How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Don't Tell Annalise - full transcript

A young client's fate is up in the air after incriminating evidence against Annalise is revealed to the Philadelphia Bar Association's disciplinary board. Meanwhile, Frank's shocking behavior has consequences for someone he knows well.

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

- He died 'cause I left him there.
- We'll fix this.

This is proof Mr. Lahey moved

and hid the body from Miss Atwood.

I can fix this. If you
just give me a chance...

Are you kidding? You are suspended!

Atwood admitted she moved Wes' body.

Why aren't we talking about going after

the people who killed Wes?

We don't know who killed him.

He testified against Charles Mahoney

a week before he died.

Laurel. Wes was cremated.

All this time, you've been telling
me Annalise was hiding something

when you're the one with a secret.

You went to Annalise's house
that night, didn't you?

1, 2, 3, 4.

It was my fault.

I say that to myself so that
maybe I'll start to believe it

and feel bad.

Because I'll admit, right now,

I don't feel that bad.

It's like my brain just broke...

all the way.

And I can't get that image
of her out of my head.

I keep having this dream...

Cars crashing into a convenience store,

and there's all these
people trapped underneath.

They're screaming at
me the most vile things

that you've ever heard.

Like, why can't I just
be happy for once?

"Pile of trash, You ugly whore."

- Mistake after stupid mistake.
- It's just stuck...

- Why do I have to always be...
- in a constant loop.

Worrying about everyone else?

- I just want to throw up.
- "Disgusting, repulsive,

- "dried-up, old bitch."
- Hate me.

- I hate it.
- I deserve it.

It's just enough to make me want to die.

- Would you like to share?
- No.

You sure? We're good listeners.

I'm new.

But you already know that, so...

And I have a problem...
with drinking, yes.

But I got other problems, too...

Lots of them.

Like, I could take up this
entire meeting talking

about them, and you
would be entertained.

Trust me.

But everyone's got problems.

I mean, that's all you
hear in these meetings...

Men who can't afford to
eat, women who get beat up.

There was even a woman in here
whose 6-year-old daughter died

in a school shooting.

I mean, the world is ugly.

People get depressed, and so they drink.

That's clear.

But, I don't know.

Sitting in these rooms,
talking about it...

I don't know.

It's just...

I mean, look at you.

You've been coming here for 26 years,

and y-you're still a mess.

I mean, what has coming
here done for you?

I mean, tell me!

There's got to be something
that you learned... something...

Right, that you helps
you to feel better...

other than this whining.

I mean, tell me.

Tell me what it is.

Have you tried meditation?

I'll think about it.

Where have you been?

- Running.
- For two hours?

You'll be the one that
benefits when I have abs.

Y-You left your phone. It kept ringing.

I saw it was Bonnie, so I answered it.

There's a hearing for Annalise tomorrow

to get her charges dropped,
and they want you there.

Maybe you should tell them.

They won't believe me.

Well, I believe you.

Do you?


That's convincing.

Why are you ignoring my texts?

I've been busy.

Busy ratting us out to the fuzz?

Would I be here if I did?

I don't know. Maybe
they put a wire on you.

Copy that, officers?

I didn't go to the cops.

Did Oliver find something
on Annalise's phone?

- Is that what you don't want to say?
- No.

- Then what's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Why are you lying?
- 'Cause he's always doing it.

I brought you here to fill
the seats behind Annalise,

not to bicker.

Do I have anything to worry about?


Worry about wasting Annalise's time

with this impossible motion to dismiss.

We win this, and all of
our problems go away,

including yours.

So get in there, sit down,

and act like you actually like Annalise.

Is it true you were fired

from the District Attorney's
office, Ms. Atwood?



I forged a signature on the form

ordering the transfer
of Wesley Gibbins' body.

The signature of an investigator
from your office... Nate Lahey?


Can you explain to the court

why you would tamper
with evidence this way?

Objection... argumentative.

It's probative to the
key issue of my motion...

Malicious prosecution.


I wasn't tampering with evidence.

I was protecting it.

How does transferring a
body protect evidence?

Ms. Keating has a history of
committing unlawful actions

to win her cases.

I was trying to protect
all of our evidence.


Transferring the body
broke chain of custody,

according to Rule 901.

Anyone, including you, could
have manipulated the evidence.

But we will never be able to prove that,

because after transferring the body,

you also ordered its cremation.

- Isn't that true?
- Objection...

- Assuming facts not in evidence.
- Sustained.


As I'm sure you're aware,
the Rule of Spoliation states

that you may not benefit from
the destruction of evidence.

I never meant to.

Intent is irrelevant.

Your Honor, who is trying the case here?

Ms. Keating, either
act as your own counsel

or advise your lawyer on your own time.

Ms. Atwood, did you or did you not order

the cremation of Wesley Gibbins' body?

I did not.

Do you know who ordered the
cremation of Wesley Gibbins?


- Because you're lying under oath?
- No.

Objection... She's goading the witness.


No further questions.

She just perjured
herself in there, right?

- Of course.
- So we need to break her.

We would've if I was the
one asking the questions.

We go back in tomorrow, so everyone come

back to my house, and
we'll figure out ways

to prove she lied.

Has anyone considered the possibility

that Atwood has nothing to do with this?

Of course she does.

The Mahoneys killed Wes and got
Atwood to help them cover it up.

- Why would she do that?
- Why does anyone do anything?

Money, son.

When you have Mahoney's cash, you
can get people to do anything.

You can kill their pets, have
sex with creepy, old guys.

- Annalise...
- So, you're saying you'd sleep

with an old man if
someone paid you enough?

With my bank account in its
current state, yeah, I would.


Charles Mahoney just
got released from jail.

I can't express how relieved we are

that the prosecution finally realized

that the charges against
me were manufactured.

Do you have plans to sue the
state for wrongful prosecution?


Right now, I just want to go home,

spend some time with my family.

Mrs. Mahoney, are you happy
to put this all behind you?

No, because it isn't behind us.

Can you tell us what you mean by that?

What'd I tell you?

They probably paid off a
judge to get him released.


My husband's murder is still unsolved.

So, while one nightmare might be over,

we are still deep in
the middle of another.

I owe it to my husband
to find the person

or persons who shot him dead
in the middle of the street.

Turn it off.

Great, so, we sit here and wait
for her to come kill us, too.

She's not gonna kill us.

- She's gonna pay someone to kill us.
- No one's getting killed.

You said so yourself that these
chuckleheads are dangerous.

But Atwood isn't.

She's the weak link.

And if we find proof
that she had any contact

with the Mahoneys, they all go down.

And isn't that what you want,

to find out who killed Wes
and how to make them pay?

So, that's what we do.

We don't stand around here complaining.

We act.

So let's get to work.

- You wanted to see me?
- Close the door.

I saw you in court today.
Who were you there for?

Atwood? Or is it Annalise these days?

I was there 'cause this is my case.

That the only reason?

'Cause this case has been damaged enough

by my A.D.A. tampering
with the victim's body.

- I had nothing to do with that.
- I know that now.

But this whole department
is under a microscope.

So I need you to look me in the eye

and tell me that you are
not in contact with Keating.

We've been done for a long time now.

I'm not here to play games,
so either trust me or fire me.

No one's getting fired.


What's this?

Atwood's Wi-Fi password.

She works out of her
home office sometimes,

so if she had any secret communications,

she'd do it from there.

You're welcome.

If Denver finds out
that you're helping me,

- it could hurt both of us.
- Don't worry about that.

My ass could go to jail
for the rest of my life.

It's my job to worry about
everything right now.

Why do you think I'm here?

Say "thank you."

This is Atwood's Wi-Fi password.

Get into her computer, phone records,

bank statements,
anything that'll link her

to the Mahoneys.

Well, you got her password.
That saves me about an hour.

The rest of you, dig into
the discovery of my case...

Police records, interviews.

Chances are Atwood doctored
some of those, too.


That's not for you.

What is it?

It's a file that's better for Michaela.

I have no idea what you're doing.

No, no, no, please, don't. Please do...

He looks better than I thought.

You okay?


What's going on with you?


You can't even look me in the eye.

'Cause you're so blindingly beautiful.

You're mad at me for
taking Asher's side.

Fine. I get that.

But I think the two of us know better

than to let some boy
ever come between us.

The only way I've gotten
through any of this insanity

is because we had each other's backs.

There's nothing you can't say to me.

I'm having coming-out flashbacks.

What is it?

I got into Atwood's landline records.

Okay, so, she received a
call from this phone number

on the night Wes died.

She got another call
from that same number

on the day that she had Wes' body moved

and again on the night
that he was cremated.

It's a blocked number.
It's probably a burner,

which means it's impossible to...

To what?

I'm sorry.

There's no way for me to find
out whose number this is.

- Unless we call it.
- We can't.

Why not?

If the Mahoneys or one
of their goons picked up,

then we'd know they're
in cahoots with Atwood.

And lets them know
that we're on to them.

Keep digging. See if you can
trace the number to anyone.

Um, I told you, I can't.

Oliver, now, you've done
a lot of things this year

you thought you couldn't do.

- They'll believe you.
- Shut up.

What's going on?

- Nothing.
- Michaela.

I'm just not feeling very well.

What happened? Did you
say something to her?

- Asher.
- No.

You can be an ass to me all
you want but not to my lady.

Asher, I think you're
probably reading into things.

He's not. Michaela.

- Just tell them.
- Tell us what?

Yeah, seriously, what's going on?

I think we should just
give Connor some space.

- Open your mouth.
- Connor might've killed Wes.

You know, you're much nicer on HumpR.

That's 'cause I wanted to get laid.

You know what?

You're the problem
with the gay community.

You know, we all just treat
each other like a piece of meat.

We're all the problem
with the gay community.

It was nice meeting you.

Hey, I realized I don't have my phone.

Could I borrow yours?

Wow. You're on a roll.

Connor, it's Annalise.

I need all of you to come to the house.

I got your voice-mail.

So I went to the house.

It was open.

Hello? Annalise?


I went in the basement.

That's where I found him.



Wes. Wes, wake up.

Come on.

Help! Annalise!

He didn't have a pulse.

Or maybe I just couldn't
find it. I don't know.

But his body was still
warm, so I started CPR.

- Why didn't you call 911?
- Because I didn't have my phone.

- There was a phone in the house.
- You weren't there.

You don't understand. I...

I tried to save him.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Come on, Wes! Breathe!

He wouldn't breathe, so I-I kept doing

the... the compressions.

But then...

There was, like, a... like a crack,

like a bone or... or rib or something.

I don't know. Maybe...

Maybe that's what killed
him, you know, maybe, like,

a... a bone punctured
his lung or something.

No, no, Connor, h-he was
hurt before you got there.

- Hey, do not baby him right now!
- Connor, Connor, Connor.

Did you see if he was hurt?

- No.
- Are you sure?

Because that would help
us figure out how he died.

I didn't see anything! He
just... He just looked dead.

Yeah, 'cause you left him there to die!

There was gas! I smelled gas.

Whoever killed him cut the gas line.

- You mean you cut the gas line.
- Laurel.

- God, Laurel.
- I swear I didn't do this!

How are we supposed to
believe you right now?

Look at him! Look how guilty he feels.

Yeah, maybe 'cause he killed him.

Stop it.

Why are you just telling us this now?

Because he was afraid of this,

that you would think he did it,

when the truth is he was just in
the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeah, maybe that's what
he wants us to believe.

Will you stop attacking him, please?

All of you have done terrible things,

and you have asked me to
believe that you did them

for the right reasons.

Well, now you need to do
the same thing for Connor.

- Yeah, he hated Wes.
- No, I didn't.

- You blamed him for everything!
- Quiet.

- Please, Laurel, you're just making it worse!
- I couldn't kill anyone!

So, you know what you
need to do right now?

- You need to go and kill yourself.
- Laurel, stop.

That's the one good thing
you're gonna do in your life.

You're gonna go, and you're
gonna kill yourself, Connor!

Today's a good day for you.

How's that?

We're offering you a plea deal.

Admit Annalise ordered you to kill Wes,

and you'll be out in seven years.

Your case against
Annalise is in the toilet.

Maybe it's time you just give up.

If the judge throws out Annalise's case,

my office is gonna have to come up

with an alternative theory...


you and Laurel Castillo killed Wes.

She was in the house that night,

as were you, according
to your confession.

Love triangle gone wrong.

What do you have on her?

Sign the deal, and no
one ever has to know.

You could've kept Annalise out of jail.


By telling the police that she
wasn't at the house that night.

That doesn't mean she didn't do this.

Bonnie told you, right?

This whole time, I've
been telling everyone

that you killed Wes.

You should be begging her
not to kill you right now,

not attacking her.

Why don't you let her speak for herself?


was it you?

You killed him?

Leave, Bonnie.




This is grief.

You're trying to make sense out
of things that don't make sense,

choosing a target for your anger.

- You still haven't answered my question.
- You know the answer.

I don't.

Every bad thing that we've
done starts with you.

You're confused.

Or I just don't know how
to bite my tongue anymore!

Laurel's right. You're deflecting.

- You are.
- I never killed anyone.

- Neither have I!
- You hacked up my husband,

dumped his body in a garbage bin.

Because of Wes, okay?!

We were all trying to help him and you.

There you go again, deflecting.

No, no, no, you two dragged
us into your Oedipal crap

- and we've all been trying to clean it up!
- You should've left!

- I tried.
- Well, you bailed on that plan

because your boyfriend
wouldn't run away with you.

I was trying to protect him from you.

You couldn't stand the idea
of spending one second alone.

You don't know anything about me.

Well, I know you're paranoid and broken,

haven't trusted anyone
since you were a little boy.

I know what you're
trying to do right now.

And you're still acting like that
little boy, making up ugly stories

about people because you're scared

of anyone actually getting to know you.

God, you're so
desperate for that kid!

So you blame me for the mess that's been
in your head since the day you were born!

All your sons are dead!!

They're all dead!

And you can't use me to replace them.

Look me in the eye.

Right here.

You said you didn't hurt Wes.

So I believe you.

But I need you to believe me, too.

Forgive him.


He made a terrible mistake,

just like we all have at one point,

but he apologized.

I don't care. Wes is still gone.

But it's not Connor's fault.

It's whoever killed him,
and that's where your anger

needs to be going right now.

Otherwise, this boy right
here is gonna kill himself

and we'll all have more
blood on our hands.

Is that what you want?

Forgive him.

He had some big file on Laurel.

- He's bluffing.
- But what if he's not?

He told you he's investigating
all the kids, right?

To intimidate us.

Don't fall for it.

And don't do anything
without talking to me.

Of course not.

Where are you going?

To buy a gun so that I
can use it on Connor.

I have an OB appointment.

Still pregnant.

I really think that we should
call the mystery number.

I can block my cell. There's
no way they'll know it's mine.

You heard Annalise. No.

Atwood was just in New York.

She parked in a garage in
the Financial District.

- When?
- Today.

Right after Charles
Mahoney was released.


Was that a thank you?


When the judge asks me
how I got the information,

should I just tell them
that you broke into her car?

I'm doing everything I can, Annalise.

- No, you're not.
- Excuse me?

You should just talk to her.

You think she's gonna confess to me?

Well, she fell for your moves before.

Or are you not as charming
as you used to be?

Okay. I'm gonna hang up.

Was that Nate?

We need all the help we can get.


What if Connor isn't
telling us everything?

Is there really no vodka in the house?


There's the yolk sac.

That thicker area there
is the fetal pole.

And... there you are.

The heartbeat.

It's a big decision.


How much time do I have?

Pennsylvania allows
abortions up until 24 weeks.

Just know the law requires you

to have a consultation with counselors

where all your options
are laid on the table

24 hours prior to the termination.





Is everything okay?

Yeah, I just...

I came to a doctor's appointment.

Being back here made me think of you.


Because I thought that
we weren't friends.


Do you know that Michaela and them

wouldn't even talk to
me at Wes' memorial?

That wasn't about you.

They were just really worried
about how I lost my mind

up there on the altar.

I'm sorry.

I just... I miss him, and
I know that you do, too,

which is why I shouldn't
have shut you out.

It's just this whole situation's
made me really paranoid.

Of me?

Of everyone.

Forgive me?

The bitch is spotless.

We've been through every file
we have on Atwood... twice.

There's nothing that
makes her look stupid.

I couldn't track the
phone number, either.

- Sorry.
- Guys, what about this?

It says, "Stop being a weenie
and call the mystery number"!

We're not calling the number.

What about asking your dad?


I have an idea.

There's nothing in Wes'
autopsy about the cracked rib,

so you can put me on the
stand, and I'll tell the truth.

It'll prove that the
M.E. lied in her report

and invalidate the D.A.'s entire case.

That could make Denver
think you killed Wes.

Yeah, but it'll get Annalise off.

Okay, I know you think you
have to do this, but...

I want to.

There's no other way.

You have to let me do this.

I can't let you take the stand.

Thank God.

But Laurel can, though.

Mr. Gibbins' blood test showed
an abnormally high CO2 level,

and I observed petechiae,

which are small hemorrhages
around his cornea

and on the lining of his larynx.

The presence of those two factors led me

to conclude that Mr.
Gibbins' cause of death

was asphyxiation by smoke inhalation.

During your exam, did you observe

any other serious injuries
on Mr. Gibbins' body?



Nothing that would result
from a struggle or a fall?

Objection... Asked and answered.

Merely asking the witness
to clarify, Your Honor.

Apart from the third-degree
burns sustained postmortem,

I observed no other traumatic injuries.

No further questions.

Mr. Denver?

Nothing from our side, Your Honor.

Great, that was the last
witness on your list.

Correct, Ms. Winterbottom?

Actually, we have a new witness
we'd like to call to the stand.

She was the other victim in
the fire... Laurel Castillo.

Objection... Ms. Castillo is a
critical witness for the State.

New evidence about that night

has come to Ms. Castillo's recollection.

The State objects, Your Honor.

I've had no time to prepare a cross.

Mr. Denver has just stated
that she is a critical witness

to the State, which means he
should be prepared to question her.

I'll be prepared for the trial.

The point of this
hearing is to determine

whether there will even
be a trial, Mr. Denver.

Please step up, Ms. Castillo.

Why are you here?

You know why.

Tell me or I'll call 911 right now.

How long have the Mahoneys
been paying you off?

The Mahoneys?

Then who asked you to cremate Wes' body?

I didn't order his body cremated.

We're not in court
anymore. No need to lie.

Everything I said under oath was true.

You don't believe me, I don't care.

Why were you in New York yesterday?

You're following me now?

I didn't say that.

I had a job interview
with Anthony and Levin

to try and salvage
what's left of my career

after Annalise destroyed it.

You destroyed your career the
minute you forged my signature.

And I have been kicking
myself about that ever since.

I don't need you kicking me, too.

You wouldn't be in this mess unless
someone was twisting your arm.

I told you... There is no one.

Someone's gonna find out the truth.

And they might not be
as understanding as me.

You're looking out for yourself.

So am I.

Don't come here again.

Why did you contact the
defense today, Ms. Castillo?

To tell the truth.

Who did you lie to?

The police.


Because I didn't know who I could trust.

But now that I know that
the D.A. hid Wes' body,

I know that I was right.

What were you too afraid
to tell the police?

That I saw Wes...

in the house before the fire.

He was in the basement.
He was unconscious.

But his body was still
warm, so I-I started CPR.

For how long?

A minute or more.

And I kept wanting to
get him to breathe,

so I just kept pressing on his chest.


But then, I must've... I
must've pressed too hard,

'cause then I, I heard a bone break.

What you're describing is a
rib fracture, Ms. Castillo.

But the medical examiner testified

that there were no other injuries.

That's a lie.

- Motion to strike.
- He was dead before the fire.

Why are you hiding that?

Please don't address the D.A.

Why are you concealing how he died?!

Unless you want to be held
in contempt, Ms. Castillo,

I'm advising you to calm down.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No further questions.

You're a law student,
Ms. Castillo, so I assume

that means you can define
"perjury" for the court?

Perjury is the crime
of lying under oath.

Very good.

Did you learn that at Middleton, or
have you committed perjury before?

I'm not lying.


So, you've never lied to
legal authorities before?

Well, answer the question.

Answer the question.

Objection, Your Honor.

On what grounds, Mr. Delfino?


I object, Your Honor, on
the grounds of hearsay.

The D.A. is referring to a supposed

out-of-court statement of
which we have no proof.

Here's the proof, Your Honor.

The prosecution enters into
evidence this affidavit

from the Federal
District of Mexico City.

It contains a statement
from Ms. Castillo confessing

that she made a false claim
of kidnapping as a teenager.

Objection, Your Honor.

The D.A. is presenting
improper character evidence.

Ms. Castillo, is this your
signature on this statement?

It is.

Then your objection
overruled, Ms. Winterbottom.


Do you admit to fabricating a
story about getting kidnapped?

I can explain.

I'm not asking for an explanation,

- just a yes or no.
- It's not as simple as that.

Did you or did you not sign
that document admitting

that you lied to authorities
about getting kidnapped?

Answer the question.

I did.

- So, you're a pathological liar?
- No.

Really? Because even a
sociopath couldn't lie

- that well on the stand.
- Seriously.

I lied about seeing Wes,
not about being kidnapped.

You signed an affidavit admitting

you made the whole thing up.
Because my father made me.

- I'm so confused.
- It's simple.

I was really kidnapped.

I just had to say I wasn't in
order to protect my father.


The defense requested this hearing

with the intention of proving
malicious prosecution.

The only thing they've
been able to prove is

to what extraordinary...
And illegal... lengths

they're willing to go to
have these charges dropped.

Now, although the cremation
of the victim's body was

an egregious clerical error,
the official autopsy results

prove that the fire was
the cause of death...

A fire started by Ms.
Keating in her own home.

And the only person to
refute the findings was

one of her own students
who we now know has

a history of perjury.

And let's not forget the evidence

against Ms. Keating,
that Mr. Gibbins was

about to take an immunity
deal incriminating her.

Ms. Keating instructed Mr.
Gibbins to go to her house

hours before he was killed.

Then she erased her cellphone?

We even have an anonymous source

who's willing to testify
as to her motives.

Whose identity is still
being hidden from us.

We will reveal the identity
as we get closer to the trial.

Either way, this case
deserves to go before a jury.

At the very least, we
owe that to Mr. Gibbins.

There's no need to delay my decision.

Your Honor, I urge you to take more time

with the facts of this hearing.

More time won't change my decision.

While it's true that
A.D.A. Atwood engaged

in heinous misconduct,
it doesn't cancel out

the abundance of evidence
against Ms. Keating.

Defense's motion to dismiss is denied.

Well, that was a big waste of time.

You think?

I'm sorry.

Not now, Janice.

It's not Janice.

Why are you here, Mr. Walsh?

I want Wes' immunity deal.

- Connor?
- He's probably just dropping

a mean one in the bathroom.

Or he just finally went to Russia.

Okay, you do not still
get to be mad at him.

I get to be mad at him
for the rest of my life.

He's not in there.

Please don't do this. Please.

Please. Please.

- Hey.
- Connor?

- Where the hell is he?
- Where the hell are you?

Denver's office.


I'll file for bifurcation from
Frank first thing tomorrow.

Wait for me in your car.

Tell him he has to get out of there!

God! Are you insane?!

Don't worry. I'm gonna fix this.


By telling the truth...
That Laurel told my story.

No, Connor...

It's the least I can do at this point.

No, it's the dumbest thing
you can do at this point.

All he's gonna do is
think that you're lying...

O-or worse, that you're a suspect!

Don't worry. I'm getting
an immunity deal.

He's having it drafted right now.

So, he's not there?

- No.
- Then leave, please.

We all get it now, that
you feel bad, even Laurel.

Say you're not mad at him.
I forgive you, Connor.

So, please, Connor, just come home!

Atwood went to New York
for a job interview.

And you believe her?

Now I don't know if I believe you.

Excuse me?

After everything I've done
to you, said to you...

Still meeting me in cars, helping me...

It's hard for me to believe
you're not part of all this.

You're being scapegoated, and
I see it with my own eyes.

That's why I'm helping you.

I'm calling the mystery phone number.

You hear that, Connor?

I'm gonna call, and Sylvia or Charles

or one of the Mahoneys
are gonna pick up,

and then we're gonna find
out how stupid your plan is.

No, yo plan is stupid!

- I'm calling.
- Tell him to hang up.

Like, what is wrong with you?

Seriously, you're gonna
get us all arrested!

- Give me the phone!
- Move!

- Put the phone down!
- Hang up the phone, Asher.


He's been gunning for me

ever since the Hapstall case, Sinclair.

I strong-armed him
into closing the case.

This is such a reach, Annalise.


What's a reach is you prosecuting me...

And Atwood would have
to do whatever he said.

It's him.



It's Denver's phone.

It was here in his desk.

- Hang up the phone!
- Tell him to get out of there!


Annalise, are you here?

There was gas! I smelled gas.

Whoever killed him cut the gas line.

I saw someone there...

They ran out of the storm door.

It's me.

We have a little problem.


But it got kind of messy.