How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Go Cry Somewhere Else - full transcript

The prosecution attempts to bring up a new charge against Annalise; Nate reveals new information that could jeopardize his own innocence.

Previously on "how to get away
with murder"...

Frank turned himself in
last night.

Atwood: You ruined his life.
You did this.

Just think about the pain
that he felt.

You want to know pain?!
I'll show you pain!

No deal.

You can fix this.

I remember something else.
I saw frank...

In the basement.

He ran out
of the storm door.

Davis: Frank Delfino,
you are being charged

with the first-degree murder
of Wesley gibbins.

They charged frank.


They charged him
as your co-conspirator.

Wes: They're investigating

You tell them anything?


But I might.

We got a puppy problem.

He knows Rebecca's dead.

Just don't lose him.


[ tires screech ]

It's not a crosswalk,

Why are they
questioning Wes?

Is it because of Annalise's

I said I'm not
doing this here.

If she goes down,
she's gonna take you with her.

You know that.
What'd you say?

You know how she gets
when she's desperate.

Don't you ever
threaten me again.

[ Cellphone rings ]


Frank: I lost him.

He turned down an alley.
He's gone.

Go to Annalise's.
He probably thinks she's there.

I'll go to his apartment.

Got it.



Do not hurt him.

I won't.

You, uh...
You okay, bud?



Can you hurry?

I'll do my best.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing ]

It's christophe.

Yay to discharge day!

Okay, that sounds grosser
out loud than it did in my head.

Uh, yay to getting out of here
finally, is what I mean.

I brought some options.

Although I think
i need to see them on

to know
which one looks best.

Claudia: Oh, there she go,
Casey freakin' Anthony,

off to another one of her
special hearings.

Jasmine: [ Chuckles ]
Casey Anthony was acquitted,

and you the only one in here
being charged

with hurting
they own kids.

Neglecting my kids.

That's way different than
this one here murdering a boy.

[ Scoffs ]
Next time you murder somebody,

maybe you'll get
a special hearing, too.

Henderson: Professor!
Let's go.

? I can see for miles ?

Connor: Here.


How do you do this?


Go out into the world
knowing one wrong word

and everyone
goes to jail.

[ Sighs ]

You don't have to go
if you don't want to.

She needs us.

My client is an innocent woman
who is being unfairly targeted

due to her association
with a sociopathic employee.

Due to her association
with Mr. Delfino,

a career criminal

with a well-documented
history of violence,

including a previous
attempted-murder case

against his own father.

Whereas my client

has no criminal record
to speak of whatsoever.

I thereby request
you sever their cases

and schedule separate trials.

How you feeling?

Nerv-- nervous?

Well, I wasn't
till you just said that.

I'm sorry.
I just, um...

-You look great.

She'll look great
once she finally puts these on.

? Angel just above the grid ?

it's an arraignment.
No need to be nervous.

I'm not ner--

I'm not nervous.

I'm just, um...
Getting ready for the game.

I got this.

Please tell me
they're not coming.


The kids.

I thought I told you.

The memorial's today.

Who the hell
are all these people?

Tragedy whores.

? That's all right ?

? I decline ?

It's my understanding

that there are now
two defendants in this trial?

That is correct,
your honor.

The commonwealth
is amending the charges

to list Mr. Delfino
and Ms. keating

as co-conspirators.

Counsel may proceed
with the reading of charges.

The defendants are charged

with one count
of first-degree murder.

A special circumstance...

Did you know
they were gonna come?


...alleging this conspiracy
was pre-meditated.

So, Wes, uh,
where do I start?


Wes was a really great guy.

Like, really just...


And that says a lot

because he didn't really have
an easy life.


It was actually really...Dark.

Like, his mom died
when he was 12 -- suicide.

And then his father --

oh, god.

Well, we don't really have time
to get into that.

It's upsetting,
to say the least.

Maybe you should have written
something for her.

My point is,
it's awful, isn't it,

that this is
what happened to him.


[ Sobbing ]

Why are you crying?

Did you even know Wes?

Did any of you?

I take it that's a no?

Law school isn't really
about making friends, right?

Yeah, I bet some of you
are really happy that he's dead

'cause that means
your ranking goes up one.


Okay, I'm going.

Like, there's not even
a body to bury.

You're all vultures
glomming onto this tragedy

like it's your own.

Well, it's not your tragedy!

Please stop.

It is Wes',
and he deserves better

than this funeral
with you phony-ass people!

So just go cry
somewhere else!

[ Sobbing ]

Bonnie: Linking my client's case
to Mr. Delfino

creates bias
in the eyes of the jury.

I thereby move to sever
their cases

to avoid any prejudice
against my client.

this is an arraignment.

The commonwealth is not prepared
to argue a motion to sever.

Neither are we,
your honor.

Ms. winterbottom,
you can argue a motion to sever

at a separate hearing.

Are we finished?

Your honor, I'd also
like to revisit bail.

Bail, your honor,
has already been denied.

Only one defendant
in this courtroom

has confessed in this crime,
and that is Mr. Delfino.


My client's alleged confession
is not an issue here.

Mr. Delfino has stated
he acted alone.

Clearly pointing to undue
influence by Ms. keating.

Mr. Delfino never mentioned
any involvement by my client.

Judge, we're not here to argue
the facts of this case.

I am advocating
for my client

who has been unfairly lumped in
with an amoral reprobate.

Ms. keating
has no violent record,

unlike Mr. Delfino!
I request your censure

Ms. winterbottom for recklessly
impugning my client!

Jacobs: Enough.

Ms. winterbottom,
outbursts of this nature

can only hurt your client.

Ms. keating's bail
continues to be denied.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Don't go at her
that hard anymore.
That's my job.

No, your job is to do
what I say.

Hands behind your back.

Anna Mae!

You shouldn't be here, mama.

We drove all night
the minute we heard

you were having
another hearing.

Let's go.

Bonnie: It's her parents.
Can you give them a minute?

They can visit in prison.

Go home, mama.

No! We'll come see you
right away, Anna Mae!

I mean it!
Go home, mama!
Anna Mae!

There he is.

Don't you go tipping out on us,

I'm sorry about all this.

Don't be sorry.

Just tell us
how you gonna fix it!

I work
for the d.A.'S office now.

You mean for the people
trying to convict her?

You know
she didn't do this.

I know.

But any involvement by me
would just look suspicious.

Not helping her
is what's gonna look suspicious.

You saw her, Nathaniel.
She needs you.

Don't let me have to get down
on these old knees

and beg you
to be halfway decent.

I can't help, ma'am.

And I thought
you was a good man.

Come on.

Woman: Hello!

[ Inmates cheering ]

Woman: Look who's back!

We knew it!

How did it go?

Well, that's okay.

You still got lots of rounds
of fight left in you.

Is it 'cause she a lawyer?

Is that why you keep
suckin' up?

'Cause I've been your roomie
for months now,

and you don't give
no kinds of damn about my case.


I don't give a damn
about you.

Yeah, whatever.

You cracked if you think
queen Elizabeth here

ever gonna help you
with your case?

And why wouldn't I?

Maybe I'd help you, too,
if you shut your mouth for once.


In what world
can your child-murdering ass

help me with my case?

He wasn't my child!

Keep coming at me.

Come on.

Maybe I will murder someone.

Annalise the hood-rat,
that's my new name for you.

[ Chuckles ]

Why can't we talk
to her?

Because she's asking
too many questions.

Well, yeah, she dated Wes.

Of course she's gonna be
asking questions.

Or she's a spy
trying to bring us all down.

Hey, guys.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Laurel was right.

None of us knew Wes
like you all did,

and I can't imagine
what you must all be feeling.


Um, I have to ask.

Ask what?

Like, she did it, right?

You're serious?

Oh, my god. Don't tell me
you're still defending her.

Innocent until proven guilty,
or are you as dumb as you look?

Wes was your friend.

The only thing he deserves
right now

is for you not to defend
the woman who killed him.

Hey, this is a memorial.

We all came here to grieve,

and you think
it's appropriate

to be pouring salt
in the wounds?

Dude, I'm just speaking
the truth.

No, you're a horrible person
and you need to leave.

I'm sorry.

She wasn't in the bathroom

and she's not answering
her phone.

Maybe she got
an uber home.

Maybe she found a bridge
to jump off.

Everyone call her.


Can I see
my boyfriend's body?

His name is Wes gibbins.

Are you okay, hon?

Can I see him?


The d.A.'S office
is holding Mr. gibbins' remains

as evidence
until the end of his trial.

But I'm his girlfriend.

I understand.
It's just --
i don't think you do.

I've been in the hospital
until today,

and I almost died
in the same fire that he did,

which is why I never

got the, you know,
the chance to say goodbye.

Honey, there are
strict rules here.

I'm pregnant
with his child.

Talk to the d.A.'S office.
My hands are tied.

You're going to hell

Laurel: It's Laurel.

Leave a message,
but I'll probably never listen.

[ Beep ]

Call me back
so I know you're okay.

We'll find her.
I promise.

Connor: Just hope
she's not dead when we do.

I don't know if I can take
another one of these memorials.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Is that her?

It's a blocked call.

Because it's her.
Answer it!

This is Oliver.

Mr. Hampton?


This is detective Davis
with the Philadelphia police.

Do you have any time
to stop by later today?


She said they want
to interview me.

-About Annalise?
-I don't know.

He can't talk
to them, right?

I told her
I'd be there at 2:00.

You shouldn't
have said that.

Look, I didn't think
i had a choice!

This is a disaster.

He needs a lawyer, right?

What kind of lawyer
can we get in two hours?

Okay, we can hide him,
like Annalise did with Wes.

Look how that worked out
for him.

Michaela: They must know that
he hacked the d.A.'S office.

No, oli put up firewalls!

Well, they didn't work,
did they?

What if Laurel
went to the police?

No, you're being paranoid.

You didn't see her
at the memorial this morning.

-She lost it.

To the point
that I wouldn't be surprised

if she went to confess


I think I'm having
a panic attack.


My baby.

I fixed you a plate,

but the guards made me leave it
in the car.

It's okay.

It's not okay.
Look at you.

You're just nothing
but skin and bones.

You got to eat, Anna Mae.

I'm eating, mama.

I told Celestine
not to let you come.

She didn't know.

Your mama and me took off
in the middle of the night

like a couple of car thieves.

[ Chuckles ]

Point being,
we're here now.

For as long as it takes
to get you out.


I've never seen you
quite so low, baby.

And who but your family can lift
you up out of this mess, hmm?

I gave that Nathaniel
a good talking to.


What kind of man
wouldn't help his woman?

It's okay.
We're here to help you now.

Whatever needs to be done,

whether it's bringing you food

or coming to be with you
every day.

'Cause you think
that's what I want?

You seeing me
in here like this?

I'm gonna fix this.

No, you can't, mama.

I can. I can.

All I have to do
is to tell the police the truth.

You didn't
burn down the house.

I did.


I'll tell them
that I made sure

all the kids
was out of the house.

And then I poured hooch

all over the couch
that Clyde was on.

Mama, stop.

They got to know
what that pervert did to you.

And that you're here
to take the fall for your mama.

I'm not gonna let you
do that, baby.

They want to lock me up,
that's fine.

The only judgment I fear
is from the lord god almighty.

And if I go to hell for burning
that bastard, then so be it.

Why didn't you tell me?

The doctor said
it's just a bit of dementia.

You should have told me.

She has episodes
every now and again,

but she usually comes
out of them pretty quick.

She just confessed
to burning down the house

with your brother inside.

She makes up stories.

It wasn't a story.


Man: That's it, you two.
Come back tomorrow.

We'll all still be here.

Bonnie: Mr. Hampton,
what exactly is it you do

for the middleton
legal clinic?

I was hired
as a technology expert,

keeping case files locked.

Did that include any of
Annalise's personal case files?

Just the clinic.

Good job.

[ Southern accent ] I have
a question for you, son.

Was it normal
for this professor of yours

to require you to do
illegal hacking?

I wouldn't say it was normal.

So it was odd
that she called you at 8:52 P.M.

The night of the fire?

She was only asking me
to look into a pro bono case.

It's better if you keep your
answers as vague as possible.

That way, you technically
won't have to lie.

She wanted me
to do some research.

And did keating ask you

to do anything else
for her that night?

Like what?

Just answer the question.

Did she ask you to clear
any files on her phone or not?

No, she didn't ask me to do
anything illegal like that.

Do you expect me
to believe that?

Then why are you sweating?

Wes was my friend.

And he was murdered.


So, forgive me if my mind

is a little foggy
on some of the details.

I'm in no rush.
Take your time.


I do want to know why you
went back to the legal clinic

after talking
to professor keating

at the scene of the fire.

He can't do this.

Yes, I can!

You need to call,
buy yourself more time.

You need to get him
out of this.

Connor, I can do this.
You don't need
to protect us, oli--

I'm protecting myself!

I am the one who decided
to get involved, okay?

No one forced my hand
or threatened me.

I did this willingly.

And now I have to face
the consequences.

Keep going.
I can take it.

Davis: We have records showing
that you swiped into the clinic

at 10:53 P.M. that night.

Was it because
professor keating

asked you to go do something
for her?

Clear her phone of suspicious
material, for example?

Of course not!

That would be illegal.

I told her I only went
to the legal clinic

because I was an emotional wreck
and I didn't where else to go.

Yes, girl.

You did good.


Did we find Laurel?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ]

Please open the door
if you're in there.


I'm gonna kill you
if you're alive in there!

[ Sighs ]

You're out of the hospital.
How are you feeling?

[ Sighs ]

You told me
i could come and see you

and talk to you
when I was ready.

No, I told you
to talk to me

when you finally
wanted to come clean.

So unless you're here
to say you didn't actually

see frank in the basement
that night --

I did!

Got to go.

Can you help me see Wes?

The d.A. Has his remains
booked as evidence.

Then you're out of luck.

Imagine if you couldn't have
said goodbye to your wife!

You can get me in, right?

The burns are pretty bad.

It's okay.

You honestly want me to believe
you just lost the body?

-We're gonna find it.
-You better.

-Nate --
-otherwise, you're gonna have

a lot of people thinking
there's a conspiracy going on.

I won't be surprised if the
judge throws out the whole case!

Because the victim's girlfriend
now knows we lost his body!

You want
to blame this on me?

Why don't you just tell us
why you took her there.

Because you asked me
to get close to her.


This is not my fault.

By taking
Ms. castillo there,

you handed Annalise her defense
on a platter.

Gross negligence,
denial of due process.

Tampering with evidence.

I ordered a second autopsy
so they'll have to come clean.

It's awful to think about,
i know.

But unless they find his body,
this helps your case.

My mother has dementia.

It's fine.

Just call my doctor's office
and ask them

if they can recommend
any long-term care facilities.


Some place close.

Celestine's gonna fight me
on this,

but she hid it from me, too,
so I don't care.


I'm getting you
out of here.

Stop saying that.

They lost his body.
It proves you're being framed.

It doesn't prove anything,
and you know it.

Just help me with my mother.

At least that's something
we can fix.

[ Sighs ]

Gentlemen, we dodged
a big-ass bullet today

thanks to the o-man's
baller cop-lying skills.

Can you keep it down?
The walls are super thin.

Okay. Whatever.

A toast!

To oli,
for being a great liar,

and most importantly,
to Wes.

We might not have given you
the proper memorial, but...

We can still pour one out
for you.

I'll get paper towels.

You mad at me?

A little.

[ Sighs ]

To Wes.

Do you think
i like this?

Believe me,
the last thing I want to do

is act like your mother.

Really? 'Cause you're way
better at it than my mother.

I'm good
at everything I do!

I'm just saying, it's cruel
to not answer your phone.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

Just promise me
you won't go a.W.O.L. Again.

[ Sighs ]

I'm sleeping on the couch.


Asher farts in his sleep.
I could use a night off.

Do you think he did it?


[ Sighs ]

I want to believe he did

'cause then that way
I'd have someone to hate.

But if he didn't, then whoever
killed Wes is still out there.

I just wish we knew.

Okay, I'm too old to sleep
on the couch.


Look at my babies!

[ Laughs ]


Give me a hug!

Let's go sit.

Oh, my baby.

I'm the mother.

You're the child.

And the last thing
you should be doing right now

is worrying about me.

It's just that I think we need
to have a plan in place.

I got that covered.

-You do?

I'm gonna be with your mother
every day, stay by her side,

make sure she doesn't go
shoplifting any supermarkets...

Oh, shut your mouth!

[ Laughs ]

How do I know
you won't get bored

and run off someplace
like you always do?

Excuse me.

Where are you going?

You two need to talk.

I'm going to utilize
the facilities

and give you two time
to fix this thing,

whatever it is.

Ophelia --

I said fix it!

I didn't know.

Which part?

'Cause I told you
what he did to me.

13th birthday party.

You showed up drunk.

I brought you a piece of mama's
peach cobbler out on the porch.

Or are you having
memory problems, too?

I meant I didn't know about
the fire, that your mother --

you said you didn't
believe me.

Anna Mae, listen --

and how was I supposed
to make you believe me, huh?

You want proof?

I don't remember --

you remember.

I just let you ignore it.

You were always so good
at ignoring things.

I'm sorry, okay?

I should have said more,
done more.

But he was dead.
I was hoping it was over.

It's still not over.
Look at me.

You think me ending up here
had nothing to do with it?

You want to blame me
for your sad childhood?

Maybe I deserve that,
but you do not get to sit here

and blame me for where
you're sitting right now.

This mess is all you.

Well, if you think that,
then maybe we should be done.

You go your way
and I go mine.

This is your pain talking,
Anna Mae.

All I have is pain!

We all got pain.

You know, there's enough pain
in this one room

to make me curl up in a ball
and give up.

Which proves my point.
You ain't special.

What you are is selfish.

'Cause if you really wanted
to help your mama,

you'd be trying to get your ass
out of this jail!

Tell your mother
I'll be in the lobby.

Michaela: It's noon.
You have to get up.

I don't, actually.

President hargrove said we don't
have to go to class yet.

You have a meeting
with frank in an hour.

I called
his public defender,

said I was your lawyer
from the middleton clinic

and told him
it was your legal right

to confront the man accused
of killing your boyfriend.

I also pointed out
it could benefit his case

to have the victim provide

sympathetic input
for sentencing.

So, go, get your answer.

My client has agreed
to this recorded meeting

and wishes to show his remorse
prior to sentencing.

Now, this is not
an interview,

and if there is any exchange
that I deem detrimental

to my client's case,
i will end things here.



I'm sorry.

For what?


[ Scoffs ]

I don't know why I'm here.
I don't.

I guess I just wanted to look
you in the eye finally

'cause I haven't
wanted to believe

that it's true
that you did...

That you did that to Wes.

[ Sighs ]

But I saw you leave
the basement, so...

I guess I just have to believe
my own eyes.

I should, right?

Do not answer that.

What were his last words,

Okay. Meeting's over.


Tell me his last words.

[ Knocking ]

Tell me so that I can
finally move on.

I said that we are
through here!

Tell me what his last words
were, frank!

[ Door slams ]

He didn't do it.

He told you that.

He couldn't.
His lawyer was there.

Then how do you know?

Did he blink twice
or something?

I just know.

And I know
that he did it.

He didn't.

This wasn't frank.

Because it was you?

Okay, everyone needs
to just chill.

Annalise is being framed.

[ Scoffs ]
That's right.

You know, I forgot.
Who's doing that today?

The mahoneys
or the d.A.?


It is possible
that frank did this.

Thinking that does
not make me crazy.

Then stop acting crazy.

Nobody's crazy.

We're all crazy!
I mean, god, look at us.

We're sitting around debating
who murdered our friend.

Your friend?
You treated him like crap.

You still are!

Uh, no, I'm not.

His body is missing, Connor!
Do you even care about that?

Do any of you?

-Laurel, we all feel bad.

Then think about
what that means!

And not just for you,
but for Wes.

Somebody killed him,
burned his body,

and misplaced it!

And it wasn't frank.

Maybe none of you can understand
how I know that,

but he just wouldn't
do that to me.

No matter what he's saying,
so just --

we need to find out
who did this.

[ Cellphone rings ]

This is Bonnie.

Due to an unfortunate
clerical error,

the body of Mr. gibbins
has been misplaced.

The m.E. Is performing
an escalated search to find him.

Your honor,
i find it very convenient

that this clerical error

with my request
for a second autopsy.

I'm not sure
what you're insinuating.

Your office is purposely
hiding evidence

that will exonerate
my client.

Hold up. Ms. winterbottom.
Are you accusing me
of willful misconduct?

I don't see how my client
can get a fair trial

without the ability
to fully examine the victim.

Well, let me remind you,

there's already been
an official autopsy.

On a body
that's now missing.

This is a grossly
negligent error.

That will be corrected
the minute we locate the victim.

This is a civil rights issue,
your honor.

Excuse me?

The d.A.'S office
continues to railroad

a prominent
African-American female attorney

based on a personal

All the evidence
is circumstantial,

another man has confessed,

and now the victim's body
is m.I.A.?

What other proof do I need to
get my client released on bail?

The judge denied
my request for bail.

Clearly she's part of this.
They all are.

Which is why I want to push
for a judicial recusal.

Or file an ethical complaint
for bias.

If we can get a new judge...


Your boys seem nice.
How old?

Luis is 8, Tyrone 12.


Such a shame.

They already know how much
of a disappointment you are.

Excuse me?

They probably celebrated

when you were hauled
off to jail,

relieved that they didn't
have to deal

with your cracked-out mess

Shut your mouth.

They don't love you.
I saw it on their faces.

Say something else
about my boys.

Your sons wince
when you hug them. Why?

Okay, cool it.

-Did you touch them?
-Shut up.

That's it, isn't it?

You didn't just neglect them.
You molested them.

They were too afraid
to say anything,

sexually abused
by their own mother.

Shut up!

Guard! Guard! Guard!

Oh, my god.

Annalise, what happened.

Take a picture.


I said take a picture.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

The other inmates know who
she is and are targeting her.

The commonwealth
can move Ms. keating

into solitary confinement.

If Ms. keating
isn't released on bail,

I'm releasing these photos
to the press

and announcing
a very public lawsuit

against the d.A.'S office
for civil rights violations.

It's months before the trial.

She'll be dead
if we leave her in that jail.

Who the hell are you?


Who the hell are you?

Bonnie: Release her
on conditional bail.

Take away her passport.

She'll pose no flight risk.

[ Door buzzes ]

? In the end I saw you ?

it looks worse than it feels.

Oh, baby.

They hurt you.

They hurt you.

No, no, no, no, no.
Don't you let them see you cry.

Don't you let them.

Laurel: It's Laurel.

Leave a message,
but I'll probably never listen.

[ Beep ]
Where are you?

That bitch better not be in
New York stalking the mahoneys.

You know what's good
is that now that Annalise

is out of jail,
it's her job

to take care of everyone,
not yours.

Are you kidding?

It just means
I'm gonna have to worry more.

[ Sighs ]

Is it bad if I want her
to stay in there?

Well, a little.

Would it help
if I let you fornicate with me?

Shut up.

Actually, yes.

? And I knew it would be you ?

[ laughing ]

Um, are -- are you okay?

Yeah. No, I'm sorry.

[ Laughs ]

I was just remembering
how Laurel went off

on all those crying people
at Wes' memorial.

And then I got called
into the police station

and I lied to their faces.

Aw, are you worried
about me?


Just learning a lot
about you.

Like what?

Like you're
a really good liar.

Eh, not really.

Sure, you are.

I mean, first,
my Stanford acceptance,

now the cops.

Plus your pants are
almost always on fire, so...

I am a good liar.

I know.
I just said that.

There's another lie,
is what I mean.

You know, the first thing
you learn when you hack a system

is to make sure
you have an escape route

that only you
know about.

I erased Annalise's phone
that night.

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, but I saved a copy.


[ keys jingling ]

Female voice: You are receiving
a call from an inmate

at Philadelphia country prison.

This call is being recorded.
To accept the charges, press 3.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Hey. It's me.

Mr. Delfino,
it is an ethical violation

for you
to be calling me.

It's fine.

If you have
anything to say,

you need to say it
through your lawyer.

You're speaking to him.


I fired the guy.
I'm gonna represent myself.

We're co-counsel now.

We get to meet in private,

all communications
between us are privileged.

So, when do you want to have
our first meeting?

Mac: Celestine's gonna expect
a call tomorrow.

And thelonius.

They'll be so relieved
to hear

you're not locked up
in that hellhole anymore.

Mama? What's wrong?

You should have let me
tell them.

You're my baby girl.

You don't deserve to be in jail
for something I did.

Ophelia, we're not talking
about that right now.

Those police
are trying to take

my baby girl's life away
before it's even started!

She needs to be married
and have babies

and not be rotting away
in some j-j-jail.

I'm not in jail
anymore, mama.

For now.
But you still got the trial.

You know how those juries
like to send black folks away.

No. No.

Mama, they dropped
the charges.

The judge told me today.
That's why I'm here.

They did have enough evidence
so they let me go.




[ Laughing ] No.

[ Laughing ]
Yeah, I'm here!

It's over!


I'm free, mama.

You hear me?


Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you.

My baby girl.

[ Crying ]

Denver: You were right.

There seems to be a conspiracy
in the Wes gibbins case.

Someone signed off
on having his body transferred

to another morgue.

It's someone
on the inside.

Who is it?


Nate: You circling
a cause of death yet?

He was already dead,
before the fire.

[ Engine turns off ]



[ Door closes ]





You've each been chosen for my
very first criminal-law clinic.

In here,
you're not just students

but actual practicing lawyers.

You finally get to be me.


Thursdays on abc...

At least they chose
a good photo.

...brace yourself for a mystery
so killer...

This could destroy us all.

...not everyone is gonna
make it out alive.


"How to get away with murder."

Thursdays, 10:00, 9:00 central

on abc.


what are you
looking for?

It's right here.

Well, damn.

13 seasons

of fun.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

[ Coos ]

13 seasons of drama.

This act

was a felony.

It was nice knowing you.

Shut up.

13 seasons of twisty turns...

It's bad.

You're falling
for me.

I slept with him. only "grey's"
can deliver.

Damn right.

"Grey's anatomy."

Thursdays on abc.