How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Meet Bonnie - full transcript

Asher discovers not everything is what it seems when you work for Annalise. Meanwhile, Frank is presented with a situation that hits close to home, and Wes' search to find out more about Rebecca's disappearance culminates into an explosive confrontation.

Previously on "how to get away with murder"...
You stay with me, ma'am. Charge at 360. Charging.
How is she? Good.
I cannot deal with any more blood on my hands.
Why did frank call bruno?
'cause he needed help dumping rebecca's body.
When we found out where bruno works --
Who's "we"?
How do you know this guy didn't kill rebecca
And now he's playing you?
Reporter: The victim is none other than helena hapstall.
I was at home,
Witnessing my niece and nephew murder their parents.
I'm gonna be there to make sure you're protected.
Gentlemen, are we ready to make this deal?
Sinclair knows that annalise got nate to murder sam.
I killed him, asher.
I killed sam.
[ insects chirping ]
[ breathes deeply ]
You okay?
It's almost over.
Bill: [ echoing ] I told your mom we were talking again.
But don't worry. She doesn't know about any of this.
[ normal voice ] she's just happy we're on the mend.
Man: All rise.
Take your seats.
This is a closed hearing for a wiretap warrant
On the residence of annalise keating,
Due to the corroborating testimony of the informant,
Asher millstone.
By testifying to the misconduct of miss keating,
He will receive full immunity in this case,
As well as the closed file entitled
[echoing, muffled] "trotter lake grand jury investigation."
Bonnie: I killed sam.
I was alone in the house. I was...
[ exhales deeply ]
...Working a case for annalise, and sam came home.
[ voice breaking ] he -- he was drunk,
And he started rubbing my shoulders...
Telling me I work too much, but that he was...
Glad he always had me to come home to.
And then he... Pressed himself against me,
And I felt that he was...
So I tried to move, but he just held me there,
And he said he saw how I looked at him,
And he knew I wanted it.
And he wasn't wrong, not completely,
But I didn't want it, not that way,
So I told him no, and he just held me there,
Tighter and tighter, and I...
It happened so fast.
He was on top of me,
And he went to pull down his pants,
And I grabbed the lamp.
I hit him over and over, and I...
I don't know where it came from, but I couldn't stop.
Sinclair is wrong, asher, about everything.
So if you help her...
We're all ruined...
...But mostly me.
Let's begin, miss sinclair.
Emily: Thank you, your honor.
I'd like to call asher millstone to the stand.
I have to go.
Asher. Stop him.
Asher, come back here.
You should've called me.
I had no time. I had to make a decision.
It's going to work, annalise.
Why? Because you've been sleeping with the boy for a few months?
I know him.
I knew sam for 20 years,
And look how that turned out.
Men lie, bonnie. It's all they're good at.
She's right. Of course I am.
Michaela: It's about sam.
Or "eggs 911" finally showed his face.
No, it's -- it's probably just about the hapstalls,
Like they killed another witness.
They wouldn't be all whispery behind closed doors
If it was about our stupid clients.
You all are the stupid ones.
[ tab pops ]
Is that a beer?
Yes, it is, michaela.
Because you want to get fired?
Uh, no, because annalise has been hiding my car
In case she needs to blackmail me.
No, frank got rid of your car.
He lied.
Or...That's what annalise told me.
Who knows? Maybe she's lying about that, too.
My point is, chill out, grab a beer,
And accept the fact that our lives...Belong to her.
Annalise: I caught wes and nate together last night.
No, working together behind my back.
Find out what they know, if it's about rebecca.
On it.
[ door opens, closes ]
You would've handled this another way. I know that.
Nothing you say will make me not hate you right now.
[ cellphone ringing ]
It's the courthouse.
[ ringing continues ]
Answer it.
This is bonnie winterbottom.
Okay. I'll let her know.
That was judge garret about the hapstall case.
Thank god.
She wants to see you at 11:00.
Asher: Get out of my frickin' way, frank.
Move, or I break your face.
Calm the hell down.
She knows what the hell this is about.
It's okay, frank.
Annalise, he could have a wire.
I don't.
He says he doesn't have one.
Come in.
We need to do this alone.
You heard him.
Asher knows about sam? No.
Then why is he freaking out?
Who knows? You know.
You need to tell us. This involves us, frank.
It's nothing to worry about.
And don't any of you try to talk to him, okay?
We've got eyes on doucheface
Like we got eyes on all of you.
Drink 'em if you got 'em.
Asher: Is it true?
It's true.
Sam put on a good face, but, deep down,
I married a man that I didn't really know.
Then why didn't you call the cops?
Why didn't you tell them it was self-defense?
I had to look at the facts of the case.
He only attempted rape.
He didn't actually do it, so I knew we'd lose.
So you thought your only option was to frame nate?
That -- that makes no sense.
Only because you're a man.
I don't blame you.
You were never taught not to be one.
And then you add your whiteness on top of that.
The police are trained to believe you.
But when a woman says that she was raped,
The law rarely takes our side,
And definitely not when the man is not alive to defend himself,
So we take other actions, protect ourselves in a way
That we know the system never will.
You have two options.
Testify to everything that you know,
And bonnie and me will likely go to jail,
Or you say nothing, and we stay safe and so do you.
I need to think about it.
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
Where the hell did you go?
I'm sorry.
I don't care if you're sorry.
We just lost the judge to her other case.
I know more than I first told you.
About what? Don't answer that.
I know who killed sam keating.
Bill: Do you have any idea what you just did?
Dad, just listen to me.
No, you just admitted
That you knowingly withheld material evidence
In an ongoing murder investigation.
Please, let me explain. Shh! Quiet, quiet.
Who did it, asher? Who killed sam?
He's not answering that.
Fine. You can tell me when I get back.
You're leaving?
Yeah, the judge on the hapstall case wants me in a meeting,
And if I don't show up, miss keating will be suspicious.
Actually, don't we need to rework my immunity deal?
I mean, the current one only covers me
For testifying against annalise's professional illegal misconduct,
Not for the murder of sam keating,
So we need a new one -- right? --
One that covers misprision of felony
Or whatever other illegal crap I've now committed?
Pardon my tardiness, your honor.
Been a heck of a day already. Join the club.
Let's not waste any more time.
Uh, we're here to discuss miss sinclair's motion
To include helena hapstall's testimony in the trial.
I wasn't aware of any motion, your honor.
Because my office only received it at 4:58 p.M. Yesterday,
Two minutes before the deadline.
So it would give me no time to challenge it.
Challenge it now. We're all here.
You were gaming the deadline, counselor,
Which gives me more than enough cause to reject this motion...
But, judge -- ...If I did not feel
Like this testimony is pivotal to your case. It is, your honor.
I can't cross-examine a dead woman before the jury.
It's not my fault your clients slashed her throat.
They were cleared in that case.
Quiet. Miss keating, you had no opportunity
To cross-examine the witness,
But your clients' previous counsel did,
So any objections to testimony should have been raised then.
For the sake of fairness,
I will hear any arguments against this motion at 5:00.
That gives me no time to prepare.
I agree, your honor.
I'll need time to prepare any rebuttal.
Because you allowed miss keating the same courtesy?
No, I have a new trial starting tomorrow,
So we're getting this over with.
Don't show up, I'll just rule in the other side's favor.
[ sighs ]
Connor: Hey, waitlist.
Did rebecca leave keys to the trap house
Before she ran for the hills?
We are almost out of beer,
And I would like something more hard-core.
We might as well have an orgy, too.
Yes! I like it! Go out with a bang.
Who's in? I'm not playing this game.
This might be the end, michaela.
Michaela, would you like to go to jail
Without having an orgasm?
Because you're gonna help me with that?
I'm willing to give it a shot.
Back off. She's mine. [ clicks tongue ]
[ chuckles ] okay, you're both disgusting,
And I'm never gonna be able to look at you the same way again.
[ cellphone chimes ] oh, just wait until
We've seen each other naked.
Can't wait to see what the puppy here is packing.
Not gonna happen. I have to go.
Mm. You can't leave.
We need another penis in the mix.
Ask frank.
Ooh. If the beard's in, I might reconsider.
Excuse me?
All's fair in an orgy, right?
Where do you think you're going?
Nowhere. I -- homework.
Well, now we've got real work. Follow me.
We have until 5:00 p.M.
To get the aunt's testimony thrown out.
Her eyewitness account is the only thing
That places caleb and catherine at the murder scene,
And since the police never found a gun,
She's the strongest evidence that the d.A.'s got.
But she's dead.
Which damns our clients even more.
So comb through this discovery.
Find proof that she lied about what she saw.
How do you know she lied?
[ sighs ] I don't.
[ cellphone ringing ] but it's the only way we get the testimony thrown out.
Have fun.
[ door closes ] all we need now is a ball gag.
Where are you?
Outside asher's.
He just got home.
When's the warrant hearing?
It was pushed.
I have a feeling he bought himself time.
You have a feeling?
I'll call you back.
Don't worry. I haven't told sinclair anything...
I have some questions.
Of course.
Frank helped you, right?
It's not like you and annalise
Carried that body into the woods.
[ grunts ]
He did.
And the others, did they know, too?
Asher: I see your car in the driveway, connor.
Open up the damn door!
No, they were already at the bonfire.
And they can't know anything, asher.
You can't tell them.
[ breathes deeply ]
One more -- when you...Came over, and we...
[ both breathing heavily ]
That was just for your alibi, right?
That's just how we started.
But it's not at all how I feel about you now.
Thanks for telling me the truth.
[ door closes ]
Phone records.
Nate was too smart to talk to wes on his cell,
But look at the puppy's.
Keeps calling the same number. Who is it?
Levi wescott, rebecca's foster brother.
Where are you?
Just keeping an eye on our guy bruno.
Well, stop.
I talked to nate,
And he promised he was gonna look into him.
[ sighs ] and you think your cop buddy's
Gonna handle this the right way? Yes.
And what does the "right way" mean?
[ beeping ]
I'll call you later.
Annalise: They're dating?
Michaela's pretty much the only other number he calls,
But I don't think she knows who he is.
But wes does?
Jerk move, right?
I, uh, can't hang out tonight.
Levi: You always have to work.
Yeah, I go to law school, and I have a job.
Well, at least send me a picture of your panties.
I don't sext,
But they're pink with white lace,
And I have a tiny, itty --
Is this what you call working, dirty talk on the phone?
No, I was just --
You have five hours till the hearing.
Get your thumbs out of your asses
And get me proof that dead woman lied.
You still have my phone.
Keep them away from this levi.
Where are you going?
To kick some ass.
[ door closes ]
I'm sorry.
I know you said you needed time to figure this -- us out,
But I couldn't keep things from you anymore.
What the hell's that mean, annalise?
I lied.
About why nia wanted to see me.
I saw nia, nate.
She wanted to talk.
She wanted me to get her pills.
Tell me you didn't say yes.
Of course not.
And I promised her that I wouldn't tell you.
But I didn't want there to be any more secrets between us.
Because I'm tired.
And I know you are, too.
I'll talk to her.
I'm here for whatever you need.
[ door closes ]
What's wrong?
[ breathing heavily ]
That was...Great,
But I thought we were getting to know each other.
Enough with that line.
We might be going to jail, frank, or maybe we're not,
But all I know is you don't want to tell us what's going on,
Which is fine.
Do what you need to do.
But what I need right now
Is to get my mind off the doom.
[ moaning ]
Laurel. What?
You don't want this?
[ breathing heavily ]
They'll hear us.
Only if you make me scream.
You've lost it.
[ breathing heavily ]
[ moaning ] [ clattering ]
Where's annalise?
I'll tell you if you let us know what's going on with asher.
That doesn't concern you. Bull.
Oh, my god. Look at this.
It's from a cop's dash cam the morning after the murder.
This is the aunt.
[ crying ] I told grant,
"do not bring those mongrels into your home!"
Mongrels? Shh.
"they'll turn on you."
And they did -- they killed him and ursula.
No, you can't trust people like that --
Those orientals, those mulattos!
Well, hello, old-school racist. It's in their nature!
Man: Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
Caleb: Such a sweet old lady, right?
I'm telling you, those two murdered my brother and his wife!
How do you know that?
Did you hear anything last night?
[ door opens ] michaela: Caleb, wait.
Oh, right, I forgot why I came here in the first place.
Annalise asked if we had anything
To help discredit aunt helena.
I figured her drug addiction might help.
Caleb, it's horrible.
She -- she's horrible, but it does help your case.
How? The footage shows her bias against you.
It proves she had reason to lie about that night.
But she wasn't lying.
You were in your parents' room that night?
No, I just mean, traumatized or not, what she said,
That was as honest as I've ever seen her,
And she was my family, sat across the table from me
At every thanksgiving, christmas.
We'd laugh about her bitchy socialite friends
Or whatever husband she was divorcing at the time
Because I thought I was in on the joke,
But that whole time, I was the joke.
At least I don't have to feel bad about her being dead anymore.
We'll get her testimony thrown out.
Or you won't.
Thank you for trying, though.
Emily: A new contract -- full immunity on both trotter lake
And any connection to the murder of sam keating,
Provided, of course, that your intel leads to a conviction.
It's a good deal, son.
I need a minute with my father.
[ door closes ]
You know annalise is gonna come after you, too,
For the david allen case.
I did nothing wrong there.
Dad, we're both here
Because of stupid stuff I did in my past,
So you can be honest about yours.
We're both adults here.
And I'm the only adult with an actual career to lose.
Did you...
You cut a deal for yourself, didn't you?
Of course I did.
[ voice breaking ] is there any part of you
That thought that, "maybe I should just do this
To protect my kid and not to protect myself"?
I'm protecting the both of us. [ breathes deeply ]
But mostly you, dad.
Helena: ...Those orientals, those mulattos!
It's in their nature!
Man: Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
Are you listening to me?!
I am telling you those two murdered
My brother and his wife!
How do you know that?
Did you hear anything last night?
It just cuts out there.
'cause it's been edited.
We don't have proof of that.
Well, there's a bias argument.
She's a bigot. That doesn't mean she lied in her testimony.
Please, you've won cases with less.
You think I don't notice what's happening here --
Day drinking, acting out against me?
I miss that man I first gave that trophy to.
[ plastic crinkles ]
She's right. [ door opens ]
Come on, let's go win this.
[ door closes ] what's going on?
Racism. Where were you?
Looking through more discovery.
Well, at least someone got her jollies today.
Well, got to get it in while you can.
Hey, do you think annalise would ever pay me?
I mean, I do all this work for her for free.
You don't want to work for annalise.
Trust your boyfriend on that one.
Uh, it's through the bedroom.
Man, I hack into the police department,
Like, every other week for you guys.
[ computer beeps ] not that I mind it,
But I should probably get paid if I'm risking jail time.
I might be going to jail, oliver.
[ chuckles ] very funny.
I'm not kidding.
Uh, what for?
I can't -- I can't say.
Look, I wish I could. I do.
But you'd get in trouble.
So this isn't just about the hacking?
Okay, this is so mean.
I know.
Just know that... Meeting you
And everything that we have,
It's everything.
I mean, you mean everything.
I love you, ollie.
So, did we find the rest of the video?
Uh, n-no.
No, but, um, getting closer.
Emily: Two more of whatever he's having.
You're not gonna get me drunk and convince me to sign this deal.
I know.
You don't know who killed sam keating.
Not for sure, at least.
That was a stall tactic, a very smart one.
I understand why you did it.
This can't be an easy decision for you to make.
Then don't make me make it.
I wish I had that much power.
You do.
And sam keating was not a good guy.
He knocked up a law student,
And he strangled her with his bare hands.
Who cares if he's dead?
Me. Why?
He was murdered, asher.
Maybe working in that house has messed with your head a bit,
But people can't get away with killing each other.
And definitely not if you're a woman who's responsible
For educating an entire generation of law students.
What, you think the world's
Just gonna be full of annalise mini-mes,
That we're gonna be walking around killing people for fun?
You did a bad thing when you were younger. Who hasn't?
But annalise should know better at this point.
And so should you.
That's the choice you have to make.
Do you want to be like her,
Or do you want to be a good guy?
Don't overcomplicate it.
Michaela: Oliver couldn't find the rest of the dash-cam video,
And the cops deleted the part that they didn't want us to see
Off the server, too.
Well, they did something smart for once.
No, they forgot to delete the audio.
Helena: Are you listening to me?!
I am telling you those two murdered
My brother and his wife!
Man: How do you know that?
Did you hear anything last night? What?!
You say your niece and nephew murdered your brother.
How do you know that? I don't know. I just --
Did you see anything? Hear screams?
A gunshot, maybe?
I-I just -- I'm not sure I heard anything.
I was just so tired.
Okay, okay, take a deep breath. [ groans ]
It's very important you remember
Anything that happened last night.
Oh, I don't remember anything.
[ voice breaking ] all I know is that my brother
Shouldn't have ever let those half-breeds into his home!
Okay, ma'am, let's find you a quiet place --
So, detective, that was miss hapstall
Moments after she heard about the murders.
Six hours later, you conducted your first interview with her.
Here's the transcript.
Can you read the highlighted section?
My question to miss hapstall,
"did you hear anything odd the night before?"
Her reply, "I heard screams at about 9:30 p.M."
Notice a difference between that statement
And the recording you just heard, detective?
I wasn't at the crime scene.
I can't speak to what was said there.
But it was only during your interview
That miss hapstall claimed to hear anything that night,
Which I can only assume means
That you fed her the information.
Your honor, it's just been brought to my attention
That the dash-cam audio was not in discovery.
Because it's exculpatory evidence
That the d.A. Didn't want us to hear.
So you're admitting the recording wasn't in discovery,
Miss keating?
All I know is that it showed up on my desk.
Pardon my french, your honor, but bull.
My suspicions are raised, too, miss keating.
Do I need to open an investigation
Into how you obtained this recording?
You wanted evidence to discredit helena's testimony,
And I've given it to you, your honor.
By obtaining it illegally. I did nothing illegal.
It was the detectives and the prosecution
That hid this tape from us.
I will be looking into that misconduct, believe me,
But that does not mean you get to bring
Illegally obtained evidence into my courtroom.
I'll say it again -- I did nothing illegal.
And I don't believe you.
Not to mention studies show witnesses in the midst of trauma
Often don't remember facts correctly at first,
Hence my decision.
Let the record note that the court has decided
To allow the deceased's testimony
To be presented at trial.
Your honor, we've just proven
That the only eyewitness account in this trial
Was built on prejudice.
Save it for the trial, miss keating.
[ gavel bangs ] catherine: She was a racist!
Catherine. Okay, that's proof
That she wanted us to go down for this!
Stop. And you're black!
Out of anyone, you should get it.
Unfortunately, I do get it, miss hapstall.
But the law is the law.
It's my job to uphold it, no matter my personal feelings.
I know. I shouldn't have done that.
No, it's okay. Someone needed to say it.
Connor: See, michaela?
That's what happens when you don't have orgasms.
You have inappropriate explosions.
No, that was an appropriate explosion.
Sneaking off again?
We lost, and asher's still out there.
I'm gonna go get the orgy drugs.
We can't just rush up and start asking about rebecca.
Levi: We're gonna smile, ask some questions.
Trust me. He won't figure out you know frank.
[ scoffs ] of course he'll figure it out.
Fine. Stay here.
[ sighs ]
Bruno, right?
What's this about?
Frank delfino.
What do you want?
I was just wondering why frank called your sister three times
The night of January 23rd.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think you do.
Dude, you don't know what you're doing here.
He's right. Let's go.
You go.
It'd be better if there's no witness
If bruno here keeps lying.
What am I lying about?
Frank had you dump a girl's body in this cemetery.
Okay, that's enough.
No one's getting shot here. Put it away.
Just tell us what frank wanted from you that night,
Then we'll go.
What'd I miss?
Nothing yet. Did you bring the drugs?
Connor: Yeah, let's cut them up and snort them
Before the cops come.
Screw this.
Tell us what the hell's going on.
Relax, michaela. How can I if we're about to get arrested?
No one's getting arrested.
Connor: How do you know that?
'cause she does.
So back the hell off.
No. Excuse me?
We were fine.
Annalise took care of everything,
But now asher knows what we did,
Which means someone talked.
And it doesn't take a genius
To realize it was his girlfriend.
Connor: Seriously, what'd you do?
Whisper it to him during pillow talk?
If that's what happened, bonnie,
I swear to god, we're gonna fight.
Annalise: You get away from her.
You want to know the truth?
Asher was gonna testify against everyone in this house,
So bonnie told him that she killed sam
In order to save your asses!
Because that's what we do around here --
Ruin everyone's lives to save yours!
Nate's, mine, and now bonnie's.
Who's next, huh?
Whose life do you want to destroy to stay free?
Why didn't you just tell us?
Because I'm trying to protect you like always!
When are you gonna finally accept that?
Bonnie, frank, in my office.
[ door opens ]
Bruno: I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think you do.
Okay, that's enough.
Just tell us what frank wanted from you that night,
Then we'll go.
Frank called me that night,
But only to use my storage locker,
So I gave him the key.
I don't see a way out of this.
It's going to work. Asher's not going to testify.
But what if he does? What happens then, bonnie?
You don't know exactly. And what about you?
Did you handle levi? I'm on it.
That's a no.
We're losing. Don't you see that?
And I don't know how to fix it this time.
Hey. We'll figure this out, like always.
I'm on levi. Bonnie's on asher.
We're gonna take care of everything.
[ breathing heavily ]
[ door opens ]
[ keys jingle ] michaela: Um, bonnie...
You're sorry. I know.
[ door opens ] wes, can I have a moment?
[ door closes ]
Oh, my god.
You know who hasn't seemed worried this whole time?
Who keeps sneaking off?
He's the only one she really trusts.
He knew what was going on all along.
Screw the puppy.
He's a snake.
Annalise: You left court early today.
I had to turn in a paper for another class.
How are your other classes?
I'm passing.
You're smarter than passing.
My grades are fine.
How's everything else?
I'm sleeping better.
[ sighs ] lucky.
So, are you...Feeling okay?
About us, our relationship?
I was mad that you didn't tell us
What was going on with asher.
But now you told us.
So I guess I have nothing to be mad about.
Annalise: I can't do this anymore.
Calm down.
[ door closes ]
Why didn't you tell me about wes?
I saw you with him.
And now he's lying to me,
And I don't know if it's because you told him to
Or if it's because he doesn't trust me,
But I can't take it, nate.
You're gonna tell me what's going on.
Levi: Did you get it?
I did.
Act like an idiot again,
And I'll tell annalise and frank who you are.
[ tires screech ] relax. I left the gun in your house this time.
[ car door opens ] michaela: Levi?!
Nate: He came to me.
He thinks you killed rebecca.
You believe him?
Tell me why I wouldn't.
I'm not a murderer, nate.
You know that.
I didn't kill rebecca or sam.
But I can't keep lying, not to you.
You deserve the truth.
What the hell is this?
Are you two gay for each other? No!
I'll cut your balls off if you lie to me!
He's rebecca's foster brother.
What? Oh, my god.
No, I met him at the courthouse. He's just some guy who's --
He's "eggs 911."
No, no, no, no, no. No!
Annalise: Bonnie killed sam.
He was drunk and attacked her and tried to rape her.
And she's like my child, nate.
I had to protect her.
What about me? Where was my protection?
Connor: Why would you keep this a secret from us?
Because I needed to know the truth about annalise --
And we don't deserve that, too?
The people who've helped you over and over again to --
Michaela, let me -- do not touch me!
Hey! Keep your hands off of her.
Where's rebecca? You know, don't you?
I don't.
Yeah, like we can believe anything either of you two say.
Rebecca's dead.
Levi never heard from her again after the 911 text,
So we think someone killed her.
Not someone. Annalise and frank.
No, frank would never do that.
Of course he would.
What makes you think rebecca's dead?
I did protect you. I knew eve would win your case.
You hoped she'd win!
But what if she didn't, though, and I went away for this?
What were you gonna do then?
I don't know!
I hate what I did to you.
I hate it.
I hate myself.
And I know you hate me, too.
And I don't want to be this person anymore.
I want to stop making everyone's lives worse.
But I don't want to do this to you again.
I'll die if that means not hurting you again.
[ siren wails ]
Oh, god. It's happening.
[ police radio chatter ]
Levi wescott. This your car?
Yeah. What's this about?
Let's pop the trunk. We'll tell you.
No. Fine. We got a warrant.
[ trunk rattles ]
What the hell. That's not mine. Yeah, right, heisenberg.
You're under arrest for possession of meth...
[ handcuffs click ] ...With the intent to distribute.
Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. What the hell? Take it easy!
You have the right to an attorney. Those aren't mine! I promise!
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Help me, damn it! Help!
I'm telling you that stuff isn't mine!
It's some kind of setup! Don't you see?!
Bonnie: I know I'm the last person you want to be near,
But I needed to see you.
To say I'm sorry.
For killing someone, or for using me to cover it up?
I made a mistake.
Many mistakes.
You're right.
But they were mistakes because...
[ sighing ] ...I'm not perfect.
But I'm a good person.
[ voice breaking ] it's not just me who gets hurt
If you do this.
Good people don't do what you did.
They do if it's their only choice.
Please, asher.
I love you.
I love you.
And I'm begging you not to do this.
I-I love you, too.
Which is why I can't let you do this.
Secrets catch up to you, even if the cops don't.
[ sighs ] no.
Asher, please, just stay here.
Just stay here and talk to me.
[ sobs ] I tried...So hard, but you're right.
I can't do anything myself.
Calm down and be clear with me.
He's going to testify!
I was so stupid!
I'm always so stupid, annalise.
So, you just need to blame it on me.
Just blame it on me.
I deserve this, but you don't deserve any of this,
So just -- just put it on me.
And I'll take it. [ gasping ]
Annalise: It's sam's.
I'm not touching that thing.
Me, either.
I'll do it.
I should.
[ breathing heavily ]
[ unzipping ]
[ knock on door ]
Where's your computer? What?
Look, I don't care what you're gonna say.
I already made up my mind.
And, yeah, maybe I'm some privileged white kid,
But I know right from wrong, and honestly,
I think that you're responsible for a lot of this.
If you let bonnie call the cops and explain what happened,
She wouldn't even be in this position!
Sit down.
[ unzipping ]
Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god.
Just warn us if it's her.
[ lid thuds ]
You can look now, michaela.
I just want to give you a heads up
That a guy might come poking around.
Why should I trust that? 'cause I got a plan.
If he comes sniffing around, just tell him you gave me
The key to your storage locker that night.
Annalise took care of everything,
But now asher knows what we did, which means someone talked.
And it doesn't take a genius
To realize it was his girlfriend.
I'd like to report a drug dealer.
[ siren wails in distance ]
Befriending a drug dealer, and now this?
Now, once again, waitlist just drags us down
The rabbit hole to hell.
You let me have sex with eggs 911.
[ car door closes, engine turns over ]
It's a suitcase full of cash.
Clearly it has something to do with rebecca.
Or it has nothing to do with her.
No, laurel, this is obviously -- wes, stop!
Just stop.
Annalise: You think you understand the world, but you don't.
When good people do bad things, it's usually for a reason.
Meet bonnie.
[ static ]
Man: Hey, there, pretty. We're gonna play a game.
Girl: I don't want to.
Oh, you'll like this one. I promise.
What the hell is this?
It's okay. Don't worry.
Bonnie's childhood.
And that man... It's gonna be fun.
...Is her father.
The first rule is that we take off our clothes.
I'll go first, then you.
[ belt buckle clicks, zipper opens ]
See? Just like this.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
It's okay. I need to pee.
I'll be right back.
[ engine shuts off, door opens ]
[ breathing heavily ]
Woman: Can I help you?
Asher: Yeah.
I need to make a statement.