How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - There Are Worse Things Than Murder - full transcript

Annalisse assigns her students to help a woman who was convicted 32 years ago for killing her abusive husband and when she was first charged she couldn't bring it up. Now she's up for parole. Annalusse sends each of them to talk to her and she decides whom she wants to represent her and the one she chooses is Connor. Connor tries to get her to be remorseful when she appears before the parole board but she doesn't feel remorseful. Connor has the others talk to the sister of her husband who is always appearing at her parole hearings and says something which in turns leads to her parole being denied. And when they talk to her she doesn't want to help her. Annalisse is informed by the university board that her future is endanger because of the flyers floating around that pegs her as a killer. Bonnie learns that Laurel is trying to contact Frank and brings it to the attention of Annalisse.

Previously on "How to Get Away with Murder"...
What's the deal with your father?
[ Voice breaking ] He is not a good person.
I love you, Oliver.
I think we should break up.
Any new significant others, besides Wes' little lady?
Want to go finally meet your dad?
I think I'm your son.
Why would you think that?
[ Gunshot ]
You think it's Frank putting them up?
I found him. What do you want to do?
Hang up the phone!
[ Grunting ]
You okay?
I live here! Please!
Who is it? Tell me!
[ Whimpering ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
Mumford: You're in shock right now. I understand that.
Unfortunately, we do need to get
as much information from you right now as possible.
Can you tell us where you were before?
Ms. Keating.
The clinic.
I had to pick up some work.
Did anyone else see you there?
Someone who can vouch for your whereabouts?
You're joking.
My house is burning down,
and you want to make me a suspect? Now, hold on.
No one's saying anything like that.
Yeah, be a monster. That's fine.
But don't be a dumbass, as well. Davis: To be clear,
your neighbors saw your car in the driveway all day.
You want to arrest me for burning down my house?
Then do it!
Cuff me right here!
Arrest me!
Go on, arrest me!
Nate: What kind of dreams were you having?
Tossing and turning all night, talking gibberish.
Was it a sex dream?
Is that why you don't want to tell me about it?
You had another guy up in this bed?
Who says it was a guy?
Oh, no, no, no.
No way I'm letting you leave me high and dry.
[ Chuckles ]
Mm. Go shower.
Or else you're gonna be late for work.
[ Water running ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Man: [ Shuddering ]
I didn't -- I didn't have a choice.
[ Sniffles ]
He's dead.
[ Grunting ]
Frank: Get off me! Get off me!
[ Neck cracks ]
Nate: I got an idea. [ Cellphone beeps ]
Get in the shower. [ Cellphone ringing ]
It's big enough for both of us.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Candice: Hello?
This is Annalise.
Hi, this is Candice from President Hargrove's office.
She was hoping you had time to stop by today.
We just wanted to let you know
that we'd launched a priority investigation
into who posted the fliers.
We're having campus security increase their patrols, too,
as well as having them review our active-shooter drills
with all of our employees.
This is all standard stuff.
We're not concerned.
Annalise: Well, I wasn't concerned
till you started telling me how not concerned you were.
[ Chuckles ]
We just wanted you to know we're on it.
It's probably just some student blowing off steam.
Most likely.
[ Clears throat ] Um, one sec.
[ Sighs ]
"Safe space" used to mean
you could express your feelings.
Now I have to take it literally.
It's fine.
It's just H.R. covering their asses.
[ Chuckles ] If you only knew.
How's the clinic going?
Thanks again for making that work.
I should be thanking you
for coming up with such a great idea.
Wes: Hey!
Were you meeting with the President?
How'd you know? Well, you just walked out of her office.
Is it about the fliers?
No, that's all over.
You still got that god-awful apartment?
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
You should move out, come stay with me.
What are you talking about?
I don't know.
You could save money for a little.
But it's weird.
Why? Meggy, for one.
Meggy? Yeah, my girlfriend. I told you about her.
Oh, I didn't know that was still a thing.
All right, well, forget I said anything.
Go study.
No one ever became a good lawyer
hanging out in the quad.
What's all this?
I'm reorganizing
because your stupid clinic
means Annalise can't take real cases anymore.
It's not my clinic.
[ Sighs ] So, the new locks,
are they to keep out anyone in particular?
Why are you here, Laurel?
I just came to say hi.
Is there any news on the Mahoney case.
We don't care about that case.
But the cops haven't arrested anyone yet.
Wes could still be a suspect.
He's not.
How do you know that?
Because Eve is on it.
She has a contact at the NYPD, so just relax.
Wes is not a suspect.
Is Frank? Laurel.
You would tell me if you'd heard from him
so that at least I'd know he's not dead.
Maybe he is. Don't say that.
Annalise: What are you girls gossiping about?
I just came to say hi to Bonnie.
Why does everyone think that's so weird?
[ Muffled pounding ]
[ Crash ]
[ Lighter clicks ]
[ Fire ignites ]
Oliver: Are you sure it's not weird?
I've never seen you wear a suit to class before.
That's because I don't look as dashing as you
when I wear one.
Hey. Uh, what do you think about this apartment?
I never said you had to rush to move out.
Yeah, you just dumped me.
Don't say it like that.
What? You didn't dump me?
I just don't like that saying.
Imagine how much you'd like being dumped then.
I shouldn't be late for my first day.
Do you want to walk over there together, or... know what?
I would actually feel more comfortable
if we went separately.
Oh. Okay.
Uh, do you want me to go first?
I'm kidding.
Come on.
Michaela: What did you do? Asher: For real.
Do not tell me that you cheated on my boy.
No, actually, it was his decision.
Apparently he's been thinking about it all summer.
You don't think there's something else going on?
Wait, you think my boy cheated on you?
Have any of you seen these articles?
They're all about the fliers.
Oh, down we go.
We're ignoring that right now.
Oliver dumped Connor.
Oh, my God, you cheated on him.
No. Oh, my God, you cheated on him.
No, he thinks that he wants some space,
and clearly I'll be changing his mind
by the end of the week.
Damn, the girl's cocky.
Well, you'd understand if you gave me a go at that ass.
Oh, sorry. This ass is taken.
By who? Seriously, who is this weirdo?
Hot little number I met at the bar,
but she's stacked.
I'll tell you, she's up top and bottom.
Just, unh! Okay.
Am I the only one who cares about this? I think it's good.
Journalists might be able to figure out
who's putting the fliers up.
You ever think Annalise just put them up herself?
And why would she do that?
To get attention, to play the victim.
Wow, that's ridiculous.
Is it?
Annalise: Take a seat.
Court's assigned us a new client.
Irene Crowley,
convicted of murdering her husband Rodney
when she was 31 years old.
The weapon -- a claw hammer.
After she finished,
she showered, took the bus to work,
punched in on time for her shift at the factory.
Ugh, that's terrible.
Why are you here?
You said I should come introduce myself.
Class, this is Mr. Hampton.
I've hired him as the clinic's technology expert.
He's getting paid, so use him as you wish.
As long as it's legal.
Uh, my desk is down the hall in the --
Mr. Hampton. Okay.
Today, Irene is 63 years old.
She's served 32 years in prison
and has been denied parole six times.
Now, we're gonna fight like hell to get her free.
Irene was physically and sexually abused by her husband
throughout their 10-year marriage.
Now, at the time,
the courts did not allow past abuse into evidence,
which left her without a defense.
Michaela: Domestic-abuse victims
are afforded greater protections now,
so we need to create a narrative for the parole board
that highlights the psychological trauma
that led to your...episode with your husband.
That was no episode.
You're right. Bad word choice.
Call it what you want.
I call it my finest hour.
Each of you will be given one minute
to present a parole strategy to Irene.
Laurel: The key here is to focus on
the kind of childhood you had before you met Rodney.
I had a normal childhood.
Your file says that you grew up in a group home
with rough conditions.
Rougher than yours. I'm sorry?
Those teeth tell me you came from money.
Who's next?
Annalise: Now, there's several arguments
that will sway the parole board.
One -- if released, does Irene pose a danger?
Wes: We'll stress your exemplary prison record.
Did you attend any A.A. meetings, bible study?
I only went to those meetings
because my cellmate kept crapping her bunk.
Number two --
you have to prove that she is remorseful for her crime.
Connor: Are you sorry?
Because you declined the chance
to apologize to your husband's family.
Dead husband's family.
See, you don't seem remorseful.
And until you start acting sorry,
no parole board's going to release you.
Great. So can I go now?
Now, the parole board
consists of three old white men.
How do I know that?
Because they're always old white men,
typically from law-enforcement backgrounds.
Asher: Do you know why you should pick me?
'Cause I'm white.
Just like the guys who are deciding your fate.
Do I think that's cool? No.
But I do think it's smart.
Racism for the win, right?
Did I say something funny?
You remind me of my husband.
Connor: I was brilliant.
I made her feel like
there was no chance in hell that she would win. Score.
One less white guy to compete with.
He doesn't want the case, genius.
He knows it's a loser.
We have a winner.
Irene was very clear on who she connected with.
Congratulations, Mr. Walsh.
Wes: Hey.
I have somewhere to be, Wes.
Are you worried Frank's behind the fliers?
That's why you asked me to move in.
Then why did you ask me that?
[ Chuckles ] Because I'm an idiot.
Forget I brought it up.
You're worried about me.
You think that Frank
might try to pin Mahoney's shooting on me, or worse.
God's honest?
I'm lonely.
That's why I asked you to move in with me.
Tired of eating alone.
I don't believe you.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, I can't make you.
Actually, I have plans tonight, so...
[ Knock on door ]
Oh, you're early. Not that I'm complaining.
I need you to help me find Frank.
I'm worried Frank might come back, do something.
I just have a feeling.
You just have a feeling?
You want me to show you his file?
Sam was his doctor in prison.
You never told me that.
Yeah, well, I didn't think it mattered anymore.
But you think he's dangerous?
He has the potential to be.
And you've been okay with that?
Listen, I never asked Frank
to do anything violent for me.
You just had him set me up for Sam's murder.
[ Knock on door ]
Who is it? Man: Thai food delivery.
I'll help you find him.
Have you seen this?
There is an article on Annalise
in almost every single paper.
Slow news day, I guess.
What? This is a big deal.
Is it? Yes.
Whoever's putting these up
could be crazy or dangerous or --
Or just really bored.
Just think about what's happening here.
Annalise is one of 10 women
in a senior position at Middleton,
and then along comes some pissy, probably white troll
out to destroy her career. Her career's doing fine.
For now.
I made dessert,
and you're not even gonna touch it?
You didn't make anything.
And it's the same color
as my cadaver's esophageal sphincter.
Close your eyes.
Now open your mouth.
Oh, my God.
Trust me.
Connor: Okay, here's the game plan for Irene's case.
We're going to divide and conquer in teams.
[ Farts ] [ Laughter ]
Sorry. Seriously?
Build your own burrito bar at lunch, bro.
Team one will be Michaela and Asher.
[ All snickering ] Look.
You think that I want to do this? No.
But it's our job.
You mean your job.
All of our jobs.
And yes, the chances of us winning this are small,
if not zero.
You want to inspire your team here?
Don't crap on a case
just because you're feeling a little insecure.
Uh, team one will find witnesses
to testify to the abuse.
Michaela: All the neighbors are dead.
Everyone she worked with at the factory, dead.
Well, you know who's not dead
is, uh, little Asher when he's with you.
Not here. Why?
You embarrassed to be banging a white dude?
The fact that you in your seersucker
"ain't never seen a black girl naked until me"
just made this a race issue
is so problematic,
I don't even know where to start.
I just don't see the point
in keeping this a secret anymore.
Think of Bonnie's feelings,
and -- and -- and -- and Connor.
He just got dumped.
We have to be more sensitive.
Well, you know who else we have to be sensitive to?
Little Asher.
Help me find a stupid witness.
Our biggest hurdle is going to be
the dead husband's sister -- Amber.
She's shown up at every parole hearing
to testify against Irene's release.
Laurel and Wes, you guys seem sweet,
so we'll use that to our advantage.
Amber: He was my brother.
There's no way in hell
I'm helping that woman get out of jail.
We're just suggesting you talk to her.
See the progress she's made since the last parole hearing.
She wants to apologize to you.
Do you think I want that?
I'm the one who found Rodney's body.
I slipped in his blood. I fell on him.
Screw forgiveness.
Connor: Our most important angle, of course,
is Irene's own testimony.
She's a bit of a hard nut to crack,
so, uh, Simon and Natalie,
you guys are gonna go down to the prison
and talk to her -- Annalise: Excuse me?
Our client picked you as first chair, Mr. Walsh.
Yeah, I-I just thought she'd feel more comfortable
talking to a woman about her abuse.
Then why send me?
Unless I grew a vagina I don't know about.
Why don't you check? Go to the prison and do your job.
First they'll ask about your life before the crime.
But mostly you'll tell them
about your life with your husband --
the abuse that led up to the events of that night.
I don't remember anything from that night.
Nothing? Not a lick.
[ Sighs ]
I think you're lying.
I think you do remember.
I -- I don't blame you
for not wanting to talk about it.
I wouldn't want to either.
But I read about what he did to you.
Reading about it's different than being there.
You want to know what's worse?
The feeling I get during those hearings.
Those men on the board wanting me on my knees,
spill my deepest and darkest, beg,
only to tell me no again.
I'd rather get hit.
Laurel: Sam's sister.
Michaela: She was such a bitch.
Asher: Hannah Keating. What about Nate?
He could be playing a long con.
Mm. Put him down. Know what makes me sad?
What are you guys doing?
It's, uh, A.K.'s enemies list.
One of these peeps has got to be behind the fliers.
You realize the woman's gonna rot in prison
if you don't help me, right?
We forgot about Meggy.
Oh. Yes.
You said you met her at a bookstore.
Don't you think that's a little bit suspicious?
How is that suspicious?
We should have Oliver hack her. Connor: No.
I need him to work on my case.
Your case is a dud. Deal with it.
I know you're bored.
You make that very clear
with how loud you're stomping around with those boxes.
This isn't about that.
It's Laurel.
She wasn't just here to say hi?
She was asking me if I heard from him,
so I paid to get her phone logs, and look.
She's been calling Frank.
I hate them.
Every single one of their bitch-ass lying faces.
Let me take care of it.
Don't worry.
I'll figure it out.
Monoghan: Ms. Crowley, can you tell us a bit
about your relationship with your husband.
Let's start with how you met.
Irene: Picked me up in a bar.
I got knocked up.
A few weeks later, we got married.
Can I ask what happened with the child?
It was a girl. She died inside of me.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's not your fault.
Ms. Crowley, I'd like to discuss the alleged abuse.
Uh, I'm sorry, can we just back up for a second.
Uh, the reason you lost the child,
this was due to the abuse, yes?
I never said that.
No, but, uh, hospital records show
that you had a broken wrist at the time
that you were admitted for the miscarriage, so --
Ms. Keating.
[ Whispering ] This is her time. Don't speak for her.
[ Normal voice ] My apologies.
I've read all your files, Ms. Crowley,
and the problem I'm having is during your trial,
you never officially stated that your husband abused you.
Is that true?
It's in the file, I guess, so...
She never said anything
because her lawyer advised her not to. Quiet.
Graves: I'm asking because it strikes me
as a convenient parole strategy
to invent claims of abuse
now that the laws have changed in favor of the victim.
It wasn't my strategy.
So, are we or are we not to believe you were abused?
You're gonna believe whatever you want
no matter what I say.
If you look in file C-11,
there are photos taken after one of Mr. Crowley's attacks
that are evidence of the abuse.
Fine. Let's say you were indeed abused.
The police report states
that there was no imminent threat
at the time of the murder, so my question is,
if your husband was abusing you so badly,
why did you kill him instead of just leaving him?
That is the wrong question. Quick recess.
You're asking my client what's wrong with her
when you should be asking what was wrong with the man
that repeatedly battered -- Connor, enough.
Instead, you're putting the burden on the victim!
Young man, you need to rein it in.
My client has suffered a lifetime of horror,
and you're just continuing the cycle of abuse,
and I won't allow it!
Now, she's been bullied enough,
and I think we need to finally listen to her.
I blew it. Calm down.
I can admit to ineffective assistance of counsel.
That is not what happened. It's not her fault
that I can't keep my mouth shut.
I should be punished for that, not her. Relax, okay? Breathe.
That was just the first session. We can still fix this.
If I have to go back in there,
I'm just gonna screw it up.
You should fire me.
Well, Irene is the only one who could fire you,
and she hasn't done that yet.
You're her counsel now,
and for once in her life,
the only man that's not gonna disappoint her.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
I'll be right back.
Wait, you have to help me prepare.
I'm just stepping outside. Call the others.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Breathes heavily ]
[ Moans ]
Oh, ignore it.
Like you have to tell me.
You know, I don't -- I don't think they'd be mad.
Who? Connor.
I-I-I think he'd be happy for us.
And -- And I could talk to Bonnie.
Uh, you know, hiding is what messed her and me up
to begin with, so... [ Sighs ]
For the record,
you are forcing me to say these things.
What things? We're not a couple.
We're never gonna be a couple.
Why not?
I can't be in a relationship with somebody
who is literally the opposite of everything I stand for.
I'm a cooler guy than I used to be.
You... you have to admit that.
I-I-I'm learning --
And I am not your teacher.
I don't have time
to strip you of all your terrible white habits,
so either accept the fact
that you are just a meat stick to me,
or we can end this.
Fine, I'll go.
No, no, no, no, no.
How about I give you another double?
* I gotta let you go *
As in Kansas?
He's been checking his voicemail on a computer.
The I.P. address is in Wichita.
And that was today?
An hour ago.
I'll keep track
and make sure he doesn't drive back here.
Thank you.
All right, I need to get back.
You're done with me?
I have a client that needs me.
What about my needs?
What are you doing?
I saw it, Laurel.
I was just checking to see if they had a suspect yet.
Why? Because I don't want it to be you.
I'm sorry, okay?
What if Eve is wrong,
and the cops know who you are.
What does Eve have to do with it?
She's watching the case for Annalise.
[ Chuckles ]
We're not doing this anymore.
Creating problems where there are none.
What if there are problems? I'm happy, Laurel.
Trying to be.
It's because I moved on,
so please just...let me.
I'm sorry.
About Meggy, too.
Oliver did a whole search on her and she's a Girl Scout.
Worst thing she's ever done is protest a marine park.
I knew that.
You looked into her?
I'm not an idiot.
Connor: Here's what you need to say.
He was about to hit you.
He wasn't. I know. Look, I'm just --
I'm trying to help, all right? You're doing a bad job.
Listen to me!
For once, just...
Just -- just listen, all right?
They need to hear it straight from you --
some explanation of why you killed him in that moment.
It doesn't matter how ugly you think it is
or how bad you think it makes you look.
Your only chance of getting out is you talk.
[ Sighs ]
I did what you did.
Killed a guy.
And I didn't have as good of an excuse as you,
but I did it.
And I got away with it.
I've -- I've never told anyone.
Well, it's -- it's messed a lot of stuff up for me.
People around you can sense that you're hiding something,
and it pushes them away.
That's what's happening in that room.
You know, every guy on that board
can -- can see that you're not telling the truth,
and it makes them not trust you.
But you can't afford that.
You need them on your side,
and the only way that happens is you finally talk.
What'd you say to her?
I just gave her a pep talk.
No, you opened your fat mouth.
I suffer every day to keep you people safe.
My career, reputation,
it's all on the line because of you.
So no more screwing with my life
just because you feel like it, understood?
Let's hope to God this works.
You hear if Connor finally lost his case? I don't know.
It's not like anyone ever tells the meat stick anything anyways.
I knew you were gonna be a baby about this.
Stacy and Nicole said that you were the one being a baby.
Oh, my God.
You talked about me to those freshmen?
They're my girls, okay?
And I think that your whole, uh, "we're too different" crap
is actually a cover for the fact
that you know that we're the same.
How are we the same? Uh, a lot of ways.
For example, you like having sex with me,
and so do I.
You're ridiculous. I know you, Michaela.
The real you, okay?
I know you came here
to be Michelle or Hillary or RBG,
and I came here to be my dad, right?
The better version.
You know what?
We met Annalise and we did bad things,
and now we're different, which makes us the same.
But you can't see that
because you're holding on to this old idea
of who you used to be and who I was, and...
[ Sighs ]
I'm more than a meat stick.
Monoghan: Ms. Crowley, take us through the weeks
leading up to the day of your husband's murder.
Ms. Crowley.
Okay, let's move on to your time in prison --
We had no doors in the house.
No one ever asked me why Rodney did that.
Took doors off hinges
so I wouldn't be able to hide.
Came in once while I was peeing,
yelling, grabbed my neck, stuck my head in the toilet.
I almost drowned in my own urine.
Another time, he raped me with a hose,
a mop handle.
You want stories like that?
I got them.
Now, I can see
that you want to know what I did with the hammer.
I planned it. You were right about that.
Not 'cause he was gonna beat me that day.
Because he was gonna beat me for the rest of my life.
And looking ahead to that,
feeling broken bones before they even happen...
I made a decision.
I sat with that hammer for hours,
and when he came home, I stood up,
and I hit him over and over again
until I saw brains.
And still I didn't feel...
that that made up for all the times that he hit me.
So I hit him some more.
You want me to say I'm sorry,
that I regret my actions.
But I don't.
How can I when it's the one decision
that finally set me free?
[ Chuckles ] So, you could win?
Connor: No, I-I didn't -- I didn't say that.
Yeah, but -- well, you got her to talk,
which is a victory in itself.
Yeah, but it's -- it's complicated,
and...I don't know.
Annalise is kind of pissed at me, so...
Yeah, well, she's always pissed at you,
and am I not supposed to be
trying to make you feel better here?
I'll feel better if Irene gets out.
I just need you to distract me right now. Okay.
Did I -- did I ever tell you about the time
my mom caught me wearing her lingerie?
[ Toilet flushes ]
Irene stays in jail
if you say what I think you're gonna say in there.
Shouldn't she?
Rodney raised you, right?
I read that in the reports.
I think that meant he abused you, too.
If I'm wrong, look me in my eye and say that.
He wasn't a good man.
No one is claiming that.
But he also didn't deserve to die that way.
It must've crossed your mind, though,
when he was hitting you.
And yet I never took a hammer to his skull.
Because you didn't have to.
You got out.
And then Irene took your place.
No, I can't do it.
I can't go in there and say nice things about her.
I know.
But that's not what I'm asking you to do.
Is something wrong?
We'll know soon enough.
[ Door opens ]
Man: [ Whispers indistinctly ]
Well, it seems the victim's witness
has decided to forego making a statement here today.
This board therefore needs no further deliberation.
We came to this decision after weighing statutory factors,
the altered laws,
and studies about the impact of domestic abuse.
Your candor, Ms. Crowley,
was another main factor in our decision.
Ms. Crowley...
we've decided to grant your application for parole.
We order for your immediate release.
[ Exhales ]
Yeah, it's real.
You're getting out.
You won. Oh.
[ Chuckles ] Thank you.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Man: It was our hope
that this stunt would burn out on its own,
but it seems to be metastasizing.
All the city papers have picked up the story,
and the President has started to receive calls
from several alumni and donors.
The situation's become a university problem.
So, with everybody's best interests in mind,
we are notifying you that you are suspended,
effective immediately.
At least until the board determines that your safety,
the safety of our students,
and the integrity of the university
is no longer compromised.
I'm sorry that we need to take this step
right now, Annalise.
But we hope it's temporary.
Last time I checked, I was the victim here.
An anonymous, potentially dangerous individual
chose to launch a smear campaign at my workplace,
and your solution is to suspend me?
Man: Professor, we are contractually within our rights.
You're worried about bad press?
Try the headline
"Prominent Attorney Persecuted by Elite University,"
not to mention a multi-million-dollar lawsuit
I'll file.
I bet you'll get calls from the donors then.
Annalise, please.
No one here wants to escalate the situation.
Lock me out of my classroom!
I dare you.
But you can't keep me from teaching my students.
Oliver: There he is.
Young lawyer home
after winning his very first case.
Not a big deal.
Oh, you can pretend like you don't care,
but I can tell you care.
Come on, grab a bottle of champagne in the fridge.
We'll celebrate.
What...what's wrong?
Are you mad?
No, I'm just confused.
I love you, Oli.
And I need you right now more than you know.
So...whatever you want, I'll -- I'll do it.
I just want to make you happy like you make me happy,
and I know that I can.
So, please, just let me.
I'm sorry.
[ Exhales sharply ]
Oli, I...
I just need to be alone right now.
What about what I need.
That's the point.
I only ever do what other people want.
This time, I'm doing this for me.
So, if...
if you really want to make me happy,
then you'll let me go.
Let me go.
I'll -- I'll pack.
Connor. No, no.
It's your apartment, so...
I win. [ Groans ]
Drink. Laurel: I can't.
I said drink.
I'm surprised Frank didn't teach you better.
We never really played pool.
'Cause you were too busy boning all the time?
I have a question.
Did you two ever hook up?
[ Scoffs ]
Would you be jealous if we did?
What if I told you I was talking to him every day?
Are you?
Are you?
[ Sighs ]
I've been leaving him voicemails.
He doesn't answer, but his mailbox isn't full,
so I assume he's listening to them.
You have to stop calling him.
Because if Annalise knew --
She'd kill me. I know.
You know, I was never really sure
if I actually loved him.
But now that he's gone...
[ Chuckles ]
...I did.
You only think that because you don't know him.
I know about Lila.
There are worse things than murder, Laurel.
You don't know that, and that's a good thing.
But I know that and Frank knows that.
We've seen things you don't want to see.
So stop calling him, stop thinking about him,
And kill the fantasy of Frank in your head.
I don't understand. You lost him?
The I.P. address in Wichita was fake.
He's using a private network
to bounce the signal all over the country.
Jersey, California, Kansas.
So, he could be anywhere.
Philly. Yeah.
I'm gonna stay at your house till we find him.
I don't need a bodyguard. You got one now.
I'll be over after my shift.
[ Knock on door ]
* The dawn ahead on the floor *
What's wrong?
Can I crash here for a while?
* The cracks so bare stain *
We're screwing.
Brought dinner.
I'm not hungry.
* And I'll be watching as you waste *
Well, then you can watch me eat.
* Through the ground *
Nate's staying over tonight.
* And I'll be watching as you *
* Waste through the ground * Okay.
I'm just telling you
so you don't have to worry about me.
I don't.
Heard you're having Eve keep tabs on
the Mahoney investigation, though.
Did Bonnie tell you that?
Don't be mad at her.
She just worries about me.
Just like you.
Do you trust her?
She's my best friend.
[ Distant ] I didn't think I needed one.
I did.
Can't tell you how many times
she just showed up on my doorstep to say hi...
Frank, please just come home.
I spoke to Bonnie and Annalise,
and they want you back, too.
They're not mad. No one's mad.
So please come back to us.
I love you.
Was that okay?
Now you just got to go see your father.
Arrest me!
[ Police radio chatter ]
If there are any other possible scenarios...
Man: Annalise!
Annalise: Let him through.
[ Panting ]
I heard someone say there's a body.
Is it true? No one knows anything yet.
Okay, but what if it's true? Stop it.
Let's not let our minds go there.
Wipe it clean.
Everything on it.
Mumford: Ms. Keating, we're gonna have to do this right now.
[ Handcuffs clink ]
Annalise Keating, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
Mumford: You understand these rights as I have read them to you?
Annalise: Yes.