How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - What Did We Do? - full transcript

ADA Sinclair finally gets her biggest break yet in the Hapstall case - but it comes with a deadly consequence as the details of the night Annalise was shot are revealed, and her shooter is finally unmasked.

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Previously on "how to get away
with murder"...

Emily sinclair got the d.A.
To open an investigation on me.

We're done, ash.

I'll testify
against my dad.

I want to tell the d.A.
That he covered this all up.

And what does tiffany
get out of that?

I understand
why this is your thing.

Bonnie: She told you?

You exposed me to him!

I didn't expose you.
I saved you.

I want you to die.

What is this?

Caleb and catherine's

Philip jessup's dna
is a 99.4% match

To the dna found
at the crime scene.

He's the product
of incest.

Philip's here.
I think I can fix this.

Right there.

It's one of
catherine's paintings.

I found it here
last week.

What if she killed them?

Don't worry.
I'm gonna take care of this.

Annalise: No!
[ gunshot ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ whispers indistinctly ]

Connor: Where is she?

Still asleep.

So she could
walk in any second

And kill all of us.

It's not her gun.
Someone planted it here.

Okay, well,
then call annalise

Because she's your lawyer,
not us.

I told him not to.
Rule 3.4.

If annalise
knows about evidence,

It's illegal to obstruct
the prosecution's access to it.

Oh, so you called me
to obstruct justice with you?

I couldn't
make this decision on my own.

What decision?

If there's no gun in the house,
sinclair still charges philip.

There is a gun, michaela.
It's right there.

Not if
we get rid of it.

Laurel: Shouldn't we
get rid of the painting?

Wes: We don't know that's
the only thing that links them.

Or if it even means
catherine knows the guy.

He could have bought it online
or from a gallery.

Yeah, 'cause her work
is just so good.

Even if we get rid of it,
there's still this photo.

That no one on the prosecution
has noticed so far.

We're not getting rid of
the painting.

At least not until
we talk to catherine.

Call her,
tell her I need to see her.

[ dialing ]

You two banged, right?

I mean, that's why
you're willing to
tamper with evidence --

'cause you're
letting your vagina make

-All of your decisions?
-So we had sex.

It's not
affecting my judgment.

Prove it.

Leave the gun
where it is.

If caleb's telling the truth,

Then he shouldn't have
anything to worry about.

I am telling the truth.

I totally believe you.

Fine. Leave.
I'll take care of it myself.

If you touch the gun, michaela,
I'm gonna tell annalise.

I didn't say
I was going to.

What if
I want to get rid of it?

-Are you insane?

It's what makes
the most sense.


What are you doing?

-Maybe we should call nate.

He fixed the philip problem
last time,

And he'll know if
the cops find the painting.

-Nate's done enough for us.

Did you find catherine?

Yes, but michaela's
on the phone.

What do I care?
I need catherine.

That's why michaela's calling.
Catherine ran away.

Someone start talking.

Annalise: You pick up the phone.
Call me.

What you don't do is tamper with
the one piece of evidence

That could
upend our entire case.

I wanted to call you.

We were worried about
rule 3.4.

It's not your job to worry. It's
your job to not sabotage me.

-We can put it back.
-And tamper with it twice?

That seem smart to you?

Where is she?

I don't know.

Are you lying
to keep her safe?

No. I swear I don't know
what's going on with her.

You sure
we shouldn't call nate?

Philip jessup
has lived his entire life

Without getting so much
as a speeding ticket.

But two days ago, he was gifted
with a brand-new criminal record

That looks remarkably like
scott fuller's.

What the hell does that
have to do with me?

This video shows you're in
the station on your day off.

I just got my job back.

I'm trying to
earn my keep.

Or maybe you were manufacturing
a file on philip jessup

For annalise keating?

-Am I getting fired?
-Relax, lahey.

I'm relaxed.

I just don't appreciate
being falsely accused

Of crimes
I didn't commit.

It's kind of
a sore spot for me.

I didn't fabricate
anyone's record.

So...Am I getting charged with
something, or can I go?


You enjoy being her little
boy toy, don't you?

That's why you keep running back
to annalise again and again.

So she can
fight your battles for you?

You prefer to have her boss
you around, tell you what to do,

Like hire her bestie
and kill nia?

Keep my wife's name
out of your mouth!

Say her name again.

Say it!

And then what?

I was looking for catherine
and went into her studio.

She wasn't there,
but the room was freezing,

So I went over to the vent

To see if I could
feel any heat coming out.

And that's when
I saw the gun.

Why didn't you
ask catherine about it?

I was scared
she'd admit it was hers.

How do we know that you didn't
put the gun there yourself?

If it was mine, I'd have gotten
rid of it a long time ago.

Not if you wanted to
pin it on your sister.

I had nothing
to do with this.

I mean,
what if philip did this --

Put the gun there
to frame us?

Show it to him.

Do it.

You notice the painting
in the background?

this is not possible.

Unfortunately, it is.

I can no longer represent
both you and catherine anymore.

Why not?

if what you're saying is true

And you knew nothing of this gun
or philip,

Then you need a lawyer
separate from catherine.

it's a conflict of interest.

But neither of us
did this.

it looks like one of you did,

And that person isn't you.

So do you want to
get off for this,

Or should I tell catherine
I'm all hers?

[ ringing ]

Annalise: Frank.

Hey, see this judge millstone
stuff was leaked?

No, and I don't care.

Where are you?

Outside philip's apartment.

They're taking him in
right now.

So catherine's
not with him?

No. Why?

She ran away.


Caleb found a gun
in her room,

Which is fine because we're
no longer representing her.

-What did you just say?
-I don't have time to explain.

Just find catherine before
she does something stupid.

Asher: Dad,
please don't ignore me today.

Look, it's obvious
sinclair's pissed

'cause I didn't testify,
so she leaked this.

I'll try to fix it.

[ knock on door ]

Please, dad, call me back.

[ beep ]



I didn't know
if I should come,

But I was just
at the courthouse.

You heard about the leak.

It's freaking sinclair,

Maybe. I just --

I'm so sorry for everything
that's happened, bon.

I just --
I need you to know

That I'm gonna do everything
I can to make it right.

What is it?

Your dad, asher.

[ police radio chatter ]

[ ringing ]

Are you at work?

-Nate: Yeah.

I need to know
what's going on with philip.

They just brought him in
for questioning.

I can't help you,

I don't need you
to do anything.

I'm about to get fired.


Sinclair suspects
I messed with philip's record.

There's no proof
I did anything,

But I blew up at her
in front of the whole station.

I'm so sorry.

-I got to go.

did you know about this?

Know about what?

Asher's dad
killed himself.

Chloe gets in at 8:00.

Uncle john and aunt teri
get in first thing tomorrow.

They said they'll go to
the funeral home with us, too.

Or I can go.

If you don't want to, you
don't -- you don't have to go.

everything's gonna be okay.


You don't seem
very upset.


You found out
your father killed himself,

And you've already moved on
to funeral arrangements.

I...I'm just trying to help.

Or you're just happy that your
father got what he deserved.

I didn't do this.

Those articles all mentioned
a gang-rape cover-up.

Because sinclair leaked it.


But they only mentioned
your father's name, not yours.

Seems convenient.

He loved you so much.

-He defended you!
-Mom --

He sacrificed his whole career
to hide your disgusting secret.


You're in shock.

We both are.

We need each other
right now.

You mean
you need me right now.

I don't want anything
to do with you.

Don't say that.

We always thought
it would be chloe.

She'd be the one
to send us to our grave,

But it turned out
to be you.

And for what?

To protect
that woman you work for?

This has nothing to do
with annalise.

Annalise --
that's what you call her.

Why did you
choose her over us?

The people who loved you
your entire life.

[ echoing ] because that's what
your father did for you --

He loved you
when you were unlovable...

[ crying ]

He's dead because of us.

No, he's dead
'cause he hanged himself.

Because of what we did --

She sold
his dirty secrets.

She didn't make him a
corrupt ass in the first place.

Don't go telling doucheface
any of that.

You already told him?

but not to protect annalise.

What the hell happened
between you two?

We can't keep doing this,

We say
we're just protecting ourselves,

But there's a point

When we're the ones people
need to be protected from.

And that's who we've become.

Don't you see that?

You're upset and sad,

And that's good 'cause it means
you're still a person.

But right now is not the time
to think too hard.

Catherine's on the lam.

Help me track her down.

You know you want to.

I have to go.


Get me all the dirt we have
on judge millstone, bonnie.

That means every file
in the david allen case.

Frank, find any evidence
of malfeasance

We can use against him.

Bonnie: You promised asher
you wouldn't do this.

Federal judge millstone.

There's enough evidence
in there

To charge him with
multiple counts of corruption.

[ cellphone vibrating ]

What is it?

We got
another sinclair problem.

Please, catherine.

You get to be mad at me,
but you can't just run away.

You're smarter than that,
so, please, come home.

Has anyone talked to asher?

No one called him?

What would we say?

Sorry your dad was so shady

That his only way out
was to off himself?

Or we could just say,

Thank you.

Of course
you two agree.

You both also think it's okay
to bang clients.

You slept with caleb?!

Keep your voice down!


Last night.

Hey, did caleb's penis
do the trick

And finally
give you your big "o"?

That's why you were willing
to hide the gun, right?

It's not his gun.


Who'd have thought
that you and I

Would be the last ones
on the screw-the-client train?

Okay, if no one else is gonna
call asher, I will.

Who has his number?

[ scoffs ]

We are officially
the worst people ever.

[ breathing raggedly ]

Sit tight.
I'll call you back.

[ breathing heavily ]


♪ all the sinners
and the saints ♪

♪ move in ♪

♪ the same ♪

♪ direction,
they walk in place ♪

Tell me you're still
at the house.

There's been a change of plans.
Sinclair's on her way over.


We got to
tell her everything --

That you found the gun

And that philip owns
one of catherine's paintings.

Why do we have to
tell her anything?

Because we're representing you
now, caleb, not catherine.

And keeping evidence
from sinclair

Is only gonna make it look like
you have something to hide.

So michaela's gonna
bring you back to her apartment,

And I'm gonna walk sinclair
through what happened myself.

But you have to
leave right now.

What if
catherine comes home?

All the more reason
for you not to be here.

She's gonna be
upset, ashamed.

Now, I'll do my best
to protect her.

I give you my word.

Caleb: I can't go.

-You heard annalise.
-I can't sell out my sister

Without at least giving her
a chance to explain.

Catherine sold you out

The minute she didn't tell you
she knew philip.

-Maybe she doesn't know him.
-What about the gun?

She probably didn't know
it was there.

Or she did and she was just
scared and she still is,

But I can't just abandon her
like this.

What if I stay?

That way, I'll be here
in case she comes back.

I'll take care of her.

Why are you still here?

Caleb was freaking out
about leaving,

So I told him
I'd call him with updates.

It was the only way he'd leave.
[ vehicle approaches ]

Someone's here.

It's sinclair.
Nobody move.

-Where are you going?
-Just stay where you are!


Show me.

I'm so sorry.


She did this to herself.

I'm so sorry.


She did this to herself.

You enjoy being her little
boy toy, don't you?

That's why you keep running back
to annalise again and again --

So she can
fight your battles for you?

You prefer to have her boss
you around, tell you what to do,

Like hire her bestie
and kill nia?

Keep my wife's name
out of your mouth!

I'm about to get fired.


Sinclair suspects
I messed with philip's record.

There's no proof
I did anything,

But I blew up at her
in front of the whole station.

I'm so sorry.

I got to go.

[ beep ]

Sergeant joseph:
Well done.

Your little temper tantrum

Got sinclair to file
a harassment suit against you.

Now she fears for her life.

And I was nice
to hire you back.

But now I've got no choice
but to let you go.

Do I talk to you
to file a discrimination claim

Against the d.A.'s office?

Excuse me?

I'd like to file
a racial discrimination suit

Against emily sinclair.

Thank you for coming.

Why am I here?

I want to
bury the hatchet.

That's up to you.

I know...

Which is why I'm offering
to drop my harassment claim

If you drop yours.

I may be a lot of things,
but racist is not one of them.

That's what
racists always say.

I've never been
after you.

It's always been

So help me
put her behind bars.

Why would I
want to do that?

Because she ruined your life,

And you?

Don't I have you
to blame for that, too?

[ door closes ]

Detective lahey --
I mean patrol officer lahey.

I'm sorry.
It's hard to keep up.

For you and me both.


[ door opens ]

Go away.

We need to talk.

There's nothing to talk about,

You couldn't just
leave him alone, could you?

Stop following me,
or I'll blow my rape whistle.

You made my father do this.

Is that what you think --
that this is all my fault?

You started
the corruption probe.

I did not.

The article mentioned
a rape cover-up.

I know. You should be grateful
they kept your name out of it.

What about my father,

He's dead because of you!

What about tiffany howard?

Have you ever
thought about her?

She may not be dead,

But I'm sure she feels dead
on the inside,

And that's because of
what your father did to her.

I don't know.

Maybe this is karma coming back
to bite him in the ass.

God knows he deserved it.

What did you just say?

Your father was a bad man,

And honestly, you
and a lot of people in this city

Are better off without him.

You got me
all turned around.

[ mutters indistinctly ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ sinclair grunts,
tires screech ]


Need some help?


I mean...My brakes are busted,
but aaa's coming.

Have a good night.

You too.

[ tires screeching ]

[ car door opens ]

[ car door closes ]


I can't look.

It's okay.

You don't have to.

Is she alive?

Please tell me she's alive

And we just need to
call an ambulance.

Asher --

No. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

Check her pulse.

I don't have to.

She's gone.

Oh, god.

Oh, god. Oh, god.
I did that.

-You have to go.

I need to call the police,
and --

Listen to me.

I'm your lawyer,

And I'm advising you
not to do anything yet.

You just do what I tell you,

[ sniffles ]

[ cellphone vibrates ]

What is it?

We got
another sinclair problem.

She pulled me into her car,
asked me to help take you down.

What did you tell her?

That I'd be an idiot
to believe anything she says.

She's persistent.
Got to give her that.

You hear about philip?


They released him
after questioning.

They have his dna
at the crime scene.

They need to arrest him.

Well, they didn't.

[ cellphone vibrates ]

I'll call you back.

[ beep ]


Sinclair's dead.


Asher hit her with his car.
He called me to help.

He wants to
go to the police,

But you know
what'll happen if he does.

He's going to tell them
everything, annalise --

That I killed sam,
that you made him not testify.

It'll all come out.
We'll go to jail.

What do I do, annalise?
Just tell me.

Take him home,
make it look like a hit-and-run,

Or I can call the police
and tell them the truth,

But you need to tell me
to do that.

Sit tight.
I'll call you back.

Laurel: [ echoing ] asher's dad
killed himself.

I'm about to get fired.

Sinclair suspects
I messed with philip's record.

I blew up at her
in front of the whole station.

She pulled me into her car,
asked me to help take you down.

Bonnie: ...Make it look like
a hit-and-run...

[ dialing ]

Tell me you're still
at the house.

but I found catherine.

She used her credit card
at a motel outside camden.


Go to my office
right now.

What's going on?

Just go.

On the mantel
above the fireplace,

Inside the small vase.

Just get me the pills.

It's called secobarbital.

I take it, and I'm asleep,
just like that.


Okay, you got to
tell me what's going on.

Just take them with you.

How bad is it, annalise?


There's been a change of plans.
Sinclair's on her way over.


We got to
tell her everything --

That you found the gun

And that philip owns
one of catherine's paintings.

I can't just abandon her
like this.

What if I stay?

That way, I'll be here
in case she comes back.

Someone's here.

It's sinclair.
Nobody move.

-Where are you going?
-Just stay where you are!

Show me.

I'm so sorry.


She did this to herself.

Let's get her inside.

[ footsteps ]

Asher: I'm losing my grip.

[ thud ]


[ breathing heavily ]

What the hell?

Who is that?

-Everyone, relax.
-Tell us what's going on.

-Who's in there?
-Is that a body?

It's emily sinclair.

Someone killed her?

It doesn't matter.

I ran over her.

It was an accident.

And we're gonna make it look
like even a bigger accident.

-Why would we do that?
-No, no, we should
call the police!

-If it was an accident,
we just tell them the truth.
-How can we make it
look like an --

Just do what I say
and ask questions later!


This is insane.

You're insane.

I'm leaving.

They killed sam, asher.


It wasn't bonnie.

She just said that
to protect them.

But sam attacked rebecca,
and they killed sam,

And I've been covering for them
the whole time.

And now they're gonna help
cover for you.

Why are you
doing this to us?

Because all of this --
everything that's happened --

Sinclair coming after me,
using asher, now this...

It all started with
what the four of you did!

Now, let's get to work!

I called emily sinclair here to
show her the gun and this photo.

And that's when
catherine came home unexpected

And killed sinclair.

There is no way
that anyone believes that.

And we don't even know
that catherine's guilty.

you knew nate was innocent,

But you were still okay
with me framing him.

We found a gun in her room,

A photo connecting her
to philip.

Her own brother even believes
that she did it.

You may not believe it,
but I do,

And I'm the expert,
so you do what I say.

Catherine's not here,

That's being taken care of.

Taken care of how?

You mean kill her?

I didn't say that.

So catherine ran over sinclair
here. That's our story.

Our story doesn't matter.

Of course it does. Otherwise,
none of this makes sense.

We don't need it
to make sense.

We just need it
to look like chaos,

To leave the police
a crime scene that's a mess.

It's their job to make sense
out of it, not ours.

This is emily sinclair.
Please leave a message.

[ beep ]

this is annalise keating.

I'm calling from
the hapstall mansion,

And I need to speak to you

It involves evidence that
I've just been made aware of

Inside catherine's studio.


Let's make ourselves more
culpable by touching the body.

Shut up and lift.

[ grunts ]

So come right away.
Time is of the essence.

[ beep, dialing ]

[ ringing ]

-Frank, it's me.

Do you have eyes on her?

Headed her way now.

How many pills
do I give her?

-Enough not to kill her.
-So you don't know, either.

I can't figure this out
on my own, frank!

Okay, I got it.
Just --

You sure about all this?

How is doubting me right now

I'm just saying, there are other
ways to protect doucheface.

I'm not trying to protect him.
I'm trying to protect nate.

He blew up at sinclair today,

And his prints
are all over that car.

So please,
just help me protect him.

♪ and you just be pretty ♪

[ cellphone vibrates ]

You need to come to
the hapstall mansion.

We're here, and annalise --

She's trying to protect you,
or she thinks she is.

-She's lost it.
-Slow down.

You're the only one
that can stop her.

From what?

Emily sinclair is dead.

I'm supposed to be in
my apartment with caleb.

It's not too late.

This is catherine hapstall.
Please leave a message.

[ beep ]

Catherine, it's annalise.

[ cellphone beeps ]

♪ we all fall down ♪

I know you're scared,
but you've got to stop this.

I can't protect you
unless you let me.

So give me a chance.



Take her arms.

No way.

I'm out.


you're just as sick as her.

That's clear now,
but I'm not doing this.

you've done this before.


I'm not doing it again.

You're worried what it all
looks like, catherine, I know,

But it's not
as bad as it seems.

I can still fix this.

♪ we all fall down ♪

We should put it in the pool,

Your fingerprints --
they're --

Even if we wipe it down
a million times, bury it,

There's still evidence
all over it,

But the chlorine
could destroy all of it,

And it'll take the police
days to find it.

We're not doing anything.

It's a good idea.

Nate's on his way.

I called and told him

He'll know what to do.
He's a cop.


We need his help
if this is gonna work.

She's not okay.

Michaela: Connor!

Get her legs.

♪ we can make you understand ♪

If you don't want to come,
then don't.

but just think for a second.

No more excuses.
We know better this time.

[ door opens ]


[ door closes ]

What do we do?

♪ we can make you understand ♪

Stop them.


Michaela, no.

[ screams ]

[ breathing rapidly ]

I know how you feel, catherine,

'cause there's nothing scarier

Than being accused of something
that you didn't do.

But that's why you need to
come back to the house --

So you don't look guilty.

♪ we can make you understand ♪


♪ play with me ♪

♪ you can make the love,
and I'll make the money ♪

♪ stay with me ♪

There is no decision here.

It was already made,
and you agreed,

So either get on board,

Or you're the next dead body
out there.

Give it to me.

♪ and you just be pretty ♪

♪ to the brave
and the petrified ♪

♪ we all fall down ♪

This isn't gonna work.

The fall won't hide
what I did.

♪ we can make you understand ♪

I hit her.


Like...I heard bones cracking,

And it sounded different
than when she hit the ground.

♪ we can make you understand ♪

That was more like
a splatter.

It's not gonna work.

Put him in the car.

I'll be right there.

Annalise: Running is what can
hurt you right now, catherine,

So stop it.

♪ to the brave
and the petrified ♪

Stop running.

♪ we all fall down ♪

Stop hiding.

And let me help you.

[ engine turns over ]

♪ we can make you understand ♪

It's done.

I'll bring this to frank.

Leave it.

But it needs to be
with catherine.

I said leave it.

Annalise --

It's all gonna work.

Get asher out of here.

♪ when the skies ♪

♪ collapse ♪

♪ surreal ♪

What are you doing?

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

It's okay.

I need to pee.
I'll be right back.

♪ 'cause it feels like
I've been drowning in a dream ♪

♪ again, again ♪

Just a little higher.

♪ drowning in the waves
of a no-man's-land ♪

♪ behind the world is falling
out of everything ♪

♪ a lone sailor ♪


Where were you?

They have a car wash.

♪ the moon is resting grave
above the water ♪

♪ rider of the dark waves ♪

♪ shadows underneath ♪

♪ fleeting with godspeed ♪

♪ I'm a rider
of the dark waves ♪

Does this ever work?

Faking a crime scene?

I mean, that's not something
that actually works.



♪ the moon is resting grave
above the water ♪

♪ rider of the dark waves ♪

This is catherine hapstall.
Please leave a message.

[ beep ]

Hey, are you at home?

'cause I'm here. Just --

Just let me know you're okay.

♪ I'm a rider
of the dark waves ♪

You don't have to
do that.

-I want to.
-We're here all the time.

Our fingerprints should be
on everything.

It doesn't matter, anyway.

This won't work.

Annalise: You're right.

It won't work...

Unless we do something
to make them believe it.

What are you doing?

Who are you calling?

[ crying ] help.

I've been shot.

This is annalise keating.

And my client,
catherine hapstall --

She shot me.

I'm here at her house.
The a.D.A.'s here, too.

Please, hurry!
[ sighs ]

[ beep ]


Now it'll work.

All units, be advised we have
an adw at 536 charter lane.

Reporting party has been shot.
I repeat, r.P. Has been shot.

Ems is en route.
All units follow.

Shoot me.


I'm the woman
who ruined your life,

And I'll ruin oliver's, too.

You've lost your mind.

Felony computer hacking,
falsifying records,

And that face -- the friends
he'd make behind bars.

You don't go near him!

Just take this gun
and shoot me!


-Don't do it!
-I know you're strong enough
to do it!

Okay, I'll do it,
I'll do it!

You're letting her
get in your head!

Shoot me in the leg.
You can do this.

-Connor! Please! Please!
-Put the gun down!

No! No! Connor! No!

-Shoot me!
-Please, stop!

No! No! No! No!

No, please, no, no, no.
No, no, no.

[ sighs ]

[ voice breaking ]
I hate you so much.

[ gun thuds ]

Michaela, think about
your future, huh?

The plans you have
for your life.
Stop this!

-Do it or we go to jail!
-I'm calling 911.

I'm telling them you lied!
You're fine!

Michaela, stop, please!

Take the gun, wes!
Take it!

All right.

Come on.

In my leg, all right?
I'll be fine.


You know
that this makes sense.

Nate's coming.

I called him
so he could help.

He's gonna be here any minute,
but no one's shooting you.


please don't leave without me!

Laurel, you can do this.

You've been through worse
with your father.

And you help us always.

And I need for you
to do it again.

Come on.

Come on.

[ groans ]

Maybe we should go to jail...
For everything.

Maybe that's okay.


Give me the gun.


Rebecca's dead, wes.

I made it up
that she ran away.

She's been dead
this whole time.

No, wes, she's just saying that
to make you do it.

When you were crying on my lap,
every time you asked me,

She's been dead
the whole time.

I've been lying to you
over and over.

Shoot me.

Wes, please don't do it.

Please, don't.

I deserve it.
Shoot me.

Wes, please!
Please don't do it.


[ breathing heavily ]

Wes, stop!





-[ echoing ] christophe.


Fbi agent:
[ echoing ] christophe.

We'll be done
in just a little bit.

I just need you to tell me what
you saw when you got home today.

Can you do that for me,

You're not in trouble.

I already know
you were the one who called 911,

Which was really smart.

Is she dead?

I don't know.

Because you're lying.


I think you are.

You don't want to tell me
because it's my mom, right?

You think I'm gonna freak out
if I know she hurt herself.

I don't think
you're gonna freak out.

All I know is they took her
to the hospital.

Christophe: Oh.

She looked dead
when I found her.

Very dead.

Good god, annalise.

What did we do?