House of Lies (2012–2016): Season 4, Episode 11 - Everything's So F**King Obvious, I'm Starting to Wonder Why We're Even Having This Co - full transcript

Worried about repercussions, Marty seeks to secure his place at the firm.

Are you serious?!

You needed me to help you
figure out the computer

so you could watch porno?!

Previously on House of Lies...

Dad, you got to find
a new place to stay

starting tomorrow!

Hey. Molly.

Whatever is decided here,
I'm sure Roscoe

will land on his feet.

She has a lot of
influence in our school community

and she wants Roscoe expelled.

Somewhere along the
way, you convinced yourself

that you had real power.

And now you're a problem
I have to solve.

Do you want to
make a phone call?

Or, you know, look sort of busy?

This isn't looking busy?

Maybe look like you're crunching

some numbers.
God, this feels still so stiff.

It's like a JCPenney catalog.
Maybe type something up?

It's not a JCPenney catalog.

How about this?


Can I...?

Hey, Blue Man Group,
say words. What?

Can I talk to you for a sec?

Open your...


It's fine.

Everything's fine.

So, I thought you should know

that Denna is in the building.

Does she have a gun?

I mean, I don't... think so.

Well... Jesus, Mar...

Denna Altshuler

is on her way up.
Oh, my God!

Are you serious?

There's nothing in the fridge,
and my hair is a disaster.

What are we gonna do?

Why am I the only person even

remotely concerned about this?

Marty openly defied a
powerful jillionaire.

You know what they say
about a woman scorned?

That it's a sexist, borderline
misogynistic expression?

Oh, that's right, this
is the-the new, sensitive,

dating-Kelsey Clyde. I forgot.

How about this?
You're a jittery twat.

Does that feel better,
more comfortable?

No, it, I mean, it feels
worse, but at least normal.

You have nothing to worry about.

Marty has it under control.

With the press play
and the corporate

intelligence component,
we are fine.

"Corporate intelligence"?
What are you talking about?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Marty asked me

to find a forensic accountant

to look into Denna Altshuler's

financial history, all right?
We're gonna meet with him

this morning.
This morning?

Yeah, before the Davis/Dexter
consult, which reminds me.

Where are we with those
pro forma revenue models?

What? I don't know.

You don't know? Okay!

Not a big consult or anything.

Just the third largest
pharma in the country.

I know they're not the ones
that make your roofies,

but I feel like
we should care about it.

What do we know about
this forensic accountant?

I mean, really.

Can we trust an outsider
with something this sensitive?

Doug, you are so far out of your
league on this one, it's insane.

Uh, out of the countless
research tasks

that Marty's given me
over the years,

have I ever disappointed?

Look, we are doing battle
with Denna Altshuler!

We're not trying
to find the best

Thai fusion restaurant
in Santa Fe.

That's a very specific
category in a very small city!

Oh, you think your guy
could find Golden Buddha?

Joe Gideon has gathered
competitive intelligence

for Fortune 500 companies.


he's done oppo research
for presidential candidates.

He was in

the CIA for 20 fucking years.

Okay, that's impressive,

but can I interject one word
as a counterargument?

Not if the word is "Harvard."
The word is "Harvard."

You know, the old line firms
are just slaves

to the way
they've always done things,

so afraid to break the rules.

Oh, but you're a different
animal, some sort of maverick?

I'm not
your father's Oldsmobile.


God. And in referencing
that ancient commercial, I think

I utterly destroyed the point
I was just trying to make.

That's okay.
I can probably be talked

into giving you a do-over.

You have an eraser on that thing?
Yeah, it's a magic.


Denna, this is...


It's good to see you again.
Good to see you, too.

Maybe I could get a couple

shots of you two together?
Of course.

Maybe over by the desk?


Don't be fooled by the
smile and the tight sweater.

She's a shark
looking for an angle.

Oh, think that's what

the psychologists refer to
as "projection."

That's funny.

I got interview requests

from Business Week
and the Journal.

Apparently, we're doing a little press blitz?

Well, got to get the word out.

Well, here's what I think.

I think you're looking
to protect your ass.

More you're publicly
associated with the firm,

the more your ouster would hurt
the asset value of K and A.

Well, that would be clever
if I was really worried

about you ousting me.

I mean, losing the
face of the company

at this early
juncture? Eek.

That's great.

How about a fun one?

Come on.

Back to back.
That is fun.


I'm not... trying to oust you.

Well, that's great,
'cause I'm not going anywhere.


Denna Altshuler. Hoo boy.

Hoo boy?
Well, that's reassuring.

Well, I may be able
to find something

electronically digging,
but most likely,

I'll end up doing some humint,
as well.

That's human intelligence.

Well, little lingo from

his storied days at the Agency.

You know, that's your outside
voice that you're using, Doug.

Was I talking?

We usually just ignore him.

Denna does strike me as a
careful type, but if there

are skeletons, I'll find them.
Well, that's why we came to you, Joe.

- Time will tell.
- Jesus.

I'm so sorry.

That's my son's school.
Take it.

Fucking behave in here.

I'm trying.

Doug was it?
Yeah, Doug Guggenheim.

This is interesting.
You might want to...

Seriously. Take a look.

Okay. If it's numbers.

This particular guy--
handsome? Crazy handsome?

What do you think?
What are we talking about?

What are we talking about?

He's gorgeous, but
who cares? Looking at

shirtless guys during
a client meeting?

It's not very professional.

I just mention this because
this particular guy, at present,

is fucking a woman
named Sarah Guggenheim.

Pardon me?
I'm so sorry.

And in CIA lingo, "fucking" is code for...?
Help me out, Joe.

I like to do a little
background check on the people

I'm working with--
always keep it to myself--

but in this case, since, uh,

your wife and this guy are
canoodling, I thought...

Soon to be ex-wife, so I could
give a shit who she's dating.

What's "Oh oh" mean?

Uh-oh. What's this?
What's "Uh-oh"?

Now I'm looking
at her credit card statement.

Let's read it.
Oh, are you still investigating?

Let's close the case.
Let's read it.

Open that case up.
What does that statement say?

Very recent purchase
of Astroglide.

That's not a problem, is it?

Just so we're on the same page,

that is a personal lubricant,

Very personal.
Mostly employed for anal sex.

Stop me if I'm wrong.
Do we want to jump there?

Myriad of uses available.

Plenty. So many.

Sarah might be menopausal.

There's one.
Although, 32 years old--

doubtful. I would go
with the anal angle.

Well, it could be a gift, so...

You got to admit
he's thorough, huh?

I think he's invasive.

That's an affront.

Guys. I'm sorry. Joe, we good?
Oh, I'm good.

♪ This here is not a movie ♪

♪ Strong team, we gon' king it
till the roof caves in ♪

♪ Start a fucking fire,
turn the moon red ♪

♪ Higher than a phoenix
from the dungeon ♪

♪ With some true made men ♪

♪ Listen, they don't know
what we're doing, doing ♪

♪ They made their bed,
I cannot save them ♪

♪ Shit lately optimism
hasn't bettered my decision ♪

♪ I would love to stay and
listen but the moon's waiting ♪

♪ Emperor ruling ♪

♪ Here to do better
than what you're making ♪

♪ Turn the music louder,
cut the lights off ♪

♪ And got some shoes especially
for tombs like this ♪

♪ You gotta know it's no losing,
real power movement... ♪

- Pop. Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, Dad.

You okay?

You sure?


Would it be cool
if I just go to class?

Uh, no one expects you to.

Why don't you just

let me take you home, huh?

You can teach me how to play
that new, uh, Death Island

video game?

You gonna head-shrink
some zombies, Pop?

You see, if I can get

to the root of what's causing
these zombies

to crave human brain,

I can cure this whole thing.

Uh, no offense,
but I'd rather just be here,

do my normal thing.

Is that all right, Dad?

Yeah, it's cool.

See you at home.

Burn this fucking place
to the ground, Pop.

Yeah, I'll give you the matches.

In the nine years Teddy
Grammatico has been at the helm,

Davis/Dexter has experienced
unprecedented growth

in both revenue and number
of held patents.

How about we dispense with the
history lesson and get to it?

Of course, Teddy.

Our goal here is simple.

Achieving greater efficiencies

while continuing to find
ways to cure the incurable.

Greater efficiencies
aren't gonna be enough.

Your high-value
R&D strategy is out of sync

with the lower price point

for expansion
into emerging markets,

not to mention the potential
bloodbath you're facing

with so many
of your blockbuster patents--

um, Keltroxin,
Vivipro, uh, Fenocor--

they're all set to expire.


We're working on a new cancer
drug we're very excited about.

Well, Clyde's dad has cancer.


This is where the magic happens.

Come on, let me introduce you
to the head of our cancer team.

Hang on.

How is your dad, by the way?

Oh, I don't know,
but I'm fucking fantastic.

You haven't spoken to him?

No, not since I kicked him out.

Oh, my God. Come on, Clyde.
You got to call him.

He could be lying face down
in a gutter somewhere.

You know what?
You're right, Doug.

I'm gonna give him
a call right now.

There you go.

Beep, boop-boop, blip-blip,

blip-blip, buh-blip-blip,

Voice mail.
Right to voice mail!

Wow. You're going to
hell, you know that?

Not gonna talk to
my dad there, either.

What do you think of my CFO?

Brent? Uh,

he seems...

passionate about the work
you do here, and...

He's a fucking moron.


Between you and me,
I'm going to fire him.

That's certainly
your prerogative.

You ever been to Dan Tana?

The restaurant?

A few times.
You like it?

Uh, I don't love their pastas,
but I-I...

- I remember them having
a really good steak. - All right.

Let me know what night works
for you this week. We'll go.

Um... I...

Dinners are not good.

In fact, most of my nights
are booked,

but I could probably do a lunch.

Okay, I see what's
happening here.

What's happening?
You think I'm asking you out.

What does that say
about your self-esteem?

It's either so sky high

that with you about to pop
you think I'm trying

to get in your maternity pants,

or it's so low that your brain

doesn't go
to "maybe he just wants to talk

about that soon-to-be-open
CFO position."

You're offering me the CFO position?
Did I say

I was offering it to you?
I said I wanted to talk

about it.
No, right. I didn't mean to...

Between you and me...

I'm going to offer it

to you.


Word on the street was that

you were looking
for a new position,

but if I misheard...
No, no, no. Yes. I mean...

it's just not what
I expected. That's...

Um... the job
would be huge.

And I am...


Well, by the time
this all shakes out,

you'll have had your kittens.

Speaking of which,

if you're looking
for a dumb-as-nails manny,

I know a guy who's about to be

out of work.


I'll see you tonight.

Dan Tana at 8:00.

I'll be there.

We presume it was a student.

We're currently combing
through the security footage.

I want to see it.

The security footage?

W-Well, obviously,
I'd have to check

with the school's attorneys.
Yeah, obviously.

And no question we
need to find and punish

the responsible parties,
but I don't want

to lose focus
on what's crucial here.

Obviously, we're very concerned
with Roscoe's well-being.

Everything's so fuckin' obvious,

I wonder why we're even
having this conversation.

Specifically, what steps

are being taken to make sure
that Roscoe feels safe

and that this
doesn't happen again.

We're already coordinating
with the Gay-Straight Alliance

for a school-wide forum
to promote tolerance, kindness

and respect.
We're also bringing in a team of counselors

for group sessions
and one-on-ones.

Mr. Kaan, your reputation
as a psychologist

precedes you.

We would love your participation

and insight.
Wow. Well, while you're down there,

don't forget to work the balls.

No, Pop,

I'm hearing a lot of
boilerplate bullshit,

but what I'm not hearing
is an apology.

I couldn't be sorrier

that this happened at my school.

It didn't just happen
at your school, John--

you let it happen.

You practically made it happen.

All right, Marty, I know
you're upset but he...

No, Pop, no,

I got to tell you, man, your
handling of the whole purse affair,

real study in leadership.

Basically, because
some big donor said "boo,"

Roscoe became a pariah.

Then it was just open season
on my son,

with everyone feeling free
to spew whatever hateful shit

was inside of them.
I've... already spoken to Kathy Nichols.

In light of what's happened,
everyone is willing

to take a long beat
on the expulsion talk.

Oh. Well, that's very
generous of you.

Marty... I'm as horrified
as you are about this.


Hey, it's me again, Dad.

Call me back.
I'm starting to get worried.

I'm proud of you.

Oh, my God.
Fuckin' shoot me.

Hey, um...
when you have a minute,

there's something that I
would like to discuss with you.

Good thing?
Bad thing?

Good thing.

Okay. After the staff meeting?



Look, I know I'm not
allowed to be here.

I just wanted you to see that

I'm still alive.

I'll show myself out.

Come on, go after him.

That's what I'm doing, Doug.
Okay, good, good.

Hey, Dad, wait one second.

I was hoping that
we could talk, all right?

Yeah. Okay.
Can we do it someplace

where that numbnuts
isn't hanging around us?

I insist. Yes, please.

Okay. How you doing?

How's it going?

Okay, uh, that's good.

On to new business.
What do you got for us, Grant?

Something very cool,
actually. Uh...

I don't want
to spook the client.

If their name's
in the article...

No, no. I get it.
This part

can be off the record, right?

Unless the new business
is an underage sex ring,

then I might feel some
moral obligation.

You really have
character, don't you?

conference call was cancelled.

Figured I'd pop in for a sec?

That's fine.

Everybody, you know Denna.

You're actually right on time--
Grant was

just about to share some
exciting news with us. Grant.

Okay. So,

I am this close
to reeling in Home Depot.

Holy shit.

Home fucking Depot?

That would be an amazing pull,

but there's
a conflict of interest.

Marty signed

Ace Hardware last month.

They're actually
our biggest client.

What's Home Depot's market cap?

Uh, $130 billion.

And what's Ace
Hardware's, Marty?

$990 million.

Your call.

Guess we have
a new biggest client.

See ya, Ace Hardware.
Great job, Grant.

Uh, Rachel.

Well, my team just got back
from Ann Arbor, and...

Con-way Freight wants
a full top-down.

But now I'm hearing you have

R+L Carriers?
Oh, in the wake

of a merger, sometimes lines
of communication get crossed.

What's R+L's market cap

relative to Con-way's?

It's less.


Shit, I was excited

about roping in Russell Stover,
but, Christ,

I feel like a loser
even mentioning it.

Wouldn't you know it,
Goetze's Candy is

also one of my clients.

And to answer
your next question,

they do have a smaller market cap.

I used to really love
their caramel creams.

But we can't proceed
on sentimentality,

can we?
No, no, we cannot.

Anybody else?

I've had a lot
of cappuccinos in my life.

This one-- excellent.

Of course, paying
eight dollars for it

is kind of like getting a dick
up your ass, but still.

Wow. Well, I'm paying
for it, so...

Well, you can afford it.

You're making good money,
my friend.

Why do I feel there's
an insult buried

deep inside there?
Because you are sensitive.

And maybe also because

I happen to be
a little bit judgmental,

especially where your work
is concerned.

So just a little bit, or...?
All right, a lot.

I guess I was always more

the risk taker type, you know?

Some panned out, some didn't.

The thing is, I see you working in
that job for six or seven years,

and, all right, I know
it's a steady paycheck--

great-- but, uh...
I mean, don't get me wrong,

with a father
in and out of the picture,

it doesn't take Sigmund Freud

to unravel it.
The desire for stability

obviously is related
to some kind of an instability

while you were growing up, right?
Well, you know,

it wasn't that unstable--
I actually had a pretty good childhood.

Thank God for your mother.

And let me tell you,

she was something to look at,

for real.
Beautiful eyes.

And that tuchas! My God.
I took her for granted.

I fucked a lot of other women
on the outside...

Hey, Dad, you know what?

I'd rather not dig
back into this shit.

Think maybe we can
concentrate on the present?


I was thinking, I never actually
had an Italian cappuccino.

I mean, cappuccino
in Italy, you know?

Listen... I understand
this might be crazy,

and maybe this is taking
too big of a step,

but what do you think--
the two of us

go away together for a trip
this summer, father and son.

Rome, Florence,

Venice, the works.

I don't mean to sound morbid,

but isn't planning a trip
for the summer kind of...

Shit, I don't know
what's wrong with me?

I forgot to tell you--
well, it was all that time

we weren't talking
and everything.

Listen to this--
I'm cancer-free.

You're cancer... how are you cancer-free?
Well, you know

that I was seeing
that herbalist, right?

No, you never talked
about an herbalist.

Yeah, I was seeing this herbalist.
It was during

all this hoodoo voodoo.
He was rubbing these pastes,

this disgusting tea that
I had to drink-- I'm thinking,

what the fuck am I doing here,
right? And then one day,

he's fooling around, he's pushing
on things, he takes one step back

and he looks me straight
in the eye and he says,

"Sir, the cancer is gone."

Of course, I went
to an actual oncologist

just to check it out.
Yeah, what was that oncologist's name?

Uh, I-I can't remember
his name.

You can't remember
the oncologist's name?

I saw the guy once-- I can't remember.
What hospital?

What fucking difference
does it make?

It's the one... you know,
the one that's over

by the... by the Beverly Center.

Cedars. Okay. That was easy.
And the herbalist?

Alphonse. Can we quit it
with the third fucking degree?

The point is, I'm healthy, okay?

So can we celebrate?

You know, out of... all
the fucking asshole shit

that you've done, lying
that you're at death's door?

Are you...

Oh, my fucking God, Dad.

Where is this coming from?

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Have you gone wacko?

You're right, you're right.
Let's call Alphonse.

Huh? Or Cedars. Or how about
the doctors back home?

Which one of those?

I needed a jump start.

Oh, my fucking God, Dad.

I knew that you weren't
gonna accept me with open arms

unless I had some...

When you get to be my age,


Clyde, what I wanted was...

What was it that you wanted?

Huh? To get close to me?

Because all you ever did
when you were here

was sit in my apartment
and act like a fucking asshole.

Except for, of course,
when you came to my work

and acted like an asshole.

I get it, I get it now, Dad,
why you're

going on and on
about the Holocaust-- because

only viewed against Himmler
and Goebbels can you be seen

as anything less
than a fucking shitbag.

With your rationalizations,

and your lies
and your pretentious shit,

the meerschaum pipe,
the fuckin' pipe,

and your rabbinic solemnity,

perfectly calibrated
to make every utterance

sound like wisdom,
but you have no wisdom.

Every piece of advice
you've given is bullshit,

because you have never succeeded
anything in your fucking life.

What are those recipes
that panned out, dad?

Because I can't think of one.

You are a complete...

failure in every single way.

What a waste of a fuckin' life.

I don't feel so good.

I'm serious, I'm getting this, like,
twinging feeling in my chest.

Oh, my God, are we doing
heart attacks now?

- Just go get me a glass of water.
- Fuck you, you know what.

Stand up!

I'm gonna call you a cab
to the airport,

and you get out of
my fuckin' life!

Dad. Dad.

Good day for Associates.

Not such a good day for Kaan.


And they just happened to land
those particular companies

on their own?

Money open some doors.

So what is the play, Denna?

Make me feel so miserable

that, what, I just walk away?

I don't want you to go.

Well, actually,
I can't let you go. Right?

You're the face of the company.
I'm the face of the company.

That's what you told me.

Yeah. But
with no real

client base, ergo no power.

Just a figurehead.
Well, that's up to you, right?

I'm sure you can hustle up some new clients.
You'll just

come up with bigger ones
to squeeze me out.

To evil.

You always need a villain.

Yeah. So I guess here's the part
where I thank you

for giving me what I needed.

Hey, I wasn't the villain here.
You made me one.

Oh. Well, then I guess
I get to feel better

about my villainy by comparison.
Is that how this whole thing works?

You know what, you're not
even here if not for me.

And how did you say thank you?

You spit
on my turnaround artist,

you spit
on one of my biggest clients,

you spit on me.

Hey, you ruined this thing, not me.

You think I give anyone
as much rope as I gave you?

Yeah, that's how I became
a billionaire.

But I gave it to you.

'Cause I'm a goddamn idiot.


Well, I'll call off the dogs

if I feel like I can trust you.

You need to prove to me
that I can trust you.

Oh. So all
I have

to do to get things back
on the right track

is start being
your little bitch.

That's not what I said.
It's what you meant.

Okay then,
let's play word games.

We can play word games all day
if you want.

But you are already
my little bitch.


Hey, hey. You're back. How'd
things go with your dad?

He died.

You're joking.

You're not joking.

Oh, my God,
I'm so sorry, Clyde. I...

Well, hey,
at least on the upside,

Uh, no,
that's actually what killed him.

I went loose on him,

and... he had a
heart attack.

Uh-huh... I think I know
where this is headed.

Because I pushed you
into talking with him,

somehow is is on me.

Uh-uh. No.
I-I just said to have a chat.

Oh, God, I'm so sorry

for your loss. I...

So he kills his father,
and I'm the bad guy.


Hey, Joe, listen, goddamn it.
Just fucking get it done.

I don't give a fuck
how much it costs.

Make it the fuck happen.

That was Joe Gideon.

Want to know what he's
dug up so far on Denna?

That she tradedon*** insidn

to short the Gage Motors stock.

We, this isn't over.

She fucking knew, Jeannie.
She knew.

You try to get rid of me,

I'm coming back at your ass
with holy hell.

But you cut off my arms
my legs, take away everything

that makes me
fucking formidable, poof,

threat's gone.

It's insidious.

It's insidious, and it is

so fucking smart.

But guess what, I'm
smart, too, bitch.

So, Jeannie, I need you

to shake the trees 'cause we're
gonna go DEFCON 1 on...

Okay. Well, if you need me to
lob in a call, just let me know.

You're responsible for
my offer from Davis/Dexter,

aren't you?

I've known Teddy Grammatico

for a long time.
Okay, well, fuck that shit.

- Jeanni... - I hope you and Teddy had
a really nice laugh about it.

It wasn't like that, all right?
He was chewing my ear off

about his CFO, and I put
your name up for it.

Teddy's not a pushover or
an idiot. Hey, he doesn't

just hand over a position
to someone he doesn't want.

Well, I'm not taking
the job, so...

Okay. Well, I know you
and Marty have mended fences,

and that's obviously
complicating for you.

This has nothing to do
with Marty.

Listen, 'cause I actually know
a few things.

Even when you're very bright

and very ambitious,
jobs like this

don't come along often
for women.

Oh. I should call
the folks at NOW, let 'em know

someone's got their Woman of
the Year Award all wrapped up.

I've already been
their Woman of the Year.

Actually, they call it
the Woman of Courage Award,

but it's pretty much
the same thing.

This wasn't some act
of sisterhood.

It wasn't.

But if I'm you,
I don't let that stop me

from taking the
job of a lifetime.


Night, Dad.

Night, Grandpa.

Night, son.

Roscoe, you know
if you want to talk...

Yours is the room at
the end of the hall.

You know you're a smartass.

You know,
he's not processing this.

No, he's hiding behind
that teenage bravado.

It doesn't have to be tonight,
but he's gonna have to face it.

I don't know, Pop. I mean,

some asshole fucked with him,

and he's not letting it
get him down.

I don't think that's something
that needs to be fixed.

I mean, it sounds like strength.



I-I just spilled coffee.

It's Joe Gideon. I'm downstairs.

Yeah, I'll buzz you up.

How much do you know
about Thomas Altshuler?

Um... Have a seat.
Denna's father?

Big time D.C. lawyer.

Not to mention a go-to advisor
for several presidents.

Unlike most shitbags
in Washington,

Thomas' reputation

was built on
probity and honesty.

A few years ago,

this 80-year-old heavyweight,
he steps in dog shit.

How big?

A steamy, ginormous pile of it.

Middle Eastern international
banking concern, very shady,

paid Tom a hefty fee

to help keep their illegal
takeover of an American bank

Oh, boy.

The D.A. wanted
to pounce.

Denna summoned every square inch
of her power

to stave off an indictment,
keep his name out of the press.

Well, the girl loves her daddy.

Fuck her shit up
if this came out, huh?

No kidding.

I would not want to be the one
to unleash that monster.

Which I see

you're now considering.

You just have to wave it
in her face

to get everything you want.

Oh, Marty wants a lot

of things, Joe.

So you're a crazy person.


Well, if it comes up,

you got all that information
from the tooth fairy.

Well, I really want
to thank you for this.

No, no. Tooth fairy.

Tooth fairy.

Hey, Aimee,
it's Marty Kaan. I...

Yeah, I know what time it is.
It's late. I got a watch.

Listen, I found something
that you might find interesting.

Uh, you remember that intrigue
a few years back

with Gulf Financial?

Yeah, well, it turns out
that Azhar Halabi

was in bed
with Thomas Altshuler.

Yep. And guess
who suppressed that shit.

Yeah. I-I'll send you
everything I have.


Aimee, I got... I got to go.



Get in here.

What's up?

So, the school, uh, sent over
the surveillance footage

from last night.

There was footage?

Yeah, look.

Take a look.

Maybe you'll
recognize who it is.

I mean, he's got a hoodie on,
same brand that you wear.

What-What's that brand?


Yeah, Zero.

A lot of kids have 'em.

You know who that kid is?


♪ Tom ♪

♪ And Bobby ♪

♪ They gone ♪

Jesus, Roscoe.
♪ They don't ♪

♪ Live here long ♪

♪ Come ♪

♪ In hungry ♪

♪ You gone ♪

♪ Left us with none but crumbs ♪

♪ Out in the fields ♪