How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Freakin' Whack-a-Mole - full transcript

A case gets personal for Annalise and the team when their client is a man from the projects who was sentenced to death by Asher's father several years ago. Meanwhile, Wes is still angry at Annalise for hiding information about Lila's case, so Annalise must convince him to get back in line. In flash-forwards, we find out exactly where Asher was on the night of the murder.

Previously on
"How to get away with murder"...

I'm representing one of the defendants,
Rebecca Sutter.

Does anyone else know about this?

Only Rebecca and I know it exists.

Sam, why is your penis
on a dead girl's phone?

Did Lila ever share any
details about this man?

Just that he was married.
She called him Mr. Darcy.

Thank you for picking me,
making me Frank's girl.

I have a boyfriend.

I know how you got
Rebecca's confession tape.

We both know what person in
this house you did it for,

and it wasn't me.

- Rebecca?
- Wes, you can't trust Annalise.

- What happened?
- The wallpaper, Wes.

Look at the wallpaper.

- What the hell are you doing here?!
- Your husband's Mr. Darcy.

♪ Passport, passport ♪

♪ wait for... that you ask for ♪


♪ Everything I got,
well, I pay cash for ♪

♪ cash for ♪
♪ treatin' money like a gas torch ♪

- What's up, girl?
- ♪ and I say burn it ♪

♪ say burn it, burn it ♪

♪ burn it ♪

♪ burn that money, baby ♪

♪ burn that money ♪
♪ burn that money ♪

♪ throw them hunnies like
some more is coming ♪

♪ more is coming ♪

♪ I be on it, so I know it's coming ♪

♪ hits the stripper spot and
blow that money on a woman ♪



Hey. What time you
going to the bonfire, girl?

What? Study group?
No, I don't have to study.

I gots the trophy.

I got to call you back.

Is Michaela in there with you?

I want my freaking trophy back.

Open up!

I know you're in there!

Everyone, get down.


Are you bitches seriously
trying to ignore me right now?

Let me in.

And you guys call me immature?

I'm, like, the most grown-up...

Grown-up ever compared to your dumb asses!

should just let him in.

Open up the damn door!

If he's been in the house, he'll...

He'll suddenly be part of it, you know?

Five of us witnessed him here.

Then daddy millstone can help get us off.

We could get him to step in the blood.
It's not a bad idea.

- Yeah! No!
- He wasn't part of this.

Do you think that I wanted
to be a part of this?

Wait. Listen.

He's gone.

I texted him.

Told him I was at the library.

Take your seats.

We have a lot to get through today.

Our lesson... habeas corpus,

which translates into "produce the body."

Who can tell us how that applies
to the case Fay vs. Noia?

Your husband's Mr. Darcy.

- You're confused.
- Listen to yourself.

You just can't stop lying.

Wes... just sit down.

- You're disgusting.
- Let me explain.

You disgust me.

Wes, come back here.

Wes, come back here!

Come back here!
Wes, don't you leave this house!

Someone's having a brain fart.

Fay v. Noia declared an
individual whose imprisonment

doesn't meet the requirements
of law must be released.

This is done by way of habeas corpus,

a.k.a, to produce the body.

Thanks, miss Pratt.

Who can tell us what happens
in a habeas corpus proceeding?

Something's come up. Class is dismissed.

Keating five, stick around.

Looks like the Keating five
might be four from now on.

Maybe Wes is sick.

I bet the pressure finally
got to him and he dropped out.

That means the trophy's in play.

God, enough with the stupid trophy.

Hey, it's only stupid
'cause you know you'll never win it,


We have a new case.

Okay, but first thing's first...
Is the trophy in play?

To those of you smart enough
to know when to shut up.

21 years ago,

when I was a law student
not unlike all of you,

there was a local man,

David Allen, who was put on trial

for the murder of his girlfriend,
Trisha Stanley.

Now, the prosecution argued

that David had gone into Trisha's apartment

and shot her because he thought

that she'd fallen in love with her boss.

And despite there being nothing
but circumstantial evidence

to support this theory,
David was convicted of murder.

Now, this was the first
case that opened my eyes

to the fact that the justice system

doesn't always reward
those who tell the truth...

But those who have the
power to create their own.

And it's a fact that's pissed me off

ever since I heard about this case.

But today, we've been handed the chance

to make an unjust system just.

One hour ago, the Pennsylvania supreme court

granted my petition

to develop new facts of
David Allen's conviction.

In layman's terms,
we're working our first appeal.

Now, the emergency hearing
that we've been granted

is in three days,

so I hope you're all rested and focused,

because what we accomplish
in the next 72 hours

will determine David's fate.

Then I was thinking steak.

A New York cut, 16 ounces, well-done.

Lobster, fried chicken, ribs.

Which is why I'm taking votes
from everybody who visits.

What would your last meal be?

What if I said you can have them all?

Don't mess with me right now.

The court called.

They're gonna give us one more shot.

That's right.

It's a death-row case.

And unless we do our jobs,

David will die by lethal injection

in less than two weeks.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.


You don't thank me until
you're out of this prison.

"That's when I saw Mr.
Allen run from that woman's apartment.

"He had a look of terror in his eyes,

"like he had just done something awful.

"I froze as soon as I saw him, scared.

That's when I saw the .38 in his hands."

That's your line, Connor.

Right. Sorry.

"Objection, Your Honor.
Did the witness at the time

actually know the caliber of the...
of the weapon?"

Said defense attorney George Gabler.

"Sustained," said judge Mills...



Ha, very funny.

I'm not kidding.

Your dad's William Millstone, right?

Let me see that.

What the...?

I guess we finally know why you're here.

Did you know about this?

No idea.

Wes could be at the
police station right now.

- He didn't go to the police.
- You don't know that.

I do. He's a confused child.
I can handle him.

Maybe I should get a lawyer.

I should go to the police
and get ahead of this thing.

Only a bad lawyer would
give you that advice.

Well, what is the plan here, then?

This was already a mess,
and now you've got to argue

a death-row case in three days from now.

Because when I filed the petition,

I didn't know you were
screwing some white whore.

Frank just called.
He said you should go over now.



Look, I just...

I want to say thank you...

For putting up with all our crap.

I know it's a lot.

It's for Annalise.

I'd do anything for her.

We missed you in class today.

You haven't been answering
your phone or your door.

Everyone's been asking for you.

They're worried that you were sick.

We even got a new case today,
a death-row appeal.

It would be a shame

if you missed the opportunity to work on it.

You can take that back.

I don't want it.

You and Rebecca?

What do you want?

That's funny,
because that's what I came here to ask you.

What you want.

Stop this.

- Stop what?
- You know what.

I wrote it all down...

Everything I know.

I have another copy in a safe-deposit box.

One phone call and it
gets sent to the police.


You get Rebecca back.

- Are you in love with her?
- This isn't about a crush.

It's about doing the right thing.

And you think that means

protecting the drug dealer next door?

Putting your blind faith

in someone you barely even know? Why?

And please don't tell me

it's because you think she's innocent.

I taught you better.

I think she's as innocent as your husband.

You really need to stop thinking

that me protecting Rebecca and my husband

are mutually exclusive.

The idea that I don't have
her best interests at heart

is only in your head.

So prove it.

Find her and get her back here.

Whatever it takes.

Or I swear to God,
I'll tell the police everything.

There you are.

Thought you might be avoiding me.

You were the one out of the office all day.

Annalise having you do some spy work?

What kind of spy would I be if
I told you what I was doing?

Come on.

Afraid you'll kiss me
again if we get too close?

I think it was the other way around,

We'll call it mutual. How's that?

We'll call it "Never happening again."
How's that?

- Coffee ready?
- Fresh pot.


You forgot your coffee.


I'd like Mr. Gibbins brought up to speed.


Professor Keating,
I-I know you're busy.

I just wanted to ask...
Did you know my father

presided over the original
David Allen trial?

So, Wes, you're not contagious, are you?

That depends.

Is lying contagious?

- Honestly, G, enough with the secrets.
- Ignore them.

They're just mad because they
know if they ever missed class,

Annalise would not care.

So, what do I need to know about this case?

The puppy's acting up.

I need you to find Rebecca right away.

I'm guessing she's being put up
by one of her drug connections.

And what do I say to her?

I asked you to find her, not make contact.

We have less than 65 hours

before we argue in front
of the state supreme court.

That means no sleep until we
find out how to win the appeal.

Wes and Laurel,

find out if there was
any ineffective counsel.

Start with a visit

to his original attorney, George Gabler.

Believe me, this case was unwinnable.

I mean, you got David all but
caught with a smoking gun.

You got the neighbors who all heard

the fight the night before.

Do I expect this to slow you two down?

You kids, with all your hope,
all this, you know,

"Everybody gets a blue ribbon" nonsense.

You want some real advice?

Two words... Corporate law.

Connor and Michaela,

the original prosecutor,
ADA Vince Travers.

Travers left the case mid-trial.
I want to know why.

I want to know if there's a story
behind his disappearing act.

State was hacking our
budget big time in the early '90s.

I got burnt out, frankly.

Needed a minute to relax.

So, that was it, then?

Just dropped a big case like that?

It was the case or me.

Bonnie, the eyewitness, Linda Morelli,

I want to know if there's anyone else
she saw that day that could be a suspect.

I'm going to her place tomorrow.

What about me? I-I could go with.

- Old ladies find me charming.

- Take Mr. Millstone with you.
- Yeah. Team bosher!

There's nothing else you
recall seeing that day

before seeing David leave
the scene of the murder?


I wish I could say,
but that's a lot of years ago.

And a lot of time

trying to push the memory out of my head,
not back in.

Excuse me, ma'am,

but are those prescription
glasses you're wearing?

Yes. And I know why you're asking,

but I didn't need them till a few years ago.

I wish it were different.

But I saw him with that gun.

- David had an alibi?
- Yeah.

Guy named J-wat.

Sky-high on heroin every
time I tried to talk to him.

I didn't need the jury to associate David

with someone like that.

Appreciate your help.

- Know how busy you must be.
- All right.

Well, have a good one.

Vince, you said you left

the David Allen trial so you could relax.

How relaxing were the depos
you took in the state's case

against the dockworkers'
union two days later?

Travers won't admit to
any of this on record,

but apparently he was tipped to there being

perjured testimony in the David Allen case.

He didn't know who it was, but he sent word

to Judge Millstone to look into it, and...


And apparently Judge Millstone
did nothing about it.


Okay, guys, this Travers
guy is clearly a whack job.

Go on, miss Pratt.

Travers was re-assigned

to a different case by the DA

He said he thought there
was pressure to convict,

perhaps even motivated by race.

Okay, seriously, my father isn't a sleaze.

He wasn't a part of some racist scheme.

Really? Where is it you summer again?

It's not just white people
who go to Kennebunkport.

My father wrote the book on
judicial conduct, literally.

He's a highly respected federal judge.

You don't get to where he's gotten

by burying evidence of perjury.

Believe me, my dad wouldn't do this.

Looks like we have a new target...

Judge William millstone.

You wouldn't be the
first person in the world

disappointed by your father.

There's a gas station
up on elm that's open.

Where's elm? Maybe Sam knows.

I mean, he's lived here the longest, right?
What, any ideas, pal?

We shouldn't stop around here.

We could run into people we know.

Go to route 6 instead.
We'll find a station out there.

Where the hell is route 6?

My God. It's Asher.

Wait, really? You want to come over?

My God. My God. My God.

Yeah. Totally.
I'll... I'll be there in 20.


This is freaking whack-a-mole.

Asher! I thought I heard someone.

Hey, Gloria.

I, think I left a book
in here a while back.

Good luck finding it.

Your father won't let me
cross this line to tidy up.

Yeah, I think I'll, um,

look for a few more minutes,
and then I'll give up.

Who's J-Wat?

Jason Watkins.

He was this kid in my volunteer program.

He had this job interview
but no clothes to wear,

so I met him at my apartment to
get him a suit he could borrow.

All right, so there was only
the two of you in the apartment?

- No one saw you?
- No.

I chilled with him till about 8:00,

then I went to Trisha's alone.

Saw the police cars parked out front and...

Anyway, not much of an alibi now, is it?

- You have any idea where we can find him?
- No clue.

He lived up on 72nd by the bus station.

We'll try to find him.

Wait, wait. H-hold on. Hold on.

Seriously, how you liking our chances?

If I spend the afternoon sitting here

looking at your sad face,
I don't like them at all.

All right.

What's wrong with
looking into daddy doucheface?

Would you want one of us doing it to yours?

Maybe they could actually tell
me something about the guy.

Wow, someone have daddy issues?

Someone have a gay fiancé?

- What did we find?
- Not much.

There isn't anything in the trial transcript

to suggest that Judge Millstone

was prejudiced toward a conviction.

And I can't find a single
allegation of misconduct

in his over 20 years on the bench.

Maybe Asher was right.

Maybe Travers was just trying
to get me out of his office.

- Do I detect prejudice in your voice?
- Not at all.

If you look at it through the lens

favorable to your friend's father,

you're not gonna find
what you're looking for.

Clinical objectivity, miss Pratt.

Professor Keating?

- I have no time now.
- I don't care.

Time's running out for Rebecca, too.

She has a hearing next week.

I told you I'll find her.
You have to trust me on that.

Did you find Jason Watkins?

- Yes.
- I want to talk to him.

O.D.'D 15 months ago.

Come on, girl.

I need you to do something else for me.

Just between us. No one else.

Whatever you need.

So, how's it going in school?

You still working with that attorney?

What's her name?

Annalise Keating.

You know,
we're actually working on an appeal

for a case that you presided over.

David Allen?

Guy in, North Philly,

convicted of killing his girlfriend?


You know, as a kid,

I used to always look through your journals.

Years of meetings meticulously documented.

It's... it's impressive.

In all that time, there's...

...Only one day unaccounted for.

One in 30 years.

The day you met with the prosecutor

on the David Allen case.

I don't follow you.

Did the a.D.A. In that case, Vince Travers,

tell you that someone had committed perjury?

Where'd you get an idea like this?

That same summer,
a month after that verdict,

you received your federal appointment.

You were an underdog for the job.

Mom always said your pal art trucco

put in a good word for you.

Is this Keating woman putting
these crazy ideas in your head?

Your whole life,

you have prided yourself on
the fact that you don't lie.

And now I'm sitting here

accusing you of grave judicial misconduct...

And your only response is to
ask me where I got the idea?

Tell me I'm wrong, dad.

Please, tell me that you
didn't get to where you are

on the back of a man who's gonna die.

Please, dad.

Tell me I'm wrong.

You can't, can you?

- Get out.
- Dad...

After all I've done for you?

You ungrateful little twit.

Get the hell out of my house.

Welcome back, Mr. Millstone.

Ready to rejoin the effort?

That depends on your concession
to my two stipulations.

Those being?

One, you spare my father.

No one can know the role he
played in David's conviction.

So he did play a role.

Like I'm gonna tell you that
before you agree to my demand.

My father's name stays out of it.
Agreed or not?


Demand number two?

I want the trophy.


If your information is
as good as you say it is.

It's good.

We still don't know who falsely
testified in David's trial,

but we do know it was to satisfy this man.

Art Trucco is a state senator who,

for reasons we need to find out,

needed David Allen to
go down for this murder,

so much so that he convinced
someone to lie on the stand.

If we can find out who this was,

we stand a good chance of seeing
this conviction overturned.

We have 12 hours till court.

Let's make David proud.

This isn't my... This isn't my...

- Who's on trucco's taxes?
- That's me.

$30,000 a year?

How can we pay teachers
in this country so little?

Welcome to America.

I apologize for the late hour.

I was hoping to talk to your husband

about a case he worked back in '93.

♪ Give ghosts attention ♪

♪ when they need denial ♪

♪ evil voices lie when
they say you're alone ♪

♪ evil voices lie when
they say you're alone ♪

Is it possible Trucco was a big
player during the re-districting strike?

Trucco's son was a cop.
Maybe he knew the lead detective.

Or David's bank did business with Trucco.

Or how about an affair with a witness?

Are you talking about the neighbor

who heard the shot or the co-worker?

♪ Evil voices ♪

♪ evil voices ♪

♪ evil voices ♪

Little late to go out, isn't it?

You worried about me now?

That's cute.

You're looking for Rebecca. Right?

The puppy's got you
running recon for him now?

Maybe Rebecca's our client

and I'm just curious about
what's going on with her.

Nice try.

With me. Now.

Stop leading Frank on.


- Frank and I are just...
- Don't, Laurel.

I see the way you look at him.

More importantly,
I see the way he looks at you.

And let's be honest.

It's not Frank a rich girl
like you ends up with, is it?

And you know that.

Hell, that's the fun in it for you.

- No, that's... - But what sucks
is, Frank doesn't know that...

That you're just leading him on,

letting him believe he has a shot with you.

And when he finds out he doesn't,

that's going to hurt him.

You're becoming a real asset to this team.

I would hate for Annalise to find out

you were screwing with
someone she considers family.

Of course I know who Art Trucco is.

He owned a bunch of properties in fairmount.

They were trying to raise the rents

to get people to move out...
Poor people, mostly.

Poor black people.

Well, white folks could afford
the higher rents.

Trisha was leading the charge
against the development,

but she had no power.

Definitely not enough to keep him
from doing whatever he wanted.

Or that's what he wanted you to think.

What do you want?

The real about you and Rebecca.

You tapping that ass or what?

That's none of your business, Connor.

She's right. It's not.

Evasive. Interesting.

You guys, stop.

Must be hot, sleeping with a murderer.

- Wait, you're screwing our client?
- No.

And the guy with the corrupt dad
doesn't get to say crap to me right now.

- Take that back.
- Why should he?

Your dad sent a guy to
death row for no reason.

Honestly, how does that feel?

Knowing that your charmed existence came

at the expense of another man's life?

I'm sure it's not the first instance

the Kennebunkport Millstones have profited

off other people's misfortunes.


That's the best thing I've seen in days.

What the hell is going on here?

Man's life hangs in the balance

and this is how you spend your time?

Wait. What is this?

It's mine.
It's from trucco's real-estate group.

I've seen this logo before.

I saw him with that gun.

In Linda Morelli's parking garage.

People, the key eyewitness

lives in a building owned by senator Trucco.

So... it's... It's the teacher.

It's always the one you least suspect.

Just so you know,
we're all set on that other thing.

Good. And, Frank?


She seems nervous.

Wouldn't you be?

You know your life's weird

when you're happy to be back in court.

For the last time,
if I have anything to say about it.

The honorable
chief justice and justices

of the supreme court of Pennsylvania.

Oyez, oyez, oyez.

All men or persons who
stand bound by recognizance

or who otherwise have
business before this court

may now appear and they shall be heard.

In July of 1993, Miss Morelli,

you faced an eviction suit by
the owner of your building.

Why were you being evicted?

For failure to make rent.

I was three months behind.

My husband, he gambled, and...

So you were being thrown on the street,

and yet four days after you
testified to seeing David Allen,

the suit was dropped.

According to the records we've obtained,

you never paid the rent you owed.

Is that because your payment

was your testimony in the David Allen trial?

Can you tell the court
who owned your building?

Green Ash Properties.

That's Art Trucco's company, no?

The same Art Trucco

who's gone on to become
state Senator Trucco?

That is correct. But I...

Did anyone associated
with Mr. Trucco tell you

that your rent problems would disappear

if you testified that you saw David Allen

- carrying the gun that day?
- Objection, Your Honor.

The witness cannot speak

for the intentions of senator Trucco .

Which is why I would like to ask the state

at this time to subpoena Senator Trucco.

What? No!

My client is set to die

based on the perjured
testimony of Miss Morelli.

- That is an egregious lie.
- Perjured testimony bought by senator trucco.

Would the court like to be put on record

for refusing to hear his testimony,
all the while,

senator Trucco is sitting in his
corner office right across the street?

Please, Your Honor.

Senator Trucco, in 1993,

you developed the land at penn's landing

into what is now Trucco Plaza.

- Is this correct?
- Let's see.

I know this. You know this.

The few million people

annually that traffic the Plaza know this.

Can we cut to the chase here?

My constituents expect me
to make the most of my time.

I have a record of an injunction

brought against your
project by Trisha Stanley,

advocating for the thousands of citizens

living in low-income housing

who would be displaced by your project.

Was there a question in there?

10 days after, miss Stanley was murdered.

Your attorney struck down the injunction,

and your project went forward unopposed.

So my question is,

senator Trucco,
did you have Trisha Stanley murdered?

Are you out of your mind?

Your honor, this has gone on long enough.

Did you convince your tenant
Linda Morelli to testify

that Trisha Stanley was killed

by her boyfriend, David Allen...

You are way off base.
I recommend you rein this in.

Explain why your eviction
suit against miss morelli

was dropped despite her
inability to pay rent.

- Ms. Keating...
- Is it because her lost rent money

was nothing compared to
the millions you made

once miss Stanley was out of your way?

Answer the question,

- Ms. Keating, enough. - Why was Linda
morelli granted these concessions?

Mr. Chief Justice,
I have extended great deference

to the court by showing up here today.

But I am not gonna put
up with this any longer.

I am sorry, senator,
if you do not have the time to answer

- for who bore the real cost of your
development. - Clark: Objection!

Not just Trisha Stanley and her boyfriend,
David Allen,

- who served 21 years in prison...
- Your Honor, please!

But the thousands who were displaced

in the name of lining your pockets...

- Ms. Keating!
- ...The majority of whom are poor, powerless,

and didn't bear the color of skin

desirable to your business interests.

- That's enough, Ms. Keating!
- You tore a community apart.

- Ms. Keating, I want order!
- You tore families apart.

- You destroyed lives, senator.
- Ms. Keating!

- Admit it.
- Ms. Keating.

Admit you killed Trisha Stanley

and had my client, David Allen,
set up for her murder.

That is enough! Do you hear me?

You say another word,

and I'll have no choice
but to throw you in jail.

If I wanted to be her before...

That's not something she can teach us.

Here's a question... If she gets disbarred,

does it go on our records, too?

Will the defendant please rise?

Ms. Keating, may I say,
we are beyond dismayed

by the conduct you've exhibited here today.

You've operated with blatant disrespect

for this court and its protocols,

and your argument,
when isolated from all the bluster,

seems to consist entirely of speculation.

The case against your client

seems to be built on the same ground,

rooted singularly in an eyewitness testimony

that we no longer have faith in.

As a result, it is our recommendation

that the district attorney's
office open an investigation

into the actions of senator Trucco

and the state's original witness,
Linda Morelli.

Now, Mr. Allen...

We have no choice but to
vacate the judgment...

and sentence of death,

and prohibit a re-trial.

You are a free man.

Let me know what you have.


For dinner tonight.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Go be with your family.

My baby.

You wanted to see me?

There's been a major
development in Rebecca's case.

The police found new evidence
that Griffin killed lila

because she was dating another man.

After receiving an anonymous tip,

detectives searched Mr. O'Reilly's car

and discovered a cellphone

believed to belong to Lila Stangard.

- I need you to do something else for me.
- Whatever you need.

Have your guy clear any source
of where the photos came from...

Phone number, identifying information.

He can do that, correct?

- I'll make sure.
- Be 100% sure.

Police are reporting the
cellphone may contain

evidence of a relationship
that Lila Stangard

was having with an individual
other than Griffin O'Reilly.

Our sources report there may be even photos

that support a theory that lila broke

the couple's virginity pact,

giving O'Reilly a motive
in miss stangard's murder.

According to police, they're...

What about your husband?

That's my concern, not yours.

Go tell Rebecca it's safe to come home.

Frank has the address where she's staying.

"Whatever it takes."

Isn't that what you said?

God, you're such a klutz.

I got this, Frank.

It's okay. No, it's not okay.

I didn't want to have to say this,

but I'm not into you,

and it's not just because we work together.

So you have to stop.

Let's keep this professional.

Otherwise I'm gonna have to tell Annalise.

Tell Annalise? Wow.

I'm not going to. I just...

Yeah, you're not into me.

You don't have to say it twice.

I don't get it.

Did you read it?

What the hell is she doing?

She's defending you.

None of this is true. But it's good for you.

You never had the phone,
and now Griffin has a motive.

If he knew Lila was cheating on him...

- He didn't.
- You don't know that.

I-I do.

We both do.

I mean, h... How are you okay with this?

'Cause you told me you didn't do it.

And unless you're lying to me...

I don't think you should go to jail

for something you didn't do.

No one's ever believed
in me like this before.

I know.

Come home.

Let her defend you.

According to police,

they're now seeking additional evidence,

hoping to identify the man in the photos

on miss stangard's cellphone.

Is this man possibly a new suspect?

Or is it the proof prosecutors needed

to show Mr. O'Reilly

had motive for killing his girlfriend?


I was hoping I'd get to be
the first one to tell you.

You like the new wallpaper?

It's the only thing left
that tied you to the photo.

Unless of course there's
someone else out there

knows what your penis looks like.

Why you doing all this for me?

I'm not angry. I just...

- Don't...
- I need you.

Don't you get that?

After everything you've done to me,
lying to me,

screwing that girl,

I need you.

I need you.

Need you.

I need you.

I need you.

And I love you.

I love you, too.

You're back.

For now.

Come in.

I'll fill you in on the
next steps of your case.

Any luck?

Just sent it to you.

Surveillance coverage of
O'Reilly for the last 48 hours.

You're gonna like what you see.

You need anything else?

No. This is helpful.

♪ Tumbling lights come ♪

♪ tumbling lights go ♪


Wait, really? You want to come over?

Those fricking liars.

First they steal my trophy,
then they go party at the bonfire

after making fun of me for
wanting to go in the first place.

You know you can't tell them about this.

This never happened... You understand?

Of course.

I'd never be that guy.

Do you think it could
not happen one more time?


Are you with him?


Do not lie to me right now.

I don't know who you're talking about.

Sam! Are you with Sam?

No. No, why? What's wrong?

Something terrible's happened.

You've operated with blatant disrespect

for this court and its protocols,

and your argument,
when isolated from all the bluster,

seems to consist entirely of speculation.

The case against your client

seems to be built on the same ground,

rooted singularly in an eyewitness testimony

that we no longer have faith in.

As a result, it is our recommendation

that the d