How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Is Someone Really Dead? - full transcript

A veteran is charged with assault, while a break in the Wallace Mahoney case catches the team off guard.

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

- I think I'm your son.
- Why would you think that?

You were just asking for directions?


A violation of this nature

demands we immediately
suspend your license.


You don't know how long I've
been wanting this to happen.

- What's going on?
- I came to return this.

I wanted you and your board to
have a chance to review my lawsuit.

Wanton breach of contract, neglect.

- Neglect?
- The fliers.

Reverse my suspension.

I go back to teaching the clinic.

I'm sick of lying to her.

I'll break up with Meggy.

- Frank's gone.
- Frank isn't gone.


- It's about Frank.
- What?

He's in Coalport with Bonnie.


I'm looking for Connor Walsh.

- Is that whose phone this is?
- Mom!

- Yeah, what's wrong?
- Annalise's house burned down.

Laurel was inside, but they found her.

Officials have confirmed one fatality

and one victim said to be
in critical condition at...

- Hi.
- You've reached Asher Millstone,

and your message to me matters.

Asher, call me back the
second you get this.

Police and firefighting crews...

Hey, baby. How can I help?

- You can't.
- Well, where are you going?

- It doesn't matter.
- Let me go with you.

No, just stay here. You're in shock.

I've been through worse. Just sit here.

One fatality was reported at the scene.

- And don't steal anything.
- Another victim in critical condition

at Middleton Hospital.

But the identity of that victim

has not been released to the public.

He would have known
if I was lying to him.

So you lied to me instead.

- It worked.
- Did Frank finally spread your legs?

Because that's the only
reason I can come up with

- for you acting this stupid.
- Listen to me.

Or do you miss Sam so much
that you threw yourself

at the next most disgusting
man in this house?

I went there for this.

You shot Mahoney while Wes
was standing right there.

Why? What, you didn't?

Somebody else just
happened to shoot him?

It was me.

Why take Wes?

I needed to know she
wasn't gonna come after me.

We can't use that.

It's a confession!

You think we can take
this to the police?

That Frank won't tell them
everything that we've done? Sam?

Don't blame this on Wes.

- You brought this on yourself.
- How?

- Laurel.
- You tried to kill Frank.

You're a dumb-ass if you believe that.

- So you didn't hire a hitman?
- I didn't.

Well, Frank's trying
to frame me for this.

Maybe someone should kill him.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

- Don't you dare go after him.
- I did this for you, Annalise.

No, you did it for yourself,

to get the love that
no one ever gave you.

But guess who did. Me.

And you spit it right back in my face.

If I had wanted to betray you,

- I wouldn't have come back.
- Why is Meggy calling me?

I wish you hadn't because
I can handle the men

making a fool out of me.

- But you?
- Annalise, please.

After everything that I've done for you.

- Annalise.
- What?

The police are at my apartment.

I came to meet Wes, but they
were standing at his door.

Are they still there?


They're from New York,

and they're investigating
a... a shooting

that Wes was a witness to.

What do we tell them?

Just tell them the truth...
That you don't know where he is.

I thought that you guys
were all studying together.

The library.

Yeah. He went to the library.

He, probably turned his phone off.

- You know him.
- Laurel, this is crazy.

I mean, Wes never told
me about any of this.

Miss? Is that him?

No, it's his friend.

Just tell them that you
think he went to the library.


- Meggy?
- Yeah?

Don't worry, okay?
It's all gonna be fine.

I'm sure he's gonna be...

We don't know that it's gonna be fine.

I should just go talk to them.

Do not move.

This is Frank.

He gave the police your
name to make you a suspect.

- No. He...
- Stop defending him!

He thinks that we're gonna tell
the police he killed Mahoney.

This is his way of hitting back.

Take Wes' phone, lose it at the library,

and you don't leave this
house until I say so.

Give it to me.


I'm just gonna talk to them.

You take another step,

and I'll chain you in the
basement like Rebecca.



Can the bumpkins down
home shake it like this?

I ask you for one thing, and
you can't even respect that?

Come on.

Look, I get you not wanting
to talk about your family

in front of everyone
else, but I'm your boo.

You're my what?

Your bae, your B.F.,
A-one since Day-one.

- Says who?
- Um, I sleep here every night

when I'm not on duty in the dorm.

'Cause you're too lazy
to go home after sex.

You still think I'm a meat stick.

Can we not do this the
night before an exam?


Either admit that what we're
doing is more than sex,

or I leave right now fr good.

Is there a square dance going on?

Is Michaela finally
teaching us how to do-si-do?


You don't get to mock me
while wearing my robe.

And you don't get to avoid
this conversation right now.

What conversation?

I need to study.

Everyone out.

We're done.

I'll spoon you, buddy.

You two just break up?

I stopped and asked
this guy for directions,

and he just... got shot.

While you were talking to him?


Why didn't you ever tell me about this?

It's not the type of thing you bring up

when you want a girl to like you.

Maybe not at first, but we
tell each other everything.

I'm sorry. I should have told you.

Meggy, rounds.



I can ask for the day off.

I'm with Annalise. She knows what to do.

I'll call you later, okay?

Good job.

Are you at least having
Eve look into this?

She couldn't find out anything.

Can Nate?

We're not gonna ask him to
clean up our mess anymore.

I'm on it, okay?

Your job today is to study.


I thought you'd have run off to Mexico

to be with Frank by now.

You two get to spend the
day babysitting each other.

I trust you'll be able to do that.

Excuse me while I pretend
to be a good lawyer again.

As you can see, your reinstatement

comes with the following conditions.

You agree to abstain from drinking,

attend AA meetings three times a week,

and submit to random alcohol testing.

We also expect to see a
change in your conduct

both inside and outside of court.

This board will not
tolerate any of the moves

that have characterized
your practice in the past.


Ethical violations,
intimidation of witnesses,

harassment of opponents,
misleading judges,

being party to any criminal acts.

Just to be clear,

I have never been formally
charged with a criminal act.

Let's keep it that way.

To confirm our agreement.

This is a two-strike system, Annalise.

That's good. Do you need me
to look into getting a lawyer

for Wes maybe?


She get her license back?


You should call Frank,
tell him the good news.

You have something to
get off your chest?

I think I just did.

You're responsible for this...

The anger, drinking, her
reputation right now.

You want me to believe I caused
all the problems in this house?

All the problems blew up the minute

you got your little crush on Rebecca.

You have no idea what
goes on in this house.

- Did you see Waitlist?
- Where?

In the exam. I didn't see him.

He probably slept through his alarm.

- What a moron.
- Hey, what case

did you guys cite for
the court's decision

to bifurcate the arbitration clause?

Vaden v. Discover Bank.

I thought that was about
procedural unconscionability.

You're both wrong.

The court citation for
the decision to bifurcate

was KPMG v. Cocchi.

- Did you guys even read my outline?
- Listen, we're not friends.

Especially now that we know
about your little art project.

Annalise said, no, we're not
supposed to talk about that.

Why? You afraid one of us will out you,

and you'll get expelled?


Well, there she goes...

Chewing up and spitting out men.

Good morning.

While I'm sure many of you were
hoping I was gone for good,

I'm back and ready to
whip you all into shape.

I assume many of you read
the file on our new client.

The facts. Ms. Cohen?

Dani Alvodar, an Army veteran.

She served two tours in Afghanistan

and is now facing
aggravated assault charges.

I wanted to take my girl, Val,
out to celebrate her promotion.

We pre-gamed at my crib and went
dancing at our favorite bar.

Dani's blood alcohol level

was two times the
legal limit that night.

If she admits to substance abuse,

she could qualify
- for Veterans Treatment Court.

She'd go to rehab rather
than face jail time.

That could result in her
discharge from the Reserves.

She would lose her Army pension,

making her years of risking
her life for your freedom

worth nothing.

Anyone with a good strategy?

He kept bugging us about making out.

I just thought he was one
of those straight guys

who watches too much porn.

We could argue that
Dani felt so threatened

by the victim's hate speech

that she acted out of self-defense.

The victim was unarmed when our client

sliced his neck open like a bagel.

Do you think that any jury would
believe this was self-defense?

When he came up behind me,

grabbed me, trying to dance...

everything went black.

We can argue "defense of others."

I left a message for the girlfriend

to see if she'd testify that Dani
was just trying to protect her.

She's the ex-girlfriend, and
if you'd read the case files,

you would know that she's
stationed in Germany

and unwilling to testify.

Please, Mr. Drake, save me
from these terrible ideas.

To be honest, I'm hesitant
to even present this

because it seems so obvious,
but we go with the PTSD defense.

It was a rescue mission.

I was guarding the Humvee when
I got attacked from behind.

The combatant put me into a choke hold,

started bashing my head into the ground.

Finally, he just stopped.

My sergeant shot him in the head.

Additionally, we stress that
Dani is a woman in combat.

Many jurors will find
that admirable and brave.

You're first chair, Mr. Drake.

You'll be doing the cross on the victim.

I'll need your prep
by 8:00 p.m. tonight.

And the rest of you, come
watch me and Mr. Drake

kick ass in court tomorrow.

You've taken a new case already?

You think it's too soon
to dive back into work

after hitting rock bottom?

I would never presume to know
what a woman of your talent

can and cannot handle.

Nor would I ever bring up your sobriety

anywhere on this campus.

So, why are you here?

Did I piss someone off again?

Hopefully not, unless you
know someone at the NYPD.

A detective called my
office this morning.

They're looking for a student
of yours... Wes Gibbins.

He was absent from class today.


I'll check in with his
other professors, then.

Wallace Mahoney was
an old client of mine,

someone who was out of my life.

And they think Wes shot him?

- His father?
- Biological father.

My God. You knew about this.

- Of course she did.
- I told her not to tell you.

So now that you know
everything, put away your anger.

I'm so sorry you lost your dad, man.

Why are you telling us this?

Because it's secrets that's
ruined us in the past.

Okay. So, we let Wes
go talk to the cops.

Not until we know why
he's being questioned.

He can just tell them that
Frank was the shooter.

No. Then he would have to tell
them about Sam, Sinclair...

That's okay. Maybe we just need
to face all this crap head on.

Even a meat stick would be
smarter than to suggest that.


Since when have I not protected you?

Even when I hated you?

Tell me.

Remember what I said.
We're good people now.

We'll get through this.

We'll get through it.

I just talked to Vince Levin.

He's willing to act as Wes' lawyer

if he goes in for his police interview.

We can trust him.

Why do you say that?

You spread your legs for him, too?

Say what you need.

I can take it.

You can't.

I'm not sure Frank gave them Wes' name.

He wouldn't want to make
things worse between you two.

This is just him saving
his own ass, Bonnie.

He told me he just wants to come home.

- Stop it.
- He's scared, Annalise.

Well, he should be. You know what?

Tell him that the next
time you see him...

That if he comes
anywhere near this house,

I'll kill him for real.

I'm here.

I came back to be with you.

Because you want to or
because he wouldn't have you?

Because I love you.

Go home.

I can help on the case.

You being here is just
hurting me right now.

Just go.

Thank God.

Wes is right inside.

He hates me right now. It's fine.

- Laurel.
- You never told me what Frank said.

I barely saw him.

Something must have happened

if he really did tell
the cops Wes' name.

Nothing happened.

He's a sick bastard. I
warned you when we met.

It's Frank. Leave a message.

You told the police
who Wes is, didn't you?

Do you just hate us all?

Do you want us all to go to jail?

Is that the kind of guy you really are?

If you did this, I'll never forgive you.


You can't sit with us.

Are you serious?

Stop keeping secrets, and maybe
you'll get your privileges back.

There he is, our first chair.

You ready to fail like
your dad's condom?

Do you really have to sit right there?

I just want to be ready to replace you

after you crash and
burn. Or poop your pants.

Hope you don't have a
nervous stomach, dawg.

- How are we feeling, Mr. Drake?
- Great.

I was rethinking my
cross on the victim...

That maybe we can use the
Pozner/Dodd approach instead.

I liked your prep questions.
Stick with your first instinct.

Ms. Keating. Welcome back.

You came to watch me
kick your colleague's ass.

No. Actually, to kick your ass.

I requested to be co-counsel
when I heard this was your case.

You're brave.

There's nothing brave
about taking on a lawyer

who's under the thumb of
the Disciplinary Board.

May the best woman win.

Do I sense some animosity there?

I'm doing the cross now.

I spent all night prepping.

Well, court is unpredictable.

Sit down. You may learn something.

We were all dancing, having a good time.

I mean, they were even
laughing at my jokes.

At what point did the
defendant become aggressive?

This guy bumped into me,
and I fell up against her.

She took the knife out of
her pocket, grabbed me.

I thought she was joking
until I saw the blood.

Your witness.

Mr. Stone, how many drinks had you had

before you approached my client?

- Three or four beers.
- So you lost count?

- Argumentative.
- Sustained.

Let me rephrase.

This isn't the first violent
altercation you've had in a bar, is it?

Objection. Leading.

Goes to establishing Mr. Stone's
pattern of violent behavior

- while inebriated.
- Permission to approach.

Mr. Stone's priors are
inadmissible per Rule 609.

Domestic abuse, yes. But there
was another violent incident

that he had during his time in college.

Which could also be prejudicial.

I'm prohibiting the mention of
all priors against the victim.

Mr. Stone, did you think
buying my client a free drink

was a down payment on
a later sexual advance?

Objection. Counsel is
badgering the witness.


Can you tell me what you meant

when you yelled
"scissor" to Ms. Alvodar?

- Objection. Offensive question.
- Sustained.

Can you describe the man
that you allegedly claim

- made you bump into Dani?
- Objection.

Outside the scope of direct examination.


Was the music so loud that
you couldn't hear my client

repeatedly tell you to leave her alone?

Objection. Calls for speculation.

How long did A.D.A. Atwood

spend coaching you on
your testimony today?

Objection. Counsel is clearly trying

to impugn the witness, Your Honor.


Please, Ms. Keating, move on,

or I'll be inclined to report
this conduct to the bar.

No further questions.

Professor Keating?

Give me a second.

Dani's ex-girlfriend
just called me back.

We're not using your
stupid defense of others.

It's better than that.

You might even want me to replace Simon

as first chair... again.

You stole the boy's computer.

Now you want to steal his job?

- He deserves it.
- He's poor.

He's trying to better his life.

You, of all people,
should be able to relate.

So, you don't want to
know what I found out?

Say it.

Dani was working a desk job

on the day she claims she
was attacked in Afghanistan.

Our whole defense is based on a lie.

It's not a lie.

You made that story up.

I didn't make it up. I stole it.

Most of the time I was over there,

I had to file all the injury
and casualty reports...

How soldiers were maimed, how they died,

how many pieces they went home in.

That story might have
not happened to me,

but I felt it.

- I have to tell the judge.
- No.

It's illegal for me to
put you on that stand

and perjure yourself.

Then tell me what to do...

'cause I'm not this person.

I just don't go around
knifing people at bars.

I need help, not jail.

I half expected to catch you
trying on her wigs and clothes

all Norman-Bates-like.

Annalise isn't here.

I know, I know. I, um...

I just came by to make
sure that my good friend

was thinking about someone else
other than himself for once.


You're thinking about
going to the police, right?

- Telling them everything?
- You should go.

No, I think you should
listen to what I have to say.

You blame me for everything. I get it.

Of course I blame you for everything.

You're the reason that
everything good in our lives

- is gone.
- Frank did this.

No, you did this the
minute that you killed Sam.

You know, I

I was just figuring out how
to get my head on straight

and finally get out of this
whole mess that you made,

even without the one
good thing in my life.

Now Oliver's my fault?

Everything that has
happened to us in this house

is your fault!

- If you say anything to the police...
- I'm not gonna...

If you mention my name to the police,

I swear to God, I will kill you.

Get in.

The NYPD's looking for Wes.

You hiding him?

You think that's smart?

Please, don't yell at me right now.

I just don't want to see
something happen to the kid

'cause he got caught up in your mess.

What have you heard?

They got an anonymous tip about
him being a possible suspect.

I'm protecting him, so don't worry.


You've got a case with her right now,

so I wanted you to hear it from me.

Atwood and I are seeing each other.


thank you for letting me know.

What about that new bar on 18th Street?

No. I don't want to
suggest a straight bar.

Why don't you go to a bowling alley?

You seriously think this sophisticated,

spiritual acupuncturist goes bowling?

I should take Heidi bowling.

Yeah, I think she'd like that.

- Heidi?
- Yeah.

She's just this blonde I've
been talking to on Tinder.

Actually, you know, maybe a
hotel bar would be better.

Have some drinks, get a room,
slide my key card in her slot.


I told Thomas to meet you
at that wine and cheese bar

tomorrow at 7:30.

Who's Thomas?

No one.

Just a stupid Internet date.

It's not important.

- Did you talk to him?
- Yeah.

- It went well.
- Who? Wes?

What did you say to him?

What he needed to hear.

Which means what?

It sucks, right?

Not knowing what goes
on in Annalise's house?

Have any of you guys heard
from Professor Keating?

She hasn't returned any of my calls,

and we have to prep Dani
for the stand tomorrow.

Actually, Annalise

decided not to put Dani
on the stand anymore.

Since when?

Since I sabotaged your case
and nobody told you about it.

You're all mean girls.

- Hey.
- I need sleep, Wes.

I know what to do.

You use the recording of Frank
to negotiate immunity for us.

- Then...
- I can't.

You did it when Philip
sent us those videos.

That was before I was on probation.

No D.A. is gonna negotiate
with me right now.

You don't want to turn Frank in.

Don't be stupid. You
still care about him.

I lost a child because of him.

Car accident.

Your father caused it. Frank helped him.

I'm so sorry.

- It's not your fault.
- It is.

All this is happening

because you keep trying to protect me.

That was my choice.

I took you off the waitlist.

I should have left you alone, but...

Why didn't you?

I wanted to be a better person.

You guys exchange peen pics yet?

Is he bigger than me?

- No.
- Love that.

"No" meaning we haven't
exchanged photos.

You're not mad, are you?

Of course I'm mad.

Well, I was fine with you

hooking up with half of Philadelphia.

That's 'cause I was honest about it...

And maybe too honest.

But you're hiding things from me.

Well, you are overreacting.

No. You know what? Answer me this.

Why even go on a date if
the whole reason we broke up

was because you said that
you needed time alone?

Going out on dates is
part of being alone.

Maybe you just don't want
to go on dates with me.

Connor, we broke up.

Okay? So I'm allowed
to see other people.

You showed up two days in a row.

Every day you'll let me.

Call that lawyer.

Tell him to come here
to meet Wes tonight.


I need your help at court.

Ms. Keating, are you ready to begin?

The defense calls Daniela
Alvodar to the stand.

I'm coming for you.


I'm looking for a combat record

for an active Army Reserves
member, Daniela Alvodar.

Can you tell us about the events

that took place August 10, 2013?

I was on a rescue mission for
aid workers in Afghanistan,

guarding an Humvee when I
got attacked from behind.

The combatant put me in a choke hold,

started hitting my head.

This is urgent, ma'am.

I heard you.

I still have nightmares,
wake up screaming.

Did you see anyone about these symptoms?

I went to the VA.

The doctor said it was PTSD.

And do you think that this PTSD

contributed to your
altercation with Jace Stone?

- Objection. Speculation.
- Sustained.

Can you tell us about when Mr. Stone

approached you on the dance floor?

He came up from behind me,
pressing his body against mine.

Would you say that this reminded you

of the attack that you described?


I was in that moment all over again.

That's when everything went black.

One moment, please.

Ms. Keating?

I've just received new evidence

and request a meeting in your chambers.

It's urgent, Your Honor.

Let's take 15.

It's a combat report
detailing the attack

that my client just testified about.

Just now your associate
came across this?

If you're inferring that someone
is lying, you would be correct.

But it's not my
associate. It's my client.

Explain, Ms. Keating.

She was working a desk job

on the day that she
said she was attacked.

Had I known that, I would never
have asked her to take the stand.

Judge, please.

This is Ms. Keating's
attempt to get a mistrial.

No, the Pennsylvania Bar

requires me to inform
you of this perjury.

Now, I could have kept
this from the court,

but then I would be in
violation of the oath

I swore as a practicing attorney.

Is that what Your Honor would prefer?

I don't get this plan.

Avoiding the police is just
going to incriminate you.

It's actually talking to the police
where most people get in trouble.

But my aunt is a lawyer, so
you can get a second opinion.

No. Don't call her.

You need to make sure
you have the right people

on your team right
now, Wes. Meggy, stop.


This is too much for you.

I'm too much for you.

- No, you're not.
- I am.

I'm dragging you into
things you don't deserve.



you are just scared right now,

so you're pushing me away.

But you need someone who's
gonna be on your team,

and I want to be that person.



I love you.

You should go.


Please. I can't do this anymore.

You have to go.

The A.D.A. has offered a deal.

Plead guilty to Misdemeanor
Reckless Endangerment,

and they forgo a new trial.

- So it all worked?
- You didn't let me finish.

You have to agree to
Veterans Treatment Court.

Now, you told me you had
a substance-abuse problem.

So instead of jail, you meet
with a judge once a week.

They monitor your progress.

I'll be kicked out of the Reserves.

Would you rather go to prison?

No, but...

I don't have a substance-abuse problem.

You told me you needed help.

Or would you rather go around
slitting people's throats?

Being angry, alone, miserable?

This is your chance to get better.

Take it.

And this spot just below
the base of the skull

is Urinary Bladder 10.

Poking there release trauma and anxiety.

Yeah, I-I can feel it.

Yeah, I can tell.

I've been wanting to do that

ever since you mispronounced "manchego."

No. Is that how you pronounce it?

Thomas, I'm...

Can we pause for a second?

Yeah, sure. What's wrong?


I mean, I-I hope nothing.

I just... Before we go inside...

Who said I was going inside?

My... Wow. That's embarrassing.

I just thought...

That I wanted to get you naked?


I only sleep with guys on the first date

when I don't want to see them again.

So, um...

till date number two?

Good night.

Did they finally arrest Wes?

How did his date go?

You really want to know?


That's healthy.

Hotel bar was a genius idea.

Heidi couldn't even
finish her second drink

before she was begging
me to come upstairs.

Did you come all the way here

just to tell us that you got laid?

Yeah, yeah.

Why? Is that weird?

It's not weird.

It just didn't happen.

Yeah, fine.

I made Heidi up, but I
did it to prove a point.

- I got that part.
- Who are you?

Seriously, what of kind
of person isn't jealous

when they find out their boyfriend
is screwing some other girl?

There you are with that word again.

I am your boyfriend, Michaela.

Who do you think you are?!
Telling me you're my boyfriend

when we've never talked about that.

Because you only are using me for sex!

We're using each other for sex.

Okay, well, I want more than that.

All right? I want to know you, Michaela.

And I don't know if I want you to.

- Well, that's offensive.
- No, no, no.

What's offensive is,
you making me your woman

- like we're cave people.
- Okay, fine.

You're not my woman. You're my family.


Not in the gross sister way.


I lost my family... All of them.

I never had a family.

It's not that big a deal.

What does that mean?

I'm not talking about this with you.



I want to be there for you, Michaela.

No, you want me to be there for you,

like every other guy
who's screwed me over.

I like you so much.


- Whatever.
- No.

I want you to say it.

I like you, too.


Ms. Keating. Honor to meet, finally.

Did Wes ask you to wait out here?

Well, I knocked, and nobody answered.

Please come in.

Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea?

That sounds great.

Decaf if you have it.

Does Annalise know you're here?

- What are you doing?
- You're my witness, okay?

- That I destroyed this.
- Wes! No!

Why did you do that?

If the cops know Frank did
this, they'll blame Annalise.

What are you talking about?

I just have to tell the police

what I've been saying this whole time...

I went to New York on my
own. Frank was never there.

It's smart.

It protects Frank, too.

You think I want to protect Frank?

- Don't you?
- No.

You knew where he was,
and you didn't tell me.

Who am I here with right now, Wes?

- You, not Frank.
- I'm just saying I get it.

If you still worry
about him, that's fine.

Look at me.

I am not in love with Frank.


I broke up with her.

This will just make
everything more complicated.

I know.

Say it again.


Please. It turns me on.

I like you.


I like you.

- One minute.
- It's Laurel.

Leave a message, but I'll
probably never listen.

Are you with Wes?

Call me back, or you're fired.

- Hey.
- Anything?


Use the bathroom at the Wawa.


Not cool, bro.

You guys have to see this.

Sources confirm that
Wallace Mahoney's own son

is currently being held without bail,

charged with first-degree murder.

Tell me you're with Wes.

He turned himself in. Turn on the news.

In New York City just blocks
from where Wallace Mahoney

was killed five months ago

with a single bullet wound to the head.



Wes, are you here?


Police have just confirmed
that the identity

of the suspect in custody
is, in fact, Charles Mahoney.

No stranger to the justice system,

Charles was charged
with the violent murder

of his fianc?e, Vickie Moran, in 2005.

But after a highly publicized trial,

he was acquitted and released.


The arrest was made earlier this evening

after authorities found the
suspected murder weapon,

an unregistered Remington
2020, in his car.

I told you... He just
wants to come home.

Police say it is still too early

to speculate the potential
motive for killing his father,

given that they are still
in the preliminary stages

of gathering evidence.

NYPD is set to hold a press
conference within the hour

to explain just how they
discovered the murder weapon...

What does this mean?

- At this exact time.
- We're safe now.

And, of course, we will cut
to that press conference

as soon as it starts.

Asher! Asher!

Asher, please open the door!

I thought you were dead.

What? I'm just drunk.

Annalise's house burned
down. Someone's dead.

- What?
- Where's Connor?

- You were with him, right?
- And Laurel.

Laurel's in the hospital.

When's the last time you saw them all?

Before Annalise called us.

Annalise called you?

When you were with your mom.
She asked us to come over.

Is someone really dead?