How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - She Hates Us - full transcript

Tensions in the Keating household run high, as each student struggles in their own way trying to return to normalcy. In a flashback, we'll learn new details about Annalise's past.

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Previously on "How To Get Away
With Murder"...
Michaela: Is that...

I found it here last week.
If what you're saying is true

and you knew nothing of this gun
or Philip,

you need a lawyer
separate from Catherine.

We're out of bourbon.
This is Scotch.

How much longer
till he leaves?

Annalise: I finally
got it to calm down.

You don't remember,
do you?

Remember what?

There was a baby.

I'm Rose.

You said "Christophe."
You knew my mother.

So, tell me what you know.

Tell me, damn it!

Get out.

[ Annalise retching ]

[ Toilet flushes ]


Noah: So, you just want
to ignore the client numbers?

Xavier: Exactly. That's why I'm
organizing them by last name.

Kennedy: Wait, I thought we were
organizing these by year.

No, we file cases

You're both wrong.

Professor Keating, good morning.
How's that bump doing?

You don't get
to ask me that.

I said whoever pulled
my last court catalogue

should oversee
my filings.

Who is that?
Bonnie: That's me.

I thought we should
file alphabetically

while keeping
the client numbers sequential

based on
when they came to the firm.

From now on,

ask Ms. Winterbottom
if you're confused.

Clearly she's the only one
who listens.

Great teamwork there.


[ Door opens ]

What are you doing?

I got grease
on my shirt.

No patient trusts
a messy therapist.

[ Chuckles ]
You hungry?

Ugh. I can't.
Oh. Again?

I think it's dead and it's
my body trying to warn me.

Okay, he is not dead.

He just wants to make sure
we know he's coming.


I have to go to Ohio

I'm leaving Wednesday,
coming back first
thing Thursday morning.

Well, the ultrasound
is Wednesday.

I rescheduled it.

I moved it closer.
It's tomorrow.

See? I care.

[ Sighs ]

Don't marry a lawyer.


Your edges are clear.
No signs of infection.

Don't tell me you're gonna
make me go back to work.

I thought you'd be chomping
at the bit to get back.

Bed's been nice.

You been spending
a lot of time sleeping?

Shouldn't I be?

Of course, but if there's
something else going on...

No, I'm just having trouble

Uh, exams are coming,
so I've been stressed.

How many hours
are you getting?

Uh, two, three.

That must make it really hard
to function during the day.

which is why I'm here.

Annalise: I've just had too much
time to think, to be honest.

I'll be fine.

I get that,
but I wouldn't be doing my job

if I didn't at least present
the option of seeing someone.

No, I'm not here for that.

You're here for sleeping pills,
I know.

this isn't a dispensary.

Okay, but I'm a 1L,
and I really don't --

You don't have time
for therapy.

I said the same thing
when I was in med school.

I've done enough therapy
in my life.

Dr. Greenlee: So you already
have a number to call

in case you need
to talk to someone?

He's dead.
[ Sniffles ]

And I have to go to court
for a plea hearing today, so...

Don't worry. I'll be back in bed
in time for my stories.

I can't just give you pills
and never see you again.

Is there someone more senior
I can talk to, then?

I am the resident on call,

which means my opinion
is the one that matters here.


I'll go.

Just don't feel bad
if I end up shooting myself.

I wish you hadn't
just said that.

I'm sorry.

I'm just tired.
I didn't mean it.

I know.

But now
I can't let you leave.

[ Snoring ]

We were studying
and decided to get a drink.

A drink or 10?

I was good.

But he -- he just needs someone
to talk to right now.

That's my favorite
throw pillow.

[ Plates clatter ]
Oh! Don't touch it!

Breakfast, bud.
You hungry?


[ Grunts ]
What's shakin', bacon?

Oh, you know,
just enjoying the morning

with my two favorite guys.


You know what I have to say
to that?

[ Farts ]


[ Laughs ]
Come on.


Did she specifically ask
for us to come?

It's her first case back.
Of course she wants you here.

So that's a no.

Stop worrying.
It's going to be fine.

[ Sighs ] It never is
when you say that.

Where's Wes?
I don't know.

He didn't answer when I called.
-You didn't knock on his door?

I didn't knock on his door.

We were already late,

and I didn't want
to miss the showdown.

See? I'm not the only one
who thinks she hates us.

She doesn't hate
any of you.

Not even Laurel?
She should.

Enough. Just be nice
when she gets here.

But not too nice, you know.
She'll hate that.

Here she comes.

She hates us.

The feeling is mutual.

Why are they here?

To help on the case.

He's already pleaded guilty.
What do I need help with?

You made it.
Of course I did.

I know. I just --
You took it in the gut.

That's a suffer shot --

when you really want
to make them feel it.

you should know that.

Tipstaff: All rise!

Be seated.

This is a plea hearing
for Jason Murray,

charged for the second-degree
murder of Tyler Robinson.

It's my understanding
that the prosecution and defense

have already come
to an agreement --

An agreement you need to refuse
to accept, Your Honor.

My name
is Joyce Robinson,

and the defendant shot
and killed my son, Tyler.

And as
the victim's mother,

I deserve to have a voice
in these proceedings.

I'm sorry, Ms. Robinson, but
this is not the forum to speak.

I've tried speaking
with both A.D.A. Leigh

and Ms. Keating
about my wishes,

and neither of them have taken
the time to hear me out!

Your Honor,
Ms. Robinson came to me

a restorative justice hearing.

a restorative justice hearing?
I informed her
this alternative

cannot be considered
under a murder charge.

The A.D.A. is correct,
Ms. Robinson.

Restorative justice
is reserved

for cases
with far less severe charges.

Joyce: But why?
If the victim's family

want the court
to offer the defendant

another option --
What other option?

Your Honor, my client
has already agreed

to a quite lengthy sentence --
15 years --

and it would be unfair
to allow the victim's family

to now hijack
this process.

But what if I want
a shorter sentence for Jason?

Clearly this is a ploy

to fool my client
into rejecting this deal.

Not to mention,
any shorter sentence

would be a slap in the face
to the actual victim.

You mean a slap in the face
to you,

because you'll look
soft on crime, right?

And you -- I think
you'd jump at a chance

to get a better deal
for Jason.

That's true.
Say I want that.

Your Honor, if Ms. Robinson
tried to contact me,

I apologize.

As you know,
I've been in recovery.

Judge Stefano:
But not discussing this option
with your client

veers dangerously close

to ineffective assistance
of counsel.

I have to stand up for
Ms. Keating here, Your Honor.

I mean, as you said,
this is not a viable option.

That doesn't make any sense.

I'm postponing this plea

and ordering you all to hold
a restorative justice hearing

before any deal is reached.

This is a waste of time
and money.
Again, this is a murder case.

Do you both want
to be held in contempt?

Ms. Robinson, let me know
if you have any more problems.

You want
something to do?

Prep our client
for this stupidity.

It could be good, though.

He could get
a better deal.
Or a worse deal.

That woman is in shock
and is gonna turn on Jason

the minute
she gets in front of him.

Where are you going?

To take a nap.

Frank: No, seriously, it's, uh,
Judy or Ruth -- Ethelle.

Kennedy: [ Chuckles ]
You can look it up.

It's the name
on my birth certificate.

No way.
I refuse to believe

anyone's parents actually
name their kid Kennedy.

Call my mother. She'll tell you
the whole story behind it.


You already want me
to meet your mom?

[ Chuckling ] Shut up.
[ Door opens ]

I didn't say that.

Annalise: Frank.

Where are the articles
I asked for on the Mahoney case?

Oh, I-I put them on your desk
this morning.


You sure
you don't want me to come?

You might need backup.

I've defended
scarier people.

What flight
did you book me on?

Oh. I thought I was supposed
to wait for the doc

to give the okay to fly.

Sam told you
not to book it?

You work for me.

You get confused,
I'll find a new secretary.


I'll call you
what you want

when you stop rubbing up
on the interns.

Don't deny it.

Just think with your big head
instead of your little one

from now on.



[ Gasps ]

Laurel: You're where?

Wes: The psych ward.
I screwed up.

And --
Just don't tell anyone.

Okay, I won't,
but, Wes, what --

Just come get me.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

That your other boyfriend?

[ Chuckles ] Wes.

He's home sick

and needs a copy
of our CivPro outline.

We got work.

Annalise doesn't care
about this case,

so why should I?

Cover for me with Bonnie.

You owe me.
Come up with something.

We'll see
what we can work out.

Bonnie: Where's Laurel?

Lady doctor.

What'd you give her,
a UTI?

Here, I thought
all the crap that's happened

might make you grow up.

Okay, the hearing's set
for tomorrow.

First Joyce will make
her statement, then Jason.

They'll detail their
experience of the crime
and how it's affected them.

In an ideal world, both
the victim and the defendant

feel healed and the world's
a better place.

When, in reality,
Joyce is just getting
to be judge and jury.

It's what
the judge wants.

And since you believe so much
in this process,

you get to prep Jason
with me.

Jason: I had heard about Tyler
for a while.

He'd been running his mouth
to his friends

about wanting to bang
my girlfriend, Summer,

which he did,

so I went to confront him
at the body shop he worked at.

I just wanted to scare him,
but he came at me,

and the gun...
it went off.

Is that when
you stole Tyler's phone?

Bonnie: Tyler's phone was never
recovered at the scene,

even though he made
several calls right before.

I didn't touch his phone.

I just ran
right after my gun went off.

I didn't even know
I hit him.

And why bring your gun unless
you planned to shoot the kid?

Asher: 'Cause he's
a freaking gangbanger.

He's been arrested
for possession of firearms,

breaking and entering.

No way this mom actually wants
to forgive him.

You never know.

Heart works
in mysterious ways.

Jason: I wanted the chance to
apologize for a long time now,

to look the people I hurt
in the eye and...

Okay, you looking at me
like that is distracting.

Bonnie: Joyce might
look at you even worse.

You just need
to push through,

impress upon her
how sorry you are.


I got this.

Michaela: I agree with Annalise.
This is a waste of time.


Lipstick this pig all you want.
The dude just snapped.

Bonnie: Frank.


People snap.
It's no biggie.

Laurel: You promise
you didn't say anything?

I just told her
I was stressed.

But not 'cause of
anything specific?

I'm not actually crazy.

She just thinks I am.

Yeah, well, I don't blame her.
You look awful.

'Cause I haven't slept!

[ Door opens ]
Melanie: Hi.

I heard we had
a family member here?

Oh, I knew they weren't
gonna let me in,

so I said we were adopted,
but I was lying.

I'm his girlfriend.

How long
have you been dating?

Uh, eight months?

We met in a study group.



It's just, if I had
a boyfriend of eight months

joke about
committing suicide,

I'd want him
to get professional help.

No, I do.
You don't.

And I very much question
the health of your relationship

if you can't see
this is for Wes' benefit.

We could sue you
for a wrongful diagnosis

or file an injunction with
a judge to get him released.

True. But as law students,
you should know

that involuntary holds are
only reviewable by the court

after the 120-hour hold.

So why don't you leave?

Let me chat with Wes,

and see if we can get to know
each other better.

Laurel: Wes went
to the health center

to get
some sleeping pills...

[ Sighs ]
...and they checked him into
the psych ward instead.

He's fine.
He hasn't said anything.

But I'm nervous he's gonna crack
if he stays in there too long.

He's in good hands.

You want to just
leave him in there?

Why not?

He'll sleep,
get waited on hand and foot.

Believe me,
I might check myself in, too.

You can't just punish him
like this.

Excuse me?
You're mad at him,
and I get that,

but he just did
what you asked.

And you should see him.
He's a mess.

He just needs you
to forgive him.

You're fired.

My old Bonnie's back,
so I don't need you anymore.

[ Knock on door ]
Bonnie: It's me.

Come in.

Laurel was just leaving.

[ Door closes ]

You here
to bug me about Jason?

About Caleb.

He's downstairs.

I didn't want to come here.

I swear I didn't.
It's just --

Your new lawyer
isn't me.

The police won't tell us
anything about Philip,

if they know where he is.
You think I do?

You found him
the first time.

When he didn't think
there was a reason to hide.

Okay, but if we
work together on this,

we can help each other.
Your sister shot me.

I almost died.
How the hell can you help me?

She was drugged, and the person
responsible for all this --

killing my parents, Sinclair,
shooting you -- he's still free.

Please, Annalise.

I wouldn't be here
if I had another choice.

You need to go.

I need your help.

It's not my job
to take care of you anymore.


What happened?

It doesn't matter.

Annalise is still really sick,
so if she said something...

What do you need?
Maybe I can help.

Did she teach you
how to do this?

How to act the whore
in order to play people?

You're the whore.
Excuse me?

You waited
until after you screwed me

to show me that gun.

And I fell for it,

even thought about
breaking the law for you,

because I thought
I knew you.

But I don't, do I?

You're right.

I just wanted
to get laid.

Glad we could
clear that up.

[ Door closes ]

Mahoney's alibi
is still in play.

If subpoenaed,
refusal is evident.

Might have to file a motion

for the judge to grant immunity
under the Fifth Amendment.

[ Knock on door ]

I finished organizing
the new case files.

Did you want me to start work
on last year's?

I thought
you all had class.
We do.

The others left,

but it doesn't start
for another half-hour,

so I figured...

[ Groans ]

Oh, no.

Maybe it's just
this baby's too damn big.

Have you tried
lying on your side?

[ Sighs ] No. Why?

It helps sometimes.

What the hell?
[ Chuckles ]


[ Sighs ]

I'll go.

No, no, no, no.

Talk to me.

[ Sighs ]

How's it going with Sam?

Don't worry.

He'd never tell me
anything you discuss.

I know.

I don't worry about that.
It's just...

He's really helping me,
like you said he would.

And thank you
for everything.

Stop. You're doing
all the hard work yourself.



This might actually
be working.

[ Shouting ]
Shut up!

[ Muffled screaming ]

Frank: Don't you think
we should help Caleb?

I mean,
the guy's got billions,

and this whole mess depends on
Philip being the mastermind.

And you think you can find
the man that the FBI can't?

No, but maybe
they already found him.

They're just
not letting us know

'cause they believe his story
and not ours.

You ever consider that?

If they believe
the inbred trash over us,

then we deserve
to go down for this.

Annalise, we need to talk about
Jason's hearing.

What are you all
still doing here?

We're working.
You know, for you.

Well, do it somewhere else.
I want my house back.

You still want to pretend
like everything's fine?

Empathy doesn't even cover it.
This mother's a miracle.

I mean,
the amount of will it takes

to forgive
your son's killer?

Who does that?

Not to say that I can't
see the other side of it.

How do you know he won't go out
and kill again?

You don't.
He probably will.

But I do think
people are redeemable.

We're all capable
of having a bad day.

Doesn't mean
it should define you for life.

Where you going, dude?

I got to take a squirt.

Hey, wait a minute.
Michaela, is it just me,

or is there, like, a lot of
chemistry between you and Asher?

[ Silverware clatters ]

I don't think
I've ever been more insulted.

He's just trying to pawn
our new roommate off on you.

[ Chuckles ]
That's not happening.

You sure? I mean, his moves in
that rap video were pretty good,

which means he's probably
awesome in bed.

Oli, I told you,
he just needs friends right now.

Yeah, but why us?
Because his mom's a jerk

and -- and Bonnie
just dumped him.

Look, I get that he's
a pain in the ass sometimes,

but shouldn't I
be getting some credit here

for trying to be a good person
for once?

So you're just pretending
to like him

so that you can make yourself
feel better?

I don't know. Would that
really be that bad of a thing?

Michaela: Hmm. I only like you
when you're an ass.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm really patient, Wes.

What do you want me
to say?

That I grew up poor,
was bullied,

that my mom
killed herself?

'Cause all that's true,

but I've gotten through
my whole life knowing it,

and it's never caused me
to lose sleep.

You know what has,

Law school.

First year is the hardest,
and I am so behind, I just...

[ Scoffs ]

You can't even know.


I'll just ignore
the bomb drop about your mom

if you promise me

there's nothing else going on
with you right now.

It's just law school?

Yes, that's all.


We were so close.

Annalise Keating --

the professor you work for
who got shot?

That has nothing
to do with this.

that's where we disagree.

[ Knock on door ]

Come in.

What do you want?

Bonnie: Michaela found
a discrepancy on Jason's case.

Tyler's phone
was never recovered,

so I searched
his records

and saw the last text he ever
sent was to his mother --

"I love you."

A mama's boy.
How sweet.

But he spelled "love"

Tyler never did that
in any of his previous texts.

That was only Jason.

It's a simple question
that I need a simple answer to.

"Yes, I sent the text
from Tyler's phone,"

or "No, I don't know
what you're talking about."

If I tell you the truth,

you can't tell anyone else,

You just told us
the truth.

Don't you ever tell that
to anyone again.


I have been so angry.

At you, mostly, but angry at the
lawyers, the system, and God.

I have looked up

everything there is
to know about you, Jason,

and I get it now.

Your father's in jail.

You didn't have
a mother like me.

You didn't have anyone.
You grew up alone.

And I can't blame you
for that.

I blame a world
that lets you own a gun

and that lets you
grow up without love,

'cause if what you're saying
is true...

...this was an accident,

and I don't see the point in
your whole life being ruined

because of
one terrible mistake.

So, this is a selfish act
I am doing here, Jason,

forgiving you,
[voice breaking] because I can't

live the rest of my life
being angry.

And neither can you.

So maybe we can help each other,

Wouldn't that be nice,
to just -- just help each other

after all this horribleness?

[ Sniffles ]

What case is that?

Same one
you're trying to sabotage.

[ Scoffs ]

I just said maybe wait a day
until he booked it, that's all.

Me taking this case
is all your fault, you know.

I would never have signed on
to a federal case

if it weren't for you
and the Dean pushing me --

If you don't want the tenure,
screw it.
I want the tenure,

but only 'cause he doesn't
want to give it to me.

What do you think?

You think your mom will
finally get what she deserves?

I think she will,

and then the school
is gonna wonder

what took them so long
in the first place,

because your mom's
not wasting her talents

changing your diapers
all day.
You tell him.

Your dad, on the other hand,
is lazy,

and will happily
stay home with you all day.

And all
you have to worry about

is pooping and burping,
male bonding...

[ Shouting ]


[ Lock disengages ]

You know, why is it
that women feel the need

to hide themselves
when they cry?


Or is that just me?

Maybe it's easier
to cry alone.

You don't believe
in this process, do you?

Depends on the client.

Some are good,
some are bad.

But the bad ones need more
than a talking-to

to learn their lesson.

Jason: Every day,
I wake up kicking myself.

Why'd I bring that gun?

If I just left it home,
we would have got in a fight...

bashed each other's faces.

No one would be dead.

You'd still have your son.

When you said that
you wanted this hearing,

I-I felt weird.

But also...

...for the first time,

I had hope

that I can try
to be better.

T-That's because of you.

I want to do everything I can
to earn your forgiveness.

Let's take 15.

I'm not finished.
Jason, you're upset.

I lied.

[ Sniffles ]
I shot him on purpose.

I saw the blood everywhere.

He was gasping.

Uh, then
his phone buzzed.

He was reaching for it,
so I grabbed it.

You texted him
if he needed a ride home.

[ Sniffles ]

I didn't want you to find him,
so I texted you.

I-I texted [sniffles]
"Found a ride."

And "I love you."

His last words to me
were yours.

[ Sniffles ]
I let him die.

[ Sniffles ]

I let him die.

Nothing he said in there
is admissible in trial.

I know. But tear up
any plea deal

we negotiated
prior to this.
He told the truth,

and that was the whole point
of this hearing.

It was a hearing
neither of us wanted.

This is still
my decision.

I'm upping the charge
from second degree to first,

and I'm going
for the death penalty.

I can't be seen with you.

Ah, we're just two
good-Looking dudes talking shop.

Just tell me
what you want.

Any word on Philip?

Already told Annalise
I think he's in Canada.
That was a week ago.

Yep, and the Feds aren't really
calling a beat cop with updates.

Hold up.

You talk to her lately?

Why do you care?
'Cause I do.

And so do you.
That's obvious.

Unless you're just
covering up for her

so you can use it against us

This just got stupid again.

Something's off, Nate.

I've known her
a long time.

I've seen her go through
bad stuff, but...

A visit might do her good
is all.

If Annalise knew you were trying
to get me to worry about her,

she'd fire your ass,
or worse.

Don't come here again.

Annalise: File a motion
for vindictive prosecution

and prepare mitigation evidence
in case we lose that.

I'll prep penalty-phase
witnesses, too.

It would be unethical for us
to be seen here together.

I don't care.
Nothing's changed for me.

What I saw in there
proves the process works.

Jason's life
is worth saving.

You might think you know
what you're doing,

but you're in denial.

Jason lied to you.

He stood there over your son
while he bled out.

Hate won't win.
Don't you get that?

Well, it just did.
Your boy's still dead.

It might be easy for me to go
through life hating Jason,

but that only destroys me,
and I want to feel better.

And my feelings are
what's important here,

not the D.A.'s,
not yours.

Because I lost my son.


And I don't want
an eye for an eye.

Oh, I don't buy you.
I want to heal!

And I want Jason to heal.

And he's not doing that
on death row,

so get over yourself
and do your job.


See that?

That's his nose,
his eyes.

Oh, wow.

The heartbeat?
Let's hear it.

[ Heart beating ]


Heart rate's good.

Head circumference
is normal for size.

I'm supposed to fly to Cleveland
tomorrow. It's for a case.

Cleveland's what,
an hour-and-a-half flight?

You'll be fine.

Now, right here, if you look
closely, you see the kidneys,

which are also good
for form and position.

We need to convince the A.D.A.
to come back to the table.

Get her to consider
our original plea deal.

Connor: What? Why would we want
to get him less time?


If Catherine deserves
to go to jail,

then an actual murderer
definitely does.

Your guilt about Catherine
is not about her.

It's about your feelings
towards Caleb.

No. It's about the fact that
I actually have a conscience,

and don't tell me there's
something wrong with that.

We've all done terrible things,
the worst things, all of us.

And none of us has spent
one day in jail,

but we all seem fine
with that.


Because you all think
you're good people,

that your lives
are worth something.

Then what's
Jason's life worth?

What about Wes' life?

He's in a psych ward,
and you don't care.

He's what?

What are you talking about?
He went crazy?

He went
for some sleeping pills,

and they locked him up.

When the hell
did you find that out?

Annalise knows,
and she won't do anything.

He could crack in there,
tell them everything.
Yeah, if he hasn't already.

Why haven't you done anything
to get him out?

'Cause she only cares
about her damn naps.

Everyone is tired and
saying things they don't mean.

I meant every word.

We need to prep
for Jason's hearing.

No, that's your job.

I'm done doing whatever the hell
she says.

I'm with her.

Me too.


How could you just
leave him in there?

They're big babies.
They'll get over it.

[ Door closes ]


Commonwealth v. Miller.

We're gonna bring that
to the judge as precedent,

and we're gonna tell her that
the original deal should stand.

And you're gonna find me
any other precedents.

We're gonna get Jason
the deal he deserves.

Leigh: After attempting
a restorative justice hearing,

per Your Honor's

the Commonwealth has decided
to move forward with trial.

We're also raising our charges
to first degree,

and we'll be seeking
the death penalty.

Based on evidence that just came
to light during our hearing.

We'll be using independent means
to support our case at trial.

Which still makes it illegal,
Your Honor,

and I cite
Wong Sun v. United States

as precedent.

I also request that you remove
A.D.A. Leigh from the case

based on bias against my client
as a result of said hearing.

The defense has
no proof of bias, Your Honor.

Jason trusted that what he said
during the hearing

would not
be used against him.

You now changing your charge
proves your own bias,

and accepting the change,
Your Honor,

destroys any chance
of this process being
used in the future.

That is a leap.
The first time

restorative justice gets applied
to a murder charge here,

and the client
gets punished for it?

This case cannot bear the weight
of all future cases.

My client's life
is at stake here

because he trusted in
an experimental legal process

that you demanded
he take part in, Your Honor!

So now
you're blaming the judge?

No, the point is that
I'm not blaming my client,

and neither is
the victim's mother,

whose voice
is still not being heard!

Judge Stefano:
I hear you, Ms. Keating,

but I am finding
no legal recourse

to remove the A.D.A.
or throw out the charge.

That is a matter
for the jury.

A jury of strangers

when the victim's mother
is demanding rehabilitation?

I'm sorry, Ms. Keating --
Demand the D.A. present
the original deal, Judge.

Show our colleagues that we need
to stop blaming the defendants

and start
blaming ourselves

for a system
that tears apart families

by incarcerating
every man of color

that steps foot
in the courtroom,

and then we scold them for not
raising their children right.

I mean,
let's end the cycle.

It's within your power here
today, Your Honor.

Ms. Leigh, is the Commonwealth
truly steadfast

in pursuing
capital punishment?

[ Indistinct whispering ]

Upon reflection...

we are willing to forgo
the death penalty.

Thank you.

But only
if Mr. Murray will agree

to life imprisonment
without parole.

The original deal was 15 years,
Your Honor.

I'll take it.
No, let me negotiate.

Jason, stop.
Let her defend you.

Sit down.
I need to pay
for what I did to you.

No, you don't.
You need to make it better,

and you can't do that
if you're in jail.
Let me help you, okay?

Stop! Please.
Everyone, just stop!

[ Sighs ]

I want to take this deal,

[ Spectators murmuring ]

[ Voice breaking ] And here's
my number, all right?

You call me.
You call me whenever you want.

Please stop.
Look at me.

Look at me, Jason.

I'm not giving up on you.
That's not how this works.

I want -- I want to know you,
and I want you to know me, okay?

You don't get a say in that.
You hear me?


We're in this together now,

All right?

I knew
this wouldn't work.

Wes: My mom worked
a bunch of jobs,

so I usually let myself in
after school.

Did my homework,

sometimes watched TV
at our neighbor's.

But that day...

...all I saw was blood.

I didn't know what was going on,
so I just stood there.

[ Sniffles ]

I knew I was supposed
to go over to her...

help her.

They took her
to the hospital,

tried to save her,

[ Scoffs ]
She died in the ambulance.

I was 12.

You've been triggered,

Your boss was shot.
She almost died.

And it may seem unrelated
to you, but...

it's making you remember.

I just need to sleep.


Rose: Sorry I'm late.

Oh, don't worry about it.
You know me.

As long as I have
a place to sit,

I can wait all day.
[ Chuckles ]

Where's Christophe?

At the neighbor's.

He'd be a pain
if I brought him.

[ Chuckles ]

So, how are you feeling?

[ Exhales deeply ]

I was going to bring
that back brace.

I forgot.

Next time.

Thank you.

What is it?

[ Chuckles ]
You're making me nervous.

Open it.

Who are you?

A lawyer.

You don't need to be scared.
That's not true anymore.

There's a way
that I can help you,

but only if you don't run away
from me right now.

What does that mean?

I won't let you get hurt.
Or your son.

Just sit down, Rose.

Sit down.

[ Sniffles ]

Michaela: If you do not
at least let us speak

to the attending in charge,
we'll be forced

to file an injunction,
which will call into question

not only you, but every nurse
and doctor in this department.


Connor: So,
what'd you say in there?

I mean,
they -- they let you out early,

so you must have said something,

I didn't
tell her anything.

I wasn't -- I --
You don't have to worry.

I talked about my childhood
to get her off my back.

It worked.

Asher: Must have been nice,
though, to talk to someone.

I mean, we don't ever
really do that.

And I get it --
It's not like we need

to be up each other's butts
all the time.

It's just...

[ Sighs ]
I don't know.

I thought
maybe it'd be nice

if we didn't lie to each other
from now on.

Who's lying to you?
That I know of?



I overheard you say you only
hang out with me out of pity.

No, I --

Don't lie, man.

Yeah, all right.
Look, I said that, but I...

I just worry about you,
is all.

Yeah, because you think
I'm gonna snitch.

But, I mean,
if you thought about it,

I wouldn't blame you.

After Sam,
that's all I wanted to do.

And the only reason
I got through any of this was...

Because we're all besties?




I'm just saying that

we clearly don't have Annalise
to look out for us anymore,

so that's our job
from now on.

Okay, I'm gonna open the window
to throw up now.

I'm allowed to be weirded out
by this conversation.

Why? 'Cause you're afraid
to have feelings?

Around you people?


Why can't we count on Annalise

Today she showed
her true colors.

Or we finally
opened our eyes.

She's sick.

She just needs time
to get better.

She needs therapy.
We all need therapy.

Asher: No, we don't.

'Cause we gots each other.

Mr. Softy-Wofty?

Okay, look, I only said that
to make you feel better,

so can we all
just not talk

for the rest of the ride,

[ Scoffs ]

[ "Ixode" by Zola Jesus plays ]

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪
[ Door opens ]

Frank: I'm surprised
you showed up.


We walked out on Annalise,
not you.

I'm not sure
there's a difference.


What about the whole
"We can't let Annalise
get between us" rule?

That's before your ungrateful,
spoiled asses

decided to kick a woman
while she's down.

She deserved that.

So forget about her, then.
Let's talk about us.

How you lied to me
about Wes.

I told Annalise.
She didn't care.

Which is why
you should have told me,

your boyfriend,
who could help you.

You're not my boyfriend.


[ Knock on door ]

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

Boyfriends don't lie to
their girlfriends all the time.

You're the one
who just got caught lying.

So you're telling me you don't
lie to me all the time?

Of course not.
Another lie.

What's going on with you?

Just tell me I'm wrong.

[ Sniffs ]

That you don't lie to me
on a daily basis

about all the crap
you do for Annalise.

You can't.

I can't do it anymore,

What does that mean?
[ Groans ]

Wes shot Annalise,
not me.

She told him
Rebecca was dead,

so he shot her in the stomach
because he wanted her dead.

And...I don't blame him.

But somehow she does.

Even though this was all
her idea,

she blames him.

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

Why didn't you tell me?

I don't know.

That's not an answer.

I know.
I'm sorry, but...

♪ I did it all ♪ don't tell me things,

Why do you
keep saying that?

"What if it's
mostly bad things?"

That is what you said to me,
and then you shut down.

Meanwhile, all I've done
since then is think about it --

the terrible things
you've done.

I know
you drugged Catherine

and dumped her in the woods,
so are they...

...worse than that?


♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

[ Voice breaking ] See?
You won't tell me.

[ Sniffles ]

Maybe I shouldn't know,

but I just can't
keep doing this, you know --

falling for you,
because I am --

not if I'm never going
to actually get to know you.

♪ But I did it all ♪


♪ I did it all ♪'s better we stop.

With everything
that's going on,

it's just all gotten
too complicated.

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

[ Sniffles ]


♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

I'll go.

I killed Lila.

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

♪ But I did it all ♪

♪ I did it all ♪

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ]


I just got an e-mail.

It's a video
from that night,

and...I don't know
what to do.

Laurel: Wes.

Wes: Where's Connor?

Not with you?

Connor, talk to me.

I think Philip's back.