How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Best Christmas Ever - full transcript

After Christmas and New Year, the students arrive back at college and are immediately given the task of assisting with the case of a woman who claims to have been abused by her husband and forced to imprison young girls for years.

Previously on "How to
Get away with Murder"...

No offense. I think I
liked Rudy's setup better.


Yeah, he's the freak who
lived here before you.

Come on. We had fun.

You had fun.

I was drunk and desperate.

Rebecca goes to trial unless we get
the charges against her dismissed.

We have to prove that my
husband murdered lila stangard.

To allow this trial to proceed

would be a gross miscarriage of justice.

Miss Sutter, how does it feel

to have the charges against you dropped?

Whatever his wife told you,
my brother is no murderer.

Your sister-in-law's in town.








6, 5,

4, 3, 2, 1.

Happy new year!

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.


Hi. How was your trip?

Where is she?



The Petersons still have that swing set

that Sam and I used to
play on when we were kids,

even though their own children moved out...

What?... 30 years ago.

Mrs. Peterson is still there.
Garrett died last fall.

You've been avoiding me.


Well, you haven't answered my phone calls.

Well, I went home. I had
to get my head together.

To your mother's house. Bonnie said.

How is she?

She's good.

I can't remember the last time

Sam mentioned that you visited her.

Well, it's been a while.

Annalise, can we please not do this?

I don't know what you mean.

Can you at least tell me if
you're concerned about him?

- Of course.
- Then why leave?

When a person goes missing...

"Fled," you mean?

Either way, you don't leave.
You stay. You put up posters.

But you stay so that you're
there when they come back.

- He's not coming back.
- How do you know that?

He killed a girl. He
doesn't want to go to jail.

How do you know? Did he tell you?

The detectives say that you confronted him,

but he didn't confess anything.

- Would you?
- If you were my wife

and a defense attorney,
yeah, you bet I would.

Well, you're not a killer. He is.

What about foul play?

Why isn't that the first
thing you think of...

Foul play, that... that
maybe he's been hurt?

None of this makes any sense, Annalise.

Did you know I-I was with him

the day after that girl was killed... Lila.

We spent the entire Labor
Day weekend together.

We... we went over... we
had lobsters at Hemingways,

and he helped fix the
screen door on my front porch,

and we talked about you,

about how much he wanted
that new job at Yale,

and how he really thought

that a fresh start would
be really, really good

for the both of you.

How could he have done
all those little things

a-after he had just
strangled a girl to death?

I don't know. People don't make sense.

W-what is this?

That's the evidence that
I presented to the court

to prove that he killed that girl.

You read it,

and then you'll understand
what I've been going through.

Whatever's in that box,
that's not my brother.

He is not the man we thought he was.

Hey there, killer.


First day of a new semester.

It's all so exciting, isn't it?

Hey. Oh, God.

Thank God you're both here.

I was... I was getting really anxious.

Why? Are you worried that I
finally went to the police

without you and waitlist
keeping an eye on me?


Happy new year. How was everyone's break?

- What is that?
- It's a fake.

I bought it with cash at a
jewelry mart in Chinatown.

So, did everyone have a nice holiday?

- Yeah.
- Um...

Well, mine was great.

Aiden and I spent most of it in
East Hampton with his parents,

then went to the mayor's new year's party

at Gracie Mansion.

Is there any news about the sister?

Did Annalise scare her back to Boston yet,

or did she just kill her?

What are you talking about?

Sam's sister.

She got here right before the break.

She went to the police, said
she didn't believe any of it.

She at least told you, right?


Welcome back, everyone.

Vacation is over.

This is How to Get away with
Murder, the second semester,

where things get even harder than the first.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't think you needed to know.

It's his sister. How would
I not need to know that?

If I don't tell you these things,

it's because they're not things

that you need to concern yourself with.

You have enough on your plate.

How is she?


And you? How are you?

I'm tired.

I can imagine.

Come in!

We've got a walk-in who
claims she needs a lawyer

for a D.U.I. incident.

You think it's press?

Rubbernecker, more likely.

Do you want me to get rid of her?

No. We can use some fun around here.

What precinct gave you the D.U.I.?

- Excuse me?
- D.U.I.S are issued

with paperwork from the
precinct that pulled you over.

You don't have it?

Can we talk alone?

No, because I don't believe you.

Have you got a good enough look yet

at the house where the
Middleton strangler lived?

God, I missed this place.

No, that's not why I...

I don't care about what your husband did.

I'm here for you.

I see.

So you want to see the freak

that sold out her husband up close, huh?

No, I don't think you're a freak.


I want to do what you did.

I'm no role model. You need to leave.

Please. I don't have anybody else.

That's not my problem.

I think you're gonna want to take my case.

I've already decided I don't.

My husband's holding two
girls captive in our basement.


Best Christmas ever.

Don't have to eat dry turkey
or pretend that Uncle Ray

isn't ripped on scotch and
looking at us inappropriately.

What's that?

Christmas card for Rudy.

Hmm. Weird.

Why wouldn't his relatives know
he doesn't live here anymore?

I don't know.

Maybe he's like us.

Sucky family.

- He ever say that to you?
- No.

I hardly ever talked to him.

Let's... open it.

- No.
- All right.

Oh, it's from his grandma!

Oh, and she's very generous.

We can get beer with dinner now.

She'll think he still lives
here unless we return it.

You did better last night.

I only had to wake you once.

I'm sorry.

Let's have ice cream for breakfast.

I freaking love an orphan's Christmas.


I ran away when I
was 16, slept on the street.

He said he would look out for me.

So we got married,

but I could never get pregnant.

Then he showed up with Rachel,

and I didn't know what to do.

I just knew I didn't want him to
hurt her the way he hurt me.

Then Lynn came.

She's pregnant again, about to deliver.

Last time, the baby died. So this time...

That's why I'm here.

That can't happen again.

Call the D.A.

Tell them that we want to make a plea deal.

She's helping lock girls in a basement.

- Why would we want to protect her?
- Did you hear her?

She was 16 when she met him.

She's a victim of his abuse, too.

But she's an adult now

who held those two girls
captive in her own house.

And she's finally doing the right thing.


Have none of you ever done anything bad

that you need a lawyer for?

Sometimes your client wants to plead guilty.

And it doesn't happen
often, but when it does,

you have to make sure you get them

the best plea deal possible.

What are you looking for?

Accessory after the fact, no jail time,

treatment for medical and
psychological conditions.

Well, that's gonna be hard

without even giving us her name, Annalise.

There are two girls rotting in a basement,

one of whom's about to give birth

if that man doesn't beat her to death first.

Give us a deal. Then we bring her in.

If the D.A. agrees to the
terms of the plea deal,

then it's your job to make sure

that every word out of your client's mouth

is an element that you use in their defense.

I did what I could to protect them,

cooked for them, cleaned their clothes.

I loved them...

In spite of him.

Of course, there's no guaranteeing

that the prosecutor will keep
up their end of the bargain,

which is why you record
everything your client says

in the room.

Last time, he wouldn't
let us go to a hospital,

and our little girl was stillborn.

I can't let that happen again.

Lynn deserves to keep this one.

Get down!

I need someone to know the truth...

So the girls can finally be safe.

They deserve to be safe.


I was just meeting with Detective Amos.

He mentioned that you were here,

working on your "House of Horrors" case.

Have you looked at the evidence yet?

Making my way through it.

Well, once you do, let
me know what you think.

They have a lead on Sam.

A police officer's wife called
from upstate New York

and said she thinks she
saw him at a rest stop.

No one told you?



I guess they think you have
your hands full with your case.

I'll talk to Amos, see what he knows.


No, no, no, no, no.

I lost the holiday golf
classic under protest.

- Scott springer...
- City commissioner springer.

Yes. He kicked the ball to get a better lie.

But I didn't want to say anything

because I did not want
to lose that contract.

But I tell you right now, I
wanted to take my 5-iron,

and I wanted to bludgeon
that son of a bitch!

Wait till Laurel passes the bar
before you assault anyone.

Actually, dad would be charged
with more than assault for that,

probably aggravated battery
with a deadly weapon.

- Hmm.
- Looks like someone's learning a lot.

Vanessa, whatever happened with Juanita?

Do you still think you want to replace her?

I am learning a lot,

especially working with
this defense attorney.

She just found out her
husband killed a student

who he was having an affair with.

I-is that a joke?

No, he strangled her on the
roof of a sorority house

and then put her in a water tank.

Now he's gone missing.

This is who you've been working for?

I thought I told you.

I don't remember.

Oh, right. That's 'cause you never asked.

Well, actually, she did call once

to ask me if I was dating anyone.

I am, by the way... Two
guys at the same time.







No, no, no!




Feliz navidad.

I know you probably can't tell me

what you're doing about Sam's sister.

You're right, so don't ask.

But I was also thinking about Connor's car.

What about it?

It's loaded with forensic evidence.

And no matter how many
times he gets it cleaned...

This is how you get caught...
By being dumb enough to talk

about any of this inside a courthouse.

So sit quiet at the kiddie table

and know the adults are
taking care of things.

Oh, franky D!

Hey, you want to hit up
the squeaky Z tonight?

Been a solid week since
we blew some backs out.

It depends on work.

All right, son. You let me know, yo.

How does the defendant plead?

No contest, Your Honor.

However, we've entered into a
plea agreement with the D.A.

What are the terms?

Uh, we've agreed on three years probation

and immediate outpatient treatment

at a mental-health clinic.

I can't accept this until I hear
from the victims themselves.

Your Honor, it would be cruel

to subject these women
to open-court testimony.

We'll hold an in-camera session tomorrow.

No public, no jury, no press.

Next case!

You said I'd get out today.

It's just a formality.

Draft questions for my
cross-examination of the girls,

anything that establishes
Jackie was Vince's victim, too,

and helps the judge to accept the deal.

She's a victim. That's how
the cycle of abuse works.

So stop judging and do your job.

I object to working on
this case on moral grounds.

Then you can go work at another law office.

Really? You're gonna fire me

when I could file a sexual-harassment suit?


Do you want to come in?

Who are we visiting? Your boyfriend?

Well, if you won't talk to me,

I have no choice but to find answers

to my questions in more unorthodox ways.

By stalking me?

Call it what you want.

It must feel good, huh,

knowing you were right
about me this whole time?

I've only ever loved you, Annalise.

No, you just tolerated me,

because you've been too
busy tearing me apart,

waiting for Sam to throw
out the garbage he married.

Your words reveal a lot more

about what you feel about
yourself right now than me.

I'm not one of your patients,

- so don't try to psychoanalyze me.
- God forbid, no.

So, sure you don't want to come in?

No. I'm good out here.

Suit yourself.

You ignored my call on Christmas.

It went to voice-mail on the second ring.

And the same thing happens on New Year's.

Were you busy with family?


Did you spend Christmas with Nia?


How is she?

I'm sorry.

We don't have to talk about her.

Because you don't want to?


No, I just...

I want to talk about whatever you want.

We wanted to get her
into this clinical trial,

but her numbers... they didn't check out.

I told her about you.

She wants me to be happy.

I said I'd tell her the same thing

if it was me in the hospital.

I don't think she's right.

You're very lucky you found her.


Wes. Shh, shh. Wes. I know.

Hey, you fell asleep when we were studying.

Which one was it?

The house, woods, Connor with a chainsaw?


I was locked in a basement.

That's good.

You're moving on to current events.

No more falling asleep

while you're working cases about crazies.

Palate cleanser. Come on.

Let's watch...

Adorable baby animals getting belly rubs.


Here comes Mr. Sea Monster,
and he's hungry for something

that tastes like little children!

Okay, enough torturing your Uncle.

Go find daddy.

Go. Go!

You didn't like my present?

He thinks you're gorgeous.
And honestly, isn't he?

Yeah. I'm just trying to be good.

You, good?

What is it?

Tell me so I can help.


Just I-I-I have a boyfriend.

What?! Who?

Uh, his... his name is Oliver,
and it's... It's really new,

and I don't want to make a big
deal of it, so just don't...

don't tell mom.

Oh, God, no.

She'd probably start planning the wedding.


- What?
- Hmm. Nothing.

Just... my slutty little brother
is finally growing up.

My grandma made it.

So this is a regift?

I couldn't pull it off, but you totally can.

Oh, yeah! Look at that!

All right, grab your coat.

We're gonna be late for our
reservation at Moretti's.

- What are you talking about?
- It's like zero degrees out.

You'll be happy you're wearing your hat.

No, no. I... I mean, what are you doing,

bringing me gifts

and making reservations
at fancy restaurants?

Well... I-I like you,

and I want to spend time with you.

I can't, not tonight.

I-I already rented a movie,

and it's gonna expire if I don't watch it.

Okay, yeah. I'm down for a night in.

I didn't invite you to stay.

We're not dating.

And last I heard,

you were supposed to be
dealing with your drug problem.

I haven't used since that night.

Well, yeah, because you were
on vacation without any school

or crazy professors making
you work 40 hours a week.

I'm not...

I'm not gonna freak out again.

I promise.

Look, if you kick me out right now,

I can't guarantee that I'm not gonna go

straight to a dealer and buy an eight ball.


But you stay on your end of the couch.

And you can't laugh at what I rented.

Uh, what's "The Thorn Birds"?

What did I say?

What the...

My car was stolen.

What? Are you kidding?

You think I would make a
joke about this, Michaela?

You didn't tell the police?

No, I didn't tell the police.

Obviously, I can't.

There's traces of... you know.

Ask Frank what you should do.

Does anyone else think it's weird

that those two are butt buddies?

And we're murderers. Big whoop.


So, uh, my... my car was stolen.

Bummer. You report it to the police?


Do you think I should?

Don't you want the insurance money?

Was there a time that you saw
Jackie's husband hurt her?


And did she ever hurt you?

She was always nice, like a mother.

Did Jackie ever try to help you...

Bring you food, clothing?

She snuck us things when she could.

I like to crochet, so she'd bring me yarn.

Was Jackie ever there during the times

that Mr. Groves visited you at night?

No, but she would visit us before,

give us milk.

She said it would help put us to sleep

so we wouldn't have to...
know what he was doing.

You drugged them?!

I was trying to help them.

By helping your husband rape those girls,

making them pliable.

You've never been raped, have you?

Because I have been,

by him, before him, as a child.

The memory of that is worse
than what happens to you.

So, yes, I helped put them to sleep,

but only so they wouldn't have the memories.

So she drugged these
girls, lied to us about it,

and we still haven't dropped the case.

- Remind me why.
- This isn't a democracy.

If Annalise believes a client

is worth saving, then we save her.

Huh, you know, that would have sounded

a hell of a lot more convincing
coming out of A.K.'s mouth.

Look into the evidence
they found at the house,

the girls' testimony.

Just find us something

that will help us go back to the judge.

Good work with Connor's car.

What do you mean? He find it?

No, and he won't, because you stole it

and probably already had it destroyed.

It's also why you're hanging out with Asher.

In case he starts getting suspicious,

"keep your enemies close" type thing.

You've got quite an imagination.


Whatever. Take my ideas.

Just don't say I don't deserve

to be in the grown-up table.


Last time, he wouldn't
let us go to a hospital,

and our little girl was stillborn.

I can't let that happen again.
Lynn deserves to keep this one.

Our little girl was stillborn.
I can't let that happen again.

Lynn deserves to keep this one.

Lynn deserves to keep this one.

Dude, this isn't a remix
I'm really down with.

What if she kept the baby?

- What do you mean?
- She says, "our little girl."

Like the baby's hers, too,

and, "Lynn deserves to keep this one."

Maybe the other one was taken from her.

That baby is alive, isn't she?

That's why you wanted a plea
where you serve no time...

Because you're raising the baby
you told Lynn was born dead.

Admit it!

She's my little girl.

And I love her.

Where is she, Jackie?

Tell me right now.

Get me my plea deal.

Then I'll tell you where she is.


I'll swing by the house
tomorrow and check it out.

Yeah, merry whatever to you, too.

Oh, who is that?

- Bonnie.
- Ah.

She stay in town or she go visit her family?

Nah, her family's messed up.

What do you care?

I don't.

Just we all work together,

and we barely know anything about her.

So her family's messed up?

What the hell? You into her?

No! God no!

How would you like to ride my pony?

Oh! Mmm!

Don't go there.

Why not, man? She's at least a... six.

She'll send you to the doctor
unless you double wrap.

Trust me.

Well, at least we'd be Eskimo bros, then.

Am I right?


I'll be there in 20.


I'm staging a walkout. Here we go.

Follow me!

Except for you.

We know you don't have the balls.

Over here.

You can't interfere with
my legal right to protest.


I crossed a line with you, yes,

but we are both professionals here,

and you need to grow up
and start respecting me

- if we are gonna keep...
- You hurt my feelings...

a lot.

And I know I should be used to it now,

because everyone here
makes fun of me all the time,

but you didn't, and then you
were mean to me for no reason.

Yeah, whatever. I'll...
I'll stop being a jerk.

Your husband told us the
baby died two months ago.

Because that's what I told him.

She'd just turned 4,

and I saw the way he started looking at her.

I couldn't let that happen.

So I told him she died
and that I took care of it.

Then... why turn him in?

You kept that child safe.

Because of Lynn.

She's about to deliver,

and I-I want her to know how
amazing it is to be a mother.

What's the baby's name?


Is someone with Heather?
Is she being taken care of?

She has a buddy, a giraffe,

that she talks to when
she is scared at night.

She knows mommy always comes back.

I thought I'd be back.

Thank God I don't have a gun,
or else I'd shoot her myself.

She didn't tell you where she is?

No, not unless a deal is on
the table. Where's the D.A.?

He's just around the corner.


The D.A. gave you what you want...

No jail time and a suspended sentence.

Now give us her location.

But I'll never see her again.

This is what you wanted, Jackie!

No, I wanted to be back with her.

She's my daughter. The rest of this...

You claim you're not a monster.

Don't be as bad as him.

Protect the only innocent
person left in all of this filth.

She's in
a cabin my aunt owned...

9123 Mayersville Road.

So, we need to talk.

We can't just go back to being strangers

like nothing ever happened.

- This is stupid. I'm going inside.
- Michaela.

What happened to you over the break?

Everything can't be as perfect as you said.

I'm fine.

No, you're pretending to be fine.

But how could you after what we did?

That's enough group therapy for me.

Connor, unless we all start talking,

we are all gonna fall apart,

and that is exactly how
we're gonna end up in jail.

I got back together with Kan.

I am trying to get over Frank.

I saw my family over the break.
It was the worst thing ever.

So I actually missed you guys.

You... what's going on with you?

I can't sleep without having nightmares.

I'm scared I might be going crazy.

Great. That's great.

- Connor...
- No.

Look, you wanted to talk.

Let's talk about how you
lied to Michaela and me,

how you sold us out to Annalise.

- You want to talk about that?
- Don't drag me into this.

No, we're on the same team, Michaela.

But these two... I mean,
w-w-what did Annalise call them,

the... the... the quiet
ones, the dangerous ones?

I mean, for all we know,
they're still playing us.

Playing you? See? You just proved my point.

That is exactly why we have to talk.

I don't want to tell you
people anything about myself!

Okay, fine. But then you
can't secretly hate us, okay?

Because that is exactly

how we're gonna end up getting caught.

Fine. We talked. I'm going inside.

What's going on here?


I'm Hannah, Sam's sister.

Who are all of you?


That was the best thing...

- What's going on?
- Michaela.

- Who are you?
- Michaela, stop.

- Are you two screwing?
- Excuse me?

Michaela, this is Holden Wescott.

We worked together on the mayor's campaign.

What is wrong with you?

I don't know. I just...

Everything at school is really hard.

- What does that have to do with me?
- It doesn't. I just... I...

You just humiliated me
in front of a colleague.

Oh, God. I had too much champagne.

That only explains it if this was the first

crazy thing that you've done this trip.

You slept the entire time
at my parents' house.

I had to convince my mother
not to call a psychiatrist,

which now I think we should have done.


I'll be better. I promise.

No, no. No, I can't do this anymore.


I think we should postpone the wedding.



No, no!

Don't... don't do this.

I swear I'll do anything you want.

Just don't... don't do this.

I love you.

I want to marry you, and
you want to marry me.


No, I don't...

Not when you're like this.

I'm sorry.

- No.
- I'm sorry.

No, no. Aiden...


M-m-m-m-my ring.

I will let Annalise know you stopped by.

Oh, good.

And tell her none of that
was as helpful as I'd hoped.

Not one girl in that sorority house

saw him go upstairs to the roof that night.

And what about the fact that Sam's DNA

was nowhere on that girl?

Annalise would be able to
get this case thrown out

with her eyes closed.

Please, Bonnie, help me.

Help me figure out what's going on here.

I know how special you were to Sam.

You should go.

They found Heather.

She was dehydrated and malnourished,

- but she's okay.
- Oh, thank God!

She's with Lynn.

It's good they have each
other to get through this.

I know I can't see her,
but maybe when she's 18,

once she understands why I did this,

she'll want to see me again.

You won't be out of jail by then.

But I'm not going to jail. I have a deal.

I said you had a deal,

but no one was here to testify
to that fact, just you and me,

and you're not the only
good liar in this room.

I've withdrawn as your lawyer.

Good luck finding a new one.

If I'm being honest,

I looked forward to
"the Thorn birds" all day.

Didn't school start again?

I mean, don't you have
to go home and do work?

Yeah, but, you know, it's the first we,k,

and I have to find out if
Ralph and Meggie finally do it.

You don't get to do that.

Uh... you kissed me.

Exactly. I'm so stupid.

Look, Oliver, relax, okay?

No. don't you get it?

You... You go through
life looking like you do,

meeting guys all the time, but me...

You're... you were special to me,

and then you hooked up with that other guy.

Look, Oliver, I-I really like you, too.

I more than like you!

Damn it.

Like... You know the way
that you can't do drugs?

That's how you are for me.

Look, we can... we can take this slow.


I don't trust anyone in my
life right now except you.

So just don't... don't make me go, please.

The New York call cost us more
money than I first thought.

Still, I think it got them off
the scent for a few days.

They have a lead on Sam.

A police officer's wife
called from upstate New York

and said she thinks she
saw him at a rest stop.

Thank you for taking care of that for me.

Anything else?

I know you said not to worry,

but she's snooping around everywhere.

It's making the kids freak out a bit.

Well, tell them not to do that.

I will.

But she wants answers, Annalise.

You want me to handle it, just say the word.


I can take care of it myself.

Can't remember the last time I saw you cook.

Me neither.

Brussels sprouts?

Seriously, is that what we're
doing... brussels sprouts?

All right? I-I got the call.

I thought you invited me here
and that we might talk...

Actually talk.

I'm trying here, Hannah.

No, you're not. You're hiding, Annalise.

You're hiding, when a man we
both love is missing or worse.

And yet you just hide behind this wall.

Just because I'm not behaving
in the way you would...

I am not asking you to cry
on my shoulder, Annalise!

I am asking you to be a real person!

I am who I am.

If you don't like it, I don't care.

Oh, you do care.

Otherwise, you wouldn't
be so busy avoiding me

so that I couldn't see through you

to see what this performance is all about.

Sam felt it, too.

But you know what? I'm done with it.

I'm done with it! I want the truth!

All right, go ahead. You want the truth?

Go ahead and ask me.

When did you start sleeping with Nate?

This summer.

He was one of the detectives on my case.

We met up at the courthouse
the next day, had drinks.

And that was after Sam
was sleeping with Lila.

When did you find out about Lila?

Three months ago.

You told the police it was after
he'd already disappeared.

I lied.

I was already representing
Rebecca when I saw the photos,

him on Lila's phone,

and I did everything I
could to cover his tracks.

I got rid of evidence.

I did things that would
have ruined my practice,

got me arrested.

I tried to help him, Hannah.

You know, all this time,

I was praying that you
were hiding him somewhere,

that all of this vilifying him in public,

this avoiding me was just a ruse,

that you were covering, that
you had him someplace safe.

That's not true, is it?

He's gone.

Hey, guess what I
bought on the way home.

It's, uh, a CD of ocean sounds.

Apparently, if you play it,

you dream of oceans and mermaids,

and you don't have nightmares

Where dead people
chase you through the woods.

Wes, we have a real nightmare.

The human remains were found

one week ago at the landfill.

And although police have yet to come forward

with a public statement,

our sources tell us the body belongs

to Middleton University
professor Sam Keating,

reported missing by his
wife on December the 13th.

Mr. Keating is also wanted for questioning

in the murder investigation of Lila Stangard.

Right now, police are still

trying to determine the cause...