How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - Wes - full transcript

Annalise and the Keating 4 see how far they'll go to keep themselves safe as the night of the fire reveals who killed Wes.

It's me.

I've done awful things to her.



Lahey here.

Gibbins walked out on us.
You know anything about that?

Why would I?

I don't know where he is.

This goes against
my better judgment.

Then trust mine.

The cops are gonna come here.
Don't answer the door.

Come on.

This is Annalise Keating.

Leave a message.

Annalise. It's Wes.

I just got to the house.

Please, come home.

His name is Connor Walsh.

The D.A. brought him
to the station yesterday.

No offender with that name in our system.
No, he's not an offender.

He's been kidnapped, and he's
being held against his will!

Have you been ingesting
illegal substances?

My client here is
understandably upset

about his boyfriend
being missing.

While your lack of urgency
in this matter

could be construed
as insensitive at best

but homophobic at worst,
we'll ignore that

if you at least let us file
a missing-persons report.

When did you say he went missing?
Last night around 7:00 P.M.

Not even a full 24 hours?

No, but... you sure he's not just
trying to get away from the two of you?

Because I can relate.

You need an appointment to meet
with the district attorney.

I know, but Mr. Denver is in
his office right there, correct?

D.A. Denver... you don't get
to know where he is.

Well, what if I told you
that I had

super-juicy information
about a case he's working on?

Carl, I need security up here.

No, no, Janice, Janice,
no, no, hang up the phone.

Yeah, another entitled
law student.


There he is.

Hey, hey, hey!
There he is!

You know "pissing contest"
is just a metaphor, right?

Just tell me
where you're holding him.

Who are you talking about?

Connor Walsh.

What? You lost him?

You lost him after he discovered

the burner phone you used
to frame my client.

That's a good story.

Be careful who catches you
in here.

You find him?

Denver, yes, not Connor.

What'd he say?

He's playing dumb,
but he's scared.

Are you almost there?

I'll call you after.

Canada's only a few hours away.

You want to make a run for it?

I've been running for 10 years.

Ms. Keating?

- Yes.
- Right this way.


We could pull the fire
alarm at the police station,

- find Connor that way.
- Oh, so you can get arrested

- for real this time?
- He probably already signed

- an immunity deal.
- How many times do I have

to tell you he would never do
anything like that?

Until you finally get
that you're wrong!

I need you guys to sit down.
What is that supposed to mean?

I'm sorry. I raided your fridge.
Think about the amount of times

that he's lied to you...
When he cheated on you,

when he chopped up
Sam's body into little pieces.

Okay, can we please just be
nice to each other? You guys.

He's been kidnapped, Laurel!

Maybe you coped fine
in that situation,

but Connor didn't grow up
in a drug cartel.

He's not properly prepared
to be a hostage.

You guys. My dad owns a
telecommunications company,

so way to go
with the stereotypes.

I need you all to shut up
so I can tell you something!

What? Is it...
Is it about Connor?

It's Annalise.

Something happen to her?

She's meeting
with Sylvia Mahoney.

Would you like to start with
a cocktail or a glass of wine?

Sparkling water is fine.

Feel free.

The same for me.
Thank you, Clara.

You called me.

I don't know what you think
I've done to you.

I just know I want it to stop.

So I'm here to say let's
just put the horrors behind us,

move on, keep the people
we love safe.

A truce?

You don't think
that's a bit naive?

Practical is what I think it is.

It's delusional.

In what world
do I not get answers

for what you've done
to my family?

- What I've done?
- Do you want me to sit here

in the middle of this restaurant
and list them off?

I lived through the terror

you and your husband
enacted on me once already.

I'm not here to do it again.

- That we enacted on you?
- You took my son from me.

That was a car accident,

Here we are.

We have several specials today

if I can take
just a minute of your time.

Not now, Clara.

How dare you whine to me

about how your life's
been ruined,

what you've lost?

My husband was gunned down
in the middle of the street,

- my own son framed.
- I had nothing to do with that.

There is no peace to be had

if you keep lying to me, Annalise.
I have no reason to lie.

You have every reason in the world.
You need to shut up and listen!

You're wrong.

I swear on my son
and your husband's graves,

it wasn't me.

You offered me a deal...

Seven years
if I squeal on Annalise...

And now I'm saying I'll take it.

And I'm saying it's too late.

Why? You got someone else
to turn on her?


Because I'm a moron,

and I'm going to reveal
my entire case to you.

You don't know enough
about Connor Walsh.

Whatever he testifies to in
court is gonna get thrown out.

What's all the fuss
about Connor Walsh

with you people, huh?

Goodbye, frank.

You hungry?

Bacon, egg, and cheese.

So, I turn on Annalise,
and I get a sandwich?

You get...
Blanket immunity

and a sandwich.

But if you're not ready
to do that...

I'm gay, so not eating
for 48 hours

is only gonna up
my shirtless-selfie game.

You're right.

We only have 48 hours
to hold you

from the time
your intake paperwork is filed.

If it's filed.

This is so illegal.

So is killing
your professor's husband.

I'll give you
some time to think.

I don't know how you expect me

to believe anything you say.

Then the both of us are
just wasting our time.

That boy, who stood next
to Wallace when he was shot

then pointed the finger
at my son, worked for you.

"That boy"...
Is that what you call him?

Well, I'd say that's nice considering
what he did to my family.

Well, what about
what you did to him?

And don't deny it.
You ran a DNA test.

I didn't need that test
to tell me who he was.

Your husband took
what he thought he deserved,

raped that woman,
and a life came of it,

a black boy that he and you
could never love. What?

But he's dead now, and
that was you. No.

You got rid
of your family's shame

because that's what your family does.
You're wrong!

It makes car accidents happen. It
burns down houses... You're confused!

And pays off D.A.s to put me in jail, whatever
it takes... Christophe wasn't Wallace's son.

He was Charles'.

He was my grandson.

I'm really looking forward to this.
Me too.

And thank you.


Is this your boy?

My babysitter didn't show.
I don't usually bring him.

Oh, you're not in any trouble.
Don't worry.

What's your name?


Nice to meet you, Christophe.
This is my son, Charles.



Okay, ti Chou, let them
get to their party.

- Nice to see you.
- You too.

Do you see now
how wrong you've been?

He was my flesh and blood.

Charles is
your flesh and blood, too,

and Wes was the one person
who could send him to jail.

I had nothing to do
with what happened to him.

You had everything
to do with it.

You left him
to grow up alone and poor

all while supporting your son, the rapist.
That's not what happened.

How are you still defending him?
I'm his mother.

That's my job. No, it's your
job to raise a good son.

Oh, how would you know?

I'm the only real mother
at this table.

I was a mother.

He just came
out of my body dead.

Okay, that's enough.

I held him against me.

I felt his skin go cold
in my hands.

You took everything away
from me... his life and mine.

You are wrong about so much.

- She's lying!
- I don't think so.

- Why?
- It's just a feeling.

A feeling is a weird way
to evaluate the situation.

Can I say something? You think Denver
did this alone? I didn't say that.

- Then who is he working with?
- I don't know. We'll find out.

Excuse me! Please.

We all want to find out
who killed Wes,

but shouldn't Connor be the more
pressing issue here? Oh, my god.

Oliver, I told you...
Nate's on it.

Okay, but if he doesn't
find him, I have another idea.

Uh, kiddie porn.

I read that the Russians put it
on their enemies' computers.

So maybe we could
just do that to Denver.

Say we'll expose
his predilection...

That we planted...
If he doesn't release Connor.

That means we'd have to
get kiddie porn.

- No.
- Okay, then, how are we gonna

- get Connor back?
- I'm doing everything I can.

I don't know that!

Or I don't know
if I believe that.

Because the way
you all talk about him,

it's like you think
he's some horrible person.

But I know him, and I love him,

and I don't think it's okay that
we're just sitting around here

waiting for him to get hurt.

Do you want one?

- What happened?
- You don't shove stinky food

in a pregnant lady's face.

I thought they only got sick
in the morning.

They get sick all the time.
And why are you always eating?

- I'm stressed.
- Yeah, join the club.

Okay, you all need to leave.

- What about Connor?
- We don't have a plan.

Because I'm eating your food?

This is my house, so I get
to decide when you leave.

We'll call you as soon
as we know anything.

I promise.

You have it, or are we going
to keep playing games?

Games are a hell
of a lot more fun

than whatever it is we're doing.

Just give it to me.

Get out.

Lovely seeing you, too.

What's that?

Wes Gibbins' phone.

You had it this whole time?

Or we found it in your car when
we brought you into custody,

proving that you killed Wes.

Why are you doing this?

Do the Mahoneys have
something on you?

Or are they paying you?
Do you...

Do you have lame
political aspirations

and they're funding
your campaign?

'Cause this is corrupt
and illegal and stupid.

Sign the deal, or we arrest you
by the end of the night.

Are they right?

Did Sylvia play me?

I take that as a yes.

If she cared so much
about her grandson,

then why was it you
who protected him and not her?

And she's hurt people before...

You, the baby.

That was Wallace.

Are you sure?

Where are you going?

To get drunk.

I'm going to a meeting.
Don't stay up.

Whatcha reading?

Oh, god.

- I forgot.
- Yeah, hi.

Uh, as I told the last
two people I talked to,

I'm calling to follow up
on a missing-persons report

I filed.

Connor Walsh.

No, that's the name
of the missing person.

I'm Oliver Hampton.

No, I don't care if
I'm not officially next of kin.

I'm his boyfriend.

Yeah, yeah, "boyfriend"...
Like, like, we're gay.

We do lots of gay things
with our penises.

What does the hell does that
have to do with anything?


I know.
It's stupid to study.

It's not like I'm
actually retaining anything.

I just needed
to feel... Normal.

I need to tell you something.

As you know, this year has been
the most awful of my life.

And thinking about
what Laurel's going through

and what's happening
with poor o-man right now,

it just...

I realized that I think

we should tell each other things
while we still can.


I love you, Michaela.

A lot.

And I know
that you probably hate

that I'm saying this right now

'cause that's the message
that your face is sending me,


I couldn't have gotten through
any of this without you.

I love you.

I do.

I love you.


I think Laurel
just called for me.

You're gonna have to
respond to him at some point.

The only appropriate response
to "I love you"

is "I love you."

Okay, but do you?

I don't know.

Because it was Asher
who said it or...

I said I don't know.

I mean, how does anyone know?

How did you know with Aiden?

I think I just loved
the idea of Aiden,

that he was my Barack.

Don't judge me.

I'm not.

I had a bad childhood.

I never learned the proper way
to love or be loved.

It's not my fault.

Okay, well, just...

You'll just know when you know.

Or at least, that's what
everyone always says.

When did you know with Wes?

When it was too late.

Is Denver blackmailing you?
Paying you?

Look, I'm just trying to make
sure no one gets in trouble.

I think you should worry
about yourself.

It's a shame.

She used to be a good detective.
Better than you.

I still know
when a boat I'm on is sinking.

Where's Connor Walsh?

You ever consider
you're the one on the boat?

'Cause tying your fate
to Annalise...

Well, I just don't get it.

Your M.E., Atwood,
whatever other people

in this station you've got
doing dirty work for you,

- there's gonna be a trail.
- Is it the sex?

Do you get off by being used
by women above your pay grade?

You're sounding like
a guilty man right now.

You're her trained dog.

I've been working
in your office for months,

gathering what I need to take you down.
There's nothing there.

Then how come I got a file
full of evidence

proving corruption, conspiracy,
civil-rights violations?

I'm putting you in jail
with that bitch!

And that is the only place
you're going!

You're fired...
Just in case that wasn't clear.

- On your feet.
- What's going on?

Connor Walsh,
you're under arrest

for the murder of Wes Gibbins.

You have the right to remain silent.
No, this is a set-up.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

Wait, wait, I'll... I'll give you what you
want. Your immunity deal is off the table.

What if I know something
that could put her away?

And what is that?

Philly P.D.
Open up.

We have a warrant to search the premises.
Stay where I can see you.

- Oh, my god.
- What?

They know there's a copy
of Annalise's phone. How?

- How do you think?
- Got it.



What's wrong?

The police found
a copy of your phone

in Oliver's apartment.


Oliver said
there was nothing on it.

Nothing he found.

Wes left a voicemail that night.

Annalise, it's Wes.

I just got to the house.

I was at the police station.

They found Rebecca's body.

They're saying you did it...

All of it...

Even Sam.

You can't go down
for what I did.

There's no way I could live
with myself, so just...

please, come home.

He was scared...

As was I.

And I didn't want the police
to hear him confessing.

Or you didn't want them to hear
how it incriminated you.

It incriminated all of us.

But Oli didn't find
any voicemail,

which means it's gone.

That's not true.

Deleted messages go
into the UN-allocated data fold.

I might have missed it.

So the police
could still find it?

Now can we blame Connor?

No, I'd told him
there was nothing on it.

He probably thought
it was harmless.

Or he took a deal.
This isn't Connor's fault.

Now, I have a way to fix this,
get Connor back,

but we have to give Denver
another suspect.

He already confessed.

Annalise's case is tied
to frank's.

The Mahoneys... we know that they did this.
It's not the Mahoneys.


"No" what?

It's the only way, Laurel.

Who is it?


No, I'm not gonna
let you do that.

Honestly, Denver's
never gonna buy that.

Maybe we should just go
with Oliver's kiddie-porn idea.

You pretended you love him,
and now you're gonna

sell him out to save yourself.
To save us all.

God, he was good.
He was the only one of us...

He would want us to do this,
and you know that.

Now you're turning him
into a murderer.

He was a murderer.

And you?

I assumed it was frank,
but maybe Rebecca was you.

Oh, god.
Oh, my god.

You need to calm down.

Or maybe it was the both of you?

Maybe we all just need
to take a deep breath.

How convenient...
Now Wes is gonna go down

for Sam and Rebecca,
and the two of you get off.

Well, you know what?
You need to grow the hell up!

I'm doing this for you...
Each of you...

So you don't
have to go to prison

and get naked in group showers

and crap in front of people
that might rape you.

It's death in there.

And this horrible thing
that we must do...

It's life.

He would want us to do this.

You never knew him.

You don't know
what he would want.

Are you mad at me?

No. Why would I be mad
at you?

Please stop.

I'm doing these
for your benefit.

Maybe you'll actually love me
if I have abs.

Oh, god, just...
Let me explain, please.

"I don't know" is the truth.

I really, really wish I did know

so that I could honestly
say it or not say it,

but what
I don't think is fair is

for me to say it
just because you want me to

or because you said it first.

Yeah, I only want you
to say it if you mean it.


I felt better
before this conversation.

I need a favor,
and you both need to say yes.

That's not really a fair way
to ask for a favor.

I don't think
Annalise's plan is gonna work.

I think that Denver is gonna
see right through it,

and Connor may be
already cracked.

Either way, we go to jail,
and the one thing

that I can't handle about that is
not knowing what happened to Wes.

That's not right.
It's not okay.

So I just need
your support on this.

What's "this"?

Just say yes,
and then I'll tell you.

Why hasn't she called yet?

She'll call.

We're both losing right now.

And we're going to keep losing
as long as we stay

at each other's throats.

It's just gonna get bloodier.

We could fight to the death,

or we can put
all this behind us.


I'm gonna tell you what
you're gonna find on my phone.

They found Rebecca's body.

They're saying you did it...

All of it...

Even Sam.

You can't go down
for what I did.

There's no way I could live
with myself, so just...

Please, come home.

Wes killed my husband.

He confessed to it on the
voicemail he left that night.

And that he killed
his girlfriend, Rebecca Sutter.


Your detectives called him
to the station that day,

confronted him
about what he'd done.

He had the chance to sign
the deal and pin it all on me.



Why didn't he?

Well, because no one knew
the Wes Gibbins I did.


The boy who showed signs
of aggression and violence

at an early age...


Who was suspected of stabbing
his mother, rose Edmond...


A law student who
was confined.... Help!

To psychiatric care
for threatening

to take his own life.

But in the end,
there was always the monster.

Why are you doing this?


So he killed himself.

Better to die than go to jail.

A suicide by fire?

Well, it's your job
to sell that.

All I know is I've given you
what you need

to drop my charges.


Connor Walsh found
the burner phone you used

to frame me in your possession.

He'll testify to that in court.

You think anyone will believe him?
You want me to come after you

the way you came after me?
You mean kill me?

You're the only killer
in this room.

Oh, please. That boy's
blood is on your hands.

Maybe you didn't do it yourself,

but you're behind it,
and both of us know that.

He was burned
like a piece of trash,

and you deserve
to feel the same pain.

But you know what?
I'm gonna let you win.

So take the gift.

Take it, or I'll come for you.

I'll find every cop
you've paid off,

every defendant you've framed,
and I'll keep coming at you

until I have
your head on a stick

in front of the courthouse.

Give me my deal.

Where is he?

Did it...
Did it not work?

Oh, my god.

- I was so worried about you.
- I know.

I thought something awful
happened to you.

It didn't. I'm...
I'm okay. I'm okay.

Where is everyone?

You got this.

Excuse me.

Would you recommend
this place for dinner?

I'm from out of town,

and I didn't come to New York
for terrible food.

The food's okay.
Drinks are better.


Buy me a drink,
and I'll see if I agree.

You could at least tell me
your name.

Buy me that drink,
and I'll tell you everything.

I know Kate was
our scheduled speaker,

but she's running a little late.

So, would anyone like to start?

I'll go.


My name is Annalise,
and I'm an alcoholic.

Hello, Annalise.

I lost someone.

He was a student of mine.

They found Rebecca's body.

They're saying you did it...

All of it...

Even Sam.

You can't go down
for what I did.

There's no way I could live
with myself so just...

Please, come home.

Obviously, this points
to Gibbins being behind

both the Sam Keating
and Rebecca Sutter murders,

thereby casting doubt
on our entire case.

That depends on how it's
interpreted by a jury.

I no longer want to bring

Ms. Keating's case
before a jury.

Excuse me?

I can't in good conscience
continue to prosecute her

now that Mr. Lahey has
brought me this voicemail.

Since the night of the crime,
he's been adamant

our office has had
the wrong suspects.

I had no hard evidence
till I found the voicemail.

You're going to get
destroyed in the press.

The Attorney General... I have
no other choice, your honor.

I got this one wrong.

I'm a professor.

I knew him before that...

Since he was a boy.

His mother died
and left him alone.

I... Tried to look after him.

I just kept picturing you
in some well,

putting the lotion
in the basket.

- It wasn't that bad.
- I know.

Just... you're the
most important thing in my life,

so whatever you want, I'm here.

We can move to California.

We can make a million babies if you want.
Good, let's get started, then.

- Connor, I'm serious.
- I know.

No, Connor,
no, I'm really serious.

Marry me.

I mean it.

Marry me.

I didn't do it because
I was trying to be some Saint.

I did it out of guilt.

I hurt him in ways
that I couldn't even admit

in this room.

Look, you miss Wes.
I get that. I do.


I miss my dad...
Every day...

So much, and he was a giant ass,


This is not a good idea, Laurel.

What's happening?

I just couldn't leave him alone.

And I know why.

I lost a baby
in a car accident, but...

It was much worse than that.

It should've been me.

I know that, so...

I'll do whatever you want.

Go after the people
who did this, find them.

I'm here for you.

I just couldn't
keep him out of my head.

I mean, I would just...

Worry if he did his homework

or if he had any friends.

And on Christmas,
it would just make me sick

worrying if he even had
any presents. I...

I told myself to stay away.

What was broken in me
was broken.

No one could fix it.

And then I did the opposite.

What happened?

He invited me back to his place.

He's getting a cab right now.

Then go. We'll follow you.
No, we won't!

It's better. We're gonna
confront him there. No, I can't.

- This is for Wes.
- No, it's for you,

and I'm sorry,
but you're not the only one

who knows what love is here.

I think I love you, too.

- Oh, my god. Stop.
- Are you sure?

Hey, the guy
who killed Wes is outside,

and we have a chance
to finally confront him!

No, because that would make us
insane, stupid people.

How do you suddenly know? We
are not doing this right now!

Okay, I'm leaving.
Laurel! Laurel!

He's a rapist
and probably a killer.

I know. It's fine.
I have this.

What is that?! Are you
are you insane?!

I took him into my life,
into my home.

He needed someone
to look after him,

someone to love him,
and I wanted to be that person.

I wanted to protect him.

I tried so hard.

Stop that girl!

All I did was ruin him.

I mean, if I had
just left him alone,

he would've been fine,
but I just...

I just wanted to...
I wanted to love him.

I wanted to hold him tight.

I wanted to keep him safe...

this boy, my student,

who was really
just a stranger to me.



Hey. Give me a hug.


It's me.

We have a little problem.


"Smart" might also be a compliment
your daughter likes to hear.

You're a member of this family,

and you reap
the benefits, m'ija.

Don't ever disappear
on me like that again.

At least tell me he's dead.

But it got kind of messy.

What are you doing here?
I'm in town for work.



Who is this?

This is Dominick.
He's a... he's a family friend.

That's a lie.

He wasn't just a stranger.

He was, um...

He felt...

He... he felt...

He felt like my son.

He felt like my son...

Because he was.

He was my son.

He was my son.
He was my son.

And he's gone.


You've each been chosen for my
very first criminal-law clinic.

In here,
you're not just students

but actual practicing lawyers.

You finally get to be me.

Thursdays on ABC...

At least they chose
a good photo.

Brace yourself for a mystery
so killer...

This could destroy us all.

Not everyone is gonna
make it out alive.


"How to get away with murder."

Thursdays, 10:00, 9:00 central

on ABC.

What are you looking for?

It's right here.

Well, damn.

13 seasons

of fun.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

13 seasons of drama.

This act

was a felony.

It was nice knowing you.

Shut up.

13 seasons of twisty turns...

It's bad.

You're falling for me.

I slept with him.

Like only "Grey's" can deliver.

Damn right.

"Grey's Anatomy."

Thursdays on ABC.