How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Skanks Get Shanked - full transcript

When a teenager is found murdered in the woods, Annalise and her team is hired to represent an unlikely suspect named in the case. Meanwhile, Asher comes across a shocking confession, and ...

Previously on "how to get away with murder"... Spell it.
Laurel: Who's that? Connor: That is levi, michaela's new boyfriend.
You're "eggs."
[ strained ] no. Rebecca's eggs.
You're her foster brother? Yeah.
Stay away from michaela, or I tell her who you are.
I'm done. Trotter lake, asher.
Shut up with that!
[ cellphone chiming ]
It's her, right... Who you've been seeing?
You show up late for dates.
You're constantly on your phone.
I met her in the library.
It's probably better, considering we work together.
Dad, I'm in trouble. What's wrong, ash?
It's about tiffany.
Annalise: Where are they?
I'll tell you if you just give me a chance to.
I don't have time for that.
Caleb: What's going on? Why don't you two tell me?
I've known caleb and catherine their entire lives.
They're guilty, ms. Keating.
So at the time of your first sexual encounter with mr. Lahey,
Were you aware that his wife had just been diagnosed
With stage-four ovarian cancer?
I miss you.
I need more time.
I'm in.
Connor: She's dying.
She's -- she's dying! She's dying!
[ gasping ]
Wes: Car!
Was that a cop?
The hell are you doing?! Get in the car!
[ siren wails ] [ indistinct shouting ]
Starting a 16-gauge I.V.
All right, lungs are clear.
Need another blood set for a second I.V. And a b.V.M.
-Got it. -I.V.
Lifting on 3. 1, 2, 3.
Blood pressure -- 70 over palp.
Pulse is thready. Watch your backs.
Feels tachycardic. I'm seeing some j.V.D.
Don't touch the body. We got a body.
Okay, you're clear.
Might have to do a needle thoracotomy.
Need to get an e.T. Tube right away.
She's got diminished respirations. Chest is clear. We're in.
Equal breath sounds, but respiratory effort decreasing.
Man: Unit 22 is at 536 charter lane
With two female victims, one deceased.
The other is unstable. Trauma alert.
What did they just say? I heard "deceased."
If you shut up, we can hear it.
[ cellphone ringing ] it's me. It's me. What do I do?
Nothing! D-don't answer it.
Well, she can't just ignore it! Shut up!
Answer it.
Act normal. No one make a sound.
Are you sure?
[ ringing continues ]
You got this.
[ beep ]
Everything's fine.
[ tires squeal ]
[ siren wails ]
You stay with me, ma'am. Ma'am?
[ flatline ] we've got flatline.
Charge to 300.
[ paddles whine ] charging.
Clear? Clear.
[ flatline ]
Charge to 360. Charging.
Clear? Clear.
[ cellphone ringing ]
[ gasping ]
[ beep ]
Woman: No. Is this annalise?
Who is this?
Nia lahey.
Nate's wife.
[ monitors beeping ]
[ indistinct talking over p.A. ]
He already left for work.
[ chair scrapes ]
I was afraid to come.
I'm -- I'm not a woman who gets afraid.
I know.
I'd be scared, too.
I've thought about you a lot.
I've thought, "what kind of woman
Could be with a man when his wife is dying?"
That's not a judgment.
I admire your strength.
Do you love him?
I don't know how to answer that.
Then say "yes."
I need you to love him, annalise.
They keep pumping me full of drugs and radiation,
Signing me up for trials.
The miracle of modern medicine can keep me alive for years,
But... This is not living.
I mean, not for me.
Definitely not for nate.
I want you to do a favor for me, annalise.
I want you to help me end it.
I'm sorry?
I want you to kill me.
[ echoing ] is this annalise?
I want you to do a favor for me.
Do you love him?
I'm sorry? I want you to kill me.
Bonnie: Annalise.
There you are.
Zoe: Rachel was my best friend.
We had this plan that we were gonna go to college together,
Be bridesmaids at each other's weddings.
Rachel's dad and I used to joke
That maybe they'd marry each other. Lisa: Tom.
I just want them to know the real zoe,
That what happened isn't her --
We know it's hard, mr. Mitchell,
But we may need zoe to do this in court, too, so...
Go on. You're doing good.
Last year, when we started school,
Rachel and I started hanging out with molly and megan.
And it was fun at first.
They were really popular, and we liked that they noticed us.
But then rachel started talking to molly's boyfriend.
And molly said it first,
She said that we had to teach rachel a lesson.
And I thought that she was just joking,
That we were gonna, you know, like,
Take her into the woods and scare her, but...
[ sobs ]
I should have stopped them. And I know that.
But I was scared.
They made me do it. [ sniffles ]
They made me kill my best friend.
Any of us are capable of what zoe did.
We'd like to think that we have self-control and free will.
But under the right circumstances,
Any of us can become a killer.
The prosecution wants you to believe
That molly bartlett and megan harris
Were brainwashed by my client.
The d.A. Even made a plea deal with them
So they'd testify against zoe.
But the truth is,
Megan and molly are the ones responsible here.
They used their social clout to recruit zoe,
An impressionable girl, into their very own murder club.
Doesn't this all sound familiar?
Kaplan: Zoe mitchell is not a victim here.
She's the ringleader,
Orchestrating the cold-blooded murder of rachel glasser.
It was zoe who wanted this girl dead.
...Was roped into a sick revenge plot over a boy.
And in that moment, she lost herself,
Forgot who she was.
And then...
...Bullied molly and megan into luring rachel
Into the woods behind their school to kill her.
Together, they stabbed her not once...
Not twice...
But 52 times.
Zoe wishes she could take it all back,
Return to the days when it was
Just her and her best friend, rachel.
Before she met the bad influences who'd ruin her life.
Kaplan: What kind of person kills their best friend?
A sociopath, that's who,
Because that's what zoe mitchell is --
A conniving, remorseless...
...Innocent girl who doesn't deserve jail.
Instead, she needs to be placed in a psychiatric facility
Where she can get the help that she needs.
So please consider this fragile, susceptible teenager
And remember...
She could be your child, too.
Michaela: Well, I guess they look normal.
Laurel: Just because they're smiling
Doesn't mean they don't want to kill each other.
Hmm, said the girl who clearly wasn't popular in high school.
Who says I wasn't? [ scoffs ]
Connor: Can we stop "mean girling"
And talk about how annalise's opening
Was literally a step-by-step of what she did to us?
All she did was protect us when she didn't need to.
She did need to, to protect herself.
You're an ingrate. No, wait, okay.
Let's hear your case.
Okay, fine.
She uses bullying and public humiliation in class, one.
Two, she keeps us trapped in her world
So the only thing that we care about are her needs.
Three, we work for her day and night so we never get to sleep.
Four, she creates this -- this cult of superiority, the --
The k5, which makes us feel special just to be around her,
Which pits us against each other.
I-I-it's brainwashing 101.
Then quit. He can't.
It's like the mob -- they kill you if you try to leave.
Yeah, exactly. And she'd probably have her little puppy do it.
[ door opens ]
The prosecution shrink, dr. Healy,
Is gonna take the stand later today,
And he's gonna make zoe out to be the ringleader.
So I need you to go through all of his old case files,
Find screw-ups with past patients.
I need something by 3:00. That's in two hours.
So? You have something better to do?
No, but there's just four of us, since asher didn't show --
Actually, now three. Miss pratt, I have a special assignment for you.
Does anyone feel jealous and suddenly motivated?
You're gonna prep catherine and caleb to take the stand.
Oh, really?
I didn't even know you wanted them to testify.
I don't, but I need to know if they're screwing,
So see if you can get one of them to admit it.
Uh, you mean trick them?
Is that a problem?
No, just...Why me?
Normally, it would be bonnie or wes you would send --
Should it be bonnie? No, no, no.
I-I'll go right now. You're smart, michaela.
That's why. Thank --
And you've got boobs.
A brother not screwing his sister should respond to them.
Bonnie: Where are you?
Asher: [ coughing ] sick.
I got hit with this... [ clears throat ]
...Fricking ninja virus. Are you avoiding me?
Because I'm a big girl, and I can handle being dumped.
No. No, I just -- I don't want to get anyone else sick.
[ coughs ] fine.
Just know the longer you're out,
The more work for everyone else.
Get better.
[ beep ]
You feeling okay?
Yeah, just, uh...Nerves.
That's normal.
I'm gonna be there to make sure you're protected.
[ door opens ]
Gentlemen, are we ready to make this deal?
We are.
Michaela: Stop it. I just called to say hi.
Levi: And I'm asking you to say it.
I can't. I'm at my clients'. Aw, that's a cop-out.
I'm starting to feel a bit played here, to be honest.
You let me get a taste.
Then you leave me high and dry for days.
Fine. I'll say it.
Spank me, daddy.
Huh? I couldn't hear you.
Spank me, daddy.
Louder, woman.
[ laughs ] spank me, daddy!
Wow. Oh!
Uh, I'll call you later.
[ beep ] caleb, hi.
Annalise sent me to start --
To start my trial prep. I know.
You're a lawyer?
Not yet. I'm one of her students.
So my life's in the hands of someone
Who knows as much about the law as I do?
Kaplan: Dr. Healy, what can you tell us about psychopathy,
Which you've spent your entire career studying?
My research has shown that an everyday high-school clique
Can take on the characteristics of a cult.
Take columbine, for instance.
Eric harris was a psychopath who manipulated
The weaker-willed dylan klebold into committing murder.
Like harris, I believe the defendant has
Antisocial personality disorder with prominent narcissistic
And sadistic traits. Zoe then used... Nia: I want you to do a favor for me, annalise.
I want you to kill me.
This is inappropriate.
Just get me the pills.
You wouldn't be killing me.
I would do that myself.
It's called secobarbital.
I take it, and I'm asleep, just like that.
No. That's -- I'm not a drug dealer.
But that guy you have working for you, he has access, right?
The one you used to frame nate.
[ monitor beeps ]
You owe me this, annalise.
For sleeping with my husband -- that's bad enough.
But really, for what you put him through.
He had to go through that trial alone.
He had to sit in that courtroom alone,
Because I couldn't be there.
You did that.
Listen, I can't imagine what you're feeling right now.
Exactly. So you don't get to say no.
Oh, please.
Please. Nobody will help me.
The nurses, they're all on nate's team, but you...
You owe me this.
[ breathes deeply ]
Judge: Does that sound fair to you, ms. Keating?
Ms. Keating.
[ indistinct whispering ]
I'm sorry, your honor.
Would you like a recess before your cross of dr. Healy?
That sounds great.
We'll resume in 15.
[ gavel bangs ]
Everything okay?
Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?
Frank... I need your help.
I can't go anywhere. I'm at work.
Levi: So? You got more important things on your plate.
I've got to get out of this dump of an apartment.
Okay, the guy who sleeps in his car
Doesn't get to rip on my apartment.
Whatever. Just give me the name of this cop.
I'll go find out what he knows.
He doesn't even know you exist.
Then tell him.
I can't. What -- [ door opens ]
Did you find any dirt on our expert?
I think so. In 2009,
He had a 15-year-old patient named tyler douglas.
Dr. Healy was treating him for schizophrenia in the hospital,
But decided to release him back to his parents' care
In time for... Christmas,
Which is when tyler put padlocks on all the bedroom doors
In his family's house and lit the christmas tree on fire,
Thereby killing his parents and 1-year-old sister.
This was after you gave him a complete remission diagnosis.
Isn't that right? [ sighs ]
You managed to find the most difficult case in my career.
Difficult because your misdiagnosis
Led to the death of three people?
Objection, your honor. Assumes facts not in evidence.
Given the subjective nature of your field, dr. Healy,
Is it possible
That you've given zoe mitchell the wrong diagnosis?
Objection, your honor. Outside the scope of direct.
This is an expert giving an opinion
Within the scope of his expertise.
What I do...
It's not an exact science, so of course it's possible.
Seems a shame to persecute an innocent girl based on a hunch.
Your honor. Relax. No further questions.
[ murmuring ]
Annalise strikes again.
Nothing like burning babies when you want to sway the jury.
Wes, where are you going? We did our job.
I did that job, and annalise is gonna notice if you leave.
Let her.
[ indistinct conversation ]
Oh, crap.
[ clicking ]
What did they say to you?
You can tell me.
If they were bullying you, it could help our case.
They just said that I'm a slut.
It's fine, and...It's kind of true.
No, it's not fine.
That's how people get in your head.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Actually, uh, I do.
Look, we've all had people in our lives that --
That make us do bad stuff.
Like stabbing your best friend a million times
While she begs you to stop?
Zoe, your mom.
Projecting onto the sociopath much?
She's not a sociopath.
Or so she says.
Nate: You can't be here.
Just tell me what you found out.
I will when there's something to know.
Right now, I'm spending time with my sick wife.
Rebecca's dead.
Maybe she wasn't my wife, but now she's dead.
So I'm sorry, but I can't just
Wait for you to make time to deal with this.
Please, nate, just tell me what you know.
Frank made three calls the night rebecca disappeared.
To who?
Does it matter?
No, I...
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
[ door closes ]
Her name's sabrina mancini.
Nice work.
I'm all over it.
Wait! [ sighs ]
[ siren wails in distance ]
Just find out who she is.
Okay? Nate will kill me if he finds out about you.
Are you sure you trust this guy?
Yeah. He wants the same things we do.
You mean to kill annalise?
Just find out who she is, nothing more.
Relax. I'll be good.
Michaela: You and catherine slept through the entire night of the murder?
Yes. Even with your parents being beaten
And shot in your own home?
Our home is over 30,000 square feet.
You're elaborating. Don't do that.
I slept through the entire night.
And is your bedroom close to your sister's?
Yes. Do you ever visit each other in the middle of the night?
Why don't you just flat-out ask me if I'm screwing her?
No -- that's not what -- this is all a routine part of tr--
'cause the answer is yes.
We're in love. Have been ever since we were kids.
We're actually planning on getting married
As soon as the inheritance comes in.
This is a hard process. I understand that.
You understand nothing.
I was 6 when they adopted me.
Everybody wanted babies -- little white babies.
But my parents chose me.
And now the whole world thinks I killed them.
Why? Because I look different than them?
Okay. That's a little bit "victimy," don't you think?
No, but that was a little bit bitchy.
Excuse me?
I'm your client. You work for me.
Exactly. I'm on your side here.
No one's on our side.
That's the only thing I know at this point.
I'm adopted.
Not to a family of billionaires,
But let's just say they're people I don't really relate to.
So, yes, maybe I don't understand
About everything you're going through,
But I understand much more than you think.
I'm sorry... It's okay.
...But that's bull.
You haven't been accused of murder.
And, yeah, maybe I need to suck it up...
Be strong.
But what's happening to me,
What's happening to catherine,
It's not okay.
Is everything all right?
Molly's gonna take the stand to testify tomorrow.
So she can tell all the lies she wants about zoe.
Don't worry -- I know how to take down a teenager.
Dad, I can't find my phone.
Well, use mine. No, no, no.
Don't give her yours. Zoe, go and find yours.
This is the fourth one you've had. Go and find it... [ ringing ]
[ cellphone vibrating ] bill: I'm not letting my son be your informant
Until he has full immunity.
Sinclair: Let's not overplay our hand here, judge.
After all, the only reason we're here
Is because of what happened to an innocent girl.
We're not here because of tiffany howard.
We're here because annalise keating
Is a criminal who finally needs to be stopped.
Asher: Yo, what's up? Asher-ony mchorny here.
Leave me a message. [ beep ]
Hey. I need to know if you're coming into work tomorrow.
Call me back. [ beep ]
That guy who traces phones, can you have him call me?
No way.
I'm not gonna let you become the crazy ex
Who stalks doucheface.
Not even if I tell you what laurel said about you
When we had drinks the other night?
You two had drinks?
Yep. I think she's falling for you.
She said that?
No, but now I know you're falling for her.
Okay, now you're the doucheface.
Just have your guy call me.
[ laurel speaking spanish ]
[ door closes ]
What's the verdict? Is caleb diddling sissy?
I don't think so.
Why not? I don't know -- he just --
He seems more normal than I thought.
Are you into him?
Into who? No one.
Caleb. Go for it.
Look at all the fun we got out of wes dating rebecca.
Okay, you're all sick in the head, and I have a boyfriend, thank you very much.
What, are you and dirty levi already exclusive?
No, I mean, no, we haven't officially had that conversation yet,
But we're enjoying each other's company.
Let's just say that.
Stay away from michaela, or I tell her who you are.
Connor: Naked company, I hope.
Where are you going now?
My torts study group is meeting tonight.
Miss pratt, what did you find out?
Uh, nothing definitive yet.
What's the matter? [ door closes ]
You don't know how to use your boobs?
[ door closes ] I told you to stay away from her.
Calm down. I'm not gonna hurt her.
I trusted you, lied to nate for you.
Maybe you shouldn't have.
Look, somebody in that house killed my sister,
So, yeah, I'm gonna lie to people
If that means finding out who did it.
Rebecca lied to me.
Over and over.
And I kept believing her.
I can't be around people like that anymore.
Get the hell out.
Just leave. Look, I found the lady frank called.
Sabrina mancini.
You want to know who she is?
[ knocking on door ]
I stole zoe's phone. What?
I think she's a sociopath.
You stole our client's phone -- you're the sociopath.
Yeah, but I've been watching her,
And she's on her phone all of the time.
She's 16. That's what they do.
Yeah, but I didn't buy that sob story,
So I just took her phone when she wasn't looking,
And I called my cousin, you know, the 15-year-old,
And she told me about "h.A.S."
Hidden away safe. What are you talking about?
Okay, it's this app that kids use
To hide stuff from their parents.
The little icon looks like this calculator,
So that no one would think to look at it.
And what do I care? Look.
Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?!
[ zoe laughs ]
Okay, now squeal like a little piggy like rachel did.
Megan: Yeah, little fat piggy bitch.
[ laughter ]
[ grunting ] aah! Stop!
Ow! I want my mommy!
[ imitating gagging ]
Oh, my gosh. You know, we should do it again.
Yeah, what are you talking about?
You know, like, kill someone.
Like mrs. Collins?
You know, she gave me a "c," so we should
Carve a "c" into her forehead right before we gut her.
You know, we should do it again.
Megan: What? Yeah, what are you talking about?
You know, like, kill someone.
Like mrs. Collins?
You know, she gave me a "c," so we should
Carve a "c" into her forehead right before we gut her.
Stop it. Please.
That's not...She doesn't know what she's saying.
They made zoe do this.
[ sniffs ] no one can see this.
Get rid of it.
Of course.
We're what? Burying the footage so we win the case.
But she's a violent killer who wants to violently kill again.
You're the one that was all "poor zoe" yesterday --
Yeah, well, that was before we knew she was mental.
Our job, mr. Walsh, is to defend our client
Against the crime for which she's charged,
Not a hypothetical future crime.
But she's dangerous, and she's good at it.
I mean, the video is proof. Proof of what?
That teenage girls can be stupid and pretend for each other?
We swore an oath to mount a vigorous defense,
And, yes, that includes winning.
So stop being so damn sensitive and get on board.
Are there any other copies?
No, just the one on her phone.
Good, delete any record of them anywhere,
Especially the damn cloud -- worst thing ever invented.
Hang on a sec.
Of course she doesn't care.
I mean, she's a psychopath, too.
We've represented worse people than that, connor.
You -- you sound just like her.
Just know that all these ideas in your head,
They're hers.
Do you actually think that murdering someone
Is not a big deal anymore?
Who's next on our hit list, the dean?
He's a wise-ass.
Thank you.
Should I be worried?
No. Go be nosey somewhere else.
Catherine: I take a sleeping pill every night.
So it's pretty normal for me to sleep through the night.
That's your excuse for not hearing those gunshots that night?
It's not an excuse, but the truth.
You're quick on your feet. That's good.
When you woke up the next morning -- do you like him?
Girls like him.
I mean, the money helps, but he looks like he looks,
And I wouldn't be surprised if you had a crush.
I don't have a crush.
He's our client, and that would be inappropriate.
You can't control a crush, though.
Are you deflecting because you're afraid
I'm gonna find out you're in love with your brother?
You actually think it's possible
To grow up in a house like this,
With people working behind every corner,
And get away with screwing your brother?
According to your house manager, you didn't get away with it.
Something that perverse should never be private.
They're guilty.
Let's just put this to bed once and for all.
You really want to know the truth?
Kaplan: Molly, did you ever feel bullied by zoe?
Yes, she would be really nice one minute,
Then can turn on you the next.
She seemed to like scaring people.
And do you remember what you said
When I first asked you to testify?
I said I wouldn't do it
'cause zoe would try to kill me if I did. Objection.
This is a speculation of a young girl desperate to pass blame.
Molly, isn't it true that you and your friends
Like to record videos of yourselves?
Yes, we recorded everything.
Your honor, I would like to introduce into evidence
A video taken just days after rachel's murder.
Annalise: Objection. This video wasn't in discovery.
That's true, because my witness is so terrified of zoe mitchell
That she didn't tell me about the video until this morning.
The timing of this is very convenient, your honor. I agree.
Young lady, why didn't you tell anyone about this video before?
Honestly, I thought it would make me look guilty if I did.
Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?!
[ zoe laughs ]
Okay, now squeal like a little piggy like rachel did.
Megan: Yeah, little fat piggy bitch.
[ laughter ]
[ zoe grunting ] molly: Aah! Stop!
Ow! I want my mommy!
Lisa: You said they'd never see it!
Molly must have had a copy, too.
That's no excuse! Calm down. Calm down.
People say you're the best.
But from what I've seen, you're distracted, unprepared.
The case isn't over yet. It might as well be.
I put my baby's life in your hands.
So if I lose her, it's on you.
Fix it.
You all right?
We shouldn't be seen together.
I know.
Nice to see you, though.
I saw nia, nate.
The other morning, she called me on your phone.
She wanted to talk.
Nia: The nurses, they're all on nate's team, but you...
You owe me this.
No. If -- if I owe anyone, it's nate.
Do it for him.
Free him.
Because as long as I'm alive, he's in pain.
Oh, god. He loves you.
Yes, but he's not happy.
That's why I told him to keep seeing you.
You let him forget...
Me and this hospital...
But then you destroyed him.
[ monitors beeping ]
You think this is gonna help him?
God, if you can't do this for me,
If you can't do this for him,
Just -- just do it for yourself.
I don't care.
Just be a good person for once and get me the pills.
I'm not promising anything.
Don't tell nate.
She's worried about you.
That's all.
I'm sorry.
She shouldn't have done that.
It's okay. I'm glad she did.
She wants the best for you.
[ laughter ]
Zoe: I'll bet she's sorry now.
That will teach her to steal your boyfriend, right?
Yeah. Skanks get shanked.
Skanks get shanked.
[ clicking ]
Yeah. Skanks get shanked.
Skanks get shanked.
[ laughter ]
Annalise: Molly, isn't it true that you were the only one
With motive to kill rachel?
I mean, she did steal your boyfriend, after all.
She was talking to him, yes, but --
Let's look at the video again.
That will teach her to steal your boyfriend, right?
Yeah. Skanks get shanked.
Skanks get shan--
So, is the skank
You're referring to in the video rachel?
Yes. So when you say "skanks get shanked,"
Zoe copies what you say.
She did that a lot, didn't she?
I don't know what you mean.
I mean right here.
You're leading, and she's following.
Yeah. Skanks get shanked.
Skanks get shanked.
[ laughter ]
It looks to me that she's mirroring your behavior,
Isn't she?
I mean, look at her body language.
She's literally looking to you to see what to do next.
Because she's afraid of you, isn't she?
It wasn't like that. We didn't even like zoe.
We only hung out with her because she was rachel's friend.
That's not true. Shh.
So zoe would hang out with you because you were the popular one?
I don't know. Objection. Speculation.
I'm asking the witness if she forced zoe
Into her clique, your honor.
I didn't, though. Zoe forced her way in.
So you're admitting you had a clique. That's a lie.
She wanted to be friends with me.
Zoe. Which means that it was up to
You and you alone, molly, whether she was allowed in.
I told you, we liked rachel, not zoe.
Then why did you decide rachel had to die?
Control ms. Keating, your honor.
I don't know why!
All I know is that zoe forced herself onto us,
And then everything was awful after that!
You're a liar!
You were nothing until you met me,
Just some stuck-up bitch until I made you interesting!
Counselor, get your client under control.
You think that you're anything without me?!
You are nothing!
You're just some basic bitch who better watch her back!
That's right! You're next, whore!
You were supposed to fix this,
But instead you let her get up there and tell lies about me!
Tom: Zoe, stop it!
I hate you. And you.
I hate you all.
Annalise: You slipped them that video.
I'm not sorry that I did it.
I would do it again, too.
Even if that means you lose.
You actually think that murdering someone
Is not a big deal anymore?
Who's next on our hit list, the dean?
What is your problem, mr. Walsh?
Are you unhappy? Do you want to leave?
I can't leave. Door is right there.
Yeah, and you would send frank to kill me on my way out.
Don't get confused. You're the only killer in this room.
I did not kill anyone.
You killed my husband.
No, wes killed your husband.
And he only did it because you messed with his head.
How dare you put that on me.
I protected you even when I didn't have to
Out of the kindness of my heart,
And I'm still protecting you every damn day.
So don't believe that crock of defense I spun in court.
That was just an easy out
So the jury could have someone to blame.
But that's not what's happening here.
You made this life for yourself, mr. Walsh, not me.
No, zoe would have killed again,
And I cannot deal with any more blood on my hands.
You know where else there's blood?
My husband's, to be specific?
Your car.
Connor: Maybe sam knows.
I mean, he's lived here the longest, right?
What, any ideas, pal?
Laurel said that frank got rid of it.
My car was stolen. Bummer.
Good work with connor's car.
You stole it.
That's a lie.
Make me out to be the villain
If that helps you sleep at night.
But don't you ever screw with my cases.
[ knocking on door ]
Come in.
Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to --
Mr. Walsh was just leaving.
What is it?
Good news -- catherine's a virgin.
Finally, something that we can prove.
Caleb: This is so weird.
You get that, right? How weird this is?
I do, but I'd be a horrible lawyer
If I didn't advise catherine to take this step.
Okay, but is there even a test to prove this?
Seriously. She grew up riding horses.
Maybe it won't work,
But if there's a chance I can put a doctor on the stand
To say that catherine is a virgin,
Then I can cast doubt on the incest rumors,
Thereby weakening the prosecution's case.
It's up to you, catherine.
I have other ways to win this, but...
I'll do it. Cat.
You need to think about this. If it helps us win,
They can run as many tests on me as they want.
[ dirty south's "the unknown" plays ]
Let's do it.
Call the doctor right now.
[ sighs ]
¶ head shaking ¶
¶ heart racing ¶
¶ thick fear is all around ¶
I told you to use your boobs, not your heart.
¶ a wall of darkness ¶ you know what I'm talking about.
Put 'em away. ¶ you've thrown at me ¶
We're done with them.
¶ a life I've left behind ¶ [ thud ]
Am I an idiot if I believe they didn't do it?
No. It just means you still want to see the best in people.
Hold onto that if you can.
¶ reeling back on this journey ¶
¶ ooh ¶
I passed.
¶ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ¶
¶ dive deep into the unknown ¶
Levi: I'm staking out sabrina's place,
And I see this guy coming and going.
It's her brother, bruno, who -- turns out --
Frank went to high school with.
Why did frank call bruno?
'cause he needed help dumping rebecca's body, and bruno...
[ brakes squeal ]
...Works here.
¶ ooh ¶
¶ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ¶
¶ I know ¶
¶ oh, oh ¶
¶ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh ¶
Thank you.
Should I be worried?
This is inappropriate.
Nia: Do you love him?
I want you to help me end it.
Just get me the pills. You wouldn't be killing me.
But that guy you have working for you, he has access, right?
The one you used to frame nate.
She wants the best for you.
You owe me this, annalise.
You let him forget.
But then you destroyed him.
Be a good person for once.
[ monitor beeping ]
I think about it a lot.
Killing myself.
I have ever since I was a child.
A lot of times, I think the world would be
A much better place without me in it.
But I don't do it.
You're a better woman than me.
And if I don't deserve to die, then you definitely don't.
I'm sorry you feel alone in your pain, but so do I.
So does everybody. That's life.
I really thought you'd do it.
I mean, you've killed before.
I'm not the woman you think I am.
I'm sorry I can't help you.
[ leon else's "tomorrow land" plays ]
¶ light after dark ¶
I'll call the judge and have him sign the deal
First thing in the morning.
Call me with any problems. There won't be.
Cheer up. You'll testify tomorrow
And be home in time to play beer pong with your buddies.
¶ as I walk to tomorrow land ¶
[ sighs ]
Good night.
¶ touch the light before ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶
[ sighs ]
Thank you, dad.
¶ we all fall down ¶
[ car door opens, closes ]
[ engine turns over ]
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ oh, ho ¶
That guy who traces phones, can you have him call me?
Why are you doing this?
Sinclair knows that annalise got nate to murder sam,
And s-so do I.
And I know that you and frank are helping her cover it up,
And don't say it's not true,
Because I work in that house, too.
The whispers, frank being shady all the time,
The three of you hiding stuff from us...
I'm not dumb, bon. And...It's not right.
You're wrong. No, she should pay for what she did.
And you can call me a snitch or a liar or whatever you want --
I killed him, asher.
¶ we all fall down ¶
I killed sam.
¶ we all fall down ¶
I know where rebecca's body is.
Strathaven cemetery.
¶ we all fall down ¶ that's where sabrina mancini's brother works.
He's the grounds keeper.
So that explains why frank called three times
The night rebecca disappeared. ¶ we all fall down ¶
I didn't want to believe it at first.
But when we found out where bruno works --
Who's "we"?
He grew up with rebecca.
You're such an idiot.
He's rebecca's foster brother. We can trust him.
Because that's what he told you?
And you believed him?
I'm putting everything on the line to help you --
My badge, what's left of my rep --
And you go off and sell it to some stranger?
¶ we all fall down ¶
And how do you know this guy didn't kill rebecca
And now he's playing you?
You're a fool, wes. ¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶ [ beeping ]
Man: Heart rate's increasing. Pulse is diminishing.
I need four units of vasopressin.
Copy that. ¶ we all fall down ¶
Man: Gsw patient's arrived at the hospital.
Marked hypertension with respiratory arrest.
I.V.'s running and wide open, but no... ¶ we all fall down ¶
Well, that's great news, isn't it?
Why don't we all just keep driving and find a cliff
And we can all go out "thelma & louise" style?
It's gonna be fine.
You don't know that.
Maybe not.
But I do know worrying about
Things that are out of our control
Is the only way we get in trouble right now.
Really? I think killing someone
Is another way we can get in trouble.
Hey, the reason you're all gonna be okay --
You got me. I know what I'm doing.
So stop freaking out and focus on the plan.
Michaela, you ready to do this?
And not screw up?
Well, maybe if you all stop doubting me...
I got this.
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶
So, who's up for a drink?
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ oh, ho ¶
¶ mm-hmm-hmm-hmm ¶
[ sighs ]
¶ ahh ¶
¶ ahh ¶
How is she?
¶ we all fall down ¶
¶ we all fall down ¶