How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - I Want You to Die - full transcript

Annalise and the team defend a client accused of badgering a person to the point of suicide; Eve (Famke Janssen) defends Nate again when he faces possible new charges.

Previously on "how to get away with
murder"... I want you to kill me.

I'm not the woman
you think I am.

I gave Nia those pills
because I loved her.

[Annalise]: I framed him.

Because you killed Sam?

Because I'm protecting
the person who did.

So, I did something bad.

What did you do?

I kept searching for
the secret baby

Even though you told me not to.

His name's Philip Jessup.

Emily Sinclair got the D.A. To
open an investigation on me.

We're done, ash.

[Sinclair]: Girl to girl, I
thought you should know

The real about your boyfriend.

In case he hasn't told you
about Tiffany Howard.

Tiffany was gang raped.

[Michaela]: Connor!

If you don't want to
come, then don't.

Okay, but just think
for a second.

No more excuses. We
know better this time.


What do we do?

Stop them.

Relax. I left the gun in
your house this time.

[Annalise]: Have some balls, Mr.

Your client's going
down for murder

Unless you can find someone
else to pin it on.

For our case, it's
Mother Teresa.

So, how are you gonna
turn her into a killer?

Well, normally, you'd
start by mining

The suspect's
personality traits.

Such as...


I don't know.

She's kind of the most selfless
person who ever lived.

Well, use that.

She has an inflated sense of
self-worth, thinks she's god.

What else?

Is she a egomaniac, a secret
abuser of children, a...

[Laurel]: Sad loner. Philip only
has four friends on his profile,

And they're all from his
gaming community, And look...

He's alone in almost all his
pictures, No family, friends.

May be a loner, but he's got
some bomb-ass game controllers.

We can argue that he's got
antisocial personality disorder,

That he's prone to violence,
homicidal tendencies...

Charity work... uh, most of it
focused on hospice care, so...

I don't know how that could
tie into her motive.

I do.

Maybe she killed for love or...

[Connor]: Money.

Philip gets minimum wage
at his grocery-store job,

Explaining why he'd be after
the Hapstall fortune.

We need an emotional motive for the
jury, Can't just be financial.

He's got white man's rage.

Here he is poor and lonely,
while two minorities

Live the wealthy life his
blood entitles him to.

Did Mother Teresa have the
means to commit this murder?

Well, the victim was a
small child, and...

Since Mother Teresa often
worked with poor children...

Poor, vulnerable children.

Philip lives within two miles
of the Hapstall Mansion.

We just have to prove he was in
town The night of the murders.

You haven't figured
that out yet?

We're working on it.
Work faster.

Go through discovery.
Study the crime scene.

Get me proof that
Philip is a killer

So I can spring it on
Sinclair before the trial.

What about Catherine and Caleb?

Um, should we tell them
that we found him?

So they can confront him
and do something stupid?

No. We say nothing
until we know more.

Which means no pillow
talk with your boyfriend.

[Woman over P.A.]: Dr.
Patterson, dial 2131.

Dr. Patterson, 2131.

[Brenda]: There's this, too.

She made it for your birthday
and asked me to hide it.

No, my wife did not make this.

She did.

Why doesn't it look like crap?

Well, I might've cleaned up
the ends just a little bit.

[Woman]: Are you Nate Lahey?

Yeah. What do you need?

You've been served.

Sinclair's saying Nia's
death was foul play.

She wants the judge to let
her test Nia's blood.

Nia was cremated.

They took blood samples
after she died

For some clinical trial.

So, those pills I got you...

I didn't give them to Nate.

You sure?

I got to know if I'm
gonna protect us here.

If you want to protect us,
Kill Emily Sinclair.

I was wondering
when you'd show up.

♪ S02E07 I Want You to Die (2015) ♪
Originally aired on November 5, 2015

Did the two of you
kill her together?

Ha. Great.

So now I'm gonna have
to defend both of you.

I did it... On my own.

She called me first,
asked me for pills.

Of course she did,
because who doesn't ask

Their husband's
mistress to off her?

Okay, that...

I'm very sorry for your loss, Nate.
I am.

But what you did...

You knew Sinclair wanted
to take you down.

She wanted to take
me down, not him.

I'll fix it... or try.

Nia was stage four?

For over a year.

That's our answer then...

Convince the judge Nia
died of natural causes

And that Sinclair has some
vendetta Against the two of you.

But you are not allowed
anywhere near this.

The fact that there's
been any contact

Between the two of you
since I left is crazy.

You both know it, so don't
make me say it again.

We have to prep.

Don't worry. I got this.

[Asher]: Hey, you didn't
call me back last night.

I fell asleep early.

Okay, but this thing with my
dad has gotten worse. They've

removed him from the bench Until
the investigation's over.

Which is the least he
deserves, don't you think?

I guess, but he's blaming me.

And you? Aren't you blaming you?

For what? What you and your
friends did at trotter lake.

[Michaela]: What's trotter lake?

It's rude to eavesdrop.

Hey, wait. Bonnie.

I'm meeting Annalise at court.

I know. Just...

Look, who told you?

I just confront you with the
fact That you and your friends

gang raped a girl, And your
response is who told me?

No, I-I wasn't a part of that.

I... it was my party,
but I was downstairs.

They were upstairs... You
could've stopped them.

N... I-I was drunk.

What an original excuse.

Your client hacked into
the Tidwells' cellphones

Then stole private texts of a sexual nature
Sent between a husband and his wife.

Allegedly stole.

He then printed and distributed them To
every member of their church congregation.

Allegedly... you have no
proof my client did this.

Right. There's just
proof he did this.

Your client might've gotten away With
harassing Sharon's last two husbands,

But this time he went to far, to
the point where Marco Tidwell

Felt his only escape
was to do a swan dive

Off the 15th floor of the
Eisenworth building.

No one can make someone commit suicide.
I disagree.

Then let's go to trial.
It starts in a few hours.

Five years. Six months,
two years probation.

Four years minimum security.

Prussian blue.

You wore that same color The
first night of our honeymoon.

Two years, or we walk.

Did you wear that for me?

What do you say?
Do we have a deal?

You did, didn't you?

Do not make the deal.

Sharon. Honey.

You're delusional, Dale.

A-and now you've killed the
love of my life, so enough.

We're going to trial.

That woman doesn't love you, you hear me?
Not one ounce.

Well, that's where we disagree.


Your trial is in four hours.

We don't have time to eat.

See if the judge will
Grant us a continuance.

I'll go now.

Then tell Bixby to take the
assault, or it's six to eight.

I'll call you back.

Nate lost his wife after
watching her suffer for years.

Or he killed her so
he could be with you.

Do I need to talk
to your boss again?

I was told to back off
of you, not Mr. Lahey.

It's just a simple blood test.

If he has nothing to
hide, why object?

You're messing with
the wrong bitch.

Is that a threat?

I guess you'll see.

You know, there are people on
the other side of this door.

I thought getting caught
was the fun part.

Are you getting soft on me?


Oh, neither are you. Mm.

I thought you had your trial.

That's why I'm here...
To get help.

I take it that all this
playtime Means that

you've already found
evidence to convict Philip.

Working on it.

Miss Castillo with me.

So, we need to prove
that our client

Had nothing to do with
that man's suicide,

That he jumped off the building
for some other reason.

Our client jumped
off a building?

The victim, Marco Tidwell.

Our client, Dale,
he stalked Marco,

So find out what he
knows about him.

What... what Dale knows,
or what Marco knows?

My god. Mr. Gibbons, help Miss.
Castillo Figure out my case.

No, I can do it. You just...

And I'd rather work
on the Hapstalls.

I'm sure Laurel's got it.

You think this is a democracy?

You go where I tell you to go.

Should I help, too? See
if Bonnie needs anything?

Great. Now you got two
men holding your hand.

Wow. Way to set feminism
back a few steps.

Me? It's her.


If I were Marco, I would've
killed myself, too.

He only made $85,000
a year, you know?

That's actually a lot of money.

No, bro, it's not, but
it's cute you think that.

How do you know how
much Marco made?

I went through his tax returns.

And you claim you're
not a stalker.

I was looking out for Sharon.

She has expensive tastes.

I wanted to make sure
her new husband would

be able To provide
what she deserves.

What else did you
find out about him?

Anything that'd make
him commit suicide?

He went to church.

Religious people are less
likely to commit suicide.

Okay, what if he went to
church three nights a week?

Who does that unless
they're depressed?

Ha. You have a really strange
way of looking at the world.

Wait. He went to
church at night?

Marco was an alcoholic. He wasn't going
to church. He was going to AA meetings,

Which proves he had
substance-abuse issues

That we could argue
led to suicide.

The anonymity of AA meetings
is protected under the law.

Then let's ask
Sharon on the stand.

She's not gonna admit
her husband was a drunk

If it helps Dale's case.

She will if we make her.

[Annalise]: Was your
husband an alcoholic?

They told me you would try
and blame the victim.

Answer the question, Mrs.

No, my husband was
not an alcoholic.

So why else would he go to St.
Colette's church

Three times a week for
alcoholics anonymous meetings?

He went to church to worship.

He was a godly man.

Mrs. Tidwell, would you
be surprised to know

That we have dozens of
security-camera photos

Of Marco attending
this AA meeting?

Wait. We have photos?

She's bluffing, you idiot.

I-I don't know.

I-I might recall him saying that
he was interested in going.

So you lied.

You knew he was an alcoholic.

Because alcoholics are
three times more likely

To suffer from clinical depression
Than the general public.

Marco was not depressed.

Your honor, where is
the medical evidence?

And that's why he
killed himself.

It wasn't because of my client.

It was because he was a drunk

Who couldn't stand his
life with you any longer.

If Ms. Keating continues to treat
my witness With such disrespect...

Relax. Mrs. Tidwell gave me everything
I need to know. No further questions.

Your next witness, Mr. Nelson?

I'd like to call the victim,
Marco Tidwell, to the stand.


Mr. Tidwell's
posthumous testimony

Wasn't on the evidence list.

Only because I wanted to spare Mrs.

The undue pains of hearing
her husband's 911 call,

But since Ms. Keating has
dragged us into the muck,

I have no other choice.

This is hearsay, your honor.

It's a dying declaration, Ms.

Let's just hear it.

[Woman]: 911. What's
your emergency?

[Marco]: This is Marco tidwell.
And I'm going to kill myself.

Where are you, Marco?

The roof of the
eisenworth building.

Marco, listen...

I'm calling so that
bastard hears this.

He needs to know he did this.

Marco, I understand
how painful this is.


Marco? Marco?

Marco, are you there?



We switch to an
insanity defense.

Or have Dale ruled
unfit to stand trial.

We'll look desperate
to the jury.

[Wes]: Reapproach the
prosecutor about a deal?

That's called losing.
We don't do that.

Ms. Castillo, any ideas?

Or are you just gonna let the
men think of them for you?


Why do I even bother asking?

Find me something I
can use in court.

Look. Caleb's calling.

Now, why does Caleb
have your number?

I gave it to him when I was
prepping him for trial.

Oh, you mean preppin'
him for that ass.

Answer it. Come on.

So I have to pretend like we
haven't found Their killer cousin?

Not happening.

You're no fun.

There he is.

Hey, uh, good news... Philip was
in town the night of the murders.

What's going on?

How do you know?

He posted to reddit that night,

And his I.P. Address
puts him in the city.


O-one of you explain right now.

I asked your boo to help us
out on the hacking angle.


Today. I-I texted you.

Where should I set up?

On the couch. Take
whatever space you need.


What the hell?

Relax. He's not my type.

I thought you said no contact.

Between you and Nate.

How are you?

I know you're mad.

And I would've called,

But I haven't had a
second to myself.

Do I look mad?

I know you got a lot going on right now.
I can see that,

But you're not the only
one with a personal life.

Who is she?

Oh, no, no, no, you don't
get to ask me that.

You're blushing.

Oh, stop.

I have a life in New York,
yes, but don't worry.

There's no one worth
being jealous over.

I have to make a confession.

I'm maybe just a tiny bit happy
that Nate killed his wife...

'cause it means I get
to see you again.

You could throw the hearing...

Nate goes to jail,
we run off together.

We could open a practice,
but in Paris...

Work 20 hours a week.

Spend weekends in bed.

All right.

We've both got work.

Thank you for
taking care of him.


Please talk to me.

You should be helping
Laurel prep Dale.

Can I at least explain
to you my version

So you can hear it from me
Instead of sinclair,

Who I assume is the
one that told you?

It doesn't matter who told me.

It does.

Look, I made this stupid video
at my parent's lake house.

We threw a party,
everyone was drinking,

A bunch of people went upstairs.

Four guys took one
girl upstairs,

So don't you dare
say you didn't know

What they were going
to do to her.

I didn't, though.

But later she said everyone saw
her leave the house crying.

Or were you so drunk
you don't remember

Calling your dad and asking
him to cover it all up?

I called him because I
was worried about her.

He decided to cover it up.

And you let him.

And now she thinks about it
every day, what you didn't do,

While you get to live your life

Without even thinking about her.

I do. I think about her.

But still you haven't
done anything about it.

You lied. You did not text me.

Because I knew you'd
say not to come.

For your own good.

You're putting
yourself in danger.

Okay, if I'm in danger,
then so are you.

And guess what? I'm a big boy.

I can make my own decisions.

Besides, everything you guys
get to do in this house

Is way more fun than my
boring-ass I.T. Job.

Will you please ta... Just
take this seriously, okay?

No. I've made up my
mind I'm not leaving.

So stop being such a buzzkill.

[Annalise]: Where are
we on Dale's case?

Uh, what if we pin it on Sharon,
say she forced him to jump?

You can't force someone
to commit suicide.

Says who?

And since when are you the
expert on all things suicide?

Your mother killed herself.

How do you know that?

Wes. I'm gonna put
you on another case.

Why hide back here?

There's room in the front.

Annalise wouldn't want
you to miss a word.

Oh. Um, no, I'm just doing
some research for class.

[Tipstaff]: All rise! Right.

This is case 903921,
an evidentiary hearing

To determine whether
there is cause

To test the postmortem
sample of Nia lahey's blood.

The burden is on the prosecution

To establish the relevance
of such testing.

Ms. Sinclair, shall we begin?

[Michaela]: Frank. What?

Look. This report, it shows
the police found DNA

At the Hapstall crime scene
that doesn't match anyone

That lives or works
at the mansion.

Sinclair probably filed
it in the wrong folder

So we wouldn't find it.

Friggin' mystery DNA. Yeah.

If it matches Philip, it puts
him at the murder scene.

We could sneak into his
house, get a sample.

We are not breaking in
to our suspect's house.

[Oliver]: Phew! That
sounded scary.

Who are you?

Um... Oliver.

It's an honor to meet you, Ms...

Professor keating...
Mrs. Keating.

You're the man that's
constantly saving our asses.

It's nothing really. I just...

No, it's something to me.

Thank you for your hard work.

She's so much nicer
than you said.

Did Mrs. Lahey ever
express to you her desire

To end her life when
you were her nurse?

It's quite common for oncology
patients to talk about dying.

To the point of asking for
pills to kill themselves,

Which your fellow nurses claim Mrs.
Lahey asked you about?

Objection. Hearsay.

I'll rephrase.

Did you provide Mr. Lahey with
the potentially lethal drug


No. Of course not.

Could you please
read the visitor log

And tell us what time Mr.
Lahey arrived

At the hospital on the
day of his wife's death?

[5]:02 P.M.

And according to Ms.
Lahey's death

certificate, What was
the time of her death?

[6]:42 P.M.

So she passed an hour and a half

After Mr. Lahey arrived
at the hospital.

If that's what you say.

Isn't that also the same
amount of time it takes

A lethal dose of secobarbital
to kill someone?

Neither the prosecutor
nor the witness

Can testify to medical facts.

Well, it doesn't take
a doctor to conclude

That Mr. Lahey poisoned
his wife to death.

Objection. You don't
understand, do you,

What's it's like to watch
someone you love dying

When they're begging
you to kill them?

Strike that response.

It's taking away their pain.

Why shouldn't that be legal?

Your witness.

Ms. Rothlo?

No questions, your honor.

What the hell?

[Wes]: Nate lost.


The judge only took
15 minutes to decide.

They're gonna test Nia's blood.

That's not all.

She didn't cross the nurse.

What do you mean?

Eve. I think she threw the case.

I ordered you a vodka.

I thought we're not supposed
to be seen together.

Relax. I don't think anyone

In the American bar
association's hanging out here.

Would you eat potato
skins if I ordered them?

Stop this, and talk to me.

Or mozzarella sticks?

Eve, please, tell me...

Did you throw the case?

Is that what your spy told you?

Is he right?


Who is he, by the way?

You two aren't...

I don't sleep with my students.

You could. You're single now.

Just tell me, why didn't
you cross the nurse?

Because we'd already lost.

If Nate didn't do this,

He'd want Nia's blood tested
just to prove he's innocent.

That doesn't mean that you
don't cross your key witness.

It does if you want to
keep her on your side.

What are you up to?

Nate knows the plan.
That's all you need to know.

Why are you doing this?

Because you asked me to.

That can't be the only reason.

I told you I don't expect
anything from you.

But shouldn't you?

Because I want to be
the person that...

Can give you what you want. I do,

but... You are not in a place
to choose anyone. I know.

Which is why it's good
I'm not asking you to.

We're old friends who enjoy each
other's company. That's all.

All right?

Did you two want to
order something?

I'll have another one.
And, um...

Potato skins and mozzarella sticks.
What the hell?

[Wes]: This can't be real.

I asked Oliver to look up
Asher and trotter lake,

And this is what came up.
What are you doing?

Watching you try to rap.

This is a prank, right? Give it to me.
You didn't want to make this?

Please, it's just a stupid
thing I made in college.

Ooh! Expensive stupid thing.

Seriously, how much did
daddy pay for that?

It doesn't matter, and I hate
you, Oliver, for finding it.

Turn it off.

I said turn it off!

Don't make me be Annalise and
yell at you to do your jobs.


You think you could find a
prosecutor's address for me?



I was wondering if
you could help me.

Hope so.

I was at a dinner party
last night, And I shared

a cab with a woman to here.
She left her gloves.

At least I think this
was her building.


Here's her picture.

Do you recognize her?

Sharon. Yeah.

But she doesn't
actually live here.

They're screwing...

Sharon and the prosecutor. I had a gut
feeling when I saw them together,

So I went to his apartment,
and the doorman confirmed it.

Sharon goes there all the time.

Maybe she meets him
there for meetings.

Late at night?

'Cause that's when the
doorman's seen her there.

That doesn't mean he'll testify
Against the D.A.. He works for.

What if the doorman liked me?

Wait. You're willing to screw the
guy to get him to take the stand?

No, I won't actually
have sex with him.

But you can use sex.

Be honest.

Is there any chance
you're wrong about this?


They're sleeping together.
I know it.

Ms. Keating, are you ready
to call your first witness?

I am, your honor.

I'd like to call assistant
District Attorney Barrett Nelson.


Putting a prosecutor on the stand
I-is completely unprecedented.

A.D.A. Nelson brought
this on himself.

Ms. Keating is
grandstanding, nothing more.

If I'm grandstanding, then
why not take the stand?

A man of integrity
such as yourself,

You have absolutely
nothing to hide, right?

- [Laurel]: I'm sorry.
- This will just take a minute. Then we can go get a coffee.

I'd wait for you
all day, Señorita.

Oh, my god, you're hilarious!


[Annalise]: You would help Mrs.
Tidwell whenever

She needed a restraining
order, is that correct?

Over 20 orders in all
against your client.

I'd be happy to go over
each one in detail.

And was there ever a
conflict of interest

Affecting your ability to
fairly prosecute my client?

Not that I know of.

Allow me to help you out.

Did you ever have a relationship with Mrs.
Tidwell That became romantic?

That's a slanderous accusation.

Not if it's true.

Answer the question, Mr. Nelson.

Have you been sleeping
with Sharon tidwell?

Of course not.

There you are. She
wants to talk to you.

Right now?

That's what she said.

I'm so sorry. Come
with me really quick.


Oh, I got this door, buddy.

[Annalise]: Really? You're telling
me that there's no one In this

courtroom that can testify To such
an inappropriate relationship...

Your doorman, for example?

What the hell is this?

You're a material witness.

The judge can hold you in
contempt if you leave.

Are you prosecuting my
client to cover up the fact

That you are actually the man
that drove Marco to suicide?

You are out of control. You
were sleeping with his wife,

Which means that
you are the "he"

That Marco kept referring
to in his 911 call.

Isn't that right, Mr. Nelson?

Are you not answering
because you know

That anything you say will prove
prosecutorial misconduct...

You'd be disbarred, or,
worse, be sent to prison?

I take the fifth.

[Modena]: Mr. Nelson,
I want to be sure

That you know what you're doing.
I do, your honor.

I assert the fifth
amendment privilege

Against self-incrimination.

I said you could do
it, and you did it.

I'm free!

And I have another
chance with Sharon.

No way their relationship
survives this.

Sharon hates you, Dale.

You're a stalker,
you're pathetic,

And you're fired.

You're welcome.

Excuse me? For helping
you win the case.

You want the trophy, it's
in a box in the basement.

Is this because of frank?

'Cause out of all
the terrible things

That happen in that house,
us being together...

I don't care that you two
are screwing. You do.

Otherwise, why treat me like crap
And let everyone else act crazy?

'Cause they are, all of them.
They're a mess,

and I'm the one
watching out for them,

Fixing problems before you
even know they exist.

Don't you think I know that?

Why would I? You
don't talk to me.

Because I don't need to.

Me not paying attention to you

Is the best compliment
you could ever get

'cause that means I don't
have to worry about you.

Go back to the office
and stop being needy.

Is that her?

Probably wants an update.

She worries about you.

She should.

What's your deal with her?


Really? We're doing this?

What, you worry this
will get more weird?


I-I don't know.


I missed her, I guess.

Have fun when I'm with her.


I hate her.

Yeah, but not really.

So, you ready to do this, or...

Do I need to give you
a big speech first?


I'm good.

[Woman over P.A.]: Paging Dr.


Oh, my god. Nate.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay. You were
looking out for me.

No, I never should've
exploded like that.

It's just that prosecutor.

She's a nightmare.

I know.

That's actually why I'm here.

[Wilder]: In the matter
of case number 903921,

The commonwealth contends That victim's
death is a potential homicide.

Therefore, per my instructions,
An independent lab has

completed a full panel On
Nia lahey's blood sample.

The toxicology report
states the following...

"the blood-drug-screen test
found no trace of secobarbital"

Or any other potentially
lethal medication

"In Mrs. Lahey's sample."

Mr. Lahey, this court extends Its
deepest sympathies for your loss.

We're adjourned.

Thank you.

[Wes]: You doctored the results.

Got someone from the hospital
to switch the blood sample

Or change the paperwork.

Case is over. Go tell
Annalise we won.

Why do you do it,
help her like this,

Even though you could
get in trouble?

You're making up
stories in your head.

And I can ask you the same thing.
You're the one

playing her spy when you
should be in class.

I don't have a choice.

What does that mean?

Nothing. Just...

Congratulations... On the case.

[Asher]: Look, I screwed up big time.
And, yeah, I was wasted, but

y-you're right. I saw them go up there,
and I didn't do anything, And...

Maybe that says a lot about me,

About how stupid I was
and how stupid I am,

But I didn't know they
were gonna do that.

I didn't and...

It happened, though, and they...

Raped her, and that's on me.

And I just want
to make it right.

I want to reach out
to her and apologize

and... And give her some money.

Money can't fix this.

I'll testify against my dad.

I want to tell the D.A.

That he covered this all up.

And what does Tiffany
get out of that?

She doesn't want to talk to you

Or go to court and
recount all the

horrible things That
happened to her,

And even you thinking she would
Shows how you still don't get this.

She went to a party,

and her life changed forever,

And everything she does now,
she works so hard to be okay,

While you just get to
keep on being you,

Oblivious and the fun guy.

I can't look at you
the same anymore.

I'm so sorry.

I don't care.

I do 'cause I-I care about you.

And I love you, and I understand
why this is your thing.

My thing?

Yeah, because of Sam,
what he did to you.

She told you, didn't she?

Put that away.

No more work tonight.

To Nate.


When are we going to Paris?

Oh, whenever you want.

But let's just make
sure we get a flat

With a view of the Sacré-Coeur,

even if it's
outrageously expensive.

Hmm. Oh, that's not a problem.

I've got Sam money.



Say it.

It's about that boy.

I told you I'm not
sleeping with him.

I know. It's not that.

He's the one you're
protecting, right?

I don't want to talk about it.

I wouldn't either. It
doesn't make any sense...

All this craziness to
protect some student?

He's not just some student.

It's him.


You are a very good person.

No. I'm not.

Fine, you're not.

But I still get to think so.

Oh, I got spanked.

By who?

Uh, I'm on dudefordude.

Philip has an online profile...

case, obviously...
So I made one, too.

You've lost it.

Hey, we can invite
him on a coffee date

And get his DNA from
the coffee cup.

Oh, my god. You are
one of us now.

N-no, he's not.

And you're not going on a coffee
date with a serial killer.

Okay, okay, fine, but,
um, what about you?

I used your pic. You're
much hotter than me.

Enough with the low self-esteem!

Seriously. I'd spank
you before Walsh.

What's going on with you,


Because you've
gone too far here.

Which is exactly what Annalise would
want us to do To win our case.

Frank, this is a
good plan, right?

No, it's not, and I'm not going
anywhere near the guy, so I...

You have to! This
is the only thing

That can get Catherine
and Caleb off!

I don't care about
your boyfriend!

I'll do it.

I-I can say that I used
some random guy's pic

Because of my low self-esteem.

That's not a bad idea.
You would do that?

No, you're not doing it.

You hear me?

You don't get to
act crazy anymore.

What if I want to?


What's going on?

You told him.

I didn't convince him not to testify.
That was you.

You fixed it like always, Except,
this time, I was the card you traded.

I traded your past, but
I saved your future.

And it worked, or else you'd
be in prison right now.

I don't get to be mad about this,
Is that what you're saying?

No, I'm saying you don't get
to be emotional about this.

You knew what trouble we were in.
What else could I have done?

Stop denying what you did!

[Laurel]: How is this a good idea?

[Michaela]: How is it not? Because
he could get caught or dragged

into the bathroom Where this
weirdo could torture and kill him.

Or maybe he's just gonna have
a cup of coffee with the guy.

It's a stakeout. It's sexy.

Oh, my god. Is that him?

You exposed me to him!

I didn't expose you.
I saved you.

You killed a girl in my basement

And put a plastic
bag over her head.

To protect you!

And I did what I did
to protect you.

No. You did this to ruin me,

The one good thing
I had in my life.

Oh, don't you dare.

Every good thing in your
life is because of me.

You mean despite you.

I'll be right back.

Where the hell you going?

I have to pee.

There's a gas station
just across the street.


Get me a snickers.

Pick up!

Pick up, pick up,
pick up, pick up.

Pick up, pick up...


I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Everything that you're
coming at me with right now

Is because of what your
father did to you,

And you need to finally
deal with that, Bonnie.

I deal with it every day.

Well, so do I! We
both do, okay?!

I'm not the person to be
angry with right now!

Shut up. You may hate me
for it, but it worked,

Shut up! All right, Bonnie?
Shut up! Shut up! It worked!


This isn't a snickers.

You eat too much sugar.

I think it's beginning
to affect your judgment.

You knew how much
this would hurt me,

Out of everyone you knew.

But you did it because
you wanted to.

You don't know how
to love anyone.

I don't know how to love anyone.

All right.

When you go back to
that fancy apartment

And you're rolling around in
bed with that 25-year-old boy

And you're not hanging
from a bedsheet

Behind some metal bars,

then you tell me that
I don't love you.

I want you to die.

That's what I want...

That it was you

they killed in this house,

Not Sam.

Because he'd have

never done this to me.

[Annalise]: What the hell were you
thinking? Get him out of there.

Relax. I got eyes on him.

You're an idiot.

You need to shut
it down right now.

But we're... right now!

Or else I'll call
the police myself.

You tattled?


Date's over.


Got ratted out. Let's go.

♪ I don't need no teacher ♪

♪ You come on my turf, I
be like, "bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ Bye, Felicia, bye, Felicia ♪

♪ I know how that work, we
be like, "bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ I know how that work, I
don't need no teacher ♪

♪ You come on my turf, I
be like, "bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ Bye, Felicia ♪

♪ ...On my turf, I be
like, "bye, Felicia" ♪

♪ Bye, Felicia, bye, Felicia ♪

♪ You come on my ♪

♪ I don't need no teacher ♪

♪ Bye, Felicia, I
know how it works ♪

[Philip]: Hi, Oliver. Ho!

How's your night going?

What do we do?

Stop them.


Michaela, no.