How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - It's War - full transcript

Annalise is determined to take down DA Denver and ADA Atwood.

Previously on "How to
Get Away with Murder"...

Somebody killed him, burned his body,

and misplaced it!

- We're gonna find it.
- You better.

Otherwise, you're gonna
have a lot of people

thinking there's a conspiracy going on.

Say something else about my boys.

You didn't just neglect
them. You molested them.

It looks worse than it feels.

They hurt you.

I erased Annalise's phone that night.

- I know.
- Yeah, but I saved a copy.

If you have anything to say,

you need to say it through your lawyer.

I fired the guy. I'm
gonna represent myself.

Someone signed off on
having his body transferred

- to another morgue.
- Who is it?







Yeah, they got me pretty good.

Atwood's targeting me, too.

My signature ended up on the form

to transfer Wes' body.

You sure it's her?

Yeah, I was asking too many questions.

- You need to go to Denver, tell him.
- I know.

I'm just not sure that's
all they got on me.


I was at your house that night.


Annalise up there?


Door was open.

The detectives let you go?

You're in on this.


You should take the
deal they're offering.

They're gonna take her down eventually.

For what?

Sinclair, Sam, framing me.

You sure you want to
go down for all that?

She chooses herself every time.

You're wrong.

I've been in your place,
thinking you owe her things.

I just need to talk to her.

- So she can play you again?
- She knew my mother.

He said you were looking out for him...

ever since he was a kid...

got him into law school.

She's not who people make her out to be.

Of course she is.

Then why has she protected me
even when I didn't deserve it?

What's that mean?

I've done awful things to her.


- Wes.
- Leave.

Lahey here.

Gibbins walked out on us.
You know anything about that?

Why would I?

You were standing outside
of his interrogation room

the last time I saw you, so...

I don't know where he is.

I left him there.

If anybody checks my phone,

they'll see I was at
the house that night.

Thank you for telling me.


You didn't have to do that.

He died 'cause I left him there.

Don't thank me for anything.

We'll fix this.

I promise you.

We're gonna fix it.

Thank you all for coming.

I know you didn't have to.

You could have just...
run off to Brazil already.

Is that really an option?

I failed.

I promised to protect
you all, and I didn't.

I tried, but...

the D.A. offered Wes immunity.

It would make sense to come to you next.

AK, come on. You know
we all have your back.

We don't know that.

The D.A. really wants
to take me down for this.

And I would imagine that
anything that they offered

would be hard to turn down.

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry. Did you really call us here

to beg us not to tattle on you?

No. And I'm sorry if
it's coming off that way.

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Laurel, please, just sit down.

Why aren't we talking about going after

the people who killed Wes?

We don't know who killed him.

He testified against Charles Mahoney

a week before he died.

It's not that simple.

It is... and we should do something.

These people are dangerous.

So what... we're just gonna sit around

and act weak and victim-y?

No one's acting like a victim.

You are.

Have you said your piece? Can I go?

Hack it.

You hack it.

I don't know how, obviously.

Well, then, there's your answer.

Oliver, what if she's hiding something?

Then I think we should
respect her wishes,

and let it stay hidden.

Is that why you saved a copy?

Because I think you did
because your gut's telling you

that Annalise is being sketchy.

You didn't see her that
night. She was a wreck.

Maybe 'cause she killed Wes.
Have you ever considered that?

You don't really believe that, do you?

I don't know what I believe.

That's why I'm asking you

to go through what was on her phone.

If we don't find anything, great.

I have to look for a new job

now that Annalise is pretty much fired.

Otherwise, we're both gonna be
sleeping on Michaela's couch.

Well, you're not gonna need
a job when the police find out

you're sitting on
illegally-obtained evidence.

What if we found out something terrible?

I'd rather stay blissfully ignorant.

This isn't about us,
Oliver. It's about Wes.

If Annalise had anything
to do with him dying

a horrible, horrible death,

then the world needs to know that.

Hopefully, there's a
Nate peen pic on here,

or something.

There's this case in Missouri.
It was a gang shooting.

They had three defendants charged

with second-degree murder,
until the police lost the body.

Judge threw out the whole case.

They lost the body

before the M.E. did an
autopsy in that case.

So we file some motion
about them hiding evidence.

That's not how this works.

Why not?

The fact that you don't know

is exactly why you
should re-hire you lawyer.

Did you just imply I'm stupid?

You're acting stupid.

Even the fact that we're meeting here.

It makes it look like you
and Annalise are colluding,

which is... maybe what you want.

What's that supposed to mean?

I told you to go look
for Wes at the house.

The next thing I hear... he's dead.

He wasn't at the house when I got there.

I'm innocent.

- Call your lawyer, hire him back.
- Not gonna happen.


How's everyone doing?

Laurel's fine.

No! That's not... Bon!

Atwood's targeting me, too.

My signature ended up on the form

to transfer Wes' body.

We'll fix this.

We're just gonna sit
around and act weak and victim-y?

"Attention, Ingrid Peters, Esquire.

Pennsylvania office of the
Deputy Attorney General.

My name is Annalise Keating,
and this is a demand letter

seeking a grand-jury investigation

into a conspiracy launched against me

by the Philadelphia
District Attorney's office."


Call me "Howie."

Got it.

"This letter serves
as a formal complaint

in petition for investigation
into prosecutorial misconduct

committed by A.D.A. Renee Atwood.

The following is a list
of her unlawful actions.

Acting on personal bias
and false information,

Ms. Atwood arrested and held
me without probable cause,

just by the confession
by a career criminal,

Frank Delfino."

You know, this is a big case.

Well, that's why I'm
paying you big bucks.

"A.D.A. Atwood orchestrated

the disappearance of the victim's body,

thereby tampering with evidence

and obstructing a fair
and impartial trial."

What do you think?

It's war.


"I demand you launch an
immediate grand-jury investigation

into A.D.A. Atwood. If
no action is taken..."

"I will personally see to it

that the corruption in this office

is publicly and irreparably exposed."

These are big claims.

I was left with no other choice.

Actually, there are
a lot of other choices

besides invoking the power of the State.

I know my legal options.

I also know how important it is

for the Attorney General's office

to investigate any charges
of prosecutorial misconduct.

Please, if every criminal in the state

was allowed to file suit
because their D.A. was being

- a little overzealous...
- Look at my face.

Do you not think this
constitutes a lawsuit?

I'm sorry. Are you now claiming

A.D.A. Atwood physically assaulted you?


She disappeared a young man's body

in order to frame me for murder.

- Please do not raise your voice.
- Can you imagine what would happen

if this got slipped to the press?

The corruption scandal that
would follow your whole career?

There goes any chance at a
judgeship or congressional seat.

Is that what you want?

This office does not tolerate threats.

Find that body.

Otherwise, it won't just be a threat.

I will not stand by
and let baseless accusations

be leveled at any of my prosecutors.

And I won't stand by while
you frame my client for murder.

You think Ingrid Peters is gonna take

Keating's accusations seriously?

She better. Otherwise,
we'll take it to the FBI.

There are bodies piling
up around this woman,

and you think she deserves justice?

- Renee...
- Excuse me?

What about that poor young
man who was burnt to a crisp?

Where's his justice?

We'll see you at the grand jury.

We can hit you back, Ms. Winterbottom.

This office has files on
everyone in Ms. Keating's life.

You, her students...

Are you really sure you
want to go down this road?

We're already there.

They'll probably offer
us the same deal as Wes.

I mean, we know everything that he did.

Dude, shut up.

I will go Red Wedding on
anyone who rats out Annalise.

Even Laurel, because where is she?

She seemed pissed enough
to go get herself a deal.

She's at home... grieving.

So she's at the police station.

Dude, the D.A. would
have already come to us

if they wanted to offer us a deal.

Mm, that's not true.

Okay, we've been back at
school for five minutes.

Can we at least pretend to study?

So why haven't they approached us yet?

A million reasons,
especially if this is a...

like Annalise claims it is.

Stop talking. Annalise was
closer to Wes than any of us.

Maybe it was a crime of passion, or...

I said to stop talking.

Oh, my God, do you think
she has this room bugged?


I can't make Laurel not be mad at you.

She gets to be mad right now,

and whatever other
emotions she's feeling.

It's called the grief process,
so don't try and trick me

into making you two
besties or something.

- That's not why I called you here.
- Of course it is.

Can I just speak?

I know you, Annalise, and, yes,

I just called you Annalise,
which I think is appropriate,

considering where we
are in our relationship.

You can call me whatever you want.

I just did. And frankly...

I am your biggest advocate right now.

So just admit what you need

rather than whatever game this is.

You're right.

Okay? You're right.

Bonnie said you've been
holding everyone up.

That doesn't surprise me.

I'm just... sorry that
you're in this position.

But it is what it is right now.

You're the one they listen to, so...

I'm just asking if there's anyone

I need to be worried about right now.

Everyone's fine.

You sure?


Because like you just said,

I've been cleaning up all your mess

while you've been in jail.

Is that all?


So, you admit that's your signature?

- Yes.
- But you didn't sign it?


So you think someone who
had access to your signature

- forged this?
- Seems that way.

Do you have theories
about who forged it?

Can't say.

You got the State involved?!

I told them to look into Atwood.

- Well, now she's looking into me.
- Your signature is on that form.

You were gonna be
investigated either way.

Not by the State!

You seriously think this lady's

gonna charge her own prosecutor?

She will once she finds
out they're setting you up.

If she finds out! We don't
know how high this goes!

- Nate...
- These people only protect their own.

I know these people, how to manage them.

Maybe before... but they
think you're a joke now.

Stop trying to help me.

It only makes things worse.

We could pull the complaint.


Find out where Oliver is.

Mind if I come in?

Of course not. Yeah.

Connor told me you got out on bail,

which I guess is cause
for congratulations.

Or something.

Is everything okay?

That depends.


If we're still good.


Well, a lot has changed
since we last spoke.

Yeah, well, not for me.

Well, let me just say this...

Oliver... there's no reason
for you to protect me.

We both know that... but
you've been very steady.

And it means a lot to
me, especially right now.

It means a lot to me, too.

So... is it the D.A.'s office again?

You need me to do a little
hacky McHackerson for you?

It's easier than that.

Janice said you needed me?


This bitch.

I'm no joke.


Open the door, or I'll
call your landlord.

Hey. We brought, uh, cookies.

Oh, I'm not hungry.

Everyone's hungry for dessert.

Come on. Yummy, yummy, yummy
in your tummy, tummy, tummy.

Who's in there?

Uh, no one.


Who are you?

Uh... a friend.

I'll be in touch.

- Wait, are you banging that dude?
- No.

Banging him is fine.
Doing other things is not.

Who is he?

Private investigator.

- Are you a moron?
- What, like "Veronica Mars"?

Before you yell at me...
look at what he found.

Sylvia Mahoney submitted
DNA to a lab for analysis

five days before Wes' death.

So? My whole family had that done.

Actually, I found out
that I have some Japanese

- in my genes.
- She did the DNA test on Wes, idiot.

They must have found
out he was Wallace's son.

That's why they killed him.


Annalise. Hi. So, it's true?

- You got out on bail?
- Yeah.

That's great.

Isn't it?

Of course. I'm relieved.
Everything okay?

Yes, everything's fine.

I just called the minute I heard.

The Board's nervous, right?


They think I'm gonna
ask to go back to work.

- Tell them to relax. I know I'm fired.
- No.

I'm crazy, but I'm not so crazy
to think that they'd let me

within 100 yards of that campus.

Look, just don't think
about any of that right now.

You're out of jail.

And that's a great thing,
so... do you need anything...

clothes, help finding a place to stay?

No, I'm good.

I actually have an appointment
about to start, so...

Oh, okay.

Just call me if you need anything...

or if you want to go to a meeting.

I will.


Laurel hired a private investigator.

He found this.

The Mahoneys ran a DNA test on Wes.

They knew who he was.


You're just like Wes. You
dig when I tell you not to.

You ask questions about
things you can't understand.

This proves they killed Wes.

No, what it proves is, you don't listen.

What did I tell you about these
people? Tell me what I said.

This could mean that Atwood is working
with the Mahoneys to frame you.

You could take this to the police.

- The police who are trying to set me up?
- You can at least try.

These people will hurt us, all
of us. That's what they did to me.

I was pregnant, eight months,
and they murdered my baby.

I was just like you...

just trying to do the right thing,

stood up to them...

and they destroyed my life.

We have to do whatever
it takes to stay safe.

That's what's important right now.

Wes deserved so much better than you.

Hi. Um...

Laurel didn't mean that.

Yes, she did. But that's all right.

I'm sorry about your baby.

And, uh... Wes, too.


I know how close you both were,

and... this all...

this all just really... sucks.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't
have said anything.

I... I just want to let you know

that I haven't forgotten
about what you did for me.



You don't need to worry about me.

Yeah, you should listen to her.

Worry about Laurel,

the D.A.'s office coming
after us, not Annalise.

She's a human being.

At the very least, she
deserves our sympathy.


Say, "She's a human and
deserves our sympathy."

You have my sympathy because
you're a blind, trusting fool.

- Micky?
- I told you never to call me that.

Yeah, I know.

I was hoping it would disarm
you for what I'm about to say.

What if Connor was the anonymous source?

- What?
- Think about it, why it took him so long

to show up at the hospital that night.

He was sexing Thomas.

Or he was at the police station
signing his own immunity deal.

No. We're not doing this.

Okay, well, why does he keep
pushing us to turn on Annalise?

Okay, do you know why
families turn on each other?

Because one family
member starts talking crap

about another family member.

And then boom, it's "The Borgias."

- I'm just saying, we should ask him...
- Mm!

You will do nothing of the sort.

You will forget we ever
had this conversation

and promise to never bring it up again.




The only appropriate
answer here is to nod.

A dead baby is pretty much
the only guaranteed thing

to make you feel bad for someone.

You're being so mean.

Well, this is Annalise
we're talking about.

Yeah, but people rarely make up stories

about their dead children,
so... maybe you could...

I don't know... believe
the poor woman for once,

especially with the way her
face is looking right now.

How do you know how her face looks?

Was she here?


She needed me to leak that article.

Are you sure?

Yes. What's your problem?

You don't... think
it's a little convenient

that she came over
at the exact same time

that you're hacking her phone?

No, I think you're being paranoid.

And you're being naive.

Okay, I'm being naive.
And yet, here I am,

going through her phone records
because you wanted me to.

By the way, you never told me

that she called you over
to the house that night.

Uh, yeah, I did.

No, I knew she left a
message for Laurel and Wes,

but not you.

I got the voicemail the next day.

Why are you asking me about this?

No reason.

No naked Nate pics, huh?

Straight people are so boring.

You can all stop stalking me.

It's not like I'm gonna
go crazy or anything.

No one would blame you if you did.

You've been through a lot.

I'm fine.


I'll tell Frank.

He asked about you.

Did you know her when she was pregnant?

I was a 1-L.

Was she happy?


I can make you an appointment.

If you make a decision

that you're worried
people will judge you for.


We can tell her you had a miscarriage.

You're just as bad as her.


You are receiving a call from an inmate

at Philadelphia County Prison.

This call is being recorded.

To accept the charges, press 3.


You there?

We're being recorded.

Look... Bonnie,

I've been thinking about things, and...

I just want you to know that...

I'm doing everything I can for our case.

So if you need anything from me...

at all... I'm here to help.

Whatever you want.


It's Ingrid Peters.

I'm rejecting your request
for a grand-jury investigation.

Excuse me?

You leaked this article to the press.

I didn't have anything to
do with a leaked article.

Let me be blunt. If
you continue to spread

these ridiculous conspiracy theories

about the D.A.'s office,

I will order Mr. Denver to go not only

for life in prison on your
case, but the death penalty.

That is what I call a threat.




So, I guess you're my sponsor now.

Oh. Don't say that.

Makes it sound too official.

Thank you.

Sorry I can't take your
case after all that.

That's fine.

No. It's not.

'Cause your only real chance of winning

was if I was representing you, so...

You good?

How's your case going?

You don't have to talk about it.

It's a good sign

that you're out on bail, though, right?

I thought you said

we didn't have to talk about this.

I'm sorry. I...

I just can't imagine what
you must be going through.


Um... so there's a huge
controversy going on

about the naming rights

for the new wing of the law library.

Why are you here?

I just came to make sure you were okay.

We can't have a glorified
accident attorney

as our namesake.

Just call me if you need anything.

What did she offer you?

Excuse me?


Did she promise to get
you custody of your kids?

Don't make me feel like a
bigger fool than I already do.

They're my children.

You'd do the same thing
if you were in my shoes.

We should just kill her.


Atwood. She's a cancer.

The important thing is, you found out.

What does that get me?

Peace of mind while I go to
jail for the rest of my life?

Tell them Nate was at
the house that night.

I can just suggest they
look at his phone records.


It gives them another
suspect who isn't you.

Is this really who you want to be?

The people who burn down
everything around them,

everyone around them?

I don't.

I'm going to bed.


Frank have a lawyer yet?

Where's Oliver?

He's at home, looking for a new job.

Which is a better use of
time than us being here.

The judge needs to see that
the people that loved Wes

- think Annalise is innocent.
- Do we think she's innocent?

Here he goes again.

- Stop.
- Stop what?

Why don't you say "Hi" to
your buddy Atwood over there?

You could thank her for
the deal she got you.

- What deal?
- He's drunk, and judge is coming.

So put your penises away.

Mr. Delfino, since you've
called us all here today,

why don't we let you begin.

Thank you, Your Honor.

I'd like to file a subpoena duces tecum

for all of A.D.A. Atwood's
personal correspondence

on the day the victim's body was lost.

Objection, Your Honor.

Ms. Atwood's correspondence
is protected from disclosure

by the Work Product Doctrine.

An exception has to be made
when there's a missing body, no?

Our people are closing
in on where the body is.

Yeah, but at that point, the
chain of custody will be broken,

all because A.D.A. Atwood
lost the body on purpose.

Mr. Delfino is only arguing this motion

at the direction of Annalise Keating,

who was warned about such actions.

Your Honor, my client has had no
communication with Mr. Delfino.

Oh, please, Ms. Winterbottom went
to visit Mr. Delfino this morning.

Yes, to convince him
to re-hire his lawyer,

so it wouldn't look
like we were colluding,

which, ironically, we're
now being accused of.

This was all my idea, Judge.

I'm a little offended Mr. Denver's

trying to give someone else credit.

All right, let me stop you
right there, Mr. Delfino.

Without concrete
evidence of your theory,

the law says Ms. Atwood's
private communications

cannot be subpoenaed.

I have evidence. He just
didn't let me get to that part.

Get it, Frank.

This is the victim's
Morgue Transfer sheet,

signed by an investigator
hired by Ms. Atwood's office,

Nate Lahey.

This is proof Mr. Lahey moved

and hid the body from Ms. Atwood.

Mr. Lahey does not work
on this case, Judge.

He's Ms. Atwood's boyfriend.
Doesn't that matter?

Is this true, Ms. Atwood?

You have a romantic
relationship with Mr. Lahey?

We were at some point, but
it ended before this case.

Were you aware of such a
relationship, Mr. Denver?

The D.A.'s office imposes
no restrictions on its staff

regarding workplace relationships.

Mr. Delfino, though ill-advised,

A.D.A. Atwood and Mr.
Lahey broke no laws.

What about the Sixth Amendment?

That's the one that says

every defendant has the right
to a fair trial, correct?

Well, what's happening here?

The prosecution's tampering
with evidence, showing bias,

not to mention they got
tons of conflict of interest.

That's the opposite of fair.

It's just a damn subpoena, Your Honor.

Watch your language, Mr. Delfino.


But you did hit on a valid point.

Mr. Delfino is correct in that
even just the appearance of bias

can waive the D.A.'s
protection from disclosure.

Only in extreme cases, Judge.

I find this to be one of those.
I'm granting the subpoena.

Ms. Atwood, you are hereby ordered

to turn over your e-mails,
calls, and text messages

for the day the body was transferred.

You have jeopardized this case

and the integrity of my office.

Every shred of evidence that
you have been in contact with,

now comes into question.

And all because you needed to get laid!

I can fix this. If you
just give me a chance...

Are you kidding? You are suspended!

You will give me those records

so I can prepare for what
is coming down the line.

I can tell you what's coming.

This was the only way
we could get at Atwood.

And it's gonna hit her
harder than it hits you.

- Annalise.
- It's hard to trust me.

- God knows...
- It worked.

Atwood admitted she moved Wes' body.

I'm in the clear.

Did they find the body?



You came all the way over here,

and you still don't
know what to say to me?

How about this.

"I'm sorry, Laurel."
You could start there.



Wes was cremated.

Isn't this good?

I mean, not that it's good. It's sad.

But if he's cremated,

then we can get AK's charges dropped.

I mean, any jury's
gonna find that sketchy.

Our it just means Annalise
can't prove she didn't do this.

Is that true?

I don't know.

Where is Annalise?

- None of your business.
- Now that's sketchy.

Do you have a problem?

Because I understand why
Laurel might be acting

like a little bitch
right now, but not you.

- You have no idea.
- Asher...

No, BonBon needs to hear this.

'Cause you know why I think
family's get torn apart?

- Because secrets.
- Ignore him. He's tired.

No, what is this secret, Asher?

No, I'm leaving if this is
about to turn into another brawl.

I think Connor's the anonymous source.

So, Atwood's working with
the Mahoneys, like I said.

It's possible.

It's true.

We shouldn't jump to any
conclusions right now.

What happened to you in there?

It's jail. I get it. It's horrible.

But it's your life we're talking about.

If you don't care about Wes, I get that.

But care about yourself.

I care about Wes.

You don't need to say that

just 'cause you think it sounds good.

I'm still in shock that he's gone.

He's not your son. I get it.

You don't need to cry
about him in front of me.

But I do need you to take action.

Yeah, I do need you to be the person

that you promised us you were.

You know, that's why we've been

following you this whole
time and trusting you.

Because you said
that you knew what you were doing!

But now one of us just got killed,

and we need to find out who did that!

Where's your proof?

Your behavior's my proof.

What the hell does that even mean?

You keep saying that Annalise did this,

even though all the evidence

points to the fact that
it was the Mahoneys.

You keep saying Annalise did this?

He's exaggerating.

No, he's not.

You would defend your stupid boyfriend.

Even since Wes died, all you've done is

point the finger at Annalise,
which is suspicious behavior.

The first thing guilty people
do is try to blame someone else.

Like a fart. If you
smelt it, you dealt it.

Fine, I think there's
quite a good chance

that Annalise did this.

- Why?
- Her phone.

That she had Oliver clear.

Because it holds information

about a lot of bad things we all do.

That doesn't mean that one of them

- was killing Wes.
- Are you sure?


'Cause I'm about to have proof.

Oliver kept a copy of Annalise's phone

and has been going through it.

- Are you kidding?
- What?!

Are you sure you want to keep
denying Annalise's involvement?

You think I don't care about him?

You really think that?

I don't know.

He wasn't my son.

Maybe it would be easier if he was.

Then I would know... how I feel...

what I feel right now.

All I know is that it's horrific...

and I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I'm just... I'm so angry.

I know.

He deserved so much better than this.

He did.

I promise you that we're
gonna find who did this to him.

We owe him that.


Hey, so, uh... I did
something kind of stupid.


All this time, you've been telling me

Annalise was hiding something

when you're the one with the secret.

What are you talking about?

You checked your voicemail that night.

I kept wondering why it took you
so long to get to the hospital.

I just figured you were
with Thomas the whole time,

boning for six hours.

So I called him.

He said that you left his
apartment hours before the fire,

and that you used his cellphone
to check your voicemail.

You went to Annalise's
house that night, didn't you?

1, 2, 3, 4.