How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Hi, I'm Philip - full transcript

Philip makes a threatening move and ADA Sinclair may have figured out away to take down Annalise. Meanwhile, Catherine and Caleb are forced to make a life changing decision.

Previously on "how to get away
with murder"...

I'm on dudefordude.
Philip has an online profile.

We can invite him
on a coffee date

And get his dna.

You're not going on a coffee
date with a serial killer.

You need to shut it down
right now.

But we're --
right now!

You tattled?

Philip: Hi, oliver.

How's your night going?

She told you, didn't she?

[ screams ]

[ gasping ]

[ ominous music plays ]

You seriously thought
we wouldn't notice?!

Don't yell at me!
Yell at him!

What's wrong with you?!

How are you both okay
with this?

Bonnie: This was your idea?

I-i didn't do any--
don't lie to me.

There is no decision here.

It was already made,
and you agreed.

So either get on board,

Or you're the next dead body
out there.


Give it to me.

[ water running ]

You told him.

You knew what trouble
we were in.

What else
could i have done?

I'm not the person
to be angry with right now!

Shut up.
You may hate me for it,
but it worked,

Shut up!
All right, bonnie?

Shut up! Shut up!
It worked!

[ cellphone ringing ]

I want you to die.

That's what i want...

That it was you
they killed in this house,

Not sam.


♪ my mona lisa ♪

♪ ghost ♪

[ camera shutter clicks ]

[ keypad clicking ]

♪ my mona lisa ♪

♪ ghost ♪

[ cellphone pings ]

♪ pull me into darkness ♪

♪ fill me with a whirlwind ♪



♪ touch me in the coast ♪

Is everything okay?

Why wouldn't it be?

♪ feed me underwater ♪

Do you want to come in?


♪ i wanna know you ♪

♪ ghost ♪

You need anything?

Coffee, food?

I want to sit.

♪ i wanna feel you ♪

♪ ghost ♪

♪ my mona lisa ♪

♪ ghost ♪

Oliver: You're here...

Because you know
where i live.

♪ i wanna know you ♪

Don't touch that.

♪ ghost ♪

Oh, okay. I-i-i-i'm sorry
we catfished you.

It's just because
i-i think you're really cute.

And we really wanted
to meet you --

We meaning me
and my boyfriend, connor,

And now i told you
his real name.

But that's fine because...
Uh, we like you.

W-- and w-we've really
been actually looking
to have a-a threesome.

Just, please,
don't kill me. Please.


I don't want to kill you.

[ exhales sharply ]

Laurel: So, kill me
for being a snitch.

Just don't pretend

Like this isn't about
your ego being bruised!

I'm pissed 'cause you tattled
to the teacher

Like the spoiled
little map you are.

Excuse me?!
What's a map?

A mexican american princess.

I'm actually surprised
someone who barely left fishtown

Even knows the term.


I'm making you nervous.

[ inhales deeply ]


I don't think
i've seen you nervous before.

Of course you have.


Well, not that i can remember,

You hide it well,
like most things.

You know more about me
than most people.

That's sad.

'cause i don't know you.

So, i'm a princess just because
i dared to disagree with you?!

Frank: You're entitled,
and you and think you're
better than everyone else,

And it's all because
you were raised in some castle!

Are you seriously
that rich?

Apparently, according
to mr. Mansplain here.

Don't deny it.
You grew up around money,

And you like to pretend
you didn't.

How -- how much money?
It doesn't matter!

Get out, walsh.
You brought it up.
I just --

I mean
we're at your place.


You know...

You two
are the perfect example

Of why straight people
shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Annalise: I don't know
what that means.

It means you play people.
Doesn't everyone?

You're better at it
than the rest of us.

Oh, i don't know
if that's true.

You think anyone else would
get away with everything
you've done to me?

Maybe i won't
get away with it.


I should kill you.

Or at least make sure
your life is hell.

But instead,
i just come here.


I don't know.

I'm a mess.


You're just sad.

You know, you can always
come to me, nate.

Come over here.

Uh, nate --
i said get over here!

You need to decide
whether you want to forgive me.

I said i was sorry,
and i meant it.

But i'm not gonna spread my legs
as some sort of payment.


♪ i wanna touch you ♪

♪ ghost ♪

You're too drunk to drive.

Sleep on the couch.

♪ ghost ♪

♪ my mona lisa ♪

♪ ghost ♪


Oli, are you here?

[ keys jingle ]

[ rapid knocking on door ]

♪ ghost ♪

Oliver's gone.

That's why
you'll never be a lawyer!

You don't have
basic common sense!

You're mad at me,
i get it,

But we don't know
if anything happened yet.

We do.
He's been kidnapped.

'cause you came home to
some spilled milk on the floor?

He left his phone.

Maybe he went off
to cheat on you with
some other guy.

I don't understand why
we aren't calling the police.

Police are already here.

Nate's not involved
in this.
Connor: Why not?

Let's fill him in.
Mr. Walsh --

We illegally hacked some guy

Who's a suspect
on our other case,

And -- and he found out, and
now he's kidnapped my boyfriend.

You should go.
No. It's okay.

I can't have you
involved in this.
I'm already involved.

And maybe i can help.
Of course you can help.

You could call
the police station.
You know, he's only been gone
for an hour.

And it only takes a second
to kill someone, laurel!

Connor, you're scared.
I understand that.

But oliver needs for
you to keep your head
on straight right now.

Can you do that?
Connor: He shouldn't have
even been involved.

But frank
forced him to come.

Actually, oliver seemed
quite happy to help us.
'cause he didn't know
any better!

I mean, he's not like us.

He doesn't do...This
all the time.

If anything happens to him,
it's on you.

Laurel: Why can't we find him
on our own?

I don't know.

Sinclair already wants
to take us all down.

If we go to the police,
it's gonna give her exactly
what she needs!

Michaela: She's right.
No, no, no,
we are not doing this again!

Calm down, walsh.
It takes 24 hours
to be missing --

We're talking about
a violent killer

That wants to make him
into a skin suit!
Stop it! Stop!

Call it in.

Annalise, wait --
we can think
of something else.

I'll figure a way out of this,
like always!

Call them.

Hey. Officer lahey,
15th precinct.

I'm off duty.

I got a potential
missing-person situation.

Hey, guys.

Where the hell
have you been?

Oh, i was with philip.

Call you back.


Uh, i'm philip.

Philip stopped by.

And, well,
he wanted to talk,

So i suggested we go across
the street to the soup palace.

Um, i tried to explain
a little bit about everything --

The hapstall case --

But since i don't
really know that much,

Like i told him,
i suggested we come here.

This has all been
a giant misunderstanding.

Don't lie.

I have a security alert
for hackers.

Sometimes gamers try to steal
my conquest points

'cause i have so many.

World of warcraft.

That's why i made the profile
on the gay site.

I'm not, by the way,
a gay.

I only did that after i saw
you guys hacked me,

And oliver told me why.

You think i'm related
to those rich people, right?

My birth parents
are jim and joan meyerfield.

They live in iowa.

I haven't met them,
but the adoption agency

Gave me their names
a few years ago, and...

Look, i know that i'm weird.

People have always
called me that, but...

I stick to myself,
and i don't bother anyone.

All right, i'm not someone
who could do that --

Kill someone?

You're wrong about me.

You're right.
I'm sorry.

It's my fault,
all of it.

And if you need to blame
someone, just blame me.

I already do blame you.

What you did was illegal,

since you're a lawyer,

So i have to go to the cops --

Or at least
find someone to sue you.

What do you want?

Tell me, and we --
we'll see what we can do.


I don't know yet.

Good night.

Cyberstalking, harassment,
invasion of privacy,

And that's just oliver,

But that's all they need
to start going in on me.

Let me stay on philip,
see what he does --

So you can screw up again?

No, i don't want you
anywhere near this!
I'll tail him.

Stop it.
I can't have you --
i got the day off.

What else am i gonna do?

Go get your computer.

So that we can destroy it

Before boo radley
goes to the police.

He might not go
to the police.
Mm, of course he is.

Not if he's the killer.
He knows that they'll start
looking into him.

what are you doing?

He was sitting
right there.

If we find a strand of hair,
we can test it for his dna,

See if he's lying
about his birth parents.

I'll go get some tape,
see if he left any skin cells.

Guys --

Won't this work

He drank like four cokes
at the soup palace.


[ car horns honking ]

Asher: And nobody thought
to call me?

It wasn't a party.

Okay, but i still work
in this house, too,

And it feels really mean

That you guys never call me
for the cool crap.

Annalise: It's not all
about you, mr. Millstone.

Hey, i think i might've
screwed up with bonnie.

I know you screwed up
with bonnie,

And we're not
doing this now.

Let me guess --
from sinclair?

More discovery
on the hapstalls.

She's trying to drown us
in paper. Frank?


When are we getting
the dna results?

Just about
to run to the lab.

Bonnie would've already been
at the lab.

Laurel, with me.

No. Take mr. Millstone.
I need laurel here.

Let's go, doucheface.

Okay, can we please retire
that nickname?

I know you're mad at frank,
but to be fair, he's --

Don't defend
your boyfriend.

[ door closes ]

I need you to be
my new bonnie.

What happened
to the old bonnie?

She's out sick.

So, can you handle it,
or should i ask miss pratt?

I'll do whatever you need.

Asher: Have you heard
from bonbon today?

Why? You do something
to piss her off?

No, i -- i mean, yes,
she's pissed at me,

But the point is,
she's not calling me back,
and i'm worried about her.

My junk just inverted having
to listen to your whiny ass.

What's up, frank?

Rodge hit gold again?

I hate him.

Baby number two,
and we're still in
a one-bedroom.

What you want?

Rush job.

You know
i can't do this anymore.

You sure?
'cause my uncle

Might have a duplex opening up
near state street.

Connor: Do it.

There's still some stuff
i need to save on here.

Okay, i will do a whole naked
pic session for you tomorrow.

But maybe laurel's right.

Maybe philip won't go to the --
the police. Maybe he's just --

What is wrong with you?

This is serious, oliver,

Like "end of life
as you know it" serious.

Okay, you're being
a little dramatic.
Oh, you think?!

[ grunting ]

[ sighs ]

I feel better.
Do you?


♪ crying in there ♪

♪ dreaming so fast
that i don't understand ♪

♪ i'm walking in dreams
with an elephant man ♪

♪ i'm walking so fast
that i don't understand ♪

♪ i'm flying in here ♪

♪ crying in there ♪

♪ dreaming so fast
that i don't understand ♪

[ beep ]

Bonnie, it's me.

I'll give you space
if that's what you need, but...

You know me.

I screw up, and...

[ sighs ]

I'm here when you're ready.

[ knock on door ]

[ door opens ]

would like to see you.

I'm sorry.
I can speak for myself.
Excuse me,
you can't just --

Laurel, it's okay.
What is it?

Caleb keeps calling me.

Tell him there's no progress
on the case.

That's what i keep saying,
but it's not working,

So i was thinking i could go
over there and distract them --

Review the suspect list
or pretend to prep them
for the stand again.

We can't just
keep avoiding them.

I know.

You're right.

Annalise: I was wrong
not to tell you before.

philip now knows he's a suspect.

Have you ever seen him



Wes: You sure?

You've lied to us

Who do you think you are?
Annalise: Caleb --

You're lucky
we haven't fired you yet!
You're right.

We have good news, though.

We're testing philip's dna

Against the sample we found
at the crime scene,

And if it matches,

Sinclair will drop
the charges against you.

You don't know that.
Michaela: We do.

We'll be able to
prove that philip had
motive and means.

If the dna matches.

Until then, all we know is
that you screwed up again.

And what about our safety?

This guy knows who we are,
where we live.
[ cellphone ringing ]

Don't you guys have
like a million servants?

We fired everyone after sandra
leaked that photo.

We have someone watching philip.
Don't worry.

Someone who actually knows
what they're doing?

Not now.

It's sinclair.

She wants to offer catherine
and caleb a plea deal.

15 years -- each.

I think that's more than fair,
don't you?

Do not address my clients.

Why this deal now?

Resources are a little scarce
around here lately.

Which makes it easier for us
to beat you in trial.

Where i'll be gunning
for life sentences.

15 years seems like a great deal
in comparison.

We'll talk about it.

The offer expires
after 5:00 p.M. Today.

After that,
we go to trial.

Let's go.

This is good.
We're close to trial,

And sinclair just proved
that she's scared.

And she should be.

She's based her case entirely on
the testimony of a dead racist

And a missing
murder weapon.

Now, i don't smile often,
but this...

I'm smiling.

Shouldn't we at least
consider taking it?

See? This is exactly
what she wants.

She's presented you with a deal
so you'd get scared.

Well, it worked.
I think we need to at
least think about it.

We're not
pleading guilty.

It's 15 years versus
the rest of our lives.

Or zero years
because i will win.

I want the day
to think about it.

[ sighs ]

I'll talk some sense
into him.

It's time to break out
the boobs again.

Go to the mansion
and convince him not
to take the deal.

On it.

What if he's guilty,
He's not guilty.

Then why else
is he even considering it?

Innocent people take
bad plea deals all the time.

Go. Make me proud.

Professor keating, i have
a question about this photo

From the crime scene
of the mansion.
[ cellphone ringing ]

I still haven't heard
from her.

Do you blame her?

I know, but i-i'm sorry --
i can't just do nothing here.

That's exactly
what you're gonna do.

I know bonnie.

Give her space.


Great, okay, we don't need
to look at blood spatter.

Who is it?
It's catherine.

She wants to see wes.

Wes: Wow.

So, that was you

Who painted that portrait
in the living room, too?

And don't say it's creepy.

[ chuckling ]
no, i wasn't.

I was just gonna say
it's --

I didn't bring you here
to talk about painting.

You think we should take
the plea deal, don't you?

Caleb: She sent you
to get in my head, right?

I asked to come.

You need someone
to talk this through with.


Get me someone objective, then,
who doesn't work for annalise.

You should talk to annalise
about this.

I don't trust her.
Neither does caleb.

And whatever michaela's
telling him right now

Is based on the fact
that she's into him,

But you've
leveled with me before,

And i need you
to do it again.

Should we take it?

That depends.

If you're guilty.
We didn't do it.

Then you've got
your answer.

You need to...

Consider the life you'd have
once you get out of jail --

Just another black felon

No one wants to give
a second chance to.

but at least we'd...

Be able to get out
in eight years or less
for good behavior, right?

And we have no idea what's
gonna happen during the trial.

True. The system's
not always about justice.


About which attorney can twist
the truth in their favor.

Annalise can do that.

Take me out of the equation
and put yourself in it.

If you were me...

Walking in my shoes.

...What would you do?

I'd bet on annalise.


Wes: I told her
i'd take the deal.

You what?!

If they're guilty,
it's g--
who says
they're guilty?!

You're letting your feelings
for caleb cloud your judgment.

I don't have feelings for caleb.
I'm doing my job!

Leave us alone, michaela.

But he just screwed our --

[ sighs ]

[ door closes ]
is this about rebecca?

You believed her
when she said she was innocent,

And she hurt you.

this isn't about that.

Is it about me, then?

Are you still mad
at me? Nate?


Then why tell catherine
to take the deal?

Because that's what
i should've done.

I should've...

Turned myself in for sam.

Instead, it just weighs on me,
on...You, on all of us.

So, if i just...

[sighs] told the truth,
done whatever time i deserved,

We could've all
moved on by now.

You protected rebecca,
and now i'm protecting you.

No one deserves
to go to jail for that.

You hear me?



Go home.

You're letting your feelings
cloud your judgment.

You're off the case
until i say otherwise.

[ door opens, closes ]

I can't risk losing my job
right now, frank.

No one
has to lose their job.

We just need you to put us
up on the list.

I tried, but some a.D.A.
Just dumped

Like 300 samples on me
this morning.

So sneak us in with those.
Wait. What a.D.A.?

Just tell me
how i can sweeten the pot.
Was it emily sinclair?

Yeah. Why?

There's a bug
in the house.

Sinclair's been
tappin' our asses,

And not in the good way.

Why do you think that?

Because it's what she wanted
all along.

That's why she needed me
to testify,

So she could put a wiretap
on the house.

Judge: This is a closed hearing
for a wiretap warrant

On the residence
of annalise keating.

But you didn't testify.

Exactly, so she trojan-horsed it
in with the new discovery.

That's why she
suddenly offered catherine
and caleb the plea deal

And knew to stall
the dna sample,

Because she's been listening
to every word we've been saying

In that house
since yesterday.

Maybe mr. Millstone
should be my new frank.

Okay, we need to scour through
this hapstall discovery.

Look for it as if
your life depended on it.

No stopping until you find
the evidence

That pins this on philip
and not our clients.


We'll be on it, boss.

I'll look through
the zip drives, files.
Can't wait.

Witness statements.

[ papers rustling ]


Oh! Oh! Yikes.

♪ you're in the dark ♪

♪ just you and anger ♪
[ clears throat ]

♪ your oldest friend ♪

Nobody's leaving
till we find the...

Evidentiary file.
[ telephone ringing ]

Law office
of annalise keating.

Where's annalise?


She needs to come over
right away.

What happened?

It's caleb.

He took the plea deal.

It's illegal to talk
to the a.D.A. Without me.

It's called
ex parte communication,

And it voids
any deal you made!

That's only if sinclair
reached out to me,

But i called her and
negotiated the deal on my own.

It's a terrible deal!
You took 30 years!

So catherine
would get none!

Selfish idiot.

Michaela: She's right.
You are selfish and an idiot.

But until we go
in front of the judge,

It's still just an offer,
so you're gonna call her back

And tell her
you changed your mind.

Do it!

♪ 'cause everybody is dead
in this house ♪


I made my decision,

And as my lawyer,
you have to carry it out.

[ sighs ]

♪ everybody is dead
in this house ♪
[ clears throat ]

♪ aaaah ♪

What the hell?!

And nobody thought
to call me?

It wasn't a party.

Okay, but i still work
in this house, too.

♪ everybody is dead
in this house ♪

♪ kick down the door ♪

♪ kick through the pain ♪

♪ you've been talkin'
to the wall ♪

♪ everybody is dead
in this house ♪

♪ aaaaaah ♪

Asher: I was right.

Well, mostly right.

It didn't come in the discovery,
but it came with the discovery.

Another win
for mr. Millstone.

All right,
so, what do we do now?

We take the bug to the police,
exterminate it?

No. We use it.

Annalise: I'm advising caleb
to take the plea deal.

[ stiffly ] but why?

Because he confessed to me
at the house.

So? Sinclair's got
no case.

Plus, we've been handing her
her ass this whole time.

That's not true anymore.

Caleb showed me
where he was hiding the gun.

It's in a toolbox
in the basement.

But why'd he do it?

Because of catherine.

They've been sleeping together
since they were teenagers

And finally confessed
to ursula and grant.

[ vehicle doors closing ]

And then they threatened
to go public with it.

Their parents
threatened them back --

Threatened to cut them
out of the will.

[ pounding on door ]

Caleb snapped that night.

What is this?

We have a warrant
to search the premises.

Can't we just hide the gun,

Well, that's what i thought,
but now catherine knows, too.

She told caleb that
she would go to the police

And tell them everything.

I told caleb to call sinclair,
take the deal.

30 years for killing
your parents in cold
blood is not bad.

Annalise: Do they teach
fourth amendment violations
in night school?

'cause this is
what this is.

You have
no probable cause here,

And any judge
is gonna agree with me.

Go ahead.
Call the judge.

By that time, we'll have found
our murder weapon.

Ms. Sinclair?

What the hell
is going on?

No luck.
Basement's clear.

Check it again.

We turned over the whole thing.
No gun, no anything.

What time is it?

The offer expires
after 5:00 p.M. Today.


[ cellphone ringing ]

[ police radio chatter ]

[ cellphone beeps ]

Nate: I'm at the station.

Philip's here.

He's giving a statement.

How long
has he been in there?

About...A half-hour.

What's he saying?

I'll find out.

I think i can fix this.

What do you mean?

You don't need to know.

No, nate,
you just got your job back.

And i already made up my mind.
We'll talk later.

[ indistinct conversations ]


Reed: Let me guess.
Our guy's got a record?

This is his third time
reporting a stalking incident

In the past two years.

So, he's off
his lithium again.

We at least
need to look into it.

Agreed. Tomorrow.

But right now,
there is a guy

Waiting at the bar
to meet you.

Another cousin?

You'll like him.
He's even got a job.

I will have her call you back
as soon as i hear from her.

[ telephone beeps ]

It suits you --
the secretary schtick.



For being such
a supportive boyfriend.

I'm protecting you.

You think she actually cares
about you all of a sudden?

You're just being jealous
because she picked me over you,

And it's not cute.

No. I've just been around
the annalise block a few times

And know she's just using you
till bonnie's back.

Or i actually admire her.

Miss castillo
could be me one day.

But you? You can't even get me
dna results when i need them.

I'm doing my best.

Not good enough.

[ telephone rings ]

Law office of --

Caleb? Slow down.

Where is she?

Already in there.

She must've called her
behind my back.

I wonder who taught her
that move.


I'm gonna go to your boss

And tell him that you've been
having ex parte dealings

Not once but twice
with my clients,

And he's gonna send
your hick ass back

To whatever haystack
you crawled out of!

I'm from connecticut.

And don't be upset
that your client did
your job for you.

In fact, she negotiated
a better deal than
you would've --

10 years while her brother
serves none.

No way am i gonna let that
go through.

But i want you to.
I don't care.

There's no judge in their right
mind who would let this fly!

I guess we'll find out
in an hour.

Noon was the only time
judge garret had available.

See you then.

I'm not changing my mind.

I know.

So, look me in the eye
and tell me you're guilty.

'cause 10 years
for killing your parents

Is a deal i can get behind,

But only
if you actually did it.

I didn't do it.

[ sighs ]

Then why
are you doing this?
'cause of caleb.

He's not guilty,

But he'll take the deal
if that means protecting me.

But for once,
i have to take care of him.

You're not taking care of him.
You're punishing him.

I don't agree.

And you don't have to
understand that,

But you do have to be
my lawyer here.

We're taking the deal.

She's not thinking straight,

So we have think for her.

Call the house.
Tell everyone to get here.

They're already
on their way.

We'll research the grounds
to vitiate a guilty plea

And force the judge
to reject the deal.

We're on it.

Sinclair negotiated
with our client without
our knowledge.

So, we sue
for interference

In our attorney/client

And what? Report her
to the state bar?

That's gonna take days.

We only have 25 minutes.

We can tell the judge
the a.D.A. Broke rule 4.2,

Which is about
professional conduct.

Or we can ask
for sanctions.
15 minutes.

Catherine went to
sinclair for a plea deal,
not the other way around.

So? A defendant has
the legal right to be stupid.

Two minutes.
Bailiff: All rise!

[ clears throat ]

This is a plea hearing

For two counts
of first-degree murder

For the deaths
of ursula hapstall
and grant hapstall.

It's a conflict of interest
for an attorney

To represent both defendants
if one pleads guilty.

The defendant
can waive the conflict.

It's starting.
She's gonna kill us.

Before the court
accepts the plea,

It must be shown
on record

That the defendant knowingly,

And voluntarily

The nature and consequences
of her plea.

She could file a writ

The constitutionality
of the plea deal.

That would take months.

And additionally,

There must be a factual
basis for the plea,

Which, frankly,
i don't believe exists.

She's stalling, your honor.

I am merely
taking the matter seriously.

Given the severe punishment
miss hapstall might endure here,

I suggest that we send her out
on a pre-plea sentence report

Before we proceed
any further.

You guys,
we can do this.

Or it's already too late

And we're just too dumb
to know it.

Ms. Keating,
i've lost my patience.

It's not about patience
but of a young woman's life.

Enough of this.

Miss hapstall,
please stand.

Do you understand
that you're pleading guilty

To count one
of the information,

Which charges you
with first-degree murder

In the death
of grant hapstall?

Catherine: Yes.

I'm so sorry.

And count two,

Which charges you
with first-degree murder

In the death
of ursula hapstall?


And that if the court accepts
your guilty pleas today,

You will not have a right
to appeal them.

Do you understand?


Miss hapstall,

Do you accept
the prosecution's plea offer?

Do not answer.

Miss castillo
could be me one day.

But you? You can't even get me
dna results when i need them.

[ zipper unzipping ]

90 minutes' work
for $50,000.

Think about the baby.

Ms. Keating,
i've had enough of this!

I need an answer
from your client.

One moment, your honor.

I changed my mind,
your honor.

I'm not accepting
this deal.

[ spectators murmuring ]

I messed it up.
I messed up real bad!

No, it's not gonna work.

I am breathing.

I'm trying.
Can you please just --

I'll call you back.

You know,
there are meds for that.

What is this?

Caleb and catherine's

But rather than bury it
in boxes of discovery
like a coward,

I'm bringing it to you

Philip jessup's dna
is a 99.4% match

To the dna found
at the crime scene,

But that's not
the best part.

The test shows an absence
of heterozygosity.

He's the product
of incest.

And we both know that
helena only had one brother.

Imagine, your parents
are the sick ones,

And you're the one that gets
thrown out with the trash.

I'd have killed them, too.

Good luck
in getting the jury to believe

That the inbred weirdo
didn't do it.

Are you wearing an apron?

I figured
you could use a good meal

After all the hard work
you've been doing.

My special sauce.


It's good.

Told ya.

Have a seat.
Wine's open.


What happened...

We can't just
not talk about it.

That's exactly what
we're gonna do.

I'm not mad at you,
if that's what you're
worried about.

We had a fight.

And what annalise said --

See, that's the name
i don't want to hear right now.

This apartment needs to be
an annalise-free zone.

But she's our boss.

You know
she's more than that.

And she's smart.

And she knows
the best way to break us up

Is to come between us.

We're not
gonna let that happen.

Why...Do you think

She doesn't want us
to be together?

'cause she's annalise.

And that's the last
we're gonna mention her.

Now, sit down,
tie a napkin around your neck...

And get ready to eat
the best meatballs you ever had.

[ utensils clattering ]

Why do i feel like

I'm actually getting kidnapped
this time?

I've just been thinking.

You clearly feel the need
for more thrills in your life,

So this...

Is that!

to criminal law.

So, are you gonna give me
a lecture or something?

No, but...

I am gonna teach you
a lesson.

[ knock on door ]

Wes gibbins?


Sign here.

Sorry to barge in.

What's wrong?

Um, is catherine here?

She's asleep.
Why? Are we in trouble?

No, no, no.
Everything's great.

Why are you here?

[ chuckles ]

Oh, i'm sure i've just been
making this all up in my head,

Or you're gay and i've been
misreading all the cues,

But i just --
i have to know,

At least
so i can stop wondering --
i like you.

It's unprofessional,
i know.

That's why i haven't been
too forward.

But you're not
making it up.

You're beautiful.

And i like you.

[ chuckles ]

It's, um...
It's not unprofessional.

Not anymore.

We won today, so...


I've wanted to do this
since the first time i saw you.


[ cellphone pings ]

What happened?

It's good news, actually.

Sinclair called the chief
about philip.

They're starting
their investigation into him

First thing
in the morning.

[ sighs ]

Thank you so much.

I'll go.


Why are you doing this?

Helping me?

It's not about
helping you.

It's about sinclair.

She's made
my life hell, too.

Is that the only reason?




[ breathing heavily ]

You're nervous again?

I want to know you.


[ breathes heavily,
giggles ]

You taste like my sauce.

[ laughs ]

What was that?

I don't know --
probably the janitor.


let's give him a show.

[ both chuckle ]


[ gasps ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ siren wails in distance ]

Oh, my god.

I have to tell you something.

Not exactly the first thing
you want to hear after sex.

[ chuckles ]


[ pounding on door ]

What's wrong?!

Where are the photos?

You're scaring me.

I know.

But you'll see why.

Wes: Look!

Right there.

It's one of
catherine's paintings.

Michaela: Oh, my god.

Is that...

I found it here
last week.

Annalise: Sinclair just proved
that she's scared.

She's based her case entirely on
the testimony of a dead racist

And a missing
murder weapon.

What if she killed them?

[ car door closes ]


Don't worry.
I'm gonna take care of this.