once we're there.
Explain what?
You love me and you want
to spend the rest
of our lives together?
Or that you're
a horrible human being
who made my worst nightmare
come true
when you boned
Marcus Walker?
You told him?
He put it together
on his own.
I'm not an idiot.
You think
it didn't occur to me
the moment that I saw
you two together?
He's the epitome of everything
you've ever wanted,
but I shoved
the thought away.
I told myself
that I was being small
for even thinking
that you would cheat on me.
Because you loved me.
Those were your words.
[ Voice breaking ] I do love
you -- I just made a mistake.
This wasn't a mistake,
This was you stabbing me
in the heart!
Wes: It's Christophe.
I'm in trouble.
We all could be.
Call me
as soon as you get this.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Beeps ]
I'm so sorry you have to deal
with all of this.
Simon remembered
that you were at
Caplan & Gold that night.
He's giving a full statement
to the police tomorrow morning,
and they might call you in
for questioning tonight.
What do I tell them?
You're gonna hide.
Frank is on his way to you,
so don't answer the phone
or do anything
until you hear from me.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Cellphone clatters lightly ]
Did being adored get old?
Or getting alphabetted
on the regular?
Did Gustav not give you
enough massages?!
[ Crying ] Please stop yelling
so I can explain what happened.
[ Door closes ]
You don't care
who you have to step on
or sleep with in order
to claw your way to the top.
We have been through hell,
baby, okay?
It makes us do stupid things
that we know that we shouldn't,
like -- like,
running over DAs
and picking up guns
from crime scenes --
We don't have time
for this.
Simon remembers
Laurel was at the party,
which means he probably
remembers everything else, too.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, we should have put a pillow
over his head
when we had the chance.
If we tape Michaela's picture
to a pillow,
I'd be happy
to suffocate him.
No one's
suffocating anyone.
But we have to convince Simon
not to give a statement.
And how do we do that?
has to go back in.
No visitors.
I have some files
for Mr. Drake to sign.
The only people authorized
to enter this room
are medical staff...
And Mr. Drake's lawyer,
Tegan Price.
I'm her assistant.
Even if the guards
fall for that,
Tegan's gonna be
inside the room.
Not if Michaela
does her job.
[ Toilet flushes ]
My God.
Just hear me out.
You're scared
of Jorge Castillo.
I get that, but you are on
the wrong side here.
Actually, that's you.
You're not a person who gets
bullied into doing anything,
especially by
a corrupt, horrible man
who has nowhere
near the integrity
or intelligence
that you have.
So for me to watch
a woman of your stature
be controlled by a man
is heartbreaking
to me.
I need to tell you
That you don't
have feelings for me?
I got that part.
There is a way for you to get
everything you want here.
I don't remember everything,
but I know Laurel was there.
She was
stealing something,
and now you're all
trying to frame me.
Stop talking
so I can help you.
It's Professor Keating.
What you're about
to tell those detectives
is gonna help
put you in jail.
You're all
going to jail.
What this case comes down to
is your word against ours.
And do you really think
a jury's going to believe
the account of
one brain-trauma victim
over four healthy minds?
Especially when there's proof
on your computer
that you were planning
to steal those files?
♪ I'll take it like milk
from a baby ♪
There's no way Simon's
going to confess
to something
he didn't do.
He will if he wants
his green card.
It's called an S-Visa.
And the government grants them
to whistle-blowers.
The only way the Feds give him
whistle-blower status
is if he gives them
the Antares files,
which we don't have because
we lost the hard drive.
Bonnie's taking care
of that.
You were working the night
Laurel Castillo's bag
was logged into evidence.
[ Sighs ]
But someone got here
before me
and stole
something out of it.
I don't recall that.
You do, and you're
gonna tell me who it was,
you don't get this.
♪ I'm stuck
in the belly the the beast ♪
Tegan, wait!
I've listened
to your whiny voice
enough for one lifetime,
My point is you're not acting
like the fearless boss-bitch
you taught me to be.
I warned you, Michaela,
to let this go,
but you were too dumb.
So stop following me,
or I'll get security
to physically throw
your ass on the street.
♪ Na ♪
♪ Na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, na ♪
♪ Na, na, na, na, na ♪
♪ Na ♪
You're awake.
The detective wants
to take your statement tonight
if you're up for it.
Mnh. Cancel it.
You mean reschedule it
for tomorrow.
I mean
cancel it for good.
I got confused.
I didn't see Laurel there
that night.
♪ I'm stuck in the belly
of the beast ♪
♪ The beast, the beast ♪
I get how scary this is,
but Laurel Castillo is
the reason you almost died.
I can't be sure
of that anymore.
Simon, take a moment
to think about it.
I did.
You're fired.
[ Cellphone rings, vibrates ]
[ Beeps ]
We're good.
Simon's canceled his appointment
with the detectives.
Laurel's not here,
She was gone
when I got here,
and now she's not answering
her phone.
I am open
to turning myself in
for stealing the files
from Caplan & Gold
and for bringing the gun
that Simon Drake
used to shoot himself,
but just know that,
if I do that,
you'll suffer, too.
Why is that?
On this phone is proof
that you called Dominick
many times,
including around
when he went missing.
So if I'm arrested, I'm gonna
give this phone to the police,
and they will find out
that you've been working
for my father.
I don't work
for your father.
He illegally donated
to your campaign.
I have proof of that.
And these are things that
I wouldn't want people to know
if I was running
for Attorney General.
What do you want?
Tell me who killed Wes.
Dieu merci.
Je n'aimais pas l'idée
d'en rester là.
[ Phone ringing ]
Laurel: It's Laurel.
Leave a message,
but I'll probably
never listen.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
No answer.
It killed me
to keep this from you,
but you were going
to the Supreme Court.
You didn't need
more problems.
I know you're trying
to protect me.
I can't be mad at you
for that.
Of course you can.
I don't have the energy to be
mad at you anymore, Frank,
or anyone else.
Let's just forgive ourselves
for once,
even if
we don't deserve it.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
[ Phone rings ]
You've reached the voicemail
of Annalise Keating.
Please leave a message.
[ Beeps ]
Annalise, I know
who has the drive.
It's Denver.
He's playing both sides.
[ Beeps ]
[ Phone ringing ]
She's at it again.
Well, if you don't handle it,
I will.
You said you never got Wes'
voicemail from that night.
I told you, Dominick
never gave me the message --
Tell me the truth
for once!
[ Gary Numan's
"Ghost Nation" plays ]
You got the message.
I know you did.
I didn't.
I got
your phone records.
These are your mother's
phone records.
You tell anyone where you got
this, and I will deny it.
Same goes for this.
Why did you
call Wes back
10 minutes after he left
Dominick that voicemail?
♪ We live in a windswept hell ♪
[ Phone ringing ]
♪ Where dust and death
are neighbors ♪
It's Christophe.
♪ We hide in a perfect storm ♪
I'm in trouble.
♪ Not even God remembers ♪
We all could be.
Call me as soon as
you get this.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
I called him back
because I wanted to help him,
to help you both.
You were helping
Dad, and your stupid
bank account.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
♪ We run from the wars of man ♪
♪ From everything you are
and will be ♪
♪ We are invisible ♪
What's wrong?
I'm in trouble
with the police.
♪ We are the dead ghost nation ♪
For what?
It doesn't matter.
Just know they might
come after her, too.
And if anything happened to her
because of me...
Just do whatever you can
to keep her safe.
let me help you.
I have to go.
♪ When the sky came down ♪
[ Cellphone beeps ]
♪ When the sun went dark ♪
♪ When the night rolls on ♪
If Wes
turned himself in,
it would blow back on me,
Dad, the company.
That was
your biggest fear.
No. No.
'Cause then that would mean
no going public,
no getting whatever money
Dad promised you,
so you --
you killed Wes.
I didn't!
Wes: I have to go.
[ Sighs ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Vocalizing ]
Man: What is it?
He's going to the police.
You need to do something.
Laurel: I always thought
that it was Denver,
that it was Denver
who warned Dad
that Wes was about
to turn himself in.
Or even Dominick!
But it was you!
♪ We are the wind and cries ♪
You and Dad --
You did this together!
[ Crying ]
You killed the one person
that I loved the most
in my life!
Now my son's gonna grow up
without a father!
Why? So that you could have
more money?!
Tell me why
I shouldn't kill you right now!
[ Sniffles ]
Bonnie: Annalise, I know
who has the drive.
It's Denver.
He's playing both sides.
I'm driving to your hotel
right now.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Beeps ]
It's me.
You alone?
No, I'm with Frank.
What is it?
[ Sirens wailing ]
There's been
a car accident.
♪ When the sky came down ♪
♪ And we heard God laugh ♪
♪ When the righteous came ♪
♪ And they cleansed our sins ♪
♪ Have you ever seen God ♪
♪ With your own eyes? ♪