How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Everything We Did Was for Nothing - full transcript

As Laurel struggles to come to terms with the events of that tragic night, Annalise and Frank work together to do what is best for the group. As Annalise builds her class action case, new details of a past murder are revealed.


Previously on
"How to Get Away With Murder"...

- Simon's alive.
- Promise me you won't touch him.

I say we charge Millstone.

He's my ex-boyfriend.

Well, then, you can't be
anywhere near this case.

This is why your daughter
killed herself,

because you just drove her crazy,

just like you're doing to me right now!

The baby's being
transferred as we speak.

He's premature.

Mr. Castillo has secured

a top neonatal specialist
in another facility.

- He doesn't have the drive.
- You don't know that.

He took the baby
because he thinks we have it.

I want to call Dominick.

Dominick's not the answer.

Tell me you wouldn't be that stupid.

He's dead.

I went through Dominick's phone.
It was on his voicemail.

It's Christophe.

I'm in trouble. We all could be.

Call me as soon as you get this.

Where's my baby?! Where's my baby?!

Help! Somebody, please!


I promise you, m'ija, I've taken care

of any foreseeable problems
that could arise.

Jorge Castillo is America's

newest multi-billionaire.

The Antares Technologies CEO
was all smiles this morning

as he rang the opening bell for NASDAQ,

signifying the start of Antares'

- initial public offering...
- You hungry?

- Scrambled eggs, cheddar...
- ... securing its place

- as a publicly traded telecom giant.
- ... homemade pico de gallo.

I'll eat later.

Antares will continue
to extend our reach

into every business and
household across the globe.

How about we stop
with the bad daddy porn

- and I give you a live show instead?
- Hey!

... guiding defender, the pioneers

that bring access
to information to every city...

Everything we did was for nothing.

... and to every person
in the entire world.

Information should not be held
hostage by the powerful few.

It should be shared by
all, which is what we

- at Antares are striving to do.
- What if she was fired?

- Who?
- Tegan.

She worked her entire career
for this moment.

She wouldn't miss it
unless they fired her.

That's my fault.

- Do not text her.
- I have to.

No! It'll only make us look more guilty

than she already thinks we are.

- But...
- No texting. Promise. progress has
been long overdue.

- I already did.
- What?

To congratulate her on the IPO.

- Bad girl, Michaela.
- I know.

...home broadband service...

Is that Tegan? Did she respond?

It's Annalise.

When you democratize information,

you democratize power.


I thought you and Annalise were done.

We are.

Then why are you still trying
to protect her students?

- I was protecting you.
- How?

If they arrested Asher,
he might have cracked

and told them what he knows about you.

What does he know?

That you framed Annalise
for killing Wes.

I didn't want any of that
to blow back on your campaign.

Stay away from Millstone's
case from now on.

We clear?

I've already recused myself.

You're welcome!

Children born today will have
a bright future to behold

thanks to Antares.

And that future begins today
with our trusted investors.

This is good.

He's on the news bragging
about how rich he is

instead of taking care of the baby.

We can use that for the custody hearing.


Human services says that your
father's been visiting the baby

every chance the New York
hospital will allow.

Because he's paying people to say that.

- When's the custody hearing?
- Tuesday.

Okay, well then at least tell me
I'll be out of here by then.

Well, I'm working on it.

What's taking so long?

Well, we have to find
a doctor we can trust

to do your evaluation.

Why is that so hard?
I'm not actually crazy.

Laurel, my only concern
is getting you out of here

and back with your boy, but we
have to play it perfectly.

So you have to trust me to do my job.

Can you do that?

- I can't keep lying to her.
- She's safer here.

She'd be safe at home with me.

So you can help her sneak to
New York and kidnap that baby?

I wouldn't let her do that.

Well, you let her end up in here.

At least let me tell
her about the voicemail.


She might be able to tell
us how Dominick knew Wes...

I said quiet.

What's wrong?

I need you to skip class
and babysit Laurel.

It's day five.
She's supposed to get out.

Well, the doctors aren't allowing it.

Didn't you ask Isaac
to do a second evaluation?

He's not our friend, Michaela.

Laurel needs a friend. That's you.

You gonna get that?

Laurel's waiting for you.

Tell me you
didn't keep Dominick's phone.

It's evidence that he killed Wes.

It's evidence you killed Dominick.

Look at this number,
how many times it calls a day.

It's got to be Jorge,

which means he doesn't
know his guy's dead.

Or it leads him right to us.

It's an Antares phone,
totally untraceable.

- Get rid of it, Frank.
- Listen.

You want to end up the next
dead body around here?

Oh, who's going to kill me?
You or Jorge?

Well, it's a toss-up right now.

Destroy it.

You shouldn't be here.

I know, but when someone doesn't
return my calls, I get pushy.

I helped Millstone as much as I could.

I know.

Then why are you here?

Well, I'm going to trial
in a couple of weeks,

so if you're gonna give me a
name, I'm going to need it soon.

So this is some kind of trade.

You'll only help me if I help you.

We need the hard drive, Nate.

See, this is why I don't call you back.

You're the only one I can ask.

The drive is gone.

It was never entered into evidence.

- No cops saw it at the scene.
- They're lying.

Just like I'm lying
to every A.D.A. in here

pretending not to feed you
information all the time.

This is about reuniting a
mother with her child, Nate.

And what about all your plaintiffs

you claim to care so much about?

Reuniting them with their families?

I'm just saying.

Okay, we need to buckle down
on this class action.

Ever since we won certification,
every convict and their mother

wants a piece of our sweet class.

Don't we have enough plaintiffs?

Yeah, but we need a face case,

so the three of you are going to
dig through this mail

until we find one.

I thought we were fired.

Well, I just hired you back. Be happy.

I am, seriously,

but aren't there more pressing
matters right now,

like Laurel, the baby?

He wants to know if he's
still under investigation.

That too.

Can we add Simon to our worry list,

or do we still not care about him?

Of course we care.

We just need to keep our minds busy.

Which is just another way of you saying

we should do whatever you tell us.

You all followed Laurel
into a burning building

without telling me,
and look what happened.

Now here I am, picking up your mess.

You really want to make me
the object of your anger?

I'm sorry.

Work somewhere else.

I don't want you sniffing my underwear.

They finally fixed the elevator?

Yeah. What do you want?

Honestly, for you to be
a little less hard on Oliver.

Well, he was hard on me.

This is his first time dealing
with something like this.

He doesn't need to be babied, Connor.

That's one thing you've never
understood about him.

You don't really know her.

Last chance to shut up.

And here you are getting
pulled into her mess

even worse than any of us.

You want to end up
the next dead body around here?

Destroy it.

... giving you a second chance
here with Avery.


Tegan still not respond?

I swear this same guy was in a coma

the last time you were in the hospital.

Give me your phone, Michaela.

I'm not going to text her again.

When my mom was committed,
her lawyer filed

some obscure court order
that almost got her released.

I just need to research
what it's called.

But I thought your mom...

actually had mental health issues.

Because my father kept her in
a place like this for too long.

Okay. I know being in here
is horrible, but let's just...

trust Annalise this once.

I knew what my father was capable of

and I still put my baby at risk.

I put all of you at risk.

And that's my fault, all of it.

And I can't do anything to fix
any of it if I'm stuck in here.

We missed you in class today.

You still got that god-awful apartment?

You can stay with me.

What are you talking about?

I don't know. You could save money.

- Hey.
- I got a meeting.

I just need a second.

Have you heard anything
on the Asher case?

You still got feelings for him?

Please, I'd go to the detective myself,

but Denver's watching every move I make.

Because he knows you're back
on that Annalise crack.

I haven't seen her. Have you?

She hit me up for a favor this morning.

What favor?

See, just the mention of
her name turns you into a fiend.

What neither of you understand
is I have a real job,

and it doesn't involve working
with the two of you all day.


The meeting you're making me late for

is to get an update on Millstone.

I'm a good guy.
You should know that by now.

Here's our plan.

The saddest stories
make the best face cases,

so those go in the crate.

And the all-out rejects go here.

Do we need the face
to be visually appealing?

'Cause this guy ain't that.

So many of these people have
spent their whole lives in jail,

and we're now their only hope.

- Oh, my God.
- No, not, "Oh, my God."

We are smart and capable...

No, Simon's oxygen saturation
levels are lower than yesterday.

You can access Simon's medical charts?

You can if you hack
the hospital's intranet.

Oli, no.

Nothing you see on there is
going to make you feel better,

but this case, helping people
who are less fortunate,

this is going to make you
feel better, trust me.

Distract yourself.

Oh, wait.

They're updating his kidney functions.

What happened?

What are you talking about?

You texted me it was urgent.

Oh, that was me, actually.

I told you to watch her!

- I was!
- Watch me?

Did you text your father? Tell me.

No, I know how you can get me out...

the Protection from Abuse Act.

My mom's lawyer used it
to argue psychological abuse

and involuntary confinement
at the hands of my father.

It permits temporary custody
when a child's involved.

That only applies in
domestic-abuse situations.

Not exclusively.

The language in the
statute is pretty vague.

- It could work.
- And it's ex parte.

My father won't have any idea
you filed it until it's over.

- It's perfect.
- I already tried.

I filed that exact petition yesterday,

and the judge denied it this morning.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't want you
to get your hopes up.

Why are you lying?

What are you talking about?

- You didn't file that petition.
- I did, too.

You're lying, and don't deny it.

I'm very familiar with what it
feels like to be lied to by you.

I know when it's happening, and...

I am fine doing whatever
you think is best for Laurel.

Obviously you have your reasons.

Just trust me with them for once.

We don't know why she had
that baby early, Michaela.

She would never hurt herself.

You didn't see what I saw
on that elevator.

What are you talking about?

She brought a gun to that party.

Who's to say that
she won't act as reckless

the minute she gets out of here?

Is that what you want?

More blood on your hands
because, once again,

you failed to protect her from herself?

You should have told me
that in the first place.

I don't have the hard drive,
if that's why you're here.

- I know.
- Then leave.

Denver works for Jorge.
We all know that.


And now you work for Denver.

I'm not going to be your mole.

I'm not asking for me.

I'm asking for Laurel.

The girl you were boning
in the guest room

while I was working
to put a roof over your head?

Think about the baby, Bon.

He got taken from his mother.

Did Annalise tell you to say that?

She doesn't even know I'm here.

You two made up, though, right?

Now that Wes is gone,

you've just slid right into
that hole he left behind.

I just want us to be a family again.

We were never a family.


You're the only person
who never gave up on me.

That was a mistake.

Honestly, I should have just let you

pull the trigger that night.

- Pull it!
- Don't, Frank.

- Do it! Pull it!
- Please, don't do it!

- Do it!
- Don't!

That's the one thing I can
agree with Annalise on.

You can't hate me forever.

Jackpot! Jay Walters.

convicted of first-degree murder in '98

because he was found in possession

of the victim's credit card.

His public defender failed

to introduce any mitigating evidence.

He beat up a bailiff in court.

- What?
- And his lawyer.

There's a video on YouTube
if you want to look at it.

Never mind.

It's the fuzz. Tell Michaela I love her.

Calm down.


What is all this?

It's the class action.

Annalise is trusting you
to work on this?


You do know that I helped
get the case certified.

She had nothing to do with it?

No, well, that was Annalise,

but now look at all the people
who want our help.

I mean, this could be huge,

and I'm just happy to be a part of it.

We heard you the first time.

You. Let's talk.

I'm so freaking relieved
that you're here.

I don't know if it's the muscles.

I just feel much safer in your presence.

I got bad news.

One of the partners at C&G
told the detectives

you roughed up Drake
at a cocktail party.

So I wouldn't hang my hopes
on Daddy's reputation

if I were you.

Did they say who it was? Was it Tegan?

- Who?
- Michaela's boss.

She doesn't believe the story
we told the police.

And you're just now telling me this?

What's wrong? Is he going to jail?

- Yeah.
- No.

And it's a private conversation.

Yeah, well, secrets are what
always get us in trouble.

Why'd you close the door on Oliver?

Because he's a mess right now

and I don't want to add to his stress.

About that, I'm a little
worried about him.


You two pixies talk feelings. I'm out.

No, wait, please.
Tell us how we fix this.

Do nothing. That's how.

Go to class, do your homework.

Actually, I dropped out.

So Annalise put her whole class action

in the hands of a dropout
is what you're telling me?


Oh, no.

Only family is allowed inside.

His parents are in Pakistan.

They can't get a visa to visit him.

I'm sorry. It's hospital policy
that only family can...

I'm his boyfriend.

You're not listed
as his emergency contact.

He's still in the closet.

He wouldn't let me tell anyone.

I think that's why he maybe...

tried to hurt himself.

So, please.

I miss him so much.



It's me... Oliver.

I'm so sorry.

Information should not be held hostage

by the powerful few.

It should be shared by all,
which is what we at Antares...

Feels like he's watching me.

He probably is.

We should tell Laurel
about the voicemail.

I said no.

Come on.

If Wes was talking to Dominick...

Christophe was talking to Dominick.

Whatever. They clearly knew each other,

and Laurel can help us figure out how.

This is when I miss vodka.

You want me to go to the store?

No, you're supposed to tell me

that drinking will
make everything worse.

Drinking will make everything worse.

Please, just let me think.

I asked you to do one thing,
get rid of the phone.

- There's a reason I kept it.
- You're going to get us killed.

I downloaded an app
that tells you the location

where the incoming call comes from.

If it's New York, we know it's Jorge.

Wait, this one's coming from Philly.

Great. Now he's here to kill us.

No, it's a different number
than before. Look.

It's coming from the D.A.'s office.

It's Denver, Annalise.

Look, I know what you're going to say.

You go to Bonnie,
if it's your great idea.

I already did. She hates me.

Well, she hates me more,
and the feeling is mutual.

You don't mean that.

She almost tanked my class-action case.

And you fired her with an envelope.

Look, you can either
sit here, get drunk,

and let that bastard keep Laurel's baby,

or go apologize to the one
person who can help us.

You know that's all she wants.


Frank thinks I should apologize.

I don't think Frank is who either of us

should be taking advice from.

Probably not.

- Just ask.
- Hm?

You need me to help with Denver,
find the hard drive.

It's okay to ask.

Clearly I don't have to
because you said it already.

Am I wrong?

- You should go.
- Why?

You're not ready to do
this, and that's okay.

I'm here, Bonnie. Because
Frank told you to come.

And he's wrong.
You don't need to apologize.

Because that's not what you want?

All I want is for us to be
able to talk like adults.

Otherwise, let's just call it.

You don't mean that.

There's no reason we
have to keep doing this.

Okay! Just... let me say
this, please, Bonnie.

I'm sorry for firing you,
and I'm sorry for...

making you feel alone.

Your turn.

So, Blake's clearly
not going to be upset

about you screwing up
that brief anymore.

And I got all your files

and cleared that virus
off your computer.

You'll see when you get back to work.


Uh, unless you're family,
I'm going to need you to leave.

We're just picking up our friend.

Just don't make me call security.

It's time to go, Oli.


Oli, please.

Visiting hours aren't over yet.

I don't care.

Hey, visit Laurel or something.

I'll wait here till he's done.

Let me be the hero for once.

You said you wanted to talk
like adults, so go.

Be as honest as you want to be.

I was honest with you
the last time I saw you.

I can't keep forgiving you
for all the horrible,

sick things that you do.

And the only reason I did it before

is because I knew you survived
hell, like me, but no more.

It's not that I'm like you.

It's that I love you.

Why did that upset you so much?

Did you think it meant something
you don't want it to mean?

What we are to each other

is so much more complicated

than any stupid husband or wife
or girlfriend.

I'm not in love with you, Annalise.

Have the doctors said anything else?

About me being crazy?

About why they think
you went into early labor.


I was thinking...

it could have been Simon.


When he grabbed your bag.

I guess we can never know for sure,

but if there's a reason
to feel less guilty

about Simon being in a coma, it's that.

It wasn't Simon.

How do you know?


It was Frank.

Let go!


You don't know that.

I felt it.

Don't tell Frank. It'll kill him.

You know, Bonnie,
I know that you've been alone

for much of your life

and that's why you need me so much,

but sometimes...

sometimes it's just too much.

It's too much for me sometimes, too.

What is?

You needing me.

It's the only reason
you're here right now.


We've always needed each other.

That's what our entire relationship

has been about, Bonnie.

No, our entire relationship...

is about an apology.

You tore me apart on that stand,

and you felt so badly about it

that you made me your charity case.

You could have just said, "I'm sorry,"

or wrote a check,

but you pulled me into your life.

So you wish I hadn't done that, huh?

Maybe I'd be happier
as a waitress, because...


Are you happy right now?

I'm angry.

So am I.

I know what you feel like.

After Sinclair, what I did to her...

I really didn't think
I deserved to live.

We're in public, Asher.

Sinclair my dog

who I ran over accidentally.

What's your point?

Seeing your dog die...

can really mess with your head,

send you to some dark places, but you...

you can't go there.

It doesn't help anyone, dog included,

so when you get that
urge to hate yourself

or to hate your life,

you got to bury it.

Use food or sex or work
or whatever, but...

you know, eventually it works.

And it may sound, uh,

messed up or whatever, but...

it's the only way I didn't end
up hanging myself like my dad.

I understand why you would be angry,

but God hasn't exactly
been smiling down on me.

He's brutalized me.

I lost a baby.

I'm an alcoholic.

Saw my dead husband's blood
all over my living room floor.

Have kids who mess up
my life, calling me,

telling me someone got shot,
having babies in elevators.

You don't have to help them.

Oh, I know that.

Then why do you?

I need not to feel so empty sometimes.

And not like a horrible person.

That's why I help you,
I helped Wes, now Laurel.

Then stop. Let Laurel go.

You just said it's the thing
that makes you angry.

How am I supposed to do that?!

Let her father take the baby?

She's gonna kill herself.
We both know that.

She wakes up every day
and he's not there.

He's gone.

That sends me right back
to that bathroom floor,

waking up with your hand down my throat.

You think of all the pain
that we could have avoided

if you had just let me go?

What is this?

The research recovered from
Simon Drake's computer.

There's evidence here that links
Antares to your campaign funds.

- I...
- I destroyed it,

along with any other evidence
that incriminates you.

It's all been scrubbed
from his computer.


Because I want to keep my job here.

You're welcome, once again.

I destroyed it,

along with any other evidence
that incriminates you.

It's all been scrubbed
from his computer.


Because I want to keep my job here.

Mr. Lahey? Tegan Price.

I'm not sure why you're here,

but everyone in this office
has been fully compliant

with Detective Nicholls' investigation.

I'm here to find out more
about the alleged altercation

between Millstone and Drake
a few months ago.

I wouldn't waste your time on that.

Why would that be wasting my time?

People in this office will say anything

to keep the drama train chugging.

So you think this was a suicide attempt?

- Don't you?
- Unless your firm here is happy to bury

whatever Antares conspiracy
theory he was onto.

As I'm sure you know,

any knowledge anyone
at this firm has about Antares

is covered under
attorney-client privilege.

You need anything else from me

or can I get back to my job, Mr. Lahey?

Hey, there, party people.

Wow. This place is not bad
for a cuckoo's nest.

That's 'cause you haven't been
stuck here for five days.

- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.

How are you doing?

Horrible. You?

I'm so sorry, Oliver.

I'm so sorry to all of you.

Well, clearly this place is turning you

into a mush-cake, so we got to
get you out of here.

Can't we, like, kidnap you or something?

Any pointers from when
your dad kidnapped you?

Sorry, that was supposed to be funny.

No one needs to kidnap anyone.

Annalise is on it.

What is she doing?

She's talking to therapists.

She should just blackmail
the psych attending.

Go, uh, old-school Annalise.

Maybe I could, uh, hack his e-mail,

see if there's anything
to manipulate him with?

No blackmailing. No hacking.

We should all just write up
a petition for review

on the 302 hold, submit it
to the judge ourselves.

We could cite Commonwealth v. Blaker.

Remember, we learned about
that in Cormicle's class.

You have to get Laurel out.

So much for doing
whatever I think is best.

That place is gonna drive her insane,

just like it did her mother.

She just told you that
to manipulate you.

Asher and Connor are writing up
a petition for review right now.

- That'll never work!
- Annalise...

Listen, think about
how you both would feel

if she got out and did
something to herself

that she couldn't come back from.

- She didn't do this to herself!
- None of us know that.

- I do!
- How?

Frank accidentally hit her.

That's what made her go into labor.

It wasn't the party or the gun.

It was stupid boys fighting.

What did you just say? When
you and Connor were fighting,

she got in the middle and...

She made me promise not to say anything.

She is so much stronger
than any of us think.

I appreciate all your help.

You've really been so helpful.

Even my husband's noticed I'm much...


So, uh, I'll see you next week,
then, huh?

- No.
- Please.

You're no longer my patient, Annalise.

I'm sorry about what I said
about your daughter.

The disciplinary board
will find you a new therapist.

I was angry. It came out
at the wrong person.

I don't care, Annalise!

You are as basic an
alcoholic as they come...

manipulative, narcissistic,

and I got sucked in to
it, and that's on me.

But you've come crying to me
one too many times.

I'm not here for me.

You put your needs before anyone else.

No matter how much pain
that causes them.

I know this because I used to do
the same thing.

And that's why you're the only
person I could come to.

What position is that
supposed to put me in?


You claim you don't want to be
the bad guy in people's lives.

You even told me that, uh,

you were scared that you
were gonna hurt me.

Well, here you show up again,

trying to drag me into your mess.

You made your own mess.

Do not claim that I made that for you.

Oh, yes! Of course I did!

That's why I do the work
that I do here...

because I am so screwed up,

I know how to help
other screwed-up people.

And you did that.
You did. You helped me.

And then came Jacqueline
and I forgave you for that.

So why can't you forgive me?

No, this is not about forgiveness.

This is about me not having time

for people who won't
do the work to get better.

Then make the time for Laurel!

I don't even know this girl, Annalise.

Well, think if it was Stella!

If she were alone in a hospital room,

her child stolen from her,
and no doctor willing to help.


I would have been there for Stella.

Well, Laurel's father
isn't there for her.

Please, listen.

I'm not asking you
to lie on the evaluation.

She's not your daughter, Annalise,

and that's not your child,

so why the hell are you
even going near this?

Why? Don't tell me it's about Laurel.

We both know it's not.

Of course it's not!

It was never about her.

It was about me.

It was about saving me.

Why is that so wrong?

You're a member of this family

and you reap the benefits, m'ija.

That's why I keep wanting
to get out of this family.

I've taken care of any
foreseeable problems

that could arise.

Laurel, wake up.

There's someone here to see you.

You blame yourself
for what happened that night?

Are you asking me if I did drugs
that made me go into labor?

'Cause there's no right answer
to that, right?

How... how so?

'Cause if I say that I didn't,

I'm gonna sound crazy,

claiming that
my blood tests are doctored.

And if I lie and say that I did,

I'm admitting to drug use.


I'm not here to determine
the cause of your preterm labor.

I'm here to determine
how you're feeling,

and you acknowledging how you feel

is not gonna make you a candidate

for an in-patient unit here.

He almost died,

before he even took a breath.

And I'm all he had to protect him.

And I couldn't even...

I couldn't even do that.

Am I the only one that cares
about these people?

- Yeah, pretty much.
- Seems like it.

This guy served over 30 years,

a lot of which has been
in solitary confinement.

Can you imagine?

No human contact or touch
or conversation for a decade.

What did he do to deserve that?

Murder, of course.

But we've done that.

- Not all of us.
- My point is, look where we are.

We're eating pizza, not in jail,
because we had Annalise.

- Weird.
- It's not weird.

It's because we are not people of color

who are systematically abused
by a racist justice system.

No, I mean, look at his name.

What is it?

Nate Lahey.

How do you feel about
your father getting custody?

That's the worst possible scenario.

- Why is that?
- Because he's a criminal.

He's just never been caught.

Is it your intention to
have him pay for these crimes?

That's impossible.


Because he has people whose entire jobs

are about protecting him.

I know I shouldn't be here,

but it's eating me up inside

to think that I could have
had something to do with

you missing the IPO
announcement yesterday.

It's remarkable how important
you think you are.

Why are you covering for me?

You told the D.A.'s investigator

you thought Simon was behind it all.

You don't believe that.
I know you don't.

So why? Why did you say it?

You're acting way more stupid
than you are right now.

Because whatever you
and your friends did

has put us all in danger.

And the fact that you have
come to talk to me about that

here in a public place

tells me you have no idea
how scared you should be.

And that's saying a lot,

considering all the scary things
I've seen in my life.

Don't text, call,
or ambush me, ever again.

Laurel, you ever had
thoughts about hurting your father?

Do you really want me to be honest?


My whole life I have had thoughts

about hurting my father,

but there is no hurting him.

Tell me you found Dominick.


So you're just as useless
to me as he was, huh?

We have a bigger problem...

Bonnie Winterbottom.

Your mother's files show
a history of mental illness.

You believe your father made those up?

No. No. He exacerbated them.

Are you aware of
your mother's diagnosis?

Mm. Bipolar I, rapid cycling.

She was diagnosed
after she gave birth to me.

She was hospitalized until
she was so drugged out

that she was no longer considered

a danger to herself or others.

But that's not me.

I've never shown any symptoms, ever.

There's no reason for me to want
to hurt myself or anyone else.

And if I did...

I would never get custody of my son.

He's the only thing that
matters to me right now.

- Hey.
- So, the administrator feels that

she is still showing signs of depression

and wanted to side with

the original doctor's recommendation.

Her father paid off that doctor.

Let me finish, Annalise.

I countered,

pointing out that her hormone
levels are already normal.

She shows no homicidal
or suicidal ideation

and, being that her baby
was just taken away from her,

she's doing about as well as
anyone could hope for.

The administrator agreed

and granted Laurel immediate release.

What's that?

I'm staying here.

I don't need a bodyguard.

Yes, you do.

Why do you still have Dominick's phone?

I forgot to toss it.

Don't lie.

Tell me why you still have his phone.

Tell me.

Play it.

Play what?

You sure?

Play what?

It's Christophe.

I'm in trouble. We all could be.

Call me as soon as you get this.

It's Christophe.

I'm in trouble. We all could be.

Call me as soon as you get this.

It's Christophe.

Laurel, give me the phone.

- No.
- Laurel, that's your father.

He's been calling every day.
Give me the phone!

That means he doesn't
know Dominick's dead,

- so don't answer.
- You're both wrong.

- Give me the phone!
- Don't be stupid.

It's not my father.

Hi, Mom.