How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Mama's Here Now - full transcript

Wracked with guilt, Annalise turns to an unlikely source for help, while Bonnie is assigned a difficult case which she must solve without Annalise.

Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

A woman's body was found inside
the Kappa Kappa Theta house.

Arrest record on Rebecca Sutter

shows a history of drug charges.

What's that?

A Christmas card for Rudy.

Why wouldn't his relatives know
he doesn't live here anymore?

Why are you obsessing about Rudy?

You said you didn't know him.

Because I didn't.

You recognize this ring?

I gave it to my husband on our wedding day.

- Any idea why we found it in the woods?
- I'm on it.

Nate Lahey, you're under arrest

for the murder of Sam Keating.

Mama? I need you.

Earlier this evening,

former Philadelphia detective Nate Lahey

was arrested at his residence
in connection with the death

of Middleton university
professor Sam Keating,

a man whose wife Mr. Lahey
reportedly had an affair with.

Currently, officers are searching

Mr. Lahey's home and vehicle
for additional evidence

that may link him to Sam Keating's murder.

You know the drill.

What's wrong?

It was you, right?

You put Sam's ring in the woods?

- You want to come in?
- No.

I won't try anything.

It's not that. I just...

Thank you.


That better not be real.

It's apple cider.

What are we celebrating?

My sobriety.

It has been a month.

Can't fake alcohol be like
a trigger or something?

Wow. You even know how
to kill a natural high.

Scabies infestation a few weeks back.

Close your eyes.

I-I only talked to him a couple times.

Yeah, no, I-I-I understand,

I just don't know what to tell you.

Yeah. I'll be there.

The police?

They saw that I called
Nate's phone that night.

Tough guy, I'll make you my bitch.


Anna, you there?

Can I help you?

You always leave the door open

for folks to walk in off the street?

Excuse me?


With all the murderers and criminals

y'all got around here,

it seems to me you could
be a little more careful.

All you need is another dead body

stinking up the place...

I'm sorry, ma'am, but we're not taking on

any new clients at present.

Clients? Don't you know
a V.I.P. when you see one?


Your boss came out of my
"V" and her daddy's "P".

So show a little respect for her mama.

Now, my daughter... Where is she?


Your no-count, sorry-ass husband...

Who I said don't marry...

Couldn't keep his Peter in his pants

and went and slept with a white woman.

Then the fool goes and
kills the white woman

when he finds out that she
has his bun in her nasty oven.

And after that, your ex-police boyfriend

kills the no-good husband
and gets himself arrested.

And you, now, ain't got no husband,

ain't got no boyfriend,

and you holed up in this
bed like the queen of Sheba.

Does that about cover it?

Oh, I'm all into this one.

I have to get Lottie's grandson

to pull up the stories on the Google.

I know what you been up to.

Calling me up, talking about "I need you".

Hell yes.

Running around here like you somebody.

Get up!

Smells like somebody's dying in here.

Come on.

Get your butt up out this
bed and get in the shower.

Get up!

It's all right, baby.

Come on.

Mama's here now,

and everything's gonna be all right, hmm?

Nate's phone shows he talked
to Rebecca the day Sam died.

The police want her to
come in as soon as possible.

It's fine. Annalise can prep her.

Frank says she hasn't left her
room since Nate was arrested.


You know, we should all go give her a hug

and thank her for saving our butts.

How can you celebrate the fact

that an innocent man
might go to jail for us?

I'll go talk to her.

No, you won't.

She's sick, and we have a new case to prep.

How? You just said Annalise is sick.

I'm handling the case.

That must be our client.

Oh, yeah, dawgs...

Time to see the bonbon
get her legal eagle on!


I would turn my bedroom into an I.C.U.,

make my little brothers
pretend to be trauma victims.

The idea of helping people

just always made me
feel better about myself,

which is why this is so hard.

I mean, doctors can kill a
patient and keep their jobs,

but for a nurse, we don't get off so easy.

And I get it...

Why people would think I did this.

I'm not the prettiest girl in the room,

but this will ruin me.

I'll be forced onto some
sexual-predator registry.

But I didn't do what that
man says, I promise you.

I didn't rape him.

Imagine you go into the
hospital for a routine surgery

and you wake up to find
your nurse on top of you,

sexually assaulting you.

Your genitals, exposed.

Imagine the degradation, the humiliation.

That's what Chad Manning felt

when Jolene Samuels raped
him at his most vulnerable.

Chad Manning is not telling
you the truth, but I will.

Jolene Samuels is not a rapist.

She didn't even have sex with Mr. Manning.

This case, rather, is clearly about

Mr. Manning trying to pressure

my client's employer
into a financial payout.

Because Jolene...

Is a woman and Chad is a man.

But I'm gonna ask you to forget
everything you know about rape.

Is a heinous act

suffered by hundreds of
thousands of victims yearly,

some of whom Jolene has cared for.

This is a crime not about sex.

It's about power.

And anyone can be a victim...

Of slanderous allegations
that are unfounded

and could very well
endanger her livelihood.

For that reason, you should
find Jolene Samuels guilty.

Not guilty.

That was a slip. Excuse me.

My point being, Jolene Samuels is innocent.

We will prove that to you.

So, she's no Annalise.

So Ms. Keating is not the lead
lawyer on this case anymore?

She's under the weather.

Ms. Winterbottom, I work for the hospital.

If you lose this case,

you open us up to an
extremely large civil suit.

That opening statement was an abomination.

It won't happen again. I guarantee that.

A good lawyer knows that
there's no such thing

as a guarantee in a courtroom.

So just do better.

Dr. Grimes, you examined Mr. Manning

the day he reported the sexual abuse?

Alleged abuse.

Alleged sexual abuse.

That's correct.

And you noted bruising to Mr. Manning?

He had a large bruise on his left testicle,

resulting from the sexual attack.

Your witness.

Could you please read
this highlighted section

from Mr. Manning's patient chart?

What medication does it say
he was given before surgery?

Heparin... It's a blood thinner.

And can you confirm that blood thinners

are known to cause bruising post-surgery?

- Yes, but...
- Bruising which could have easily

spread towards his testicles.

- I wouldn't say "easily".
- But it could happen?


Nothing further.

The prosecution has an eyewitness

that claims he saw Jolene raping Chad.

Mm. Someone got a free peep show.

We need some way to discredit this witness.


How are we going to get Nate out of jail?

- Laurel put you up to this?
- No.

I'm asking because we put
an innocent man in jail

and I'm assuming Annalise wouldn't do that

without a plan in place
to get him off, right?

At least Laurel's charming

when she asks me stupid questions.

Now shut up. Here she comes.

Miss Rosalynn?

You were dating a man named
James Smalley several months ago

when he had surgery at
Middleton hospital, correct?

Mr. Smalley, is it true your ex-girlfriend

took care of you during your hospital stay?


Yeah, but don't believe
anything that bitch says.


So we shouldn't believe her

when she told us that you suffered a T.I.A.

- During your surgery?
- Objection.

Due process... It's
relevant to his testimony.


So, did your doctors report

that you had a T.I.A. that day?


A T.I.A. is a small stroke.

Possible side effects include memory loss,

vision impairment, and disorientation,

all of which could explain why

Mr. Smalley would have thought
he saw something he didn't.

The witness can be excused.

What are you doing?

You can't just take Sam's suits.

Don't tell me you saving
them for that sister of his.

Has she been skulking around

with that "I smelled
something bad" face yet?

I'm not ready to get rid
of his things just yet.

These suits are too good
to go to waste. Stop it.

Thelonius can use them for his job search.

I said stop it!

These are a man's possessions.

They're not just cheap hand-me-downs

that you put in the poor box at church.

You're too proud for
hand-me-downs from the poor box.

Everyone is too good for hand-me-downs

in the poor box, mama.

Oh, you want to sing that song again?

Forget it.

Our house burned down to the ground,

and we were left with nothing.

And still your face was
clean, your belly was fed,

and your butt was covered.

I took care of you.

I protected you.

Did you?

What did you say?


Don't sass me, Anna Mae.


Anna Mae is a beautiful name.

Mama, how many times have
I asked you to call me...

- This is the first time...
- No, this is not the first time!

First time in person.

I never been invited up in here, have I?

To Annalise Keating's fancy-ass rich house.

You get rich,

you give yourself a rich name... Annalise.

Your name is Anna Mae.

Something else your mama
gave you from the poor box.

I'm not saying that the
name wasn't good enough.

I'm telling you that I changed it,

and I'm just asking you to respect

the fact that I changed it
and to honor my request...

What the hell are you talking about?

"Respect the fact" and
"honor your request"?

Who the hell do you think you are... Oprah?

I wiped your ass,

and I'll call you anything I want.

You know what, mama?

You go ahead and you
take Sam's things, okay?

Just take them all.

Anna Mae.

Did you do it?

Do what?

Kill Sam.

You can tell mama.

God is the only judge.

How much is this rich house, anyway, huh?

Too much, I bet.

Mr. Fowler, as the tech
expert assigned to this case,

did you find any relevant evidence

on the defendant's personal computer?

Uh, yes. Last night, actually.


I find the timing of this discovery

extremely questionable.

That's for me to decide, Counselor.

Ms. Samuels' search history disclosed

that she often visited

I'm not familiar with that site.

Well, it's a forum where
users disclose details

of their sexual exploits.

Including rape?

Objection... Lack of foundation

until the evidence is
presented to the court.

Thank you for the drum
roll, Ms. Winterbottom.

Mr. Fowler, can you confirm
that this is the online identity

created by Jolene Samuels for this website?


Her computer revealed

she chose the username "freakynightingale."

Can you read the highlighted
entry she made here?

"A girl like me doesn't
get too many opportunities

"to have mind-blowing sex in her life.

"So when I got the chance

"to screw one of the
sexiest men I've ever seen,

"I jumped on it...

"Or rather, s-straddled it...
And I held on for dear life.

"It was truly the best sex I've ever had.

And get this... He was one of my patients."

"I balanced myself on the tribal tattoo

"he sported on his shoulder.

"He winced in pain from his surgery,

but I kept going."

Chad initiated the sex.

Continuing to lie to
me only hurts your case.

Have you seen me?

In what world would anyone believe Chad

would even look at me?

But he did.

The hospital really wants to settle.

Give Chad a good chunk of money,

the charges against you will be dropped.

And then what? I lose my job?

I get branded a rapist?

That's not necessarily...

My father is an episcopalian minister.

My mother plays the
church organ every Sunday.

The fact that they know I've had sex at all

is the most humiliating thing
I've ever been through...

Until I was accused of this.

They'll all think I'm
a rapist, and I'm not.

And I know that's hard for you to believe,

especially since I've lied to you,

but, please, don't give up on me.

We need to prove that the
sex between Jolene and Chad

was consensual.

But it wasn't.

We don't know that.

Jolene lied.

She humiliated you in open court.

So we're going to need to
prove that Chad is a worse liar.

Do you talk back to Annalise

when she asks you to do something?!

Shut up, do your work,

and find something that shows
that Chad's story isn't true.

You mean slut-shame the guy?

Exactly. Thank you, Mr. Millstone.

Teacher's pet, y'all!

Only 'cause the teacher's a loser.

Aw, someone be jealous.

Would you sleep with her?

Bonnie? Uh, I don't know.

Wh... uh, why would you ask me that?

Not Bonnie... Our client.

Yeah. Right. Uh, I don't know.

Depends on how many brewskies I've had.

Uh, can we please not talk
about having sex with our client?

Zero brewskies.

Okay, if I'm being completely honest,

I've ridden some pretty
questionable strange in my day.

Now, do I regret it? No.

Would I go back for seconds?

Only if Asher Jr. wants
a little rodeo action.

Oh, yeah.

They call me "Mr. Sex"
'cause I like to do it.

No woman wants to be on
the receiving end of that.

Who... who are you?

I'm so sorry, Mrs. Harkness.

This is Annalise's mother.

You all clean up this mess.

It's like a pigsty.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.

I mean, where is the home training, huh?


Sorry to bother you.

It's okay.

Come on.

What is it?

The police called Rebecca
in to talk about Nate.

When is she going in?


Well, tell her to stick to her story,

just answer the questions they ask...

Say no more or less.

I think it'd be better if
she heard that from you.

No. You know exactly how to handle her,

even more so than me.


I leave for one minute,

you got some boy-child up in here

sniffing your drawers.

Mama, can you give us a moment?

You... out!

Wes... You got this.

- Mama, that was one of my students.
- Mmhmm.

Somebody's always the student,

somebody's always the teacher.

That's how sex works best.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I just have to tell
them I saw Nate kill Sam.

While I'm at it, I can
say he killed Rudy, too.

- Rebecca...
- I'm kidding.

Ms. Sutter?

I won't say anything stupid.

When did you first meet Mr. Lahey?


He accosted me in a corner
store like some kind of a creep,

said we had a common enemy.

I know you didn't kill Lila Stangard.

Help me catch him.

Did you feel Sam Keating
was your enemy, too?

Not at the time.

But it made sense to you

that anyone else who looked
guilty for Lila's murder

only helped your case?

Of course. I'm not stupid.

So you and Mr. Lahey formed an agreement?

I considered it...

We'll download all his phone information.

And then I told him no.

I'll call you when I get it.

You think he murdered Sam Keating?


I didn't say that.

All right... The truth...

He asked me to plant evidence in the house.

I wouldn't do it, so he
said he'd find another way.

Sam's dead, so... I guess he found one.

God, the plaintiff is really good-looking.

You should see the woman we're defending...

Not so good-looking.


Some people might say
the same thing about us.

What does that mean?

I mean, I practically work
for this Annalise woman

with all the hacking I do,

and you've never once introduced me to her

or any of your friends there.

Well, they're not my friends.

Every minute you're not
with me, you're with them.

They're your friends.

Fine. I'll introduce you.

But what am I supposed to tell them?

That you're my maybe future boyfriend

if you ever start trusting me again or...

You didn't tell me the rape guy's gay.


Oh, my God.

Stare a little harder, why don't you?

Can you confirm that this is
you in these photos, Mr. Manning?

It is.

And they're photos you posted
on Humpr, a gay hook-up app?

Objection... Relevance?

I'm simply trying to
figure out why Mr. Manning

hasn't told the prosecutor
or this court that he's gay.

Your Honor!

Counselors, approach the bench.

Rape-shield laws

prohibit mention of Mr.
Manning's sexual orientat...

Mr. Manning hid a
fundamental fact about himself

that would have bolstered his rape charge.

And if he lied about this,

he could also be lying about being raped.

It's prejudicial.

The probative value

outweighs any prejudicial effect.

I disagree.

Who he sleeps with is
irrelevant to this case,

and frankly, I find it
bordering on discrimination

for you to bring it up.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please disregard Ms. Winterbottom's

entire line of questioning of Mr. Manning.

You need to settle.

Tell Mr. Manning to write down a number.

We'll pay him.

You're out of your depth here.

Get Annalise out of her sick
bed or wherever the hell she is

so she can fix this.

- No.
- Excuse me?

We're not settling.

- The hospital...
- Isn't my client.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Fight the power, Bon.

Why are you looking up when
Nate's arraignment is scheduled?

Michaela, please don't do anything stupid.

When have I ever done anything stupid?

The boss okay with you
dipping into her bar?

It works for her.

Just go talk to her.

And say what?

"I have no idea how to win this case.

Please, mommy, give me the answer?"

Maybe not in those words.

If I go up there, she'll give me that look.

Then I'll start to cry
and I'll have to quit.

Tell me that's not true.

Why'd you lie to me about Sam?

I asked you, to your face, what happened,

and you said you didn't know.

We're not doing this while you're wasted.

She told you not to tell me, right?

You blame her?


But it's why I can't go up there.

No, really. I'm impressed.

A prosecutor has to keep
a lot of plates spinning.

If I'm being honest here, Tammy,

I'm much better at cleaning
them than I am at spinning them.

Well, maybe if I'm lucky,

I'll be assigned to one of
the cases you're arguing.

So, what's next on your docket?

The Nate Lahey case.

The detective?

I've been obsessed.

Yeah, you and the rest of Philly.

So where are you from originally?

You know, I heard that
he did it for revenge.

You know I can't talk about it.

With civilians, yes,

but we're both officers of the court.

I also heard he contacted that
Rebecca Sutter girl to help him.

Or so she says.

What? You don't believe her?

A girl like that? Who the hell knows?

All we know is she told
the detectives that...

Nate tried to get her
to plant evidence on Sam,

and when she wouldn't,
he threatened to hurt her.

The assistant D.A. on
Nate's case told you this?


Michaela, you can't just...

I told him I was a stenographer.

He knows nothing.

See? You're not the only
one who knows how to use sex

to get information.

Well, at least a Rebecca
lie finally helps us.

She didn't lie.

Did she tell you she didn't?

No, but I told her to only
answer the questions asked.

And Rebecca always does what she's told?

I'll call her right now.

- And say what?
- Does it matter?

I'll clear it up.

See, this is why I don't do chicks.

It feels like you're just
trying to catch me in a lie.

I just have to tell
them I saw Nate kill Sam.

While I'm at it, I can
say he killed Rudy, too.

You said the name was Walters?

Rudy Walters.

He lived in my apartment before me.

The police came to get him,

but no one ever contacted his grandmother

or told her what happened.


According to this, Rudy
Walters was picked up on a 5503.

Disorderly conduct due to drug overdose.

He was taken to Middleton hospital

and then shipped to a
psychiatric hospital after that,

the Enfield Behavioral Hospital.


Lookee there, lookee there.

The dead has arisen.

You didn't used to drink.

Annalise drinks.

Where are all those
folks that work for you?

Why aren't they here?

They're at trial.

Without you?

Mama, does it look like I can be at trial?

Does it look like I can help anybody?

I'm just making talk.

It's a case about a man

who says he was raped by a woman.

Oh, now, that's crazy.

Why, you don't think women are capable

of that kind of violence?

Hell no! Women?

Other things, yes... But rape?


Men were put on this planet
to take things, you know?

They take your money, they take your land,

they take a woman, and any other thing

they can put their grabby hands on...

That's men.

Women, they're made to give love,

to nurture, to protect, to care for...

That's women.

I say something funny?

Your definition of a woman.

I mean... What have I ever nurtured?

What have I ever protected,
cared for, or loved?

What have you?

You really want to sing this tune?


I'll do the melody if you do the harmony.

How's that?

You're showing your ass, Anna Mae.

You really think you somebody, huh?

High and mighty in this fancy, rich house

that I never got to...

No, no, mama. All right?

Let's not go around and around like this.

Let's just dive right in.

Did you know?

Uncle Clyde is dead.

Did you know what he did to me?!

He's dead!

Did you hear me?

And the Lord made sure
he got what he deserved.

So you knew.

Anna Mae!

My sorry-ass husband might
have been a cheater and lowlife,

but he saw me, why I am this way.

That man understood nothing.

Sam knew exactly what happened to me

the minute I stepped into
his office... everything!

He said this thing that
happened to me, what you ignore,

is why I am the way I am.

Your aunt Lynn was got out

by her first-grade school-teacher.

Reverend Daniels got
me after choir practice.

The first man I worked for,

some of the men I dated.

I told you... Men take things.

They've been taking things from women

since the beginning of time.

Ain't no reason to talk about
it and get all messy everywhere.

Certainly no reason to go
to a headshrinker for help

and end up marrying him.

You ain't learned nothing.


I learned Anna Mae belonged
in a hand-me-down box.

Go home, mama.

I don't need you.

I kept thinking... If
Manning's claiming rape

to get a payout, maybe
he's tried this before,

maybe even with other hospital personnel.

So I went there to check
his pre-and post-op visits

to see if any notations
were made about him,

and when I found his
visitors log... Look at this.

He didn't go to the doctor's
office all the times he visited.

He went to the legal floor.

That makes no sense.

Why would he visit the hospital's lawyers

when he's making a case
against one of their employees?

It does make sense.

Your hacker boy at home?

Tell him we need his help.

Are you sure this is going to work?


But we'll both feel
really awesome if it does.

All rise.

Ms. Winterbottom,

I understand your client is interested

in reaching a plea deal?

Yes, my client pleads no contest

to a reduced charge of assault,

which will be wiped from her record

upon payment of restitution.

Ms. Winthrop?

Mr. Manning has already agreed.

True, but because my client's employer

will be paying the restitution costs,

I wanted the hospital's
lawyer to go on record

in your courtroom agreeing to that.

Is the lawyer here?

David Tucker from Middleton
Hospital, your Honor.

We go on record as having
agreed to financial terms

of a settlement in the amount of $500,000.

You're very lucky

someone else has picked
up this tab, Ms. Samuels.

Court adjourned.

Actually, I'd like to alert

the court to the fact that,
by agreeing to these terms,

Mr. Tucker has just gone on record

to paying himself half of that $500,000.

I'm not following.

Neither am I, your Honor.

I recently discovered that
Mr. Tucker and Mr. Manning here

are lovers.

Here are e-mails between
Mr. Manning and Mr. Tucker

where they've shared intimate
photos of one another,

as well as affectionate language.

These are my private e-mails, your Honor.

As the hospital's attorney,

Mr. Tucker had inside knowledge

as to which cases would force
the hospital to pay out big,

including a salacious rape charge.

This is slander.

They chose my client knowing she was timid

and would make an easy mark.

In no way does this prove

that these two men set
up Ms. Samuels for rape.

But they did set up a joint
bank account in Mykonos.

Restitution of this size

should last them quite a while over there.

Ms. Winthrop, don't you a
think a motion is in order here?

We would like to file a motion to dismiss

the charges against Ms. Samuels.


You're free to go.

You ever think about changing your name

from Winterbottom to "ice cold"?

Because that... Was balls-out amazing.

I mean, I knew you could pull it off,

but who knew you'd give
them the old "rope-a-dope."

Oh, come on. Boxing?

Rumble in the jungle?

Ali leans back on the ropes,
foreman tires himself out.

As soon as he's spent,

Ali comes back to life and just...

Was that 'cause you're
desperate again, or... ?

Why did you drag us all here again?

And please don't tell me

we're celebrating Nate
going to jail for us.

Oliver wanted to meet you guys.

Your boyfriend knows who we are?

No, and he's not my boyfriend,

but I do like him

and would like to get laid by him,

so everyone be on their best behavior.

Oh, and I have a drug problem.


I had to tell Oliver that I was an addict

so he wouldn't know that we killed Sam.

So just play along unless
you want to go to jail.

- Oh, hey!
- Hey!

Oliver, hey!


Feels like I just got
off the plane in Hawaii.

Where are the leis?

Oliver, meet Laurel, Michaela, and Wes.


Guys, please don't humiliate me.

Oh, we wouldn't dare.

But seriously, Oliver, you're
all he ever talks about.

"Blah, blah, Oliver, blah."

Stop it. No, he doesn't.

And seriously, about his
little drug-problem thing...

Don't worry.

We're all doing our
part keeping him honest.

Michaela, it's time for bed.

Give me a sec.

And when it comes to Connor's

deep and varied emotional issues...

It's like 300 pages of tax law.

They sprung it on us this morning,

so I'm... I'm gonna be here all night.

I'll call you in the morning.

The library lie?

I use that one on Kan sometimes, too.

Is it the nightmares?

Rebecca lied to me.

Rudy... the... the guy
who lived in my apartment?


I got his arrest report today.

She said he had a... a nervous breakdown,

but actually it was a drug overdose,

which put him in a mental institution.

Maybe she didn't know that.

Maybe, but the night it all happened,

it was the... the same
night Lila was murdered.

You think Rudy had something
to do with Lila's murder?

I don't know.

Sam killed Lila, Wes.

We proved it in court.

- What if I was wrong?
- You weren't.

But what if I was and she did it?

Then what we did... What I did...

Sam dying was his own fault.

But Nate's in jail now.

And... what we're doing to him is...

What if I was wrong
about her the whole time?

I'll be leaving in the morning.

Shh. Come on, baby.

Come on.

Let me at your hair.

Your kitchen is tight.

Oh, stop it, mama.

Come on, now. Where's your comb?

Come on.


I bought that house over off peachtree

when I was pregnant with you.

I was so proud of that house.

It wasn't much, but it was mine.

Built a porch swing and
tended a little garden

that was just right out front.

I baked up a storm on that old stove.

You know the ones that you
had to light with a long match?

And one winter Uncle Clyde came by

and said he needed a place to stay,

just till he got on his feet, he said.

Can't turn your back on your family.

And then, one day I woke up
in the middle of the night.

I don't know what it was.

I-I-I just woke up.

I walked down the hall to look in on you,

and Clyde, he came out of your room,

and I knew what he had done.

He was a big man.

Loved his liquor and his hooch.

Smoked three packs of cigarettes a day,

was always stinking up the
house with cigarette smoke.

All the time, he would just
fall asleep on the couch,

a cigarette hanging out his mouth.

I'd go by and put it out.

Then one night, not too long after,

he fell asleep on the
couch drunk as a skunk,

that cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

I got you and your brothers
and sisters out of bed,

and we went over to aunt mabel's to sleep.

And that night, that
house that I loved so much

burned to the ground,

and your Uncle Clyde burned right with it.

Oh, I know how... how you've
been torturing yourself

about what went on here, baby.

And maybe you did something real bad...

I don't know and don't
much care if you did.

I know if you did, you had your reason.

'Cause sometimes you got
to do what you got to do...

Even if all you've got is a long match

and a very flammable hooch.

I'm really proud of you.

You didn't have one drink.
And we were at a bar!

I told you.

You don't need to worry about me anymore.

No, uh, uh. None of that, drunky.

No. We've waited long enough.

I want to be boyfriends again.

And I want you to take all this off.

Come here.

Bring me that hot ass.

Hey. Stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop.

I want this...

And you.

I really do.

When you're sober.


Sleep tight.

I love you.

I've been in Paris, getting
my degree in art history.

We don't have our parents,
and our grandmother,

she didn't want to worry me.

She just thought he was just
really swamped with school,

and Rudy's always been very private.

We're not that close,

but when I didn't hear
from him over the holidays,

that's when I told my husband
we had to come straightaway.

The police told us he was here.

We require our guests
to show identification.

Of course.

Okay, Rena.

Let's go find your brother.

Shouldn't you be in class, Miss Pratt?

I didn't know if you'd be able to make it,

so I came so I could report
everything that happened.


How are we supposed to be okay with this?

He's innocent.

And black.

Injustices happen in courtrooms
every day in this country.

- You never bat an eye.
- But...

the only difference here

is you think you had a
direct hand in this one.

That's me.

Which means it's my job to fix it.

Now go before anyone sees you.

All rise!

Guess what, young man.

You have visitors.

Rudy, did you hear me?


It's so great to see you.


What happened to him?

Some trauma, genetics, drugs, combo of all.

You never really know.

I'll give you some time together.



Pleading not guilty,
pretending you didn't do this.

The grieving widow? Really?

I figured you'd come up with a
more original way to play this.

You think I did this to you?

How stupid would I have to be?

Just enough to think I'd fall for it.

You had Frank plant the ring in the woods.

Was it your ego?

Is that why you did this?

Because you got fired looking into Sam?

Or was it for me?

Because you love me?

So much so, you hated the idea
of any other man having me?

Either way, thank you.

That bastard deserved the grave.

How about when the police came?

Do you remember why they came to get you?

Were you with anyone?

Someone you were doing drugs with, maybe?

Is that why you got upset?

What about this?

You know her, right?

Her name's Rebecca.

Wes... stop.

Was she with you that night?

Did you do drugs together?


What did you say?


Say it again.



The water tank.

A woman's body was found inside
the Kappa Kappa Theta house.