How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - He Has a Wife - full transcript

The revelation about Lila's pregnancy prompts several different reactions, Michaela meets Aiden's domineering mother, and the case of a real estate agent accused of murdering her children's nanny proves difficult for the team.

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Previously on
"How to get away with Murder"...

A woman's body was found inside
the Kappa Kappa Theta House.

- What's wrong?
- She was my friend, okay?

And ordering miss Stangard's
body be exhumed immediately.

A full external and internal second autopsy.

I think about you all the time.
But I'll get over it.

What if I don't want you to get over it?

- We represent Mary Walker.
- This is a prenup.

I know you didn't kill Lila Stangard.
And we both know who did.

They missed something in the first autopsy.

Say it.

Lila was six weeks pregnant.

What if it's too big...

Like, I waited too long,
and now my body assumes

I'm some sort of nun who'll never have sex,

and then when I finally do it or... try...

- He won't fit?
- I've met Griffin.

Judging by the chip on his shoulder,
I'm guessing it'll fit.

What happened to your virginity pact?

Did Griffin finally realize God
doesn't give a crap about his sex life?

If I tell you something,
swear you won't tell anyone?

I'm hanging out with a sorority girl.

I don't want to tell anyone
about this more than you.

I met a new guy.


Mr. Darcy.

I promised I wouldn't
tell anyone who he was.

So he's one of Griffin's friends?


Then why can't you tell me?

He has a wife.

My God.

Lila was six weeks pregnant.

I'll leave.

No. Stay.

Annie. Really.

I need a witness here

to make sure you don't lie to me again.

You lied when you said
you didn't sleep with her.

You lied when you said

you were at Yale the night she was killed.

And I believed you, like some fool.


Did you know she was pregnant?


"No" because you didn't

or "no" because if you say "yes,"

you know that's motive to kill?

This is... not something that...

Do not leave!

Are you lying?


We don't even know if it's mine.

Who else's could it be...
Her virgin boyfriend?

He claims to be a virgin.

Was Lila?

The first time you had her?

You would know, wouldn't you?

I didn't know she was pregnant.

I promise you.

You believe him?

Should've worn a condom.

sometimes, we're not
responsible for our own actions,

because sometimes, we behave

not like thinking, thoughtful human beings,

but as animals.

Such is the case of Gretchen Thomas,

a successful real-estate agent,
wife, mother.

Like many a high-powered professional,

stress and anxiety are
part of her daily routine,

so she takes a prescription
sleeping pill before bed.

Its side effects have caused
her to buy clothes online,

cook gourmet meals,

and even initiate sex with her husband

all while completely unconscious.

And then this happened.

This is Ms. Thomas on
her home-security system,

dragging her nanny's dead, bloody body

out of the house.

And then what does she do?

She begins to clean up the mess.

Now, we all know the feeling...

We've had a bad dream, we know we're asleep,

but try as we might,
we just can't seem to wake ourselves up.

I'm sorry that I wasn't
able to get to your office.

It's Mia's 13th birthday this weekend,

and planning has been crazy.

Who would've thought that it'd
be so difficult to find a deejay?

We really need your undivided attention.



Hi. I am so happy that you called.

Now, I know you usually
don't do kids' parties,

but I'm going to prison any minute,

- this could take a while.
- And this could be the last chance

- want to sneak upstairs?
- My daughter and I could be together.

No, no.
I'm sure dj rizzles is very talented.

It's just that you have come

so highly recommended
from my friend Karen's...

You're on trial for first-degree murder.

Put the phone down so we
can prep for your testimony.

I've changed my mind.

I don't want to take the stand.

Honey, this isn't just your decision.

You have a family who needs you,
children who need you.

If she wants to go to jail, dad, let her.

Your mother is not going to jail, Cody.

I understand this is difficult for you,

but as your attorney,
I need to put you on the stand

so I can establish that you
had no motive to kill Elke.

The jury needs to believe
that you two were close.

We were close.

Can you imagine waking up

to realize that you
killed somebody you loved?

That's what I did.

And I'm sorry.

If the jury thinks that
I should go to prison,

I agree.

I should pay for this sin.

Since we can't
put Gretchen on the stand,

we're having the people who love her...
Her family...

Testify to her history of sleepwalking.

So tomorrow,
each of you will act as prosecutors,

prepping each of the Thomases
for their moment in the sun.

Dig in.

Anyone else feel like we
do all her work for her?

Just figuring that out now?

I was fine with it before exams,

but now that everyone else in our class

is locked away in their apartments,

we're falling behind, working as free labor.

You know who doesn't care about exams?

This guy. 'Cause I got...

Mention the trophy again,
and I'll bash your face in with it.

Okay, whatever, shooting star.

You guys all go be boring, study.

I'll be at the bonfire, partying it up,

mackin' on the chickadees!


You want to study-group this weekend?

Since when do you need to study?

Well, you take notes, I have Adderall.

We'll make a great team.


Professor Keating wants to see you.


You want to join waitlist
and I in our new study group?


Six weeks.

There was no sign of sexual
trauma in the first autopsy,

so they didn't inspect the uterus.

It'll be a few more days

before the police release the final report,

but the minute they do,

they'll run a DNA test on Griffin

to see if he was the father.

He's not, as we both know.

It's good for Rebecca's case.

But I would appreciate it
if you didn't tell her.

Why not?

Well, because if she finds
out days before her trial,

I'm afraid she'll act out

in a way that will hurt her case.

So, for her benefit,

I'm asking you not to tell her.

If you didn't want her to know, why tell me?

Because I learned my lesson
about keeping secrets from you.


Thank you.

Lila was pregnant.

You didn't know?


It's Sam's?

Yeah, probably.

Annalise asked me not to tell you.


I know.

Said she didn't want to upset you.

What... you believe her,
with her husband freakin' involved?

I'm not sure.


She knows I could go to
the police at any point.

So let's. We'll tell them the baby's Sam's.

What if it's not?

They still have to question him.

Well, what if he has an alibi?

Or they release him?

You're still on trial, but without Annalise.

She'd quit your case.

So, what?

I mean, we... we do nothing?

Of course not.


I just need to keep an eye on her

till we figure out our next step.

It's not safe to be out here alone.

Why should I trust you?

I want to get acquitted, but you...

Why do you want to help me?

I lost my job because of this case.

So, really, this is just me helping myself.


What do you want to tell me?

Lila... was pregnant.

That's the evidence we need, right?

To tie Sam to her?

You still have access to the house?


Grab a sample of his hair from the bathroom.

I'll have someone at the
station run a DNA test.

If it matches the baby,

they're gonna have to start
an investigation on him.

And your case... will go away.

You in?

Hey, loser.

All right, some coke, some molly.


We did it.

I'm guessing it didn't hurt,
by the look on your face.

It's not like how all my friends
talk about their first time.

You know, he... didn't rush

or act weird or make me feel weird.

He made me feel safe.

You think I'm an idiot.

You said it.

Well, I will say this...
His wife must never put out,

because once we really started going,

it was like he couldn't get enough of me.

Swear you won't tell anyone?

Like I care enough
about your stupid sex life

to tell anyone.


- My God.
- What?

Wow. Well...
Now I know why you thought it'd hurt.


What's up, Darcy?

Annalise isn't here.

Court... I know. Wes told me.

I think I left my gloves here...

Greenish, 10 fingers.

Not gonna steal anything.

'Course not.

Must've fallen out... somewhere.

Not here.

I'm a disaster. I lose everything I like.

Can I use your bathroom?


You should go.

Dude, I'm not...

You're welcome here when
Annalise invites you.

Otherwise, this is my house.

And I'm asking you to leave.


Nice to see you, too.

It was a bloodbath...

A whole trail of it leading outside.

And mom just stood there,
hosing the blood off elke.

So your mom was awake when you found her?

No. She was asleep.

I started yelling for my dad.

So, let's be clear...

You actually saw her take
the sleeping pill that night?

No, but she told me she took
it when we got into bed.

Then how can you be certain?

Because she took it every night...

Right before we went to sleep.

Like a drug addict.

I told her,
"You wouldn't need a pill to sleep

"if you just slowed down.

Stop trying to do so much."

Sounds like the perfect recipe
for your daughter to snap...

Maybe even kill.

Objection... argumentative.

What are you doing?

You didn't ask an actual question.

The opposing lawyer would
have no choice but to object.

I watch court TV.

Grandma hated Elke.

She felt like mom should be our mom,

not some Scandinavian milkmaid.

Don't say that part on the stand.

We don't want anyone to think

your grandmother had anything to do with it.

Maybe she did.

I'm kidding.

Look in the medicine
cabinet in their bathroom.

It's a veritable drugstore in there...

Antianxiety meds for Mia,

hair-growth supplements for Matthew.

Does that mean you don't trust
your daughter's judgment?

Of course I trust her.

Then act like it.

Show a sliver of doubt or distrust,

and the prosecution will pounce.

On top of me, initiating sex.

All the while, she's completely asleep.

That's how much those pills knock her out.

Maybe don't...
Use the sex as an example on the stand.

When did your mom finally come to?

Once my dad put her in the shower,

ran cold water on her.

It was the only way we could wake her up.

What was her reaction when
she realized what she'd done?

She started crying, yelling.

It was awful... for all of us.

Like, it's one thing for your
mom to kill your nanny...

It's a whole other thing

if she had no idea what she was doing.

It sounds fake... I know...

Like we're making it up, but we're not.

It's the pill's fault.

Your witness.

Is it possible your parents told you

to lie on the stand today, Cody?

Your Honor,

there's no good-faith
basis to this question.

Let me rephrase.

Do you love your mother?


So you'd do anything to protect her.

Lie, even?

He's badgering my witness, Your Honor.

Lying under oath is illegal, Cody.

Mr. Rodriguez,
this is bordering on witness intimidation.

- Are you lying, Cody?
- Your Honor, I ask the court

to cite the prosecutor for misconduct

and allow my witness to leave the stand.

I'm not lying about my mother.

She loved elke. We all did.

Especially me.

What did you just say?

Your Honor, he's just a young boy.

I loved her.

That's why I was awake at
3:00 A.M. that night...

Because I was going to her room,

just like I had been every night.

We loved each other.

Damn it, Aiden!
You want me to write a script for you?

How about, "Mother,

"you should've told me you
were giving Michaela a prenup,

"and as her fianc?,

I fully support her
decision not to sign it."

I got to go.

Are you good for anything,
or can you only do your job

when you're screwing
evidence out of someone?

Annalise, he did his best. We
were all blindsided by this.

No, you were blindsided.

Because you can't do your one simple job.

Tell me what's coming my way!

That's all I ask.

And in return,

I tolerate your pathetic,
mousy presence in my house.


How's it feel to have your ass handed to you

just days before she hands
out our final grades?

I'm not worried,

because I got a copy of the
exam that she gave last year.

And I'm happy to share it
with my new study group

if they have things to give me in return.

I'll trade you all my notes.

And I'll give you copies of
all of kan's old outlines.

I have every criminal-law
hornbook ever written.

I think three people's
enough for this study group.

my God. This is so good.


You like the photo?

I snuck it while you were
in the shower this morning.

Wes was sitting right next to me.
He could've seen it.

I know.

Makes it more fun.

What do you want?

What do you think?

Slow down, killer.

If I'm gone for more than a few minutes,

Bonnie will get suspicious.

Bonnie was born suspicious.

I want to take my time.

? Just for the thrill ?

Hey, that was bull donks, yo.

A.K. reaming you out like that...
It's not right.

I mean, we all know who
deserves the credit around here.

You're sucking up. Stop it.

No, I'm just saying don't let it get to you.

She's the one that sucks, not you.

Also, I'm having a little
jammy-jam at my place tomorrow

before the bonfire.

Drinks, pretty peeps... the ushe.

So I was hoping I could get
off a little early tomorrow.

You can come, too...
Shake your groove thang.

You know what I'm saying?

You can go home early as long
as you get all your work done.


I can't talk right now.

It's about Lila.

The night she was killed,
I thought you were at Yale.

But I...

Did you need me?


Rebecca came by the house.

Claims she was looking for her gloves.

There's not a chance she
knows about the pregnancy?

Wes is here all the time.

I already told Wes.

So he told her.

We don't know that.

Annie, you've seen the two of them.

You know how he feels about her.


That's sweet, isn't it?

Tell me what you want me to do here...

If you want me to go to the police.


Don't give up on me here.

I'm gonna lose my case.

Because all I can think
about is you with that girl.

How many times was it?


That's all it took for you to knock her up?

This is what I get.

This is what happens

when you screw somebody else's husband.

You become sad, barren.

And even a dead girl is
more of a woman than you.

That's not what this is.

It is.


No, Annie, this...

This is me.


Get pissed off,

hit me if that's what it takes.

But I broke us, not you.

And I'll do whatever it
takes to make us right again.


Either I'm already high
or school started again,

'cause I swear I just walked by

a bunch of girls half-naked downstairs,

practicing a miley Cyrus dance routine.

What happened?

Darcy wants to end it.

I know I shouldn't be surprised.

They never leave their wives.

But you hoped he would.

Tell me it's better this way.

Griffin still hasn't found out.
I can just...

You said you were breaking up with Griffin.

Lila, he's a Jesus-obsessed control freak

who forced you into a virginity pact.

He was right.

Bad things happen when you have sex.

Like what?

I-I don't know.

Just, let's not talk about it.

Um, yeah, okay.

I'll go.



Is it sick if all I want to
do is go over to his house

and show his wife

all the pictures of his junk on my phone?


That is normal.

But don't do that.

I know.

Hey, it's me.

- You get it?
- No, he got all suspicious.

I think I have a better idea.

Sam texted Lila all the time.

There's got to be evidence
on his phone still, right?

What do you want?

Just thought I'd...
Come see how you're doing.

What... you didn't hear enough on the stand?

You know, when I was your age,

my sister had this friend Marissa,

and she was my first.

I was 14, she was 18.

And... I don't know.

I-I thought it was
probably too good to last,

but I hung on 'cause she was hot.

And after a while...

Marissa just... she stopped coming by.

I was pissed.

Like, really... really angry.

And I'd always think up ways to hurt her

if I saw her again.

But I mean... Really hurt her. You know?

Dude, I know you're gay.

And I didn't kill Elke.

I loved her.

She loved me.

Now, if I'm on a jury, I...

I think that story's too good to be true.

I mean, no relationship is that perfect.

I never said it was perfect.

How'd the treasure hunt go?

All I came up with was a flaming penis.

Is that some sort of gay euphemism?


Elke gave Cody an std...

Tricha... mania or something.

Just the sound of that hurts my ween.

Do you mean trichomoniasis?

Yeah. What... you have it?

I majored premed in undergrad.

I still remember everything...

Including that there's a specific antibiotic

that treats trichomoniasis.

Tinidazole. I knew it.

Knew what?

That I just won our case for us.

Good luck with your little study group.

Just tell me... what'd you figure out?

Why ruin the suspense?

Mr. Thomas, what happened

if your wife ever drank a glass of wine

before taking her sleeping pill?

Then she was pretty much impossible to wake.

I'd have to just let her sleep it off,

which is why Gretchen doesn't usually drink.

But she did the night Elke was murdered?

It was a... special occasion.

Gretchen had just sold another house.

We celebrated at dinner.

Anything else happen that day?

You mean the murder?

No, I mean what your son, Cody, told you.

I'm sorry?

Mr. Thomas, on the day Elke was killed,

didn't your son, Cody, tell you

that he was experiencing
some painful urination?

Well... yes, but I-I had...

And when he told you, did you not think back

to when you had experienced
the same painful urination?

How is this relevant, Your Honor?

Medical records show that
Mr. Thomas was taking

the prescription tinidazole,
which is a prescription

used specifically to treat trichomoniasis.

See what happens when you use your brain

instead of your penis?

That drug was for Cody, not for me.

Wrong... you were prescribed that drug

three months before Cody came to you.

Because the truth is, you needed your own

because you, too, were taking part

in a sexual affair with Elke.

And when your son came to you,

he revealed that he was
also sleeping with her...

A woman you thought solely was yours...

- And you became jealous.
- This is ridiculous.

At dinner that night,
didn't you open a bottle of wine,

even encourage your wife to have a glass

to celebrate her new sale?

It was a really big commission.

No, you needed her to
stay out of it that night

so you can go into Elke's
room and stab her to death.

- That is... no! - Then you got your drugged,
type-a wife out of bed,

showed her the bloody,
terrible mess you made,

knowing full well that she
would try and clean it up.

I'm so sorry.

It's too late for apologies, Mr. Thomas.

The defense rests.

You animal.

I hired you to defend me,
not destroy my family.

That burn you feel right now
is not because of what I did...

It's because of what he did.

He lied to you, betrayed you,

took advantage of your loyalty and trust.

And that's unforgivable.

You'll thank me one day.

Professor Keating,
since I helped in the case today,

I was thinking...
There's nothing barring you

from taking the trophy from
Asher and awarding it to me.

I thought you had the trophy.

No, but the fact that you're saying that

means you think I deserve it, which I do.

I don't care who has the trophy,
Ms. Pratt...

You, Mr. Millstone.

It really doesn't matter.

Of course it matters.

You built our entire semester on it.

Winning it, t-that means
you're at the top of the class,

- that...
- Michaela.

You have a visitor.

Mrs. Walker.

What are you doing here?

I thought it best to talk in person...

Bring the Mountain to Mohammed, as they say.

Or do you not have time for
your future mother-in-law?

Typical middleton behavior?

There's a bonfire for the
football team tonight.

Sports-driven university.


I know why you're here.

And while I realize a prenup
is a delicate subject...

Now, there is nothing delicate about this.

This is not emotional. This is business.

this is about my marriage to Aiden,

so... not business.

My husband and I built our
company from the ground up.

The first store eventually became 10,

10 became 50,

and now we run a multinational corporation.

And while Aiden has decided to
pursue a political career...

Which makes Robert and me very happy...

This legacy will still belong to him.

So you understand why we will not allow you

to waltz in and reap the benefits.

I'm not marrying Aiden for his money.

I'm marrying him because I love him.

Well, that's a beautiful sentiment.

But it's not one that I'll
bet my life's work on.

I'm not signing the prenup.

And it's not because I want
to take anyone's money,

but because I plan on
staying married to Aiden

for the rest of my life.

That's how seriously I take this commitment.

Either sign...

Or I cancel the wedding.

You sign,

or I will make sure that you go back

to that nasty, backwood,
bayou swamp you came from,

you stubborn bitch!

You want to play?

Let's go.

At least I know I was right about you now.

? No fun ?

? home, I'm all alone ?


I have a study group.

? Locked down, comfortable numb ?

? wrapped up, comatose, ?
? sittin' in the tub ?

Hi, there.

What are you doing here?

Well, the firm gave me a few days off,

and... thought I would surprise you.

Looks like I did.

Who is this?

Sasha... his girlfriend.

And you must be...

The student of the month?

What is it?

I met Lila the night she was killed.

I need to see Annalise Keating.

Is this about Frank?

I don't know who Frank is.

Is Annalise in there?

Do you need a lawyer?

You can talk to me.

No. I just need to talk to Annalise.

Tell her it's about her husband.

She's not here.

That's her car, isn't it?



I don't know who you are or
what you think you're doing,

but I guarantee you're going to regret this.

So just take a deep breath,
calm down, and go home.

Leave, or I call 911.


But tell her I came to tell
her something important.

He can't keep it a secret anymore.

She was talking about the pregnancy, right?

That was the secret?

Which means... you knew.


Please. This isn't Annalise asking.

This is me.

What good would it do to tell her now?

I didn't hurt that girl. I swear.

But we both know

how much this would devastate Annie.


You've always had my back.

But I need you now more than ever.

I didn't know who she was...

Not until the fliers went up.

And I thought Sam was at Yale that night.

I thought you two were
working through things,

so I didn't think...

I'm so sorry.

I just...

Didn't know what good
it would do to tell you.

And I didn't believe that
he could do such a thing...

That he could hurt her.

He knew she was pregnant.

He told you that?

He kissed me...

So I'd lie to you.

He thought he was finally
giving me what I wanted...


He's not a good man, Annalise.

You're fired.





And don't come back.

Plug it into his computer.

It'll download all his phone information,

including the coordinates
where he was that night.

Well, what if he cleared his phone?

Doesn't matter.

If he backed it up before that,

computer's storing what we need.

Tell me now if you want to bail.


I'll call you when I get it.

I-I was just trying to
do the right thing, for once.

You've done everything for me,
risked everything.

I-I didn't want to hurt you

or mess up your life any
more than I already have.

- When he came to me, I thought...
- Her boyfriend!

I didn't know he was her boyfriend!

I would've told you if you just trusted me.

I do trust you.

Do you?

Because this...

She's setting us up.

You do get that?

Annalise doesn't do anything
without some sort of plan.

So her telling me Lila's pregnant,

then sending her boyfriend?

Now she knows I lied to her.

You should've told me.

I said I'm sorry.

I tell you everything...
Things no one knows about me.

I know.

You just went behind my
back like it's nothing.

I'm being honest now.

It's hard for me to believe that.

Waitlist! Open up!


You should've told me
you live in the ghetto.

Could've met at my place.

Am I... interrupting something?

Nope. I was just leaving.

Bitches be crazy.

Hey, girl. You like to dance?

Hey, yo.



You're at... my place right now.

Yeah, my brain's too fried

to get any studying done tonight.

So... where is everyone?

Not here yet.

Well, um...

At least get me a drink.


I'm thinking no one's showed yet

because people know the
bonfire goes all night.

People want to be pacing themselves,
you know?

Of course.

This bonfire's been going on
for over 100 years, though.

It's only been canceled twice...

Once for, pearl harbor,

and then once for some flu pandemic.

But tonight...

Tonight is gonna be a heezy, fo' sheezy...

Rebecca, let me in!


Sorry I'm late.

Are you crying?

No, it's just... really cold outside.


Wes, how do you even know she's inside?

I mean, maybe she just turned
on music to throw you off.

She took it.

Took what?

Did you bring your car?

It's unorthodox, I know.

Who knows what we'll find?

But for the family's sake, it's important

we get at the truth one way or another.

Thank you.

Who was that?

The DA's office.

Since Lila was pregnant,

I'm demanding that they collect DNA samples

of all the men in her life...

Including her teachers.