How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Hello Raskolnikov - full transcript

As the search for Sam begins, it is uncertain how much Annalise knows about what really happened, while a surprise visitor creates complications for the students.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You believe he murdered the girl.


Why is that?

Because he's gone.

Missing, as you told
our colleagues earlier.


I just told him that it was over,

that I was gonna ask the
D.A. to run a DNA test

on the men in Lila's life.

But you didn't mention his
name to the D.A. specifically.

My associate had only just told me

that he was having an affair,

and I wanted to believe
that it wasn't true,

that the test was gonna show
that he wasn't the father.

So, you only found out
about the affair last night?

That's correct.

How long did it go on?

Just the summer.

I mean, I worried that something
was going on, of course.

I mean, he was her teacher.

She was beautiful.

But I didn't know anything for sure.

And then when I told him what I'd done...

... that I was gonna tell the truth
about him one way or the other...

He got upset.

That's how foul you
are, you disgusting slut.

And that's when I knew he was
sleeping with her, that he'd...

he'd probably hurt her, too.

So, you're saying that you
didn't recognize this photo

when it became public.

I did not.

I mean, women aren't like men, Detective.

We don't obsess over every
detail of our lovers' bodies.

And you left the house after
you confronted your husband?

I drove to a friend's house,

and I stayed there several
hours until I calmed myself down,

and then I went back to
the house after a few hours,

and I just...


I just...


I mean, I'd just hoped
that it wasn't true...

that he hadn't hurt that girl...

and that we could make it right.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

But when I went back into the house...

I swear, we... we didn't
mean for this to happen.

... he was gone.

And that's when you
decided that he had fled,

as opposed to staying with a pal somewhere?

And then he was choking
her, so... so we hit him.


I hit him.

I'd only just told him

that I was gonna tell the
world the truth about him.

Wouldn't you run?

You listen to me closely
and do exactly as I tell you.

Remove the body.

He cannot stay here.

Heads, we go back for the body.

Your DNA is under his nails, on his skin,

so the only way to get rid
of it is to burn the body.

We go back for the body and then what?

We do what with it?

- Have any of you thought about that?
- We burn it.

Then you need to get rid of the remains.

I'm telling you this is a bad idea.

If they know you were here,
they'll... they'll blame you.

Don't worry about me. I
can take care of myself.

So please come home safe.

Come home so we can be together.

Sam... are you with Sam?

No. Why? What's wrong?

- Professor Keating, I...
- No.

Listen, what you did
tonight had to be done.

He killed that girl,

and for that, he deserved to die.

Trust me.

I got you into this,

and it's my job to get you out of it.

Now go and do what you've been told.

This friend you visited

can we get a name?

Yeah, you know him...

Nate Lahey.

He was fired from your department

when your boss found out
we were having an affair.

How'd it go?

They're gonna schedule time to
talk to you and the students.

Stay here.

I'm sorry. They asked me who I was with.

It's okay.

Any idea where he went?

No, and they're not telling
me if they have any leads.

That's normal.

I mean, I wouldn't tell you,
either, if it was my case.

They'll find him.

Don't worry.

I'll call you later.

They don't know anything.

Really? 'Cause last I heard,

we were all being
interviewed by the police.

Because we work at her house.

We need to stay calm, stick to the story.

How do we know she's not
setting us up, you know?

That she knows everything, and
she's using these interviews

to get one of us to confess.

I mean, how do we know that the campus cop

- didn't call her last night and say, "oh... "
- Connor.

What if one of us cracks, hmm,

goes to the police and
tries to get a lesser charge?

Then the rest of us will pin
everything on that person.

It's four against one,
so don't even try it.

Mommy's home.

What are you all doing out here?

The police asked us to wait outside.

We didn't want to get in
their way, which reminds me,

are we gonna be excused from the final exam

now that we're involved
in the investigation?

Not a chance, Ms. Pratt. Exam's still on.

Mr. Gibbins, my office.

They're wearing their
paranoia on their sleeves.

Do you blame them?

- Please, just let me tell them.
- No.

If they knew you were helping us...

I'm not helping you. I'm helping myself.

I'm the woman who came home

to find her cheating
husband dead on the floor.

Who's the first person you
think the cops are gonna look at?

The only way they're gonna
get through the interviews

is if they know as little as
possible about my involvement.

That includes Rebecca.

I haven't told her.


Look what happened the last time

you told her one of our secrets.

Look, look.

Everything is gonna be fine, okay?

We'll run the DNA test.

It'll show that he was the father,

and then hopefully, the laptop will prove

that he was on the roof
of the sorority house.

- What if it doesn't?
- It will.

It will.

And then we'll get the charges
against Rebecca dropped.

Look at me.

I've seen how strong you can be,

and that's the Wes I need
for you to be right now,

to help the others.



Sam's ring.

I took it off right before we...

I thought you might want it.

Thank you.


You should come.

- I said you could wait outside.
- It's okay, Frank.

My condolences for your husband, Annalise.

He's been gone for how
long now... 15 hours?

You think this is a game?

I think you don't like your
odds in Rebecca's trial,

and this is how badly you need to win,

even if it means throwing
your own husband under the bus.

Why? Did he finally tell
you he was leaving you?

Is this your version of a woman scorned?

I just found out that my husband

was sleeping with a young
woman who was killed,

and you have the audacity
to come in here and mock me?

Get out now, or I'll throw you out.

Your husband didn't kill Lila Stangard.

That was Miss Sutter and Mr. O'Reilly,

and I will do everything in
my power to put them in jail.

See you in court, kids.

Can you tell us where you were last night?

I was at my apartment with my study group.

We have exams this week.

Did you do anything after that?

We stopped at the bonfire on campus.

Did you see Mr. Keating during any of this?

Grab it!


The last time I saw him was two days ago.

We were working on one of our cases

when he came into the house.

Notice anything about his demeanor?


I never really paid much
attention to him, to be honest.

I was more focused

on preparing Rebecca
Sutter's defense for trial,

which reminds me, I think
you should know something.

Rebecca's my girlfriend.

You're dating your client?

Professor Keating's client. I'm just a 1-L.

It's not against the law.

Rebecca, I need to apologize to you.

For what?

Not going to the police
earlier about Sam's affair,

telling them that he
was the man in the photo.

If I had, then the charges
against you and Griffin

would have been dropped already.

You wanted to believe he
was a good guy. I get it.

I'm gonna get the charges
against you dropped.

Hopefully, before the trial.

I promise.



- Are you sure she doesn't know?
- Of course not.

She apologized to me.

That's not something she does... ever.

She doesn't know.


Why aren't you freaking out right now?

- I am.
- No, you're not. You're fine.

You're normal.

Which, to be honest, is freaking me out.

I'm scared, of course,

like all of us, but I know
we can't give in to that.

Otherwise we get caught.

We're all gonna be okay.

Are you kidding me?

I have everything to worry about.

I came here last night
looking for the trophy.

I mean, what if they don't
think that he's "missing"?

What if they think that there's foul play

and I'm somehow involved?

Sounds like you might need a lawyer.

Professor Keating.

We have work to do.

Rebecca goes to trial in three days

unless we get the charges
against her dismissed.

Now, how do we do that?

We have to prove that my
husband murdered Lila Stangard.

First, we need motive.

Is this even gonna be admissible?

I mean, won't the court want to obtain

their own DNA sample of Sam?

Of course, but we need something
to present to the court.

Then they can do their own test.

You ever gonna say "thank you"?

For the trophy.

Doucheface totally fell for it.

Right. Thanks.


You had a girlfriend you
didn't tell me about, Frank.

A long-distance girlfriend.

And what about, uh, legal aid guy?

I lied to him, not you.

It's different.

Is it?

We're over, so... stop.


Next, we have to prove that
Sam had the means to kill Lila,

that he was in Philadelphia
the night she was killed.

We have proof that he left

the hotel parking garage in
New Haven, but we need more.

We have to prove that he
drove back here that night.

So, what are you on right now?

Adderall? Heroin?

I said I would get help after exams.

I'm sure.


You need to help your boss
prove her husband's a murderer,

so you don't have time to
worry about yourself right now.

I get it.

So, that guy who was here the other night,

the one with the biceps,

he wasn't here last night.

When you were having your
drug-induced breakdown?


And you don't get to ask me

about who I'm dating right now, so...

Right. So, you two are dating, then?

He got back together with his ex,

some underwear model or...


You don't get to know any of this.

Finally... here we go.

According to Speedy-pass,
he took I-95 up to New Haven

on the 28th and returned September 4th.

What about the night of the 29th?


Maybe he paid cash at the
tolls or took the train.

He checked his car out of the hotel garage.

Maybe he drove to the train station.

His credit-card receipts
don't have him buying a ticket.

They're might be another way to track him.

Most phones record wherever you go,

so if Sam backed up
his phone to the laptop,

there could be data showing

he was at the sorority house that night.

Great idea.

Bonnie, I want you to go
down to the police station

to retrieve Sam's laptop.

Take Mr. Millstone with you for backup.

So, I know there's a lot of
crazy stuff going down right now.

You're not doing this here.

I'm just saying I can't stop
thinking about last night.

Try harder.

Did your boss give you the okay?

Sorry, the records say
the laptop's being held

pending review by D.A. Parks' office.

Okay, Wendy Parks is on record

saying Sam Keating isn't a suspect here.

She's only keeping it
so she can bury evidence

she knows will weaken her case.

Hey, I'm just the weekend guy.

Asher just texted me.

Bonnie wasn't able to get
the laptop, which is good.

That means the D.A. probably thinks

there's something on it

that'll hurt their case against Rebecca.

Or, dumbass, it means that
we don't have any evidence

to place Sam at the murder scene,

which means no one will
believe that he's on the run,

which means we become suspects.

Hello, Raskolnikov.

"Crime and Punishment"...

the guilt eats away at
him until he goes cray,

- and then he turns himself in.
- No one here is Raskolnikov.

Look, I'm just saying
that we should get drunk,

enjoy our last days of freedom
before Annalise gives us up.

How would Annalise know anything?

I don't know. I mean, maybe
Laurel told her boyfriend.

I didn't tell Frank, okay?

And Wes is right. No one knows anything.

Except the campus cop, right

I mean the one that saw us carrying
the body out of the house...

- he knows some stuff.
- Everyone needs to calm down.

Let's just focus on this
case like we would any other.

Our case is a wash. We have nothing.

You do know that I'm
sitting right here, right?

Here's the thing... even if we can prove

that Lila was pregnant with Sam's baby,

that's not a motive.

It is if she told him
she was gonna have it.

Which we have no proof of!

Lila asked me what clinic
I get my birth control at.

She was pregnant, idiot.

She clearly wasn't on birth control.

No, but she asked me
the week that she died,

when she would have already
known she was pregnant.

Lila would have been weird
about getting an abortion.

Maybe Sam wanted her to get one.

That's why she asked about the clinic.

That would prove motive, right?

What's the name of the clinic?

The Weisenstock Women's Clinic.

This is a boondoggle, Your Honor.

She's dragged us in here on a weekend

in order to get Miss Sutter and
Mr. O'Reilly's case thrown out

and implicate her husband in
the murder of Lila Stangard.

Is this true, Ms. Keating?

I recently found out

that my husband was having
an affair with Miss Stangard.


I'm running a DNA test

to prove that he's the father of her baby.

Regardless, the fact is,

is that Miss Stangard
went to an abortion clinic.

A women's clinic that
happens to do abortions.

If we could obtain the records
from that appointment...

records that are permitted
disclosure under HIPAA...

they'll prove intent.

If you were able to show
me compelling evidence

beyond mere conjecture.

I'm sorry, Ms. Keating, but
I'm denying your request.

- Your Honor...
- Go home, Annalise.

And take care of yourself.

Careful who you show your crazy to.

Their questions were what you'd expect...

about us, our history.

Pretty standard for the most part.

For the most part?


I'm a cop, Annalise.

You don't think I can ignore the fact

that you were with me at the
same time Sam went missing?

You think I know something?

I'm an idiot if I don't ask.

I... came to you because I needed you.

He's the monster, not me.

I'm sorry.

I just...

I needed to hear you say it.

I'm so scared.

I know.

And that's when you went to the bonfire?

No, I went to Wes' for
our study group first,

then we went.

In general, did you have
much contact with Mr. Keating?

A little.


We worked out of his house, so...

Miss Castillo...

If there's something
you're not telling us...

Is Professor Keating
gonna hear any of this?


Anything that's said in here is between us.


Sometimes Mr. Keating would...

Look at me.

Look at you?

In a sexual way.

Please, don't tell
Professor Keating about this.

I don't know what she would do.

Do you think Sam really ran away?

I mean, we are talking about Annalise.

Who knows how true her story is

or if the police even believe it?

You saying you don't believe it?

Do you?

Why are you asking?

I don't know. I guess I'm just,

you know, trying to wrap my head around it,

just like everyone else.

Well, stop.

It's not your job.


No one else is thinking clearly about this.

Except us.

I think that we should
go to the police, confess.

We're not talking about this here.

- Michaela...
- I'm trying to find a precedent

to convince a judge to give us
access to Lila's clinic files.

- Help.
- Look,

Rebecca was the one that broke in.

Wes was the one that gave the final blow.

Technically, Sam was still
alive when you pushed him off...

I did not push him.

Look, I'm just saying that...

We can save ourselves.

Go to the D.A. and say
that that we were in shock,

plead to a felony.

That means kissing the
rest of our lives goodbye.

Yeah, but...

not our careers.

Look, a felony conviction won't stop us

from sitting for the bar.

We still get to be lawyers.

And Aiden?

Do you want to be married or go to jail?

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

Just without the clinic
files, we're totally screwed.

To say the least.

I just talked to Keegan, Griffin's lawyer.

He's agreed to sit on
the sidelines for now.

Of course he has.

We're doing all of his work for him.


We haven't talked...

- about how we left things.
- Well, everything's changed.

We don't need to talk about it.


This has got to be hard,
Annalise, even for you.

So I'm here

if you ever need to talk.

I'm good.

Professor Keating,

I think I found something.

The Weisenstock Women's Clinic

has surveillance cameras
in their waiting room.

The judge said hands
off the medical clinic.

I know, but there's a
precedent we can use...

Commonwealth V. G.P.

It says, "observations
of patients in clinics"

are not communications and... "

"... Therefore are not privileged,"

which means the physician-patient privilege

does not apply,

so I'd like to request a subpoena

for the security footage from
the clinic's waiting room.

The law prohibits the intimidation of women

entering an abortion clinic.

There's a lesser expectation
of privacy in a waiting room.

Your Honor, these clinics
need to be in a protected zone.

Protected from outsiders

who object to what goes on within,

but it's not protection
of those whose identities

can be known to anyone
who walks in the door.

Women whose privacy will be
violated due to this request...

No one's privacy will be violated.

I'm mandating that the
footage only be viewed

in a secure room inside this courthouse.

See the bailiff for
instructions, Ms. Keating.

Thank you, Your Honor.

DNA results.

You want me to go?


He's the father.

What the hell, Annalise?

No one's this relieved when they find out

their husband knocked up a dead girl,

not unless something's going on.

Talk to me.

That way I can help you.


Bonnie can never know.

I was just pre-gaming, you know,

putting on the war paint,

getting turnt up before the bonfire.

That's when I realized the trophy was gone.

A trophy Professor Keating gave to you.

She awarded it to me.

It's like the Stanley Cup of law school.

Why did you think you'd find Michaela

or the trophy at the Keating house?

I figured she was turning
it in to get out of the exam,

which is a ballbuster, by the way,

and right around the corner,

so, my peeps, if we can hurry this up.

No one was at the house
when you got there, right?

And you guys call me immature?

I'm, like, the most grown-up grown-up ever

compared to your dumb asses.


Which was weird

because Connor'S S.U.V.
was parked in the driveway.

Yeah, but nobody answered when you knocked?


Look, I was only at the
house for about two minutes

before I left and checked at the bonfire.

Then I got a call from a lady friend

who wanted come over to my place for...

I mean, you know.

And how long has this
relationship been going on?

Mr. Millstone and I are
not in a relationship.

It was a... a one-time thing.

Come here, you idiot.

I think what you'd like to know

is what time I left the
house, which was around 9:00,

right after I told Annalise
that Sam knew Lila was pregnant.

Which Sam told you.

I asked him, and he didn't correct me.

In fact, he made a pass
at me so I'd stay quiet.

I think any man that'd do
that is a man who'd skip town.


I need to speak with you.

I wasn't studying for the exam.

It's not about that.

What is wrong with you?

It's the po-po.

I didn't want them to
think I was hiding anything.

There's nothing to hide because
it's never happening again.

Do you understand?

Come on. We had fun.

You had fun.

I was drunk and desperate.

Hey, I found something.

There's Lila.

And that's Sam.

Looks like she's telling him

she doesn't want to go through with it.

Pause it.

Maybe she can tell us for sure.

It was obvious she didn't want to be there.

I don't think Dr. Turner
spent more than five minutes

talking to her before she came back out.

And how did Mr. Keating react to that?

He seemed, yeah, pretty angry.

Like, clearly, he wanted
her to go through with it.

Your Honor, in addition to the video,

I'd like to introduce findings
from an independent lab,

confirming that Sam Keating

was the father of Miss
Stangard's unborn child.

Chain of custody, Your Honor.

Run as many tests as you like.

You'll find that they all prove

that Sam Keating is the
genetic match to this fetus.

Which still doesn't prove

he had anything to do with the murder.

Sam Keating is not set to
stand trial for this crime.

Which is a mistake, Your Honor.

You want the charges
dropped against your client,

I understand, Ms. Keating,

but the evidence you're
presenting here today in court

is circumstantial at best.

That's only because a key piece of evidence

against Mr. Keating is being
held hostage by Ms. Parks.

I have no idea what she's
talking about, Your Honor.

My husband's laptop is
being held in police lockup.

It likely contains his cell coordinates,

proving that he was at
Kappa Kappa Theta house

the night of the murder.

Ms. Parks refuses to examine the data

in fear that it will cost her a conviction.

Do you have access to
this laptop, Ms. Parks?

We do have a laptop,

possibly belonging to Sam
Keating, in police custody.

In light of the evidence presented today,

I'm appointing a forensic
expert to analyze the phone data

found on that computer and
present its findings to this court.

Until then, we are adjourned.

You call it crazy. I call it winning.

I had dinner with my fianc?'s mother,

then headed over to Asher's.

He was supposed to be having a
party, but, well, no one came.

Where'd you go after Mr. Millstone's?

Wes' for the study group.

We have exams this week.

- What do you want?
- Is Professor Keating around?

From there, we all headed
over to the bonfire.

You all drove together,
in Mr. Walsh's S.U.V.?

That's right.

Is there a problem?

A witness told us that
he saw Mr. Walsh's car

parked outside the
Keating house that night.

Is Michaela in there with you?

I want my frickin' trophy back!

It's my fault.

Yes, because we parked there.

Well, why park at the Keating house

if you were going to the bonfire?

We just knew it'd be impossible

to find parking closer to campus,

so we parked at Professor Keating's,

then walked over to the bonfire from there.

They know.


The police. They're acting
like they don't know,

using reverse psychology
to make us feel like

we're getting away with it, but...

Okay. Calm down.

Look, you were right.

Look, everything we did
that night is defensible.

Rebecca went to the house alone.

When he attacked her, we
were simply defending her,

and after, we were suffering from PTSD.

What about Aiden?

I've reinvented myself
before. I can do it again.

I'll change my name. I'll write
crime fiction or be a housewife.

Okay, not a housewife, but

if there's one thing I
know how to be, it's smart.

We need her, too.

Hey, look who it is... the hypocrite.


You're really gonna play dumb?

You got the nerve to treat me like scum

for lying about Sasha after what you did?

Frank, I have no idea
what you're talking about.


Keeping lying that good,

you might actually get away with this.

We need to talk to you.

I can't right now. Just...

Listen to what we have to
say, or we sell you out.

Please be seated.

Mr. Ingram, were you able
to access the GPS data

on Mr. Keating's cellphone?

Yes. From the laptop, to
which he backed up his phone.

Were you able to pinpoint the location

of Mr. Keating's phone on
the night of August 29th?

I was.

As you can see from the monitor here,

I outlined his path of travel in red,

along with the times he spent

at the various locations
he visited that evening.

We begin with Mr. Keating here,

in New Haven, at 7:02 P.M.,

then, if you follow the red line,

you can see how he
traveled along I-95 south

and continuing all the
way down to Philadelphia.

Now, if I zoom in, for greater detail,

now we're looking at his
various points of travel

once here in Philadelphia.

We can see he arrived
at a coffee shop here,

but he was only there for a few
minutes and then continued on

and was traveling along the Southern border

of the Middleton University Campus,

until finally coming to a stop

at 3204 Spruce Road.

That's the address of Kappa
Kappa Theta sorority house.

And what time was Mr. Keating there?

From 1:10 A.M. until 1:29 A.M.

The medical examiner places
miss Stangard's time of death

between the hours of
12:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M.

Your Honor, the record shows
that my client, Rebecca Sutter,

did not impregnate miss Stangard,

nor did she take her to an abortion clinic

with hopes of terminating said pregnancy,

nor did she drive through three states

to spend 20 minutes on a rooftop

where miss Stangard's body
was found in a water tank.

And yet my client stands accused of murder.

To allow this trial to proceed

would be a gross miscarriage of justice.

Miss Sutter, how does it feel

to have the charges against you dropped?

- Give us some room.
- What about Ms. Keating?

Does she intend to defend her husband

for the murder of Lila Stangard?

No comment.

Is it true Sam was the father

of Lila's unborn child?

Where is Ms. Keating? Can we speak to her?

Her husband was just
named the prime suspect

in the Lila Stangard murder.

- I think she deserves a little privacy at the moment.
- So, you do know...

She's not like you or me.

You're defending the woman

who just sold out her
husband to win a case?

God, no.

I'm just saying she's not a person

like the rest of us are people.

What is she, then? An animal?

Not even an animal's that heartless.

It's not what we want to do, either,

but we have to.

We have to turn ourselves
in and put this on them.

We can go to the police tonight.

We just proved Sam's the murderer.

- We're in the clear.
- No,

that only means that they're gonna be

more hell-bent on finding him.

The fact that he's a
murderer helps us, Laurel.

They'll be more lenient with
us if we turn ourselves in.


Laurel, we didn't do this.


I'm in.

What's funny?

It's my bridal boutique.

They want to confirm a dress fitting.

Look... look, if Aiden
doesn't want to marry you,

it just means there's someone
better around the corner.

You're quiet.

What's the matter?

Not in the mood to confess to murder?

I'm fine.


What are they doing here?

Told you she knew.

But how could she know we
were coming here right now?

I had to.

Frank came to me.

He knows everything,
which means Annalise knows,

because you told her, right?

- No.
- Stop lying.

I'm not lying.

Connor and Michaela are gonna confess.

They're gonna confess and
pin it on you and Rebecca,

so, please, tell me the truth.

They're scared and paranoid,
and I don't blame them,

but they won't listen to me.

They'll... they'll only listen to you.


I can't do this anymore.

I don't know how, but
you have to tell them.

Screw this.

Mr. Walsh.

It doesn't matter how I know. I just know.

But I can give you a million reasons why

this plan won't go your way,
or you can just trust me.

Listen, you're scared.

I know. I understand.

And what you've been through...

there's nothing more horrible.

But, listen, I don't blame you.

If I did, I would have turned you in

the night that it happened.

Let me help you.

Let me help you.

Because if you do,

I promise you will get away with this.

Today's exam will be an analytical essay.

You will hear a fact pattern
of a criminal case study

and determine the possible defenses,

affirmative and otherwise,
for each individual involved.

The case is as follows.

Four individuals walk
into a convenience store.

One of them, Mr. Green,
decides to rob the clerk.

The clerk fights back.

The others, Mr. White,

Miss Blue, and Miss Red,

come to Mr. Green's defense.

A physical struggle ensues

involving the individuals
against the clerk.

The clerk becomes incapacitated.

Someone has slimmed down
a bit since last time.

School stress?



Mr. White shoots the clerk, killing him.

Uh, okay, so I know it's cheesy.

I don't have a job to pay
for Christmas decorations,

but I thought that we should celebrate

you being done with exams and
me not going to the slammer

and finally open this.

Now, though Mr. White acted
alone in killing the clerk,

all of the individuals are involved

in the disposal of the body.


Didn't think I'd see you again.

I've been buried in work.

Yeah, welcome to law school.

I know it seems like I blew you off.

Whoa, it seems?

I'm sorry.

I just...

Can we talk?

I don't want us to be over.

Now, the goal is

to get these individuals
acquitted of all charges,

and there is a way.

Find it.

You have 90 minutes.

It's got to be a little awkward,

learning that Professor Keating's husband

is a prime suspect in the case
that you've been working on.

Of course.

But, honestly, it's Professor Keating

that I can't stop thinking about.

I just...

I can't imagine how
she must feel right now.

From our limited time with her,

she strikes me as a pretty tough customer.

Or she pretends to be.

Professor Keating spends most of her life

pursuing justice for her clients,

so to find out that her
husband is a criminal

worse than all of them...

I just hope that he's man enough

to come back and face what he's done.

What is it?

I think we have a problem.


I'm Hannah Keating, Sam Keating's sister.

Let me be clear.

Whatever his wife told you,
my brother is no murderer.

Your sister-in-law's in town.

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