How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Two Birds, One Millstone - full transcript

Annalise takes on a new client, a transgender professor accused of killing her husband. Meanwhile, the Keating 5 are left to handle the Hapstall case and they discover a shocking new suspect.

Previously on "how to get away with murder"...
Anchorwoman: Caleb and catherine hapstall,
Accused of murdering their parents.
You think you were framed? Don't you?
I might be going to jail.
Very funny. I'm not kidding.
Nia wanted to see me.
She wanted me to get her pills.
Tell me you didn't say yes.
Of course not.
Why didn't you tell me about wes?
I saw you with him.
You're gonna tell me what's going on.
He thinks you killed rebecca.
Frank had you dump a girl's body in this cemetery.
Okay, that's enough.
I'd like to report a drug dealer.
Levi wescott. This your car?
Yeah. What's this about?
What the hell. That's not mine.
Now, once again, waitlist just drags us down
The rabbit hole to hell.
I killed him, asher.
I killed sam.
If you testify to everything that you know,
Bonnie and me will likely go to jail.
Emily: Full immunity on both trotter lake
And any connection to the murder of sam keating.
You know annalise is gonna come after you, too,
For the david allen case.
I did nothing wrong there.
I love you.
And I'm begging you not to do this.
Please, just stay here.
He's going to testify!
Just put it on me. [ gasping ]
And I'll take it.
Where's your computer?
Meet bonnie.
Man: Hey, there, pretty. We're gonna play a game.
Man: Blood pressure's 70 over palp. Pulse is thready.
We got a body.
[ monitor beeping ]
Is she okay?
Tell me! Is she gonna be okay?
Woman: We're taking her to surgery?
Why? What does that mean?
Sir, please, get out of the way.
She can't die.
Get him out of here.
Sir, they're doing everything they can.
-She's arresting. -Sir.
-Starting cpr. -What's wrong? -Push 0.1 of epi.
Sir, just let them do their job.
Tell me what's happening! Still no activity.
-Push one amp of calcium... -Just let them --
-Just let them do their job. -Push one more of epi.
Don't let her die!
[ siren wailing ]
[ car alarm chirps ]
We are innocent.
[ engine turns over ]
[ alarm blaring ]
[ alarm stops ]
Sorry. I'm sorry.
That gave me a heart attack.
I thought that was me.
You know you've become less and less sexy
With every new compliment you give yourself?
I don't believe that.
You go.
I don't think my legs work yet.
¶ take me far away ¶
¶ to escape myself ¶
¶ 'cause I was born to suffer ¶
¶ it kills my mind ¶ [ water running ]
¶ it kills me inside ¶
¶ happens all the time ¶
Wes: It's a suitcase full of cash.
Clearly it has something to do with rebecca.
Or it has nothing to do with her.
Frank: Hey.
Sure you don't want to hop in?
Save water.
Only 'cause I care about the environment.
What is this?
Oh, it's a list of bad things you could've done.
I know you said you couldn't tell me,
Which I totally appre--
-Terrorism? -See?
It'll be easy. We can strike that, right?
I'm not a terrorist, ollie.
Great. Let's cross off number two -- pedophilia.
Look, what I did wasn't actually that bad.
You said you could go to jail for it.
Which was an exaggeration.
Look, let's throw this away and...
Hey. ...Make use of the 10 minutes I have
Before I have to go to work.
[ chuckles ]
This is very manipulative of you.
This is very manipulative of me.
Ah! [ chuckles ]
Nate: You've reached nate lahey. Leave a message.
[ beeps ]
Where are you?
Please call me back.
Is that your bestie levi?
How's jail treating him?
I can take crap from connor and michaela, fine,
But you know I'm not crazy.
No. You've just made me crazy.
I snooped through frank's stuff this morning.
You found something? No.
And I won't because there's nothing to find.
Then what's with the suitcase?
Huh, we were right.
They're obsessing about the suitcase.
Fine, I'll stop, if one of you can explain
Why frank would have that much cash.
Maybe he has a gambling problem or distrusts banks.
Or is saving it to hire a hit man to kill wes
For letting me sleep with a drug dealer.
Okay, can we all stop this, please?
Forget about the suitcase and rebecca and levi
Before annalise finds out we've all gone bananas again.
None of this makes sense.
Did your mother drop you on your head as a baby?
Because we get it.
You're sad your little girlfriend flaked out on you.
You mean got killed. No.
That's the tall tale your little weenie brain made up,
So do whatever you need to do to silence the lambs
Or I will serial kill you.
Why aren't we in our seats?
The united states v. Mahoney.
Mr. Millstone.
Tell me the verdict.
Man: I'll go first, then you.
See? Just like this.
Bonnie: [ crying ]
Why the hell do you have that?
Does it matter?
How do you think bonnie felt when sam came at her that night,
When he put his hands on her?
You think she had a choice in how she reacted?
But I said I'd testify.
I know.
But the good part is that you still have time
To change your mind.
I'll protect you, asher.
But we need to protect bonnie, too.
That's what we do for people that we love.
Now forget you saw this.
Of course.
There's something else, though.
Sinclair knows about this thing I did.
It's bad.
Tell me everything.
I'll fix it.
There was no verdict in the u.S. V. Mahoney.
Due to the victim's concerns about suffering
Additional emotional harm, he didn't testify
And the judge had no choice but to dismiss the case.
What legal option did the prosecutor exercise
In allowing the victim's request not to testify?
[ door closes ] it doesn't make sense.
I know. I was shocked, too.
But he came to me before class and he said he changed his mind.
So, something you said clearly worked.
Well, his dad's involved, though, and sinclair.
How do we know he's not secretly cooperating with them?
This is my fault.
You're so used to me doubting you
That you can't see when you've done something right.
But that's exactly what you've done here.
You fixed this, and it makes sense.
He loves you.
Maybe you can't see it, but I can.
Sorry I had to go all jason bourne on you guys,
But, uh, your heads would literally kerplode
If you knew about all the crap going on in this house.
Really? You can't tell us anything?
No, not a peep.
Good. I don't want to know anything
That could get me into trouble.
Seriously, don't tell us anything.
I mean, I won't.
You know, a.K. Really wants to
Keep this genie in a bottle, so...
It's that intense.
I hear I owe you a fist bump for keeping our mole quiet.
What'd you do?
Promise a year's worth of lap dances?
Pretty much.
You need something?
Frank: When are you finally gonna talk to him?
Annalise: I don't know.
Sooner the better, I say.
The suitcase distracted him,
But he's a dog with a bone about rebecca.
Don't you think I know that?
I'll handle him the way I always do.
Right now, I have to go handle a bitch.
Ms. Keating, did we have an appointment?
I thought your schedule would be clear
Now that your star witness has abandoned you.
Mr. Millstone and I still have to talk about that.
No, you don't.
He sent me on his behalf.
I admire your ambition.
You see an opportunity to grab headlines
To make the big boys upstairs notice you,
But you're making a rookie mistake.
Of course you're gonna say that.
It's not my opinion. It's the law.
What you've done to mr. Millstone
Amounts to witness tampering and intimidation.
I make one phone call, and the press will make you out
To be an overzealous, law-breaking prosecutor
Desperate to take me down.
Why? Beats me.
But the reporters will come up with theories.
Jealousy, egomania, racism.
I'll lay off mr. Millstone, but only because
We still have the hapstall case together.
I look forward to destroying you in court.
Annalise: I know I talk a lot about winning.
And yes, a part of it is my pride.
But it's also about our clients.
Now, catherine and caleb have placed their lives in our hands.
Do I think they're guilty?
I have no clue.
But I do know what it feels like to be misunderstood,
To have people expect the worst from you.
And it doesn't feel good.
Now, we owe catherine and caleb our best,
And that means going back to the basics.
Who remembers step two?
Find a new suspect.
Annalise, it's professor hartford.
Tell her I'll call her back.
From the start, catherine and caleb have said
That they were framed.
Now, we need to find out who they think did that.
Go to the mansion --
-She says it's urgent. -Urgent my ass.
Tell her I don't want to go to her stupid anniversary party.
Our clients are rich.
Rich people usually have enemies.
We need to look at family members, business partners --
She says it's an emergency.
Oh, for god's sakes.
This better be good, jill.
Slow down.
Jill: He came at me with a bottle yelling.
I didn't know what to do,
So I grabbed it out of his hand and --
Oh, my god, annalise.
What'd you do?
I killed steven.
Tell me exactly what happened.
Jill: He was out all night.
He came home slurring, screaming at me.
I tried to leave for class, but he grabbed me.
He wouldn't let go.
Shouldn't I call the police?
In a second.
Was it the first time he came at you?
Was he abusive?
Jill, we don't have any time for secrets.
Sometimes when he'd drink, he'd get angry.
I should've left him a long time ago, I know.
Are there any signs of a struggle?
What do you mean?
Well, you're telling me it's self-defense,
That he attacked you.
Are there any signs of that?
He, uh, knocked over a chair
And, um, there's some stuff on the coffee table.
Did he hit you, leave any marks on your body?
There's some scratches on my arm.
All right.
I want you to hang up, call 911,
And don't talk to the police till I get there.
Not a word, okay? Okay.
Please hurry.
Gettin' your vitamin c game on?
[ chuckles ]
Why aren't you on your way to the hapstalls?
Oh, you didn't hear?
Caleb shot catherine, but not before she shot him,
And now they're both dead.
I can't thank you enough for -- I know this is weird.
You go.
No, you.
Just say something, asher.
I'm sorry...
For what happened...
To you.
What sam did.
It's not right.
It's not okay.
I just wish there was something I could say.
You just did.
And you're protecting me.
I should be the one thanking you.
How's your father?
Uh, I don't know. [ chuckles ]
I'm just...
Gonna ignore his calls till he chills.
Annalise can... Handle this, right?
Annalise takes care of everything.
[ sighs ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Annalise. Surprised you didn't get here before me.
I got here just in time
To see your boys contaminating the crime scene.
Let's make note of this officer here not wearing any gloves.
We'll be using that in court.
So you agree we're going to trial on this one.
If you're dumb enough to charge her.
Test his blood.
See how drunk he was when he attacked her.
You didn't talk to anyone, did you?
No, no.
I can't believe I did this.
You did not do this.
He did this the first time he attacked you, you hear me?
[ police radio chatter ]
[ car door closes ]
[ cellphone ringing ]
Michaela: Well, we obviously know
Who I think our number-one suspect is.
The racist.
Aunt helena.
She was next in line to get the money
If you two went to jail.
She's dead now.
Her money has to go to someone, though, right?
An ex-husband, a boyfriend.
A girlfriend.
Old ladies can like vag, too.
Our aunt willed all her money to a charity based in africa.
Hmm, the irony.
Laurel: What about miss guthrie?
She planted the sibcest photo of you two,
Had access to the house.
Her sister told the police she was home all night.
Why aren't we considering your real parents?
Your sperm and egg parents, not them.
-Oh, my god. -Those are our real parents.
You know what I mean.
We're not looking into our birth parents.
Why not?
A jury might buy that they resented
Your adopted parents' ability to give you what they couldn't.
So they murdered them in cold blood? That makes no sense.
It does if the birth parents knew
How much catherine and caleb would inherit.
Okay, no, we are not vilifying the people
Who were brave enough to put their biological kids' needs
Before their own, thus ensuring them a safe and loving home.
So...Please tell us
Those aren't the only potential suspects you have.
Ronald freestone.
Your dad's ex-business partner
Who was ousted from the board.
She thinks he was at risqué business all night.
The strip club?
I'll see who can put him there.
Bonnie, when jill called us,
Did she call us from her cellphone?
No, home.
He knocked over a chair
And, um, there's some stuff on the coffee table.
Annalise, is everything okay?
There's some scratches on my arm.
She used what I told her.
Stay by the phone.
Time to get honest.
There was no struggle.
You just made it look like one after our call.
I can explain. Not here.
Question for you, mrs. Hartford.
Who is this?
[ scoffs ] well, that's me. Was me. Why?
We've said all we're gonna say at this point, detective.
Now I know you're client's lying.
I haven't lied about anything. Don't engage.
You lied to your husband about what you are.
How dare you. You're out of line, detective.
My husband attacked me.
Only 'cause he finally found out what you hid from him.
Bastard. Enough.
So you killed him. No, I killed him
Because he was going to kill me first.
Don't you dare use who I am against me or you'll be next.
You swear steven knew.
Oh, my god.
Listen, you heard the detective.
They want to make this into a story they can understand.
That story's played out.
I know.
I told steven on our third date.
Can anyone vouch that steven knew?
Annalise. I'm not asking for myself.
I'm asking so I can defend you.
Yes. There's people that can vouch for it.
What they didn't know is that he was beating me,
Because I covered up for him again and again.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
Why stage the crime scene?
I exaggerated it.
Because I knew no one would believe me.
How do you know?
Because I do.
No, you don't, and now there's a chance that they'll find out.
Cece mcdonald.
She killed a man...
For attacking her because she was trans.
It was self-defense, but she had to take the deal
And she ended up in a men's prison
Because she knew no one would believe her.
I needed them to believe me.
Okay what?
Let's teach these bastards a lesson.
Where have you been?
Doesn't matter.
It does.
Frank used his storage locker the night rebecca disappeared.
I went inside and found all this cash in a suitcase.
Tell your friend. What's his name?
He's in jail for dealing,
But I think annalise set him up.
Are you hearing what I'm saying?
And I'm done...
With anything having to do with annalise.
Stop calling me.
Asher: What about the staff? You know, my family used to have
This one sticky-fingered maid named paulette.
Her kid would show up wearing my t-shirts.
That is an ass that you could rest a drink on.
Hey. You're a single lady again.
You could hit that.
The last time I "hit that" with a guy you suggested,
He turned out to have three drug arrest warrants on him.
Yeah. Called the police station this morning.
Good news is they're shipping his ass
Back to georgia so he can rot in jail there.
You've had a little bad luck in the dating department,
But caleb is innocent, maybe,
Which makes him totally porkable.
He's not innocent.
How do you know?
If you're charged with a murder you didn't commit,
You'd want to blame anyone but yourself,
Even your birth parents.
We're considering the birth parents again?
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, oh, my god.
It's recording.
Who's is that?
-It's catherine's. -She's recording us?
-Delete it. -She'll know.
Well, it's better than letting her hear us say they're killers.
It's got a pass code.
It's 4713.
And you don't get to be mad I recorded you.
You lied to me, as did you, so I figured
We might as well know what our lawyers were saying
About us for once.
I don't know what's more idiotic.
Bad mouthing our clients in their own home
Or getting caught doing it.
I'd say the latter. I'll talk to caleb, explain --
He just called. He doesn't want any of you near this case.
But not me, right?
You know, at least tell me
You've made some headway on the suspect front.
You're all garbage.
You mean all them, right?
Not me? I-I'm still good, right?
Find everyone who knew jill and steve
And see if anyone witnessed the abuse.
We believe her?
[ sighs ]
For some reason, I do, yes.
[ door closes ]
Got some bad news, annalise.
Oh, no. No more bad news.
For real?
What is it, frank?
Nate's wife's dead.
[ knock on door ]
It's annalise.
I just heard, and...
I made you a peach cobbler.
I'll just leave it right here.
Uncle silas. Looks like a serial killer.
His credit cards show he was in brazil during the murders.
The family lawyer.
Was at a museum gala that night.
Why don't we at least find out who the birth parents are?
No respectable adoption agency is just gonna hand over
That information to us.
Then wes can go and pretend he's caleb.
I can play his wife.
We're having a baby and I need your medical history --
You need an I.D. Or a court order.
Then oliver can just hack into the agency's records.
Perfect. I'll call him now.
No! Our client specifically said not to go down this road.
Is this about your crush on caleb?
You are the one who has a crush on caleb.
I simply think it's inappropriate
To characterize birth parents as murderers.
Okay, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I'm adopted, and no we're not talking about it, but yes,
It means I have personal feelings about this issue,
Which I would consider putting aside
If I didn't know that this was just wes and his crazy.
How is this about me?
Because everything wrong about our lives is about you.
You continue to be paranoid and make us all paranoid.
I'm not the one who killed rebecca.
-We don't know that anyone killed her. -No one killed rebecca.
Then explain why frank called bruno
The night she went missing.
Do you not realize this is just annalise --
Get up. What? Why?
Let's go ask frank if he killed rebecca.
-No. -Are you stupid?
I'm over all the secrets.
We should know better at this point.
So let's just get an answer once and for all.
Spit it out.
You're gonna want to lie to us,
But I'm warning you we know a lot more --
Wes stole the key to the storage locker
Because this guy bruno told him you went there
The night rebecca disappeared.
So we unlocked it to see if her dead body was in there,
But...We just found cash.
I know.
You do?
Guy waves a gun in my buddy's face,
You don't think I get a call?
Is rebecca dead?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Then explain the cash.
Why'd you put it in the storage locker the same exact night?
It's hush money for rebecca.
So she'd not rat out you dummies for tying her up.
She's an idiot for not surfacing by now.
Would've made for a nice payday.
Any more questions?
'cause I like that we're all being honest
With each other...For once.
[ knock on door ]
Um, I'm looking for bonnie winterbottom.
I'd just started working for professor hartford as her t.A.
And I forgot to put her midterms in her bag.
When I got to her apartment,
I saw her and steven in her car out front.
I started to approach, but I stopped because --
She saw steven strike you in the face two times,
Three times, maybe more.
Melissa doesn't recall
Because she was afraid and ran
And never said a word to anyone
Because it never happened.
You asked a student to lie for you.
Did you ever suspect it?
That he was beating me senseless
After every one of our dinner parties?
When I was too sick to attend the women leaders luncheon
I begged you for six months to help me host?
Of course not.
Because that's how good I was at hiding it.
Don't be mad at me.
I am mad.
And I'm sorry for that.
Not because you lied to me.
But because I didn't think of this idea myself.
Melissa greenwell saw steven hartford
Beating my client
And is willing to testify to that in open court.
You tracked down one witness and expect us
To drop the charges in a murder investigation?
You mean a hate crime investigation.
How is this a hate crime?
How is it not?
A woman is abused by her husband
And further persecuted by an insensitive
Transphobic detective,
And now a like-minded d.A.'s office?
Drop the charges before it gets ugly.
I wish I could, annalise.
But mrs. Hartford's phone record shows
A call between you and her before she called 911.
There's no crime in calling your lawyer before the police.
Your conversation lasted 1 minute, 42 seconds.
She was upset.
Or you needed all that time to coach her
On how to make the crime scene look like
A textbook self-defense case.
So, maybe I should be working up charges on the both of you.
Your client for the first degree,
And you for accessory after the fact.
They're bluffing.
No way they have enough to charge you.
He has phone calls and my reputation.
He doesn't need much else.
Not now, asher.
It's important.
Give us a minute.
A reporter just called my cell,
Said she had questions about tiffany.
Did she say anything else, give any details?
Phew. That's good.
How is that good?
Sinclair leaked this.
She leaked a name to scare you. It means nothing.
But you said you'd handle her.
I did. She's just too stupid to know it.
I thought you were gonna fix this.
Because I have my dad to deal with
And I have to talk to him at some point,
Even though I have no idea what to say.
And he's a judge, you know.
He can find ways to take you down if he wants to.
The dude is persistent.
I know he hates you.
He'll make it his business...
Get me all the dirt we have on judge millstone, bonnie.
That means every file in the david allen case.
Frank, find any evidence of malfeasance
We can use against him.
On it.
Annalise, you promised asher you wouldn't do this.
My father's name stays out of it, agreed or not.
No one can know the role he played in david's conviction.
That was before.
It's his father.
Your boyfriend has got to grow up sometime.
God knows everyone else in the house has.
Now it's his turn.
Asher: So, is a.K. Out handling my stuff?
I think so.
You think so because you can't tell me
What you actually know?
She's on it, asher.
Annalise: Do you like your job?
I think you do.
I just don't think you love it.
Is this a therapy session now?
Career counseling.
You're gonna drop the charges against jill hartford
On the grounds of self-defense,
And you're gonna see to it that emily sinclair
Ends her witch hunt into me and my staff.
Wait, now I'm doing you two favors?
Or as I prefer to call it, two birds, one millstone.
Federal judge millstone.
There's enough evidence in there to charge him
With multiple counts of corruption.
And just like that, you're the ballsy prosecutor
Running for state's attorney on an anti-corruption ticket.
I'd vote for you.
You just need to free my client.
How'd you do it?
It doesn't matter.
The d.A.'s office believes you.
It's nothing but a case of self-defense.
So, I'm free to go?
You're free to go.
[ chuckles lightly ]
[ sighs ]
Don't you dare blame yourself.
One wrong blow, and it might've been him
Calling me yesterday instead of you.
I don't blame myself.
[ sighs ]
A good person would cry for him right now, grieve.
But I can't.
[ chuckles ]
I let him win for far too long.
And I believed him when he said
He was the only one who could ever love me.
I'm so glad he's dead, annalise.
I'm glad sam's dead, too.
He wasn't the man everyone thought he was, either.
But I stayed.
Who the hell knows why?
It's okay.
You're free.
You finally get to be the woman you really are.
[ sighs ]
For the record, I hate this.
We heard you.
Now let my boyfriend hack the orphanage.
It's an adoption agency, not an orphanage.
There's a difference.
Whoa, this is weird.
Uh, I ran a password attack on their system
Using a brute force algorithm called snake --
Less nerd, more information.
This file lists an adoption under the last name hapstall.
Catherine or caleb?
It's under helena hapstall.
When the police came the next morning,
I knew they'd done it.
Michaela: The racist.
She's the birth mother.
What? Of who?
A baby boy.
Annalise: Your aunt's charity was founded the same
Year she had a child, and that charity was linked
To a bank account in the caymans,
Which means she used it to support the child
Who had everything to gain from the murders
Of your parents and his mother.
He just needed to get rid of you two.
So, a cousin we didn't know existed framed us?
It gives us a third suspect.
And the best part...
Juries love a secret baby.
How do we find him?
We're looking right now.
And just so you know, as much as I like to claim
All good ideas as my own,
It was these fools who found this out.
It was the least they could do for you.
Um, caleb, wait.
I just... I wanted to say sorry.
That recording was inappropriate.
You mean the part about me being guilty
Or the part about my butt?
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
Just is it true?
Your boyfriend's in jail, which means you're single now?
Uh, it's a long story.
Maybe I'll get to hear about it sometime.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ knock on door ]
[ sighs ]
[ door opens ]
More cobbler?
You think this is what I need right now?
I'll go.
You want to hear me say it.
That I did it.
I know that's what she wanted.
Don't tell me what my wife wanted!
I couldn't not come.
Because you know what you took from me.
She needed me.
The whole time I was in jail, in court,
But I wasn't there 'cause you stole that from us.
The only time we had left together, you stole that.
So no cobbler or apologies could fix it.
I would hate me, too.
I don't hate you.
I just don't care about you.
I gave nia those pills because I loved her.
And I laid next to her in that bed,
Held her as she fell asleep,
So close that I could feel when she took her last breath.
No one's ever gonna love you that way.
[ door closes ]
Laurel: Where are we going?
You'll know soon enough.
See, that just makes me more suspicious.
Like, are you showing me your safe house
Or just the spot where you buried rebecca?
It's one thing for wes to think
I'm capable of killing a girl.
It's not cool when it comes from you.
I'm sorry.
Are you saying I hurt your feelings?
Pretty much.
And maybe that's my fault.
The less I tell you, the more you think I'm all bad,
But that's why we're here,
So you can finally meet the real me.
Just promise you won't make fun of him.
[ door opens ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Ma! We're here!
Ah, finally.
Well, she's showing way less cleavage than the last two,
So we're off to a good start.
What's your name?
Uh, everyone, this is frank's new friend lauren.
Yeah, this is, uh, dino, lou, joey, teresa,
Angie, brandi, danny,
And some other guy who's always eating my food.
[ laughs ] -shut it, ma.
Oh! Who the hell is this?
Laurel. Hi.
The smart girl. I know, I know.
But you know what, you can't be too smart
If you're dating this one here.
You hungry?
Uh...Yeah! Yeah, you're hungry.
Come on. Come on in.
You're gonna sit right next to me.
Let's go. Come on.
Right here.
You know, my wife, she's not that good a cook,
But we know how to pour the booze.
Munch, munch.
A salute.
A salute.
Get the bread. Come on. Give her the bread.
¶ murderer ¶
¶ man of fire ¶
Nate's wife died last night.
[ keys jingle ]
¶ murderer ¶
¶ I've seen the eyes of living dead ¶ [ door closes ]
We have to finally talk, wes.
¶ it's the same game, survival ¶ you mean you do.
¶ the great mass play a waiting game ¶ 'cause you know everything now. Right?
¶ embalmed, crippled ¶ from frank, or has nate just been telling you all along?
¶ dying in fear of pain ¶ I didn't kill rebecca.
I know. That's what you want me to believe.
Why else would you have me find that suitcase?
She ran away. That's all I know.
¶ all sense of freedom gone ¶ you know more than that.
So just tell me.
Is she dead?
I don't know where she is.
I don't believe you.
And I understand that.
It's because of your mother.
¶ black sun ¶
I wish I could be the dad you wanted.
¶ in a white world ¶
But I can't.
I-I know this doesn't make sense to you,
But there's people in that house, one especially,
¶ like having a black sun ¶ they don't deserve this.
Just think if it were mom.
You would do anything you could to protect her, right?
Not if it meant selling out my own father.
¶ in a white world ¶ what?
Don't play dumb.
I'm not testifying. How is that --
Emily sinclair got the d.A. To open an investigation on me.
¶ I have a son ¶ every case in my career,
Starting with david allen.
There you go.
¶ his name is eden ¶ finally putting two and two together.
We're done, ash.
¶ it's his birthright ¶
¶ beyond estranged times ¶
Have a nice life.
Bonnie: Why am I here?
So I can say congratulations.
Your boss shut down my investigation.
What else?
Tell annalise I'm done. She won.
But girl to girl,
I thought you should know the real about your boyfriend.
In case he hasn't told you about tiffany howard.
I'm not playing this game with you.
You sure?
You lost.
Be an adult and move on.
You're gonna regret not reading this.
You're wrong.
Tiffany was gang raped.
¶ all sense of freedom gone ¶ your mother killed herself.
How do you know that?
It's my job to know these things.
About all of you.
She abandoned you and...
It's not something that a 12-year-old boy gets over.
Now you can't trust anyone anymore.
Definitely not a woman.
Your mother leaves, now rebecca.
¶ like prometheus we are bound ¶ so I understand why you can't trust me.
¶ chained to this rock ¶ so, I did something bad, too.
¶ of a brave new world ¶ it's not terrorism or pedophilia bad,
¶ our god forsaken lot ¶ but something that might put me in jail with you
When you're finally caught for whatever bad thing you did.
¶ and I feel ¶ what did you do?
I kept searching for the secret baby
Even though you told me not to.
-What? -His name's philip jessup.
A 26-year-old white male
Who lives two miles away from the hapstall mansion --
It gets worse.
¶ till worlds end ¶ uh...
¶ and the seas run cold ¶ I hacked into his computer.
Are you insane?
This guy is probably the killer.
I know. It's scary, right?
But, like, in a fun way.
No, not in a fun way.
He could be a serial killer
Or a cannibal or --
Okay, annalise will be happy that we found him.
I don't care about making annalise happy.
I care about making sure you don't get in trouble
For all this crap that we do.
No one's gonna know.
This is my fault.
I shouldn't have involved you.
Just turn it off, okay?
Just make it stop.
This isn't about my mother.
It is. You won't trust --
You're nothing like her!
She gave up everything for me --
Her entire life to bring me to the states.
And it killed her.
You never did anything like that for anyone.
Instead, you just lie --
I haven't lied to you about rebecc--
How do you expect me to believe that? It's the truth.
Look at me, wes! Look at me! Get off me! Don't touch me!
Okay, okay, okay.
Rebecca ran away.
That's...All I know.
How are the delfinos?
Hey, you tell brandi I say hi?
She's not into you.
Maybe I should just date girls like this instead.
Won't complain or order the most expensive thing on the menu.
Don't be gross.
And the worst part about this is that it's destroying us.
But I'm here for you, wes, all right?
I'm never leaving you.
You have to stop keeping secrets from me then.
You're right.
No more secrets.
We've looked all over for her, wes.
I can't find her.
I'm sorry.
Tell me you've taken care of it.
The right way this time.
Frank: In the process.
Don't worry.
[ sighs ] good.
[ grunts ]
Rebecca: No, no. No, no. Listen. Listen to me.
You don't have to do this. I'll be good. I'll be so good.
[ gasping ]
[ police radio chatter ]
What do you got, boy?
[ dog panting, barking ]
K-22 to command.
I have subject located.
Start rescue team to my location.
100 yards northeast of my entry point.
[ gasps ]
Command, subject is conscious. I repeat, subject is conscious.